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AME Parr 5 Direcet Sclect a 9 piece of wood AN announcement Pestponed it finished Ic, néglacted fatled Lo complete tt, is HAN LANGUAGE Comer p)AcénEn Test 9 28 = Listenin the ESEAHORE Fe 199. aN WELT lens Westions on the teat cape, the one trem nee dyitticl anewera the quescton Tectly and answer sheet. “mht UTE Hn tit, begs BOOKLET yesterds WW. a. at four p.m, Nary's be at six pm. hat + st elght in the evening mine I at tvo in the afternoos boa Nea. make a social cain hed ther b. cat a meal together , a hot dog €- take o trip @ anburgey (ego to chu: 1 hae * 2. Lo buy a money order tie be to get hts hate trfmmed a can of 6 © 6 the barber shep 1 eat to the post office Post office 3. 4. Yes, she should. malt be Yes, she is ready, money ©. Sometime after breakfast, @ money order Ve Tw two waeks etme many Loxssons 1% It Is very powerful, an easy day b. It ds well-otled, ALEL Lew It ie ©. Ul goes vory fase, a new Ceache. HOT has tocmvnrk far from m 15. 4. to meet him beh tnd ine he for lim to move out of the fo front of ine next to ne bo greet him tT him co talk to me more schoo ing nore changes 16. a. Tt uses too much gas, more rest be TC rons st high speed. fore [nfornat ion c. Tt makes a lot of noise, He deosn't run well, @ Lost key UW. a. the doors he wheel 18. a. 19. a 20. 2. as 22. 23. a. Directions for questions 30-34. in front of the engine on top of the engine behind the engine on che right side of the engine Yom asked for advice. Tom said something bad co him. He greeted him in the morning. Tom thought about hin. You must go. You can List You nust stay classroom. You nay write your lessous there. nto a tape. La the because he Likes hot weather be! because the weather was too hot use his house vas hoe because the storm was so bad hig beat is nut fur sale. This baat is on s This boat will sail. This boat will sell. How does he keep healthy? Wich whom does he live? What kind of work docs le do to earn money? At what place staying? he mM. 25. 20. m will hear the one item a, b,c, of d tht completes the bo nor correctly, and mark your 30. a. Sis as offices appointments patients immediately later his car filled with gasoline groceries at the super- market some money fron his bank 1 cavity filled by the dent bst le was considerate of others. Ne had extraordinary talent. le had considerable wealth. lie vontributed to industry. Yes, T came for the table. fen, thls room ie too cold. Yes, there are four tables here. Yes, Lam relaxed. No, there wasnt much food. Yes, everybody was Frigadly there were many paeple. ho, tt ended at 3:00 a.m, bo you have anything £Laer? bo you have anything smaller? by you have anything beccer? Do you have anything Less expensive? lave you the kind of car Have you made up your mind about the car? Have you bought the car you want? Wave you driven the car you want? incomplete sentences. Choose wan lig of the sentence RTH ON TLE TEST BOOKLET. Hight te awoke Lt extinguish ie emiey it iw the post offtee iu the bank inside the envelope in his clothes Vy pirecttons Choose the one item a, statement 35. 36. ue 38. 39 40. ah 42. a, b sometimes elton without missing enc nee tna hil For questions 5 n and marke your sn Ne will keep it He will Jone i) He WHE change it Wo WiEL add ty ite Put gas in first Put gas in, but nothing in oil and water, bs not gas, “UD put the gas in mys James was well pleased. James became ster James became augy James became sad I don't cat there Lanly have coffee ther Tea there. T seldom go there It's getting a littte U's begiuning Loraine There are a few seats left. It's slecting. He had a poor time He had an acetdeac, le enjoyed his trip. He ts gokon ona ort. Turn axound and go th Tes tn front of you Go around the corner. Murry to the bie statioy He wasn't popatal He didn't nec! friend is many Frtends Vike th His frfends have many friends. You will a that cs lt a8 st tencnts on the test tape. st to the meaning of He was a patient, Ne vistted the hospieal. No warked a8 a clerk, He was one of the doctors, knows his He errors. He makes few errors. lle knows how to make corrections. He cannot tell when he makes The mail clerk was sad. The mail clerk had a letter for we The mail clerk said’ I was There was no sail for me. lean cares about dt Jean said that it's all rights Joan objects to it. lean wants you to close it They are destroyed there. They are ted there. They are cowpleted there. They are stored there. She patd us at the hespit She came to see us there, She fave ws treatment there. She wrote to us there. He mde under 90, He was language qualified, He won't be Tanguage ialifiod ho tsaye ho language qualified. 