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Permit No. 14
Princeton, MN

Iowa Board of Nursing Riverpoint Business Park, 400 SW 8th St., Suite B, Des Moines, IA 50309-4685

Volume 25, Number 3 August, September, October 2006

THE ADVANCED Care is centered on health maintenance and pro-

¢ A registered nurse in Iowa may practice at the level of
CURRENT LPN/VN The following information is provided to clarify the his/her advanced preparation without registration as an
ENTRY-LEVEL NURSING PRACTICE scope of practice, role and functions of the Advanced advanced registered nurse practitioner. Without regis-
Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) practicing in Iowa. tration, they may not use the title ARNP, and they do not
The National Council of State Boards of Nursing have prescriptive authority. The nurse, employer and
(NCSBN) is about to launch a practice analysis study ¢ Rules governing the advanced practice aspects of the physician make the determination regarding policies
designed to describe entry-level licensed practical/ nursing are found in 655 IAC Chapter 7, which is avail-
and procedures to make prescriptive substances and
vocational nurse (LPN/VN) practice. Using a survey able on the Iowa Board of Nursing Web site;
devices available to clients.
developed by a panel of experts that included both
practicing LPN/VNs from a variety of practice set- ¢ Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Programs in
¢ The specialty areas of nursing practice for the ARNP in Iowa:
tings and specialty areas as well as LPN/VN educa- Iowa are a certified clinical nurse specialist, certified
tors, a sample of LPN/VNs will be asked to deter- Allen College – Waterloo
nurse midwife, certified nurse practitioner and a certified
mine the frequency of performance and the impor- Briar Cliff University – Sioux City
registered nurse anesthetist.
tance of each of the activities listed. The results of Clarke College – Dubuque
the survey will be used to evaluate the current ¢ Current licensure as a registered nurse is mandatory for Graceland College – Lamoni
LPN/VN test plan in an effort to assure that the advanced nursing practice in Iowa. University of Iowa – Iowa City
NCLEX-PN® examination reflects existing practice.
The LPN/VN survey was launched on June 12, ¢ Graduation from a board approved advanced practice
2006. This study offers an opportunity for LPN/VNs master’s program or completion of a formal advanced
to contribute to the nursing profession and as such, practice education program is required for registration as
NCSBN encourages nurses receiving the survey to an ARNP.
complete and return it as soon as possible. Cutoff ¢ An advanced level certification by a national profession- AGENDAS AND MINUTES
date for responses is August 7, 2006. al nursing certifying body, recognized by the board, is
If you have any questions about the LPN/VN required for registration as an ARNP.
entry-level practice analysis, please contact NCLEX
All Board and Committee agendas are on our
information at (866) 293-9600 (toll free number) or ¢ Registration with the Iowa Board of Nursing at the
email website. Agendas are posted at least 48 hours in
advanced level permits the nurse to use the title
advance of a meeting. Previous agendas will remain
advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) and
posted until replaced by the current agendas. Board
authorizes the nurse to prescribe substances or devices,
and Committee minutes are posted at our website
including controlled substances or devices, if the nurse
SUMMARY approximately three (3) months following the meet-
is engaged in the practice of a nursing specialty regulat-
ed under the rules adopted by the board of nursing in
BOARD OF NURSING MEETING consultation with the board of medical examiners and
You can reach our Agendas and Minutes at our
website,, under “Boards and
MARCH 1 - 2, 2006 the board of pharmacy examiners.
¢ Registration as a practitioner with the Federal Drug
Board Members Present: Enforcement Administration and the board of pharmacy
M. Ann Aulwes-Allison, RN, Chairperson examiners permits the advanced registered nurse practi-
Pauline Taylor, RN, Secretary tioner to prescribe controlled substances within the
William Miller, RN nurse’s recognized specialty.
Also In This Issue . . .
Clyde Bradley ¢ In order to obtain a DEA number the nurse practitioner
Jane Hasek, RN must be registered as an ARNP. Application forms for I. BOARD OF NURSING NEWS
Mary Jacobus, LPN DEA numbers may be obtained from the pharmacy
John Connors Members of the Iowa Board of Nursing . . . . . . . . . p. 2
board at (515) 281-5944.
Board Meeting Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 2
Professional Staff Present: ¢ In Iowa an ARNP may provide healthcare services to Communicating with the Iowa
Lorinda K. Inman, RN, Executive Director Iowans of all ages. The ARNP practices within their
Board of Nursing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 3
R.C. Miller, Enforcement scope of practice based upon their educational back-
ground and the standards and guidelines established by LPN Supervision in Long Term Care Facilities . . . p. 4
David Lamb, Enforcement
Sandra Colin, RN, Enforcement their national certifying body. The following services/ Change of Address Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 4
Dana Peterson, Enforcement functions may be performed by the ARNP practicing in Mandatory Training on Abuse
David Cruse, RN, Enforcement Iowa (this list is not all inclusive):
Practice independently. An ARNP may have a Identification and Reporting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 5
Doug Bartels, Enforcement
collaborative agreement with a physician or Iowa Board of Nursing Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 5
Taunya Cunningham, RN, Enforcement
M. Christine Newell, RN, Nursing Standards physicians if their practice so warrants, but this Procedures For Inactive Status . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 5
Kathleen R. Weinberg, RN, Practice/Education agreement is not a requirement of the Iowa Nurse Licensure Compact . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 6
Lynn Linder, Licensing Officer Board of Nursing.
Obtain patient histories. Summary: Conference Calls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 9
Enforcement: Perform physicals. Telephone Verification of Iowa Licensure for New
Diagnose. Graduates who Pass the NCLEX® Exam . . . . . p. 10
1. The board completed action on the following cases: Order tests, treatments of care.
a. Probation: License Renewal - On-line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 10
Educate and counsel patients and family.
(1) Theresa M. Perkins, #107065 – 12 months Receive third party reimbursement. Renewal Notice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 27
Continued on page 7 Maintain hospital privileges. Licenses Due For Renewal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 27


This newsletter is a nonpublic forum. The Iowa Board of Nursing retains exclusive REGION I Northwest, p. 11
journalistic discretion over all substantive portions of the newsletter. The Board and REGION II Northeast, p. 11-12
its boards and commissions play no role in the solicitation of the advertising, and do REGION III Southwest, p. 13
not explicitly or implicitly endorse any advertiser or any good or service advertised REGION IV Southeast, p. 14
in the newsletter. All advertising must conform to the advertising policies described REGION V Central, p. 15
in 193 Iowa Admin. Code 1-9.
Page 2 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

May 1, 2006 - April 30, 2007
2006 - 2007
M. Ann Aulwes-Allison, RN, MA, EdS, Chairperson 2009
September 6-7-8, 2006 (August 16, 2006)
436 East Manning, Ottumwa, IA 52501
(Nursing Education) December 6-7-8, 2006 (November 15, 2006)
Pauline E. Taylor, RN, BSN, Secretary 2008 February 28, March 1-2, 2007 (February 7, 2007)
1917 Graslon Drive, Iowa City, IA 52246
(Nursing Practice) June 13-14-15, 2007 (May 23, 2007)
William M. Miller, MS, ARNP 2007 Requests for establishment of new schools,
1122 Woodland Road, Harlan, IA 51537 requests for major curriculum change, other special
(Nursing Practice) requests, and regular business will be considered at
Clyde Bradley 2007 each meeting. Materials must be received in the
315 33rd Avenue North, Clinton, IA 52732 board office three (3) weeks prior to a scheduled
(Consumer) board meeting. For your convenience, behind each
board meeting date is the deadline for receipt of
Jane E. Hasek, RN, EdD 2007 materials.
606 Center Street, Reinbeck, IA 50669
(Nursing Education)
Mary J. Jacobus, LPN 2008
3105 14th Avenue North, Fort Dodge, IA 50501 DISCLAIMER
(Nursing Practice) CLAUSE
John H. Connors 2008 For advertising rates and
2808 E. 16th St., Apt. 16, Des Moines, IA 50316 information , contact
(Consumer) Arthur L. Davis Agency,
5 1 7 W a s h i n g t o n , P.O.
Box 216, Cedar Falls, IA
50613, Ph. #1-800-626-
4081. Responsibility for
errors in advertising is
limited to corrections in
the next issue or refund of
price of advertisement.
Publisher is not responsi-
ble for errors in printing of
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 3

The Iowa Board of Nursing requests that licensees and the public use the board web
site or telephone verification system 515-281-3255 for 24-
hour access to online license renewal and verification, address changes and general infor-
Use the following contacts for specific questions. If you inquire about your licensure
status or request written materials, provide the following information at the beginning of
the call/message: Iowa license number, full name, mailing address, and phone number
including area code.


• Your license renewal or reactiva- Phone 515-281-3264

tion in process
• Lost/stolen licenses
• License Verification

• Application for license renewal or Phone 515-281-4826

• Inactive status

• Application forms for licensure by Phone 515-281-6488

examination or endorsement
• ARNP application and renewal
• Foreign applicants for licensure
• Your application in process

• Continuing education rules Phone 515-281-8808

• Continuing Education provider

• Special approval of Continuing Phone 515-281-8258

Education courses
• Audits

• Disciplinary issues Phone 515-281-6472

• Sanctioned cases
• Roster and label orders

• Iowa Board of Nursing newsletter Phone 515-281-4823

• Scope of nursing practice in Iowa Phone 515-281-4828

• Formal nursing education in Iowa Phone 515-281-4828

• NCLEX® test modifications

• Nurse Licensure Compact Agree- Phone 515-281-5535

ment (Multi-state license)
• NCLEX accommodations
Page 4 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

State law requires you to keep the Board of Nursing apprised at all times of your current mailing In order for an LPN to supervise in an intermediate or
address. Notification of address changes must be made in writing. For your convenience, skilled health care facility, the LPN MUST satisfactorily
you may utilize the following form to submit your address change. complete the board approved LPN Supervisory Course
within six (6) months of employment in the supervisory
role. The course is designed specifically for the supervi-
Last Name: SSN: / / sion role in the long term care patient setting. A board
approved nursing program or an approved provider of con-
First Name: RN/LPN#: tinuing education must provide the course.
Middle Name: Today’s Date: The area community colleges offer courses. It is the
responsibility of the licensed practical nurse to maintain his
Resident State: Name Change: Yes No or her certificate documenting completion of the course.
A licensed practical nurse is entitled to supervise with-
Previous Name: out the educational requirement outlined above if the
licensed practical nurse was performing in a supervisory
role on or before October 6, 1982. Verification is required.
If licensees are unable to obtain the course within the
OLD ADDRESS: NEW ADDRESS: first six months of employment, the LPN must write to the
Address Address Board explaining the reason a waiver of the LPN
Supervisory Course is being requested.
Licensed practical nurses who are enrolled full-time in a
registered nurse program are not exempt from the course.
City City However, an LPN who is a full-time student in an RN pro-
gram and/or who is scheduled to graduate within one year,
State Zip State Zip may request a waiver by writing to the board office. The
request for a waiver must state the number of credit hours
to be taken each semester and include the student’s expect-
( ) Check here if you are on active military duty. ed date of graduation.
( ) Check here if you are a Federal Employee. Individuals who do not graduate from the RN program
( ) Check here if you are an LPN but have filed application for an RN license. as scheduled or who are not successful on the RN-NCLEX®
must take the next available course.
( ) Check here if your license expires in less than 2 months and you would like a
renewal form mailed to you.
Mail to: Iowa Board of Nursing or
Riverpoint Business Park e-mail information to:
400 SW 8th St., STE B
Des Moines, IA 50309
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 5


¢ Requests for inactive status from licensees will NOT be AND REPORTING The following licensing fees have been approved to sup-
accepted. port regulatory activities of the Iowa Board of Nursing.
Legislation passed during the 2001 Iowa General
¢ Licensees will no longer need to request to place their Assembly mandates that licensing boards, including the Application for Examination $ 93.00
Iowa license on inactive status when they move out of Iowa Board of Nursing, require a person, who regularly Renewal of License $ 99.00
state or are no longer practicing in the nursing field. examines, attends, counsels, or treats dependent adults or License by Endorsement $119.00
(The license will be placed inactive 30 days after expira- children in Iowa, upon renewal of licensure to accurately Reactivation of License $175.00
tion.) document compliance with training requirements on abuse Late Renewal $149.00
education and/or dependent adult abuse. The course must Application for ARNP $ 81.00
¢ Delinquent status has been eliminated. have been completed within the last 5 years. Licensees ARNP Renewal $ 81.00
who were previously certified using the old curriculum Evaluation of DCI/FBI Criminal History
¢ Licensees who do NOT renew their Iowa license within may use that certification to meet the board requirements. Background Check $ 50.00
30 days after expiration will automatically be placed on Individuals who take the course after September 26, 2002, Certified Verification of License $ 25.00
inactive status. will be required to complete a course approved by the Duplicate/Re-issue of Wallet Card $ 20.00
Iowa Department of Public Health Abuse Education Certified Copy of Original Document $ 20.00
¢ For reactivation of an inactive license the licensee will Review Panel. A list of approved courses is available at
be required to submit a reactivation application and the Returned Check $ 15.00 Employer Verification of License $ . 3.00
fee of $225.00. The continuing education requirement
for reactivation is 1.2 Continuing Education Units or 12
Contact Hours that were earned in the previous 12
months. Two fingerprint cards are also required, to con-
duct a criminal history background check.
¢ Licensees who move to another compact state and are
issued a license in the new compact state will have their
Iowa license placed inactive immediately upon issuance
of the new license. The Iowa license will need to be
returned to the Iowa Board of Nursing office.
¢ Licensees who inadvertently allow their license to
become inactive and continue to work using the inactive
license will be brought to the attention of the
Enforcement Unit for Investigation. Reactivation of the
license will require a reactivation application, proof of
1.2 Continuing Education Units or 12 Contact Hours,
two fingerprint cards, and the fee of $225.00.
¢ Iowa law requires you to keep the board informed of any
name or address changes, even when your license is on
inactive status.
Page 6 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

NURSE LICENSURE COMPACT es you to practice only in that compact state. For exam- SUMMARY Continued from page 1
ple, if you hold an Iowa nursing license, but do not live in
The Iowa Board of Nursing is pleased to be a member of Iowa, the license is a single state license and does not (2) Vicki Gummert, #089145, #P30602 – 12
the nurse licensure compact. This new form of licensure grant you the privilege to practice in any other state. months
and regulation will better protect the public by: (3) Erin C. Kaub, #P42190 – 12 months
Allowing competent nurses to provide care both physi- K If you are licensed in both Iowa and another compact (4) Phyllis Glarborg, #P09770 – 12 months
cally and electronically wherever care is needed; state and RESIDE in the other compact state, your Iowa (5) Kimberli D. Curtis, #094401 – 24 months
Providing the public ready access to and a choice of nursing license will be administratively placed on inactive (6) Robyn R. Reitz, #P27195 – 12 months
qualified nurses; status immediately. Only one active license can be held (7) Kimberly D. Chaffee, #P44648 – 6 months
Protecting clients against incompetent nurses or unsafe by a licensee among the compact states. (8) Kevin R. Alter, #109659 – Concurrent with
probation ordered in Scott County District
nursing care through better communication between K The compact does not supersede federal law. Court
boards of nursing, cooperative disciplinary investigations Therefore if you are employed in military service or work (9) Lillian A. Waite, #P44647 – 12 months
and prompt reporting of disciplinary action; for the federal government, you may continue to hold a (10) Susan L. Jones, #P05639 – 12 months
Benefiting employers of nurses by having a more mobile nursing license in any state you choose. If you are work- (11) Teresa L. Gersema, #P19699 – Indeterminate
workforce and a convenient centralized database for veri- ing as a nurse in a nongovernmental capacity, you are to run concurrently with probation ordered
fication of licensure credentials. required to contact the state board of nursing in that state by the Bremer County District Court
to determine if a nursing license is required. b. Suspension:
Understanding the Basics (1) Lisa A. Smith, #084411 – Indefinite
 If you move from one compact state to another com-
K (2) Tracy R. White, #106980, #P41361 –
K The nurse licensure compact allows a nurse who
pact state and practice nursing, you must obtain a license Indefinite
resides in a compact state to hold ONE license in the in your new home state. However, you may continue to (3) Cheryl A. VanZuiden, #095320 – Indefinite
nurse’s primary state of residence and practice in all other practice under the former home state license and the mul- (4) Daniel J. Boelman, #098009 – Indefinite
states in which the compact is in effect. Primary state of tistate licensure privilege in the new home state for a peri- (5) Tina R. Stoner, #113382 – Indefinite
residence is where the nurse holds a driver’s license, pays od not to exceed 30 days. c. Fine:
taxes and/or votes. a. The 30-days shall begin with the date of (1) Sherry L. Grady, #P32219 – $600
K The compact requires the nurse to practice according hire/employment in the new primary state of resi- (2) Pamela J. Parcel, #102851 – $400
to the laws and regulations of the state in which the nurse dence. (3) Susan T. Stauts, #108461 – $100
provides care where the patient is located at the time the b. If the licensee begins employment before chang- (4) Patricia A. Offenburger, #062619, #P12686
ing primary state of residence, the 30-days begins – $800
care is provided. The practice laws and regulations for
upon the date that the licensee establishes the (5) Christa D. Wiggins, #091099, #P34559 –
many states are available online.
new primary state of residence. $200
 A nurse who is under discipline may be in a monitor-
K (6) Kimberly D. Keyes, #083545, #P29197 –
ing agreement, which restricts practice across state lines. For updates on compact information or a list of com- $150
pact states go to: (7) Heather M. Willemssen, #102547, #P39979
 If you hold a license in a COMPACT state and RESIDE
K – $200
in that COMPACT state, your license is a multistate license (8) Paula R. Nelson, #103262 – $200
which authorizes you to practice in any other compact (9) Shar L. Labus, #085034, #P30883 – $200
state. (10) Diane Bullard, #062537 – $100
(11) Mary M. Goodall, #059481 – $150
K If you hold a license in a COMPACT state, but do not (12) Stephanie Mansur, #089542, #P33050 –
RESIDE in that compact state (reside in a non-compact $100
state), your license is a single state license and it authoriz- (13) Julie A. Lauritsen, #071782, #P23272 –
(14) Janice A. Bronson, #044656 – $100
d. Continuing Education:
(1) Pamela S. Collins, #043684 – 30 contact
Continued on page 7
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 7

SUMMARY Continued from page 6 #333 Inquisit, Warrendale, PA 6. The board voted to approve the following curriculum
2. American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Aliso revisions submitted by Southwestern Community
(2) Karen A. Bauer, #058036 – 30 contact hrs. Viejo, CA, voluntarily relinquished Provider No. 332 College, Creston:
(3) Diane M. Kramer, #105984, #P26384 – 30 since the last board meeting. Deletion of course ADN: 491 Gerontology
contact hrs. 3. The board voted to deny Iowa provider approval to Nursing
(4) Eric M. Rankin, #P44287 – 30 contact hrs. Dallas County Hospital, Perry, IA, for failure to meet Addition of course ADN: 850 Employment
(5) Shar L. Labus, #085034, #P30883 – 60 con- Chapter 5 provider criteria within one year of filing the Empowerment
tact hrs. initial application. ADN: 563 Comprehensive Nursing increasing
(6) Patricia Ann Richardson, #081768, #P14074 from 9.5 credit hours to 10.5 credit hours
– 30 contact hrs. Education:
PNN: 434 Maternal Child Health increasing from
(7) Diane K. Teske, #099188, #P38334 – 30 1. The board voted to advise Mount Mercy College that
3 credit hours to 4 credit hours
contact hrs. nursing students must be awarded an academic cre-
7. The board voted to approve the following course syl-
(8) Julie A. Lauritsen, #071782, #P23272 – 30 dential defined as an Associate Degree, Diploma or
labi submitted by Southwestern Community College,
contact hrs. Baccalaureate Degree, to be eligible to take the
(9) Lori L. Nyreen, #101695, #P36987 – 45 NCLEX-RN.® Creston:
contact hrs. 2. The board voted to accept the nursing education pro- ADN: 850 Employment Empowerment
e. Voluntary Relinquishment: gram report and grant North Iowa Area Community ADN: 563 Comprehensive Nursing
(1) Iva Nell Rath, #105706, #P38424 College Associate Degree Nursing Program full PNN: 434 Maternal Child Health
(2) Lenore S. Turpin, #P43285 approval for a period of six years. 8. The board voted to approve the 15-month accelerat-
(3) Michelle Voyles, #085731 3. The board voted to accept the nursing education pro- ed option to the pre-licensure track for the MSN
(4) Christina Hafenbrack, #067634 gram report and grant North Iowa Area Community Program, Allen College, Waterloo.
(5) Maria I. Gonzales, #111302 College Practical Nursing Program full approval for a 9. The board voted to approve the following BSN pro-
(6) Kimberly Chiavetta, #095315 period of six years. gram curriculum revisions for the 15-month accelerat-
(7) Amanda M. Forbes, #105017, #P40613 4. The board voted to accept the Bachelor of Science in ed option to the pre-licensure track for the BSN pro-
f. Citation and Warning: Nursing Program proposal and grant interim approval gram:
(1) Angela Kay Hostens, #083039 to Northwestern College, Orange City. Required nursing coursework will decrease from
(2) Christine A. Behrens, #083179, #P28715 5. The board voted to approve the curriculum revisions 72 credit hours to 62 credit hours with the deletion of
(3) Elaine H. Countryman, #109041 for the PN and ADN nursing programs submitted by the following BSN courses:
(4) Kimberly J. Bales, #109309, #P43624 Northeast Iowa Community College, Peosta and NU 245: Nursing Elective – 3 credit hours
(5) Melinda L. Hosman, #098417, #P36775 approve the following course syllabi: NU 255: Nursing Care of the Client/Family
2. The board voted to: Medical Math Dealing With Grief, Death and Loss – 3 credit
a. Issue 15 Notices of Hearing. Pharmacology (Medications) hours
b. Close 68 cases for lack of probable cause. Nursing Concepts NU 260: Nursing Care of the Client at Home – 4
c. Postpone 25 hearings. Nursing Care of Adults I credit hours
d. Accept 15 Statements of Matters Asserted. Nursing Care of Adults II Addition of the following reviewed course syllabi:
e. Accept 25 Combined Statements of Charges, Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family NUA 210: Nursing Care of the Adult Client
Settlement Agreements and Final Orders. Nursing Care of Children NUA 220: Nursing Care of the Mental Health
f. Approve 2 felony applicants. Dimensions of Practical Nursing Client
g. Approve 2 endorsement applicants. Transition to Associate Degree Nursing NUA 235: Nursing Care of the Childbearing
h. Approve 1 request for license reinstatement. Comprehensive Nursing Care of the Mental Health Family
3. The board held 3 hearings. Client NUA 265: Nursing Care of the Community as
Continuing Education: Comprehensive Nursing Care of Children Client
Comprehensive Nursing Care of the Childbearing NUA 271: Nursing Care of the Client
1. The following providers were approved for renewal Family 10. The board voted to accept the RN-BSN Program
since the last board meeting: Comprehensive Nursing Care of Adults progress report submitted by Upper Iowa University,
#4 Iowa Hospital Association, Des Moines Human Anatomy and Physiology I Fayette.
#12 Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 11. The board voted to accept the Pre-licensure
#14 Spencer Hospital, Spencer Human Anatomy and Physiology II Baccalaureate Program progress report submitted by
#18 Iowa Valley Continuing Education, Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
Marshalltown Continued on page 8
#109 Myrtue Medical Center, Harlan
#272 HealthStream, Denver, CO
Page 8 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

SUMMARY Continued from page 7 20. The board voted to establish an eight-member com- Nurse-Midwife Association
the University of Dubuque, Dubuque. mittee with the following charge: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
12. The board voted to accept the Master of Science in To review and revise current rules and regulations Three members shall be ARNP program directors/
Nursing Program progress report submitted by St. in 655 IAC Chapter 2 “Nursing Education educators.
Ambrose University, Davenport. Programs.” 6. The board voted to establish a nurse midwife commit-
13. The board voted to accept the Practical Nursing 21. The board voted to delay action on new nursing pro- tee to review board rules regarding midwifery regula-
Program progress report submitted by Hamilton gram proposals until the review and revision of 655 tion and practice. The committee shall consist of
College, Iowa Campuses. IAC Chapter 2, “Nursing Education Programs” rules three nurse midwives registered in Iowa and two non-
14. The board voted to accept the Bachelor of Science in and regulations have been completed. certified nurse midwives, for a total of 5 committee
Nursing Completion Program progress report submit- members. The committee charge will be:
Practice: Review board rules regarding scope of practice for
ted by Dordt College, Sioux Center.
15. The board voted to approve the following courses for 1. The board voted to issue Order No. 2006-02-PR, nurse midwives and make recommendations.
the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion which denies the petition for a refund of the $50 late Executive Director’ss Report:
Program submitted by Dordt College, Sioux Center: fee submitted by K'Dean L. Lemka-Dunnwald.
NUR 301 Healthcare Ethics 2. The board voted to issue Order No. 2006-04-PR, Lorinda Inman addressed the following:
NUR 304 Professionalism which denies the petition for a refund of the $50 late 1. National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc.
NUR 310 Faith and Cultural Aspects in Healthcare fee submitted by Jacqueline R. Spier. 2. New testing sites overseas
NUR 320 Foundation of Nursing Theory 3. The board voted to issue Order No. 2006-03-PR, 3. Annual meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, August 1-4, 2006
NUR 325 Health Assessment which denies the petition for a refund of the $104 4. Standard-setting panel nominations
NUR 351 Family, Community and Public Health I license renewal fee submitted by Colleen Brenneman. 5. Financial report
16. The board voted to accept the Master of Science in 4. The board voted to issue Order No. 2006-05-PR, 6. Legislation
Nursing Program progress report submitted by Briar which approves the petition for a waiver of the
Cliff University, Sioux City. requirement that the school of nursing submit an offi- Miscellaneous:
17. The board voted to approve the following courses for cial transcript denoting diploma or degree conferred
the Master of Science in Nursing Program submitted 1. The board voted to adopt as filed, ARC 4792B, an
to the board for license by examination submitted by amendment to Chapter 3 regarding the license renew-
by Briar Cliff University, Sioux City: Cynthia Walls.
NURS 630 Levels of Prevention and the Older al fee.
5. The board voted to establish an ARNP advisory com- 2. The board voted to file under Notice of Intended
Family mittee to revise board rules for advanced practice
NURS 665 Teaching and Evaluating Learning in Action, amendments to Chapter 11 regarding purchase
compact implementation and to make recommenda- of rosters.
Colleges of Nursing tions to the board on the accessibility and availability
18. The board voted to accept the Online RN to BSN 3. ADHD and the Disabilities Act – No action
of graduate education in Iowa. The committee 4. Trends in Nursing Supply and Education – No action
Completion Program progress report submitted by charge will be: 5. The board deferred the election of officers until the
Kaplan University, Davenport. ¢ Recommend rules for implementation of the next board meeting.
19. Information items: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact.
a. Letter re: administrative changes – Graceland ¢ Review and revise current rules and regulations Minutes:
University, Lamoni in 655 IAC Chapter 7, “Advanced Registered
b. Letter re: new dean of nursing – Graceland Nurse Practitioners” to meet uniform core The board approved the following minutes as submitted:
University, Lamoni license requirements as defined by the Nurse November 30 - December 2, 2005 board meeting
c. Letter re: pre-licensure online nursing programs – Licensure Compact Administrators (NLCA). January 3, 2006 conference call
Veterans Memorial Hospital, Waukon ¢ Examine the nurse practitioner nursing educa- January 9, 2006 conference call
d. Letter re: Northwestern College, Orange City – tion curricula to review the feasibility of certifi- February 14, 2006 conference call
Orange City Health System cation in more than one specialty area. February 22, 2006 conference call
e. Memo re: administrative changes – Des Moines ¢ Examine the accessibility of established graduate
Area Community College, Ankeny nursing programs.
f. NCSBN NCLEX® Statistics; RN and PN Iowa The committee will have seven representatives from:
Program Statistics; 4th Quarter NCSBN NCLEX® Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Association
Results Advanced Practice Society
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 9

SUMMARY # # # # # # # # # # # # William Miller, RN

John Connors
CONFERENCE CALLS Board Members Present:
Continuing Education
Mary Jacobus, RN
Ann Aulwes-Allison, RN, Chairperson John Connors
MARCH 7, 2006 Pauline Taylor, RN, Secretary Closures
Board Members Present: William Miller, RN Pauline Taylor, RN
Clyde Bradley Clyde Bradley
Ann Aulwes-Allison, RN, Chairperson John Connors Jane Hasek, RN
Pauline Taylor, RN, Secretary Education
William Miller, RN Board Members Excused: Jane Hasek, RN
Mary Jacobus, LPN Ann Aulwes-Allison, RN
Jane Hasek, RN Clyde Bradley
Clyde Bradley
Mary Jacobus, LPN 4. The board voted to appoint Ann Aulwes-Allison and
John Connors
Professional Staff Present: Jane Hasek as representatives for the National Council
Board Member Excused: of State Boards of Nursing Annual Meeting in Salt Lake
Christine Newell, RN, Nursing Standards City, UT, August 1-4, 2006.
Jane Hasek, RN
David Lamb, Enforcement
Sandra Colin, RN, Enforcement # # # # # # # # # # # #
Professional Staff Present:
Dana Peterson, Enforcement MAY 11, 2006
Lorinda Inman, RN, Executive Director Doug Bartels, Enforcement
Christine Newell, RN, Nursing Standards Taunya Cunningham, RN, Enforcement Board Members Present:
Kathy Weinberg, RN, Practice/Education Lynn Linder, Licensing Officer
Ann Aulwes-Allison, RN, Chairperson
Audience: Enforcement: William Miller, RN
Clyde Bradley
Barb Condon, Briar Cliff University, Sioux City 1. Voluntary relinquishment: John Connors
Kay Frommelt, Clarke College, Dubuque Allison Ringgenberg, #106140 Jane Hasek, RN
Judy Hausner, Iowa Wesleyan College, Mount Pleasant 2. Citation and Warning: Mary Jacobus, LPN
Diann Martin, Kaplan University, Davenport Ginger Schild, #092494
Sheila Burke, Kaplan University, Davenport 3. Fine: Board Member Excused:
Mary Tarbox, Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids a. Kelly K. Kraft, #P28977 – $250
Delores Hilden, St. Ambrose University, Davenport b. Laura Van Beek, #097640 – $450 Pauline Taylor, RN, Secretary
Kathy Dolter, University of Dubuque, Dubuque 4. Probation:
Professional Staff Present:
Pat Clinton, University of Iowa, Iowa City Dawn M. Carlson, #P34224 – Concurrent with peri-
Virginia Wangerin, Des Moines Area Community od of supervision from the Deferred Judgment Christine Newell, RN, Nursing Standards
College, Ankeny ordered by District Court for Mahaska County, Iowa Sandra Colin, RN, Enforcement
Ruth Sueverkrubbe, Eastern Iowa Community College 5. Continuing Education: Doug Bartels, Enforcement
District Lori A. Swenson, #104174 – 30 contact hrs. Taunya Cunningham, RN, Enforcement
Jennifer Johnson, Hamilton College, Cedar Rapids 6. Suspension:
Bernadette Wise, Iowa Lakes Community College, a. Annette Montgomery, #P25430 – Indefinite Enforcement:
Emmetsburg b. Roanna G. Stull, #094185, #P16063 – Indefinite
Kathy Deibert, Iowa Valley Community College District 7. Revocation: 1. Voluntary relinquishment:
Carol Maxwell, Iowa Western Community College, Kelly A. McDonald, #089936, #P33427 a. Kathy Gilliland, #101756
Council Bluffs 8. The board voted to approve 1 request for licensure by b. Mitchell Gallo, #105455, #P40008
Lori Jeppson, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar endorsement and deny 1 request for licensure by c. Ellen Ballinger, #P28464
Rapids endorsement. d. Rebecca L. Pippert, #P19169
Kathy Nacos-Burds, Northeast Iowa Community e. James McDonough, #086438
College, Peosta Practice: 2. Fine:
Susan White, Southwestern Community College, a. Rebecca A. Wiley, #075930, #P25806 – $450
The board voted to approve a request to deliver the NCLEX b. Christina L. Cruz, #P40353 – $450
over a two-day period (3 hours each day), submitted by c. Mary B. Bruening, #040967 – $100
Education: Laura K. Peyton (Schrage). The approval allowing a sepa- d. Billie N. Wiemers, #P43482 – $50
rate room while taking the exam was granted for a previous e. Terri L. Gittings, #068668 – $50
The board voted to amend a motion made at the March 2, request. f. Donna L. Pfeiler, #P43650 – $50
2006 board meeting, which reads as follows: g. Colette L. Winget, #098259, #P34053 – $100
I move the Iowa Board of Nursing delay action on h. Kathy J. Meisgeier, #073045, #P21336 – $100
new nursing program proposals until the review 1. The board voted by affirmation to elect the following as i. Julie R. Spangler, #072210 – $400
and revision of 655 IAC Chapter 2 Nursing officers: 3. Continuing Education:
Education Programs rules and regulations have Ann Aulwes-Allison, Chair a. Billi A. Williams, #P39111 – 30 contact hrs.
been completed. Pauline Taylor, Secretary b. Donna Jean Newton, #099807 – 30 contact hrs.
2. The board voted to elect Ann Aulwes-Allison, Chair and c. Patricia J. Madsen, #047856 – 30 contact hrs.
The amended motion reads as follows: d. Scott Wentworth, NE #49011 – 30 contact hrs.
Pauline Taylor, Secretary.
I move the Iowa Board of Nursing delay action on 3. The board voted to approve the following committee 4. Suspension:
the submission of new nursing program proposals, appointments: a. Pamela A. Mottet, #076439, #P26017 – Indefinite
written information and granting interim approval Practice b. Carmen M. Besler, #095042, #P23422 – Indefinite
to new nursing programs until the review and revi- William Miller, RN c. Mary E. Marlatt, #P37951 – Indefinite
sion of 655 IAC Chapter 2 Nursing Education Pauline Taylor, RN 5. The board voted to:
Programs rules and regulations, have been com- SOMAs/Combo Docs a. Accept 1 Motion to Dismiss.
pleted. b. Grant 1 request for licensure by endorsement by a
felony applicant.
Page 10 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006


OF IOWA LICENSURE The Iowa Board of Nursing has made renewing licenses
FOR NEW GRADUATES WHO PASS easier for many nurses in Iowa through online license
renewal. Although many nurses are taking advantage of
THE NCLEX® EXAMINATION this service, there are still many more nurses who could
benefit from it. There are many advantages to online
The Iowa Board of Nursing does not release NCLEX® renewal including:
examination pass/fail results by telephone or Internet.
Candidates for licensure by examination are notified in  It is easy. Just go to the website at:
writing of their test result. The Iowa Board of Nursing ver-
ifies Iowa licensure status through the automated tele-
phone system on the first or second Wednesday afternoon  All you need is your license number, social security
following the test date if all the following have occurred: number, date of birth, MasterCard, VISA or a debit
card. Answer all the questions. Pay the $104.00
• the candidate has applied for licensure in Iowa fee, which includes a $5.00 online convenience
• the candidate has passed the examination fee.
• the NCLEX® result has been transmitted to the
board by the test service  It is fast. Once the online renewal process is com-
plete your license is immediately renewed and will
Telephone Verification be mailed in three to five working days.

To verify licensure in Iowa, call 515-281-3255 and press  It is convenient. You can renew on your computer
2 for initial licensure by exam information, press 2 again at home, at midnight or on a holiday if you choose.
for exam results information. Now you will be prompted If you do not have a computer at home, you could
to the automated verification system. Through the verifica- renew on the computer at your local library or at
tion system you will either be notified that a license is your work place.
active and provided an expiration date or the system will  Your information is secured/masked to protect your
state “invalid selection” which means your exam results privacy.
have not been processed or you did not pass the NCLEX
exam. Pressing 1 transfers to the automated verification  Online renewal reduces errors. The system will not
system. License numbers are not released. let you move forward until all questions are
Questions may be directed to 515-281-6488 or answered.  Online renewal is available for RNs and LPNs only.
Please note that the Board does not mail renewal forms
to nurses whose licenses are due for renewal. We encour-
age all nurses to consider going online to apply for renew-
al. We think you will be surprised at how easy it is.
(Renewal lists and information for September, October,
and November 2006 renewals begin on page 27.)
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 11


August 29 and 30; Cedar Rapids
REGION I REGION II Time: August 29: 7:30 am- 4 pm;
August 30: 7:30- 11:30 am
Contact: Gwen Randall, (319) 369-8750. Fac: Lori
Buena Vista , Calhoun , Carroll , A l l a m a k e e , Benton , B l a c k H a w k , Gaster, RN. Aud: RNs. Offers participants the knowl-
Cherokee, Clay, Crawford, Dickinson, B r e m e r , B u c h a n a n , B u t l e r , Cerro
Emmet, Greene, Hancock, Humboldt, Gordo, Chickasaw, Clayton, Dela - edge and skills needed for their professional role in
Ida , K o s s u t h , Lyon , M o n o n a , ware , D u b u q u e , F a y e t t e , Floyd , resuscitation. Fee: $100. Reg. by: Aug 15. CEUs: 1.1.
O ’B
Brien , Osceola , Palo Alto , Franklin, Howard, Jackson, Jones,
Ply mouth, Pocahontas, Sac, Sioux, Linn, Mitchell, Winneshiek, Worth. September 8; 8 am- 4 pm; Cedar Rapids
Winnebago, Woodbury, Wright. Morgan Foster Pediatric Conference. Spon: St. Luke’s
ABBREVIATIONS Hosp CR. Contact: Joan Copper, (319) 369-8750. Fac:
ABBREVIATIONS Robert Hickman. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To examine interven-
Spon: Sponsor Reg. by: Register by tions that improve communication with children. Fee:
Spon: Sponsor Reg. by: Register by Fac: Faculty TBA: To be announced
Fac: Faculty TBA: To be announced Aud: Audience NG: Not Given
$75. Reg. by: Aug 28. CEUs: TBA.
Aud: Audience NG: Not Given inc: includes/including NR: Nonresident
September 14 and 15; 8 am- 4 pm; Cedar Rapids
MEC: Medical Education Collaborative HCC: Hawkeye Community College 19th Annual Nelson Critical Care Conference. Spon: St.
KCC: Kirkwood Community College
MEC: Medical Education Collaborative Luke’s Hosp CR. Contact: Joan Copper, (319) 369-8750.
NEICC: Northeast Iowa Community College Fac: Carol Whiteside, RN, MSN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
August 7; 9 am- 2:30 pm; Sioux City NIACC: North Iowa Area Community College To increase knowledge base of critical care nurses car-
Stroke Conference. Spon: Mercy Med Cntr – Sioux City. RHEC: Regional Health Education Center ing for patients exhibiting subclinical signs. Fee: $75.
Contact: Karen Newton, (712) 279-2152. Fac: Jennifer Reg. by: Sept 4. CEUs: TBA.
K. Pary, MD. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. This conference
will address the assessment, care and rehabilitation of July 2 7 - September 14; 9 am- 3 pm on Thursdays; Waterloo September 18 and 19; 8 am- 4:30 pm; Cedar Rapids
the stroke patient, including acute treatment of the Supervision in Health Facilities. Spon: HCC. Contact: Basic Dysrhythmia Course. Spon: St. Luke’s Hosp CR.
Ischemic Stroke patient and advances in the treatment Vic Palmer, (319) 296-2320, ext 1481. Fac: Vic Palmer. Contact: Gwen Randall, (319) 369-8750. Fac: Elaine
of hemorrhagic and Ischemic stroke. Fee: $55. Reg. by: Aud: LPNs in long term care. Upon completion of this Young, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To develop a clear
July 31. CEUs: 0.51. course participants will identify basic characteristics of understanding of basic rhythm interpretation for moni-
organizations and discuss the role, responsibilities and tored patients. Fee: $35. Reg. by: Sept 4. CEUs: 1.8.
September 15; 9 am- 3:30 pm; Sioux City qualities of managers in health care facilities. Fee: $195.
15th Annual Pediatric Conference. Spon: St. Luke’s Reg Reg. by: July 25. CEUs: 3.6. September 22; 8:30 am- 4 pm; Mason City
Med Cntr. Contact: Sandy Miller, (712) 279-7966. Fac: Cancer Update 2006. Spon: Reg Health Ed Cntr.
Ed Bottee, MD. Aud: RNs/LPNs who provide care to August 2; 8 a m- 4 pm; Cedar Rapids Contact: Mary Newbrough, (641) 422-7941. Fac: Dr.
children and infants. Issues and topics relating to pedi- Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP). Spon: St. Luke’s Janis Amatuzio. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. This conference
atric health; tentatively to include lead poisoning, asth- Hosp CR. Contact: Cindy Bowers, (319) 369-7902. Fac: is designed to increase the health professional’s aware-
ma, plastic surgery, sports injury, immunization. Fee: Cindy Bowers, RN. Aud: RNs. To instruct the individual ness of issues and practices in cancer care across the life-
$70. Reg. by: Sept 8. CEUs: 0.6. in performing a complete, competent resuscitation for span. Fee: $70. Reg. by: Sept 15. CEUs: 0.7.
newborns. Fee: $75. Reg. by: July 17. CEUs: 0.75.
October 18; 9 a m- 3:30 pm; Sioux City
Contnued on page 12
Cardiology Update 2006. Spon: St. Luke’s Reg Med August 7 and 8; Cedar Rapids
Cntr. Contact: Sandy Miller, (712) 279-7966. Fac: Art Time: August 7: 8 am- 4:30 pm;
Easley, MD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This conference is August 8: 8 a m- 12 noon
designed to provide the most current information on the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). Spon: St. Luke’s
diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and medical manage- Hosp CR. Contact: Gwen Randall, (319) 369-8750. Fac:
ment of cardiovascular disease. Fee: $60. Reg. by: Oct Carol Fridal, RN. Aud: RNs. To provide cognitive and
4. CEUs: 0.6. psychomotor skills necessary for resuscitation and stabi-
lization for an infant in respiratory failure, shock or
October 18, 19, and 20; Cedar Falls arrest. Fee: $100. Reg. by: July 31. CEUs: 1.29.
Time: October 18: 2- 8 pm; (Pre-conf.)
October 19: 7 am- 8 pm;
October 20: 7:30 am- 4 pm
8th Annual Conference of the Iowa Nurse Practitioner
Society. Spon: CE Solutions w/INPS. Contact: Mary
McGeough, 1-866-650-3400 (toll-free). Fac: Marti Hall,
ARNP. Aud: ARNPs/RNs/LPNs. To provide advanced
registered nurse practitioners with the latest information
on clinical issues; contact CE Solutions Group with
your questions, or visit their website at for complete INPS confer-
ence information. Fee: Both days – $175 for INPS mem-
bers; $245 for non-members; $100 for students. Reg. by:
Oct 4 (Note: A late fee will be assigned to registrations
received after this date). CEUs: 1.32 for both days.
Page 12 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006


