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Nee seen CHAMBERS THE MUSIC OF PAUL CHAMBERS VOLUME 3 JIM STINNETT with ROB GOURLAY INTRODUCTION PC3, The Music Of Paul Chambers Volume 3's a new collection of jazz bass solos by Paul Chambers. Over the years Paul Chambers’ bass playing has become more revered than ever. Used as a model of great Be-Bop soloing, PC's music continues to stand the test of time. Mastering just ne of Paul's solos will give you the foundation on which to build an entire jaz vocabulaty. In learning these lines, pay particular attention to PC's phrasing and articulation. He does not play every rote the same, Listen to the recordings and imitate the master. | am very proud to have collaborated with a good friend in the production of this book. Rob Gourlay is an outstanding bassist with exceptional ears. His contributions were monumental, | hope you enjoy PC3. | know you will appreciate the genius of Paul Chambers. J. Stinnett Copyright Stinnett Music CONTENTS INTRODUCTION .. 3 A Foggy Day .... 6 Tadd’s Delight 8 Tadd’s Delight (atamate take) 9 Ive Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 10 Blues For Brenda (bives in 8 minor 14 Minor Rundown . a 16 I Gant Give You Anything But LOVE wins 18 Old Folks 20 Bob's Boys (o1ues nF) 24 ‘Ahmad’s Blues Soopin’ (ues in 6) Landslide .. | Didn't Know What Time It Was | Didn't Know What Time It Was (atemate ake)... 28 My Groove Your Move (pues in miner) ven 90 The Best Things In Life Ate Ft@@ wcnrcwewene 91 ‘Sunrise In Mexico 32 Buffalo (ues in F) ese 33 Sonny's Crib (ives m8») 34 ‘Almost Like Being In Love . 36 What Is This Thing Called Love 38 Epistrophy ... ne 42 These Are Soulful Days — 43 DISCOGRAPHY 44 Copyright Stinnett Music A Foggy Day e7bs) ar b? Pes Copyright Stinnett Music CMa 7 7b) gy pe e fara Grows) cma? ee att ov cua? ero AT 7 er Copyright Stinnett Music Fag? avbs o7 Pca Tadd’s Delight ew? “eo —o Gs or Fu? Arby 07 a7 cr F Ma? cy oF ov | a? ot ath) p? 6? er Fu? A769) oF Copwrioht Stinnett Music Pcs Fig? Bb? Amzbs) D7 GT cr? Fai? co? FT Bbuta? Be fo Copyright Simott Music 2 Pos I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm page 3 Fma? or Fv BbMai? Be? t eae spite ° G7 Amrbs) 07 cv Fug? Bb? Amzbs) D7 = GT c7 F Ma? cv F7 Bbma? Br Copyright Stinnett Muse Pca Fa? Copyright Stinnett Music 13 Blues For Brenda obs rb eb? ‘ 7 crby riba) a7 be tah (chow) eb, tefice see ipbeobe, ss= Sear Copyright Stinnett Muse orbs F7b9 Bb? Copyright Stiet Music 8 Minor Run Down © Comay7 or =e ESE Copyright Stinnett Music (enschous) pbs) a? cr ce C-maj7 ov cs c C-maj7 cv C6 pres @ of c7 FT Bb? eb7 AT a? ar Copyright Strnett Music 18 Pos | Can’t Give You Anything But Love . Ema? ab? A? DF (eo realy e7 oT a7 Fp? Bhr a? 7G? cv FT Bb? bua? 87 Fug? yo? o7 4°” Fa? G7 oF Copyright Sinnat Music Pcs Fug? cr Bhai Bb? ar Fr 87 ov or Bbw” Fa? Copyright Stinnett Muse 7 pb? ao 19 Pca Old Folks 6787 BT AT Abua? 0b7 G7 GP Pet es sete y EL attpeS arbyc? FP ad dial oo os ntot = 7 Bt BbTAT bua? iT 5 Copyright Sunnett Muse at Bob’s Boys Bb? + See a? cr f? G7 c? Copyright Stnnett Music Ahmad’s Blues 8b7 87 hr Bb? Ab? ob? Fy Copyright Strnet Music Pca Copyright Stnnett Music Copyright Stonet Muse Landslide Bbq? p7bs! G7 cr eb? abr Daa? Ev AT Fey F? ey ar AT 7 Gua? 7D? r F? Bbua? p7bs) G7 cr eb? pb? aT ob? ab c7 FT BbMa7 Copyright Stinnett Music ros | Didn’t