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EOANERLCAN LANGUAGE coum rLacriucer tet 9 ART 1 ~ LISTENING FPirections for questions 1-20, Yow will hear questions on che test tape. elect the one item a, bh, c, or d which anewers the question correctly Pand mark your answer shoot, 1) NOT WRITE OM THR TEST nooKt a. twenty-four D. ne next week b. lemons h. after a fow minutes c. twelve ©. sometine later de atx tamed fately a. tain 10. a. by check b. fog he fa cash, te Jee ©. befere I stayed in the room a. humidity d. after I stayed dn the room a, outside 1. a. It dented the window. b. frame hb. Lt opened the window. ce upstairs ce Tt broke the window. 4. Inetde d. Tt closed the window. a. trousers yoo. only $2,000 b. buttons hb. less unin $2,000 e. pockrts ©. $2,000 or more 4. changes a. just, $2,000 a. bia Fever Ws. n. less tac itty percent b. his throat hb. thirty-two percent c. his ears ©. more than fifty percent @. bis heart beat ton percent a. yesterday Ay Tt Is in poor condition. be a week age It is too Large. c. tuo days ago ©. ‘The form is not good. d. three days ago «i. The design is bad. a. rainy 15. a, the slang for the word b. dark b. a special expression c.. cold c. the opposite of the word d. clear d. the exact meaning of 4t a, making surfaces smvother 16. a. how'much he has grown b. sawing vood b. how old he is c. cutting netal ¢. how many children’ he, has d. making holes d. how often he eats un 18. Directions for questions the one item a, b, c, correctly, and mark your answer sheet. aL. 22, 23 a. a Tt is a place for parking. It 4s an area for private lowe Te fs a location fer business. It is a center for shopping. Only one tape recorder tg being used. All of them are working at the present time. None of them are working right now. Every other one is working now. 21-29. 2 6 8 16 just their use only one person to use the public two rooms large hole deep hole smal} hole wide hole very poor tall and thin a salesman + rich first floor second floor third floor basement floor ly. 20. You will hear or d that completes the me Yes, they enter the bus here. S, the bus leaves for town, the students leave the bus “here. Fes, the students use this b it's shaped Like a square. ics shaped Ike a ball, It has no shape. 1 has corners. incomplete sentences. ning uf the sentence Choose bo NOT WRLTE UN THE TEST BOOKLET, 2a. de is simple to use has been repaired has only one part has many paces at a higher price ata reduced price av che same price as free samples piysteally fit pwc in jail Biven a pay raise runwing East sold co the students given out to the students Laught to the studenes rented to the students Direct t Choon atateomont 30. ae 32. 33. 36. 37, ad. a yenr answer ol He Clow only one time He fins sometimes He Chiles Crequentty He never O11 lt Is sate. it is authorized. Lt is unlawful. It is not dangerous Ue was late. Me came after 7240 Me was in elas only nec lle arrived before 7:40. Soncone else answered ny call. It wasnt hey Na one heard me cal I ealled very oud! to leave it le wanted He wantell Lo He wanted He wanted Lo get one. bo buy t They learn to fly here They Learn to speal: here They learn very slo here. | They learn fast here. John Js-older. Sue Is ten years old. John is the same age as Sue Sue is older. He has one brother. He has no brothers or sisters. He hag anly one sister. He has only one son ay tone tape. wotalng, OF the the weather yed warm. ame hot. last night. went down. The: weather be It wasn'e cold The vompera ture I can moet ttm later, I met him before, Iam looking for him, Tam eager to meet hin, lohn ts older chan BL1L. ‘ohn ta as old as Bill. , BILL fs younger than John. Bill Is older than Jobn, lle didn't go to town, He went hone by bus. He didn'e go home by bus. le drove te town. i some rest, ta bath, ¢ some water. © some food. lle cleans car every day. ar dirty ie looks az is car every day. He eujoys criving every day. Send mo sone rice. Send me two pounds of rice. Send me a pound of chee. Send me two hundred pounds of rice. Dr. Perkins speech. He Is ar ng the phone. lin is a pool speaker: lle Is laking a patient to his office. s making a- 46. are 48. 49. 50. sl. John has won a red car. John Likes to race red car. in his John alvays talks about this red car. Jolin would rather have a red car. We WiIL he Let ont today. Me wil be put In today. He will stay in jail. We'll still be in jail in the morning. Tom needs to borrow some money You can borrow money from Tom. Tom will send for some money. Yom left his money in the bank. wanted a suits Tdonte like the suit at all. 7 ts The suit, is uot dark enough. I like white suits. Hight-colored Decay is taken out with a drill. « Decay is put in a drill. Decay ie moved away frei the drill. Decay is placed around 2 drill. We valk to school at four o'clock. We arrive vecy early at the lab. We arrive very late. Classes four. are finished at 5h. 58. lle dialed Le. He got tt from me, he didn't remember de. Vie wrote it down, the car ds cunniug fine. The car doesn't make any nol The cngine was removed Erom the car, the car ty not running well, { have $69 to buy an automobile. I want to sell a new car. T want a 1969 model car, I'm Interested Ln seeing a $69 car. We go to school in thevafter- We ar off in the morning, Our class is before noon, Ue are ln class every after- I want to go skating for a change I vant an opportunity to go skating. I want to go skating and to a dance. I ued co get some money before f go skating. Did you like the veather? Ave you using the weather? What kind of weather are you getetng? Ave you becomlug accustomed to the weather? the car is close to the building. the car is far away from the building. The car is inside the building. The car is on top of the building. 