REGION II Continued from page 11 October 10; 9 am- 4 pm; Cedar Rapids October 18, 19, and 20; Cedar Falls
September 28 and 29; Cedar Rapids 12 Lead EKG Interpretation. Spon: St. Luke’s Hosp Time: October 18: 2- 8 pm; (Pre-conf.)
Time: September 28: 8 a m- 5 pm; CR. Contact: Linda Oberbroeckling, (319) 369-8750. October 19: 7 am- 8 pm;
September 29: 8 am- 2:15 pm Fac: Linda Oberbroeckling, RN, BSN, CCRN. Aud: RNs/ October 20: 7:30 am- 4 pm
Child Protection Conference. Spon: St. Luke’s Hosp CR. LPNs. To assist with the identification and interpretation 8th Annual Conference of the Iowa Nurse Practitioner
Contact: Rosanne Matuszek, (319) 369-8136. Fac: Olga of the 12 Lead EKG. Fee: $25. Reg. by: Sept 29. CEUs: Society. Spon: CE Solutions w/INPS. Contact: Mary
Trujillo. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This conference will focus on 0.71. McGeough, 1-866-650-3400 (toll-free). Fac: Marti Hall,
interdisciplinary approaches to child abuse investiga- ARNP. Aud: ARNPs/RNs/LPNs. To provide advanced reg-
tion and prosecution. Fee: $75 for both days; $40 for October 11; 8 am- 4 pm; Dubuque istered nurse practitioners with the latest information on
one day. Reg. by: Sept 15. CEUs: 0.81 for day one; 0.54 Accompanying the Dying. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact: clinical issues; contact CE Solutions Group with your
for day 2. Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Lores Vla- questions, or visit their website at
minck. Aud: RNs/LPNs. By participating in this course, for complete INPS conference
September 29; 8 am- 4 pm; Waterloo you will acquire the skills to help others prepare for their information. Fee: Both days – $175 for INPS members;
Trends in Trauma 2006. Spon: SHARE, w/Wheaton “final journey.” Fee: $75. Reg. by: NA. CEUs: 0.78. $245 for non-members; $100 for students. Reg. by: Oct 4
Franciscan HC. Contact: Julie Geise, (319) 296-2329, (Note: A late fee will be assigned to registrations received
ext 1250. Fac: Various. Aud: Emergency and critical October 13; T i m e – N G; Cedar Rapids after this date). CEUs: 1.32 for both days.
care nurses. To provide learning opportunities for the 2006 Current Trends in Mental Health. Spon: St. Luke’s
health care professional on current issues and trends in Hosp CR. Contact: Joan Copper, (319) 369-8750. Fac: October 19 and 20; Time – TBA; Waterloo
trauma care. Fee: $40. Reg. by: Sept 22. CEUs: 0.6. Ross Greene, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To study the Women’ss and Children’ss Health Conference. Spon:
Collaborative Problem Solving Approach with explosive Wheaton Franciscan HC. Contact: Juanita Williams,
September 30; 8 am- 12 noon; Waterloo and noncompliant children and adolescents. Fee: $75. (319) 268-3005. Fac: Marilyn Hildreth. Aud: OB-GYN/
Trends in Trauma 2006. Spon: SHARE, w/Wheaton Reg. by: Oct 2. CEUs: TBA. NICU or Peds. A two-day conference with Neonatal
Franciscan HC. Contact: Julie Geise, (319) 296-2329, ICU, Pediatrics and Lamaze topics repeated on both
ext 1250. Fac: Various. Aud: Emergency and critical October 17; 8 am- 4 pm; Waterloo days. Fee: $75 per day; $40 for half day; half price for
care nurses. To provide learning opportunities for the Becoming a Superstar in the Health Care Arena. Spon: students and retired nurses. Reg. by: Oct 9. CEUs: 1.5
health care professional on current issues and trends in HCC. Contact: Vic Palmer, (319) 296-2320, ext 1481. for both days (0.9 for Lamaze workshop and 0.6 for
trauma care. Fee: $25. Reg. by: Sept 22. CEUs: 0.3. Fac: Vic Palmer. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Upon completion of NICU/Peds workshop).
this program participants will demonstrate exact strate-
October 2; 5- 9 pm; Cedar Falls gies for maximizing their talent, motivation and self talk October 27; 8:30 am- 3:15 pm; Waterloo
Breast Cancer Conference. Spon: Allen College. and delineate proven communication concepts as well Diabetes Symposium 2006. Spon: Allen College,
Contact: Kathy Boeckmann, (319) 833-6101. Fac: Dr. as manage change and reduce stress. Fee: $75; $125 w/Allen Hosp. Contact: Pat Heth, (319) 235-3106. Fac:
Douglas Duven. Aud: RNs/LPNs/hosp and office staff. after Sept 25. Reg. by: Sept 25. CEUs: 0.7. C.R. Kannan, MD, Professor of Med, Rush Univ,
Update attendees with changes in breast care, high-risk Chicago, IL. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To enhance knowledge of
patients and genetic testing, MRI breast biopsy, and October 17; 6:4 5- 9:45 pm; Cedar Rapids the management of post-prandial hyperglycemia, cardio-
reconstructive breast surgery. Fee: TBD. Reg. by: Sept Delirium in the Elderly. Spon: KCC. Contact: Mike vascular risk, new strategies in treatment, retinopathy,
18. CEUs: TBD. McLaughlin, (319) 398-4947. Fac: Ara Robinson, DO. diabetic emergencies and “E-diabetes.” Fee: TBD. Reg.
Aud: RNs/LPNs. To gain a better understanding of deliri- by: Oct 20. CEUs: 0.6.
October 6; 8:30 am-3 pm; Waterloo um in the elderly, including causes, ways to test, and
5th Annual Mental Health Conference. Spon: Allen prevention of delirium. A brief review of medications
College, w/Allen Hosp. Contact: JoEllen Kubik, (319) that assist in symptoms will be covered. Fee: $35. Reg.
226-2142. Fac: Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW. Aud: by: Oct 16. CEUs: 0.3.
RNs/LPNs. To offer therapists a conceptual framework
for conducting relationship-oriented sessions with one
partner when only one partner is willing to seek relation-
ship therapy. Fee: $75. Reg. by: Sept 28. CEUs: 0.6.
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 13


August 30; 9 a m- 4 pm; Council Bluffs life stages. Fee: $50 (inc tuition/handouts/lunch/refresh-
Helping the Elderly Find Meaning and Purpose. Spon: ments). Reg. by: Sept 26. CEUs: 0.65.
IWCC. Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac:
SOUTHWEST COUNTIES OF IOWA Amy Hanson, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This program pro- October 11; 9 a m- 4 pm; Council Bluffs
vides an understanding of the psychological needs of Memory, Learning and Alzheimer’ss Disease: Working
Adair , Adams , A u d u b o n , Cass , aging patients/clients and to know how to effectively with the Alzheimer’ss Patient. Spon: IWCC. Contact:
Clarke, Decatur, Fremont, Guthrie, Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Amy Hanson,
Harrison , Lucas , Madison , Mills ,
help them. Fee: $70 (inc tuition/handouts/lunch/refresh-
M o n t g o m e r y , Page , P o t t a w a t t a m i e , ments). Reg. by: Aug 28. CEUs: 0.65. PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This program will assist the health
Ringgold , Shelby , Taylor , Union , professional to better work with the Alzheimer’s patient.
Warren, Wayne. September 7; 9 a m- 12:15 pm; Council Bluffs Fee: $75 (inc tuition/handouts/lunch/refreshments).
Fundamentals of an X-Ray Exposure. Spon: IWCC. Reg. by: Oct 9. CEUs: 0.65.
ABBREVIATIONS Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Mary
Lou Padrnos, BS, RT. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Provides informa- October 12; 9 a m- 4 pm; Council Bluffs
Spon: Sponsor Reg. by: Register by tion on the fundamentals of an X-ray exposure. Fee: $35 Communication Skills for Radiographers and Other
Fac: Faculty TBA: To be announced (inc tuition/handouts/refreshments). Reg. by: Sept 5. Healthcare Workers. Spon: IWCC. Contact: Cheryl
Aud: Audience NG: Not Given Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Mary Lou Padrnos, BS,
inc: includes/including NR: Nonresident CEUs: 0.35.
RT. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Provides information on skills to
MEC: Medical Education Collaborative September 13; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs communicate better with patients/clients. Fee: $35 (inc
IWCC: Iowa Western Community College tuition/handouts/refreshments). Reg. by: Oct 10. CEUs:
ICD- 9 Coding – Advanced. Spon: IWCC. Contact:
Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Carolyn Hutt, 0.35.
CMA, CPC. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Provides instruction and
August 2; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs information for advanced ICD-9-CM coding – partici- October 18; 9 a m- 12:15 pm; Council Bluffs
Managing Self-Esteem Throughout Life. Spon: IWCC. pants need to bring a current ICD-9-CM book. Fee: $70 Practicing Ethics. Spon: IWCC. Contact: Cheryl
Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Patricia (inc tuition/handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. by: Sept Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Kathy Montagne. Aud:
Salvo-Lawrence, MS, LMHC, LMHP. Aud: RNs/LPNs. 11. CEUs: 0.65. RNs/ LPNs. This program identifies the importance of
Provides ways to assist patients/clients improve their ethics in healthcare. Fee: $40 (inc
self-esteem throughout life by learning and using good September 14 (beginning date); 8:30 am- 4:30 pm; Council tuition/handouts/refreshments). Reg. by: Oct 16. CEUs:
self-esteem management techniques. Fee: $70 (inc tui- Bluffs 0.35.
tion/handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. by: July 31. Expanded IV Therapy for the LPN. Spon: IWCC.
CEUs: 0.65. Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Janet October 18, 19, and 20; Cedar Falls
Tetan, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Designed to prepare the Time: October 18: 2- 8 pm; (Pre-conf.)
August 10; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs LPN to perform procedures related to the expanded October 19: 7 am- 8 pm;
Biological Effects of X-Ray. Spon: IWCC. Contact: scope of intravenous therapy and please call for flyer. October 20: 7:30 am- 4 pm
Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: Mary Lou Fee: $450 – six sessions/days. Reg. by: Sept 8. CEUs: 8th Annual Conference of the Iowa Nurse Practitioner
Padrnos, BS, RT. Aud: RNs/LPNs in radiography. 4.5. Society. Spon: CE Solutions w/INPS. Contact: Mary
Provides an understanding of the biological effects of X- McGeough, 1-866-650-3400 (toll-free). Fac: Marti Hall,
Ray on an individual receiving the X-Ray. Fee: $35. Reg. September 15; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs ARNP. Aud: ARNPs/RNs/LPNs. To provide advanced
by: Aug 8. CEUs: 0.35. Obesity in America – The Modern Plague of Affluence. registered nurse practitioners with the latest information
Spon: IWCC. Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325- on clinical issues; contact CE Solutions Group with your
August 15; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs 3265. Fac: Lana Stephens, RN, MSN, ARNP. Aud: RNs/ questions, or visit their website at
Depression . . . The Way Out – Causes and Treatments. LPNs. Explores reasons for the explosive epidemic of for complete INPS confer-
Spon: IWCC. Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325- obesity in our society and examines impending health ence information. Fee: Both days – $175 for INPS mem-
3265. Fac: Gary Parker, LMHC, MA, MS. Aud: RNs/ care, social and economic consequences of this crisis. bers; $245 for non-members; $100 for students. Reg. by:
LPNs. This program provides an understanding of Fee: $70 (inc tuition/handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. Oct 4 (Note: A late fee will be assigned to registrations
depression, its cause, effective medications, natural by: Sept 13. CEUs: 0.65. received after this date). CEUs: 1.32 for both days.
herbal alternatives and a way out of depression. Fee:
$70 (inc tuition/handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. by: September 21; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs October 25; 9 a m- 4 pm; Council Bluffs
Aug 11. CEUs: 0.65. Identifying Behavior Disorders in Children and Effects of Domestic Violence on Children and
Adolescents. Spon: IWCC. Contact: Cheryl Downing, Adolescents: Intervention and Support. Spon: IWCC.
August 21; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs (712) 325-3265. Fac: Deborah Reay, PhD. Aud: Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac:
Chart Auditing – Can You Pass the Test? Spon: IWCC. RNs/LPNs. Helps to identify symptoms and behaviors Deborah Reay, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Provides informa-
Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-3265. Fac: related to behavior disorders; identify resources and tion on the effects of domestic violence on children and
Carolyn Hutt, CMA, CPC. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This program understand behavior management strategies to modify adolescents and learn of intervention procedures and
provides information on the importance of chart audit- the negative impact of behavior disorders. Fee: $70 (inc support for the problem. Fee: $75 (inc
ing and provides a tool for performing one. Fee: $70 (inc tuition/ handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. by: Sept 19. tuition/handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. by: Oct 23.
tuition/handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. by: Aug 18. CEUs: 0.65. CEUs: 0.65.
CEUs: 0.65.
September 28; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs
August 24; 9 am- 4 pm; Council Bluffs 2nd Annual Day Devoted to Women’ss Healthcare.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders and Self-Injurious Spon: IWCC. Contact: Cheryl Downing, (712) 325-
Behaviors. Spon: IWCC. Contact: Cheryl Downing, 3265. Fac: Michael Reed, MD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
(712) 325-3265. Fac: Deborah Reay, PhD. Aud: Information on healthcare issues for women at various
RNs/LPNs. Provides an understanding of OCD and Self-
Injurious Behaviors and the behaviors, underlying psy-
chological and neurological issues and risk factors asso-
ciated with these two disorders/behaviors. Fee: $70 (inc
tuition/ handouts/lunch/refreshments). Reg. by: Aug 22.
CEUs: 0.65.
Page 14 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006


September 28; T i m e – N G; Iowa City tinent to the contemporary role of the school nurse. Fee:
22nd Annual Gastroenterology Conference. Spon: TBA. Reg. by: Two weeks prior for early reg fee. CEUs:
UIHC Dept of Nursing. Contact: Karen Marek, (319) TBA.
SOUTHEAST COUNTIES OF IOWA 356-4304. Fac: Univ of IA Hosps and Clinics Staff. Aud:
RNs/LPNs. To discuss a variety of topics related to the October 13 and 14; Davenport
Appanoose, Cedar, Clinton, Davis, practice of GI medicine including updates on constipa- Time: October 13: 1- 5:10 pm;
Des Moines, Henry, Iowa, Jefferson, October 14: 7:30 am- 4:10 pm
J o h n s o n , K e o k u k , Lee , L o u i s a ,
tion, pancreatitis, cholecystectomy, placement/nursing
M a h a s k a , M a r i o n , M o n r o e , Mus - care of C and J tubes, and sedation issues. Fee: TBA. Cardiovascular Interventions and Practice Guidelines
catine, Scott, Van Buren, Wapello, Reg. by: Sept 7. CEUs: TBA. 2006. Spon: Genesis Med Cntr. Contact: Anne Pauly,
Washington. (563) 421-2282. Fac: Nicolas Shammas, MD. Aud:
September 28; 8 am- 5 pm; Iowa City Cardiovascular nurses and Nurse Practitioners. This day
ABBREVIATIONS Occupational Hearing Conservationist Recertification and a half program includes didactic up-to-date infor-
Course. Spon: UI Col of Nursing. Contact: Nancy mation on the current status and the future direction of
Spon: Sponsor Reg. by: Register by Lathrop, (319) 335-7075. Fac: Laura Kauth. Aud: cardiovascular medicine with a focus on guidelines of
Fac: Faculty TBA: To be announced practice. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Oct 6. CEUs: 0.44 for Oct
Aud: Audience NG: Not Given
Occupational hearing nurses. This workshop will recer-
inc: includes/including NR: Nonresident tify those who already have CAOHC certification in 13; 0.8 for Oct 14.
hearing conservation. Fee: $250. Reg. by: One week
KCC: Kirkwood Community College prior. CEUs: 0.96. October 18, 19, and 20; Cedar Falls
MEC: Medical Education Collaborative
Time: October 18: 2- 8 pm; (Pre-conf.)
UIHC: University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics
October 4; T i m e – N G; Iowa City October 19: 7 a m- 8 pm;
2006 Medical Psychiatric Conference. Spon: UIHC October 20: 7:30 am- 4 pm
Dept of Nursing. Contact: Karen Marek, (319) 356- 8th Annual Conference of the Iowa Nurse Practitioner
August 2; 8 am- 4 pm; Johnston Society. Spon: CE Solutions w/INPS. Contact: Mary
4304. Fac: Univ of IA Hosps and Clinics Staff. Aud:
New School Nurse Orientation. Spon: UI Col of McGeough, 1-866-650-3400 (toll-free). Fac: Marti Hall,
RNs/LPNs. To provide information and discuss current
Nursing. Contact: Nancy Lathrop, (319) 335-7075. Fac: ARNP. Aud: ARNPs/RNs/LPNs. To provide advanced
trends in the care of patients with dual medical and psy-
Multiple faculty. Aud: School nurses. This orientation registered nurse practitioners with the latest information
chiatric disorders. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Sept 13. CEUs:
will provide an introduction to the role of the school on clinical issues; contact CE Solutions Group with your
nurse in a coordinated school health program. Fee: $90. questions, or visit their website at
Reg. by: July 27. CEUs: 0.83. October 5; T i m e – N G; Iowa City for complete INPS confer-
2006 Transplant Conference. Spon: UIHC Dept of ence information. Fee: Both days – $175 for INPS
August 5 and 6; 8 am- 5 pm (both days); Bettendorf
Nursing. Contact: Karen Marek, (319) 356-4304. Fac: members; $245 for non-members; $100 for students.
Wholistic Nutrition. Spon: Genesis Med Cntr. Contact:
Dr. Michael Hines, Wake Forest Univ. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Reg. by: Oct 4 (Note: A late fee will be assigned to reg-
Anne Pauly, (563) 421-2282. Fac: Rylen Lee-Feeney,
To provide information about a variety of issues related istrations received after this date). CEUs: 1.32 for both
BA, LMT, Dipl. CH and ABT (NCCAOM), Cert. Aroma
to transplantation. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Sept 14. CEUs: days.
Therapist. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To provide necessary infor-
mation as we begin the transition from the Standard October 21; 7:30 am- 3 pm; Davenport
American diet to the wholistic way of eating with October 10 and 11; T i m e – N G; Iowa City Sedation Conference. Spon: Genesis Med Cntr. Contact:
emphasis on East Asian medicine and wholistic western 2006 Women’ss Health Conference. Spon: UIHC Dept Anne Pauly, (563) 421-2282. Fac: Jan Odom-Forren,
traditions. Fee: $160 for both days. Reg. by: July 21. of Nursing. Contact: Karen Marek, (319) 356-4304. Fac: MS, RN, CPAN, FAAN. Aud: All nurses responsible for
CEUs: 1.6. Univ of IA Hosps and Clinics Staff. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This caring for sedated patients. To discuss the safe manage-
two-day program is designed to provide current infor- ment of patients receiving moderate sedation. Fee: TBA.
September 7; T i m e – N G; Iowa City
mation on clinical practice issues related to obstetrics Reg. by: Oct 16. CEUs: TBA + ANCC approval applied
Basic Fetal Monitoring Workshop. Spon: UIHC Dept of
(Oct 10) and women’s health (Oct 11) in ambulatory for.
Nursing. Contact: Karen Marek, (319) 356-4304. Fac:
and inpatient settings. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Sept 19.
Linda Myers, RN, MSN, Advanced Prac Nurse. Aud: October 27; 7:30 am- 2:30 pm; Davenport
RNs/LPNs. To provide basic information on methods of The Eighth Annual Respiratory Care Conference. Spon:
fetal monitoring, recognition of changes/interventions to October 10; 8 am- 4 pm; Cedar Rapids Genesis Med Cntr. Contact: Anne Pauly, (563) 421-
assist the management of patients and documentation Mental Health Medications. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact: 2282. Fac: NG. Aud: RNs and LPNs who provide care
issues. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Aug 17. CEUs: 0.65. Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Fran Miller. to the pulmonary patient. To provide pathway/ability to
Aud: Psychiatric nurses. This seminar will provide you expand awareness in the ever-changing field of pul-
September 14 and 15; 8 a m- 5 pm (both days); Cedar
with cutting edge information regarding the use of new monary care. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Oct 23. CEUs: 0.6 +
generation medications. Fee: $175. Reg. by: NA. CEUs: application for ANCC credit.
Conference Telephone Triage. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact:
Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Carol October 27; 7:30 am- 4 pm; Davenport
Rutenberg. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Come to this enlightening October 12; T i m e – N G; Iowa City Brain Injury Certification Course. Spon: Genesis Med
two-day conference to learn what it takes to implement Neonatal Update 2006. Spon: UIHC Dept of Nursing. Cntr. Contact: Anne Pauly, (563) 421-2282. Fac: Debra
a safe, effective, and legally defensible telephone triage Contact: Karen Marek, (319) 356-4304. Fac: Children’s Braunling-McMorrow, PhD. Aud: Nursing staff caring
program. Fee: $339. Reg. by: NA. CEUs: 1.8. Hosp of IA speakers. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This program is for brain injured patients. This is a short-course, one-
designed to update nurses on interventions and treat- day program to prepare individuals to sit for the
September 1 6 ; 8 am- 4 pm; Davenport
ments for the normal and at-risk neonates and key pre- Certification of Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS), Level I
Psychiatric Emergencies. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact:
sentations focused on neonatal adoption, near term and Trainers exam, with the administration of the exam
Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Sonata Bohen.
newborn and use of drugs and effect on the neonate. following. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Oct 1. CEUs: TBA.
Aud: Psychiatric nurses. This course is offered to
Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Sept 21. CEUs: TBA.
improve the quality of patient care by increasing the October 28; 7:30 am- 4 pm; Davenport
health care professional’s knowledge in managing the October 12; 8 am- 4 pm; Cedar Rapids Rehabilitation Conference: Brain Injury. Spon: Genesis
patient in a psychiatric crisis. Fee: $175. Reg. by: NA. Accompanying the Dying. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact: Med Cntr. Contact: Anne Pauly, (563) 421-2282. Fac:
CEUs: 0.76. Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Lores Vla- Randall W. Evans, PhD, ABPP. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To pro-
minck. Aud: RNs/LPNs. By participating in this course, vide therapeutic interventions in caring for the traumat-
September 19; T i m e – N G; Iowa City
you will acquire the skills to help others prepare for ic brain injured (TBI) patient including managing diffi-
Mental Health Recovery: Research and Practice. Spon:
their “final journey.” Fee: $75. Reg. by: NA. CEUs: 0.78. cult behaviors and use of functional integrated cogni-
UIHC Dept of Nursing. Contact: Karen Marek, (319)
tive approaches to rehab. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Oct 23.
356-4304. Fac: Steven Onken, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To October 12 and 13; 8 am- 4 pm; Coralville CEUs: TBA + application for ANCC credit.
promote a multidimensional understanding of mental 2006 Annual School Nurse Conference. Spon: UI Col of
health recovery, including what helps and what hinders Nursing. Contact: Nancy Lathrop, (319) 335-7075. Fac:
recovery from mental illness for health care providers, Multiple faculty. Aud: School nurses. This conference
consumers and their family. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Aug 29. will discuss a variety of clinical and practice issues per-

September 21 and 22; T i m e – N G; Iowa City

Fundamentals of Chemotherapy and the Patient
Experience. Spon: UIHC Dept of Nursing. Contact:
Karen Marek, (319) 356-4304. Fac: Univ of IA Hosps
and Clinics Staff. Aud: RNs providing chemotherapy.
This two-day program is designed to enhance the
nurse’s understanding of chemotherapy and care of
patients receiving chemotherapy. Fee: TBA. Reg. by:
Aug 31. CEUs: 1.35.

September 2 7 - 29; 8 a m- 5 pm; Iowa City

Occupational Hearing Conservationist Certification
Course. Spon: UI Col of Nursing. Contact: Nancy
Lathrop, (319) 335-7075. Fac: Laura Kauth. Aud:
Occupational health nurses. This workshop will famil-
iarize participants with all facets of occupational hear-
ing conservation and certify them as an audiometric
technician. Fee: $500. Reg. by: One week prior. CEUs:
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 15


October 6; 12:3 0- 1:30 pm; Des Moines
REGION V Know Your Health: A New Look at How to Quit
Smoking. Spon: Iowa Nurses Foundation. Contact:
CENTRAL COUNTIES OF IOWA Linda Goeldner, (515) 225-0495. Fac: TBD. Aud: RNs. PROGRAMS
Learn how Chantix has proven to be effective in smok-
Boone, Dallas, Grundy, Hamilton, All programs listed in this section are covered by Iowa
H a r d i n , J a s p e r , M a r s h a l l , Polk , ers motivated to quit and how it will provide another
tool for healthcare professionals to use for the millions approved provider numbers even though they are held out-
Poweshiek, Story, Tama, Webster. side of Iowa.
of smokers who want to quit. Fee: $25 (inc lunch). Reg.
ABBREVIATIONS by: Oct 1. CEUs: 0.12.
Spon: Sponsor Reg. by: Register by October 6; 10- 11:15 am; Des Moines Spon: Sponsor Reg. by: Register by
Fac: Faculty TBA: To be announced Pandemic Flu: Avian Flu Update. Spon: Iowa Nurses Fac: Faculty TBA: To be announced
Aud: Audience NG: Not Given Foundation. Contact: Linda Goeldner, (515) 225-0495. Aud: Audience
inc: includes/including NR: Nonresident
Fac: Lisa Caffery, MS, RN, BC, CGRN. Aud: RN. To pro- inc: includes/including
HCC: Hawkeye Community College vide nurses with current information on measures to RCC: Rochester Community College
INA: Iowa Nurses’ Association prepare for pandemic and other emergencies statewide
MEC: Medical Education Collaborative
UIHC: University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics
through panel presentation. Fee: $25. Reg. by: Oct 1.
CEUs: 0.15. September 6 - 9; Time – Varies; Las Vegas, Nevada
6th National Neonatal Nurses Meeting. Spon: Neonatal
Fall, 2006; T i m e – N G; Des Moines October 9; 8 am- 4 pm; Des Moines Network. Contact: Barbara Mansinne, (707) 569-1415.
Basic Parish Nurse Course. Spon: Contemporary Mental Health Medications. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact: Fac: Debbie Fraser Askin, RNC, MN. Aud: Level II and
Nursing Update. Contact: Marabel Kersey, (515) 834- Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Fran Miller. III neonatal nurses. To provide information to neonatal
2001. Fac: Marabel Kersey. Aud: RNs wanting to serve Aud: Psychiatric nurses. This seminar will provide you nurses and other healthcare professionals who care for
in a church. This course has a Biblical worldview, meets with cutting edge information regarding the use of new newborn, premature, and sick infants and their families.
the recommendations of the International Parish Nurse generation medications. Fee: $175. Reg. by: NA. CEUs: Fee: $405 after June 30 for members of The Academy of
Resource Center and prepares an RN to serve in a 0.76. Neonatal Nursing; $455 for non-members. Reg. by: Aug
church. Fee: $350. Reg. by: NG. CEUs: 3.5. 22. CEUs: 1.71.
October 11; 7:30 am- 4:30 pm; Des Moines
September 12 and 13; 8 am- 5 pm (both days); Des Moines Keep Your Nursing Lamp Lit: Rejuvenate and September 6 - 9; Time – Varies; Las Vegas, Nevada
Conference Telephone Triage. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact: Empower. Spon: Broadlawns Med Cntr. Contact: BMC 9th National Mother Baby Nurses Conference. Spon:
Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Carol Academy, (515) 282-5614. Fac: Donna Wright, RN, Neonatal Network. Contact: Barbara Mansinne, (707)
Rutenberg. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Come to this enlightening MS. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Join us for a humorous look at 569-1415. Fac: Debbie Fraser Askin, RNC, MN. Aud:
two-day conference to learn what it takes to implement nursing and healthcare as we explore the realities of our Mother baby nurses. To provide information to mother
a safe, effective, and legally defensible telephone triage profession and ways to survive and thrive in it. Fee: baby nurses and other health care professionals who
program. Fee: $339. Reg. by: NA. CEUs: 1.8. $100. Reg. by: Oct 1. CEUs: 0.7. care for the expectant and postpartum mother and her
newborn. Fee: $405 (after June 30). Reg. by: Aug 22.
September 2 5 ; 8 a m- 4 pm; Des Moines October 13; 8 am- 4 pm; Des Moines CEUs: 1.77.
Psychiatric Emergencies. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact: Accompanying the Dying. Spon: PESI, LLC. Contact:
Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Sonata Bohen. Customer Service, 1-800-843-7763. Fac: Lores Vla- September 7 and 8; 8 a m- 4 pm (both days); Grand Island,
Aud: Psychiatric nurses. This course is offered to minck. Aud: RNs/LPNs. By participating in this course, Nebraska
improve the quality of patient care by increasing the you will acquire the skills to help others prepare for 11th Annual Pharmacological Conference for Advanced
health care professional’s knowledge in managing the their “final journey.” Fee: $75. Reg. by: NA. CEUs: 0.78. Practice Nurses. Spon: Univ of Neb Med Cntr, Col of
patient in a psychiatric crisis. Fee: $175. Reg. by: NA. Nsg, and Neb Nurse Practitioners. Contact: Catherine
CEUs: 0.76. October 18, 19, and 20; Cedar Falls Bevil, (402) 559-6412. Aud: RNs and Nurse
Time: October 18: 2- 8 pm; (Pre-conf.) Practitioners. To assist Nurse Practitioners and
October 4; 4:4 5- 5:45 pm; Des Moines October 19: 7 a m- 8 pm; Registered Nurses with the pharmacological manage-
Iowa Nursing Law: Legal Update 2006. Spon: Iowa October 20: 7:30 am- 4 pm ment of acute and chronic patient populations. Fee:
Nurses Foundation. Contact: Linda Goeldner, (515) 8th Annual Conference of the Iowa Nurse Practitioner $160. Reg. by: Aug 23. CEUs: 1.5.
225-0495. Fac: J.R. “Lynn” Böes, RN, BSN, JD. Aud: Society. Spon: CE Solutions w/INPS. Contact: Mary
RNs. This program will provide nurses with current McGeough, 1-866-650-3400 (toll-free). Fac: Marti Hall,
information regarding legislation and case law affecting ARNP. Aud: ARNPs/RNs/LPNs. To provide advanced
nursing practice. Fee: $25 CE fee included with INF/INA registered nurse practitioners with the latest information
convention registration. Reg. by: Oct 1. CEUs: 0.12. on clinical issues; contact CE Solutions Group with
your questions, or visit their website at
October 5; 10:1 5- 11:45 am; Des Moines for complete INPS confer-
Embracing Change. Spon: Iowa Nurses Foundation. ence information. Fee: Both days – $175 for INPS
Contact: Linda Goeldner, (515) 225-0495. Fac: Patricia members; $245 for non-members; $100 for students.
Donahue, PhD, RN, FAAN. Aud: RNs. Program depicts Reg. by: Oct 4 (Note: A late fee will be assigned to reg-
one individual’s 46-year journey in nursing including istrations received after this date). CEUs: 1.32 for both
both personal and professional aspects involved in days.
embracing change interwoven with historial phenome-
non and looking at “what lies ahead.” Fee: NG. Reg. by:
Oct 1. CEUs: 0.18.
Page 16 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006


tify assessment techniques and primary responses to practice area, cover the aspects of documentation and
patient emergencies. Fee: $52.50 plus S&H. CEUs: 1.2. understand why ethics impact decisions. Fee: $64 plus
S&H. CEUs: 2.4.
PROGRAMS Fetal Monitoring and Assessment.
Fac: Lori L. Ley, RNC, MSN. Nurses working in OB/ Nursing Documentation.
There is no limitation on the amount of home study which GYN settings. Learn up-to-date concepts of electronic Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in all
can be obtained for renewal; the entire 36 contact hours can fetal monitoring from operating the equipment to inter- clinical settings. This course is designed to assist nurses
be obtained by this mechanism. preting data. Fee: $53 plus S&H. CEUs: 1.5. to communicate effectively using accurate and efficient
documentation techniques; basic comprehensive prin-
Handbook of Medical/Surgical Nursing. ciples of documentation are reviewed. Fee: $39.50 plus
AKH Inc. Fac: Helen M. Holman, MS, RN, BC. Aud: Nurses in S&H. CEUs: 0.8.
P.O. Box 2187 med/surg settings. This book-based course explains
Orange Park, Florida 32067 - 2187 nearly 300 disorders along with causes, assessment, Osteoporosis.
diagnostic tests, treatments and complications. Fee: $64 Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in clin-
Contact: Helen Holman plus S&H. CEUs: 2.4. ical settings. This course addresses determination of rel-
Phone: (800) 462- 8165 ative risk, basic anatomy and physiology relevant to the
Website: Healing the Dying. development of osteoporosis, and a discussion of ways
Fac: Ann K. Van Ormer, RN, MS, CAN. Aud: Nurses in to prevent or minimize disease process. Fee: $17.50
(Iowa Provider Number 277) palliative/hospice care settings. This book-based course plus S&H. CEUs: 0.36.
AKH Inc. is accredited as a provider of continuing will provide information regarding new choices, con-
nursing education by the American Nurses cepts in care and resources available to those who work Pain Management.
Credentialing Center’ss Commission on Accreditation. with and care for the dying. Fee: $52.50 plus S&H. Fac: V. McCarty, RN, CIC, LHRM. Aud: Nurses in clini-
CEUs: 1.44. cal settings. This course is designed to provide nurses
Alzheimer’ss and Other Dementias. with information on pain including the physiology and
Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in clin- Healing Touch. types of pain, factors influencing pain, assessment, treat-
ical, elder care or home care settings. This course is Fac: Ann K. Van Ormer, RN, MS, CAN. Aud: Nurses in ment modalities, barriers to pain management and
designed for nurses involved in the identification and all settings. This book-based course provides informa- patients’ rights related to pain. Fee: $22.50 plus S&H.
subsequent care for those persons affected by tion on the integration of holistic approaches with tradi- CEUs: 0.4.
Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias associated with tional medicine; healing touch, therapeutic touch, and
progressive cognitive decline. Fee: $17.50 plus S&H. other modalities are explained. Fee: $52.50 plus S&H. Primary Care of the Older Adult: A Multidisciplinary
CEUs: 0.36. CEUs: 1.44. Approach.
Fac: V. McCarty, RN, CIC, LHRM. Aud: Nurses in clini-
Arthritis. Interpreting ECG’ss. cal settings working with the elderly. This book-based
Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in all Fac: S.J. Schultz, RN, MSN, CAN. Aud: Nurses in car- course provides a broad overview of the specialized
settings. This course will provide knowledge about the diac care settings. This book-based course describes the needs presented by older patients and the information
prevalence, etiology, pathology, clinical manifestations, anatomy and physiology of the heart, how to obtain a necessary for healthcare professionals to meet those
diagnostic criteria and tests and standard treatment high-quality rhythm strip, measure and record compo- needs. (Book published by Mosby.) Fee: $68 plus S&H.
options for the most common arthritic health conditions. nents on an ECG, how to interpret and treat major CEUs: 3.0.
Fee: $22.50 plus S&H. CEUs: 0.48. arrhythmias. Fee: $64 plus S&H. CEUs: 2.4.
Professional Handbook of Diagnostic Tests.
Assessment Made Easy. Kids and Their Feelings. Fac: V. McCarty, RN, CIC, LHRM. Aud: Nurses in clini-
Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in clin- Fac: Dorothy Yeager, MS. Aud: Nurses in pediatric and cal settings. This book-based course will assist the pro-
ical settings. This book-based course details important adolescent settings. This course provides information to fessional in staying abreast of current diagnostic tech-
techniques in a head-to-toe assessment; includes anato- better understand why kids need to learn to process feel- nology; more than 550 tests are covered. Fee: $64 plus
my and physiology, clinical tips, insights and interpreta- ings constructively, along with steps for assisting kids in S&H. CEUs: 2.88.
tions. Fee: $64 plus S&H. CEUs: 2.4. successfully dealing with their feelings. Fee: $30 plus
S&H. CEUs: 0.36. Secrets in Interventional Radiology.
Asthma. Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses work-
Fac: Jonathan S. Holman, BS, PharmD. Aud: Nurses in Nurses Drug Handbook. ing in diagnostic settings. This book-based course is
clinical practice. Contemporary and comprehensive Fac: Jonathan S. Holman, BS, PharmD. Aud: Nurses in designed to improve the understanding of vascular and
information for clinicians on the pathophysiology, diag- all clinical settings. This book-based course contains interventional radiology and the ever-increasing role it
nosis, monitoring, treatment and patient education. Fee: thousands of drugs logically organized with patient plays in patient care. Fee: $64 plus S&H. CEUs: 2.88.
$27.50 plus S&H. CEUs: 0.6. teaching information; profiles on recently approved
drugs and commonly used herbal medications. Fee:
Clinical Laboratory Tests. $52.50 plus S&H. CEUs: 1.2.
Fac: Helen M. Holman, MS, RN, BC. Aud: Nurses work-
ing in all clinical settings. This book-based course will Nurses Legal Handbook.
cover test purposes, preparations, procedures, normal Fac: V. McCarty, RN, CIC, LHRM. Aud: Nurses working
values and implications of results along with patient in all settings. Learn safeguards for legal practice and
teaching. Fee: $68 plus S&H. CEUs: 3.0. prevention of lawsuits with this book-based course;
understand the legal risks and responsibilities in your
Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in all
settings. This course is designed to present an overview
of depression, what it is, whom it affects and what is typ-
ically done to alleviate symptoms. Fee: $22.50 plus
S&H. CEUs: 0.48.

Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in all
clinical settings. This course addresses prevalence, risk
factors, etiology, pathology, clinical manifestations,
diagnostic criteria, tests, on-going lab monitoring and
standard treatment options. Fee: $47.50 plus S&H.
CEUs: 1.0.

End of Life Issues: Advanced Directives.

Fac: Ann K. Van Ormer, RN, MS, CAN. Aud: Nurses in
all settings. This course introduces the concept of
preparing advance directives, considered are some of
the more common legal and ethical matters associated
with end-of-life issues. Fee: $49 plus S&H. CEUs: 0.12.

Ethics and Professional Boundaries in Healthcare.

Fac: M. Kathleen Ebener, PhD, RN. Aud: Nurses in all
settings. This course focuses on ethical theory, princi-
ples, and models for decision making: the distinction
between law, morals, ethics, and etiquette is addressed;
as well as the delineated boundaries between personal
and professional ethics. Fee: $17.50 plus S&H. CEUs:

Expert Rapid Response.