Know What Time It Was e7b) a7 DT E768) a7 bv — =e G7 co? F Nai? Bbma7 Gt oc? ee feet os te tte SS eee erbs) a7 pb? eb) ar pe ope “a ’ sespetitteres i ee, fate EAE G7? cr Fai? Bbma? shu? evbs ar 7b) a? op rover an Bhai? ay 07g? e7 or sepllttcernttertererspreiapats rr. poe oie ie = a BSS ero at ope 7b) a7 D? J) Copyright Stinnot Music Pca pb? a? 7 Fa? ‘Copyright Stet Music exbe Gr bia? bia? | Didn't Know What Time It Was (Altemate Take) ern arp? erbo Ay DF BS cr F mia? Bbma? G7 cv aT? Erba ar 07 cv F nei? Bbita? evs a7 eb) a7 pq? CF FF D7 Go? AT Bb? 7 Copyright Stinnot Music ayo? G? oc? Fug? Copyright Stinnett Music My Groove Your Move cr o , 4 ene tet, fiP Etpes pb? Copyright Stnnot Music The Best Things In Life Are Free bmg? ebm? ee aves o7 Fly erty cr FF a7be 7 FT Bb7 ebm? Bb? eb? Abma? Ab? Db? gt ebe 2 De SS Clee tee bua? a7bs cr Copyright Stinnett Mule Sunrise In Mexico Copyright Strnett Muse Buffalo ‘7 a7 .7 ay Bain es Sa ma os. 2 ao 8 = Fv re) 7 ov Te agin ay = pT ePeLT Lt pote 0 7 Eo cr Fv 85 gat Sa poe FT Bb7 Fv Bb? Bain7 (Copyright Stinnett Music Sonny’s Crib abr 7 8b? - ane a ose sic pbe eT ng ot 8 at a eb? 7 o7 a? 3 a Poy pat 3a rot ns fataeeal fo BR BI or Fr 3? ‘7 3a $32 ra F884 ray oh 8 87 ss ; See Eee EL epee Bb? Fb? 8185-89 eb? aqrsiren par? or Fr av op, 5 4 33 ebr Bb? eye? oBhT Bridge ‘Copyright Stinnett Music Pca eb eb” nyt a on 39 fs (1d hers) 7 br pv a7 ov F7 Bb? FT ‘Copyright Sunnett music Pos Almost Like Being In Love Fv 7 boa? @7 cr by FT Bb? bua? cr FT Bb? ba? G7 cr Fv 8b? bmg? a? ete Ff? Fpr G7 Fp7 Copyright Stinnett Music Almost Like Being In Love Fa abt ua? e7 cr FT ab? bua? cr Fa abr bua? e7 ct 2 al verter Pot ' Tate Bt a 8g Fr Fp? or Fr Copycght Stinnet Music Pcs oc bm? Bb7 Fa Copyright Stinnett Music What Is This Thing Called Love nibs o7be) FT D7 o7 Ca? Gnrbs) orbs) Fv o7 ar Ca? (arums) ambs) orbs) Fa Copyright Str Muse Pos Garb orb) 7 3 Getcrors) bv ar cua? Gmrbs) 7b FT ov ar wa? cme abu?” ft eb, =aefRSoer do a ar Gmibs) crba, FT o7 oe cma? Copyright Stonet Muse Pca What Is This Thing Called Love page 3 Gmrbs) crbe, Fr ® end chons) bp? a7 Ca? nv orbo Fe D7 or Coa? cv Fy Bbmg? oie Gmabs) orbs) FT Copyright Sint Music Spebs) ie orbs) FT bp? a7 Cua? cr F7 Bbmq? 15 ogo) Ab? a? Gnrbsy orb Pa D7 a? cma? Copyright Sint Music a Epistrophy ob? v7 ob? o7 a an 7 &7 7 e7 Copytight Stonet Muse These Are Soulful Days eb? eb7 Ab? bmg? Ghama? Cmbs) F7 i rn ra. 35 saheb a5 29) 5 AbT Db? «Gh? BT) Cmrbs)_ FT Bb 3434 3 34 Obed era p37 2 Sel epeetat eho seegetet 8b a eh? Abt bus? hn? Cnrbay F7 ADT, ob? Ghwa7? «BT Cmrbs)-F? By? ae 3 . kp efter phprte tetas 23S eee FT br Bb? eb? aa Bang Me OF png) ob? Gb? ob? BF Cm7bsy Fr “ She 7 Gnvbs ab? 267 AKT bmi? hug? SITES J ira 7 yee AbT br Ghug? 87 Onrbs)F? 8b? anys r§qyraq 34 ‘Copyright Stinnett Music ‘AFogay Day Abmacds Blues ‘Almost Like Being In Love 1 Gant Give You Anhing But Love ‘Blues For Brenda, Bob's Boys Butlalo Sune In Mesico Epistrophy | Dirt Know What Time It Was DISCOGRAPHY A Garland Of Red -Red Garang The PC Blues - ResGarand Fd Garand’ Plano. Ra Gare Goin’ Up - Fredo Hutbars Tenor Conclave Whisbe Stop Kenny Dothan ATs Delight an Tayor [Didnt Krom What Time It Was (aera tat) ‘adds Doight “ads Delight atoms tte) ‘Sonny Clark Tio - Sonny Cate I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Whats This Thing Cals Love Lando Mino Rundown