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ihlt ~taudard. ISSUED MONTHLY BY THE

Christian Association for the Dissemination of the Truth of Life and Immortality through Christ alone
Geo. A. BROWN, Pastor of Mint Lane Baptist Church, Lincoln.
THE BIBLE STANDARD is devoted to the exposition of Biblical Truth, especially the doctrine of Conditional Immortality, the literal Resurrection of
the Dead, the Final Destruction of the Wicked, the Signs of the Times, the Second Coming of Christ, and His Personal Reign on earth.

" The Wages of Sin is Death; but the gift oj God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

No. 20. MAY, 1879. Price Id.

OUR LONDON CENTRE. latent strength which as yet has never been developed in
THE time has now come for us to enlarge our work and lay you. Have you done what you could? If not, remember
ourselves out for more extended usefulness. We find it the unfaithful steward,-study the truth the Master em-
utterly impossible to make Lincoln the centre for our bodied in this illustration.
publication work, and to -do what must be done for the The work bravely commenced years ago by faithful men
cause of truth. We have therefore turned our attention to of God, and much has been accomplished; but that work has
the obtaining a suitable place in the great centre of the flagged, and those who have borne the weight for years have
kingdom for our Publication Department, also for our felt its pressure too great, and have had to refrain from
Association Offices. This step seems imperative for many entering into larger and wider fields of usefulness, on
reasons. We have carefully weighed the matter over, and account of the lack of sympathy and help from those who
have at last taken rooms in London for the development of ought to have held up their hands. We now come before
our work. the be ievers, in Conditional Immortality and kindred
We have sought the advice and co~nsel of our brethren doctrines, of England, as an Association of Brethren who
who are on the Association Board, and have met with are determined by God's help to keep these great truths
nearly unanimous approval, whilst some have entered before the people. We mean by His aid to reach every
into the matter with their whole heart, and have sub- nook and corner of the land.
stantially helped us in maturing our plans, so that we But in order to do this we must make all due preparation,
cannot but feel that our way is opened in the direction and it appears to us that our going to London and there
intimated. None can deny the fact that a great work is opening our Publication Rooms is one of the first steps
to be done in this great nation. We have great truths com- needful for our work. We must print, we must make
mitted to us by One who calls upon every man who has tracts and books, and also create channels through which
come to the light to do his duty-" Let your light shine," we can send those that are already in print. A great deal
is the command of the Master. Can we refuse then to of our literature is lying in the cellars of London publishers:
occupy and utilize every meaus in our power to accomplish it needs circulating-it needs pushing and bringing to the
this grand result? Shall we shut ourselves in and simply front, and this cannot be unless we take hold of the matter
look at great things and say they are beyond our power to in right good earnest, and shoulder the weight and carry
reach? Nay, brethren, we have stood still long enough. it with the prayer, " God speed the Truth" upon our hearts
Already some have realized the state-that the light which and lips. We do not purpose launching out into any
was in them has become darkness through their neglect to great expenditure: we have an opportunity now of obtaining
let it shine. We are not doing our duty to God nor to our the services of one who is willing to devote his time and
fellow-men, until we are doing all that lays in our power. talent to this special work for a mere pittance -we cannot
Do you, dear brother or sister, feel that you have as yet call it a salary-for the sum which our brother who will
done all you can to spread this heaven-born truth take charge of the Book-room asks for his services is simply
which burns upon the altar of many hearts? Have you a sum requisite to get him the bare neoessaries of life.
turned over every stone? Have you gone to the uttermost We think we hear some of our readers saying, Well, what
of your ability in this work? If not, God calls for that do you want us to do? We reply by saying, We want you

to help, we want you to carry your share of the burden, we moves our hearts to take this work upon ourselves to
want your heart, your sympathy, we want you to act as if perform.
you believed that we are living on the very thresholdof the In conclusion, we would state that we hope to be in
judgment, We want you to beautify your faith in your possession of our London rooms by our next issue of Bible
works. We want you to help us scatter the seed broadcast; Standard. We hope soon to send out catalogues of books,
we want you to write, to preach, to lecture; and if you can- tracts, &c., for sale at our London office, and we trust that all
not do either, we want you to help us print what others who can will help us circulate the literature which we have
write, and then keep a stock on hand to give to those who already on hand.
are sitting in darkness. We also anticipate keeping an assortment of useful
We hear another say: Yes, but these are hard times, we standard works,-works which we shall be able to recom-
have lost a great deal of money lately. This may be, dear mend to our young men who are preparing to make them-
brother, and let me say that the probability is that, the selves useful in the Master's service. May we then, dear
times will be harder than we have yet seen them. And brethren, have your confidence, your sympathy, your love
further let me venture to say, that you have not lost your in this great and important work which is laid upon us.
money in the Lord's work; perhaps if you had invested
more in this market, you would be a richer man than you
are to-day.
And yet another says: I must curtail my expenditure.
This is wise, brother, but where do you purpose starting? OF SCRIPTURE.
which end will you begin at? which will you let feel the " This lamp from off the everlasting throne
Mercy took down, and in the night of time
pinch first? Yourself or the Lord's uiork ] Many begin by
Stood casting on the dark her gracious bow,
dropping their subscriptions to religious enterprises ; by And evermore beseeching men with tears
stopping their religious papers and periodicals; by ceasing Ancl earnest sighs, to read, believe, and live."
to contribute to the expenses of keeping an open door for
the purpose of bearing testimony. Brother, you will bring IT must be painfully apparent to all who thoughtfully study
leanness to your heart if you do this. You stand a very the diversity of interpretation put upon the words of
good chance of becoming poorer every day if you adopt this Scripture, and more especially those particular parts that
course. treat of the future state of mankind, that the great defectus
We are not begging, but are simply directing your thoughts of the Christian religion is honest dealing with the Word of
to certain duties which you owe to God and your fellow- .God.
men. Until men cease to mould the words of Holy Writ into
We undertake this work, believing that He who owns the seeming accord with their own thoughts and opinions, our
cattle upon a thousand hills, and who claims the silver and Beliefs will never be free from error and contradiction.
the gold as His, will support and enable us to carry out the While acknowledging that there exist passages in
work which so much burdens our hearts. Scripture which, if considered alone, will not bear a literal
There are those who cannot write, or bear public testi- interpretation, still, unless something is expressly stated to
mony, nor even spare one single sixpence; but they can the contrary, it is the evident intention of the Holy
pray that God may open doors of usefulness for those who Inspirator that the Words of Scripture should be taken in
can do all the above-mentioned things; they can pray for their primary sense and meaning, otherwise our faith will
the blessing of God to rest upon our efforts. To this class waver, and we are left in a world of mystery and doubt
we would say, "Brethren, pray for us." as to which interpretation is true. It has almost invariably
We are expecting great things from our Heavenly Father. been laid down as the rule of interpretation by the majority
We expect from Him means to produce literature enough to of eminent theologians, that where a literal meaning will
flood the country; we expect from Him means to send out stand it should be taken to be the correct meaning.
men to declare the whole counsel of God to the people; we Even Dr. Angus, though not agreeing with the final
expect from Him means to furnish us with a few large tents, destruction of the wicked, coincides with this opinion. He
so that we can plant them in different parts of the country says (Hible Handbook; p. 150), "As all the writers of the
-in the great centres of resort for summer pleasure- "Sacred Scriptures wrote or spoke to be understood, we
seekers. "You are expecting too much," says a doubting " must interpret their language as we interpret the language
Thomas. It is for His glory we ask these things. It is for " of common life."
the spread of His own most precious Gospel we make this And yet Dr. Angus, with the majority of Christians does
appeal to our Father. He knows that no other motive not and will not take the Bible in all its simplicity and