Fac: Helen M. Holman, MS, RN, BC. Aud: Nurses in
med/surg settings. This book-based course is designed to
enhance critical thinking skills for the med/surg nurse,
through a series of patient scenarios, the nurse will iden-
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 17


immune system works as well as how the immune sys- implications. Fee: booklet, $19.95 (inc postage); group
The CE Solutions Group tem is altered by the aging process. Fee: booklet, discounts for packets of 10 or more. Online fee: $16
501 Sycamore Street Suite 505 $129.95 (inc postage); online, $91. CEUs: 1.3. (online group discounts available). CEUs: 0.2.
Waterloo, Iowa 50703 Care Planning for the Cognitively Impaired Resident in the Child and Dependent Adult Abuse for Mandatory
Contact: Linda L. Fisk Dining Room. Reporters.
Phone: (319) 287 - 4022 or Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: Fac: Linda Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs.
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To recognize the comprehensive pic- (Approved by the Abuse Education Review Panel.) A
Toll-free: (866) 65 0 - 3400 ture of the effects of dementia on nutritional status, inc combined program intended to meet the Mandatory
Email: easy assessment form and interventions. Fee: booklet, Reporter’s requirements for child and dependent adult
$94.95 (inc postage); online, $66.50. CEUs: 0.95. abuse education by reviewing and updating information
(Iowa Provider Number 335) on incidence, indications, treatment options and legal
Our independent studies and online courses are fun Caring for the Patient with Fibromyalgia Syndrome implications. Fee: booklet, $19.95 (inc postage); group
and fast! Call us today, and we’lll ship your order to- (Revised). discounts for packets of 10 or more. Online fee: $16
day (M-F), Guaranteed! Order by phone, by mail, and Fac: Linda L. Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To discuss (online group discounts available). CEUs: 0.2.
SAVE MONEY by ordering ONLINE at http://www. the incidence, symptomology and common treatments
h e a l t h c e . c o m . New courses added monthly. for patients with Fibromyalgia. Fee: booklet, $49.95 (inc Complications of Diabetes Mellitus.
MasterCard, VISA, Discovery and personal checks postage); online, $40. CEUs: 0.5. Fac: Linda L. Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To enhance
accepted. Call us today for significant online group the participants’ understanding of complications that
discounts for your organization’ss continuing education Caring for the Stroke Patient (Revised). may affect the diabetic patient, primarily: diabetic
needs. The CE Solutions Group courses are also avail- Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. The retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy,
able at Eastern Iowa Community College, Hawkeye nurse will better understand the pathophysiology of the and cardiovascular disease. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc
Community College, Iowa Lakes Community College, stroke patient and nursing care/interventions to prevent postage); online, $24. CEUs: 0.3.
Northeast Iowa Community College, Northwest Iowa complications and enhance healing and rehabilitation.
Community College , Southwestern Community Fee: booklet, $49.95 (inc postage); online, $40. CEUs: Coronary Artery Disease.
College, and Western Iowa Technical Community 0.5. Based on the book Coronary Artery Disease: An
College. Incredibly Easy Miniguide, published by Springhouse
CCDI (Chronic Confusion or Dementing Illness). Corporation. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To meet the chal-
About Autoimmune Disorders. Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. All lenges of caring for a patient with CAD by understand-
Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs / LPNs / staff working in the LTC setting will increase their ing the disease process. Fee: $64.95 (inc book and
ARNPs. Health care professionals will increase their knowledge and skills in caring for persons diagnosed postage); online, $41.95 (nurse responsible for purchas-
understanding of a variety of common autoimmune dis- with chronic confusion or dementing illness. This self- ing book). CEUs: 1.2.
orders including skills needed for patient care. Fee: study meets the training requirements for staff working
booklet, $49.95 (inc postage); online, $40. CEUs: 0.5. in a CCDI unit or facility. Fee: booklet, $59.95 (inc Dealing with Difficult People.
postage); group discounts for packets of 10 or more. Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs/
Basic First Aid. Online fee: $56 (online group discounts available). ARNPs. Health care professionals will learn how to work
Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs / LPNs. CEUs: 0.6. Note: Contact provider for packets of 10 or with difficult people, recognize problem “types,” and
Health care personnel will learn the techniques of basic more. manage everyday stress associated with dealing with
first aid. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc postage); online, $24. people. Fee: $19.95 (inc postage); online, $16. CEUs:
CEUs: 0.2. Child Abuse for Mandatory Reporters. 0.2.
Fac: Linda L. Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs.
Basics of the Immune System. (Approved by the Abuse Education Review Panel.) To Dependent Adult Abuse for Mandatory Reporters.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: meet the Mandatory Reporters’ requirements for child Continued on page 18
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. The nurse will discuss how the abuse education by reviewing and updating information
on incidence, indications, treatment options and legal
Page 18 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006


THE CE SOLUTION GROUP CEUs: 0.35. online, $24. CEUs: 0.3.
Continued from page 17
Drug Errors in the Elderly. Ethical Principles in Nursing.
Fac: Linda L. Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. Fac: Annette Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: RNs/ Fac: Linda Terry Godson, MA, RN. Aud: RNs/LPNs/
(Approved by the Abuse Education Review Panel.) To LPNs/ARNPs. To discuss the risks that can accompany ARNPs. To enhance the nurse’s ability to utilize ethical
meet the Mandatory Reporters’ requirements for prescription drug use in the elderly. Fee: booklet, $34.95 principles in nursing practice. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc
dependent adult abuse education by reviewing and (inc postage); online, $24.50. CEUs: 0.35. postage); online, $24. CEUs: 0.3.
updating information on incidence, indications, treat-
ment options and legal implications. Fee: booklet, Drug Use in LTC and Effects on Nutrition and Health The Expert Physical Examination.
$19.95 (inc postage); group discounts for packets of 10 Status. Based on the book Expert 10-Minute Physical
or more. Online fee: $16 (online group discounts avail- Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: Examinations, by Mosby, a Times Mirror Company.
able). CEUs: 0.2. RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. Drugs and their serious side effects Aud: RNs/ LPNs. To enhance nursing physical examina-
are the major reason for hospitalization in the elderly; tion skills. Fee: $74.95 (inc postage); online, $32.95
Depression in Children and Adolescents. course inc drug interactions, their impact on nutrition (nurse responsible for purchasing book). CEUs: 1.5.
Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. and health status and appropriate interventions are dis-
Participants will increase their understanding of the cussed. Fee: booklet, $119.95 (inc postage); online, Fluid and Electrolyte Balance in the Elderly.
characteristics of depression in children and adolescents $84. CEUs: 1.2. Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
and what therapies are appropriate in treating it. Fee: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To increase understanding of fluid
booklet, $34.95 (inc postage); online, $31.95. CEUs: Drugs and the Elderly (Revised). needs of the elderly. Fee: booklet, $34.95 (inc postage);
0.35. Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ online, $24.50. CEUs: 0.35.
ARNPs. Nurses working with older adults will review
Diabetes and Nutrition for the Health Professional. and update their knowledge of medications commonly Food Safety (Part I): Keeping the Lid on Sanitation.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: prescribed for the elderly and potential related prob- Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. The nurse will discuss changes in lems. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc postage); online, $24. RNs/LPNs, especially facility infection control nurses,
diabetic diet, drugs, life cycle, and specific problems CEUs: 0.3. DONs, and supervisory personnel. To increase under-
found in health care facilities. Fee: booklet, $139.95 standing of foodborne illnesses in the health care set-
(inc postage); online, $98. CEUs: 1.4. EKGs Made Easy. ting. Fee: booklet, $119.95 (inc postage); online, $84.
Based on the book EKG in a Heartbeat, by Karen M. Ellis. CEUs: 1.2.
Diabetes Mellitus: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To provide a succinct resource
Based on the book ADA Complete Guide to Diabetes, for analyzing EKGs; not intended as an elementary text Food Safety (Part II): Clinical and Food Protection Aspects.
3rd Ed, by the American Diabetes Association. Aud: on EKGs, it assumes a basic understanding of EKG prin- Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To update the nurse on the best cur- ciples; however, for those who desire review, update, RNs/LPNs, especially for Infection Control nurses,
rent information about diabetes mellitus and the variety and support related to EKG, this course is for you! Fee: DONs, and supervisory personnel. To better understand
of treatment possibilities in order to support the nurse’s $39.95 (inc book and postage); online, $19.95 (nurse the HACCP system for food safety in health care facili-
role working with patients and clients. Fee: $89.95 (inc responsible for purchasing book). CEUs: 0.4. ties. Fee: booklet, $119.95 (inc postage); online, $84.
book and postage). Online fee: $79.95 (nurse responsible CEUs: 1.2.
for purchasing book). CEUs: 2.4. End of Life Care and Pain Management.
Fac: Brooke Gritzner, RN. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. End Headache: In Adults and Children.
Domestic Violence. of life care is an important, but sometimes neglected, Fac: Linda L. Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To better
Fac: Julia Kaasa-Pitzen, MS Psychology. Aud: RNs/ part of the health care continuum; end of life care focus- understand the types of headaches in both the adult and
LPNs/ARNPs. To enhance the learner’s understanding of es on the needs of patients as well as needs of family child client, what may trigger a certain type of
family violence, causes, physical, psychological and and friends; this course will help the health care profes- Continued on page 23
behavioral indicators; and family violence prevention. sional better understand how to provide quality care at
Fee: booklet, $34.95 (inc postage); online, $24.95. the end of life. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc postage);
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 23


THE CE SOLUTIONS GROUP Based on the book Nurse’s Legal Handbook, 5th Ed, Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
Continued from page 18 published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. Aud: RNs/ RNs/LPNs/ARNPs, especially in rehab. To increase
LPNs/ARNPs. To learn the appropriate responses to cur- understanding of age related disability and how exercise
headache, and treatment options. Fee: booklet, $39.95 rent legal issues and decrease the risk of liability in the and nutrition can help preserve muscle function in the
(inc postage); online, $32. CEUs: 0.4. practice of nursing. Fee: $89.95 (inc book); online, elderly. Fee: booklet, $69.95 (inc postage); online, $49.
$49.95 (nurse responsible for purchasing book). CEUs: CEUs: 0.7.
Hydration: Maintenance, Dehydration, Lab Values and 2.4.
Clinical Alterations. Science Fiction or Reality? Pharmacogenomics.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: Nursing Documentation. Fac: Linda Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To focus on hydration assessment, Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. explore the inherited variations in genes that dictate
care planning and lab and clinical evaluation, inc fluids, Nurses will gain knowledge and skills related to the drug response and the way these variations can be used
electrolytes, acid-base balance, minerals and solutions documentation of information in the patient’s medical to predict whether a patient will have a good response
to hydration concerns. Fee: booklet, $139.95 (inc record. Fee: booklet, $19.95 (inc postage); online, $16. to a drug, a bad response to a drug, or no response at
postage); online, $98. CEUs: 1.4. CEUs: 0.2. all. Fee: booklet, $19.95 (inc postage); online, $16.
CEUs: 0.2.
Impact of Cardiovascular Drugs and Effects on Nutrition Nutrition Aspects of Chronic Disease.
and Health Status. Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: The Softer Side of Dining in LTC.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. The nurse will explore the impact of Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. Discusses the effects of digoxin and immune and inflammatory processes on specific dis- RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. The nurse will explore social, emo-
other cardiac drugs on health status in LTC, inc informa- eases, inc diabetes, heart disease, and COPD. Fee: tional, cultural, and choice as part of dining excellence;
tion on food-drug interactions for cardiac drugs. Fee: booklet, $109.95 (inc postage); online, $84. CEUs: 1.2. the role of the feeding assistant and all-staff dining pro-
booklet, $104.95 (inc postage); online, $73.50. CEUs: gram is also discussed. Fee: booklet, $94.95 (inc
1.05. Nutrition Assessment: Laboratory Values. postage); online, $66.50. CEUs: 0.95.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
Impact of Psychotropic Drugs on Health and Nutritional RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To focus on clinical assessment, Stem Cell Research and Ethical Considerations.
Status. physiological stress, protein labs, malnutrition and Fac: Linda Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: hematological labs. Fee: booklet, $119.95 (inc postage); enhance the participant’s knowledge of the science,
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. Sixty percent of residents have cogni- online, $84. CEUs: 1.2. ethics and regulatory mechanisms involved in stem cell
tive or mental status problems; this course will examine research. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc postage); online,
psychotropic drugs and their impact on health and Nutrition/Hydration and the Elderly Patient. $24. CEUs: 0.3.
nutritional status. Fee: booklet, $179.95 (inc postage); Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
online, $126. CEUs: 1.8. Health care professionals will increase their understand- Supervising in Today’ss Healthcare Organizations.
ing of the nutrition and hydration needs of the elderly Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
Infection Control. patient. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc postage); online, $24. Health care professionals will gain the knowledge and
Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. CEUs: 0.3. skills needed to successfully manage and supervise peo-
Health care professionals will review and gain knowl- ple working in a health care facility. Fee: booklet,
edge of current infection control procedures including Nutrition in Long Term Care. $79.95 (inc postage); online, $64. CEUs: 0.8.
handwashing, use of protective equipment, disposal of Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
contaminated materials, and disinfecting environmental RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To increase the knowledge and skills Understanding and Supporting Grieving Children.
surfaces. Fee: booklet, $19.95 (inc postage); group dis- of those working in long-term care facilities toward Fac: Jaymee Glenn-Burns, BS, MDiv, MA. Aud: RNs/
counts available. Online fee: $16 (online group dis- improving the nutritional care of the elderly and other LPNs/ARNPs. To present information that will help care-
counts available). CEUs: 0.2. residents. Fee: booklet, $239.95 (inc postage); online, givers better understand and support grieving children.
$168. CEUs: 2.4. Fee: booklet, $19.95 (inc postage); online, $16. CEUs:
Managing Urinary Incontinence in the Elderly. 0.2.
Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To Pneumonia.
review and update nurses’ skills for managing urinary Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Understanding Asthma.
incontinence, primarily in the long term care setting. Health care professionals will review and update their Fac: Linda L. Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To enhance
Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc postage); online, $24. CEUs: understanding of pneumonia as well as the care and the nurse’s knowledge of asthma in the child and adult
0.3. treatment of patients with the disease. Fee: booklet, (w/section inc for the asthmatic child at school). Fee:
$19.95 (inc postage); online, $16. CEUs: 0.2. $49.95 (inc postage); online, $40. CEUs: 0.5.
Mechanisms of Weight Loss and Anorexia with Chronic
Disease. Preventing Medical Errors. Understanding Heart Failure.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: Fac: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. Based on the book Heart Failure, an Incredibly Easy
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. The nurse will discuss the mecha- To provide the participant with insights and skills for Miniguide, by staff at Springhouse Corporation. Aud:
nisms associated with weight loss and anorexia in preventing medical errors. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. Provides basic understanding of CHF
chronic disease. Fee: booklet, $119.95 (inc postage); postage); online, $24. CEUs: 0.3. as well as prevention assessment, and treatment, includ-
online, $84. CEUs: 1.2. ing complications and patient teaching. Fee: $64.95 (inc
Prevention of Weight Loss in the Elderly – 2004 and book and postage); online, $41.95 (nurse responsible for
Medical Errors with Drugs and Nutrition. Beyond. purchasing book). CEUs: 1.2.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud: Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. The nurse will explore drug-nutrient RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. Learn strategies to prevent weight Understanding Parkinson’ss Disease (Revised).
interactions in the elderly. Fee: booklet, $34.95 (inc loss in the elderly; indications addressed for weight loss, Fac: Linda Terry Godson, MA, RN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To
postage); online, $24.50. CEUs: 0.35. pressure sores and dehydration. Fee: booklet, $249.95 review and update the nurse about Parkinson’s Disease.
(inc postage); online, $175. CEUs: 2.5. Fee: booklet, $29.95 (inc postage); online, $24. CEUs:
Multiple Sclerosis: The Nursing Perspective. 0.3.
Based on the book Multiple Sclerosis: The Nursing Recognizing and Responding to Terrorism Events:
Perspective, by Rosalind Kalb, PhD. Aud: Biological, Chemical and Radiological. Urologic and Kidney Diseases.
RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To provide an overview of MS and its Fac: Linda L. Fisk, RN, BA. Aud: RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To Fac: Linda Fisk, RN, BS. Aud: RNs/LPNs. To enhance the
treatment, with an emphasis on the unique role of the enhance the participant’s knowledge of potential bio- participant’s knowledge of the urinary system and dis-
nurse in the treatment process. Fee: $49.95 (inc book logical, chemical, and radiological terrorism agents, eases that can affect that system. Fee: booklet, $49.95
and postage); online, $40. CEUs: 0.5. signs and symptoms, and reporting procedures should (inc postage); online, $40. CEUs: 0.5.
an event occur or be suspected. Fee: booklet, $49.95
A Nurse’ss Guide to Legal Issues. (inc postage); online, $40. CEUs: 0.5. Using Laboratory Values to Determine Hydration Status.
Fac: Annette M. Kobriger, RD, CD, MPH, MPA. Aud:
Sarcopenia: An Age Old Problem (Parts I and II). RNs/LPNs/ARNPs. To enhance the participant’s knowl-
edge of laboratory values related to hydration status of
the elderly individual. Fee: booklet, $34.95 (inc
postage); online, $24.50. CEUs: 0.35.

When a Child Dies: Scott’ss Story.

Fac: Connie Harmsen, RN. Aud: RNs/LPNs. The nurse
will better understand the grieving process as it relates
to the child, teenager, and adult. Fee: booklet, $29.95
(inc postage); online, $24. CEUs: 0.3.
Page 24 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006


Brain Game: Things to Know When Using Drugs Which Good Grief: Providing Light to Those in Emotional Pain.
Consultants for the Future Change Moods and Behaviors in Elderly Patients. Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
4302 Kipling Avenue Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Fosters the nurse’s ability to listen, console and nurture
Psychotropic drug therapy is studied in detail, empha- those involved in loss and changing personal identity,
Plant City, Florida 33566 sizing effects on neurotransmitters, reasons for side using specific, guided techniques. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5.
Phone: Linda S. Greenfield effects, need for close monitoring, and interactions pos-
1- 80 0- 654- 2387 sible. Fee: $18. CEUs: 0.3. Good Vibrations: Recognizing the Healing Energy Within
FAX: 1- 81 3- 75 4- 4499 Care of the Alzheimer’ss Patient. Author: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
web: Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Explores relationship between the energy of toxic emo-
(Iowa Provider Number 61) Presents suggestions and approaches to management of tions and diseases correlating emotional issues to the
common behaviors and symptoms of A.D. that are not human energy system of chakras and studying how the
Courses may be ordered by phone or mail or down- drug based. Fee: $6. CEUs: 0.1. body is designed to manage anger, fear, hate, etc. safe-
loaded from the website. MasterCard or VISA accept- ly. Fee: $42. CEUs: 0.7.
ed. Add $4.00 postage and handling per order. Changing Beds: You May Have Made It, But You Don’tt
Discounts for large orders. Have to Lie in It. Mental Emotional Health. HIV/AIDS: A Mega Concern.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
Assessments Unlimited. Teaches how to foster mental and emotional health, Describes demographics of HIV infection, signs and symp-
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. emphasizing empowerment through self-definition, self toms of opportunistic infections, the viral modes of trans-
Teaches techniques used to conduct a physical assess- responsibility, monitoring thought patterns and dealing mission, incubation period, diagnostic tests, preventative
ment of an adult patient through inspection, palpation, with feelings. Fee: $60. CEUs: 1.0. precautions, and need to promote and maintain privacy
percussion and auscultation. Fee: $36. CEUs: 0.6. and confidentiality. Fee: $24. CEUs: 0.4.
Cognito Ergo Sum: Creating an Empowered Image.
The Beat Goes On. Fac: Dr. Linda S. Greenfield. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Teaches Live or Let Die: The Right to Die.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. A how to recognize and create your own internal power Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Offer nurses an
review of cardiovascular functioning, with resultant by changing the way you think, using the nursing envi- increased awareness of the dilemmas with the moral
changes due to aging, congestive heart failure, hyper- ronment as the milieu. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5. and/or legal issues of allowing a patient to die. Fee: $30.
tension and peripheral vascular changes. Fee: $36. CEUs: 0.5.
CEUs: 0.6. End of Life Care.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Mindful Care: Using Positive Thoughts and Emotions as a
Beyond the Specimen. Discusses compassionate care of those in the final Catalyst to Healing.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. weeks of life, differentiating palliative, chronic, and hos- Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
Examines nursing interpretations of the CBC, UA, urine for pice care levels and suggesting interventions that sup- Examines body/mind connection, exploring chemistry that
C & S, and electrolyte studies. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5. port patient autonomy. Fee: $6. CEUs: 0.1. links immune system function to ways we think and feel,
and teaching more positive thinking patterns and ways to
Bittersweet: A Study of Diabetes Mellitus. Flight Manual: Helping Adolescents Take to Fligh t/ Mental deal with negative emotions. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. This and Emotional Wellness.
course presents the latest research, as well as the basic Author: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Nutrition Cognition: Eating for Health in the ’9 90s.
concepts of diabetes mellitus and can offer you an intro- Empowers the nurse to assist the teen in the develop- Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
duction, a review or an update on the disease process. ment of maturity, self-definition, independence and per- Teaches about antioxidants, herbal supplements, phyto-
Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5. sonal power using story format as examples. Fee: $36. estrogens, and about pesticide residues, nitrates and trans-
CEUs: 0.6. fatty acids to allow you to choose foods that help and avoid
foods that harm. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5.
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CONSULTANTS FOR THE FUTURE Examines approaches to prevention and treatment of flaxseed and herbal therapies, and the risk of breast can-
Continued from page 24 common skin problems in elderly patients, including: cer, heart disease and osteoporosis. Fee: $30. CEUs:
skin tears and bruising, lesions, rashes, infections, and 0.5.
Outside the Box: How Our Healthcare System is Failing ulcerations with differentiation of various dressings and
Us and What You Can Do About It. topical applicants. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5. Working the Numbers: Nursing Intrepretation of
Fac: Edwin C. Smith, MS. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines our Laboratory Tests.
healthcare system from a “systems” perspective suggest- Supervision Prescription. Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
ing that the box we call healthcare is not healthy, so that Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines nursing intrepretation of CBC, hematologic
in order to choose health, we are forced to consider Designed to teach front line management skills to foster studies, iron studies, UA, electrolyte survey, kidney
how to get out of the box. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5. delegation of duties, reprimanding, redirecting and res- function studies and liver function studies. Fee: $36.
olutions of conflicts. Fee: $12. CEUs: 0.2. CEUs: 0.6.
Paper Chasing: Effective Documentation.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Talking With the Docs: Effective Nurse Physician
Presents documentation forms and ideas to increase Communication.
quality of documentation correlated to the nursing Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
process, as applied to both long term and acute patient Designed to help you increase your power and effec-
care environments. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5. tiveness when communicating with physicians in diffi-
cult situations. Fee: $24. CEUs: 0.4.
Pill, the Pulse and the Patient: Cardiovascular Drug
Therapy. Who’ss Confused?
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. A
Cardiovascular drugs are studied in detail, including: study of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of demen-
beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, CA channel blockers, tia with means to establish a therapeutic environment
digoxin, diuretics, and others. Fee: $18. CEUs: 0.3. for same. Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5.
Power Dynamics: Growth and Development of Personal The Wo-Menopause
Power. Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Considers traditional and alternative approaches,
Examines dynamics of personal power by studying including HRT, use of designer estrogens, value of soy,
development of the body’s energy system with suggest-
ed interventions to restore balance and energetic health.
Fee: $30. CEUs: 0.5.

The Prevention of Medical Errors.

Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
Informs nurses of growing national concern over the
alarmingly high numbers of errors and provides infor-
mation to increase patient safety, guidance for reporting
and suggestions for systems monitoring. Fee: $12. CEUs:

Skin Deep: Prevention and Treatment of Impaired Skin

Integrity in the Elderly.
Fac: Linda S. Greenfield, RN, PhD. Aud: RNs/LPNs.
Page 26 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006


improving quality patient care, understanding the legal
Kirkwood Community College Lorand Health Education parameters of nursing practice and knowing the ethical
6301 Kirkwood Boulevard SW P.OO. Box 10391 issues confronting nursing today in the ever-changing
P.O. Box 2068 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52410 health care environment. Fee: $74 (text inc). CEUs: 3.6.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Contact: Lorand CE Resource Office OCD: Checking It Out.
Contact: Diane Constantine Phone: (319) 83 2- 1957 Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines Obsessive Compulsive Disor-
Phone: (319) 39 8- 5626 Email: der, diagnostic criteria, treatment options, intervention
strategies, OCD in children, and nursing considerations.
(Iowa Provider Number 30) Website: Fee: $52 (text inc). CEUs: 3.6.
(Iowa Provider Number 300)
Co-Dependence: Misunderstood – Mistreated. PTSD: Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms.
Fac: Diane Constantine. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Discusses the Since 1995, Lorand Health has offered Iowa nurses Aud: RNs/LPNs. This course presents a clear compre-
characteristics, scope, treatment and issues of addic- innovative continuing education programming. hensive explanation of trauma, techniques and interven-
tions common for people who are co-dependent. Fee: Licensed in another state? Lorand Health is also a tions used by PTSD experts from around the world and
$65. CEUs: 0.8. Florida Board of Nursing Provider of continuing edu - nursing interventions to help clients deal with triggers,
cation programming, and many other states accept our recurrent images, thoughts, perceptions and more. Fee:
Healing the Dying. courses via reciprocity. Contact our office for more $46 (text inc). CEUs: 3.6.
Fac: Diane Constantine. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Learn the soci- information! Order by Email and save $5 on each
ological, spiritual, and emotional aspects for terminal course! MasterCard, VISA, and money orders accept - Schizophrenia: Roadmap to Recovery II.
patients and their families; be able to assist all persons ed. Aud: RNs/LPNs. Provides a comprehensive resource
through the dying process so they are better able to guide that includes first-person accounts and profession-
come to terms with it. Fee: $55. CEUs: 1.0. Alzheimer’ss Disease: Hope for the Future. al information on medications, coping skills, social serv-
Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines memory loss, aging, common ices, clinical research, nursing issues and vital support
Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel. therapeutic approaches for the management of behavior information for patients and their families. Fee: $45.
Fac: Diane Constantine. Aud: RNs/LPNs. A thorough symptoms, caregiving issues, nursing practice interven- CEUs: 3.0.
introduction to dialysis, including a review of fluids and tions as well as new Alzheimer’s treatment under inves-
electrolytes, principles of dialysis, patient assessment, tigation. Fee: $33 (resource text inc). CEUs: 2.0. Thyroid Disorders: Restoring Health.
medications, nutritional management, transplantation, Aud: RNs/LPNs. A comprehensive course examines the
psychosocial aspects of dialysis; includes chapters on Antisocial Personality Disorder. impact of thyroid disorders on overall health, signs/ symp-
pediatric hemodialysis, end-stage renal disease in the Aud: RNs/LPNs. This course examines symptoms of toms, diagnostic criteria, pharmacological options, natural
elderly, infection control, and management of quality. Antisocial Personality Disorder, diagnosis, causes, treat- therapies, patient education issues and nursing interven-
Fee: $95. CEUs: 3.0. ment, coping strategies for families, a historical look at tions. Fee: $39 (resource text inc). CEUs: 2.8.
the disorder, and nursing interventions. Fee: $48. CEUs:
Neonatal Network
Anxiety and Panic Disorder. 2270 Northpoint Parkway
Aud: RNs/LPNs. This course examines anxiety and
panic disorders including agoraphobia, social phobia, Santa Rosa, California 95407- 7398
OCD and PTSD as well as a thorough review of imagery Contact: Barbara Mansime
desensitization; relaxation techniques, nutritional (707) 569 - 1415
aspects, the role of negative self-talk and nursing prac-
tice interventions. Fee: $53 (text inc). CEUs: 3.6. (Iowa Provider Number 189)

The Bipolar Child. Neonatal ECMO: Current Controversies and Trends ;

Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines the challenging diagnosis of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia ; and Neonatal
Bipolar Disorder in children, assessment guidelines, Thermoregulation.
nursing considerations, planning/implementation, and a Fac: Carol Trotter, RN, PhD, NNP. Aud: Level II and III
comprehensive approach toward the needs of children neonatal nurses. To provide current nursing information
and families. Fee: $48 (text inc). CEUs: 3.6. on ECMO, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, and neona-
tal thermoregulation. Fee: TBA. CEUs: TBA.
Childhood Depression.
Aud: RNs/LPNs. This course examines possible causes U n d e r s t a n d i n g N e o n a t a l B o w e l O b s t r u c t i o n : Building
of depression in children, diagnostic features, resources Knowledge to Advance Practice; Caring for the Newborn
for evaluation, treatment strategies, grief issues in chil- with Omphalocele ; Neonatal Radiology: Congenital
dren, psychopharmacological options / issues, patient / Chylothorax: A Case Study ; Pointers in Practical
parent education information, and nursing assessment/ Pharmacology: Octreotide.
intervention approaches. Fee: $34 (resource text inc). Fac: Carol Trotter, RN, PhD, NNP. Aud: Level II and III
CEUs: 2.6. neonatal nurses. To provide current nursing information
on neonatal bowel obstruction, caring for the infant
EMDR Revisited. with omphalocele, congenital chylothorax, and
Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines EMDR (Eye Movement octreotide. Fee: TBA. Reg. by: Open. CEUs: TBA.
Desensitization and Reprocessing), a breakthrough ther-
apy for anxiety, stress, trauma and other illnesses; pres-
ents research results from the past 7 years on EMDR
effectiveness, info on how EMDR works, how it com-
pares to other treatments, the difference between EMDR
and Exposure Therapy, and case histories. Fee: $43 (text
inc). CEUs: 3.6.

Emotional Abuse of Women: Stopping the Cycle.

Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines verbal, emotional, psycho-
logical, social and economic abuse issues, historical
roots of abuse, the impact of emotional abuse on over-
all physical and mental health, treatment options for
abusers and their families, and nursing interventions for
working with the abused woman and her family. Fee:
$47 (text inc). CEUs: 3.6.

Menopause: Straight Talk.

Aud: RNs/LPNs. Examines key concerns regarding
menopause, inc: hormone therapy and alternatives, risk
of heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer, hot flash-
es, mood swings, new research, assess risk factors and
goals/nursing intervention to help women take charge of
their own well-being. Fee: $43 (text inc). CEUs: 3.0.

Munchausen By Proxy.
Aud: RNs/LPNs. A critical examination of the disorder
Munchausen By Proxy: identification, intervention, and
case management issues for healthcare providers. Fee:
$51 (text inc). CEUs: 3.0.

Nursing Leadership and Management.

Aud: RNs/LPNs. This course examines the role of the
staff nurse as manager of patient care needing the
knowledge and skills necessary to make decisions relat-
ed to setting priorities, delegating responsibilities,
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 27

By law, it is the licensee’s responsibility to renew the
license within the 60 days prior to its expiration. The list September LPNs Gaul, Catherine T.; Dubuque, IA Mathis, Peggy; Waukon, IA Simons, Kathy Ann; West Point, IA
of licenses that expire in September, October, and Adams, Colette Michele; Des Moines, IA Gaunt, Audrey Lynne; Sioux Falls, SD McClellan, Teresa A.; Bayard, IA Sisneros, Raquel Joanne; Cedar Rapids,
November 2006 can be found in this issue. Please use the Gifford, Judith J.; New Hartford, IA McBee, Eunice Mae; Greentop, MO IA
Agu, Robyn D’lynne; Des Moines, IA
following schedule: Goater, Helen Louise; Goldfield, IA McKinney, Michelle; Carbon Cliff, IL Skellenger, Julie Ann; Fontanelle, IA
Akers, Melissa Ann; Walnut, IA
Licenses that expire September 15, 2006, are due by Allen, Maggie; Waterloo, IA Golberg, Katie Jean; Webster City, IA McLaughlin, Heather Marie; Council Smidt, Amy; Des Moines, IA
August 15, 2006, and can be renewed any time Allison, Kelly Leann; Spencer, IA Goodson, Catherine; Bloomfield, IA Bluffs, IA Smith, Clara M.; Toledo, IA
after July 15, 2006. Anderson, Sherry A.; Webster City, IA Gottsche, Melanie Agnes; Sioux City, IA Mefferd, Bonnie R.; Dunlap, IA Snowgren, Marsha Morrison; Jamaica, IA
Andreasen, Elaine F.; Van Meter, IA Greensky, Kathryn Mary; Buffalo Center, Meggers, Amy Suzanne; Marion, IA Spencer, Ethel Marie; Melbourne, IA
Licenses that expire October 15, 2006, are due by Messner, Courtney Jo; Corning, IA Spiegelhalter, Leslie Michelle; Cedar
Anthony, Tony; Sioux City, IA IA
September 15, 2006, and can be renewed any
Grinstead, Diane M.; Cedar Falls, IA Meyer, Vicki M.; Davenport, IA Rapids, IA
time after August 15, 2006. Arter, Linda Marie; Plano, IA
Atkins, Bonnie S.; Muscatine, IA Groen, Terry Ann; Marcus, IA Michael, Patricia; Grimes, IA Spitznogle, Jacqueline Lee; Muscatine, IA
Licenses that expire November 15, 2006, are due by Haak, Patricia Ann; Rock Valley, IA Mikeworth, Juliet W.; Inwood, IA Springer, Sarah Ann; Des Moines, IA
Ault, Ramona Carol; Council Bluffs, IA
October 15, 2006, and can be renewed any time Hall, Sarah Elizabeth; Hamilton, IL Miller, Debbie S.; Clear Lake, IA Spurgeon, Michelle Lynn; Cincinnati, IA
Avanti, Dyan; Rock Island, IL
after September 15, 2006. Handly, Beth Ann; Story City, IA Millette, Nancy K.; Urbandale, IA Stepanek, Sheila K.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Bachman, Marie Suzanne; Eldora, IA
Licensees are encouraged to renew over the Internet at Baker, Marea K.; Lawler, IA Hansen, Beth Marie; Exira, IA Mincy, Connie; West Des Moines, IA Stephens, Calista Kay; Creston, IA
the board’s Website at Balik, Sharon Kay; Cresco, IA Harbison, Kelli Lynn; Ollie, IA Mitchell, Jane A.; Council Bluffs, IA Stevens, Deana Ann; Boxholm, IA
Renewal over the Internet is reflected immediately in the Ball, Heidi J.; Glidden, IA Harman, Dawn Elise; Iowa City, IA Moen, Shelley Renee; Council Bluffs, IA Stoakes, Sherri D.; Gladbrook, IA
data base, so there are no delays to allow for human inter- Barker, Diann Michell; Kingman, AZ Harms, Audrey J.; Conrad, IA Montieth, Darlene A.; Knoxville, IA Stout, Ann Marie; New Sharon, IA
vention. Payment of the fee must be made by using Barnes, Sarah Marie; Monona, IA Harris, Davonna Marie; Des Moines, IA Mulcahy, Danielle Emily; West Des Stueve, Deloris I.; Mo Valley, IA
MasterCard or VISA, credit or debit card. Harrison, Hazel M.; Knoxville, IA Moines, IA Swanson, Eunice H.; Fulton, IL
Beauchamp, Mary Kathleen; Moorhead,
If you don’t have a credit card, you may enter the Hayes, Doris A.; East Dubuque, IL Mullins, Shelly Kay; Sidney, IA Taylor, Angela Sue; Ida Grove, IA
renewal information in the on-line licensure center, print IA
Becker, Kristin Sue; Nashua, IA Haynes, Beverly A.; Burlington, IA Musick, Patricia D.; Hopkins, MO Teepe, Jean A.; West Des Moines, IA
each page as you go, and then cancel the transaction when Heckert, Jane E.; Hazleton, IA Namanny, Michelle L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Thompson, Renee Sue; Burlington, IA
you are asked for credit card information. Then submit all Bellmann, Cynthia A.; Dubuque, IA
Bennar, Karen Jean; Moville, IA Heeren, Laura Sue; Paullina, IA Njoroge, Hilder Wairimu; Urbandale, IA Thompson, Joan A.; Cedar Falls, IA
the printed pages with the renewal fee in the form of a
Heitz, Jennifer Lea; Cedar Rapids, IA Nusser, Lisa Faye; Council Bluffs, IA Tigges, Julie A.; Defiance, IA
check or money order. Bennett, Cheryl M.; Ottumwa, IA
If you are unable to renew over the Internet, you may Bergan, Janis Claire; Council Bluffs, IA Hemann, Janine Louise; Osage, IA Ohms, Emily Ann; Scales Mound, IL Till, Karen L.; Maquoketa, IA
contact the board office, preferably in writing, to re- Bishop, Angela K.; Ankeny, IA Hendrickson, Sharon L.; Shenandoah, IA Olsen, Christopher Ryan; Atlantic, IA Toms, Angela Marie; Ankeny, IA
quest that a paper form be mailed to you. The mailing Blom, Joy; Manilla, IA Hesser, Pamela S.; Des Moines, IA Osborn, Jean A.; Sumner, IA Trail, Michaelene A.; Hornick, IA
address is: Iowa Board of Nursing, 400 SW 8th Street, Blunt, Monica Marie; Fort Dodge, IA Hinkle, Kelly Koann; Kansas City, KS Oswald, Shirley A.; Kalona, IA Trenkamp, Matthew John; Iowa City, IA
Suite B, Des Moines, IA 50309-4685. You may also Bollei, Rose Marie; Tiffin, IA Hinsch, Amy Lyn; Winterset, IA Padget, Meagan Nicole; Milton, IA Troester, Natalie Renae; Guttenberg, IA
request a paper renewal form by sending an e-mail to Bonnstetter, Cathleen K.; Milford, IA Hlubek, Tamara J.; Wabash, IN Paine, Kerry Ann; Brighton, MA Turner, Jamie J.; Bagley, IA, or faxing your request to 515- Boswell, Janeen M.; Lamoni, IA Hobart, Jessica May; Clarion, IA Palmer, Arlene F.; Perry, IA Twyford, Casey Christina; Gladbrook, IA
281-4825. Hodne, Lisa S.; Manilla, IA Papstein, Kim S.; Logan, IA Van Trump, Heather Renee; West Branch,
Brinker, Karen A.; Harlan, IA
Brockhoff, Kristina R.; Minden, IA Hruska, Brittany Ann; Urbandale, IA Pardall, Amy L.; Montrose, IA IA
Inactive Status
Brommer, Joyce E.; Sioux Ctr, IA Hudson, Lisa L.; Maxwell, IA Payne, Wesley Shoup; Cedar Falls, IA VanVoorst, Marcia K.; Sioux Center, IA
Licenses that are not renewed will automatically be Brooks, Sarah Darlene; Kahoka, MO Hunsaker, Suzanne; Fort Madison, IA Pezzetti, Gloria J. Kalbach; Dexter, IA VenTeicher, Ann T.; Strawberry Point, IA
placed on inactive status on the 16th of the month follow- Bruns, Jo A.; Randalia, IA Hutchinson, Tammy Marie; Missouri Pfadenhauer, Marsha L.; West Vonahnen, Mary A.; Rock Island, IL
ing the expiration of the license. Reactivating from inac- Valley, IA Burlington, IA Vorhees, Ann Elizabeth; Centerville, IA
Buck, Kari Lynn; Kewanee, IL
tive status currently requires a paper form from the Iowa Imler, April Suzanne; Lake Mills, IA Pfiffner, Robin Renee; Dubuque, IA Waddell, Jody; Spencer, IA
Burge, Julie A.; Boone, IA
Board of Nursing. Ingalls, Jacki L.; Bancroft, IA Phillips, Sue M.; Riverton, IA Wagaman, Terrill R.; Wilton, IA
Canady, Karen K.; Davenport, IA
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) Carlson, Tamera L.; Columbus Junction, Johnson, Bobbi Lynn; Evansdale, IA Pieper, Patty L.; Cedar Falls, IA Waggoner, Lilia Diane; Marshalltown, IA
Renewal Notice IA Jones, Adrienne Ruth; Ames, IA Pierce, Adam Porter; Kingsley, IA Walford, Judith J.; Johnston, IA
Christensen, Jessica Marie; Spencer, IA Jones, Heidi Denise; Muscatine, IA Plumley, Linda S.; Fulton, IL Walvatne, Shannon Marie; Parkersburg,
ARNP licensees CANNOT renew their license over the
Clark, Lori Sue; LaPorte City, IA Junge, Kimberly K.; Keystone, IA Pounds, Jean A.; Marengo, IA IA
Internet. ARNP renewal applications are mailed to the
licensee’s address of record sixty (60) days before expira- Clemensen, Cathy J.; Atkins, IA Kay, Toni Deanne; Underwood, IA Proffitt, Bambi Lynn; Creston, IA Warren, Roberta Lynn; Altoona, IA
tion. Please watch for the yellow application in the mail. Clute, Jennifer; Bonaparte, IA Kearse, Maranda Suzann; Keokuk, IA Pyle, Nancy J.; Hartley, IA Weishaar, Heather Marie; Fort Dodge, IA
If an application is not received please notify this office by Cole, Jennifer Starr; Waterloo, IA Keeler, Theresa Lorain; Gravity, IA Raap, Cindy C.; Davenport, IA Welch, Monica Jo; Ottumwa, IA
sending an e-mail to or calling Connard, Debra J.; Davenport, IA Kelley, Cynthia Ann; Lawton, IA Ralfs, Jessica Lynn; Walcott, IA Wetherell, Mary B.; Cedar Rapids, IA
515-281-6488. Conrad, Lisa Leigh; Fairfield, IA Kennedy, Maurine L.; Woodward, IA Randall, Linda K.; Ottumwa, IA Whaley, Janice Eulaine; Clarinda, IA
Cook, Tina Jean; Waterloo, IA Kerns, Pamela Ruth; Milford, IA Randolph, Marla; Colorado Springs, CO Whipple, Sandra K.; Hampton, IA
Continuing Education Kirkland, Lori; Cincinnati, IA Redenius, Kent; Humeston, IA Whitinger, Connie J.; Fairfax, IA
Cornelius, Beverly; Grundy Center, IA
The continuing education requirement for renewal of a Crane, Jolene; Moscow, IA Knop, Brooke Lee; Nevada, IA Reeves, Patricia A.; Stratford, IA Wiegand, Kristine Marie; Marshalltown,
three-year license is 36 contact hours (or 3.6 CEUs) com- Knop, Stacie; Emerson, IA Reichert, LaRae A.; Waterloo, IA IA
Cswercko, Jennifer Lynne; Fort Dodge, IA
pleted between the effective and expiration dates printed Koenck, Karen Lynette; Estherville, IA Reith, Lynne A.; Waterloo, IA Wilcox, Brian L.; Brooklyn, IA
on the license. The first time a license is renewed after ini- Culbertson, Kayce Lynn; Windsor
Heights, IA Kohlmeyer, Bobbie Sue; Evansdale, IA Richardson, Betty Pauline; Wilkins, Kristi Jo; Nora Springs, IA
tially being issued, or after a reactivation, the requirement Kolk, Jana Leeann; Adel, IA Crawfordsville, IA Williams, Debbie A.; Columbia, MO
is 24 contact hours (or 2.4 CEUs) because the expiring Dailey, Jana Lee; Creston, IA
Davis, Dawn Marie; Marshalltown, IA Konrardy, Jessica Idel; Dubuque, IA Richey, Melodie K.; Sioux City, IA Wilson, Pamela G.; Fulton, IL
license covered less than a full three years.
Davis, Martha B.; Sidney, IA Kouri, Jan E.; Des Moines, IA Ritenour, Kathy A.; Waterloo, IA Wilson, Patricia G.; Ida Grove, IA
Dean, Beverly J.; Newton, IA Kramer, Gwendolyn K.; Shell Rock, IA Riveira, Susan M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Wisner, Megan Marie; New Hampton, IA
DeGroot, Becky; Orange City, IA Krause, Michelle Lee; Waukee, IA Rivers, James F.; Council Bluffs, IA Wolthuizen, Sandra F.; Sheldon, IA
Derengowski, Katherine Darlene; Kresser, Marjorie A.; Waterloo, IA Robins, Carey Lynn; Osceola, IA Wood, Debra K.; Montrose, IA
Magnolia, IA Kriegel, Ashley Ann; Grinnell, IA Rogers, Jane M.; Cedar Falls, IA Wood, Christine Elizabeth; Bettendorf, IA
Determan, Ann F.; Mason City, IA Kruse, Nancy J.; Cushing, IA Rolfes, Julie A.; Des Moines, IA Woodford, Patsy D.; Davenport, IA
Deuitch, Dawn M.; Iowa City, IA Kuhns, Bonnie Jean; Saint Charles, IA Roll, Sharon L.; Davenport, IA Woods, Shannon Kay; Ankeny, IA
Dilaura, Dena M.; Ossian, IA Lane, Beth A.; Muscatine, IA Rosborough, Kevin Lynn; Davenport, IA Wulf, Penny Jeanine; Tipton, IA
Dittmer, Donell; Waverly, IA Lang, Cathy A.; La Motte, IA Rosi, Jenny Shambaugh; Iowa City, IA Wulke, Irma L.; Marshalltown, IA
Donnelly, Mary B.; Knoxville, IA Larsen, Nancy L.; Polk City, IA Ross, Jaime Anne; Denmark, IA York, Rebecca J.; Washington, IA
Doty, Jeremy Lee; Ricketts, IA Larsen, Tawnya Jo; Audubon, IA Rozeboom, Marcia K.; Inwood, IA Young, Carrie Ann; Anamosa, IA
Dovel, Deborah; Hamburg, IA Lawton, Linda J.; Davenport, IA Ryan, Kimberly K.; Le Mars, IA
Leas, Mary J.; Burlington, IA Sackett, Vicktoria Kristina; Newhall, IA October LPNs
Driscoll, Kelly K.; Clinton, IA
Drish, Marcia J.; Batavia, IA Ledding, Crystal Nadene; Maquoketa, IA Sackman, Stephanie L.; Hamilton, IL Abraham, Carol A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Duehr, Heidi Mari E.; Dubuque, IA Lewis, Teresa Lynn; Cushing, IA Sande, Jacqueline Marie; Fort Dodge, IA Ackerland, Christine L.; East Moline, IL
Eberle, Susan Louise; Grimes, IA Liddle, Kelly Alissa; East Dubuque, IL Schadl, Lisa M.; Dubuque, IA Adcock, Carol; Williamson, IA
Eden, Kimberly Ann; Mason City, IA Lobberecht, Sandra M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Schadle, Jane; Dubuque, IA Altman, Tammy Jean; Des Moines, IA
Eiffler, Tracy L.; Reinbeck, IA Loetz, Jo Donna; Pleasant Valley, IA Schafer, Georgeanna; Ottumwa, IA Anderson, Joan J.; Estherville, IA
Eland, Marilyn; Des Moines, IA Logsdon, Cynthia K.; Pleasant Hill, IA Schlitter, Connie J.; Vinton, IA Archer, Joan M.; Clinton, IA
Eliason, Linda G.; Tipton, IA Lord, Cheryl A.; Seymour, IA Schmidt, Amy Lee; West Bend, IA Armstrong, Beverly Ann; Kahoka, MO
Ellingson, Janet M.; Waukon, IA Luick, Kimberly Ann; Fairbank, IA Scholten, Mary Ellen; Rock Rapids, IA Arthofer, Madonna L.; Dubuque, IA
Endres, Patricia A.; Pacific Junction, IA Maclin, Yvonne Denise; Des Moines, IA Schroeder, Julie K.; Coon Rapids, IA Asani, Danielle Lynn; Dubuque, IA
Erickson, Ruth J.; Rutland, IA Madden, Darcy May; Mason City, IA Schulz, Jodie Kay; Osage, IA Asche, Thrieulia Mae; Eagle Grove, IA
Esser, Billie Jo; Rockford, IA Madsen, Susan M.; Mason City, IA Schutt, Lyn Marie; Council Bluffs, IA Ascher, Brandie Marie; Waverly, IA
Faith, Jami Deserae; New London, IA Mahn, Rodney; Creston, IA Seddon, Jennifer Marie; Bloomfield, IA Atkinson, Tonya L.; Ankeny, IA
Feldt, Elaine S.; Osage, IA Malenfant, Angela Lynne; Cedar Rapids, Sheets, Cheryl Ann; Wilton, IA Baldwin, Connie D.; Clarinda, IA
Ferrell, Kathryn; Erie, IL IA Shepherd, Darlene M.; Oskaloosa, IA Ball, Peggy L.; Wapello, IA
Fick, Lisa Kaye; Grinnell, IA Markert, Elizabeth; Manson, IA Shipman, Tamara L.; Wapello, IA Ballanger, Karen Lynn; Centerville, IA
Foss, Beckee Sue; Des Moines, IA Marsh, Amber Lea; Granger, IA Shriner, Kathleen A.; West Des Moines, IA Ballantyne, Charlene L. King; Stuart, IA
Fowler, Laura Ann; Vinton, IA Martin, Kathy Ann; Burlington, IA Shuck, John Gerhard; Sioux City, IA Balvanz, Sarah Elizabeth; Hiawatha, IA
Frye, Linda Lee; Muscatine, IA Mathews, Juanita F.; Pleasant Hill, IA Simmons, Katharine Brooke; Iowa City, Bartolo, Abigail Ann; Algona, IA
Furnish, Shayla Ann; Milan, MO Mathiesen, Jeffrey Allen; Council Bluffs, IA Baxter, Patricia Ann; Charles City, IA
Gaines, Cindie K.; Rock Port, MO IA Simmons, Sheila Rose; Sioux City, IA
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Page 28 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

