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A Content Transformation Company

Technical World is one of the leading pre-publishing services

companies, providing end-to-end content management and
content transformation services including high quality Digital
Typesetting, e-Publishing (SGML, XML), Data Conversion and
related services for Books and Journals, for various Publishers,
Presses and Corporate. Technical World has been offering a full
range of high-end publishing services for - STM, HSS,
professional and educational books/journals; Reference books;
Elementary, high school and college textbooks; Custom made
course material; User manuals and catalogues; Financial and legal
Following Services provide by the company
–Digital Composting & Typesetting
–Graphic Design and Illustration
–Scanning & Editing
–E-pub, Mobi-Pocket, Flip Books
–XML, HTML & SGML Tagging
–Keying: Manual Data Entry & OCR
–Data Conversion
–Migration & Re-engineering and Technology Consulting
–Data Capture From
Manuscripts, Database, print & other media
–Copy Editing
Chicago Manual of Style is follow for copyediting
–Page Composting/Digital Typesetting
Tex-Latex, QuarkXpress, InDesign, Frame maker
–Proof Reading
2 Rounds of Electronics Proofreading
–Art Work Rendering & Image Processing
Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Chemdraw
Artwork Rendering and Image Processing
At Technical World, a whole range of illustrations,
correction of halftones, scanning and redrawing of artwork
is done using:
–Adobe Illustrator
–Adobe Photoshop
–Macromedia Freehand
–Chemdraw Ultra
Documents Scanning
–We utilize latest technology with High
Speed Documents Scanner
–Scanning is done with Flatbed Scanner with
ADF and using CCD technology
Tagging formats:
HTML - Hypertext Mark-up Language
XML - extensible Mark-up Language
SGML - Standard Generalized Mark-up Language

Source Data Formats:

Paper, Image, QuarkXPress
Adobe Acrobat PDF
Microsoft Word and many others format
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
We convert your hardcopy documents into digital, editable
text using rapid, accurate, Optical Character Recognition
(OCR) technology. Using state of the art hardware and
software, your hard-copy documents are turned into a format
of your choosing (MS Word, TXT, RTF, etc.) ready for rapid,
organized, and simple storage and retrieval.
Some of Form Processing services:
–Insurance claim form
–Market Research Form Entry
–E-mail Processing
–Purchase/Sales Orders
–Medical Form
–Online Form Processing
–Data Entry/Verification
–Online Data Entry
–eBook Publishing/eBook Conversion
–HTML/XML Conversion/Tagging
–Forms Entry – OCR
–Document Coding/Indexing
–Digital File Conversion/Formatting / Editing
We Convert From We Produce
Paper, Tiff & graphics
Any Page- PDF Normal, or PDF
authoring/composting with Formatted &
searchable Text &
Any word processing Graphics
Culture & Strength
Technical World is a fundamentally strong collective of able professionals
with high ethics and values. Our culture reflects the common vision of
individuals, aligned with Technical world's vision

–Accountability will be core to each of our jobs
–Innovation will be actively pursued
–Excellence will govern all our actions
–Integrity will guide every action we take
–Respect for customers, colleagues and others will mark our behavior
–To be a Leading Company
–To multifold our Revenues
–To Admired for Superior Business Value
–To Provide proactively innovative solution to fully meet
our customer’s individual
–To be accountable to customers and colleagues in all
we do
Thank You for visiting our Company
Company CEO — Mr. Satnam Singh
Business Development Executive — Mr. Arvind Kr. Choudhary
Ph: (+91-9560021973, 9211436080)
3198/15, 2nd Floor,Gali 1,
Sangatrashan, Pahadganj,
New Delhi (India)
Pin No. 11 00 55
Phone No. 011-23561039