plainness, but twist and turn the truths taught into de- do not accept Christ shall be destroyed for ever. This
formed and extremely absurd doctrines. is a sample of the vile corruption. of the glorious plain-
For example, the usual interpretation of the word speaking of the Bible that we hear from all quarters of the
" death" is " life in misery," which is directly opposite the theological world. Verily, if our Lord Jesus Christ visited
primary meaning of the word ; and the word " destruction" this earth once more, He would have reason to denounce
is said to equal "preservation in agony," entirely the again the popular system of religion and repeat that strong
reverse. denunciatory language which He used to the Pharisees of
These illustrations will suffice to show what unjust t~'eat- old. "Full well," He cried, "ye reject the commandments
ment the Bible is subjected. of God that ye may keep your own traditions. Woe unto
Let me ask all sincere Christians whether it is possible you, Scribes and Pharisees! hypocrites! ye search the
that the Son of God and His Apostles would wilfully mislead Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, but ye
their followers by uttering words and conveying truths will not come unto Me that ye might have life."
through these words that were directly antithetical to the Allow me, con amore to point out to these tradition-taught
primary meaning of them. I cannot believe it. And yet Christian teachers that it would be a direct untruth on the
this is simply what the Pulpits of Christianity now indirectly part of the Apostles to say one thing and mean another.
teach. And if we prefer to believe that the Bible is How shall we decide what meaning to put upon words if the
written to be understood literally, we have poured out literal is not the right meaning. Will anyone say that the
upon us an enormous amount of odium: theoloqicum, as many word" destroy" (in 1 Cm'. i. 19) is not literal, and yet it is
have sadly learnt by experience, and we do not escape the same word as shown above. No one doubts that God
being shunned and branded as worse than infidels. will, as He said literally, " dest1'oy the wisdom of the wise."
Might is not always right. The truth has always been Oh! consistency, whither hast thou flown?
revealed to and held by a faithful few, and though our The dishonest dealing with the Word of God has trans-
opponents are strong and cast upon us the stigma of the formed thousands of earnest truth-seekers into outspoken
worst of all hatred-Ecclesiastical hatred-truth must infidels and scoffers at our Holy Religion, and many
conquer in the end. We have full assurance that we are on thoughtful men scornfully refuse to believe that the Bible is
the side of the right, and" fighting the battles of the God a revelation from God, for if the literal meaning is not to be
of Israel," and this being so, let us patiently bear, without taken they say it is a mere ignis fatuus to men groping for
retaliation, all that those who differ from us are pleased to light on the subjects of their life, death and subsequent
call us, and "hold fast the faith once delivered to the existence. Surely the Word was never written to cause
saints. " such outbursts of blasphemy which emanate from infidel
Even the slightest consideration of the subject, if con- Societies, and which cannot but cause pangs of regret to all
sidered untrammelled with pre-conceived opinions, and with who value their Bibles.
an earnest desire to get at the truth, will show the utter Christian! this is a matter for your deepest consideration,
absurdity of the words of Scripture as " spiritualized " by your most earnest prayer. On it rests the truthful character
professed teachers of Christianity. Let us take one of your divine Master. "Search the Scriptures to see if
text as an example, where, speaking of the doom of the these things be so."-Thomas Ball, Liverpool.
impenitent it affirms (2 These. i. 8, 9)," Who shall be
punished with everlasting destruction." Now, what is the
construction the "orthodox" Christian teachers put upon •
this verse? Why, simply and truly the reverse of what it
distinctly states. They say that "it does not mean des- THE FOLLOWING APPEARED in a. MANCHESTER
truction at all, but that all pleasure in eeietinq will be
destroyed." What! has Christianity been corrupted even
thus, that it refuses to believe a plain straightforward "A SOUTHGerman paper informs its readers that the Holy
statement of the Bible because it does not agree with their Land has fallen out of the hands of the Turks into the hands
beliefs. Is not this treating the word deceitfully? The of the Jews. The great banking-house of the Rothschilds
apostle says most distinctly" they that obey not the gospel has lent the Sultan the sum of 2,000,000,000 francs, and
of our Lord Jesus Christ shall be punished with everlasting has received in turn a deed of mortgage upon the entire land
destruction. " of Palestine. It observes that as it is quite impossible for a
We cannot but accept and believe them to mean (in bankrupt and declining State like Turkey to pay back the
total submission to the Word of God) anything else than money, the Israelites may now count upon their return to
just what they were intended to teach, that they who the Land of Promise ~s a clear certainty."