OCTOBER LPNs Continued from page 27 Morris, Diane L.; Des Moines, IA Stork, Lois F.; New Hartford, IA Brown, Jackelyn Dawn; Centerville, IA Kehm, Sarah Marie; Fort Dodge, IA
Bell, Amy; Ames, IA Gray, Cheyenne Larae; Waterloo, IA Morris, Patricia J.; Council Bluffs, IA Stroner, Diana F.; Pella, IA Bruns, Jennifer Christy; Fort Dodge, IA Kelley, Jessica Renae; Sioux City, IA
Bellomy, Judy A.; Owatonna, MN Gray, Laura Ann; Carthage, IL Moylan, Peggy A.; Fort Madison, IA Strouse, Nancy Lenora; Waterloo, IA Bulman, Roberta M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Kelly, Angela Marie; Atlantic, IA
Benshoof, Vicki L.; Urbandale, IA Grebert, Mary L.; Clarinda, IA Mullins, Brenda Dee; Algona, IA Stuart, Sarah Beth; Villisca, IA Burger, Debra K.; Waterloo, IA Kinart, Angela Renee; Prairie City, IA
Bergstrom, Elaine M.; Mondamin, IA Green, Carlene Kay; Westboro, MO Nangle, Linda; Cedar Rapids, IA Suazo, Amanda; Leon, IA Burnett, Deborah Lynn; Marshalltown, IA Kirchner, Katrina Ann; Ottumwa, IA
Berns, Diane Sue; Waukon, IA Greenwood, Jean A.; Iowa City, IA Nece, Esther M.; Des Moines, IA Summerfield, Connie M.; Dunlap, IA Burton, Amber Marie; Des Moines, IA Klapp, Rebecca; Dows, IA
Birdsell, Tamara S.; Humboldt, IA Grimsley, Nancy J.; Avoca, IA Nelson, Shawna Lynn; Atkins, IA Sunderman, Elizabeth Anne; Sidney, IA Campbell, Kathryn Lavon; Waterloo, IA Klein, Dawn Marie; Logan, IA
Bixby, Diana L.; Morning Sun, IA Hagan, Margaret Kay; Sedalia, MO Nemmers, Kelly Jo; Bellevue, IA Sutton, Veronica L.; Dubuque, IA Chege, Zakaria Muigai; Coralville, IA Klein, Norma J.; Des Moines, IA
Blake, April Marie; Osage, IA Hammes, Annette M.; Altoona, IA Nguyen, Ngoc-Anh Thi; Sioux City, IA Szyszka, Laura Emily; Cedar Rapids, IA Chew, Angela Lyn; Murray, IA Klostermann, JoAnn M.; Dubuque, IA
Blunt, Jennifer Lynn; Glenwood, IA Hanselman, Debra A.; Luverne, IA Nichols, Jessica Lorraine; Gray, IA Taber, Marcia L.; Des Moines, IA Christensen, Jennifer E.; Grimes, IA Klug, Theresa Ann; North English, IA
Boettner, Elaine M.; Dubuque, IA Hanson, Sue A.; Laurens, IA Nichols, Judith H.; Fairfield, IA Thompson, Bonnie Lou; Pella, IA Churney, Cheryl A.; Davenport, IA Knouf, Krystal; Des Moines, IA
Boggs, Barbara J.; Clinton, IA Harberts, Merelyn L.; Hudson, IA Nicol, Tamara M.; Cedar Falls, IA Thompson, Vicky A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Clay, Wendy Sue; Sioux City, IA Koenig, Megan Marie; West Burlington,
Boots, Ann Marie; Cedar Rapids, IA Harms, Ann; Union, IA Nicola, Marna Catherine; Davenport, IA Thompson, Patricia E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Climer, Diane L.; Mason City, IA IA
Bornhoft, Jeanne Ann; Manilla, IA Hartman, Linda J.; Fort Dodge, IA Niebes, Lindsay Jo; Norway, IA Thorpe, Marcia R.; East Moline, IL Coleman, Rosemary J.; Laurens, IA Kopiasz, June Kay; Harlan, IA
Boyer, Patricia M.; Cherokee, IA Harvey, Paige Leigh; Marshalltown, IA Oakley, Andrea Barbette; Shellsburg, IA Thye, Brenda Irene; Burlington, IA Conover, Victoria L.; Montrose, IA Kriener, Mandy L.; Waucoma, IA
Bozwell, Dustin Cain; Iowa City, IA Haupert, Angeline C.; Dubuque, IA Olson, Elizabeth Anne; Strawberry Point, Tielbur, Vangie L.; Sioux Rapids, IA Corlew, Patricia A.; Blue Grass, IA Krips, Brooke Ann; Pocahontas, IA
Bragg, Sharon K.; Des Moines, IA Havermann, Agnes M.; Carroll, IA IA Treimer, Wanda R.; Wilton, IA Corrigan, Edward; Ottumwa, IA Kuipers, Seth Martin; Clarinda, IA
Brammer, Jennifer Shawn; Silver City, IA Hayes, Debra; Eldon, IA Oyadare, Sarah Atinuke; Sioux City, IA Turecek, Lori A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Countryman, Amanda Lee; Fairfield, IA Kurt, Amanda M.; East Dubuque, IL
Brown, Diana Lashondra; Waterloo, IA Heath, Sherry Lyn; Rogersville, MO Parks, Pauline M. Wilson-; Blue Grass, IA Vanatta, Mary Jo; Randolph, IA Cousins, Martha; Low Moor, IA Laine, Tina Marie; Dubuque, IA
Brown, Karen J.; Story City, IA Hedrick, Mary; Hampton, IA Paucean, Damiana; Dubuque, IA Vandenberg, Norma J.; Rock Valley, IA Cox, Cathy Rae; Knoxville, IA Laird, Julie; Waterloo, IA
Brugger, Patricia Ann; Bradford, IL Heid, Daniel; West Branch, IA Paulson, Yvonne D.; Duncombe, IA Varcoe, Becky S.; Estherville, IA Crabtree, Heather Lee; Davenport, IA Lamp, Holly Shirlee; Omaha, NE
Brus, Michele A.; Denison, IA Hemesath, Andrea Beth; Decorah, IA Pearson, Kimberly Ann; Oskaloosa, IA Vardaman, Lynnette S.; Clarinda, IA Cranston, Sandra Kay; Oskaloosa, IA Lantz, Evelyn M.; Marion, IA
Buckley, Barbara A.; Maurice, IA Hemmelrick, Lillian M.; Bradgate, IA Pecenka, Lindsay Marie; Boone, IA Vaughn, Crystal; Princeton, IA Crock, Judy A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Lee, Linda Joy; Allerton, IA
Buehler, Judith K.; Manson, IA Henkel, Carol R.; Vinton, IA Peet, Kirsten Ellen; Monticello, IA Vinson, Kristine M.; Fort Dodge, IA Crouch, Emily Ann; Anthon, IA Lee, Sara Anne; Seaside, CA
Bultman, Brenda Larae; Sioux City, IA Hill, Danielle Renee; Spencer, IA Peirce, Jeanette A.; Williamsburg, IA Wagenaar, Cathy L.; Sioux Center, IA Currie, Annie Lynn; Cedar Rapids, IA Lee, Judy R.; Mason City, IA
Carlson, Timothy J.; Des Moines, IA Hollis, Rochelle L.; Port Byron, IL Penning, Marguerite; Sioux City, IA Walker, Catherine M.; Wilton, IA Dahms, Pamela; Moline, IL Lentsch, Elizabeth; Wesley, IA
Coan, Jill M.; Iowa City, IA Holmes, Betty; Red Oak, IA Pickering, Carma L.; Harvey, IA Wallace, Lynn Renee; Iowa City, IA Danielson, Regina Lee; Bettendorf, IA Leytem, Nancy Ann; Cascade, IA
Coats, Sunshine Lynn; What Cheer, IA Hook, Beverly Ann; Corydon, IA Pierson, Judy A.; Sioux City, IA Watkins, Kimberly Sue; Cambridge, IA Davidson, Melissa Abigail; Springville, IA Lister, Douglas Allen; Ankeny, IA
Cockhren, Margaret L. Glass; Waterloo, IA Howard, Elizabeth Grace; Louisville, KY Pirc, Denise Ann; Dyersville, IA Weaver, Nichole M.; Lenox, IA Davis, Glee M.; West Des Moines, IA Loebsack, Sarah Emily; Iowa City, IA
Connor, Marte Ellen; Libertyville, IA Hurt, Elida R.; Rock Island, IL Poland, Lorraine M.; Sun City, AZ Webb, Jessica Marie; Oskaloosa, IA Deist, Catherine A.; Charles City, IA Loury, Melissa Lynn; Afton, IA
Cooper, Lori S.; Whiting, IA Irvine, Colleen Marie; Stanley, IA Postel, Kelly Kristin; Monticello, IA Wedeking, Kelly Mae; Plainfield, IA Demuth, Eleanor J.; Waverly, IA Lovetinsky, Janice M.; Oxford, IA
Copeland, Elizabeth Anne; Batavia, IA Irwin, Debra; Des Moines, IA Proffitt, Natalie; Bettendorf, IA Wedemeier, Jennifer Sue; Cedar Rapids, Dereus, Dixie L.; Kellogg, IA Ludwig, Joyce; Des Moines, IA
Cornilsen, Brenda Lynn; Clinton, IA Jackson, Kimberly A.; Burlington Pruess, Dionne; Floris, IA IA Dietze, Lauren B.; Marengo, IA Luna, Buffy Jean; Dubuque, IA
Covemaker, Judith A.; Moline, IL Junction, MO Pry, Reba; Le Mars, IA Weis, Yvonne L.; Webster City, IA Doran, Christine M.; Boone, IA Main, Darla J.; Corydon, IA
Crotts, Krystal; Fort Dodge, IA Jacoby, Kimberly Dawn; Clarinda, IA Railsback, Sara J.; Moline, IL Welsh, Kathleen A.; Iowa City, IA Duncan, Martha A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Marken, Bonnie K.; Clear Lake, IA
Crozier, Sharolyn; Mingo, IA Jamieson, Tracy Lynn; Denver, IA Ramsey, Annabelle; Marshalltown, IA Wescott, Bonnie L.; Arlington, IA Duteau, Robert Paul; Altoona, IA Mart, Leslie Ann; Terril, IA
Cuatlatl, Carrie Ann; Clinton, IA Jenkins, Melissa A.; Shellrock, IA Rinderknecht, Dixie R.; Newhall, IA Wessel, Pamela E.; Ida Grove, IA Duwenhoegger, Elizabeth A.; Adrian, MN Martin, Lindsay Dawn; Sioux City, IA
Current, Janelle Lynn; Altoona, IA Jensen, Janice Ilene; Marshalltown, IA Riniker, Katherine J.; Strawberry Point, IA Wiederien, Elizabeth A.; Dedham, IA Duzik, Teresa A.; Sioux City, IA Martin, Luke Tanner; Clarinda, IA
Dage, Sandra K.; Waukon, IA Jewett, Lisa; Ely, IA Rittel, Martina Michelle; Altoona, IA Willis, Brent M.; Westphalia, IA Eakins, Mary Ann Catherine; Grinnell, IA Massey, Jane E.; Moline, IL
Daugherty, Diane Lynn; Mechanicsville, Johnson, Kali Diane; Kahoka, MO Roder, Jill N.; Kingsley, IA Willison, Tina Michelle; Cedar Falls, IA Egunza, Walter Alan; Coralville, IA Mawdsley, Amy Ann; Burt, IA
IA Johnson, Vicky Lynn; Woolstock, IA Rogers, Elizabeth Jayne; Cedar Falls, IA Wills, Autumn Dee; Marion, IA England, Jennifer Lynne; Clearfield, IA Mayer, Diane L.; Mason City, IA
Daughtery, Mara Erin; Kahoka, MO Johnson, Jayla Sue; Mount Ayr, IA Rohrs, Beverly; Orange City, IA Wilson, Patricia M.; Council Bluffs, IA Fecht, Charlotte R.; Carthage, IL McCarty, Goldie V.; Chariton, IA
Davis, Jeannette L.; Sioux City, IA Jordan, Alison Christine; Turin, IA Rollins, Jeffrey M.; Webster City, IA Wilson, Sandra K.; Cedar Falls, IA Fernandez, Margarita; Thor, IA Mcconeghey, Jennifer L.; Waterloo, IA
Davis, Brenda L.; Mason City, IA Jordet, Nancy J.; Estherville, IA Rolston, Michelle M.; Clinton, IA Wilwerding, Kathleen L.; Defiance, IA Forehand, Linda A.; Grundy Center, IA Mccullough, Pamela F.; New Virginia, IA
DeLair, Jennifer Elizabeth; Sioux City, IA Jorgensen, Sara Jenilee Mari; Red Oak, IA Rosburg, Susan Ann; Monticello, IA Wingert, Deon; Carroll, IA Francis, Bonnie Jonella; Cedar Falls, IA McDonald, Marlys; Fayette, IA
Dermody, Richard Michael; Neola, IA Jungers, Shawn M.; Hartley, IA Rost, Dawn Marie; Waukee, IA Wittman, Julie Anne; Cedar Rapids, IA Frankl, Jean A.; Des Moines, IA Mclaughlin, Angela Mae; Cherokee, IA
Deshaw, Kathleen L.; Maquoketa, IA Kaiser, Kimberly A.; Waverly, IA Ruiter, Cynthia Jo; Clear Lake, IA Wolter, Regina Ann; Boone, IA Frost, Julie Ann; Gilbertville, IA McManigle, Pamela; Waucoma, IA
DeWitt, Lisa Kay; Camanche, IA Kannas, Mary Lois; Corning, IA Rupe Snyder, Ila J.; Batavia, IA Woods, Elizabeth Delores; Bloomfield, IA Gallo, Angela Tara; Cedar Rapids, IA Mcomber, Jennifer J.; Ames, IA
Deyoung, Joanne R.; Corning, IA Kearns, Linda S.; Vinton, IA Rutto, Elizabeth; Des Moines, IA Worth, Elizabeth R.; Hartley, IA Gameon, Judy A.; Burlington, IA McPherson, Barbara J.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Dickerson, Deborah; Griswold, IA Kerr, Sheila; Mount Pleasant, IA Salazar, Carla L.; Columbus City, IA Wymore, Lindsay Elizabeth; Mason City, Garmoe, Linda; Burlington, IA McVay, Misty Nicholle; Humboldt, IA
Dietze, Laura Marie; Keota, IA King, Kristine M.; Lucas, IA Samuelson, Lezlie J.; Cherokee, IA IA Garvin, Patricia M.; Cedar Falls, IA Mega, Susan M.; Northwood, IA
Diischer, Charmaine L.; Pocahontas, IA Kinzie, Dawn Marie; Perry, IA Sanculi, Brianna Rae; Emmetsburg, IA Young, Gloria E.; Sioux City, IA Gaylord, Judith A.; New London, IA Mellon, Toni; Evansdale, IA
Doane, Carol; Little Cedar, IA Kleinman, Kari Ann; Pulaski, IA Saunders, Joan P.; Breda, IA Youngblut, Sharon G.; Clear Lake, IA Givant, Shirley; Winterset, IA Melvin, Marvel Marie; Blockton, IA
Dorethy, Elaina K.; Lovilia, IA Kosek, Andrea Marie; Fort Stewart, GA Schadl, Amy Marie; Dubuque, IA Zaugg, Julie A.; West Bend, IA Glenn, Valerie; Northboro, IA Metzger, Harriet K.; Alvord, IA
Drella, Rosalinda; State Center, IA Kraus, Kathryn Sue; Cascade, IA Schaefer, Jeanne A.; Raymond, IA Zenner, Mary A.; Sac City, IA Glover, Brandi Holm; Sioux City, IA Milbrandt, Pamela D.; Storm Lake, IA
Dye, Pearl Leah; Des Moines, IA Kuba, Melissa Ann; Cedar Rapids, IA Schear, Marlene R.; Charles City, IA Goben, Jessica Lynn; Chariton, IA Millard, Kim Antoinette; Waterloo, IA
Edwards, Lindia M.; Clarinda, IA Kuecker, Constance Marie; Tripoli, IA Schebaum, Mandy Lynn; Sidney, IA November LPNs Golik, Nancy D.; Indianola, IA Miller, Robin Marie; Cedar Rapids, IA
Edwards, Sandra J.; Marshalltown, IA Kueter, Tracy Jo; Bellevue, IA Scherer, Jamie Lynn; Batavia, IA Abel, Thomas Brent; West Branch, IA Graves, Kathy Ann; Dubuque, IA Millman, Angela Lynn; Saint Donatus, IA
Eichenberger, Becky; New Hampton, IA Landstrum, Sharon Kay; Gibson, IA Schlesner, Kristie S.; Auburn, IA Ade, Court; Des Moines, IA Green, Barbara M.; Dubuque, IA Molyneux, Leia J. White-; Gibson, IA
Elliott, Megan Francies; Dow City, IA Larsen, Barbara Jo; Cresco, IA Schlicht, Judith A.; Des Moines, IA Adelmund, Alicia Sue; Marshalltown, IA Greenwood, Lisa; Norwalk, IA Montour, Mary L.; Marion, IA
Elwell, Joann Kay; Charter Oak, IA Leas, Tonya R.; Monona, IA Schon, Joleen Marcella; Cedar Rapids, IA Agne, Sandra S.; Tipton, IA Griffin, Linda J.; Spencer, IA Mooney, Michelle Lynn; Ankeny, IA
Engle, Cindy J.; Bloomfield, IA Lehman, Doris Louise; Grinnell, IA Schultes, Jill Marie; Carroll, IA Albrecht, Maryce J.; Ames, IA Grimsley, Lindee Marie; Sioux City, IA Muhamedagic, Zlata; Waterloo, IA
Epperson, Sarah Ann; Creston, IA Lehmann, Frances Elizabeth; Boone, IA Schumacher, Carol Ann; Marengo, IA Alspaugh, Clyde William; Newton, IA Grinhaug, Kathy Lynn; Cresco, IA Munn, Ruth W.; Story City, IA
Esser, Julie M.; Woodbine, IA Lenz, Roxanne Lea; Stanley, IA Schumann, Christine Marie; Chariton, IA Amick, Michelle Lynn; Bronson, IA Gruhn, Mary Lee; Manning, IA Muturi, Raxana Wanjiru; Iowa City, IA
Etcher, Jeanne M.; Indianola, IA Lewis, Mary Alesia; Missouri Valley, IA Schutjer, Brenda; Woden, IA Amling, Frank Phillip; Garber, IA Hadley, Amy Lin; Osceola, IA Myers, Brenda J.; Pilot Mound, IA
Everett, Teresa L.; Cedar Falls, IA Lilly, Delilah Anne; Newton, IA Scott, Terri Lee; Sioux City, IA Amos, Melissa; Chariton, IA Hansen, Lorie A.; Kanawha, IA Neiderhiser, Cynthia Diana; Carter Lake,
Fairchild, Erica L.; Davenport, IA Loftsgard, Theodore Orven; Decorah, IA Sellars, Karen Marie; Maquoketa, IA Anderson, Alisha Lynn; Tipton, IA Hardersen, Shirley A.; Monticello, IA IA
Ferguson, Tanya L.; Council Bluffs, IA Lown, Lindsey Nicole; Coralville, IA Selusi, Christopher A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Antons, Dena Marie; Boone, IA Hartmann, Susan Patricia; Cedar Rapids, Nelson, Carla A.; Ute, IA
Fern, Janet M.; Dubuque, IA Lundberg, Francine L.; Marathon, IA Shelangoski, Karen J.; Davenport, IA Atkinson, Diana Kay; Wellman, IA IA Neumann, Maureen K.; Denison, IA
Ferris, Michael Shawn; Sioux City, IA Lunsford, Chalsie Lenae; West Branch, IA Shenk, Sara M.; Wellman, IA Austin, Erin A.; Warsaw, IL Hassebroek, Tara Ellen; Dike, IA Nichols, Kelly Lynn; Stronghurst, IL
Ferry, Cheryl M.; Harlan, IA Lynch, Jean M.; Cascade, IA Sherburne, Melissa Sue; Cedar Falls, IA Bacot, Ann; Des Moines, IA Haugh, Clarissa Sue; Cedar Falls, IA Noe, Lisa Ann; Bloomfield, IA
Ferry, Carolyn; Eagle Grove, IA Mabe, Jennifer Lynn; West Des Moines, Shore, Marilyn D.; Clarinda, IA Baker, Barbara Jean; Beaman, IA Hauser, Mollie J.; Masonville, IA Nolan, Tina Marie; Des Moines, IA
Finch, Dawn Lynette; Carroll, IA IA Simmons, Delia Anne; Eldora, IA Baker, Mary Frances; Clearfield, IA Heredia, Phyllis Margaret; North Liberty, Norem, Barbara Jean; Ocheyedan, IA
Finger, Gail M.; Waterloo, IA Madsen, Shellie L.; Audubon, IA Slater, Sara Estella; Winterset, IA Ballard, Suzann M.; Ladora, IA IA Northway, Lorraine S.; Runnells, IA
Fogt, Maricelda; Marshalltown, IA Marshall, Annette; Glenwood, IA Slaughter, Mary; Colona, IL Barclay, Linda K.; Muscatine, IA Hill, Angi R.; Arnolds Park, IA O Donnell, Donna J.; Clarinda, IA
Foreman, Mary J. Baker-; Glenwood, IA Martin, Leia Marie; Cedar Rapids, IA Sloss, Janiece I.; Perry, IA Barrera, Abigail; Cedar Rapids, IA Hoffman, Nicole Annette; Diagonal, IA Oberhelman, Doris L.; Council Bluffs, IA
Fouch, Erica Rae; Rushmore, MN Mauss, Janet A.; New Albin, IA Smith, Courtney Ann; Agency, IA Beason, Linda L.; New Market, IA Hoogestraat, Amy Lyn; Carroll, IA Obrien, Frances Kay; Des Moines, IA
Fowler, Brandi Leigh; Grinnell, IA Mccoy, Joan C.; Lanesboro, IA Smith, Kimberly Kaye; Cedar Falls, IA Becker, Cindy L.; Watkins, IA Horn, Mandy Catherine; Le Mars, IA Ondrashek, Susan K.; Fort Atkinson, IA
Frederick, Christina Mae; Des Moines, IA Mccoy, Marcia L.; De Witt, IA Smouse, Gary Martin; Exira, IA Bement, Karen A.; Elgin, IA Horn, Kelly Rae; Cedar Rapids, IA Onken, Jennifer L.; East Dubuque, IL
Fugate, Laura; Central City, IA McCracken, Linda; Oklahoma City, OK Sodders, Janna L.; Ellsworth, IA Bennett, Judith A.; Council Bluffs, IA Hoskins, Brenda Marie; Brooklyn, IA Padilla, Michele; Cedar Rapids, IA
Funk, Brooke Michelle; Red Oak, IA McDermott, Jessica Sue; Dubuque, IA Sollazzo, Nancy Marie; Underwood, IA Benz, Cathy R.; Evansdale, IA Hougen, Julie K.; Ridgeway, IA Paez, Kathryn E.; Shenandoah, IA
Funk, Nancy J.; Dallas Center, IA McDonald, Cindy Lee; Adel, IA Sonderberg, Cassandra Lavoy; Muscatine, Bernhardt, Elsie M.; Albert City, IA Howell, Lorrie J.; Clarion, IA Parker, Jodi Lynn; Waukee, IA
Gebhardt, Jill Deann; Waterloo, IA McDonnell, Lucia C.; Low Moor, IA IA Beutel, Sheila Kay; Bloomfield, IA Huffman, Julie Anna; Chesapeake; VA Paulson, Diane M.; Odebolt, IA
Genung, Penny L.; Cordova, IL McElroy, Robin R.; Overland Park, KS Sorensen, Emily Ann; Avoca, IA Bjorklund, Toni S.; Marathon, IA Hustosky, Vicki L.; Coralville, IA Peek Conder, Debra; Ottumwa, IA
Gerleman, Marlys E.; Charles City, IA McGregor, Melanie Jayne; Luverne, IA Sproule, Robert Allen; Boone, IA Blackketter, Valerie Ann; Geneseo, IL Hysell, Carletta; Des Moines, IA Peterson, Malissa Delight; Sioux City, IA
Gibson, Beverly J.; Centerville, IA McKeighan, Marilyn A.; Missouri Valley, Spruill, Sheryl Kay; Des Moines, IA Blackmon, Barbara J.; Evansdale, IA Irwin, Ruth M.; Grand Mound, IA Peterson, Rosalind F.; Burlington, IA
Gibson, Evelyn M.; Clarinda, IA IA Stark, Angelina Renee; Luzerne, IA Blair, Wanda J.; Sutherland, IA Jensen, Georgette Willena; Warner Petitt, Michael L.; Marshalltown, IA
Gilbert, Shari Lyn; Cedar Rapids, IA Medd, Michael Allen; Aledo, IL Steinhauser, Linda M.; Indianola, IA Bockenstedt, Dula K.; Colesburg, IA Robins, GA Plenge, Vina Kay; Kahoka, MO
Glaspie, Paulette R.; Waterloo, IA Meister, Jacqueline J.; Lake View, IA Steinkamp, Jean; Boone, IA Boeckenstedt, Margaret M.; Cedar Johnson, Carolyn Kay; Sioux City, IA Poland, Karen Marie; Cedar Falls, IA
Glattfelder, Brandy Jo; Delta, IA Meyer, Michelle Marie; Wayland, IA Steinkuehler, Samantha Lea; Logan, IA Rapids, IA Johnson, Jennifer Rey; Hospers, IA Porter, Sarah Jane; Bloomfield, IA
Godfrey, Linda K. Burkgren; Mason City, Meyers, Staci J.; Grundy Center, IA Stevens, Barbara R.; Davenport, IA Bothwell, Angela L.; Onawa, IA Johnson, Catrina; Rock Island, IL Powell, Michelle Ann; Clearfield, IA
IA Miller, Virginia Ann; Readlyn, IA Stewart, Lou Anne; Cedar Rapids, IA Bradley, Janice Ruth; Des Moines, IA Johnson, Cynthia A.; Calumet, IA Puente, Elizabeth Ann; Iowa Falls, IA
Goettsch, Gerane E.; Holstein, IA Mitchell, Wendy; Hornick, IA Stille, Jeni A.; Spencer, IA Brissette, Richard Wayne; Parkersburg, IA Johnson, Susan J.; Muscatine, IA Radcliff, Linda J.; Mason City, IA
Gorter, Kathy Jolene; Doon, IA Moes, Sandra J.; Davenport, IA Stoneman, Robin K.; Waterloo, IA Britcher, Patricia Ann; Pleasant Hill, IA Kalumbi, Christina; West Des Moines, IA Continued on page 29
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 29

NOVEMBER LPNs Continued from page 28 Abramo, Susan; Sioux City, IA Ball, Teresa; Jefferson, IA Brodersen, Lisa D.; Cedar Falls, IA Cox, Julie L.; Davenport, IA
Reding, Carol G.; Leclaire, IA Stephenson, Rachel Marie; Cedar Rapids, Ackerman, Helen E.; Cedar Falls, IA Ball, Bonnie Lou; Tiffin, IA Brom, Mary Kaye; Altoona, IA Coy, Jane A.; Ankeny, IA
Reed, Mary; Cherokee, IA IA Ackerman, Rebecca L.; West Des Moines, Ballou, Wendy K.; Bettendorf, IA Brookhart, Christine A.; Bettendorf, IA Crabb, Lisa L.; Des Moines, IA
Reefer, Danette L.; Algona, IA Stevenson, Diane M.; Sioux City, IA IA Banks, Stephanie Joy; Mason City, IA Brown, Candi C. Haye-; Marshalltown, IA Craig, Mary Beth; West Des Moines, IA
Reints, Delores; Dysart, IA Strand, Lori L.; Glenwood, IA Adams, Michael Raymond; Milan, IL Barcelona, Michelle R.; Albert Lea, MN Brown, Lori L.; Moline, IL Cramblit, Lynn A.; Bondurant, IA
Resczenko, Patricia Kaye; Oskaloosa, IA Swank, Kendra Lea; Pleasantville, IA Adams, Janis M.; Waukee, IA Barclay, Bethene Renee; Mapleton, IA Brown, Suzanne Renea; Chisago City, MN Crampton, Jacqueline Lee; Vail, IA
Ries, Lori A.; Edgewood, IA Swieter, Colette May; Iowa Falls, IA Adamson, Sandra S.; Elizabeth, IL Barfuss, Heidi; Coralville, IA Brown, Carol L.; Corydon, IA Crandall, Pauline M.; Iowa City, IA
Rogers, Shirley Ann; Waterloo, IA Sykora, Tina M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Alitz, Tasha S.; Roland, IA Barinsky, Cynthia M.; Ottumwa, IA Brown, Janelle M.; Sioux City, IA Crawford, Mildred J.; Fort Dodge, IA
Roush, Nancy Sue; Keosauqua, IA Tallmon, Virginia Louise; Creston, IA Allen, Marcia E.; Clive, IA Barnett, Shawna; West Des Moines, IA Brown, Mary M. Vogel-; Ankeny, IA Crawford, Rebecca Sue; Walford, IA
Roustio, Sara W.; Des Moines, IA Thomas, Cynthia K.; Farmington, IA Alm, Twyla J.; Camanche, IA Barr, Brenda A.; Grinnell, IA Brown, Ragena Mae; Chariton, IA Creamer, Peggy Diane; Wilton, IA
Rumelhart, Katherine M.; New London, Thompson, Linda G.; Davenport, IA Altenhofen, Thomas J.; Kellogg, IA Barth, Patricia S.; Pierson, IA Brown, Ronda J.; Sioux City, IA Cregeen, Amanda Kay; Perry, IA
IA Tifft, Donna Rae; Spirit Lake, IA Ambroson, Rosemary K.; Alleman, IA Bartlett, Sara; Solon, IA Bruck, Marilyn F.; Dubuque, IA Crozier, Barbara J.; Knoxville, IA
Ruter, Wanda F.; Kanawha, IA Toland, Mary Ann; Wapello, IA Amundsen, Kelly Rae; Mitchellville, IA Bartlett, Robin R.; Titonka, IA Bruegger, Cynthia J.; Moline, IL Culbertson, Linda Gayle; Cedar Falls, IA
Sandvik, Georgia Dimitra; Cedar Falls, IA Torkelson, Lisa Ann; Wadena, IA Anderson, Bruce T.; Solon, IA Bartusek, Teresa L.; Tama, IA Brumund, Mariah M. Sharkey-; Cullen, Laura M.; Iowa City, IA
Sangster, Jennifer Sue; Granbury; TX Totemeier, Julia P.; New London, IA Anderson, Mary Ann; East Moline, IL Baryo, Mary; Sioux City, IA Sacramento, CA Culp, Kennith R.; Iowa City, IA
Schelling, Wilhelmina R.; Sioux Center, IA Toussaint, Katrina Barbara; Cedar Falls, IA Anderson, Bobbi Jo; Dakota Dunes, SD Bass, Carla Sue; Eagle Grove, IA Brune, Rosemary; West Burlington, IA Cumberland, Robin J.; Council Bluffs, IA
Schipull, Jayne L.; Goldfield, IA Tripp, Elizabeth Marie; Warsaw, IL Anderson, Rita; Northwood, IA Bates, Roxanne L.; Peru, IA Bruns, Nancy S.; Jolley, IA Cutkomp, Kimberly Marie; Davenport, IA
Schleisman, Joni Ann; Emmetsburg, IA Tripp, Jan Marie; Niota, IL Anderson, Stephanie C.; Marion, IA Bathen, Larry Edwin; Dunkerton, IA Buck, Gwen E.; Creston, IA Dailey, Lorraine; Knoxville, IA
Schlumbohm, Beth Ann; Hawarden, IA Tully, Angela R.; West Des Moines, IA Anderson, Teresa A.; Waterloo, IA Battani, Gina; West Des Moines, IA Bucklin, Linda L.; Altoona, IA Dal Ponte, Brenda Gayle; Centerville, IA
Schmelling, Debra J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Turner, Lisa; Keithsburg, IL Andorf, Sandra J.; Waterloo, IA Bauler, Lois M.; Le Mars, IA Budde, Lisa; Des Moines, IA Daleske, Robert L.; Evansdale, IA
Schmitt, Debra; Charles City, IA Twigg, Jennifer Marie; Guthrie Center, IA Andreasen, Lara Elizabeth; Mount Baxter, Mary E.; Forest City, IA Buehrer, Lorraine Marie; West Des Dalton, Wendy Michelle; Coralville, IA
Schmitt, Simone L.; Charles City, IA VanderHamm, Elizabeth Anne; Marion, Pleasant, IA Beall, Denise; Bloomfield, IA Moines, IA Danielson, Jeffrey John; Iowa City, IA
Schreck, Christie Lynn; Hudson, IA IA Andresen, Stacey L.; Kellerton, IA Beaman, LeRoy E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Bullard, Jean A.; Iowa City, IA Davey, Lauri Ann; Leon, IA
Schropp, Jennifer Rebecca; Parnell, IA Vanderlinden, Siegrid; Tracy, IA Apel, Diane; Lisbon, IA Beattie, Melissa Ann; Waterloo, IA Buluma, Linda Roselyne; Cedar Rapids, Davidson, Tara Elizabeth; Bloomfield, IA
Schulmeister, Michelle Lee; Oelwein, IA Vavroch, Kathy Ann; Gladbrook, IA Arends, Danielle Joy; Sioux City, IA Becker, Tina Louise; Gilbert, IA IA Davis, Cynthia L.; Belleair, FL
Schwartz, Danette; Independence, IA Vergith, Stacie Ann; Spencer, IA Arensdorf, Sally E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Bedford, Elizabeth M.; Davenport, IA Burdge, Diane E.; Coin, IA Davis, Annette Dawn; Luana, IA
Seeden, Suzanne Mary; Glidden, IA Vortherms, Carol Jean; Sioux City, IA Arkfeld, Diane R.; Manning, IA Beekman, Cynthia S.; Humboldt, IA Burk, Dixie Lea; Cedar Falls, IA Davison, Lisa Lynn; Davenport, IA
Seeger, Mary J.; State Center, IA Walker, Reta M.; Revere, MO Arnburg, Trisha Ann; Sioux City, IA Beener, Kathren Marie; Monroe, IA Burkert, Jennifer Lee; Cedar Rapids, IA Dean, Linda Sue; Melvin, IA
Seitz, Julie Kaye; Gladstone, IL Walker, Tammy Rae; Atkins, IA Ashbrook, Julie Ann; Manson, IA Behlke, Wendy L.; Iowa City, IA Burkett, Nina E.; Grinnell, IA Debruyn, Carol A.; Long Grove, IA
Selvy, Heather Mae; Fairfield, IA Walter, Deborah J.; Grundy Center, IA Askvig, Linda; Goldfield, IA Beightol, Judy A.; Glenwood, IA Burkhow, Laura; Vinton, IA Delperdang, Julie A.; Okoboji, IA
Shambo, Debra A.; Clinton, IA Ward, Lori J.; Newton, IA Asmus, Peggy S.; Osceola, IA Bell, Jo Ann; Iowa City, IA Burmeister, Debra L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Dengler, Jimsey A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Shepherd, Sara Katherine; Coralville, IA Ward, Sharon K.; Milford, IA Aubry, John C.; Bertram, IA Bell, Nina L.; Keokuk, IA Bursch, Heide C.; Iowa City, IA Denny, Jane Marie; Sigourney, IA
Sidles, Constance R.; Terril, IA Washington, Toni Angela; Davenport, IA Austin, Maggie Mae; Cedar Falls, IA Bellis, McKayla Kathern; Fairbank, IA Buster, Trudy Maria; North Liberty, IA Denton, Rebecca J.; Greenfield, IA
Siegrist, Jane A.; Fort Madison, IA Watson, Sylvia Estela; East Moline, IL Austin, Lisa A.; Williamsburg, IA Belzer, Mashell L.; Wapello, IA Butrum, Cherie Anne; Stratford, IA Determan, Lisa Anne; Clinton, IA
Siemieniewski, Jessica Nichole; Mount Watts, Debbie; Curlew, IA Ayres, Gail M.; Ridgeway, IA Bender, Thomas Ronald; Bettendorf, IA Buttercase, Jennifer Dawn; New Market, Deutmeyer, Tarilee A.; Junction City, KS
Pleasant, IA Weekley, Diana L.; Dysart, IA Baccam, Somphong; Des Moines, IA Bender, Linda S.; Centerville, IA IA DeVooght, Alicia Anne; Rock Island, IL
Simons, Stephanie Marie; Waterloo, IA Weihs, Janice L.; Portsmouth, IA Bacon, Jean Eneatha; Monona, IA Bennett, Patricia A.; Centerville, IA Buzzell, Gayle L.; Des Moines, IA DeYoung, Jayanne R.; Corning, IA
Slinger, Tina Lee; Charles City, IA West, Becky K.; Centerville, IA Baddeloo, Cindy L.; West Des Moines, IA Bennett, Rhonda Jane; Kelley, IA Byrne, Maryann; Webster City, IA Dial, Mary K.; Des Moines, IA
Smith, Christy L.; Creston, IA Wisehart, Sara L.; Carthage, IL Baier, Kimberley Anne; Sergeant Bluff, IA Berends, Holly Lynn; Hartley, IA Byrnes, Colleen Bridget; Osage, IA Dick, Ronalda A.; Earlham, IA
Smith, Lindsay Victoria; Oakland, IA Yoon, Okjoo; Ames, IA Baker, Charlene L.; Solon, IA Bernard, Laura Rae; Webster City, IA Cacek, Carol A.; Ruthven, IA Dillie, Judy L.; Joy, IL
Smith, Melinda; DeSoto, IA Baker, Nancy Lee; Marion, IA Bernier, Katherine T.; Davenport, IA Caffery, Lisa K.; Davenport, IA Dillinger, Sandra L.; Indianola, IA
Sorensen, Tammie Jo; Nevada, IA September RNs Baker, Teresa M.; Fort Madison, IA Bertelsen, Deborah A.; Exira, IA Cain, Mary L.; Shell Rock, IA Dolan, Carrie B.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Stanek, Merrie E. Sellers-; Winona, MN Aasland, Paula J.; Lake Mills, IA Balderas, Melinda Incognito; Sioux City, Best, Robert G.; Des Moines, IA Callahan, Barbara A.; Dubuque, IA Dorsey, Kelli Jo; Northwood, IA
Stanley, Peggy L.; West Des Moines, IA Abell, Terri S.; Keokuk, IA IA Beswick, Kaywyn J.; Morrison, IL Calvert, Patricia; Sioux City, IA Douglas, Carol L.; Oskaloosa, IA
Stapleford, Robyn L.; Ankeny, IA Ables, Claudette Marie; Albia, IA Balik, Sharon Kay; Cresco, IA Bickel, Robyn Rae; Diagonal, IA Cameron, Rochelle Ann; Winterset, IA Dow, Denise J.; Rockford, IA
Ball, Heidi J.; Glidden, IA Bieber, Kelijo; Anamosa, IA Campbell, Julie Kathryn; Moline, IL Dowling, Kimberly; Sidney, IA
Bierstedt, Jane H.; Spirit Lake, IA Campbell, Kenneth D.; Mount Ayr, IA Downey, Angela; Cherokee, IA
Binder, Jennifer Lee; Rockford, IL Campbell, Maureen E.; Albia, IA Downey, Marlene L.; Milledgeville, IL
Binder, Connie S.; Blue Grass, IA Carew, Michael; Clear Lake, IA Downing, Jay Michael; Milford, IA
Binning, Stephanie; Storm Lake, IA Carson, Diane Kay; Ely, IA Downing, Tanya Nicole; Creston, IA
Birchmier, Marti R.; Maxwell, IA Carson, Emily; Marshalltown, IA Doyle, Christine L.; Pella, IA
Bird, Lavern John; Dubuque, IA Carstens, Tracy A.; Long Grove, IA Draheim, Marcia D.; Lisbon, IA
Bird, Leslie W.; Lutz, FL Cart, Patricia D.; Lisbon, IA Drake, Shellie J.; Des Moines, IA
Birkett, Nicole Lynn; Fort Dodge, IA Carter, Barbara Meyhoefer; Prior Lake, Drapeau, Jolene M.; Bellevue, IA
Bittinger, Joan Cecilia; Dubuque, IA MN Driscoll, Jennifer Rebecca; Cedar Falls, IA
Bix, Daphne L.; Coin, IA Carter, Karen L.; Davenport, IA Drzycimski, Kelly A.; Ames, IA
Black, Jennifer Lynn; Sioux City, IA Casko, Roberta Brickley; Iowa City, IA Duesenberg, Stephanie D.; Clear Lake, IA
Blair, Danny J.; Newhall, IA Cate, Teresa A.; Spencer, IA Dunkin, Christine Anne; Grand Mound, IA
Bleil, Lana F.; Kingsley, IA Caylor, Carrolyn L.; Des Moines, IA Dunn, Debra R.; Fort Madison, IA
Bliven, Kenneth V.; Sioux City, IA Cerwinske, Kathy S.; Nashua, IA Durbin, Carolyn K.; Linden, IA
Blixt, Lisa Ann; Moline, IL Chapman, Gretchen; Clarence, IA Dykstra, Denise L.; Boone, IA
Blutt, Jeanne M.; Des Moines, IA Charbonneaux, Janice Marie; Britt, IA Eastman, Tracy Lynn; Ames, IA
Boardman, Wendy S.; Iowa City, IA Charkowski, Mary C.; Cedar Rapids, IA Ebaugh, Steven Ray; Blaine, MN
Boat, Pamela J.; Pella, IA Cherrico, Mary H.; Cedar Rapids, IA Eberle, Susan Louise; Grimes, IA
Bock, Tonya L.; Gilbert, IA Child, Priscilla Lynn; Milan, IL Eberle, Karen A.; Sioux City, IA
Boerhave, Renea D.; Ashton, IA Chiprez, Sue E.; Burlington, IA Eccher, Laura; Fonda, IA
Boes, Judith R.; Adel, IA Christensen, Bonnie M.; Tanana, AK Eckard, Cookie Kingery; Earlham, IA
Bogenreif, Lori L.; Sioux City, IA Christy, Mary C.; Oxford, IA Eckels, Loretta; Murray, IA
Bohler, Gina Marie; Johnston, IA Church, Ilene K.; Chariton, IA Eddy, Judith E.; Polk City, IA
Bohm, Reka R.; Lake View, IA Churchill, Tammy P.; Johnston, IA Edge, Susan L.; Adel, IA
Bohrman, Kelly Ann; Mount Pleasant, IA Clapp, Tracy E.; Iowa City, IA Edwards, Jennifer L.; Davenport, IA
Bolles, Pamela; Prairie City, IA Clark, Denise L.; Boone, IA Ehlinger, Michelle Lynea; Epworth, IA
Bollinger, Jane E.H.; West Des Moines, IA Clark, Genevieve L.; Davis City, IA Eilers, Molly Jane; Cedar Rapids, IA
Bombela, Cindy A.; Runnells, IA Clark, Paula Sue; Fort Madison, IA Ejiasi, Godwin E.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Bonar, Joni Renee; Fairfield, IA Clark, Susan F.; Adel, IA Ekart, Larry D.; Des Moines, IA
Bonnett, Vicki L.; Indianola, IA Clark, Tanya Sue; Des Moines, IA Elcock, Taryn Denise; West Des Moines,
Book, Mary A.; Vinton, IA Clark, Mary K.; Sioux City, IA IA
Boore, Jayne M.; Davenport, IA Closser, Phyllis M.; Des Moines, IA Elder, Connie L.; Marion, IA
Borgwardt, Claire M.; Clinton, IA Coen, Mary C.; Creston, IA Elliott, Barbara Lynn; Port Byron, IL
Borth, Elizabeth; Spencer, IA Cogil, Kathleen Joy; Washington, DC Elsbury, Ellen M.; Osage, IA
Bosley, Jolene L.; Des Moines, IA Cole, Linda L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Elsken, Deborah L.; Missouri Valley, IA
Bovenmyer, Chanda Marie; Gladbrook, IA Collins, Susan A.; Iowa City, IA Enterline, Mary Jo; Des Moines, IA
Bower, Amy Ann; Cedar Rapids, IA Conlan, Lisa; Bettendorf, IA Erickson, Susan R.; Belmond, IA
Boyer, Tammi K.; Clinton, IA Connell, Mary E.; Waterloo, IA Erickson, Teresa; Panora, IA
Boyer, Wendy L.; Bettendorf, IA Conover, Tammy L.; Quimby, IA Erlbacher, Joan Mary; Earling, IA
Boylan, Margie L.; Shenandoah, IA Conry, Melinda S.; Denver, IA Ernst, Jane A.; Greenfield, IA
Braatz, Bonnie J.; West Des Moines, IA Cook, Kerri Lynne; Urbandale, IA Erskine, Willma J.; Sioux City, IA
Brand, Thelma J.; Taylor Ridge, IL Cook, Valerie K.; Hubbard, IA Esgate, Susan A.; Coralville, IA
Brand, Natalie G.; Grimes, IA Cooke, Stephanie R. Veit; Westerville, OH Eskildsen, Jennifer Denise; Mason City, IA
Brandt, Kathryn J.; Hampton, IA Cooper, Joan; Osceola, IA Espy, Paula Anne; Burlington, IA
Bricker, Geraldine A.; Greenfield, IA Copperstone, Kindra; Hastings, IA Evans, Laura Lee; North Liberty, IA
Bridgford, Dena Katherine; Puyallup, WA Cordero, Roxanne M.; Davenport, IA Evenson, Marlys K.; Albert Lea, MN
Bright, Connie E.; Weldon, IA Corio, Terri A.; West Des Moines, IA Ewald, Mary C.; Taylor Ridge, IL
Brimeyer, Betty J.; Sherrill, IA Coughlon, Debra A.; Clare, IA Continued on page 30
Page 30 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

