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AP Exam

Changes 2020
Testing Information
When Where How
May 21 at 2 PM Testing will take place at You can take the exam on
Log on by 1:30 so you can home. Make sure you any device that can connect
ensure you have a good have a quiet place where to the internet, such as a
internet connection. you can focus. laptop, phone, or tablet.

Revised DBQ Rubric Major Changes

Describes a broader historical context relevant to the prompt. 45 Minutes to write
Only 5 Documents
THESIS: 1 Ability to type OR
Responds to the prompt with a historically defensible thesis/claim that establishes a line of write the essay
reasoning. Open Note
Essay uploaded
Accurately DESCRIBES the content of at least TWO documents to address the topic of the online
prompt. Quotes are insufficient to earn this point. (1)

SUPPORTS an argument in response to the prompt using at least TWO (1 Pt) or FOUR (2 Pts)
Plagiarism Warning
documents. These documents should meet (and exceed) the standard set for the description While the essay is open
point. note, there will be
measures in place to
ANALYZING DOCUMENTS: 2 detect plagiarism.
EXPLAINS HOW or WHY the document’s point of view, purpose, historical situation, and/or Students who are found
intended audience is relevant to an argument. to have plagiarized on the
essay will have their exam
OUTSIDE EVIDENCE: 2 scores invalidated. Their
Uses specific historical evidence beyond what is found in the documents relevant to an names will also be passed
argument about the prompt. (one per example – up to TWO points) on to colleges and their
current high school.
COMPLEXITY: 1 Teachers will also receive
Demonstrates a complex understanding of the historical development that is the focus of the a copy of each student's
prompt, using evidence to corroborate, qualify, or modify an argument that addresses the exam in order to detect
any abnormalities in the
Overall, there are no changes in what you are expected to do for student's writing when
compared to past
the DBQ. The only changes are the point value for these writings.