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Its sale/purchase is an offence uls 143 of the Rallways Act, 198% Phe ot Supp VESWINTPUR AYR) Sn nda a IR recovers ony 7% a cost eavel nan average Print ERS Without Advertisements (X) IMPORTANT : 1 Fr tars es condi Teh sees pan va wane. {Thre ements in ceri roo of René Rue, Amended Rete Ru wa 12-Nov 015 tl vl nmin der hang Gael noraon-> Rules & chet poof in rig! woul be verti by TTE wi the nae and ENR an he oar W te Paozenger fale frosucesialey SMEVEMIERS aus fs any everson, i othe a onto rg ntl oy spo outposts span wheat we bk Tho ta check ston eo ceo sing ly rth a wl be pd rite aes thse on ech het wrt ape net Thea et wn oko ht, Homer: tat ond n cae of PARTIALLY wasn chal when LESS NO, OF PASSENGERS var ()ACEAILURE (TRAVEL IN LOWER CLASS. Ti nha ‘a be sec GO, RT. 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Breakfast - fli and Vas -04 no Idi (200 gm) + 04 no Urad Vada (120gm) + 50gms Chutney Re a0 INon-Veg, Breakfast - Omelet of 02 Eggs + 02 Bread slice ~ 10gms Butter chiplet ~ Tomato sauce Rs. 35 [standard Casserole meals - Lunch/Dinner Vegetarian - Rice (150 gm) + Parantha (02 n6s)¥ Chapa (Oénos) + Dal/Sambhav(IS0gms) > Mix Vep.(100q08) > Reson pickle Suchet + 250 ml PDW glass INon. Vegetarian - Rice (150 gm) ~ Parantha (nos /Chapati (O4nos,) + Dal'Sambhar(1S0gms) * Egg eury (02 nos of Be Ssh. 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