SEPTEMBER RNs Continued from page 29 Hoppman, Cynthia J.; Dubuque, IA Kennedy, Kathleen M.; Council Bluffs, IA Long, Marci R.; Ankeny, IA Meyer, Jennifer Lea; Cedar Rapids, IA
Hornback, Laurie Ann; Hedrick, IA Kennedy, Susan E.; Farley, IA Loock, Margaret J.; Spencer, IA Meyer, Sarah Kathleen; Davenport, IA
Facinelli, Lisa; Mount Vernon, IA Gunn, Linda K.; Sioux City, IA
Hornung, Susan L.; Peosta, IA Kenny, Diana L.; Akron, IA Lore, Hilaree Elizabeth; Decorah, IA Meyer, Laurie; Dubuque, IA
Falkers, Lisa Pauline; Tipton, IA Gunsaulus, Vicki D.; Newton, IA
Horrigan, Patricia A.; Des Moines, IA Kentner, Bruce Alan; Osceola, IA Lorenz, Terri; Bluegrass, IA Meyer, Mary E.; Camanche, IA
Farmer, Kari Lynn; Ankeny, IA Gurov, Valery Lubomirov; Crewe, England
Horton, Josephine A.; Fremont, IA Kephart, Aaron Matthew; Des Moines, IA Lorenzen, Diane M.; Swisher, IA Meyer, Susan; Cedar Rapids, IA
Farmer, Nancy M.; Vinton, IA Guyer, Barton R.; Dewitt, IA
Hott, LuAnn C.; Newell, IA Kepple, Barbara J.; Waterloo, IA Louck, Dawn S.; Walcott, IA Meyers, Daniel Lee; Cedar Rapids, IA
Fawcett, Karen A.; Davenport, IA Haapala, Jennifer F.; Mason City, IA
Houk, Linda K.; Ottumwa, IA Kerkhoff, Debra A.; Manning, IA Louis, Jerri R.; Storm Lake, IA Michel, Juli Beth; Woodbine, IA
Fehr, Rodney D.; Bremen, IN Habel, Kim A.; Dubuque, IA
Houston, Janelle A.; Weston, MO Kerns, Janelle M.; Bettendorf, IA Louks, Sherrie Marie; Cedar Rapids, IA Miedema, Mary E.; Okoboji, IA
Feinberg, Lisa Ann; Fort Lauderdale, FL Hackett, Betty M.; Waterloo, IA
Houston, Jill Katherine; West Point, IA Ketchum, Nicole Lynn; Hubbard, IA Louscher, Karen Kay; Paullina, IA Miksch, Tiffani Diane; Cedar Falls, IA
Feldpausch, Renee A.; De Witt, IA Hadley, Mary G.; New Castle, IN
Hovey, Christina Eileen; Waterloo, IA Killpack, Mary E.; Neola, IA Lovan, Sone K.; West Des Moines, IA Miller, Brenda Kay; West Des Moines, IA
Felts, Janette K.; Cedar Rapids, IA Haeder, Charly Leeann; Le Mars, IA
Howard, Angela Marie; Shellsburg, IA King, Donelle Lynn; Elk River, MN Lovett, Marilyn K.; Ida Grove, IA Miller, Wendy Jo; Des Moines, IA
Fenoglio, Cynthia L.; Knoxville, IA Hagmeier, Linda I.; Keokuk, IA
Howard, Dena K.; Estherville, IA King, Sandra G.; Maquoketa, IA Lovick, Mildred Juanita; Washington, IA Miller, Darrell A.; Gilbert, IA
Ferneding, Joyce Ann; Manning, IA Hahle, Angela L.; Emmetsburg, IA
Hruby, Shirley Jane; Oxford, IA King, Janann M.; Ames, IA Lubben, Bradley Scott; Lemars, IA Miller, Leslie R.; Ames, IA
Feuerbach, Carolyn A.; Dysart, IA Hale, Bernadette Leigh; Des Moines, IA
Hruska, Brittany Ann; Urbandale, IA Kinney, Samantha; Iowa City, IA Lucht, Judy A.; West Des Moines, IA Miller, Sarah Marie; Denver, IA
Fey, Sea; Nevada, IA Hall, Brent Thomas; Runnells, IA
Hruska, Cathryn S.; Oxford, IA Kinsella, Laura A.; Bernard, IA Luck, Deanna L.; New Hartford, IA Minard, Diana Kay; Hudson, IA
Fick, Janice L.; Norwalk, IA Hall, Pamela A.; Des Moines, IA
Huddleston, Martha Lee; Glenwood, IA Kinsella, Marilyn Patricia; Creston, IA Ludwig, Frances R.; Stockport, IA Mitchell, Karen L.; Nevada, IA
Ficken, Tracy E.; Mechanicsville, IA Hall, Tisha; West Des Moines, IA
Huff, Barbara L.; Bonita, CA Kintigh, Bethany Fagan-; Greenfield, IA Luke, Linda L.; Ottumwa, IA Mizell, Michelle Sue; Burlington, IA
Fields, Judith K.; Cedar Rapids, IA Hallman, Marilyn J.; Sioux City, IA
Huffman, Marcine E.; Fort Madison, IA Klimesh, Connie F.; Calmar, IA Lund, Kimberly L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Moestchen, Marsha J.; Villisca, IA
Fields, Cynthia M.; Onslow, IA Halverson, Dondee L.; Cherokee, IA
Hughes, Megan Michelle; Solon, IA Kloster, Rae Sue; Charles City, IA Lund, Beverly J.; Orion, IL Mohr, Joan F.; Newell, IA
Fife, Marilyn J.; Pacific Junction, IA Hamilton, Marilyn A.; Davenport, IA
Hughes, Jana R.; Marshalltown, IA Klosterman, Angela M.; Ankeny, IA Lundberg, Racheal Ann; Fort Dodge, IA Molitor, Fe Socorro A.; Carroll, IA
Finnegan, Colleen Marie; Iowa City, IA Hamilton, Betty J.; Columbus Junction,
Hummel, Katherine; Oakland Park, FL Knight, Joyce C.; De Witt, IA Lynch, Aloma Gwen; Oskaloosa, IA Monell, Stacey R.; Sioux City, IA
Finnestad, Linda M.; Fairmont, MN IA
Humphrey, Noreen E.; North Liberty, IA Knipp, Julie D.; Altoona, IA Lynch, Joleen E.; Albion, IA Montross, Mary Ellen; Deep River, IA
Fisch, Lois; Burlington, IA Hanchera, Katherine J.; Swisher, IA
Hunnicutt, Kathryn; Urbandale, IA Knowles, Mary K.; Sioux City, IA Lynch, Shawn E.; Iowa City, IA Moon, Andrea Lynn; Des Moines, IA
Fischels, Tarra Leah; Iowa City, IA Handler, Diane Lee; Cedar Rapids, IA
Huntoon, Cheryl Lynn; Fairfield, IA Koechle, Mary L.; Keokuk, IA Maas, Elizabeth Ann; Stratford, IA Moore, Brenda R.; Solon, IA
Fischer, Vikki J.; Thornton, IA Haney, Lindsey Ellen; Laurel Hill, FL
Huseboe, Jennifer L.; Ames, IA Koehlmoos, Renee Michelle; Paullina, IA Madsen, Colleen A.; Audubon, IA Moravek, Brenda K.; Sioux City, IA
Fisher, JoAnn Marie; Belle Plaine, IA Hanks, Ellen C.; Tipton, IA
Hussel, Amy L.; Marion, IA Koenig, Sister Mary Faustina; Saint Louis, Maes, Jody A.; Iowa City, IA Morfitt, Karen R.; Grayslake, IL
Fisher, Susan R.; Toddville, IA Hannan, Debbie S.; Fairbank, IA
Hutton, Bridget S.; Truro, IA MO Magnussen, Rose A.; Sheldon, IA Morgan, John D.; Des Moines, IA
Fisher, Tami J.; Blairstown, IA Hansel, Joyce K.; Cedar Falls, IA
Huyser-Eatwell, Vicki; Goodell, IA Kohn, Paula M.; Sioux City, IA Mahoney, Cheryl A.; Clive, IA Morse, Debra S.; Bettendorf, IA
Fletcher, Mary A.; Sunrise Beach, MO Hansen, Sandra L.; Waverly, IA
Ibarra, Vicki L.; Iowa City, IA Kolo, Deborah J.; Newton, IA Mailander, Shari L.; Marion, IA Mortale, Jeanine M.; Iowa City, IA
Foley, Karen K.; Northwood, IA Hanson, Laura F.; New Virginia, IA
Intlekofer, Ryan C.; Lawrenceville, GA Kramer, Jacqueline Dee; Hartley, IA Main, Melissa Sue; Newton, IA Moyer, Carol A.; Cedar Falls, IA
Fontana, Terra Marie; Indianola, IA Hanson, Susan; Humboldt, IA
Iossi, Susan J.; Davenport, IA Krause, Debra A.; West Des Moines, IA Mall, Joyce Irene; West Des Moines, IA Mueller, Cynthia S.; New London, IA
Formanek, Brenda; Council Bluffs, IA Harbert, Joanne M.; Altoona, IA
Jackson, Candace L.; Des Moines, IA Kriegel, Victoria A.; Brooklyn, IA Mallon, Stacie Marie; Slater, IA Mueller, Diane M.; Dubuque, IA
Fosse, Mary M.; Story City, IA Harbison, Kelli Lynn; Ollie, IA
Jacobs, Alicia Jo; Cedar Rapids, IA Kroll, Sheila J.; Shelby, IA Malloy, Michelle M.; Williamsburg, IA Muhl, Arla K.; Wheatland, IA
Fox, Marna Cogley; Mingo, IA Harlan, Denise D.; Des Moines, IA
Jacobs, Joann K.; Luana, IA Kroymann, Robin D.; Clinton, IA Malone, Tina; Dubuque, IA Muhlbauer, Eileen A.; Carroll, IA
Franzen, Debra D.; Urbandale, IA Harney, Nyeela Marie; Tarkio, MO
Jacobs, Sharon M.; Dubuque, IA Kruger, Cari D.; Reinbeck, IA Manderschied, Kelly Renae; Waukee, IA Mullen, Elaine M.; West Des Moines, IA
Frazell, Carol; Ankeny, IA Harrington, Cheryl R.; Sioux City, IA
Jacobsen, Cassie A.; Rockford, IA Kruger, Kelly S.; Fort Dodge, IA Manning, Jessica Marie; Marion, IA Mullin, Katherine Marie; Goose Lake, IA
Freeman, Lisa M.; Indianola, IA Harris, Breezy Lynn; Red Oak, IA
Jacobsen, Judith M.; West Liberty, IA Kruser, Joseph Jeremy; Davenport, IA Marguglio, Sharon L.; Davenport, IA Mullin, Joan G.; Hospers, IA
Freese, Thomas D.; Dubuque, IA Harrison, Danita K.; Reynolds, IL
Jaeger, Mary H.; Granger, IA Kubly, Paula C.; Kanawha, IA Markham, Kristin L.; Sioux City, IA Munger, Wanda Alesia; Inwood, IA
French, Dawn Lea; Calmar, IA Hartman, Nancy; Maquoketa, IA
James, Cara M.; Davenport, IA Kuehne, Linda K.; Osage, IA Markus, Michelle M.; Dubuque, IA Munoz, Wendy S.; Davenport, IA
Frese, Tracey L.; Chelsea, IA Hartman, Joyce I.; Moline, IL
Jamison, Marcia J.; Columbus Junction, Kuhlmann, Wendy J.; Readlyn, IA Mastrofski, Sandra K. Rennenger-; West Munson, Cynthia S.; Bloomfield, IA
Freshwater, Tina M.; Hudson, IA Hathaway, Mary B. Homer-; Iowa City, IA
IA Kulow, Sarah Michelle; Estherville, IA Des Moines, IA Munson, Karen A.; Story City, IA
Fritz, Carman M.; Rock Island, IL Hatling, Carissa Marie; Helena, MT
Janka, Susan D.; Clear Lake, IA Kunkel, Vida L.; Sioux City, IA Mathews, Renee L.; Marshalltown, IA Murphy, Mary Anne; Dulles, VA
Fritz, Patricia D.; Burlington, IA Haugen, Lori Beth; Davenport, IA
Janson, Jeryl G.; Urbandale, IA Kuntz, Rebecca Louise; Keota, IA Matthews, Grace E.; North Liberty, IA Murphy, Dorothy A.; Waterloo, IA
Fry, Jenny Lynn; Nevada, IA Hauschild, Geraldine K.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Janzow, Mary Elizabeth; Saint Ansgar, IA Lainson, Cynthia L.; Council Bluffs, IA Mattiussi, Margaret A.; Des Moines, IA Murphy, Katie J.; Charlotte, IA
Frye, Julie R.; Webster City, IA Havens, Annette O.; Greenfield, IA
Jaques, Angela Marie; Des Moines, IA Lake, Marilyn Margaret; Wyoming, IA Mauch, Brenda L.; Danbury, IA Myer, Teresa J.; Fontanelle, IA
Fullerton, Ellie R.; Aledo, IL Haverdink, Cora Beth; Orange City, IA
Jasper, Ellen F.; Dyersville, IA Lamb, Charlene Lynn; Port Byron, IL May, Nancy R.; Mason City, IA Myers, Cynthia M.; Bellevue, NE
Funnemark, Carol L.; Algona, IA Haworth, Mary M.; Newton, IA
Jayoma, Rowena Diokno; Cedar Rapids, Lambert, Kimberly Sue; Winterset, IA May, Shelly R.; Council Bluffs, IA Myers, Pamela Ray; Donnellson, IA
Gadbaw, Catherine K.; Carman, IL Hayes, Amanda Beth; Muscatine, IA
IA Lambert, Cheryl A.; Burlington, IA Mayhew, Hilary Ann; Port Royal, SC Myers, Donna L.; Wilton, IA
Gaddy, Denise Rae; Osceola, IA Heard, Kathleen J.; Dumont, IA
Jenniges, Diane L.; Cedar Falls, IA Lamoureux, Paula Kay; Yuma, AZ Mayo, Teresa Raye; Sioux City, IA Myers, Linda L.; Guthrie Center, IA
Gahan, Kimberly Jo; Grimes, IA Heath, Anita J.; Sioux City, IA
Jensen, Barbara M.; Sioux City, IA Lancaster, Camilla K.; De Witt, IA McBride, Lyn M.; Toddville, IA Nagengast, Jody; Marathon, IA
Gallery, Mary K.; Masonville, IA Hecht, Jean L.; North Liberty, IA
Jensen, Julie M.; Des Moines, IA Landis, Cheryl Renee; Cedar Rapids, IA McCarthy, Sheila M.; Dubuque, IA Nagle, Beth A.; Long Grove, IA
Galligan, Tricia M.; West Des Moines, IA Heemskerk, Kimberly S.; Alton, IA
Jensen, Patricia K.; Story City, IA Lane, Kari R.; De Witt, IA McCleish, Joan M.; Urbandale, IA Nanakorn, Saowalux; Pasadena, CA
Galloway, Carol L.; Grinnell, IA Heenan, Brian Anthony; Iowa City, IA
Joens, Marsha J.; Council Bluffs, IA Langel, Ann M.; Manning, IA McClimon, Matthew C.; Davenport, IA Nannelli, Barbara Jean; Cedar Rapids, IA
Ganoe, Kathleen A.; Eldridge, IA Heithoff, Sheila K.; Council Bluffs, IA
Johnson, Robbi A.; Sioux City, IA Langmaid, Genevieve Marie; Newton, IA McColley, Peggy A.; Mondamin, IA Neal, Mary Elizabeth Burke; Cedar
Garber, Peggy Sue; Jackson, MN Helgerson, Janelle Christine; Waukon, IA
Johnson, Teresa Louise; Denver, CO Lansman, Sandra K.; Harlan, IA McCollum, Rebecca Sue; Chariton, IA Rapids, IA
Gehrke, Diane R.; Davenport, IA Hellman, Debra J.; Burt, IA
Johnson, Annette R.; Red Oak, IA Lantz, Donna; Macomb, IL McCurley, Debra; Logan, IA Neer, Amy Colleen; Russell, IA
Genoar, Nancy P.; Iowa City, IA Helvik, Marsha L.; Fort Dodge, IA
Johnson, Beverly A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Lantz, Susan M.; Waterloo, IA McCutcheon, Tammara; Buffalo, IA Neff, Darla R.; Clinton, IA
George, Ann; Clare, IA Hemann, Kari Lynn; Newton, IA
Johnson, Lucinda S.; Centerville, IA Lara, Jadie Mae; Fort Dodge, IA McDonald, Carol L.; Anderson, IN Nekola, Edith Belle; Cedar Rapids, IA
George, Terry L.; Iowa Falls, IA Henaman, Susan L.; Saint Ansgar, IA
Johnson, Marilyn L.; Oskaloosa, IA Larkin, Rosemary L.; Des Moines, IA McDonough, Amy Kathleen; Boone, IA Nelsen, Dorothy L.; Dumont, IA
Gergeni, Ramona J.; Le Mars, IA Henely, Darla M.; Charles City, IA
Johnson, Mary; Monticello, IA Larsen, Brenda L.; Clare, IA Mcelree, Kathryn M.; Altoona, IA Nelson, Jenifor E.; Andover, MN
Gierstorf, Jane A.; Norwalk, IA Henkel, Becky K. Krauel-; Council Bluffs,
Johnson, Nancy R.; Villisca, IA Larsen, Tiffany Ann; Des Moines, IA McGee, Debra L.; Colfax, IA Nelson, Lindy R.; Elk Horn, IA
Gilgen, Jennifer; Missouri Valley, IA IA
Johnson, Sherri L.; Clarinda, IA Larson, Susan D.; Oto, IA Mcgrath, Penny J.; Des Moines, IA Nelson, Stacy Michelle; Cedar Rapids, IA
Gilson, Dorothy; Elgin, IA Henning, Peggy J.; Decorah, IA
Johnston, Judith K.; Cleghorn, IA Lasala, Susan Elaine; Polk City, IA McGrew, Charlene Marie; Marshalltown, Nelson, Susan L.; Des Moines, IA
Gioimo, Stephanie Jo; Walford, IA Hensing, Jane A.; Iowa Falls, IA
Jones, Brenda J.; Mooresville, MO Laubenthal, Sherrie; Pocahontas, IA IA Nemmers, Rita A.; Le Mars, IA
Gneuhs, Julia Foster; Dubuque, IA Hermann, Susan; Manchester, IA
Jones, Lisa K.; Knoxville, IA Laubenthal, Elizabeth A.; Davenport, IA Mcguire, Janelle A.; Burlington, IA Neppl, June M.; Council Bluffs, IA
Goddard, Laura; Iowa City, IA Hermansen, Jill; Guthrie Center, IA
Jones, Carol J.; Redfield, IA Lauer, Angela M.; Dubuque, IA McHaffie, Tammy Len; Queen City, MO Nero, Karlinda Kandace; Monroe, LA
Goeke, Ramona C.; West Point, IA Heubrock, Keri; Aurelia, IA
Jones, Cynthia M.; Urbandale, IA Launspach, Janice L.; Iowa City, IA McHargue, Mary M.; Burlington, IA Neste, Ingrid A.; Decorah, IA
Goodwin, Lucinda L.; Fairfield, IA Hiatt, Audrey M.; Polk City, IA
Jones, Julie Salz; Solon, IA Leahy, Kerry; Camanche, IA McIntyre, Barbara Jane; Silver City, IA Nethers, Shelley R.; Ames, IA
Goodwin, Constance S.; Washington, IA Hibbing, Joleen H.; Webster City, IA
Jordan, Jennifer; Dubuque, IA Leander, Jeanne I.; Sioux City, IA McKernan, Sue; Spencer, IA Netwal, Lynn C.; Eldridge, IA
Goodwin, Elaine R.; Logan, IA Hickey, Rita Kay; Montrose, IA
Jorgensen, Barbara J.; Storm Lake, IA Leaton, Carolyn Elaine; Lisbon, IA McLain, Terri Lynn; Rock Island, IL Neuhaus, Jody Michelle; Cedar Rapids, IA
Gordon, Kimberly Kay; Sioux City, IA Hill, Helen Marie; Houston, MN
Jorgensen, Jacqueline M.; Cedar Falls, IA Lee, Kathleen Ryan-; Le Claire, IA Mclaughlin, Susan R.; Onawa, IA Newcomb, Timothy P.; East Moline, IL
Gordon, Sara Nan; North Liberty, IA Himmelreich, Lynne D.; Oxford, IA
Juhler, Mary L.; Atlantic, IA Lee, Cynthia J.; Davenport, IA Mcmanus, Paula Brock; Des Moines, IA Newton, Karla J.; State Center, IA
Gott, Theresa Jon; Ottumwa, IA Hinkhouse, Ann E.; West Liberty, IA
Juncker, Sharon I.; Fort Dodge, IA Lee, Darcy; Mason City, IA McMillin, Kathleen Sue; Red Oak, IA Nichols, Laura B.; Urbandale, IA
Gourley, Susan M.; Dubuque, IA Hippler, Jodi L.; Grand Mound, IA
Justmann, Sarah A.; Dubuque, IA Leinen, Jeanette A.; Council Bluffs, IA Mcmorris, Christine A.; Iowa City, IA Nicholson, Suzanne E.; Urbandale, IA
Grebner, Deeann Lee; North Liberty, IA Hirsch, Sandra E. Daack-; Iowa City, IA
Kahrl, Jeannette A.; Pleasant Hill, IA Leinen, Shirley A.; Des Moines, IA Mcnally, Margaret E.; Emmetsburg, IA Nicklasson, Lea Jean; Ames, IA
Greene, Judi K.; Alleman, IA Hocker, Marlys V.; Clive, IA
Kallsen, Cindy I.; Carson, IA LeMahieu, Benita Lynn; Pella, IA McNickols, Carol Anne; Elko, NV Niedert, Marilyn E.; Sumner, IA
Griffin, Ann A.; Urbandale, IA Hodgeman, Vickie; Kalona, IA
Kane, Martha J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Lemon, Suzanne O.; Clive, IA McShane, Brenda K. Aspholm-; Charles Nielsen, Marcia S.; Marion, IA
Griffin, Nicole Elizabeth; Laurens, IA Hofer, Marsha A.; Sioux City, IA
Kappelman, Melanie S.; Des Moines, IA Lenninger, Ronald A.; Decorah, IA City, IA Nightingale, Dina L.; Des Moines, IA
Griffith, Suzanne Jeffreys-; Sioux City, IA Hoffert, Susan Ann; Cedar Falls, IA
Kaprich, Michael Joseph; North Liberty, Leth, Annette M.; Des Moines, IA Meadows, Virginia Louise; Des Moines, IA Nissen, Linda R.; Griswold, IA
Griffith, Laura Ann; West Des Moines, IA Hoffmann, Lynne M.; Durant, IA
IA LeValley, Shelley B.; Missouri Valley, IA Meeker, Diane M.; Ankeny, IA Nissen, Teresa Ruth; Baxter, IA
Grigg, Bonita J.; Lawton, IA Hogan, Pamela Marie; Burlington, IA
Karberg, Susan R.; Galena, IL Leveke, Anita J.; Des Moines, IA Meendering, Anne; Inwood, IA Niver, Patricia K.; Mason City, IA
Grimes, Anna M.; Marion, IA Hoger, Deanne S.; Paullina, IA
Kasperski, Laura Mary; North Liberty, IA Levy, Tammy Lynn; Waterloo, IA Meendering, Paula Jo; Hull, IA Nixon, Margo; Moville, IA
Grimes, Joann A.; Marshalltown, IA Hohenthaner, Glenda G.; West
Kausalik, Linda M.; Urbandale, IA Lewis, Theone; Williamsburg, IA Mefferd, Julie A.; Laurens, IA Noble, Kathryn E.; Sioux City, IA
Grimm, Doris J.; Marion, IA Burlington, IA
Kautz, Renee Jean; Estherville, IA Leyda, Debbie S.; Bloomfield, IA Meier, Kristin Nicole; Colona, IL Nordmeier, Mary Margaret; Morristown,
Grimm, Elizabeth; Solon, IA Holland, Tammie; East Moline, IL
Kautza, Andrea Beth; Iowa City, IA Liebus, Joan; Oskaloosa, IA Meier, Karolyn Sue; De Witt, IA MN
Groen, Terry Ann; Marcus, IA Holloway, Veronica; Webster City, IA
Kearney, Angela Jo; Ankeny, IA Lind, Nancy A.; Cedar Falls, IA Meier, Tamara; Cedar Rapids, IA Norem, Jacklyn Kay; Indianola, IA
Groenendyk, Linda K.; Pella, IA Holm, Penny Lynn; Tripoli, IA
Keibler, Jean I.; Bettendorf, IA Lindmark, Cheryl J.; Stratford, IA Meinders, Jean; New Virginia, IA Northey, Cynthia M.; Spirit Lake, IA
Groenendyk, Melinda Sue; Cedar, IA Holmes, Karen S.; Cascade, IA
Keith, Cathleen L. Bedner-; Ottumwa, IA Lloyd, Kristi Kay; Inwood, IA Meinecke, Judith E.; Fairbank, IA Novak, Donna J.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Gross, Dorothy J.; Muscatine, IA Holz, Angela Marie; Larchwood, IA
Kelley, Kristy S.; Marshalltown, IA Lockey, Erika Leigh; Ankeny, IA Meisterburg, Dorothy J.; Des Moines, IA Null, Wayne R.; North English, IA
Gross, Patty E.; Manilla, IA Hoogendoorn, Sandra Dawn; Inwood, IA
Kelling, Terri L.; Grinnell, IA Loers, Elaine M.; Lemars, IA Melvin, Victoria Kay; Bettendorf, IA Nurnberg, Janice M.; Creston, IA
Grubb, Linda; Davenport, IA Hoogheem, Patricia J. Beath-;
Kelly, Duretta J.; Sioux City, IA Lohmeier, Sarah Catherine; Des Moines, Mendoza, Jennifer Ann; Moline, IL O Brien, Barbara; Mason City, IA
Guertin, Stacey Lynn; Cedar Rapids, IA Manhattan, KS
Kelsey, Laurie A.; Council Bluffs, IA IA Menge, Carla M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Oberhoffer, Patricia D.; Dubuque, IA
Guigli, Mary; West Des Moines, IA Hoover, Diane M.; Waterloo, IA
Kelso, Velma R.; Iowa City, IA Lokken, Mary E.; Denison, IA Mercer, Laurie L.; APO, AE Oberlander, Carrie L.; Eldridge, IA
Guinther, Ginger Tai; Naperville, IL Hopkins, Katherine R.; Salix, IA
Keninger, Holli Marie; West Des Moines, Long, Brenda L.; Ankeny, IA Mesenbrink, Colleen A.; Des Moines, IA Odefey, James C.; Red Oak, IA
Gunderson, Barbara J.; Kansas City, MO Hopper, Carol Ann; Paragould, AR
IA Long, Kris Lynn; Latimer, IA Metzger, Audrey L.; Larchwood, IA Continued on page 31
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 31