ITEM OF INTEREST. out by the previous speaker: God being good, His message
LONDoN.-12, Red Lion Square, W.C.-On Wednesday to us partook of His own character, the Gospel being well
evening, March 26th, a Tea and Fellowship Meeting was described by those two good old Saxon words, "God's
held here of a most interesting and profitable character. SpeJ," or " Good News; "he said this was how we might
Invitations had been sent to three other Gatherings in the test the various Gospels that are presented to us-were they
Metropolis, and as a result we had the pleasure of seeing good news or not? If it was not good news, it was not
representatives present of four London Assemblies. God's Gospel, and the predestination of millions of men to
Among the better-known brethren present were Bros. R. eternal torture in hell-fire could never have been of God.
J. Hammond, of John's Wood, Dr. Haughton and J. S. Speaking of predestination, the speaker depreciated the way
Freeman, of Clapham, W. Kellaway, of Stratford, and in which some Christians use Hom, viii. 29, using the
several others. .former part of the verse to prove election, but shutting
After a very enjoyable Tea, Prayer was offered and a their eyes to the purpose of that election as unfolded to us
Hymn sung, and as no formal arrangements for speaking in the latter portion of the verse, which was in order that
had been made, the brethren assembled were invited to take we might be conformed to the image of His Son it was our
part in the proceedings. Bra. Hammond led the way, and desire to be increasingly like Him, but, oh, how unlike Him
sounded the key-note for following speakers, by his the best of us are; but this was our hope, that growing in
suggestive remarks on the character of God. There were His likeness here, that likeness would be perfected in us at
two points, he said, now engaging the attention of men, His coming. "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and
viz., the character of God, and the nature of man. The it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that,
world no doubt considered it our chief duty to study man. when He shall appear, we shall be like Him, for we shall
Their favourite maxim was, "Man, know thyself." And see Him as He is." He could say, in the words of the
many Christians had given perhaps their largest share of Apostle's Creed," I believe in the communion of saints,"
attention to the nature of man; but the speaker felt but, alas I how many there were who repeated those words
that ~the first duty of man was to know God, for merely as a matter of form without ever practically showing
to know God was to know good, because God is their belief; there were many believers who expressed a
good, His very glory consisting in His goodness, as hope to meet their brethren bye and bye in the glory,-they
when Moses said, "Shew me Thy glory;" the Lord were very willing to unite in the future, but as to uniting
answered, " I will make all My goodness to pass before and meeting with one another now, that was quite another
thee." The speaker then alluded to our own parting matter, and a practice they could not conform to. The
salutation as showing that there was in men's minds a . speaker concluded with a few practical thoughts on the
deep-rooted belief in the goodness of God, else why would Family Life of the Church.
friends at parting, each desire that the presence of God After a hymn had been sung, Bra. Davis expressed on
should be with the other,-our "Good-bye" really being behalf of the meeting the great pleasure he felt in seeing so
simply an abbreviation of the ancient salutation" Go.i be many friends present, and spoke of the strength and support
with you." This inherent conviction of the goodness of God it gave to be associated with others of a like precious faith
was no doubt that which layed at the bottom of that with ourselves. He then briefly sketched the history of the
specious error, "The theory of Universal Salvation," the meeting in Red Lion-square, and expressed a hope that
objection being raised that if God was so good, how before long we should be able to take a more public position
could He destroy so many of His creatures? and this was (the meetings at present being confined to believers, there
urged as a dark blot on the character of God; but in reality not being sufficient accommodation for preaching the Gospel,
there is no dark blot,-this is the day of grace, and God is lecturing, &c).
willing and able to pardon the vilest sinner, if he confesses Bro. W. Kellaway followed, and expressed himself as
and repents of his sin. God will by no means clear the feeling quite inspired by what he saw and the precious
guilty. He could not pardon sin unrepented of. What truths he had heard. Following up the thoughts of the two
gain would there be from the admission of multitudes of first speakers, he said that God was not only good, but that
stiff-necked unrepentant sinners into the kingdom of heaven? He had proved His goodness to us; the illustration he gave
it was perfectly in accordance with the goodness and justice of this was very appropriate: he said, how should we know
of God to destroy such. The speaker concluded by warning God was good, unless in some way he had proved it, or in
the brethren against tampering with Universalism. His some form embodied it. The talent of the painter, for
remarks were felt to be very valuable, and were much instance, was not known except he embodied his conception
appreciated. in a picture, taking materials and causing the canvass to
Dr. Haughton followed, and carried on the thought thrown glow with life and interest, thus his talent was manifest to