50. SL. 52. 53, She 56. 37. He has to lose weight. We has to rest. We has to keep a record of his weight. Wis welghe must nut uly Bee We is arriving very shortly. His tip was cancelled. We is leaving in u few minutes. We is coming today. Small wants to go ‘outside. The weather is varm. The weather is very cold. Long is feeling var Tt went through an open window. It did not go through the window. Tt hit and broke the window. It passed near the window. They should not couch. They should not be different They should not be used They are not the s: Different people de the eane things - People act differently. The people look alike. Different countries have similar customs, Jim rode in two buses. Tom missed the bus. They didn't vide the right bus. Jim didn't ride the bus yesterday He can leave without orders. He could leave without chem. We may want soue orders. He has cto have orders 38. 59. 60. 6 62. os Gr. a. by a. lle saw the train for New York, Me rude a crain to New York. le missed the trala to New York, He curried it to New York. You You You You Frigay. van get it this Friday. buy it on Friday. see it next Prida deliver ic this ‘The vest doesn't bother him, Ne is happy about the test., He Uninks the test Is easy, lle is worried about the test. That's ay car. Hine 15 quite different. That car is almost che Hy car is exactly the same. I wrote to doe after dinner. I decided not to welee to Joi Cdidnte think about te after dinner 1 vasn'e able to write to Joes Flectric current is carried by wire. Electric current directs Wire runs In the electric current. . Wire rejects elvetrte current. le needed some matches. We wtll buy soma cigarettes. He wants to see some cigaretces. lle saw some efgavettes in rekage 66 67. 68. 68. 70. a b. Wo wunt go te elas arly We ouRht te Re fe ene my carly. . We want co go to class arly We didn't gor couay. 72. to clase early They look their rooms ¢ They clean the tetey after dinner. d They dinner. eon They Look at at televieion tn look at TV he fore 1 alter dinner The student hears ar plane. The student doc hear F an airplane The student host sn aty 7% The student alrplane The the « Jolin wants to sell the ear ata high pric John could buy (he the bo Nim a salesnan would loan sale a good vod goad shoes f a lot of bel a good car We'll buy penctis and paper from you We will and paper You must bring pencils and a Lake up your pone tbs r paper. We will p and paper ve you pencil Ny ear ts cheaper. older than this My car Is In beecer shape. My car Is more expensive than this one, Go as soon as you Finish your wor Go right now. Go vithin the next few Go vhen you want to. Ho's smoking his cigarettes shorter. le's dividing his edgarettes. He's smoking short clgarettes. lle's smoking fewer cigarettes, lo WELT write tse times on uly lo will write on hie two He Will begin to write in he second ueek lle agreed to write two tines vach weak ane nglish most The instructor is pleased vith Jog Joo is not doing very well In the cours The tustructor beld1eves Joe, ls practicing English, Le. Smith can't Leave class, The instructor £11 let Lt. Smith leave cless. The veto and Le will leave class. The clas vill be ovt at 2:30 Smith ITs 79. Many forms of entertainment and sports are available. Not many movies are shown here. Many training facilities are provided. Many chapels have been bull ce un Uris base, The bus will stop at the next corner The bus will stop on che oiler side of the stre The bus will stop at the next street. The bus wi 1 stop right here. The store doesn't haudle used tires. The salesman is gelling the last one. The store hus a lot of them for sale. The store deesn't have any. PART IL - READING Directions for questions 80-120. Select the correct answer and mark your answer sheet. 