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Education Around the World

First Grade
A: Standards

i. Key Content Standard​:

Social Studies
1.1 Students describe the rights and individual responsibilities of citizenship.

1.4 Students compare and contrast everyday life in different times and places around the
world and recognize that some aspects of people, places, and things change over time while
others stay the same.

B. Objectives

i. Learning Objective/Goal​:
Students will be able to research how students around the world go to school and
present their findings to the class.

C. Assessments:

Assessment Strategy Evidence of Student Learning

Teacher will review student’s worksheets
to watch their progress.
Teacher will watch the student’s videos
to see what they have learned.
Notes will be taken to monitor students
Anecdotal Notes/Checklist

D. Lesson Resources/Materials:
Worksheets/thinking maps to organize their research
Computers/ Seesaw app
Educational videos

Instructional Sequence - Engaging Students in the Learning Process

Prior to this lesson the teacher will read books to students and show educational videos to show
students how education in different countries varies. I will be giving the students a little bit to
intrigue them, but they will do research to find out all about other cultures.

Introduction (10 min.):

Interaction with Learning Target: 
-Review learning target  
-Give lesson directions 
-Direct instructions on using Seesaw on the computer 
-Show students the different centers in which they will be moving between 
Body of the Lesson (40 minutes)​:
-Students will work with their table groups (4 students) to research different cultures.
-Centers: Articles, Kiddle, Books, Fact Monster
-Students will begin to complete their research worksheets
-Students will work together to record and publish their research on SeeSaw.

Closure (10 minutes)​:

-Review learning target
-Class will watch several students videos
-Students will pair share their favorite fact they learned with their table partner
-Students will pair share a county in which they would like to attend school.

The Name Jar
All Are Welcome
Separate is Never Equal
Hello World

Fact Monster