all. The genius of the inventor was learned by the pro- appear in the latter days, to Whom nations look forward as
duction of some beautiful or useful thing. The skill fading flowers thirst for rain. He shall be born of a virgin,
of the Sculptor was made apparent by his production whose name shall be (Ven-Vang), i.e., Prince of Peace. It
of a beautiful figure from the rough block of marble, shall be the prerogative of that most Holy One-the Holy
and so neither was God known to be good and One of all ages and nations-to unite all the ways of
merciful, except as He showed his goodness and pity to wisdom, and to attain to the perfection of all virtues. His
some of the human race, making them subjects of His grace, all-penetrating spirit, His prudence, virtues, and 'counsels
and monuments of His mercy, and so He exhibits to the shall govern the world without the prestige of power. The
world and the entire universe that He is good. Our dear nobility of His heart, His magnanimity and humility, will
brother concluded by expressing on behalf of the Stratford unite all interests ,and win all hearts. The nations seeing
friends, their hearty sympathy and fellowship with us as a Him will prostrate themselves before Him, and hearing Him,
Meeting, and praying that God's abundant blessing might they shall be convinced, and with one voice praise His
rest upon us. works. The whole world shall re-echo with the praises of
It was then proposed that the Brethren from the various His name and glory.
Gatherings should meet thus for fellowship and conference China shall see the rays of His glory approaching, which
once every three months. This was agreed to, the time shall penetrate even to the savage nations and to the
and place for the next meeting being left open. unapproachable wilderness, or there were no ships can
By this time it was getting somewhat late, and after a few reach."
words from Bro. Dierden, the Benediction was pronounced, The testimony of Zoroaster, in his Zendavesta (Word of
and a most happy and enjoyable meeting was brought to a Life) is equivalent. In the last time, he says, a man shall
close. appear named Orhandeberja, i.e., " Man of the World," who
It is earnestly to be hoped that such meetings may not be will adorn the world with religion and righteousness.
without their effect in helping to promote that love and Kings shall obey Him, and all His understandings shall
unity among brethren in London, which is so much to be prosper. He shall give victory to true religion. In His
desired.-H. H. Murras}, time rest and peace shall prevail, all dissensions cease, and
all grievances be done away. (The Messiah, as predicted in
the Pentateuch and Psalms, by J. R. Wolfe, page 81.)
When the Lord comes, saith the Karen teacher, the dead
THEltE is a general, nay, almost universal anticipation of trees will blossom again, the tigers and serpents will become
some great event, which is shortly to transpire. All see . tame; there will be no distinction between rich and poor,
some majestic foreshadowings before them. As in ancient and universal peace will bless the world. (Memoirs oj 1111'S.
days, when in the wilderness of Judea, John proclaimed the Mason, Voice of the Cliurcli, page 43.)
approach of the kingdom of GOD, so now, "all are in In the Scandinavian Mythology, concerning Rajnarok, the
expectation," looking for and hearkening unto the coming of twilight of the Gods, or the end of the world, after Tor
some great event. What shall it be? Some say a con- (the strongest of the Gods), contends with the serpent Mid-
verted world; but this is contrary to the appearances, gard and slays him, the sun and the moon grow dark,
analogy, Scripture, reason, fact, and the universal faith of and the stars fall from heaven. Tutur scatters fire around
the Church for more than 1400 years. him, and then is consumed, and finally sinks into the ocean.
The infidel, the spiritist or necromancer, the politician After this springs up a new and perfect world. Evil has
and the sage, all babble of coming good; but as to what, now disappeared. From the ocean rises a new and eternally
and when, and how it shall come, they are in Egyptian verdant earth with running streams and perpetually self-
darkness. The Scriptures give a definite hope; they point renewed harvests. The Almighty, whose name must not
. the eye to a safe goal-they point to the coming of "the even be mentioned, comes himself to govern and to judge
Anointed of God-the Redeemer of the world "-the Desire all. The good shall inhabit the magnificent castle" Gimile,"
of all nations-" Him of whom Israel's prophets and Christ's which is more beautiful' than the sun, and covered with
apostles have clearly spoken," to make restitution of all gold. (Scandinavian jvlythology, page 332, Sept., 1841.)
things, and Whom heathen sages have dimly foreseen. Such have been the hopes on which heart-sick humanity
We are reminded of Confucius, the great teacher of the hath stayed its fainting soul in the ages of gloom which are
Chinese, who 2500 years ago vainly strove to reform and past. Buried in shadows of darkness, men still look forth
elevate his nation. Failing in this, he was forced to turn to for light.- And never could their hopes rest upon the
a future hope, and promised them according to the sacred triumphs of humanity, or the success of principles, until
book, "Tsh01mg-Young,"-" A great Holy One, who shall they grasped the idea of a coming and Divine One, who