SEPTEMBER RNs Continued from page 30 Reihsen, Anna L.; Johnston, IA Sandmann, Patrice A.; Onawa, IA Starr, Terri L.; Ankeny, IA Verthein, Mary E.; Waukon, IA
Ogden, Constance S.; Pacific Junction, IA Pick, Cynthia Ella; Arnolds Park, IA Reisetter, Donna D.; Adel, IA Satterfield, Mary-Elizabeth L.; Sioux City, Starr, Tammy Lou; Des Moines, IA Vervaecke, Amanda L.; Denver, IA
Oldfather, Stephanie Jan; Waterloo, IA Pickerel, Kim M.; Council Bluffs, IA Renner, Debra K.; Maquoketa, IA IA Steck, Ronda R.; Sioux City, IA Verwers, Kendall K.; Norwalk, IA
Olsen, Marilyn M.; Clarion, IA Pihl, Julie A.; Donnellson, IA Reynolds, Anne Louise; Hiawatha, IA Sauer, Charlene F.; McGregor, IA Stecker, Twila; Pierson, IA Vis, Loretta Mae; Sheldon, IA
Olson, Julia M.; De Soto, IA Pillitteri, Lisa Marie; Lancaster, NY Reynolds, Janet R.; Marshalltown, IA Saul, Kim M.; Asbury, IA Stegmiller, Kathryn Ann; Taylor Ridge, IL Visser, Sharon Kay; Rock Valley, IA
Olson, Pamela S.; Humboldt, IA Pinault, Antoinette; Iowa City, IA Richardson, Sheryl L.; College Springs, IA Saunders, Joan M. Lacayo; Cedar Rapids, Steingreaber, Nancy S.; Newton, IA Vitale, Gail L.; Hiawatha, IA
Oltmann, Heidi Lynne; Cedar Rapids, IA Pinkerton, Christine; Waukee, IA Richman, Kristin K.; Fort Dodge, IA IA Steinick, Kellie M. Gebauer-; Des Moines, Vobr, Jean Marie; Cresco, IA
O’Neil, Debra L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Pipe, Sharon M.; Bettendorf, IA Richmond, Jane A.; Fairfield, IA Schacherer, Janice Mary; Estherville, IA IA Vogt, Debra M.; De Witt, IA
Orewiler, Robey D.; Des Moines, IA Piper, Kimberly Sue; Des Moines, IA Riedel, Ann Catherine; Waterloo, IA Schaeffer, Rebecca A.; Riverton, IA Sterk, Kelly L.; Clinton, IA Vorwaldt, Johnita P.; Fort Madison, IA
Over, Linda S.; Council Bluffs, IA Pirotte, Larry J.; Iowa City, IA Riehl, Lance Richard; Coralville, IA Schaller, Dina M.; Hamilton, IL Stewart, Wyona K.; Floyd, IA Voss, Rachel D.; Mount Vernon, IL
Owens, Jill R.; Cedar Falls, IA Pitsenbarger, Joyce; Perry, IA Riley, Karen S.; West Des Moines, IA Scharlepp, Rebecca Ann; Inwood, IA Stineman, Dawn Marie; New Boston, IL Voss, Irma; Bigelow, MN
Padula, Patrice V.; McCordsville, IN Plendl, Michelle Lynn; Maurice, IA Rindone, LaNeis; Council Bluffs, IA Schaver, Laura L.; Fulton, IL Stirratt, Cindy A.; Tracy, IA Vsetecka, Judy; New Hampton, IA
Page, Sandra P.; Millville, NJ Podrebarac, Mary Louise; West Des Risner, Constance Kay; Council Bluffs, IA Schertz, Amanda J.; Atlanta, GA Stockham, Kathy K.; Norwalk, IA Wagoner, Rhonda L.; Winterset, IA
Palazzo, Kimberly-Ann D.; Long Grove, IA Moines, IA Ritz, June L. Ferguson-; Ankeny, IA Schiers, Diane T.; Ogden, IA Stoltz, Rebecca Ann; Hartley, IA Waite, Lisa M.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Palmer, Glenda J.; Montezuma, IA Poggenpohl, Stephanie Ann; Walcott, IA River, Paula L.; Maquoketa, IA Schilling, Julie A.; Burlington, IA Stong, Sandra J.; Ankeny, IA Walker, Mary C.; Ames, IA
Parker, Timothy Jay; West Des Moines, IA Pohl, Jeffrey Scott; Newton, IA Roberts, Jennifer Lynn; Davenport, IA Schippers, Deborah M.; Monroe, IA Stoops, Kathi; Ames, IA Wall, Elizabeth Ann; Urbandale, IA
Parson, Melinda Ann; Orange City, IA Poole, Heather M.; Burlington, IA Roberts, Michael James; Ankeny, IA Schleusner, Patricia A.; Rock Rapids, IA Stovie, Rebecca L.; Des Moines, IA Wallace, Janet S.; Pleasantville, IA
Parsons, Pamela K.; Panora, IA Pothast, Sara K.; Port St. Lucie, FL Roberts, Jessica L.; Mason City, IA Schmid, Brenda K.; Central City, IA Strahan, Catherine C.; Des Moines, IA Wallace, Angela; Bloomfield, IA
Patch, Joy M.; Oskaloosa, IA Potter, Mary V.; Cedar Rapids, IA Roberts, Regan M.; Marshalltown, IA Schmidt, Ginger Kathleen; Charles City, Strand, Anna M.; Marion, IA Wallace, Renee L.; Bussey, IA
Paulos, Lisa S.; Cedar Rapids, IA Powell, Barbara A.; Bondurant, IA Robinson, Linda A.; Cedar Falls, IA IA Straw, Katherine J.; Independence, IA Walter, Donna; Afton, IA
Paulus, Vickie S.; Afton, IA Powers, Cynthia S.; Spirit Lake, IA Rock, Stacy L.; West Liberty, IA Schneider, Julie Lynn; Fort Dodge, IA Streif, Sherry L.; Independence, IA Walter, Elaine G.; Grimes, IA
Pavic, Patricia Lynn; Swisher, IA Powers, Deanna M.; Lisbon, IA Rodham, Kris A.; Dubuque, IA Schneider, Judith L.; Bettendorf, IA Stringer, Colleen R.; Fort Dodge, IA Walters, Rhonda R.; Lone Tree, IA
Peck, Denise A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Pracyk, Sheena Drennan; Waterloo, IA Roemmich, Maribeth; West Des Moines, Schneider, Patricia A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Stringham, Janell E.; Guthrie Center, IA Waltmann, Angela Diane; Cedar Falls, IA
Pederson, Connie C.; Mason City, IA Praim, Danielle Sue; Fort Dodge, IA IA Schneider, Susan Mae; Elgin, IA Struve, Debra A.; Moville, IA Wardenburg, Angela M.; University
Peffer, Jennifer A.; Iowa City, IA Pribil, Glenda J.; Hinton, IA Rogers, Sheree B.; Jensen Beach, FL Schnoor, Barbara K.; Des Moines, IA Studley, Jennifer Ann; Urbandale, IA Heights, IA
Pemble, Robert L.; Solon, IA Pribyl, Nancy A.; Bettendorf, IA Rogers, Michelle; Vinton, IA Schrader, Teresa A.; Marshalltown, IA Stueve, Julie Ann; Council Bluffs, IA Warren, Linda S.; Davenport, IA
Pendergraft, Linda M.; Johnston, IA Price, Janann E.; Clear Lake, IA Roghair, Jill A.; West Des Moines, IA Schroeder, Kendra K.; Le Mars, IA Suther, Jodi J. Fleer-; Tiffin, IA Washington, Kristine K.; Hampton, IA
Perdue, Christine E.; Centerville, IA Prouty, Nikki; Cedar Rapids, IA Rohde, Tamera A.; Kingsley, IA Schroeder, Kimberly J.; Kingsley, IA Swaink, Christina; Council Bluffs, IA Watson, Brenda M.; Cedar Falls, IA
Perry, Renee Ann; Clear Lake, IA Pruisner, Barbara J.; Grimes, IA Roorda, Cora Susan; Grimes, IA Schroeder, Mary J.; Coralville, IA Swartz, Twila Darlene; Coralville, IA Wears, Donna J.; Solon, IA
Person, Lindsay Nicole; Hiawatha, IA Punt, Joan H.; Maurice, IA Root, Michelle Diane; Coralville, IA Schubert, Mavis M.; Sioux City, IA Swartzrock, Diana M.; Charles City, IA Webb, Connie S.; Iowa City, IA
Peters, Shirley Ann; Carroll, IA Qualley, Mary A.; Iowa Falls, IA Rostenbach, Rita K.; Bondurant, IA Schulte, Susan K.; Portsmouth, IA Sweet, Eleanor O.; Davenport, IA Weber, Bobbie Rae; Schleswig, IA
Petersen, Jennifer Lynn; Sioux City, IA Quinn, Geralyn J.; Solon, IA Roth, Michelle S.; Terril, IA Schulz, Debra L.; West Bend, IA Symonds, Sharon A.; Hancock, IA Weets, Barbara Anne; Morrison, IL
Petersen, Jill Marie; Treynor, IA Radke, Lynnette; Alta, IA Rouse, Debra A.; Keokuk, IA Schutte, Shelly Jo; Sibley, IA Szewczyk, Susan Renee; New London, IA Wehage, Jennifer Kay; Pleasant Hill, IA
Petersen, Joshua; Cedar Rapids, IA Ramseyer, Elfrieda M.; Bluffton, OH Routley, Mary Frances; Dubuque, IA Schwechel, Brenda L.; Norwalk, IA Tabb, Lucinda M.; Waterloo, IA Weidemann, Patricia Ann; Waterloo, IA
Petersen, Luetta H.; Council Bluffs, IA Rankin, Jane A.; Monroe, IA Rowles, Deborah A.; Grand Junction, IA Schwenker, Heidi Brooke; Fort Madison, Taft, Cheryl R.; Knoxville, IA Weinmann, Susan A.; Sioux City, IA
Petersen, Barbara J.; Elk Horn, IA Rath, Jill Marie; Carroll, IA Roys, Marcia H.; Elkader, IA IA Tate, Caroline; Des Moines, IA Wells, Shelly Carol; Broken Arrow, OK
Petersen, Karen P.; Fort Dodge, IA Ratliff, Stephanie Lee; Davenport, IA Ruby, Ellen L.; Shelby, IA Schwery, Lisa Ann; Logan, IA Tate, Marilyn J.; San Diego, CA Welsh, Julia M.; Lansing, IA
Peterson, Pamela; Red Oak, IA Reardon, Lydia Marie; Ackley, IA Rupe, Erin Elizabeth; Davenport, IA Seay, Belinda; Moravia, IA Tedrow, Christine Estle-; Batavia, IA Wendland, Danielle Jane; Iowa City, IA
Peterson, Tammy Jo; Coralville, IA Rebhuhn, Deborah K.; Albert City, IA Rydberg, Amy Dawn; Essex, IA Seeley, Sheila K.; Waterloo, IA Teel, Candus L.; LeClaire, IA Wente, Lois K.; Sioux City, IA
Peterson, Julie L.; Vinton, IA Reddick, Joyce; Bonaparte, IA Sachs, Mary; Bettendorf, IA Seeman, Bertha Sue; Panora, IA Teel, Kimberly A.; Muscatine, IA Werner, Brenda R.; Coralville, IA
Philippi, Jacqueline Marie; Des Moines, Redeker, Lori J.; Boone, IA Sager, Laura L.; Grundy Center, IA Selch, Michelle M.; North Liberty, IA Templeton, Pamela S.; Blue Grass, IA Wertz, Sadie Nicole; Marshalltown, IA
IA Redmond, Monica K.; Bernard, IA Sammet, Jill Beatrice; Iowa City, IA Settles, Nancy Olson; Ames, IA Tendall, Marcia J.; Nevada, IA Wessling, Deborah A.; Albert Lea, MN
Phillips, Anne Marie; Crescent, IA Reeves, Lorene M.; Waterloo, IA Sander, Dawn Kay; Lowden, IA Severson, Barbara J.; Inwood, IA Terwilliger, Brenda L.; Clear Lake, IA West, Deborah A.; Ames, IA
Phillips, Heather Lyn; Cedar Rapids, IA Regnier-Connor, Eugenia Leann; Letts, IA Sander, Heather Kathrine; Carroll, IA Shaffer, Karen K.; Dubuque, IA Teske, Diane Kay; Ackley, IA Westerbeck, Carolyn J.; New London, IA
Phillips, Karen S.; Zwingle, IA Reid, Janet Lynne; Des Moines, IA Sanders, William; Mount Pleasant, IA Sharp, Julie Anne; Marshalltown, IA Tew, Kimberly K.; Brighton, IA Weston, Shelly K.; Callender, IA
Sanders, Derek; Lisbon, IA Shaver, Jo Donn; Clarinda, IA Tharp, Susan L.; Vinton, IA Westphal, E. Marion; Manson, IA
Shaw, Carol Marie; Burlington, IA Thomas, Sandra L.; Iowa City, IA Westphalen, Roxanne K.; Missouri
Shawver, Suzanne Maureen; Newton, IA Thomas, Constance E.; West Des Moines, Valley, IA
Sheetz, Brenda;Cedar Rapids, IA IA Weydert, Janice E.; Peosta, IA
Shelman, Brenda J.; Burlington, IA Thomas, Lila J.; Earlville, IA Whalen, Tasha Rae; Burlington, IA
Shinn, Lisa K. Cherry-; Davenport, IA Thomas, Tammy J.; Clearfield, IA Whannel, Sandra Jean; Traer, IA
Shirbroun, Meredith Leigh; West Des Thompson, Clarice Pauline; Newton, IA Whitmore, Anthony Scott; Marengo, IA
Moines, IA Thompson, Katie Marie; Alberton, MT Wiener, Diane Lynn; Missouri Valley, IA
Shirk, Rebecca K.; Waterloo, IA Thompson, Juanita A.; Eagle Grove, IA Wilcox, Amber Leann; Ida Grove, IA
Shirkey, Mary Jo; Packwood, IA Thompson, Pamela A.; Moline, IL Wilcox, Jaci S.; Des Moines, IA
Shores, Diane C.; Dows, IA Thompson, Tricia L.; Toledo, IA Wildman, Vicki Ann; Indianola, IA
Siebens, Claire A.; Akron, IA Thornley, Rosemary; Adel, IA Wilkerson, Barbara L.; Spencer, IA
Siebrecht, Sarah Eileen; Newell, IA Thurn, Sharlene; North Liberty, IA Wilkinson, Carrie Lynn; Cedar Falls, IA
Siefer, Natalie Ann; Iowa City, IA Tiefenthaler, Verna Catherine; Carroll, IA Williams, Mary J.; Dubuque, IA
Siefers, Susan K.; Davenport, IA Tiernan, Carolyn J.; Urbandale, IA Willig, Donna L.; Waterloo, IA
Siegrist, Linda B.; Waukon, IA Till, Annalisa; Dubuque, IA Willwerth, Daphne A.; Eagle Grove, IA
Sikkema, Cecelia A.; Fulton, IL Till, Kay M.; Smithland, IA Wilsey, Karen E.; Montrose, IA
Silver, Barbara A.; Acworth, GA Tillman, Shauna Elizabeth; North Wilson, Mary S.; Burlington, IA
Simmons, Jennifer M.; Marion, IA Liberty, IA Wilson, Jolene; Marion, IA
Simon, Carol L.; Dubuque, IA Tillotson, Patricia H.S.; Red Oak, IA Wilson, Lois Jean; Bettendorf, IA
Sims, Mary B.; Davenport, IA Timm, Cathleen E.; Council Bluffs, IA Wilson, Pamela A.; Council Bluffs, IA
Sink, Joan A.; Stanton, IA Timmerman, Anne M.; Runnells, IA Winkel, Mary Dianne; Sioux City, IA
Sisul, Jeffrey Michael; Centerville, IA Toftee, Heather Jo; Webster City, IA Winn, Catherine Ann; East Moline, IL
Six, Gina Marie; Ottumwa, IA Tollari, Julie Faye; Des Moines, IA Winnike, Dale A.; Hills, IA
Skipton, Cynthia L.; Bettendorf, IA Toms, Laura Renee; Cedar Rapids, IA Winter, Barbara A.; Peosta, IA
Skogen, Juliann Louise; Plymouth, MN Trager, Barbara E.; Glenwood, IA Winters, Martha Joy; Nashua, IA
Slater, Chris M.; Iowa City, IA Trannel, Marie C.; East Dubuque, IL Wischmeier, Vicki L.; Sperry, IA
Slutts, Christina M.; Muscatine, IA Trulson, Julie Ann; Abingdon, IL Wood, Jean L.; Mediapolis, IA
Small, Lisa M.; Spencer, IA Tubbs, Julie A.; Davenport, IA Wood, Linda R.; Garner, IA
Smidt, Joan E.; Titonka, IA Tucker, Julie K.; Council Bluffs, IA Woods, Elizabeth Hannah; Council
Smith, Elizabeth Mary Timm; Dubuque, Uitermarkt, Laurie A.; Indianola, IA Bluffs, IA
IA Ulman, Karleen K.; Spirit Lake, IA Wright, Tiffanie Jo; Des Moines, IA
Smith, Margaret A.; Rock Rapids, IA Van Beek, Nicole Marie; Doon, IA Wyatt, Kim Marie; North Liberty, IA
Smith, Nichol Marie; Chariton, IA Van De Pol, Carol W.; Des Moines, IA Xayasouk, Sonya Cathi; Cedar Rapids, IA
Smith, Stacey L.; Waterloo, IA Van Deer, Brenda R.; Webster City, IA Yager, William A.; Norwalk, IA
Smith, Tara Ann; Cascade, IA Van Gorp, Barbara A.; Pella, IA Young, Pamela J.; Rockford, IA
Sojka, Karen Rose; Clintonville, WI Van Scoyk, Loretta M.; Manilla, IA Young, Cory Lynne; Carson, IA
Sokolowski, Joni M.; Sergeant Bluff, IA Vanden Hoek, Tena; Lynnville, IA Youngberg, Marlene Louise; Red Oak, IA
Solberg, Cathrine Jo; Ankeny, IA Vander Eide, Lynda J.; Fulton, IL Zediker, Kay E.; Cushing, IA
Sowers, Kristin; Fredericksburg, IA VanderHolt, Leigh Taylor; Overland Park, Zevenbergen, Susan E.; Allendorf, IA
Spear, Cari L.; Ankeny, IA KS Ziemann, Julia A.; Van Meter, IA
Speers, Nancy J.; Alta, IA VanWyk, Nancy; Mingo, IA Zimmerman, Carol Jane; Kewanee, IL
Spiegel, Linda J.; Charter Oak, IA Vanzee, Dorothy Duane; Cedar Rapids, IA
Spiegelhalter, Leslie Michelle; Cedar Vaughn, Julie A.; Coralville, IA October RNs
Rapids, IA Vaughn, Elaine J.; Onawa, IA Abbott, Sally A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Spillers, Leslie; Davenport, IA Veach, Courtney Lynn; Maquoketa, IA Adams, Jennifer Lee; Newton, IA
Sprague, Beverly; Fairfield, IA Veber, Ruby; Ankeny, IA Adams, Katie Jean; Indianola, IA
Sprau, Jennifer Rose; Mason City, IA Venenga, Kurt Marvin; Washington, IA Adams, Susan M.; Runnells, IA
Sprengelmeyer, Diana S.; Elizabeth, IL Venteicher, Suzanne R.; Pella, IA Aguilar, Janette Lynn; Marshalltown, IA
Sprouse, Sara Elizabeth; Selma, IA Verros, Monica J.; Sergeant Bluff, IA Continued on page 32
Page 32 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

OCTOBER RNs Continued from page 31 Chizek, Lauri J.; Houston, TX Duggan, Erin Elizabeth; Iowa City, IA Galt, Sandra Lynn; West Burlington, IA Hatfield, Mark Wade; Davenport, IA
Boehl, Bonita G.; Leclaire, IA Christensen, Janice M.; Iowa City, IA Duhn, Margaret; West Branch, IA Gammel, Ronda L.; Council Bluffs, IA Hauser, Melissa; Mount Vernon, IA
Ahlhelm, Linda Mae; Overland Park, KS
Boese, Sheilah L.; Rochester, MN Christians, Melissa; Ely, IA Duneman, Nancy D.; Waverly, IA Gandors, Jodie Lynn; Fort Dodge, IA Hausner, Judith A.; Burlington, IA
Akers, Jenna Marie; Des Moines, IA
Boese, Teresa; Iowa City, IA Christiansen, Keith E.; Council Bluffs, IA Dunn, Debbra A.; Sioux Rapids, IA Garcia, Danette L.; Paton, IA Haverhals, Tamara D.; East Hudson, IA
Aldis, Laura K.; Clinton, IA
Boettger, Darcy Jo; Arion, IA Christopherson, Anna Elizabeth; Ames, IA Dunning, Mable; Henderson, NV Gardner, Melissa; Ottumwa, IA Haverly, Jennifer Susan; Anamosa, IA
Alexander, Jeanne M.; Ottumwa, IA
Boeve, Sheryl R.; Doon, IA Cimmento, Joyce M.; Merritt Island, FL Dutler, Morgan Leanne; West Des Garvey, Carol L.; Sioux City, IA Hawkins, Kathryn; Cedar Rapids, IA
Alexander, Karen; Cedar Rapids, IA
Boike, Diane E.; Eldora, IA Cinadr, Pamela R.; Bettendorf, IA Moines, IA Gassman, Jorese M.; Clinton, IA Hawkins, Vicki L.; Keokuk, IA
Allen, Rose M.; Maquoketa, IA
Boileau, Carmen Michelle; Ainsworth, IA Claeys, Beth E.; Blue Grass, IA Dvorsky, LaRene M.; Iowa City, IA Gau, Lois M.; Woodbine, IA Haworth, Karen E.; Pleasantville, IA
Allison, Heather Ann; Bettendorf, IA
Bollman, Laura J.; Cresco, IA Clark, Brenda Jill; Des Moines, IA Dye, Laura A.; Bloomfield, IA Gayton, Laura A.; Bettendorf, IA Heaberlin, Jennifer Rene; Earlham, IA
Allison, Deanna G.; Milan, IL
Bombei, Cheryl L.; Iowa City, IA Clark, Betty L.; Knoxville, IA Easley, Denise K.; Cedar Rapids, IA Gehl, William J.; Denison, IA Head, Anna; Des Moines, IA
Almquist, Debra J.; Estherville, IA
Boote, Kimberly Ann; Cedar Falls, IA Clark, Julie; Waterloo, IA Easton, Jo Ann; Remsen, IA Gentzkow, Joan Marie; Davenport, IA Healy, Anne M.; Decorah, IA
Altman, Tammy Jean; Des Moines, IA
Booth, Sharon A.; Creston, IA Claussen, Barbara A.; Ida Grove, IA Eckhart, Erin Anne; Davenport, IA Gestel, Renee A.; Pittsgrove, NJ Heath, Wendy; Columbus Junction, IA
Ambrose, Carol L.; Gravity, IA
Bormann, Christine F.; Fairfield, IA Claussen, Heather Dawn; Davenport, IA Eckhart, Sharon B.; Spencer, IA Ghatan, Carolyn J.; Los Angeles, CA Heaverlo, Tammy L.; Osage, IA
Ames, Angela Kay; Waterloo, IA
Bormann, Juliana K.; Bode, IA Clay, Rose M.; Waterloo, IA Eddy, Julie Ann; Menlo, IA Gibbons, Jean M.; Creston, IA Hebrink, Deeann M.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Anastasi, Karole Ann; Honey Creek, IA
Borth, Deeann M.; Ocala, FL Clevenger, Sharone K.; Neola, IA Edleman, Richard D.; Webb, IA Gibbons, Thea Alta; Reinbeck, IA Hedrick, April A.; De Witt, IA
Andera, Lori A.; Cresco, IA
Bosch, Michael J.; Iowa City, IA Clifton, Stephanie Marie; Jefferson, IA Edmondson, Arlene K.; Ankeny, IA Gibson, Andrea Rae; West Des Moines, IA Heinemann, Lynn Michelle; Cedar
Anderson, Nicole May; Des Moines, IA
Boss, Jill A.; Camanche, IA Cline, Cheryl D.; West Union, IA Edwards, Tara Michelle Ayers; Iowa City, Gilbert, Cynthia A.; Newton, IA Rapids, IA
Anderson, Alesia Jo; Fostoria, IA
Bouska, Mary K.; Chatfield, MN Clubb, Bonnie; Sigourney, IA IA Gillon, Gayle Priscilla; Sioux City, IA Heinzman, Linda L.; Waterloo, IA
Anderson, Debra A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Bowman, Andrew Franklin; Scarville, IA Cochran, Carla K.; Mystic, IA Edwards, Dena L.; Knoxville, IA Glasson, Catherine R.; Cedar Rapids, IA Helling, Julie; Fort Madison, IA
Anderson, Diane K.; Cherokee, IA
Bowman, Mary A.; Albert Lea, MN Cody, Jan L.; Dubuque, IA Egdorf, Cynthia Kaye; Bode, IA Gloeckner, Mary B.; Moline, IL Hemesath, Andrea Beth; Decorah, IA
Anderson, Gina Darlene; Sac City, IA
Boyce Jr., John W.; Dubuque, IA Coker, Shana; Cedar Rapids, IA Eggers, Julie; Clinton, IA Gluck, Sheila M.; Bettendorf, IA Hemstreet, Vicki L.; Boone, IA
Anderson, Kathryn; Story City, IA
Boyd, Nancy; West Des Moines, IA Coleman, Kari Kristen; North Liberty, IA Egli, Jeri L.; Washington, IA Godemann, Heather Walsh; Northbrook, Henderson, Colleen J.; Elkader, IA
Anderson, Loralyn K.; Moline, IL
Boyer, Martha L.; Indianola, IA Collmann, Mary P.; Manson, IA Ehrenfelt, Mary Lee; Wellman, IA IL Henderson, Janet; Marion, IA
Anderson, Rebecca; Wesley, IA
Boyer, Kara L.; Panora, IA Colston, Joan C.; Cedar Rapids, IA Einck, Sara Elizabeth; West Branch, IA Goldapp, Stacy Le; Atlantic, IA Henderson, Renae A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Anderson, Sheryl A.; Mediapolis, IA
Bozwell, Dustin Cain; Iowa City, IA Colton, Karen J.; Iowa City, IA Ekunno, Ijeoma Adaobi; Saint Louis, MO Goplin, Christine M.; New Ulm, MN Hendrickson, Debra Lee; Ames, IA
Anderson, Shirley A.; Solon, IA
Brake, Kathleen A.; Orion, IL Conklin, Valerie A.; Rockwell, IA Elliott, Leslie Clyde; Webster City, IA Gordon, Kimberly Jo; Iowa City, IA Henry, Mary B.; Pierson, IA
Andrews, Janet E.; Marion, IA
Branham, Mary Elizabeth; Plymouth, IL Conner, Beverly K.; Kingsley, IA Elliott, Debra L.; Des Moines, IA Gorrell, Bonnie J.; Dubuque, IA Hensley, Julie A.; Burlington, IA
Appleby, Elaine M.; Johnstown, CO
Bratkiewicz, Mary Ellen; West Des Connop, Kendra Sue; Winfield, IA Ellis, Deborah J.; Charles City, IA Graham, Dawn Marie; Anamosa, IA Hentges, Donna Jeane; Le Mars, IA
Appley, Nancy L.; Akron, IA
Moines, IA Connor, Cheryl Kay; Rockford, IA Ellis, Lynnette M.; Silvis, IL Graham, Janet E.; Norwalk, IA Herndon, Marie Edna; Forest City, IA
Arthur, Regina R.; Iowa City, IA
Braune, Theresa A.; West Des Moines, IA Cook, Jeanne A. Richardson-; Bettendorf, Elseman, Debra A.; Ankeny, IA Granaman, Nancy A.; Burlington, IA Herrig, Jeannette L.; Sioux Rapids, IA
Ash, Ann M.; Mount Vernon, IA
Braymen, Lisa; Columbia, MO IA Elverum, Theresa A.; Cedar Falls, IA Graves, Ruth M.; Ames, IA Hershberger, Kathryn T.; Fort Madison, IA
Astgen, Jennifer; Dubuque, IA
Brcka, Ann R.; Fertile, IA Coovert, Joan M.; Manhattan, KS Emswiler, Valerie Alana; Denison, IA Gray, Anna Rhodes; Ainsworth, IA Hertner, Barbara A.; Davenport, IA
Atkins, Amy M.; Aplington, IA
Bream, Betty L.; Coralville, IA Cory, Beth A.; Altoona, IA Engel, June R.; Palmer, IA Gray, Pamela A.; Eldridge, IA Heston, Sileen Ann; Marshalltown, IA
Bacon, Wanda Ferne; White Bear Lake,
Brinkert, Carol A.; Primghar, IA Cota, Madonna R.; Dubuque, IA Erbe, Mary J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Gray, Linda R.; Johnston, IA Hewitt, Cynthia; Knoxville, IA
Brock, Patrice Michelle; Waterloo, IA Cox, Lisa C.; Albia, IA Erickson, Deann Marie; Des Moines, IA Green, Autumn Michele; Des Moines, IA Heyn, Amy T.; Boone, IA
Bailey, Lori L.; Knoxville, IA
Brock, William W.; Council Bluffs, IA Crabtree, Tina M.; Urbana, IA Erickson, Kimberly K.; Sioux City, IA Greene, Konnie L.; Waverly, IA Hickey, Marianne; Independence, IA
Bailey, Del; Adel, IA
Brokaw, Kay L.; De Witt, IA Criger, Ruth M.; Des Moines, IA Ernst, Susan Marie; Cedar Rapids, IA Greenland, Patty J.; Murray, IA Hickman, Janet Arthealia; Mount Ayr, IA
Bailey, Wilma; Cullman, AL
Brown, Carrie L.; Rockwell, IA Crock, Shari L.; Clarence, IA Esbeck, Alecia Ann; Iowa City, IA Gregor, Kathryn; Cedar Rapids, IA Hicok, Tammy Sue; Vinton, IA
Baker, Jeffrey; Dubuque, IA
Brown, Eileen B.; Cedar Rapids, IA Cronk, Kathryn Elizabeth; North Liberty, Everett, Julie Lynne; Decorah, IA Gregory, Mary; Swisher, IA Higman, Brenda Lynne; Sioux City, IA
Baker, Linda M.; Solon, IA
Brown, Gail E.; Richland, IA IA Evert, Kelly Ann; Clive, IA Grekoff, Robin; Springville, IA Hildreth, Amy Sue; Des Moines, IA
Baker, Mary K.; Davenport, IA
Brown, Janet T.; Cedar Rapids, IA Crook, Diana L.; Oskaloosa, IA Faris, Crecia A.; Centerville, IA Griffith, Beverly J.; Des Moines, IA Hill, Elaine Ottmers; Dubuque, IA
Baker, Teresa M.; West Branch, IA
Brown, Margo A.; Cedar Falls, IA Crotty, Kathleen E.; West Des Moines, IA Farley, Loida Leslie; Denver, IA Grimm, Robin Lynn; Wapello, IA Hill, Lillian L.; Ankeny, IA
Ball, Ellen L.; Pleasantville, IA
Brown, Michelle; Castana, IA Crowder, Karoline; Davenport, IA Farmer, Dale A.; Moline, IL Groen, Carol S.; Sac City, IA Hill, Jean E.; Iowa City, IA
Banker, Brenda L.; Clinton, IA
Brown, Michelle J.; Merrill, IA Crutchley, Amy Marie; Marion, IA Farnsworth, Amber Dawn; New London, Groff, Kelly Renae; Fort Dodge, IA Hillery, Mary Lou Baker; Iowa City, IA
Bankhead, Stephanie Day-; Davenport,
Brown, Theresa A.; Bondurant, IA Cullen, Mary A.; Moline, IL IA Grogan, Geraldene; Keokuk, IA Hinrichs, Nancy L.; Lisbon, IA
Brownell, Kristi Marie; Westgate, IA Currie, Alberta L.; Melrose, IA Fassbinder, Pamela S.; Dubuque, IA Grunder, Melissa Rae; Wilton, IA Hirchak, Robyn; Albia, IA
Barber, Claudia Jane; Iowa City, IA
Bruck, Jane M.; Earling, IA Curry, Annette M.; Corning, IA Fedler, Susan M.; West Point, IA Gumbel, Toni A.; Ankeny, IA Hobbins, Sherry A.; Council Bluffs, IA
Barger, Sheryl A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Bruscher, Barbara; Arthur, IA Dahlem, Leigh A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Feldmann, Susan K.; Anamosa, IA Guthrie, Montine J.; Des Moines, IA Hodak, Crystal J.; Ankeny, IA
Barnes, Grace I.; Iowa City, IA
Bryan, Julie A.; Runnells, IA Daley, Eileen R.; Cedar Falls, IA Fenton, Craig A.; Burlington, IA Haack, Janet Mary; Le Mars, IA Hoeck, Kathryn L.; Hazleton, IA
Barnhart, Kolette J.; Kelley, IA
Bryant, Christine Marie; Sanborn, IA Dalton, Donna L. Sailor-; Marion, IA Ferguson, Grace M.; Franklinton, NC Haberkorn, Elizabeth; Story City, IA Hoefer, Tanya L.; West Des Moines, IA
Barrett, Joyce A.; Des Moines, IA
Buckley, Danika Ann; Cedar Rapids, IA Danner, Krystle Dawn; Davenport, IA Fernengel, Karen J.; Leavenworth, KS Hable, Kimberly A.; Decorah, IA Hoekstra, Deanne Jean; Hull, IA
Bartlette, Yonna K.; Des Moines, IA
Budreau, Tina; Eldridge, IA Danner, Mary J.; Peosta, IA Ferry, Susan M.; Boone, IA Hagen, Kaye Y.; Forest City, IA Hoeppner, Wanda; New Hartford, IA
Bassett, Tony G.; Urbandale, IA
Buman, Karen Victoria; Harlan, IA Daringer, Kimberly S.; Carroll, IA Fiala, Mary L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Hagler, Rebecca Suzanne; Des Moines, IA Hofmann, Pamela; Cedar Rapids, IA
Batchelor, Lynn A.; Fort Wayne, IN
Burgan, Randy W.; Council Bluffs, IA Daseke, Linda Stoakes-; Mason City, IA Fichter, Michele Linn; Farragut, IA Hakeman, Linda M.; Waukee, IA Holeman, Luann; Urbandale, IA
Bates, Mary Ann; Council Bluffs, IA
Burkard, Barbara A.; Des Moines, IA Daufeldt, Jennifer Lynn; Blue Grass, IA Fiester, Janice E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Halbur, Claudia A.; Carroll, IA Holland, Rosemary J.; Des Moines, IA
Bauerly, Mary Elizabeth; Sioux City, IA
Burke, Marilyn R.; Council Bluffs, IA Daughters, Linda K.; Hamilton, IL Finch, Diane; Ames, IA Halfpap, Nancy L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Hollenback, Tammi Lynn; New Vienna, IA
Baumgardner, Sonia Dyanne; Oskaloosa,
Burkhart, Tai Ann; Center Point, IA Davenport, Nancy C.; Robins, IA Fink, Dixie Maureen; Carthage, IL Hall, Anne Elizabeth; Cedar Rapids, IA Hollingshead, Lucinda L.; Ogden, IA
Burmeister, Stephanie Rose; Wapello, IA Davidson, Charlotte L.; Red Oak, IA Fink, Janet Elizabeth; Des Moines, IA Hall, Joshua John; Bennington, NE Hon, Sara Elizabeth An; West Des
Baumgarn, Jaclyn K.; Arnolds Park, IA
Burns, Grace C.; Des Moines, IA Davis, Evan L.; Fulton, IL Finn, Kristen K.; Urbandale, IA Hall, Barbara D.; Cedar Rapids, IA Moines, IA
Beatty, Alice Edith; Ionia, IA
Burris, Sherri L.; Atlantic, IA Davis, Judy M. Mevert; Harlan, IA Fischer, Kathy Rath-; Neola, IA Halstrom, Diane Sue; Meriden, IA Honkomp, Heidi Lyn; Clarinda, IA
Becicka, Nicole Rae; Cedar Rapids, IA
Burzacott, Julie M.; Tiffin, IA Davis, Karla Kaye; Dyersville, IA Fittro, Susan Ann; Cedar Rapids, IA Halverson, Charlotte A.; Dubuque, IA Hopf, Janie L.; Fairfield, IA
Becker, Jerilyn J.; Waterloo, IA
Busing, Debra; Logan, IA Davisson, Susan M.; Iowa City, IA Fitzpatrick, Janice K.; New London, IA Halverson, Erin Colleen; Eagle Grove, IA Hopkins, Wendy Jo; Colfax, IA
Bell, Patsy F.; Nora Springs, IA
Buss, Judith A.; Cherokee, IA Day, Sheila D.; Nashua, IA Flaksman, Cynthia Ann; Cape Girardeau, Hamburger, Judith; Fort Dodge, IA Hoskins, Deborah J.; Baxter, IA
Bell, Staci M.; Altoona, IA
Busta, Susan M.; Calmar, IA Dayton, Diane D. Mccabe-; Kalona, IA MO Hamill, Vanessa Marie; McClelland, IA Hoversten, Mary E.; Sioux City, IA
Bellon, Mary Beth; Chariton, IA
Butler, Teresa; Onawa, IA De Weerd, Carmen Kay; Sioux Center, IA Flanary, Jamie Lynne; Cedar Rapids, IA Hamilos, Becky Jo; Johnson City, TN Howard, Stephanie E.; Bertram, IA
Bemis, Amy Joan; Dubuque, IA
Butt, Sue A.; Hampton, IA Deal, Betty Jean; West Union, IA Flemming, Kimberly L.; Minden, IA Hamilton, Beverly J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Hughes, Harriet H.; Mount Pleasant, IA
Bennett, Margaret A.; Bettendorf, IA
Buttjer, Rhonda Sue; Rockford, IA DeLong, Myra E.; Dubuque, IA Fletcher, Cynthia L.; Clarion, IA Hampton, Rita Jeanette; Marion, IA Hughes, Lisa L.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Benson, Mary S.; Cherokee, IA
Cagley, Maria Del Carmen; Waterloo, IA Demery, Emily A.; Boone, IA Flinn, Sharon Colleen; Cumming, IA Hanna, Beth A.; Swisher, IA Huisinga, Tracey Lee; Parkersburg, IA
Bergan, Cayla R.; Newton, IA
Calabro, Susan E.; Neola, IA Dennehey, Darnell K.; Danbury, IA Flynn, Kathleen; Hawarden, IA Hansen, Anne K.; Turin, IA Humphreys, Matthew Wayne; West
Bergren, Judith A.; Cordova, IL
Calek, Amanda Marie; Ankeny, IA Derby, Lisa L.; Kingsley, IA Flynn, Melanie A.; Emmetsburg, IA Hansen, Christena A.; Moline, IL Chester, IA
Berns, Carolyn; Saint Olaf, IA
Campbell, Tara Lynn; Des Moines, IA Derry, Lois M.; Woodward, IA Focht, Amy Marie; Sioux City, IA Hansen, Connie L.; Janesville, IA Hunemiller, Monica R.; Janesville, IA
Berryhill, Megan Dawn; Oak Park, IL
Carbone, Mary A.; West Des Moines, IA Deters, Angela Renae; Wellsburg, IA Fogue, Cynthia L.; Ames, IA Hansen, Diana L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Hunerdosse, Michelle L.; Indianola, IA
Bettmeng, Kaleena Crystal; Oelwein, IA
Carder, Jo Ann; Iowa City, IA Dewitt, Carol J.; Hudson, IA Ford, Nancy V.; Lehigh Acres, FL Hansen, Janet M.; Red Oak, IA Hunt, Jo Ellen; Marion, IA
Beyer, Julie A.; Dubuque, IA
Cardwell, Sandra L.; Centerville, IA Diaz, Katherine L.; Des Moines, IA Ford, Linda A.; Des Moines, IA Hansen, Marna L.; Des Moines, IA Hunter, Denise K.; Story City, IA
Beyer, Lois F.; Belmond, IA
Carl, Deborah T.; Muscatine, IA Diehm, Mindy Mckay; Iowa City, IA Ford, Sandra J.; Carman, IL Hanson, Lori J.; Cedar Falls, IA Huntimer, Kayleen M.; Ankeny, IA
Bibler, Marlene M.; Shell Rock, IA
Carlson, Jacqueline; Blue Grass, IA Dietze, Laura Marie; Keota, IA Foster, Aimee Frances; Cedar Rapids, IA Hanson, Elizabeth M.; Des Moines, IA Huntley, Diana Lynn; Dolliver, IA
Biehl, Robyn; Ankeny, IA
Carnes, Katherine J.; Warner Robins, GA Dilworth, Barbara A.; Glenwood, IA Foster, Jacklyn J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Hanson, Jane A.; Jesup, IA Huygens, Jill A.; West Des Moines, IA
Bierbaum, Dolores A.; Huxley, IA
Carpenter, Diane L.; Plainfield, IA Dimmitt, Julie; West Des Moines, IA Foust, Mary A.; Strawberry Point, IA Hanson, Jilayne S.; Carroll, IA Izquierdo, Linda; Rock Island, IL
Bird, Anne; Fort Dodge, IA
Carpenter, Lusena M.; West Burlington, Dinsdale, Shawn Marie; Webster City, IA Frain, Kimberly M.; Creston, IA Hanson, Stacey Ann; Somers, IA Jach, Pamela Joan; West Des Moines, IA
Birker, Jessica Christi; Vinton, IA
IA Doherty, Donna L.; Aurelia, IA Fraker, Teresa R.; Davenport, IA Hanthorn, Carol A.; Leon, IA Jacobs, Lisa R.; Stronghurst, IL
Bishop, Boni J.; Brandon, IA
Carrara, Mary Theresa; Davenport, IA Dollerschell, Lisa R.; Sergeant Bluff, IA Franck, Charla Francine; Newhall, IA Hantz, Deborah A.; Moline, IL Jacobson, Janyce E.; Ankeny, IA
Bishop, Marianne R.; Ottumwa, IA
Carswell, Nyla L.; Boone, IA Dorr, Helen J.; Davenport, IA Franje, Melody; Ames, IA Harger, Donna J.; Newton, IA Jacobson, Michelle G.; Pella, IA
Black, Barbara M.; Farmington, IA
Carter, Tassie Ann; Dubuque, IA Dorsett, Denise G.; Panora, IA Frankel, Nancy K.; Bettendorf, IA Harger, Wendy; Newton, IA Jacobus, Shelley M.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Blaha, Terri L.; Coucil Bluffs, IA
Casey, Marilyn J.; Marion, IA Doser, Patrick J.; Solon, IA Franklin, Lori Jean; Davenport, IA Hargis, Elizabeth A.; Mitchellville, IA Jahn, Joanne T.; Sioux City, IA
Blake, Jacelyn Marie; Waukon, IA
Castle, Cynthia D.; Waterloo, IA Doster, Shelly M. Crimmins-; Barnum, IA Franzen, Kathy K.; Plainfield, IA Harken, Patricia; Des Moines, IA Janes, Jeanna Jo Gardner; Walford, IA
Blanchard, Ann; Silver City, IA
Cecetka, Jill Deanne; Griswold, IA Doucette, Danny; Palm Coast, FL Fredericksen, Janet L.; Ankeny, IA Harms, Marilyn A.; Pella, IA Janssen, Deborah L.; Des Moines, IA
Blanchard, Kathryn C.; Clear Lake, IA
Chambers, Joyce Ellen; Minden, IA Douglas, Janet Elaine; Waukee, IA Freiburger, Diane M. Pape-; Dubuque, IA Harmsen, Errica June; Waukee, IA Jasch, Rebecca A.; Grinnell, IA
Blezek, Traci A.; Pacific Junction, IA
Chambless, Melinda Dean; East Moline, Douglas, Hope L.; Moline, IL Frideres, Jenny Lynn; Ankeny, IA Harris, Sandra Louise; Burlington, IA Jenkins, Mendi Leigh; Muscatine, IA
Blodgett, Vicki Diane; Newton, IA
IL Drabek, Janet L.; Britt, IA Fries, Lisa Jo; Lees Summit, MO Hart, Cheri A.; Charles City, IA Jenkins, Linda E.; Prescott, IA
Blodig, Christina Lynn; Long Grove, IA
Chandlee, Lynnette Christine; Winterset, Dreckman, Jennifer; Iowa City, IA Frost, Julie L.; Davenport, IA Hartl, Dorothy D. Maria; Springville, IA Jennings, Diane S.; Carlisle, IA
Bloker, Aleshia Ann; Plainfield, IA
IA Dreier, Leanne J.; Iowa City, IA Fry, Molly Angell; Cedar Rapids, IA Hartwig, Jill J.; Delta, IA Jensen, Aubreya Dawn; Keystone, IA
Blood, Tonya Michele; LeRoy, MN
Chaney, Mary M.; Des Moines, IA Dresbach, Beatrice Maxine; Mason City, Fuelster, Kathryn Ann; Marion, IA Harvey, Patricia A.; Knoxville, IA Jensen, Jacqueline L.; Ankeny, IA
Blum, Connie K.; Manning, IA
Chapman, Carleen F.; Tama, IA IA Fultz, Tracey; Des Moines, IA Haselhoff, Susan J.; Cherokee, IA Jensen, Lori A.; Spencer, IA
Bockenstedt, Kristi L.; Burlington, IA
Chapman, Jerold L.; Springville, IA Driscoll, Jeana Marie; Dubuque, IA Gaard, Barbara J.; Cedar Falls, IA Hassebroek, Sherri; Sheldon, IA Jensen, Sheri L.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Boeckholt, Suzanne M.; Titonka, IA
Droppert, Vicky L.; Hudson, IA Galle, Amie Lynn; Shreveport, LA Hassler, Erin Noelle; Dubuque, IA Continued on page 33
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 33