My Groove Your Move Ot Folks Seopin Sonny's Crib ‘These Are Sout Days “The Best Things n Lie Aro Fos ‘Drums Around The Comer: A Esky Dexter Calng Dest: Goxn PC Quintet -Paui Crambors Fol Cal-Hank iy (Quiet Kenny - Kany Boa Fist Session -Gract Groon Sonny/s Crib Sonny Clark Leoway -L20 Meroan Wirkout- Hank Metay Copyright Stinnett Music Blue Note Prostige Blue Noto Blue Noto Prestige Blue Note Blue Note Blue Note Blue Note Ble Note Bluo Note Blo Note Prostge Blue Note Blue Note Blue Note Blue Note Notes CCopyuight Stinnett Music Ry Taisa tei ey All Cows Eat Grass is an advanced reading book including dynamics, articulations, odd time signatures, style indications, and musical terms. Chapter three features dues, tos, and quartets. Reading In Bass Clefis a developmental method for learning to read music. Emphasis is placed on developing hand position and fingerboard knowledge Reading Bass Parts Vol 1 isa jazz play-along with witen pars. Each song is performed twice. The fist ‘ime, the bass is included and the bassline is writen out as performed. The second time you wil not hear the bass track, s0 you can read the written part or improvise your own line. Featured on this recording Is drummer Jee Hunt, saxophonist Dino Govoni, and gultarist Lionel Loueke, Reading Bass Parts Vol.2 In this session, the focus ison “sraight-eights”., Rock and Funk. Strong ang Consistent grooves is what this volume is all about. Th players here make it a joy to play along. Featured on the CD Is, Dino Govoni - saxophone, Lionel Louoke - guitar, and Tom Aroy - drums. Reading Bass Parts Vol. 3 features the bassin the traditional jazz tro setting, Included are walking nes, ‘wo-beat, Latin lines, and few melodies and solos. The musicians featured in his volume are seasoned veterans who dsplay all the qualiies students need to emulate. Chuck Marohnic - plano tuba virtuoso ‘Sam Piafan, and Dom Moi - drums. Creating Jazz Bass Lines In this book, the process of walking a bassline is demystiied. A fundamental approach that is used by all great players is explored in depth. A discography of great walking players is included. ‘Slap Bass Workout is NOT a reading book. You can practice “your groove" wit 57-tracks on two play-along (CDs. On the recordings, you will hear lines you can learn and use immediately! On many ofthe tracks, there Is also solo space for you, the student. The playing on this recording is quite exceptional! Featured, isthe Incredible Dave Buda - bass, Rob Gourlay - bass, Lionel Loueke - guitar, Jim Stinnett - keyboard & bass. ‘The Music Of Paul Chambers isa collection of transcribed bass solos from cassic recordings by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Red Garland, Lee Morgan, Sonny Rolins, Jackie McClean, ... Two-thirds ofthis book is. devoted to Blues and Rhythm Changes. Like Bird, P.C.s" solos have become classics to learn and cherish, Arcology is P.C. at his bost. Twenty-five bowed solos are written out. Mastering just one ofthese solos is a ‘complete course in improvisation. Discography is included. You don't have to play wth the bow to buy this book. First Guitar Book was writen to help the beginning guitarist make music. Included is a 44 track play-along cd. This cd will help you practice in time. Covering basic mythms and chords, First Gultar Book willbe a valuable aid in your teaching and practicing