should redeem man and restore harmony to the world. One opinion, to understand it as affirming that God only can
who should fulfil that primal prediction delivered in Eden, destroy a soul, a life, a human being's existence for ever;
and thus bruise the serpent's head, which is equivalent to and that this will be the doom of all apostates and of all
the term, He shall make restitution of all things, when God the ungodly. Persecutors may destroyn Christian's life
shall send Jesus Christ again, i.e., the. second time, without now, and far a little while, but at 'the last day' he will be
sin unto salvation. raised to honour, glory, and immortality I When Gad
Have all nations thought and hoped, trusted and sighed, destroys a man, a soul, a life, or a living being in Gehenna,
in vain for a coming day-spring from on high? Nay, verily he is quenched for ever; the second death is to be followed
the word of God has illumined, and defined, and shed lustre by no resurrection. 'He who findeth his life,' he who keeps
on the dim and shadowy hopes of ages past. God hath his life at the expense of his love to Jesus, shall at last lose
spoken, and He will make it good. it in Gehenna's fire; and he that loseth his life [psuclien},
or lays it down for Jesus, shall find it at the resurrection of
NOTES ON MATT. x. 25-28. the just, and retain it through unending ages."
" FEARthem not therefore: for there is nothing covered that
shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT.
What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and THE following remarks, penned by the Rev. H. Constable,
what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the house-tops: are worthy of attention :-
And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to " There are some who. tell us that the eternal deprivation
kill the soul; but rather fear Him which is able to destroy of a blessed life is not an eternal punishment. They think
both soul and body in Gehenna." the punishment is over the moment that the pains of the
Luke xii. 4, 5, reads :-" And I say unto you, my friends, second death have ceased felt. What do. such reasoners
be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that, mean? Is the punishment of death inflicted here by human
have no more that they can do. But I will forewarn you laws upon criminals aver when the criminal is dead? No;
whom ye shall fear: Fear Him, which after He hath killed it has then only begun. It lasts in all its farce far every
hath power to cast into Gehenna; yea, I say unto you, year, every day, every moment of that life of which it has
fear Him." deprived the criminal. Else that death which all legislature
Matthew, who wrote in the Hebrew idiom, uses the term has esteemed the greatest punishment, and which same men
soul and body as comprehending the whole being, which only think too great to be inflicted even far the greatest crimes,
God could kill, so as never to be raised to life again. But is of all punishments the shortest and least. But such is
Luke, who wrote in purer Greek, in relating the same dis- not man's judgment of death. He esteems it, and justly,
course omits the term soul. the greatest, the sorest, the mast lasting punishment he can
Harwood translates Matt. x. 28 thus :-" Fear not those possibly inflict. He thinks sa, utterly irrespective of anything
who can only inflict upon you bodily pain and tarture, and he may believe, with or withaut reason, will happen after
deprive you of a precarious being-but whose power extends death. Death is thus esteemed whether it is inflicted up an
no. further. But let that great Being be the object of yaur the good man or the evil. Death is thus esteemed by those
fear, Who. can involve bath soul and body in total and who believe that rewards and punishments commence with the
everlasting de~truction. Let that Being, I repeat it, be the separate soul, or who. believe that Hades is a silent land of
object of your constant fear." sleep and unconsciousness far all, good and bad alike.
This rendering, we think, expresses the true idea: None Death· is thus esteemed by those Christian nations who.
but those who are completely blinded by the idea of the believe on Gad's Ward in a future life, and by the great
immortality of the soul would ever think of finding it in Chinese family of four hundred million souls, who. have no
these passages. The one plainly teaches that Gad is able hope and no. fear beyond the grave, because they think that
to DESTRaythe S01tl, and clearly intimates, if the warning be death is far all alike, a long eternal sleep.
not heeded, that He will do. it; that He will destroy the "And thus we are to. judge of that second death in
soul and bady; that is, both life and being, in Gehenna. Gehenna which is to. all the last, whenever it comes, an
Men might kill the bady or person far a time, but could not everlasting sleep. It has deprived the sinner, not of a few
prevent his resurrection to. life again; but Gad could not brief chequered years of mingled jay and sorrow, but of an
only kill, or take away the life we at present have from eternal life, across whose brightness comes no shade, no.
Adam, but could destroy him altogether. This destruction sadness, no. change; which ever stretches an into. the limit-
would be an everlasting destruction, less future, and finds its peace and jay growing and deepen-
Rev. W. G. Moncrieff, of Edinburgh, observes that, "The ing. Is not the deprivation of this life for sin an eternal
only legitimate made of interpreting the text is, in our punishment? Yes; it is a punishment which the lapse of

countless ages shall not reverse: it is a destruction from the grave is my house; I have made my bed in the dark-
which eternity itself will not restore. No message of mercy ness." In this passage, the Hebrew for grave is sheol, So
will again be sent to those lost ones. They die in the second that sheol, which is to be Job's house after he is dead (the
death to rise and live no more. No powerful voice will ever house of his soul, if you please), is a. place of darkness, for
sound in those deaf ears. No breath from God, the Life- the dead man's bed in that house is made in the darkness.
Giver, ever enters into those dry bones, lays sinews upon Behold the patriarch, cold and lifeless, laid away to sleep
them, brings on them flesh, covers them with skin, puts in silence (for the bed is the place of slumber) 'until the re-
breath into them, and causes them to live once more. surrection. See v. 16,-" They shall go down to the bars of
" The angel of death has spread his wings npon the blast the pit (sheol), when our rest together is in the dust." We
of judgment, and breathed upon that exceeding great army think it would strike an honest mind as an arbitrary and
which has followed here the banners of the prince of dark- strange rendering of such language, to say, " Their living ,
ness, and, 10 1 when they who have here followed the Prince souls shall go down to the bars of the pit, when our bodies
of Life shall have arisen in the morning of their endless rest together in the dust." And it would strike many as a
being, they shall behold the lost sink, one after another, into singular and undesirable destiny for the souls of the
the slumber of everlasting forgetfulness, and loud shall rise righteous, to go down alive to the bars of the pit, or a place
their note of praise to God, Who has thus, in a just judg- of darkness, and picketed and palisaded like a prison. But
ment, blotted out evil from His world, and made all things we understand it perfectly when we know the dead are un-
once more very good."-(The Sinner and his End.) conscious there, and the whole period o( their imprisonment
is but a moment in their experience.
Parenthetically, let us inquire if it is indeed uniformly
true, as alleged, that the soul alone, and not the body, is
THE testimony of God's word respecting the state of the scripturally represented to sheol, If this be true, how comes
dead is by no means confined to a single passage, and that it that Jacob protests in the event of mischief happening to
passage only presented to us in some parable or figurative Benjamin, " Then shall ye bring down my grey hairs [not
illustration which has no bearing upon the question at my soul] with sorrow to the grave (3heol)." Judah, in his
all, but the Bible treats the subject with much direct conversation with Joseph, uses precisely the same language,
and telling evidence in many parts of the Scripture. in describing the effect of such a calamity upon his father.
We shall bring before our readers a few of the passages David enjoins upon Solomon the duty of executing the
bearing directly upon the question of the intermediate state. punishment which J cab's iniquities had provoked, and
Says David, "The enemy hath made me to dwell in charged him thus: " Do therefore according to thy wisdom,
darkness as those that have been long dead." Then certainly and let not his hoar head go down to the grave (3heol) in
the dead are in the darkness of sheol, Andthe Psalmist, in his peace." Nothing said about Joab's soul here. And he
affliction, felt a premonitory shadow of death. He ap- reiterates the injunction, "His hear head bring thou down
proached the gateway of the under world, but without any to the grave (sheol) with blood." Thus we see there is an
intimation of light being descried- to relieve the profound unmistakable intimation that there is something besides an
doom and desolation of the place. Job exclaimed, " Let me immaterial conscious entity (as supposed) that goes to slieol,
alone, that I may take comfort a little before I go whence The gray head and gray hairs of the dead are consigned to
I shall not return, even to the land of darkness, and of the slieol, Hence we understand that the Hebrew terms are
shadow of death; a land of darkness, as darkness itself, and used somewhat interchangeably, sheo! denoting It locality
of the shadow of death, without any order, and where the less definite and circumscribed than "ever, but equally in-
light is as darkness." volving their total absence of light, life, or intelligence.
This is very plain indeed. Darkness four times applied Not only do we see that "hoar head and gray hairs" are
to the state of death and the dead, whither Job is going. brought down to sheol, but we also find the soul assigned to
We have been carefully premonished by the affirmative that " shokhatl« " as well as slieol, The word signifies" a pit, a
the body goes to keoer, and the soul to sheol; Body or soul, miry pit, a ditch"; and Hesekiah says, " Thou hast in love
Job says he shall go to darkness, the land of darkness, to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption." Elihu
whether it is kcuer or slieol, Job will be there, no matter in also (whom God did not reprove), in Job xxxiii. 18, advises
what aspect Job is surveyed. Whether it is one place or the patriarch: "He keepeth back his soul from the pit" ;
the other, it is darkness. so that the soul is not represented as exclusively going to
Suppose it is maintained that the place denoted is the sheol.
grave (lcever), and that only Job's body goes there. We But let us not run the hazard of any error here. We will
immediately cite the following: Job xvii, 13,-" If I wait, further fortify the position with plain and positive Scriptures.