OCTOBER RNs Continued from page 32 McManus, Pamala; West Des Moines, IA Ohalloran, Phyllis J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Phippen, Julie; Russell, IA Rethwisch, Marcy Elaine; Lansing, IA
Lamaak, Catherine J.; Council Bluffs, IA McMillan, Andrae M. Eldredge-; Ohde, Gayla J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Picchiotti, Lee A.; Bettendorf, IA Reuter, Paula R.; Preston, IA
Johanns, Beth A.; Grundy Center, IA
Langenbau, Renee M.; Garwin, IA Davenport, IA Ohlinger, Marcia J.; Council Bluffs, IA Pierce, Mary Margaret; Clinton, IA Reutlinger, Sherri L.; Decorah, IA
Johansen, Dale H.; Waukee, IA
Lankford, Tamara L.; Knoxville, IA Mcnall, Caroline B.; Cedar Rapids, IA Olsen, Laura Joy; Des Moines, IA Pikelis, Aldona; Chicago, IL Richardson, Aaron Daniel; Creston, IA
Johansen, Judy; Castana, IA
Lansing, Gail A.; Waukon, IA McNevin, Marchell L.; Wayland, IA Olson, Leanna L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Pion, Cynthia A.; Urbandale, IA Richardson, Iva J.; Council Bluffs, IA
Johnson, Ronald M.; Washington, IA
Larsen, Joy Lynn; Davenport, IA Meade, Sharon R.; Oxford, IA Olson, Shirley A.; Harlan, IA Pistek, Kimberly Kay; Albia, IA Riddle, October R.; Des Moines, IA
Johnson, Anita M.; Cedar Falls, IA
Larson, Janet; Roland, IA Meeks, Sarah M.; Waterloo, IA Olson, Cynthia L.; Cedar Falls, IA Pixler, Christine A.; Fenton, IA Riley, Mary L.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Johnson, Marcia L.; Sheldon, IA
Larson, Janice M.; Amana, IA Mehan, Kathy L.; Emmetsburg, IA Olson, Linda A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Plath, Lori A.; Stronghurst, IL Ring, Angela Marie; Cedar Rapids, IA
Johnson, Peggy A.; Albert City, IA
Larson, Lorie Anne; Story City, IA Melcher, Megan; Iowa City, IA Olson, Sharon S.; Lone Tree, IA Playle, Rodney L.; New Sharon, IA Rippon, Mary E.; Marion, IA
Johnson, Rachelle R.; New Providence, IA
Lauer, Georgia L.; Burlington, IA Mente, Denise M.; Tipton, IA Ordagic, Valentina; Urbandale, IA PleggenKuhle, Andrea S. Sheridan-; Risse, Carolee; Dunkerton, IA
Johnson, Renae Lee; Cedar Falls, IA
Laursen, Tamara L.; Storm Lake, IA Meredith, Annabelle; Coal Valley, IL Ostrander, Valeta; Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Ritland, Julie L.; Waterloo, IA
Johnson, Ronda R.; Davenport, IA
Lawler, Alyce A.; Fort Dodge, IA Merrifield, Mary C.; Cedar Rapids, IA Oswald, Andrea Leigh; Manson, IA Plum, Angela Lynne; Ankeny, IA Rittenhouse, Karen Elizabeth; Cedar
Jones, Becky J.; Sioux City, IA
Laxamana, Grasheila Alba; Ankeny, IA Messer, Christine Ann; New London, IA Ouverson, Shelly Renee; Des Moines, IA Pobanz, Kassandra K.; Davenport, IA Rapids, IA
Jones, Ann M.; Columbus Junction, IA
LeCroy, Crystal; Des Moines, IA Messer, Diane M.; Des Moines, IA Page, Roxie J.; Pleasant Hill, IA Policarpio, Maila Sanchez; Sioux City, IA Rittenmeyer, Mary J.; Lone Tree, IA
Jones, Kristi L.; Des Moines, IA
Lee, Ronald L.; Dubuque, IA Meyer, Linda C.; North Liberty, IA Pagel, Catherine J.; Des Moines, IA Polsley, Heather Rae; Essex, IA Ritter, Sharon L.; Davenport, IA
Jordan, Terri M. Dobbs-; Pleasantville, IA
Lee, Tammy Denise; Clarinda, IA Meyer, Angeline D. Wright; Rock Island, Palas, Marcia A.; West Union, IA Polt, Lois A.; Marshalltown, IA Robbins, Katherine A.; Des Moines, IA
Junck, Sara; Des Moines, IA
Leimer, Lisa M.; Des Moines, IA IL Palmer, Elizabeth A.; Des Moines, IA Poole, Robin L.; Mediapolis, IA Robinson, Sandra K.; Colo, IA
Junis, Jennifer A.; Rock Falls, IL
Leksell, Heidi Louise; Kamrar, IA Meyer, Jacqueline R.; Decorah, IA Pals, Kelli A.; Des Moines, IA Post, Alma R.; Rock Valley, IA Robken, Diane D.; Davenport, IA
Kagemann, Christina Marie; Dewitt, IA
Lembke, Jill Renae; Rochester, MN Meyers, Debra Kay; Monticello, IA Papini, Mary Patricia; Iowa City, IA Potsander, Lynn R.; Fort Madison, IA Rogers, Susan E.; Stanton, IA
Kalkwarf, Jill A.; Parkersburg, IA
Lenz, Eileen M.; Decorah, IA Michaud, Erica Helen; Portland, OR Park, Steven L.; Mount Pleasant, IA Potter, Lee Ann; Des Moines, IA Roller, Kathleen Marie; Rockwell City, IA
Kalous, Rebecca Lynn; Gowrie, IA
Lenz, Gloria J.; Sioux City, IA Michel, Patricia D.; Dubuque, IA Parker, Susan Alene; Blue Springs, MO Powell, Kendi L.; Clive, IA Rollinger, Khristine A.; Bettendorf, IA
Kalvig, Jeffrey J.; Fort Dodge, IA
Lenz, Stacey Lynn; Pomeroy, IA Mickelson, Barbara J.; Malvern, IA Patterson, Michael James; Rock Island, IL Powell, Peggy A.; Toddville, IA Roskam, Sherrill; Brush Praire, WA
Kamradt, Karen K.; Archer, IA
Leonard, Catherine; Marshalltown, IA Mihal, Holly R. Wiseman; Webster, IA Pattison, Lori A.; Sumner, IA Powers, Virginia M.; Durant, IA Rosmann, Marilyn L.; Harlan, IA
Karn, Cathy Ann; Des Moines, IA
Leonard, Jannien; Waterloo, IA Milder, Cheryl K.; Blue Grass, IA Patton, Michael D.; Coralville, IA Prater, Nicola J.; North Liberty, IA Rummel, Lucinda; Lisbon, IA
Karpowicz, Kathryn S.; Des Moines, IA
Leonard, Cynthia J.; Creston, IA Millenkamp, Donna Ann; Earlville, IA Patton, John Christopher; Kirksville, MO Prochaska, Christy L.; Orchard, IA Russell, Elizabeth A.; Sioux City, IA
Karr, Kathy M.; Bettendorf, IA
Lepic, Mary R.; Clive, IA Miller, Catherine Lee; Fairfax, IA Paz, Kelly J.; Sioux City, IA Proesch, Kyle; Wheatland, IA Rustad, Beverly S.; Decorah, IA
Karsten, Myrna Lou; Iowa City, IA
Letner, Shirley A.; Sheldon, IA Miller, Joyce L.; Des Moines, IA Peck, Rebecca Jo; Davenport, IA Prokupek, Dianna M.; Oakland, IA Ruyter, Mary J.; Jackson, MN
Katzer, Edith K.; Iowa City, IA
Lewis, Gloria C.; Antioch, CA Miller, Lou Ann; Washington, IA Pederson, Ronald Melvin; Mound City, Propp, Linda K. Haviland; Ottumwa, IA Ryan, Mary L.; Des Moines, IA
Keeney, Casey Joy; Milo, IA
Lienhard, Antonina R.; Sioux City, IA Miller, Sandra Marie; Quincy, IL MO Putz, Renee M.; Des Moines, IA Saddoris, Kimberly Kay; Clinton, IA
Keeney, Tami; Cascade, IA
Lies, Joan M.; Cedar Falls, IA Miller, Brenda S.; Marshalltown, IA Pein, Diane A.; Tabor, IA Quinn, Kelly Anne; Glenwood, IA Sadewasser, Beth; Guttenberg, IA
Kelber, Priscilla; Albion, IA
Lindeland, Shannon Lee; Nashua, IA Miller, Deloris E.; Wellman, IA Peitz, Evonne E.; Burlington, IA Rasmussen, Diana Faye; Coal Valley, IL Sadler, Brent Edward; Topeka, KS
Kelchen, Sherry Lynn; Cascade, IA
Link, Sherryl L.; Des Moines, IA Miller, Joan; Dubuque, IA Pelan, Patricia L.; Logan, IA Rayman, Trudi S.; Urbandale, IA Saleh, Joshua Mark; Iowa Falls, IA
Kelleher, Thomas P.; Cedar Falls, IA
Lionberger, Natalie; Mediapolis, IA Miller, Mary Jane; Fontanelle, IA Pelster, Angela M.; Imogene, IA Read, Tina; Indianola, IA Salsbury, Ronald Dean; Council Bluffs, IA
Kelley, Mary K.; Marion, IA
Liston, Margaret; Ogden, IA Miller, Mindy K.; Ankeny, IA Perdue, Victoria J.; Ottumwa, IA Reel, Rhonda L.; Whitten, IA Saltzman, Linda S.; Aledo, IL
Kellison, Andrea Lynne; Hampton, IA
Lock, Robin R.; Emmetsburg, IA Miller, Nicole; Cedar Rapids, IA Peter, Lori J.; Dubuque, IA Reeves, Gerald; Des Moines, IA Sanders, Tria Lynne; Polk City, IA
Kelly, Amanda Grace; Fort Dodge, IA
Loehr, Julie; Callender, IA Miller, Norma A.; Anita, IA Peters, Jackie; Storm Lake, IA Reeves, Susana; Davenport, IA Sandquist, Michelle; Adel, IA
Kelly, Kimberli J.; Mason City, IA
Loftsgard, Shari J.; Robins, IA Mills, Nancy K.; Webb, IA Petersen, Kaia E.; Muscatine, IA Regur, James C.; Newton, IA Saul, Marilyn J.; Center Point, IA
Kelly, Susan E.; Tracys Landing, MD
Long, Jill Marie; Boone, IA Moetsch, Judy K.; New Hampton, IA Petersen, Leslie Lee; Cedar Rapids, IA Reid, Lisa Lynn; Carroll, IA Schadle, Jane L.; Des Moines, IA
Kenkel, Ruth B.; Panama, IA
Long, Nancy J.; Newton, IA Montag, Margaret A.; Emmetsburg, IA Petersen, Carrie D.; Walnut, IA Reineking, Charlene Rae; Urbandale, IA Scheib, Sheila K.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Kenney, Melanie A.; Iowa City, IA
Loux, Tioni; Eagle Grove, IA Moore, Pamela M.; Sergeant Bluff, IA Petersen, Karen L.; Iowa City, IA Relph, Janice Lee; Corydon, IA Schissler, Amy J.; Bettendorf, IA
Kepler, Kathlene Elizabeth; Webster City,
Lovoy, Phyllis Kim; Cullman, AL Moore, Paula Marie; Waterloo, IA Peterson, Melissa Lane; Nevada, IA Renaas, Judith Ann; Tripoli, IA Schlee, Karla M.; Postville, IA
Lucas, Judith K.; Fort Madison, IA Moran, Cheri A.; Webster City, IA Phaiboun, Shawn Lee; Clear Lake, IA Rensink, Marlene Kidder-; Council Bluffs, Schlenger, Stephanie Kay; Sioux City, IA
Keppler, Richard J.; Dubuque, IA
Ludwig, Alice E.; Council Bluffs, IA Morgan, Dawn; Mason City, IA Phearman, Laura A.; Iowa City, IA IA Schlichte, Mary E.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Kersten, Donna J.; Dysart, IA
Ludwig, Lynette K.; Vail, IA Morris, Michelle; Fairmont, MN Philipp, Janet Ann; Manchester, IA Rensink, Shannon Dawn; Boyden, IA Schmalz, Deborah E.; Iowa City, IA
Kessler, Carolyn L.; Sioux City, IA
Kessler, Paula Mae; Iowa City, IA Lunceford, David Wayne; Mexico, MO Morrissey, Christine; Davenport, IA Phillips, Brandi Marie; Osceola, IA Rentfro, Faith L.; Milan, IL Continued on page 34
Khanna, Lyndi Marie; Burlington, IA Lundberg, Jill L.; Johnston, IA Morrow, Vivian R.; Iowa City, IA
Kia, Diana M.; Stanton, IA Lundstrom, Debra; Ankeny, IA Mortoza, Rick G.; Peru, IA
Kidin, Lisa M.; Iowa City, IA Lunsford, Chalsie Lenae; West Branch, IA Mosier, Linda M.; Des Moines, IA
Kilburg, Melesa Ann; Bellevue, IA Luther, Kimberly K.; Urbandale, IA Moss, Margaret M.; Altoona, IA
Kime, Catherine A.; Bettendorf, IA Lutz, Kim; Amana, IA Moss, Beth Ballou; Newton, IA
Kingland, Shelly Lynn; Forest City, IA Lyon, Jessica Coleen; Toledo, IA Motz, Dean A.; Des Moines, IA
Kirchgatter, Rachel Nicole; Grafton, IA Lyon, Vicki A.; Cambridge, IA Mousel, Michele M.; Edgewood, IA
Kirkley, Christine Marie; Davenport, IA MacDonald, Alison Marie; Solon, IA Muir, MaRena J.; Crescent, IA
Kittrell, Linda K.; Iowa City, IA Macku, Cynthia D.; Cedar Rapids, IA Mullen, Charlette Ann; Bondurant, IA
Klaas, Joanna Lynn; Rockford, IL Madden, Darcy D.; Ringsted, IA Murguia, Cynthia A.; Dubuque, IA
Klaes, Margaret A. Jensen-; Clinton, IA Maher, Catherine A.; Essex, IA Murphy, Ruth A.; Dougherty, IA
Kleckner, Hollis A.; Webster City, IA Maher, Gail L.; Iowa City, IA Murray, DeaAnn; Muscatine, IA
Kleen, Twyla A.; Pocahontas, IA Mai, Mary J.; Dubuque, IA Musmaker, Martha O.; Creston, IA
Kleffman, Sarah M.; Harlan, IA Majavec, Evelyn Carole; Grand River, IA Myhre, Deborah J.; Decorah, IA
Kleinhesselink, Jeanne M.; Alton, IA Malone, Sarah A.; Ankeny, IA Nagel, Debra K.; Fort Madison, IA
Kleinschmidt, Kathryn A.; Walford, IA Manemann, Diane Rose; Bernard, IA Naik, Swati; West Des Moines, IA
Klepsteen, Donette K.; Fort Dodge, IA Manke, Nancy; Cedar Rapids, IA Nance, Patricia Lynn; Des Moines, IA
Kline, Leonna R.; Calamus, IA Mann, Cheryl A.; Las Vegas, NV Naylor, Johann William; San Diego, CA
Klingborg, Roberta Kaye; Cherokee, IA Marlin, Barbara J.; Keokuk, IA Neill, Cheryl A.; Cedar Falls, IA
Kluza, Cheryl M.; West Des Moines, IA Marquard, Sharon B.; Muscatine, IA Nelson, Kathryn; Spencer, IA
Kminek, Elizabeth A.M.; Oskaloosa, IA Martin, Amanda Helene; Davenport, IA Nelson, Andrea B.; Denison, IA
Knapp, Kasia Dowhan; Urbandale, IA Marz, Caroline A.; Homestead, IA Nelson, Brenda Lea; Council Bluffs, IA
Knipper, Jane S.; Iowa City, IA Mason, Janice J.; Early, IA Nelson, Janine S.; Decorah, IA
Knowles, Renee’D. Patton-; Albia, IA Mast, Stephen Noel; Raytown, MO Nelson, Susan C.; Iowa City, IA
Knutson, Valerie Jean; Floyd, IA Mathews, Debra A.; Rock Island, IL Nemeth, Karen Jodee; Perry, IA
Koch, Mardelle Mae; Hudson, IA Matthies, Christine Joanne; Walnut, IA Nemmers, Jo Ann; Des Moines, IA
Mattice, Gloria J.; Hamburg, IA Nepsha IV, John; Davenport, IA
Koepp, Heidi L.; Waterloo, IA
Mattson, Christina Marie; Des Moines, IA Newbanks, Ralph R.; Donnellson, IA
Koesters, Kara Jayne; Harlan, IA
May, Rhonda J.; Council Bluffs, IA Newbold, Cynthia K.; Ottumwa, IA
Kohnke, Toni; Hiawatha, IA
May, Susan E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Newsom, Deborah L.; Oakville, IA
Kolb, Dianne L.; Davenport, IA
Mayse, Rebecca R.; Boone, IA Nicoletto, Norma; Vail, IA
Kolesar, Barbara D.; Fort Dodge, IA
Mazan, Elizabeth A.; Des Moines, IA Nie, Jo Ellen; Center Point, IA
Kopriva, Angela Marie; Traer, IA
McArtor, Lisa Kay; Cedar Rapids, IA Niehus, Nichole Lynn; DesMoines, IA
Kowalke, Ann L.; Cresco, IA
McBride, Sheila A.; Marengo, IA Nielsen, Nancy J.; New Hampton, IA
Kraft, Frances M.; Renwick, IA
McClung, Debra; Mason City, IA Niles, Myrna Nohemi; Winfield, IA
Krambeer, Rebecca Sue; Lansing, IA
Mcdaniel, Susan R.; Ottumwa, IA Nockels, Patricia J.; Des Moines, IA
Kramer, Diane Marie; Plainfield, IA
McDermott, Jodie L.; Epworth, IA Norgaard, Linda; Des Moines, IA
Krause, Kimberly; Emmetsburg, IA
Mcdonald, Mary E.; Sioux City, IA Normington, Abigail Hope; Cherokee, IA
Kremer, Glenn; Worthington, MN
Mcdowell, Juanita; West Des Moines, IA Norris, Stacie; Des Moines, IA
Kriener, Rene; Ossian, IA
Mcfarlin, Sharon M.; East Moline, IL Northness, Lindsey Marie; Waterloo, IA
Kruse, Katherine Elizabeth; Dubuque, IA Novak, Gary W.; Eagle River, AK
McGaugh, Debra Inez; What Cheer, IA
Kruse, Marilyn J.; Wapello, IA Novotny, Suellen; Solon, IA
McGee, Sean William; Bettendorf, IA
Kubik, Jo Ellen; Traer, IA Nugent, Holly E.; Coralville, IA
McGonegle, Michele; Eagle Grove, IA
Kucera, Debra J.D.; Cedar Rapids, IA Null, Marlene L.; Charles City, IA
Mcgrath, Connie A.; Dubuque, IA
Kuhn, Laura B.; Marion, IA Obertance, Emily Ann; Davenport, IA
Mcgregor, Darlene M.; Coralville, IA
Kuhn, Jeanie Marie; Calmar, IA OBrien, Carrie; Panora, IA
McGuire, Theresa A.; Urbandale, IA
Kulper, Jennifer J.; Garber, IA McIntosh, Trisha E.; Davenport, IA Ochs, Joan D.; Solon, IA
Kunath, Kathleen S.; Waukee, IA Mckenzie, Lisa Maureen; Ankeny, IA O’Donnell, Mary; Clinton, IA
Lacina, Kimberly Ann; Iowa City, IA McKibbin, Ann; De Soto, IA Ogawa, Tomoko; Iowa City, IA
Lahammer, Lorna L.; Solon, IA McKinley, Sheila; Marengo, IA Ogden, Connie A.; Davenport, IA
Page 34 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

OCTOBER RNs Continued from page 33 Trecker, Jean M.; Carroll, IA Watson, Sally L.; Des Moines, IA Xuereb, Patrice C.; Bettendorf, IA Berryhill, Linda L.; Iowa City, IA
Schmidt, Jeanne C.; Marion, IA Staggs, Linda A.; Seymour, IA Trees, Elizabeth Ann; Greene, IA Watters, Ilene A.; Fulton, IL Yenny, Sharon Kay; Grand Island, NE Bertness, Jacki L.; Sioux Rapids, IA
Schmitz, Alissa; La Porte City, IA Stalter, Nicole L.; Pleasant Hill, IA Treft, Nancy J.; Sioux City, IA Webber, Karlya L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Yoder, Carolyn C.; Kalona, IA Besco, Wanda; Ottumwa, IA
Schneider, Douglas; Coralville, IA Standifer, Marcia L.; Spring Creek, NV Treptow, Christy A.; Des Moines, IA Weber, Michele M.; Epworth, IA Young, Barbara Lea; Peoria, IL Betts, Bretta Jean; East Moline, IL
Schneider, Jolyn; Iowa City, IA Staner, Constance R.; Cascade, IA Triska, Patricia I.; Boone, IA Weeks, Jeffrey P.; Indianola, IA Young, Donna Frances; Marshalltown, IA Bier, David A.; Des Moines, IA
Schnepf, Ann M.; Grimes, IA Stapes, Karla; Des Moines, IA Trott, Donna D.; Moville, IA Wegmann, Kristine A.; Epworth, IA Young, Linda J.; Iowa City, IA Bigelow, Tamara Gerilyn; Dubuque, IA
Schoonover, Diana Jean; Washington, IA Stark, Ruth E.; Storm Lake, IA Trowbridge, Dorcelle M.; Marshalltown, Weiland, Kim Lyons-; Alta, IA Young, Patricia A.; Jamaica, IA Bihn, Jessica Marie; Oskaloosa, IA
Schrobilgen, Lisa M.; Dubuque, IA Starkey, Martha R.; Charles City, IA IA Welchans, Peggy Sue; Hamburg, IA Youngblut, Julie L.; Jesup, IA Bildstein, Laura L.; Coralville, IA
Schroder, Jane; Blairsburg, IA Starkey, Wilma Marie; Cherokee, IA True, Susan; Mason City, IA Wellman, Anne Catherine; Bettendorf, IA Younge, Sara Louise; Cedar Rapids, IA Bingham, Susan Gayle; Wever, IA
Schroeder, Deborah J. Graham-; Starry, Julie A.; Des Moines, IA Tscharner, Sherri L.; Dubuque, IA Wellman, Doris E.; Bloomington, MN Yusten, Deborah J.; Sioux City, IA Bishop, Mary C.; Sioux City, IA
Davenport, IA Stclair, Nancy L.; Farmington, IA Turner, Kenneth W.; Bloomfield, IA Wells, Amy L. Rooker-; Douds, IA Zane, Jane E.; Donnellson, IA Bjustrom, Jean E.; Stratford, IA
Schroeder, Diane S.; Dyersville, IA Steele, Sandra K.; Ottumwa, IA Turnis, Trisha; Cedar Rapids, IA Wells, Carolyn Sue; Iowa City, IA Zeiser, Tammie Lee; Maxwell, IA Black, Bobbi L.; Huxley, IA
Schubert, Sonia K.; Coralville, IA Steelman, Lori L.; Adel, IA Tuttle, Johannah Carla; Aurelia, IA Wells, Peggy E.; Bettendorf, IA Zeka, Lois Mae; Fort Dodge, IA Black, David Allen; West Des Moines, IA
Schultz, Carole Ann; Cedar Falls, IA Steen, Erin Lynn; Clinton, IA Uhle, Tracy Ann; Davenport, IA Wells, Teresa M.; Marble Rock, IA Zenner, Rachel Ann; Dubuque, IA Blackwell, Linda L.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Schultz, Marsha L.; Chariton, IA Steffen, Phyllis K.; Cedar Falls, IA Uitermarkt, Patricia Ann; Altoona, IA Welsh, Holli B.; Williamsburg, IA Zenti, Veronica K.; Des Moines, IA Blair, Cindy; Lake City, IA
Schuster, Jayne A.; Dubuque, IA Steinbaker, Deborah A.; North Liberty, IA Uken, Vicky S.; Perry, IA Welter, Kimberly K.; Central City, IA Zinnel, Linda Lee; Pomeroy, IA Blakely, Cheryl A.; Mason City, IA
Schwarting, Beverly A.; Williamsburg, IA Steinberg, Sandra K.; Marion, IA Ulmer, Robin Mechel; Mondamin, IA Welty, Melissa; Sioux City, IA Zirkelbach, Emily Irene; Monticello, IA Blank, Patricia S.; West Branch, IA
Schwartzhoff, Katherine J.; Cedar Rapids, Stillson, Melissa Marie; Rock Rapids, IA Urfer, Sandra K.; Grimes, IA Wendt, Rebecca Mae; Clarence, IA Zwirlein, Ellen A.; Monona, IA Bloch, Katherine E.; Polk City, IA
IA Stimpson, Denise Marie; Bettendorf, IA Utley, Teresa; Fort Dodge, IA Wernet, Julie A.; Mason City, IA Blumhardt, Wayde R.; Waterloo, IA
Schwery, Julie A.; Ames, IA Stocki, Lindsay Marie; Cedar Rapids, IA Valentine, Christine; Kirkland, IL West, Kathryn M.; Prescott, IA November RNs Bockenstedt, Barbara A.; Center Point, IA
Seablom, Leanne M.; Pierson, IA Stoker, Jodie A.; Norwalk, IA Van Beek, Amy J.; Sioux Center, IA Westercamp, Karen S.; Oskaloosa, IA Adams, Joan F.; Ankeny, IA Boeck, Shelly Lee; ElkHorn, IA
Sears, Ann; West Des Moines, IA Stolba, Kristine J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Van Berkum, Dona J.; Council Bluffs, IA Westhoff, Elizabeth Amanda; Cantril, IA Adams, Brenda J.; Amana, IA Boetz, Patricia; Burlington, IA
Seemann, Pamela A.; Elk Run Heights, IA Stoltz, Erica R. Sawvel-; Dubuque, IA Van Heiden, Kelly J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Weydert, Julie A.; Bode, IA Adams, Denise M.; Davenport, IA Bohlke, Janiece M.; Le Mars, IA
Sehulster, Joseph Anthony; Manhattan, Stonewall, Corrie Lynn; Muscatine, IA Van Leeuwen, Melissa Ann; Ankeny, IA Weymiller, Bonnie Ann; New Albin, IA Adams, Susan L.; New Liberty, IA Boland, Karen Elaine; Williamsburg, IA
MT Strait, Loretta Lynn; Spragueville, IA VanAlstine, Nancy J.; Davenport, IA White, Lisa Marie; Coralville, IA Adkins, Rhonda S.; Grinnell, IA Boling, Cheryl A.; Davenport, IA
Seil, Rachel A.; Lake City, IA Strasko, Sherri Jo; Fremont, IA VanDer Linden, Cathy; Lamoni, IA Whitehill, Lisa; Coin, IA Adkisson, Peggy; Knoxville, IA Bolletta, Camie; Polk City, IA
Sellers, Paul Frederick; Davenport, IA Strong, Diane Ardell; Missouri Valley, IA VanderZee, Christine M.; Rock Rapids, IA Whittenbaugh, Connie M.; McGregor, IA Adrian, Elizabeth R.; Knoxville, IA Bontrager, Shelly L.; Kalona, IA
Selph, Carolyn Janette; Hartsville, SC Strong, Mary Louise; Cedar Rapids, IA Vannoy, Victoria M.; Chariton, IA Wiebel, Michelle; Eldridge, IA Agnew, Ann Frances; Marshalltown, IA Bookmeyer, Sandra K.; Lee’s Summit, MO
Sels, Debra Sue; Lowden, IA Stroup, Matthew Allen; Mason City, IA Vanourek, Julie Elizabeth; Bartlett, IL Wieland, Tamara Lynette; Laura, IL Aldrich, Carla Louise; Manhattan, KS Borchardt, Janet K.; Mason City, IA
Selzer, Jacinta M.; Fairfax, IA Stuart, Lisa A.; Altoona, IA Van’t Hof, Kelly Allaine; Sioux Center, IA Wienandt, Marla J.; East Moline, IL Aldridge, Joyce L.; Canton, MO Borgeson, Sarah A.; Rippey, IA
Semsch, Jean Anne; Stockton, IA Studebaker, Sandra S.; Cedar Rapids, IA Vanwyk, Judith L.; Sanborn, IA Wiersema, Cynthia; Maquoketa, IA Aleff, Linda K.; Knoxville, IA Bornhoft, Martin A.; Irwin, IA
Senior, Brooke Lynn; Johnston, IA Sueppel, Karmel M.; West Des Moines, IA Vermeire, Ann L.; Moline, IL Wiese, Stacey Ann; Spencer, IA Allbritton, Shaundra Delicia; Rock Island, Bosaw, Kathleen Cecelia; Kansas City, MO
Serbousek, Tracy R.; Cedar Rapids, IA Sullivan, Dana Jean; New Hartford, IA Vermillion, Karen A.; Des Moines, IA Wilcke, Marcy A.; Clinton, IA IL Bosch, Mary L.; Indianola, IA
Seuferer, Dana Marie; Des Moines, IA Sullivan, Sheryll A.; Pella, IA Von Behren, Sandra; Springfield, IL Wilcox, Mardean O.; West Des Moines, IA Allers, Joleen M.; Fort Dodge, IA Boshart, Lisa A.; Kalona, IA
Seward, Tammy R.; Fort Dodge, IA Sutterer, Erin Marie; Grimes, IA Vondrak, Theresa L.; Hinton, IA Wilke, Jennifer Renee; Avoca, IA Altenhofen, Claudia J.; Harper, IA Bovy, Theresa R.; Waterloo, IA
Sexton, Jeanette L.; West Branch, IA Svoboda, Jennifer; Ankeny, IA Vonnahme, Marilyn L.; Breda, IA Wilkening, Ione D.; Sigourney, IA Amos, Sherry Lynn; Bushnell, IL Bowen, Deborah K.; Dallas Center, IA
Shannon, Leah Esther; Pomeroy, IA Swanson, Randi Lou; Spirit Lake, IA Votroubek, Sue A.; Coralville, IA Wille, Susan E.; Tama, IA Amos, Barbara; Indianola, IA Bowen, Megan Kay; Burlington, IA
Shinkwin, Robbin Marie; Nashua, NH Swanson, Stephanie Kaye; Waterloo, IA Wadsworth, Mary C.; Moline, IL Willets, Wendy; Des Moines, IA Amos, Nicolle Lea; Clear Lake, IA Bowyer, Divana Lee; Dubuque, IA
Shipley, Cynthia Ann; Spirit Lake, IA Swearingen, Jacquelyn P.; Mapleton, IA Wadzinski, Mary Ellen; Newton, IA Willett, Linda M.; Anamosa, IA Andersen, Jennifer Lynn; Carlisle, IA Boyce, Judith M.; Rockwell City, IA
Shissler, Nicole Renae; Altoona, IA Sweedler, Cynthia A.; Williams, IA Waechter, Marilyn J.; Sigourney, IA Williams, Amy Lynn; Des Moines, IA Anderson, Eric Wayne; Spencer, IA Boyd, Linda M.; Des Moines, IA
Short, Michele L.; Camanche, IA Swenson, Mary Janel; Belmond, IA Walding, Rebecca E.; Sioux City, IA Williams, John C.; North English, IA Anderson, Jeannette M.; Washington, IA Boyer, Tracy M.; Ottumwa, IA
Short, Helen C.; Masonville, IA Swift, Susan; Davenport, IA Walker, Nancy Anne; Iowa City, IA Williams, Kristy J.; Carlisle, IA Anderson, Glenn E.; Iowa City, IA Boyington, Arlys M.; Marshalltown, IA
Shuff, Teresa A.; North Liberty, IA Sylvara, Machelle; Madrid, IA Walker, Pamela R.; Mondamin, IA Willis, Joyce; Cedar Rapids, IA Anderson, Ulrike B.; Nora Springs, IA Boyt, Margaret A.; Iowa City, IA
Shumate, Patricia; Des Moines, IA Taylor, Laura Lynn; Anamosa, IA Walker, Robyn Tara; Des Moines, IA Wilson, Brenda L.; Ottumwa, IA Andresen, Kathleen M.; Davenport, IA Bradke, Margaret M.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Siedelmann, Debra A.; Audubon, IA Taylor, Mary L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Wall, Vicky L.; Camanche, IA Wilson, Debra S.; Des Moines, IA Andrys, Catherine Jean Keys-; Swisher, IA Bradley, Theresa G.; Sioux City, IA
Skahill, Jenifer Lee; Bettendorf, IA Taylor, Patricia Ann; Ankeny, IA Waller, Kimberly M.; Cedar Falls, IA Wilson, Molly A.; Bloomfield, IA Anfinson, S. Michelle; Waukee, IA Bradley, Pamela E.; Burlington, IA
Skala, Karen K.; Toledo, IA Telepnev, Heidi Irene; Newton, IA Walls, Linda; Tiffin, IA Wiltgen, Tania I.; Algona, IA Arant, Leatha Anne; Ames, IA Bradshaw, Glenda S.; Ames, IA
Sleiter, Jennifer Rebecca; Ankeny, IA Terrill, Pamela A.; Iowa City, IA Walls, Ronald R.; Clear Lake, IA Wise, Bernadette M.; Emmetsburg, IA Arbaugh, Pamela S.; Underwood, IA Brand, Sandi J.; Indianola, IA
Slick, Janice A.; Indianola, IA Terrill, Angelica Mae; Polk City, IA Walser, Tracie Jane; Northwood, IA Wiseman, Kimberly S.; Moline, IL Arens, Monica A.; Remsen, IA Brandau, Teresa Ann; Saint Ansgar, IA
Smiens, Cynthia S.; Ankeny, IA Terrones, Andrea Diane; Marshalltown, Walter, Sharon A.; Centerville, IA Wolf, Sara L.; Des Moines, IA Arjes, Gail Ann; Greene, IA Brandel, Joan M.; Garnavillo, IA
Smith, Mary Lou; Mount Pleasant, IA IA Walters, Ruth A.; Bettendorf, IA Wolfe, Shawn Marie; North Liberty, IA Arndt, Lisa A.; Bettendorf, IA Brenneman, Donna; Harper, IA
Smith, Paul E.; Burlington, IA Tetrault, Geraldine K.; Coralville, IA Walton, Maureen; Jesup, IA Wonder, Valarie L.; Ida Grove, IA Arney, Colleen Anne; Laurel, IA Briggs, Sharon A.; Newton, IA
Smith, Steven James; Everly, IA Theobald, Holly J.; Clear Lake, IA Wankum, Margaret M.; Merrill, IA Woock, Lori J.; Fort Dodge, IA Arnold, Katherine A.; Davenport, IA Briggs, Barbara K.; Grinnell, IA
Smith, Donna J.; Newton, IA Thien, Marianne I.; Fulton, IL Ward, Beth Ann; Council Bluffs, IA Workman, Sarah J.; Marshalltown, IA Arnold, Teresa K. Jones-; Shenandoah, IA Brinkman, Rebecca Ann; Cedar Rapids, IA
Smith, Dorothy M.; New Boston, IL Thier, Elaine M.; Farley, IA Warner, Luann Lea; Clive, IA Wright, Joan M. Comer; Solon, IA Aschenbrenner, Carrie Ann; Cedar Rapids, Brockney, May Belle; Riceville, IA
Smith, Mary A.; Brooklyn, IA Thiltgen, Margaret A.; De Witt, IA Warwick, James Ronald; Webster City, IA Wullner, Beverly J.; Cedar Rapids, IA IA Bronner, Terri A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Smith, Sherri; Ankeny, IA Thodos, Patricia R.; East Moline, IL Wasenius, Jeanna Marie; Treynor, IA Wunderlich, Jessica Rose; Council Bluffs, Averill, Kathleen Rose Ann; Rock Island, Brown, Jessica May; Clearfield, IA
Smoot, Vina Mae; Wichita, KS Thomas, Susan K.; Marshalltown, IA Washington, Portia Collette; Moline, IL IA IL Brown, Jillian Rae; Cherokee, IA
Snyder, Myrna M.; Breda, IA Thomas, Dawn; Swisher, IA Waters, Cynthia D.; Iowa City, IA Wurth, Jean A.; Marcus, IA Backen, Debra K.; Gilman, IA Brown, Margaret L.; Ames, IA
Snyder, Melissa Ann; Waukee, IA Thomas, Essie C.; Davenport, IA Bacon, Andrea Lea; Mitchellville, IA Brown, Nancy D.; Clinton, IA
Sokol, Gina H. Lawrence-; Ankeny, IA Thomas, Lillie B.; Blue Grass, IA Bagby, Dennis Edward; Manchester, IA Buckley, Judy Ann; Hinton, IA
Solomon, Elizabeth; Boone, IA Thomas, Mary M.; Iowa City, IA Bahlmann, Julie Ann; Urbandale, IA Buffo, Joanne Lynn; West Branch, IA
Sondall, Cheryl C.; Marshalltown, IA Thompson, Amy J.; Blue Springs, MO Bahr, Debra; Spirit Lake, IA Burchett, Kimberly Kay; Harlan, IA
Sorel, Karen Larson; Saint Louis Park, MN Thompson, Barbara J.; Red Oak, IA Bahrke, Karen J.; Sioux City, IA Burg, Beverly K.; Marshalltown, IA
Spahr, Christine; Oskaloosa, IA Thomsen, Gloria; La Porte City, IA Bailes, Mary Ann; Dubuque, IA Burke, Maureen M.; Altoona, IA
Speas, JoAnn; Belle Plaine, IA Thornton, Amy Lynn; Avoca, IA Bair, Gail M.; Altoona, IA Burr, Cynthia M.; Muscatine, IA
Speicher, Katherine R.; Conrad, IA Thrapp, Judith E.; Keota, IA Bair, Pam; Wheatland, IA Burrichter, Dorothy P.; Carlisle, IA
Spracklin, Mary E.; Des Moines, IA Timm, Joanne; Monticello, IA Baker, Bonnie Sue; Iowa City, IA Burt, Carolyn J.; Slater, IA
Sprecher, Dena G.; Ogden, IA Tisue, Diane C.; Decorah, IA Ball, Cynthia; Boone, IA Burton, Mary L.; Keokuk, IA
Sprick, Mary L.; Storm Lake, IA Todd, Linda D.; Correctionville, IA Ballantyne, Lynanne M.; Glen Cove, NY Bussard, Lisa M.; Sacramento, CA
Sproul, Cynthia; Missouri Valley, IA Town, Jennifer L.; Coronado, CA Ballard, Brenda K.; Knoxville, IA Butler, Danielle Renee; Eldora, IA
Banwarth, Helen F.; Dubuque, IA Butts, Cynthia A.; Traer, IA
Barnes, Janice A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Byram, Charla Ann; Waverly, IA
Bartelt, Kathleen; West Des Moines, IA Byrd, Randall S.; Waterloo, IA
Bartenhagen, Joan Elaine; Muscatine, IA Bywaters, Patricia A.; Nevada, IA
Bartman, RuthAnn; Aledo, IL Caffrey, Jacalyn J.; Thornton, IA
Bassett, Diane M.; Algona, IA Cahill, Delia E.; Donahue, IA
Bauer, Darla A.; Sioux City, IA Cain, Barbara Louise; Sioux City, IA
Bauer, John C.; Sioux City, IA Calloway, Susan Kay; Saint Joseph, MO
Baughman, Nathan Lynn; Unionville, MO Camblin, Yvonne M.; Atlantic, IA
Baughman, Arnel E.; Washington, IA Campbell, Virginia L.; Johnston, IA
Beasley, Karla K.; Sigourney, IA Cardella, Lori P.; Heathrow, FL
Beaty, Shannon Gay; Orange City, IA Cardwell, Diane M.; Ames, IA
Beckel, Charleen Marie; Shambaugh, IA Carey, Susan W.; Council Bluffs, IA
Becker, Denise K.; Lansing, IA Carlson, Elaine J.; Surprise, AZ
Behounek, Francine M.; Chelsea, IA Carlson, Shirley A.; Oskaloosa, IA
Beier, Mary Elizabeth; Des Moines, IA Carman, Susan K.; Ottumwa, IA
Beilby, Donia Diane; Mitchellville, IA Carolan, Margaret Louise; Iowa City, IA
Bell, Heidi Rebecca; Hamilton, IL Carter, Jean E.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Benda, Lynette L.; Toledo, IA Casey, Margaret R.; Fort Dodge, IA
Bengfort, Yvonne M.; Altoona, IA Cashatt, Jennifer Dawn; Red Oak, IA
Benjegerdes, Candace S.; Manly, IA Cave, Cathy Lynn; Washington, IA
Berg, Mary S.; Iowa City, IA Cerny, Linda A.; Council Bluffs, IA
Berg, Jodi Lyn; Nottingham, MD Cerruto, Tami D.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Berry, Jennifer Michelle; Keokuk, IA
Berry, Julie A.; Mason City, IA Continued on page 35
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 35