20 82, 8 85. Wis progress was cousin lunt. a. poor bd. slow c. rapid d. constane Twould Like to fend ont more about che customs in your country. a. learn b. see c. talk d. write He resigned his position in order ta cpeytte a fond store. sell ce buy a. find Mo has a lot of Tefame time a. work b. study c. inadequate d. free The student wasn't able eo catch vn tu the new method. a. forget b. prevent ce read d. understand Bob intended to vrite to his girlfriend as suon as he fourd the cime, a. pretended b. planned ce. dectded d. objecteu 86. 87. 48 89. 90. 92. 934 Mauy people ave injured every day on acount of carelessness ae baaune. ol be enust ap ce doling a. with When the driver beesme mou of the noise Ia tke the ear a. part of be unhappy tcl ne, he stopped ce. used to ad. consetous of L don't kes a. how he te tall , bh. how call ts he e. how Is he tall d. how tall he is I bought the present fo b. hors 1 her The mail clerk didn't bring packages today. ly any s very dark In this room; 0 EF Gurn on the Lights? will be shall ee might Ie won't be you ne to the city Hbeary? how’ can da. never What ds he studylng Engl a. for b. over cto dat 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. a "How was your Elight to Chicago?" “The weather was so bad many of us got: sek." a. which be what ce. that a. but you forgotten her name already? a. Did be May ce Could a. lave Mr. White said, “Mow long did you study last ight?" Mr. Wagner said, " mldvighe." : a. At b. To ¢. Around a. Until Divide the money the four boys. a. among. be through d. between Zcan take a break, but you a. could b. couldn'c ce. can't d. should Mr. Wagner wanes his vacatton in Florida. a. spending b. spend c. spent d. to spend He can repair all the boxes a. breaking b. broke ce. break d. vroken The windshield on an autosobile i is te in front of the driver. driver a. over b. right of ce. in da. behing toa, 103. 106. 407. 108. WHereN'C yout dhaviat ney yet enday: even tig) 1 didn't he Ret Lo the dance fast night a. ghowidn't be conan de won't Drivers must obey the ruten ef the read. they mis regulations. al uriee be stick to c. ignore a. deny The weather was ton cold for b. sulimnt ag, ©. to svim Ue to sw Laing The book by Mark Tata. bo was vrttten If Robert neds youn he ty a. should told beam vetting ©. M11 belt de had told Only a few people cane to the opening cercnony. up. a. Not many be Many fe. None of the de ALL of the The toxtructor fhe Teena enneral ly. a. looked out b. looked an cc. looked with We osleed over 110, I'm getting used to. the weather : for the weather about the veather LLL. The classcoom is ___ the film room, a., as vide as vb.” as wide from c. as wide than 4. s0 wide as 112. tow much 2 a. do milk cout b. are milk cost : c. ds milk cost d. does milk cost 113. What kind of work? a. does he do b. dows he done c. he does d. dues doing 114. That bus does not stop in small cities becmee it is a. an express b b. a local bus ¢. a business bus a. a city bus 1s. Thad known that you vere so cired I'LL stay 1 woa't stay I wouldn't stay 1 wouldn't have stayed 116. "Mr, Mack, do you have may pencils in that box?" Me. Mack said, "Yes, 1 have in the hax a. one pencil b. few pencils e. lots of pencils d. a white pencil 117. When you phone a person in the same city, you ure making a. a. leng distance call b. person-ro-persun call c. collect call d, local ca us. 119 + Aw sonn as they The plloe wt » few Parl 1. The piloe in fa tew York be The pilot is gusting, te tow Yor 62 The pller be ptm tig, te come back d. the pilot tow gone to Mew York boos everyone 2 1. know how 1 lay the fami ty b. know fn the family how to drive c. in the Camily know how to drive d. know how in the family to drive 1. They couldn't b. They decided to leave c. They didn't want to Leave. d. They never thought about Leaving. put home, they imide up their minds ler tde vhether to: leave to leave ll. HOORLET nO, WEN UFC