1 _

In Psalm vi. we read, "For in death there is no re- inseparable and characteristic incident of such a residence.
membrance of thee; in the grave (sheol) who shall give thee In the 18th verse, the case is made perfectly plain in a few
thanks? " What more emphatic testimony could be words. "For the grave [that is, sheol] cannot praise Thee,
reasonably demanded, to the unconsciousness and inaction death cannot celebrate Thee," This is confirmation direct
of the dead? They are utterly oblivious even of God. The and positive in regard to the non-exercise of gratitude, the
memory of His divine mercy is extinct. The sentiment of non-expression of praise, and the non-existence of sentient
gratitude is un felt. The recollection or recognition of God, souls in sheol. It is testimony which can be neither evaded
surely would survive and defy the power of moveth (death), or resisted. Hezekiah, in recalling a troubled anticipation
if any. intellectual exercise or quality could; but sheol. and of becoming captive to sheol, disavows the possibility of
moveth are marked with the same peculiarity. What could praising God in that captivity. There is no Te Deum
be more explicit and significant? What unavailing effort Laudamus there.
of ingenuity should seek to ascribe to the dead any function The question now arises whether a solitary passage can
of intelligence, when the word of God declares with com- be cited in the Bible which shall in any way impute intel-
prehensive simplicity· that "in death there is no re- ligence to the inhabitants of sheol, Is there one scripture
membrance " of God. And though a thousand million souls (not parabolic or figurative), one explicit testimony in con-
of saints are in sheol, not a single soul of all the mighty flict with those we have quoted? If so, let it be produced
multitude is occupied with the ascription of one syllable of for examination, and we will look at it carefully. If there
praise or thanksgiving to the Almighty. This may be hard is a verse or line, from Genesis to Malachi, asserting know-
upon popular opinion, but it is the undeniable declaration ledge and wisdom, or any emotional or mental activity in
. of the word of God. It is impossible to ascribe functions to slieol, we wait for it. If immortal souls are there endowed
the denizens of sheol, which are upon the authority of in- with sensation and thought, let us clearly understand the
spiration denied, without coming in direct conflict with the fact. We can well afford to search this matter thoroughly.
testimony of revelation. Let us be teachable, and willing to Our knowledge surely need not be superficial, if we are
sacrifice an indefensible pre-conception to the authority of patiently resolved to be accurate. And so, too, in regard to
1ehovah. hades, the New Testament equivalent for sheol; If there can
Again in Psalm !xxxviii.: "Wilt Thou show wonders to be found, outside of the figurative license and usage of
the dead? Shall the dead arise and praise Thee?" Would parable, one syllable of testimony to disembodied conscious-
a rendering of the first question be ventured, which should ness and intellect, in the use of this term, let us have it.
designate the body and exclude the soul, thus,-" Wilt Thou If souls think and feel, love and hate, in hades, we are ready
show wonders to the bodies of the dead?" What an and waiting to be instructed. Truth is the precious prize
absurdity I But suppose an intelligent entity, the soul, to we seek. We care nothing for the absurdities of heathen
be meant, then of course the interrogation is equivalent to a mythology. What has flowed down to us from antiquity,
simple negative-" Thou wilt not show wonders" to such, on the stream of corrupt tradition, does not concern us.
and" they shall not arise and praise Thee" until the power One line from the word of God is worth more than all the
of God is exerted to raise the dead. It is, therefore, clearly fables and fancies of Alexandria or Athens, Corinth or
un scriptural to teach that any intelligence untouched by Rome. How Pluto governed, or Minos judged, or Charon
death, and superior to it, rises by an inherent property of rowed, or Cerberus barked, or Tantalus, Sisyphus and Ixion
lightness or elasticity, and soars away to glory. Nay, the suffered, is of no account.
dead are in sheol, and S08.r to heaven they cannot. "They •
have made their bed in the darkness," and both supine and
unconscious, how can they arise and praise God? "Shall
Thy wonders be known in the dark? and Thy righteousness FROM "DR. SEISS'S PARABLE OF THE TEN VIRGINS."