60. a. bl. a. 62. a 63. a. ba. a. 65. a. 66. a. 67. a. 68. a. b. ay ns Is My Trtond drove ie te hls howe, My Frfend, gave me his hence umber Fave wlven my phane qaimber to my br bend, Thave glven my ouldiess This be the oriytnal hook. This book is completely new This new book i# che same as the old book. This book has beow In my Canily several yer Edward He doesn) He He vant to mike a reserve clon today. Ie one at this moment. been miking a reservation. sn" Lm Mr. Jones vants to give Mr. Torres a gift. Hr. Torres is being introduced to Mr. Jones. Hr. Torres is introducing Hr. Jones. Me. Torves is absent from class. You must vait for the ructor The you after class. The tnetructar wants to see you fa ela See the Tustrnetor after e nstrtetar ean! t They are going with other people. They will go anyway. They WLIL get money for the trip. They haven't enough money Lo fo on the trip The government fms no control over his fund the government is indifferent to the spending The government can't spend ubts Cand The government manages this fund. Altogether, there were 25 students on the trip. There ware 25 trips made to the 200. The students all were 25 years old. There were 25 students who called the zoo. Joe stulled in town last night. Joe stuilled before he went to town. Joe didn't go downtown last night. Joe dida'e study Jast night. T don't know Georne L won't leave on the plane. T don't ken I know when it Joaves THE END OF THE LISTENING PART OF THE TEST. PART II - READING Directions for questions 69-100. Select the correct answer and mark your answer sheet. 69. The wire conducts electric current. a. eliminates b. increases ce. carries cd. cancels 70. W411 you inform the class about the new schedule? a, arrange bd. Listen to c. tell d. ask 71,7 Tt doesn't look as though this rain is ever going to Let up. a. start b. stop c. get worse 4. begin falling 72. Walking past thie sign ts dangcrum. 2. alloved b. prohibicea . not safe 4d. enjoyable 73. This is the city they Jived tn. b ce. a. 74. Sone peuple work on Sundays, bat others —_ a. do b. donte ce. didn't a. doesn'c 75. The students ere very much interested in English a. learn b. learned c. learning ds to learn 7. 76. Jimmy ond Nancy us tong walle through the garden, i a. let ; b. came c. took : de taken | \ 71. We have been studying English two years. ; a. through j bl since c. for q a. during t 78. The studonte watch a movie during this period. m4 a. have ! b. need c. can eat { d. done end i 19. Tom's pen ts different Mary's pen. % } a. from : . vith to de as 80. John needs Bill's book to study. He should say to BiLL, ° borrow your book?" f a, Would a b. Had . ©. pid a. May 81. We have been in the United States Janua a4 a, until b. since before d. after 82, We don't have food tonight, a, lots b. some % e. much it, d. many 83. My frdend Is netther at home in the Library : a. nor ” b. or for and “6 84, I had elready the movie before HI11 told me about it. a, see b. been cc. saw * d. seen 85. What reference book gives tuformation about every branch of knowledge? a. a textbook b. a novel €. an encyclopedia d. a gramuar book 86. You might catch a cold in this rain. wear a raincoat a, You did b. You'd better ce. You ought. d. You're 87. The lights went out all of a suddenly sudden + quite sudden + so sudden 88. He doesn't want to go, and I don't __ a. neither ‘ b. either a. ever 89. The boy thought that, since he did not know his way home, he must be 2 a. happy b. lost’ c. hungry a. thirsty 90, Mr, Edvards was very sick yesterday, but he better now a. gets b. is getting c. got a. was getting ‘QL. The bridge in one year. a. was built b. are built ce. be buile a. build 92. 93. 94. 96. 97. 98. 99. The Captaty was dn Eurepe but now he as isn't here b. was here €. han been here din here These chairs really need to a. be repaired b. “been repaired ce being repaired d. become repaired “iow long has Nr. Rivors studted English?" “He English for one month." a. Studies I to. is studying will study has been studying 1d the cab driver to drive slow dow Saster. increase his speed ce park the ear d.. stop the car “Hadn't they written any letters?" ay Yes, they hadu't. b. No, they hadn't ce No, they had d. Yes, they will. Do they buy used cars at the parage _ a. where car Is your b. where is your ca c. vhere your car is d. is where your car When did you make up as. b. ce a ur mind? When did you decide? When did you make your mind? When did you know? When did you take it? Jones asked Tom, "Weren't you last month by Miss Bell taught you by Miss Bell taught last month by Miss Bell taught you Last month you taught by Miss Bell last month %. i i | ie ff | wanted him to, : | ee 1 wor ai ap *rapueny ©3 Aaton quirysiios v osm siuspyooy p “Sitopfoar Kasom quersuoa e@ sp rapuimwues 344 wo *D eee aak 22" apuenmos a1 ray £t10m aumaeu0D y-4 “Aeon queysuoa we aopusywos oy s0y 18 satappaoy * ot “oot