NOVEMBER RNs Continued from page 34 Ewell, Rebecca J.; Waterloo, IA Fleckenstein, Barbara E. Schott; Iowa Gallatin, Beverly J.; Waterloo, IA Graves, Amber; Dayton, IA
Chabal, Rae Genevieve; Lone Tree, IA Durni, Nancy L.; Dubuque, IA Faber, Rita R.; Ionia, IA City, IA Gansen, Suzanne E.; Epworth, IA Graves, Kristal Lee; New Hartford, IA
Chalgren, William W.; Mason City, IA Dvorak, Clarann R.; Cedar Rapids, IA Fahey, Traci Lynn; Sioux City, IA Fleming, Mary C.; Sioux City, IA Gardner, Marilyn Jean; Woodbine, IA Greder, Joan E.; Sloan, IA
Chamberlain, Renee Lynn; Hiawatha, IA Dyal, Claudia Jeanne; Swisher, IA Falkers, Sherrie Ann; Tipton, IA Flenker, Deborah Dianne; Council Bluffs, Garman, Karen S.; Algona, IA Green, Julie; Cascade, IA
Chambers, Sarah Anne; Thor, IA Easton, Rhonda Lynn; Sioux City, IA Farquharson, Paula J.; Coralville, IA IA Garvey, Teresa A.; Spirit Lake, IA Gregg, Deborah A.; Wever, IA
Champagne, Cindy; Fort Dodge, IA Eaton, Jessica May; Carlisle, IA Feckers, Charlotte K.; Fairbank, IA Forcucci, Crystal M.; Coralville, IA Gaulke, Pamela S.; Ankeny, IA Gregson, Amy Dawn; New Sharon, IA
Chaplin, Marsha K.; Ames, IA Eatwell, Lorie L.; West Des Moines, IA Fedler, Cynthia Anne; Oquawka, IL Ford, Debra L. Spitzer-; Clinton, IA Geerts, Jennifer Jo; New Hampton, IA Greiner, Janelle A.; Urbandale, IA
Chapman, Joel Roland; Rock Island, IL Ebel, Margaret E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Feldhaus, Kerri Ann; Cedar Rapids, IA Forystek, Theresa K.; Cedar Falls, IA George, Bethany Lynn; West Des Moines, Groen, Marcia L.; Hartley, IA
Cheers, Kristine K.; Stanton, IA Eckhoff, Christi A.; Allison, IA Feldmann, Norma J.; Coralville, IA Fottral, Kazumi; Swisher, IA IA Gronewold, Rae Ann; Griswold, IA
Chia, Lori S.; Indianola, IA Eckholm, Lisa Marie; Williamsburg, IA Feldmann, Jane; Cedar Rapids, IA Fowler-Seward, Judy; Lehigh, IA Gerleman, Nicole Anne; Rock Rapids, IA Grooters, April Lynn; Hartley, IA
Christensen, Lori Ann; McCausland, IA Einck, Jill Marie; West Branch, IA Felema, Gelgelu Bedasso; Marshalltown, Fox, Darlene O.; Camanche, IA Gianello, Kellie Renee; Ames, IA Groth, Amy R.; Moville, IA
Christiansen, Cheryle L.; Sacramento, CA Eisenauer, Kathryn M.; Glenwood, IA IA Fox, Susan Louise; Bondurant, IA Gibbs, Gerene G.; Earlville, IA Gullett, Jill K.; Iowa City, IA
Christopher, Verna Jean; Newton, IA Elgin, Grace E.; Holy Cross, IA Felger, Victoria F.; Bettendorf, IA Francois, Rachel Jean; Marion, IA Gibbs, Kimberly A.; Council Bluffs, IA Gunn, Jodine K.; Iowa City, IA
Cirksena, Rhonda R.; Cedar Falls, IA Ellefson, Randeen A.; Waverly, IA Ferdig, Dennis L.; Moville, IA Franke, Deborah K.; Charles City, IA Gibson, Betty M.; Raymond, IA Gunnison, Mary M. Orum; Mediapolis, IA
Clabaugh, Lynn A.; Graettinger, IA Ellingson, Rebecca; Decorah, IA Ferguson, LaVonne J.; Dubuque, IA Franklin, Cynthia L.; Eldon, IA Gilchrist, Erin Christine; Des Moines, IA Gureno, Mary A.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Clark, Denise; Pleasantville, IA Elliott, Teri D.; Ames, IA Fick, Phyllis; Paton, IA Franzen, Michelle; Elkhart, IA Gillis, Dixie; West Burlington, IA Guyler, Penelope S.; Des Moines, IA
Clark, Carol; Udell, IA Emmart, Renee C.; Council Bluffs, IA Ficken, Michelle S.; Independence, IA Frasher, Lisa M.; Cascade, IA Glanz, Katherine N.; Des Moines, IA Haas, Nancy H.; Eldora, IA
Clark, Jo Ann; Mount Vernon, IA Emswiler, Dona; Logan, IA Fiedler, Ashley Ann; Ankeny, IA Frazier, Susan B.; Ankeny, IA Glazebrook, Crystal Nicole; Osceola, IA Haferbier, Joyce L.; Oxford Junction, IA
Clay, Angela Kay; Coralville, IA Engel, Leeann Erin; Clarksville, IA Fillmore, Kathleen Mary; Winona, MN Fredregill, Allison Renee; Zearing, IA Glenski, Cynthia R.; Cedar Rapids, IA Hageman, Julie A.; Rochester, MN
Clendenen, Melissa Beth; Des Moines, IA Engel, Linda L.; Elk Run Heights, IA Fink, Sarah Katherine; Iowa City, IA Freeman, Ann W.; Mason City, IA Goedken, Rachel Leanne; Marion, IA Hageman, Brooklyn Dean; Norwalk, IA
Cline, Ruth K.; Delta, IA English, Virginia; Mason City, IA Fiori, Roger A.; Grimes, IA Frerichs, Bobbie J.; Ames, IA Goldenstein, Ruth M.; Aurora, IA Hahlen, Deborah C.; Dubuque, IA
Colburn, Abigail Marie; Council Bluffs, IA Erbe, Vanessa Renee; Cedar Rapids, IA Fischer, Alexander Robert; Rock Island, IL Friesth, Carolyn K.; Fort Dodge, IA Goldermann, Jennifer A.; Davenport, IA Haley, Maureen E.; Sioux City, IA
Combs, Donna R.; Newton, IA Ericksen, Cleo Mae; Dike, IA Fischer, Barbara J.; Marne, IA Frisch, Sherry L.; New Hampton, IA Goode, Debbie Ann; West Des Moines, IA Halfhill, Susan Marie; Urbandale, IA
Conard, January Elizabeth; Kent, IA Erickson, Joyce; Moline, IL Fisher, Christian; Glenwood, IA Frizzell, Judy K.; Grimes, IA Gossett, Anita A.; Sioux City, IA Hall, Linda K.; Sioux City, IA
Conklin, Amy E.; Iowa City, IA Erwin, Dorothy Mae; Sioux City, IA Fisher, Loreen A.; North Liberty, IA Fry, Sherrel A.; Council Bluffs, IA Gothard, Jeannine R.; Long Grove, IA Hall, Mary J.; Allison, IA
Conley, Sally E.; West Liberty, IA Escher, Pamela A.; Wellman, IA Fisher, Huella D.; Fort Dodge, IA Frye, Kay A.; Altoona, IA Gottsche, Peggy C.; Milford, IA Halvorsen, Linda L.; Forest City, IA
Connelly, Laura Ann; Lansing, IA Escobedo, Patricia Gail; Ankeny, IA Fisher, Jean A.; Walford, IA Funte, Marcine Louise; Clarion, IA Graber, Amy J.; Treynor, IA Hamand, Warren K.; Nora Springs, IA
Conrad, Susan; Donnellson, IA Espeland, Ricky L.; Winterset, IA Fisk, Greta E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Furler, Brandy Sue; Cedar Rapids, IA Grage, Laura L.; Kingsley, IA Hamling, Christina Lee; Missouri Valley,
Constant, Christine Gay; Council Bluffs, IA Etzel, Karen C.; Toledo, IA Fitkin, Janice; Cedar Falls, IA Furlong, Joyce E.; Galena, IL Graham, Amy Margaret; Des Moines, IA IA
Converse, Elizabeth Marcella; Dubuque, Evans, Sharolyn L.; Coralville, IA Flack, Kelli; Le Mars, IA Furman, Katie Marie; Milford, IA Graham, Molly Lyn; Davenport, IA Han, Sung-Nyung; Coralville, IA
IA Evans, Iris R.; Mitchellville, IA Flaherty, Marcia K.; Cedar Falls, IA Gabrielson, Karen L.; Clear Lake, IA Graham, Holly K.; Quimby, IA Hanna, Laura; Moorland, IA
Cooper, Lynette Patrice; Iowa City, IA Everson, Barbara F.; Sioux City, IA Flanders, Erica Sheldahl; Coralville, IA Gaitan, Teresita; Dublin, OH Grant, Nancy R.; Council Bluffs, IA
Continued on page 36
Cooper, Penny I.; Des Moines, IA
Cooper, Tracy; Danville, IA
Corley, Diane; Cedar Falls, IA
Cornish, Donna L.; Toddville, IA
Costigan, Michele L.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Cox, Patricia J.; Ankeny, IA
Cox, Douglas E.; Ankeny, IA
Crees, Ann M.; West Liberty, IA
Cronister, Patricia; Morrison, IL
Crosby, Mary L.; Fort Dodge, IA
Crouch, Emily Ann; Anthon, IA
Cummings, Denise M.; Waukee, IA
Cummings, Ruth M.; Chester, VA
Curry, Cathy A.; Muscatine, IA
Cutler, Julie E.; Davenport, IA
Dammann, Karol L.; Manning, IA
Daniel, Karen A.; Altoona, IA
Daniels, Michelle Renee; Muscatine, IA
Dauphin, Carol J.; Savanna, IL
Davey, Candace J.; Des Moines, IA
Davidson, Amy E.; West Des Moines, IA
Davidson, DeeAnn; Carlisle, IA
Davis, Beverly A.; Polk City, IA
Davis, Jana; Des Moines, IA
Davis, Debra S.; Indianola, IA
Davis, Michelle Marie; Mondamin, IA
De Boer, Pamela; Coralville, IA
De Visser, Patricia J.; Alton, IA
Deam, Shelley A.; Mediapolis, IA
Deboef, Marian L.; Perry, IA
DeJong, Jennifer Marie; Paullina, IA
Delaney, Connie White; North Liberty, IA
Dellachiesa, Sarah Jane; Polk City, IA
Demuth, Meriel J.; Clarion, IA
DeNike, Kristin Ann; Bettendorf, IA
Dereus, Margaret A.; Davenport, IA
DeSotel, Kendra Irene; Dallas City, IL
Deters, Jackie Suzanne; Dubuque, IA
Detweiler, Carol D.; Washington, IA
Devnich, Holli M.; Altoona, IA
DeVore, Nancy L.; Urbandale, IA
Dewitt, Krista Marie; Ankeny, IA
Dewitt, Marilyn K.; Shell Rock, IA
Dietz, Michelle L.; Davenport, IA
Dietzel, Sandy L.; Maquoketa, IA
Dietzenbach, Donna M.; Protivin, IA
Dilks, Evelyn Marie; Fort Madison, IA
Dillard, Michael; Solon, IA
Dixon, Jane E.; Correctionville, IA
Dolphin, Becky R.; Cascade, IA
Dolphin, Heidi M.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Donkersloot, Diana Lynn; Hartley, IA
Donnelly, Marlys J.; Sioux City, IA
Doolaard, Jane A.; Steamboat Rock, IA
Dooley, Barbara E.; Eagle Grove, IA
Dougherty, Diane M.; Ankeny, IA
Downes, Joanne; Oxford, IA
Downey, Melinda Ann; Dallas City, IL
Downs, Dynelle D.; Sioux City, IA
Dozier, Marlene Kay; Villisca, IA
Drew, Stacie L.; Hampton, IA
DuBois, Cynthia Ann; Ankeny, IA
Dunbar, Brenda Olson-; Des Moines, IA
Page 36 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

NOVEMBER RNs Continued from page 35 Ketelsen, Lyn M.; Coal Valley, IL Loehr, Abbie L.; Silver City, IA McVay, Michelle Lee; Peru, IA Muckey, Mary Teresa; Sioux City, IA
Hansen, Melissa Sue; Ponte Vedra Beach, Huber, Cynthia Louise; Davenport, IA Keyser, Kris Alan; Drakesville, IA Long, Catherine Benetti; Ankeny, IA Mead, Brenda Deen; Moline, IL Mueller, Brenda Kay; Luana, IA
FL Huber, Denise R.; Hudson, IA Kiel, Brenda K.; Thompson, IA Lovan, Carol R.; Des Moines, IA Meeker, Sue A. Shaw-; Huxley, IA Muhamedagic, Zlata; Waterloo, IA
Hansen, Lois Ann; Newton, IA Hucks-Maynard, Barbara C.; Davenport, Kieler, Lynn L.; Iowa City, IA Loving, Paulette E.; Albert City, IA Mees, Jeffrey Clay; Coralville, IA Munoz, Stella M.; Newton, IA
Hansen, Pamela S.; Audubon, IA IA Kiernan, Patricia L.; Marshalltown, IA Lucas, Ann A.; Davenport, IA Meggers, Mary Jo; Solon, IA Myers, Colleen Linette; Des Moines, IA
Hansen, Peggy L.; Minden, IA Huebsch, Michelle; Fort Dodge, IA Killion, Frances E.; Treynor, IA Lucas, Buffy Renee; Des Moines, IA Mehl, Ruby Jean; Lakefield, MN Myers, Patricia A.; Iowa City, IA
Hanson, Janice; Tiffin, IA Hueser, Christine Marie; Granger, IA Kimeli, Carolyne Cherono; Ames, IA Luedeke, Todd; Shattuck, OK Menke, RaeAnn Jean; West Point, IA Myrow, Nancy; Colfax, IA
Happ, Gretchen L.; Iowa City, IA Hughbanks, Diana Marie; Waterloo, IA Kinman, Roselle; Corning, IA Luiken, Doris A.; Des Moines, IA Mercer, Margaret J.; Ames, IA Nagel, Leslie A. Seggerman; Fort Dodge,
Hare, Denise; Waterloo, IA Hull, Julia Anne; Lynn Center, IL Kinnersley, Michele L.; Schleswig, IA Lunning, Marianne O.; Mason City, IA Mercer, Susan E.; Manchester, IA IA
Harmon, Julie Lynn; Shellsburg, IA Hunt, Jo Anne; Cedar Rapids, IA Kirby-Eckstein, Shawn M.; Illinois City, IL Lust, Janet S.; Reasnor, IA Merfeld, Julie Ann; Zwingle, IA Nail, Lavonne A.; Unionville, MO
Harms, Jodi Ranae; Duncombe, IA Huppenbauer, Nancy Jo; Burlington, IA Kirchhoff, Vickki; Clear Lake, IA Lynch, Georgene K.; Iowa City, IA Merhi, Claudia R. Henderson-; Ankeny, IA Neal, Rose A.; Bellevue, IA
Harper, Charleen Louise; West Union, IA Hurd, Nancy A.; Mason City, IA Kirk, Lori Jean; Saint Louis Park, MN Lynch, Karen A.; Iowa City, IA Merryman, Dustyne Lynn; Salix, IA Neher, Ronda L.; Grundy Center, IA
Hartin, Rosemary L.; Lansing, IA Hurley, Margaret L.; Davenport, IA Kjolhede, Jennifer Lynn; Ankeny, IA Lynott, Denise R.; Hawarden, IA Mescher, Wendy Lynn; Carroll, IA Nelson, Dedra Ann; Kingsley, IA
Hartman, Angela Marie; Waterloo, IA Huseman, Donna S.; Clive, IA Klavohn, Susan J.; Coralville, IA Lyons, Donna J.; Coal Valley, IL Meskimen, Deena L.; Coralville, IA Nelson, Denise M.; Clermont, IA
Hartman, Susannah C.; Olds, IA Huser, Deborah L.; Sergeant Bluff, IA Klehm, Linda D.; Clarion, IA Mabis, Fay Ellen; East Moline, IL Meyer, Dawn Marie; Sheldon, IA Nelson, Rita; Sioux City, IA
Hartwell, Jane; McClelland, IA Hutchcraft, Jean Ann; Port Byron, IL Klein, Susan J.; Ames, IA Macy, Jeanne F.; Conrad, IA Meyer, Kirsten; Northwood, IA Nelson, Denise Lynn; Iowa City, IA
Hartzler, Mary E. Lamoreux-; Kalona, IA Hutchcroft, Terrence; Dubuque, IA Klemme, Nancy L.; Nevada, IA Madarang, Christine L.; Atalissa, IA Meyer, Roseanne Therese; Orland Park, IL Nelson, Jennifer Anne; East Moline, IL
Haskin, Cynthia L.; Waterloo, IA Hylton, Scott W.; Saint Peters, MO Klemmt, Susan S.; Galena, IL Majors, Kristine L.; West Des Moines, IA Meyer, Shary S.; New Hartford, IA Nelson, Michele T.; Ames, IA
Hass, Amie J.; Central City, IA Hysell, Holly Renee; Corydon, IA Kleve, Marjie J.; Waucoma, IA Mangrich, Kristine; Des Moines, IA Michel, Donna R.; Cherokee, IA Nettleton, Daniel David; Moville, IA
Hastie, Marjorie J.; Chariton, IA Idle, Janemarie; Indianola, IA Klevos, Suzan J.; Humboldt, IA Marada, Susan B.; Council Bluffs, IA Mickelson, Cathy A.; Humboldt, IA Neuberger, Mary L.; Coralville, IA
Hatfield, Dorothy A.; Ames, IA Igbokwe, Veronica Ugonma; Des Moines, Kleyer, Lori L.; Rock Valley, IA Marble, Charles E.; Ottumwa, IA Millang, Valerie I.; Altoona, IA Newby, Theresa E.; Des Moines, IA
Hawbaker, Joy R.; Dallas Center, IA IA Klise, Julie A.; Perry, IA Marie, Linda Marie; Washington, IA Miller, Cheryl Marie; Davenport, IA Newman, Vicky S.; Whiting, IA
Hawes, Christine J.; Lewis, IA Ihnen, Tiffany Magdeline; Des Moines, IA Knapp, Dianne K.; Bloomfield, IA Marquis, Eunice M.; Clinton, IA Miller, Colleen Tyan; Armstrong, IA Newton, Donna Jean; Bettendorf, IA
Heckert, Rebecca Lynn; Davenport, IA Ihrig, Jessica Rae; Maquoketa, IA Knights, Lisa Marie; Davenport, IA Marr, Marilyn S.; Waukee, IA Miller, James V.; Dubuque, IA Newton, Darla A.; Ames, IA
Heim, Helen M.; Dubuque, IA Imerman, Vicki L.; Boone, IA Knoebel, Rosemary; Maquoketa, IA Martin, Alicia Ann; Hancock, IA Miller, Sandra J.; Des Moines, IA Nice, Heather Lynn; Coal Valley, IL
Heinzerling, Vickie; Ankeny, IA Imholz, Erica Leigh; West Des Moines, IA Knutson, Ann F.; New Hampton, IA Martin, Heather Lynn; Des Moines, IA Miller, Scott Allen; Muscatine, IA Nichols, Kelly Lynn; Stronghurst, IL
Helm, David Leigh; Marion, IA Immermann, Barbara W.; Kalona, IA Koesters, Jolene M.; Harlan, IA Martin, Kimberly S.; Robins, IA Miller, Adrian William; Cedar Falls, IA Nichols, Phyllis; Sioux City, IA
Hendrix, Gayle D.; Robins, IA Ireland, Carol I.; Cedar Rapids, IA Kohles, Margaret R.; Panama, IA Marxen, Leah Michelle; Walnut, IA Miller, Angela S.; Dike, IA Nicolaysen, Deanna Shauntee;
Henry, Emily Leann; Osceola, IA Ivester, Kimberly A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Konrardy, Janelle M.; Durango, IA Mathew, Betty M.; Cleghorn, IA Miller, Brenda S.; Oxford, IA Bettendorf, IA
Henry, Kimberley Ann; Knoxville, IA Jackson, Kay L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Kover, Rebecca Lynn; Gladstone, IL Mathison, Benjamin L.; Rock Valley, IA Miller, Hope M.; Des Moines, IA Niebuhr, Joanne L.; Clinton, IA
Henscheid, Joan T. Finken-; Clive, IA Jacobi, Mary Lou; Atkins, IA Kraack, Anita R.; Tracy, IA Matthews, Denise R.; Bellevue, IA Millikan, Chad Paul; Sioux City, IA Nielsen, Enid L.; Elk Horn, IA
Henson, Karen A.; Bayard, IA Jacobs, Marita E.; Galena, IL Kramer, Mary; Albert Lea, MN Mattison, Valerie L.; Williamsburg, IA Milton, Nancy J.; Des Moines, IA Nikkel, Sherrilyn K.; Pella, IA
Henson, Michelle D.; La Porte City, IA Jacobsen, Melanie J.; Sioux City, IA Kramer, Vicki A.; Hopkinton, IA Maxfield, Kimberly A.; Denver, IA Moehn, Heather Denise; Burlington, IA Nissen, Maureen; Moville, IA
Herker, Gwen E.; Ankeny, IA Jansen, Christine E.; Sioux City, IA Krause, Alice C.; Callender, IA May, Patricia A.; Davenport, IA Moermond, Pauline; Cedar Rapids, IA Nobiling, Heidi E.; West Liberty, IA
Hernandez, Elaine; North Liberty, IA Jarnell, Marjorie K.; Sioux City, IA Krein, Laura L.; Underwood, IA McCambridge, Vicki A.; Boone, IA Mondahl, Velma J.; Mason City, IA Noble, Kathi K.; Hartley, IA
Heronemus, Sandra J.; Spencer, IA Jaunslavietis, Aria; Cedar Rapids, IA Kroll, Karie L.; Burlington, IA McCann, Diana D.; Des Moines, IA Moore, Zella Verneda; Lakemoor, IL Nolting, Janet E.; Fairfax, IA
Hesseltine, Kathy L.; Panora, IA Jeffery, Diane M.; Wyoming, IA Krueger, Sheila M.; Davenport, IA McCarthy, Heather; Garner, IA Moore, Arlene M.; Davenport, IA Norris, Arlene June; Brooklyn, IA
Hetzel, Pamela Anne; Tabor, IA Jensen, Jessica Anne; Decorah, IA Kruse, Christopher; Dubuque, IA Mcconnell, Melisa A.; Mount Pleasant, IA Moore, Virginia; Neola, IA North, Ryanne Renee; Dike, IA
High, Donna; Hamilton, IL Jepson, Ann E.; Davenport, IA Kruse, Misty Michelle; Clinton, IA Mccoy, Courtney Lynn; Villisca, IA Moreland, Carolyn M.; Boone, IA Novak, Cynthia L.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Hill, Sharon K.; Norwalk, IA Jerred, Steven Wells; Sioux City, IA Kuennen, Bridget A.; Denver, IA Mccullough, Joanne E.; Muscatine, IA Morgan, Joan M.; Lone Tree, IA Novotny, Jonie Lyn; Iowa City, IA
Hillenga, Diane H.; West Des Moines, IA Jobe, Nadine; Fort Madison, IA Kuhl, Martha J.; Des Moines, IA McDaniel, Joyce Ann; Plano, IA Morris, Amanda Viola; Mesa, AZ Nuzum, Diane K.; Pisgah, IA
Hilmer, Briana Jean; Denver, IA Johannsen, Lori L.; Denison, IA Kurt, Larita M.; Monticello, IA McDermott, Beverly Jean; Jamaica, IA Moser, Nancy A.; Burlington, IA Nyhus, Mary A.; Sioux City, IA
Hindt, Shauntelle Lea; Rock Rapids, IA Johnson, Jolene Marie; Monticello, IA Kusler, Elizabeth Louise; Emmetsburg, IA McDermott, Amy Elizabeth; Newton, IA Mosher, Vonda S.; Bondurant, IA Nylin, Carol S.; Clinton, IA
Hinkel, Carol A.; Ottumwa, IA Johnson, Leona M.; Matlock, IA Kuster, Joyce L.; Burlington, IA McDonald, Darla Jean; Cherokee, IA Mostaert, Juliane; Dubuque, IA Ober, Ann E.; Jefferson, IA
Hinkeldey, Paula J.; Alta, IA Johnson, Lori M.; Sioux City, IA Kustes, Lynn Elizabeth; East Moline, IL McDonough, Judith Anne; Milford, IA Movick, Linda K.; Sioux City, IA Oberhaus, Nancie M.; Davenport, IA
Hird, Keri A.; Marion, IA Johnson, Michelle Alice; West Des Lala, Anne L.; Cedar Rapids, IA McFadden, Deanna Marie Devlin; Mraz, Terese M.; Urbandale, IA Continued on page 37
Hobbs, Kay L.; Bettendorf, IA Moines, IA Lamoureux, Rose Marie; Montreal, MO Davenport, IA
Hocken, Wendy L.; Walker, IA Johnson, Robert A. Lee; Rochester, NY Landon, Robyn Sue; Miles, IA McGee, Melissa Sue; Mason City, IA
Hockett, Kristi J.; Tennant, IA Johnson, Barbara J.; Hiawatha, IA Lansing, Diane; West Des Moines, IA McGinnis, Christian; Des Moines, IA
Hoefer, Kristy; Woodbine, IA Johnson, Deborah C.; Milford, IA Latham, Leanne K.; Dubuque, IA McGrath, Sandra Lynn; Eagle Grove, IA
Hoerman, Joyce Lee; Corning, IA Johnson, Janice A.; Des Moines, IA Lathrop, Sandra J.; Swisher, IA McGrauth, Christine Ann; Graettinger, IA
Hoffman, Elizabeth J.; Springville, IA Johnson, Lisa E.; Sioux City, IA Lawrence, Cortney Rae; Norfolk, NE Mchone, Nancy L.; Waterloo, IA
Hoffman, Cindy A.; Little Cedar, IA Johnson, Mary J.; Bloomfield, IA Leazer, Sara Jean; Rochester, MN Mchugh, Nancy L.; Emmetsburg, IA
Hogberg, Anne M.; Ames, IA Johnson, Noreen B.; Clinton, IA Lee, Joyce A.; Ames, IA McIlrath, Katherine J. Lumpa-; West
Holdeman, Lynne A.; Kalona, IA Junk, Carolyn L.; Hudson, IA Legg, Joyce E.; Tama, IA Branch, IA
Holland, Brandon Lee; Nevada, IA Kaiser, Carol J.; Des Moines, IA Lehmkuhl, Shelly Marie; Boone, IA Mckibben, Becky A.; Marshalltown, IA
Hollingsworth, Barbara J.; Sigourney, IA Kalbach, Barbara G.; Dexter, IA Lepird, Genevieve M.; Mason City, IA McKinnon, Susan; Robins, IA
Holm, Kari Beth; Ankeny, IA Kalumbi, Christina; West Des Moines, IA Leutzinger, Eugene R.; Coralville, IA Mcmillan, Elizabeth Ann; Stanley, IA
Hommer, Gina Lynne; Woodburn, IA Kann, Sheila I.; Mason City, IA Lewis, Joyce K.; Ruthven, IA McMillen, Emily Ann; Liberty, MO
Honz, Elizabeth Jean; Missouri Valley, IA Karl, Robert J.; Blue Earth, MN Lincoln, Debra L.; Glenwood, IA Mcnertney, Rosanne; Sioux City, IA
Hoopes, Rachel Marie; Indianola, IA Kasemodel, Elizabeth A.; Maquoketa, IA Lindloff, Linda L.; Mason City, IA Mcpherson, Susan C.; Nevada, IA
Hooyer, Althea F. Groen; Rock Rapids, IA Kaufman, Lana J.; Walford, IA Lockard, Beth Shannon; Jesup, IA Mctaggart, Ann M.; Sioux City, IA
Hopkins, Muriel Irene; Cedar Rapids, IA Keith, Harriett Lou; Marshalltown, IA
Horan, Barbara K.; Waterloo, IA Kellerman, Joy M.; West Des Moines, IA
Horn, Mary I.; Cedar Rapids, IA Kelley, Jessica Ann; Dubuque, IA
Horning, Patricia; Keota, IA Kelley, Kimberly Dawn Rios-; Kalona, IA
Horns, Katherine M.; Des Moines, IA Kelley, Marilyn J. Clove-; Waukee, IA
Horstman, Mary C.; Des Moines, IA Kellogg, Kristen Renee; Fort Dodge, IA
Hostetler, Michelle; Kalona, IA Kelly, Kathryn J.; Coralville, IA
Hough, Susan T.; Harlan, IA Kelly, Nancy L.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Howard, Kristin S.; Urbandale, IA Kelty, David L.; Walker, IA
Howard, Lori A.; Lowden, IA Kennedy, Karin M.; Bettendorf, IA
Howard, Sandra M.; West Des Moines, IA Kern, Debra; Ankeny, IA
Howe, Janice Elaine; Lawler, IA Kerns, Joan C.; Edgewood, IA
Howes, Lisa A.; Clinton, IA Kersey, Marabel; Adel, IA
August, September, October 2006 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - Page 37

NOVEMBER RNs Continued from page 36 Rasmusson, Diana L.; Roland, IA Running, Cynthia A.; Roland, IA Schumacher, Cynthia M.; Charles City, IA Sorge, Nicole Christine; Cedar Rapids, IA
OBrallaghan, Beverly; Iowa City, IA Perdue, Brenda; Griswold, IA Rausch, Angela Marie; Cascade, IA Russell, Julie Marie; Ames, IA Schumacher, Mary M.; Dubuque, IA Soubannarath, Phonesavanh C.; Iowa
Obrien, Cindy J.; Ottumwa, IA Perfater, Sharon Lynn; Marion, IA Ray, Dorothy J.; Monticello, IA Ryan, Cindy R.; Bettendorf, IA Schwartz, Lori K.; Greenfield, IA City, IA
OBrien, Susan M.; Davenport, IA Persson, Albert J.; Iowa City, IA Rayl, Koreen; Ankeny, IA Ryan, Judy L.; Urbandale, IA Scott, Charisse D.; Gilman, IA Spellacy, Renee Lynne; South Hadley, MA
Ocden, Yvonne Gatiwan; Ankeny, IA Peters, Cynthia R.; West Bend, IA Reams, Brita A.; New Hampton, IA Ryherd, Donna M.; Alta, IA Scott, Jason Adam; Glidden, IA Spencer, Christina M.; Coralville, IA
O’Connell, Jackie L.; Cresco, IA Petersen, Rita P.; Missouri Valley, IA Reel, Shelby L.; Des Moines, IA Sadler, Helen; Waterloo, IA Scott, Kathleen A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Spieker, Peggy A.; Des Moines, IA
Odegaard, Mary Kay; Hiawatha, IA Petersen, Deborah J.; Muscatine, IA Reichenbacker, Diana R.; Des Moines, IA Sakulin, Susan Mary; Cedar Rapids, IA Seeden, Suzanne Mary; Glidden, IA Splinter, Doris A.; East Dubuque, IL
ODonnell, Mary E.; Iowa City, IA Petersen, Gladys I.; Cedar Falls, IA Reicks, Jennifer; West Des Moines, IA Salmon, Tracy L.; Sioux City, IA Selleck, Renee Annette; Waterloo, IA Spratte, Roxanne L.; Guthrie Center, IA
O’Donnell, Erin Lynne; Urbandale, IA Peterson, Carol; Atlantic, IA Reid, Beverly S.; Knoxville, IA Salsberry, Patti D.; Burlington, IA Senne, Linda J.; Altoona, IA Squier, Paula J.; Charles City, IA
O’Donnell, Patricia M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Peterson, Joyce E.; Ames, IA Reilly, Regina Rene; Sergeant Bluff, IA Salter, Marilyn R.; Ankeny, IA Septer, Steven Patrick; Overland Park, KS Stallman, Susan; Robins, IA
Offchiss, Jayne C.; Moline, IL Peterson, Judith R.; Huxley, IA Reimer, Nancy Elaine; Atlantic, IA Salwey, Nadine E.; Swisher, IA Servantez, Diane K.; Mason City, IA Stanley, Wendy Dawn; Osceola, IA
Olexa, Linda Louise; Marion, IA Peterson, Lorraine J.; West Des Moines, Reimer, Ronda L.; Otley, IA Sampson, Nancy Jo Ann; Davenport, IA Seufferlein, Tamara Ruth; Waterloo, IA Stanley, Patricia; Essex, IA
Olhausen, Jeri; Ottumwa, IA IA Reinboth, Joann Louise; Des Moines, IA Sampson, Marie H.; Ankeny, IA Shannon, Dorothy I.; Liberty, MO Staudt, Laura K.; Greene, IA
Oliver, Amber Lynn; Woodbine, IA Peterson, Mary B.; Cherokee, IA Reinking, Joan E.; Correctionville, IA Sanderson, Diana L.; Bettendorf, IA Shawler, Suzanne M.; Creston, IA Stearns, Julie A.; Orion, IL
Olson, Patricia A.; Sioux City, IA Phelps, Clairee; Lineville, IA Reynolds, Cheryl Allyson; Alden, MN Sandle, Cathy S.; Des Moines, IA Shay, Rebecca L. Horwitz-; Fairfield, IA Stein, Marilyn R.; Gilmore City, IA
Olson, Robin Lee; Underwood, IA Philips, Donn G.; Norwalk, IA Reynolds, Laurie K.; West Des Moines, IA Sandven, Cynthia Rae; Humboldt, IA Shea, Dianne L.; Maquoketa, IA Steinkuehler, Carolyn S.; Defiance, IA
Olson, Stephen; Milford, IA Pieper, Dawn M.; Ankeny, IA Richter, Susan M.; Council Bluffs, IA Sass, Dennison W.; Wilton, IA Sheldon, Darcy A. Weilbrenner-; Albia, IA Stephas, M. Teresa; Dickens, IA
Ortman, Linda A.; Moline, IL Pierce, Susan; Kingsley, IA Riege, Beverly J.; Vinton, IA Sauke, Amy Erin; Charles City, IA Sherburne, Cheryl Lynn; Shell Rock, IA Stephens, Laura K.; Savanna, IL
Osborn, Linda Carol; Newton, IA Piersall, Monica M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Riemersma, Eulyn Rae; Spirit Lake, IA Saunders, Brenda L.; Manchester, IA Sheriff, Mandy Michelle; Monmouth, IL Stephens, Rachel Elisabeth; Des Moines,
Osborn, Lisa M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Pietz, Anna M.; Newton, IA Riesenberg, Lynn Ann; Audubon, IA Scardino, Jane Marie; Dubuque, IA Shickell, Karen Ann; Iowa City, IA IA
Osolkowski, Wanda M.; McGregor, IA Pietz, Cheryl A.; Ames, IA Riessen, Lois M.; Harlan, IA Schaer, Martha Ann; Des Moines, IA Shilling, Janine K.; Whiting, IA Stephenson, Rachel Marie; Cedar Rapids,
Osterhaus, Michelle D.; Independence, IA Pinegar, Jennifer L.; Altoona, IA Rife, Jennifer Sue; New Market, IA Schafer, Kerry K.; Emerson, IA Shiltz, Laura Anne; Davenport, IA IA
Ott, Linda K.; Nora Springs, IA Ping, Margaret M.J.; West Branch, IA Rigel, Nancy M.; Waterloo, IA Schenck, Cynthia C.; Glenwood, IA Shirk, Charlotte Rae; Mount Vernon, KY Stevens, Helen A.; Elliott, IA
Overgaard, Lorraine Donella; Sioux City, Pins, Nancy M.; Marshalltown, IA Rihner, Pamela Sue; Shelby, IA Schleis, Scott J.; Rock Rapids, IA Shortt, Mary Elaine; Waterloo, IA Stevenson, Anita L.; Waterloo, IA
IA Pirkle, Julie Ann; Des Moines, IA Rinaldi, Mary J.; Cedar Rapids, IA Schleisman, Anthony Phillip; Ottumwa, Shuey, Karen Sue; Grundy Center, IA Stewart, Camilla J. Cortesio; Ottumwa, IA
Owen, Marty J.; Bloomfield, IA Place, Beverly E.; Osage, IA Riphagen, Vickie Fay; Orange City, IA IA Siems, Sheryl A.; Iowa City, IA Stewart, Kimberly Ann; Hartford, IA
Owens, Ruth D.; Ute, IA Platter, Keri Ann; Rock Island, IL Robins, Sheryl K.; Osceola, IA Schloss, Teresa J.; Winthrop, IA Sievers, Lynette A.; Washington, IA Stockham, Anna M.; Carroll, IA
Ozzello, Tracy Lynn; Council Bluffs, IA Ploessl, Gail A.; Eldridge, IA Robinson, Katherine G.; Des Moines, IA Schlotfelt, Teresa A.; Cedar Rapids, IA Skjeveland, Ann K.; Cresco, IA Stodden, Sabrina J.; Sioux City, IA
Palmer, Carey D.; Waukee, IA Plowman, Dawn E.; Clarinda, IA Robinson, Cathleen Sue; Pella, IA Schmidt, Allyson Ann; Harlan, IA Slabach, Sonya I.; Kalona, IA Stoline, Sharon J.; Clarion, IA
Palmer, Mary M. Eggers; Allison, IA Plumb, Barbara J.; Ankeny, IA Robinson, LaVerne E.; West Des Moines, Schmidt, Susan M.; Davenport, IA Slavik, Rhonda K.; Schleswig, IA Stoll, Margaret L.; Bernard, IA
Pals, Roxanne F.; Mason City, IA Polfer, Teresa Joan; Postville, IA IA Schmitt, Theresa L.; Whittemore, IA Sloan, Yvonne K.; Mount Pleasant, IA Storey, Jannis R.; Rockwell, IA
Panther, Stephen F.; Iowa City, IA Polzin, Tricia D.; Clarion, IA Roddy, Roberta J.; Audubon, IA Schmitz, Gwendolyne S.; Thornton, IA Smith, Ann E.; Oxford, IA Storm, Bonnie L.; Sioux City, IA
Parker, Esther L.; Clinton, IA Poortinga, Jamee Rae; Des Moines, IA Roe, Luana J.; Windsor Heights, IA Schnackel, Susan R.; Runnells, IA Smith, Connie L.; Maxwell, IA Strasser, Deana K.; Underwood, IA
Parker, JaneAnne E.; Cedar Rapids, IA Portz, Karen A.; Remsen, IA Roeder, Susan M.; Odebolt, IA Schneider, Barbara Neitzel-; Cedar Smith, Kathlyn M.; Des Moines, IA Strohman, Sherry L.; North English, IA
Parkhurst, Linda Whitham; Wichita, KS Potthoff, Jane M.; Polk City, IA Roelle, Susan L.; Muscatine, IA Rapids, IA Smith, Sandra K.; Eldora, IA Stuck, Dolores F.; Sioux City, IA
Parks, Pamela Sue; Akron, IA Powell, Kathryn K.; Perry, IA Rogers, Sandra L.; Hornick, IA Schoenheider, Donna Lee; Orland Park, IL Smith, Diane L.; Akron, IA Stull, Corey I.; Urbandale, IA
Parsons, Catherine L.; Alleman, IA Powell, Robert; Fort Dodge, IA Rohler, Nancy A.; Bettendorf, IA Schoephorster, Pamela K.; Clinton, IA Smith, Lois A.; Nevada, IA Stumbo, Andrew Wyeth; Tipton, IA
Parsons, Marilyn R.; Urbandale, IA Pralle, Sandra L.; Hampton, IA Rohret, Julie A.; Oxford, IA Schopf, Daniel M.; Ankeny, IA Smith, Sherrie J.; Sioux City, IA Stumpf, Jane M.; Cuba, MO
Pasbrig, Paula L.; South Amana, IA Pratt, Peggy L.; Lake City, IA Rollinger, Lynn C.; Hopkinton, IA Schork, Angela Catherine; Marion, IA Snow, Gayle P.; Clear Lake, IA Stutheit, Kelli L.; Johnston, IA
Pass, Kelly Jo; Urbandale, IA Price, Lori; Fort Dodge, IA Ross, Becky Lou; Lawton, IA Schossow, Michelina E.; Des Moines, IA Snyder, Bridgid Kathleen; Des Moines, IA Sullivan, Janet R.; Iowa City, IA
Patterson, Willow E.; Colfax, IA Raddatz, Karolyn K.; West Des Moines, IA Roth, Suzanne M.; Ankeny, IA Schreiber, Jennifer L.; Cedar Falls, IA Snyder, Carol J.; Breda, IA Sullivan, Sue Ann; West Des Moines, IA
Pauling, Carolyn D.; Indianola, IA Rademacher, Melissa Ann; Windom, MN Rouchka, Judith A.; Cresco, IA Schrobilgen, Bette Jean; Dubuque, IA Solberg, Diane; Waterloo, IA Sunderman, Megan Nicole; Clarinda, IA
Paxton, Rebecca Ann; Afton, IA Ramsey, Gwendolyn I.; Waterloo, IA Rowe, Karin Marie; Merrill, IA Schroeder, Christine A.; Guttenberg, IA Solberg, Lisa A.; Cedar Falls, IA Suppes, Georgieanna; Waterloo, IA
Payne, Rebecca Egel-; Des Moines, IA Ramsey, Valerie L.; Silver City, IA Rowe, Linda K.; Ottumwa, IA Schroeder, Deborah M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Sorel, Victoria Jeanine; Ankeny, IA Swalin, Mary M.; Eagle Grove, IA
Pedersen, Jamie Lynn; Colton, SD Raney, Jennifer Jo; Waverly, IA Ruff, Debra Sue; Solon, IA Schultz, Karen M.; Dunkerton, IA Sorensen, Arlis Lorraine; Goldfield, IA Swank, Pamela S.; Moline, IL
Pendegraft, Miriam J.; Cromwell, IA Rasmussen, Carol L.; Exira, IA Rump, Ardith J.; Fort Madison, IA Schumacher, Jean T.; Lake City, IA Sorenson, Susan B.; Sioux City, IA Continued on page 38
Page 38 - Iowa Board of Nursing Newsletter - August, September, October 2006

NOVEMBER RNs Continued from page 37 Wilgenbusch, Rose A.; Dubuque, IA Woody, Teri Lorene; Lathrop, MO
Swanson, Susan A.; LeClaire, IA VanArkel, Patricia A.; Bloomfield, IA Wilkinson, Rachel A.; Ankeny, IA Woolever, Julie Ann; Fort Madison, IA
Swanson, Mary E.; Dawson, IA Vanden Brink, Anita L.; Hull, IA Willett, Dianna L.; Des Moines, IA Woollums, Mary K.; Albia, IA
Swanson, Tami Raynette; Fonda, IA Vanderbrink, Leah Ruth; Doon, IA Willett, Sally J.; Tama, IA Worrell, Kathryn A.; West Branch, IA
Swender, Joan L.; Mount Vernon, IA Vandermillen, Michael Joseph; East Willey, Deborah A.; Marshalltown, IA Worrell, Teresa M.; Sioux City, IA
Szczech, Susan A.; Coralville, IA Dubuque, IL Williams, Debra Jean; West Des Moines, Woulfe, Sister M. Martina; Johnston, IA
Szymczuk, Marsha A.; Des Moines, IA VanDorn, Dayna M.; Centerville, IA IA Wright, Clare L.; Waterloo, IA
Takes, Mary L.; Cedar Rapids, IA Vangilder, Patricia A.; Altoona, IA Williams, Jeanne A.; Clinton, IA Wright, Vicki L.; Onawa, IA
Talbert, Tina Marie; Ottumwa, IA Vannatta, Diane L.; State Center, IA Williams, Linda K.; Swisher, IA Wulfekuhle, Sue A.; New Vienna, IA
Tangeman, Mary L.; Cedar Rapids, IA VanSkike, Melyssa Kay; Lynn Center, IL Williams, Mary E.; Des Moines, IA Wynn, Margaret Gloria; Montebello, CA
Taylor, Sara J.; Iowa City, IA Vant Hul, Markie Lynn; Hull, IA Williamson, Mary Colleen; Henderson, Yeoman, Carolyn A.; Ottumwa, IA
Taylor, Wendy W.; Mason City, IA VanZuiden, Donna L.; Fulton, IL KY Young, Melissa Sue; Des Moines, IA
Teeple, Miriam; Council Bluffs, IA Vasey, Rebecca; Des Moines, IA Wills, Laura Lee R.; Keokuk, IA Young, Florence E.; Earlham, IA
Terry, Tracy J.; Holstein, IA Veit, Sharon Ann; Amana, IA Wilson, Barbara G.; Boone, IA Young, Pamela Serena; Waterloo, IA
Thibodeaux, Samuel Joseph; Iowa City, Ventullo, Mary A.; Waverly, IA Wilson, Kaleigh L.; Oakland, IA Youngblut, Jennifer Lynne; Brooklyn Park,
IA Vesely, Sherri L.; Toledo, IA Wilson, Rosa L.; Ottumwa, IA MN
Thomas, Shannon Leigh; Bellevue, IA Vogel, Robin; Afton, IA Wilson, Sharon K.; Dysart, IA Yutzy, John N.; Iowa City, IA
Thomas, Ann Jane; Ankeny, IA Vondrak, Susan J.; Emmetsburg, IA Wilson, Tamara K.; Newton, IA Zaber, Mary P.; Dubuque, IA
Thomas, Nancy J.; Lisbon, IA Wade, Debra J.; Van Meter, IA Winblade, Janice L.; Ottumwa, IA Zimmerman, Margaret Ethel; Maquoketa, IA
Thome, Karen R.; Osage, IA Wade, Faye; West Des Moines, IA Wing, Allison Lynn; Waterloo, IA Zwaschka, Sheryl L.; Altoona, IA
Thompson, Tena Marie; Osage, IA Wager, Susan Elizabeth; Ankeny, IA Witt, Sandra L.; Charlotte, IA
Thompson, Rena D.; Sergeant Bluff, IA Wagner, Barbara J.; Iowa City, IA Wohlert, Shahna Marie; Lake Park, IA
Thompson, Vicki L.; Britt, IA Wahl, Jeannie M.; Clear Lake, IA Wolff, Tamara A.; Readlyn, IA
Thornburg, Virginia M.; Great Falls, MT Walker, Margaret A.; Burlington, IA Wood, Cecilia K.; Oskaloosa, IA
Thu, Sheryl; Spencer, IA Walker, Annette Marie; Fort Dodge, IA Wood, Lisa M.; Rock Island, IL
Tiedtke, Tiffany M.; Cedar Rapids, IA Walz, Candi Rae; Tama, IA Wood, Sandra K.; Iowa City, IA
Tierney, Sharon A.; Mapleton, IA Wantock, Regina J.; Springville, IA
Ties, Kathryn Elizabeth; Dubuque, IA Ward, Jason Dennis; Belmond, IA
Tillman, Juli C.; Farragut, IA Ward, Rita; Council Bluffs, IA
Timm, Karen D.; Williamsburg, IA Waring, Michelle L.; Sioux Center, IA
Timmins, Jody L.; Monroe, IA Waters, DaOnnise; Des Moines, IA
Timmons, Carol A.; Colesburg, IA Waters, Phyllis D.; New Albin, IA
Tippe, Carol S.; Iowa City, IA Watkinson, Brook Nicole; Cedar Rapids,
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