in the land of forgetfulness?" No, indeed. For" there is To be prepared for the coming of the Son of Man is to be in
no wisdom nor knowledge in sheol;" the condition of the wise virgins. First of all, we must be
Let us revert a moment again to Hezekiah's experience. virgins; that is, chaste and pure from idolatry and sin,
" I said in the cutting off of my days, I shall go the gates of being cleansed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus; and the
the grave." Now it happens that we have again in the renewing of the Holy Spirit; in other words, we must be
original, sheol. for "grave." This being Hezekiah's desti- genuine and thorough Christians. We must also have the
nation in the event of death, we would naturally seek for true spirit of faith and hope, which is the renunciation of
any testimony associated with this locality, specifying its the world, and the looking forward to the coming of Christ
most prominent peculiarity, and particularly the effect of a and. His kingdom as the great goal of Christian life.
residence in ahiol on the intellectual part of man, or the Furthermore, we must be joined with the company of those

who have made this renunciation, and take up the lamp of a slothfui servant's cause can ever be maintained. The very
sincere and open profession of our faith and purpose, and Bride of the Lamb, chosen and adorned by His own free
have that lamp in the best possible trim for the uses for grace, must yet" make herself read f," and only stands in her
which it is intended; filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit, high relation to her Lord by reason of her untiring diligence
lit with the light of truth, and burning with the glory of in this particular.
virtue and good works. And to all this must be added the We are commanded to watch; and watching is work, and
prudence to lay in an ample stock of divine unction, con- work of the very hardest kind. Ask the sentinels and
secrating us unto the Lord, in a depth and thoroughness of pickets in your army; ask the city guardians who quietly
practical devotion beyond all common saintship and pro- tread your pavements while you sleep; ask the wan and
fession. Without this, we hope in vain for the high honours weary attendants upon the couch of affliction; and they will
of the kingdom of God. tell you. And he who counts that he is fulfilling the
There be those who seem to think that nothing is neces- injunction of this text without laborious work, does but
sary to prepare us for the coming of the Son of Man, but deceive himself, and is marching to a destiny of disappoint-
to believe the doctrine of his speedy coming and to make ment, mortification, and unavailing regrets.
ado about it. There be those also who seem to believe that Nor is it difficult to ascertain what are those works to
nothing more devolves on us than to refer our case to Christ, which we must devote ourselves with a view to be ready for
and to leave everything in His hands, without any effort to the Lord's coming. Having given ourselves unreservedly to
work on our part. But these are only Satanic opiates to Christ, we must try continually to be more and more
lull the treacherous heart into fatal slumbers. What is like Him, mortifying the desires of the flesh, employing
faith without works but a mere empty delusion 't Of what diligently the means of improvement in sacred wisdom and
use is truth, if it be not made living and practical? There grace, subjecting ourselves cheerfully to the rules of heavenly
is an obedience and working life and charity in genuine discipline, occupying our stations with industry, patience,
faith, in the absence of which all the believing and pro- and fidelity, endeavouring to be useful to the Church and
fession in the world are mere sounding brass and useless to our fellow-men, and, by constant prayer and circum-
clatter. "Not everyone that saith Lord, Lord, shall enter spection, seeking to abound in love, joy, peace, long-suffer-
into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of ing, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, and
the Father which is in heaven." Good works can never charity, which are the propel' fruits of a living union with
.save a man, or add anything to the virtue of the redemptive the Saviour. When temptations arise we must fight them,
provisions of Almighty grace; but no man has ever really and resist, though it should cost us many an earthly 108s, or
taken hold of those provisions who has not enlisted himself even life itself. When a field of usefulness presents,
for a practical battle with sin, in which he will agree to no and Providence calls us to occupy it, we must promptly
compromise and no armistice. enter it, as by God's own appointment, never tiring, and
It lies in the very essence of saving faith to obey law, to never relinquishing, as long as we have strength to labour
make sacrifices, to submit to self-denial, and to work with or work to do. We are not to forsake our places in the.
the same fear and trembling, and persevering earnestness, world, and turn pilgrims and anchorites, nor yet to seize
as if it depended upon us alone to achieve the salvation for upon offices in which God has not placed us, but to be
which we hope. Everywhere the Scriptures speak of faithful in our appointed stations, according to the grace
service to be performed, of diligence to be exercised, and of severally dealt to us, ministering, teaching, exhorting, giving,
practical righteousness to be exhibited (even to the plucking ruling, showing mercy, and serving with all godliness and
out of the offending eye, and the cutting off of the offending honesty; abhorring that which is evil; cleaving to that
right hand, and laying ourselves upon the altar as a living which is good; not slothful in business; fervent in spirit;
sacrifice unto God, and the willing suffering of the loss of rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant
all things for Christ), in connection with which alone eternal in prayer;. distributing to the necessity of saints; given to
hospitality; blessing them that persecute; rejoicing with
rewards are promised. Christ must indeed work in us, but them that do rejoice; weeping with them that weep; con-
we must be eo-workers with Him. The" pounds" and the descending to men of low estate; providing things honour-
" talents" are His gifts, and our places, opportunities, and able in the sight of all men (Rom. xii. 6-7); and all as
under the immediate eye of Him to Whom we shall presently
abilities are all conferred by Him; nor will He reckon with have to account for the way in which we have fulfilled our
us according to what we have not, but according to what we trusts.
have; but there is a judgment appointed even for Christians This is the path to the honours of the kingdom. They
and servants of God, where inquisition respects nothing but can be reached by no other road. And he only who is found
walking in this way is prepared to meet his Lord, or can be
works, the awards of which are in exact commensuration
said b fill out the great requirement of the command to
with our deeds of good and righteousness, in which no " watch."

A MIXED RULE OF INTERPRETATION.-HOW through the delivery of the lecture. The chairman ex-
IT WORKS. pressed the pleasure with which he had presided at the
A SERMON was preached some years ago in London. In the meetings, and congratulated the audience on their Christian
congregation were two Jews. After the sermon a discussion spirit. The subject of Tuesday's lecture was" The Gospel
arose in the vestry on the subject of a Psalm which con- Hope, or Immortality brought to light through the Gospel;"
tained a prophecy respecting the restoration of the Jewish Wednesday, ,; The Atonement in the light of conditional
nation. The clergyman denied the interpretation of the immortality;" and on Thursday, "The signs of the times."
national restoration. One of the Jews, who spoke for both, The dates were, April 1st, 2nd, 3rd. The chair was taken
interposed and said, "Then how can you wonder that we by the Secretary.
deny what you call the incarnation?" The Jew then asked CHELTENHAM.-OnSunday, March 23rd, two able sermons
for a Bible, and opened it at that passage which contains were p-elivered by the Rev. Thomas Vasey, of Bridgnorth, to
the address of the angels to Mary : "And behold, thou excellent congregations. On the two following evenings
shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a Son, and Mr. Vasey lectured to very fair audiences, subjects: "Is
shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be immortality the natural birthright of humanity? or, Will all
called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God shall give men (of necessity) live for ever," and " The solemn doom of
unto Him the throne of his father David," &c. the wicked. Will it be eternal torment? deliverance from
He then invited the clergyman to go with him through hell? or, to perish for ever?" The Secretary presided over
the passage. The clergyman went through the first three a deeply attentive and thoughtful body of hearers. Most
or four clauses, and the Jew allowed the literal interpretation hearty votes of thanks were passed. Twenty-four copies of
to pass. But when he came to this part: "And the Lord Mr. Silas Henn's " Trutli set free" were disposed of.
God shall give unto Him the throne of His father David,
LONDON,N .-The series of Sunday evening lectures at
and He shall reign," &c. "That is," said the clergy-
MaberleyChapel, Dalston, by Dr. W. Leask, on "The
man, "He shall reign in the hearts of His people."
Apocalypse," have been largely attended, and have excited
'Is that so?" said the Jew, "and not at Jerusalem,
deep interest. The people heard the word with all readiness.
where David reigned? Then I deny that Mary had
a son; it signifies only that the Messiah was pure GLASGOw.-Our brethren here are negociating for the
from His birth; that is the meaning of the Virgin having a exclusive use of a better hall than that now held by them
son. I take your mode of interpreting this verse, and carry for Sabbath use only. In the interest of the truth, amongst
it back to the former verse, and deny the incarnation." so large a population, we desire their success.
"But," said the clergyman, "we believe in the literal HULL.-We have received from the friends here a few
interpretation of this, because the event has shown it to be copies of a bill entitled." England's mission to the heathen,"
literal." "Then," said the Jew, with an indescribable mixture showing and denouncing in strong, but just, terms, the Far
of scorn and contempt, " Ha I you believe because it is done; spirit which has seized upon the nation. Copies may be
we believe because GOD SPOKE." Reader, let us take God had of Messrs. Akester and Ward, 79, Hessle-road, Hull,
at His word. and Fountain-road.
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It is a production of great force j in the editor's outspoken manner."-Herald of
GOS1Jel Liberty. TRUTH AND TRADITION: a Defence of the Doctrine;
WHAT IS MAN? and the Meaning of Soul, Spirit, that" The Wages of Sin is Death, but the Gift of God i8 Eternal
Death, and Hell. Price 3d. Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord." Second Edition, enlarged.
Is. 6d.
SPIRIT IN MAN: What is it? Price 4d.
THE SOUL: a Bible View of its Meaning. Price 4d. THE MYSTERIES OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN
an Explanation of Matthew xiii. Price 6d.
Price se. contrast to the immaterial and speculative system of Anti-Millen-
By J. H. WHITMORE. arianism, expressed in "The End of All Things," and other kindred
works. Price reduced, Sd.
Early Christian Beliefs; Arguments from Reason and Scripture; THE "GERSHOM" TRACTS. Packets of 3, Threepence
Adamic Penalty; .Traduction v. Creationism; Life and Death; each Packet. No. 1, THE MORNING STAR. No. 2, DAYBHEAK.
Intermediate State; Christian Redemption. Price 3s. 6d. No. 3, SUNRISE. A Serial Record of Events according to Scripture,
By GEORGE A. BROWN. in connection with the close of the present Dispensation, The
Personal Advent, and Millenial Reign of the Lord Jesus.
FORGOTTEN THEMES: or, Facts for Faith. A general
synoptical view of the subject of Life only in the Christ, and of
others pertaining. Price Is.
Orders for the above Works and alsofor the "Bible Standard"
By W. DICKSON. to be sent to GEO. A. BROWN, Walnut House, Lincoln.
THE EASTERN QUESTION: In the Light of Scripture.
Being a short examination of the Prophecies concerning the time of
the end, with a Word of Warning to the Church and the World; NOTICE.
to which is also appended, a copy of the Will of Peter the Great.
Price Sixpence. On account of the enlargement of the paper, we are
GREEK AND ENGLISH LEXICON AND CONCORD- obliged for the present to make some little alteration in our
consisting of over a thousand royal Svo. pages ", In this work, the Postal rate. The following charges will be made for all
Bible student will have in his hand the learmng of the Greek
scholar with the result of patient research. His studies will be papers going through the Mail :-
materially assisted, many mistakes will be corrected, and many
words and passages elucidated.-Price £1 10s., cloth. 1 Copy, 12 months Is. 6d., ElCopies, 12 months 7s. Od.
THE GREAT DOCTRINAL REFORMATION. 2 Copies, " 2s. 6d. 12 ", " 14s. Od.
THE RAINBOW: Edited by WILLlil.MLEAsK, D.D., and 4" ,,5s. Od.
Published by ELLIO'£ STOCK,62, Paternoster Row, on the first of Special rates for quantities ove: 12 Copies.
every month, price Sixpence-is the first publication in England .on
the great doctrines of the coming Kingdo~ of God and Im!llortalIty
only in Christ. Those who wish to ex~mIlle t~ese doctn~e~, ~nd Printed by CHARLES AKRILL, Silver Street, Lincoln; and pub.
collateral topics of profound interest III relation to Christianity, lished by" THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISSEMINA-
should order the RAINBOW of their Booksellers. The Doctrinal TION OF THE TRUTH OF LIFE AND IMMORTALITY
Reformation of which this Magazine ia the advocate is now engag- THROUGH CHRIST ALONE," Li~coln.
ing the attention of thoughtful Christian men everywhere •