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Adil Soni Prof. Divyankur Tiwari

Aditi Mishra
Aalok Choudhary
Anjali Kushwaha
Apoorva Gupta

I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my Research

Methodology Faculty Mr. Divyankur Tiwari Sir for his guidance and
support in completing our research report.
I would also like to thank all my group members who helped to
successfully complete this Research Report.
 Content
1-Introduction of company

2-Identification of Research problem and explanation of research


I. Research objective

II. Why this problem was chosen

III. Variables identified and dependent and independent



Reliance Communications was founded in India on 31 July 2002 as
Reliance Limited with the introduction of its
Nationwide  CDMA200  service. It became Reliance Communications Limited in
2006. The company introduced its GSM service in 2008. It began
using MIMO technology in 2011 to improve the quality of its 3G service,
providing a data rate of up to 28 Mbit/s.
In the 2010 Spectrum auction, Reliance obtained licenses for 3G spectrum in three
cities at a total licensing fee of58,642.9 million. The company reduced the price of
its 3G service by 61 percent in May 2012.
Reliance and Lenovo introduced their co-branded Android Smartphone’s in India
in 2013.
The company ended its CDMA operations in 2016, and migrated its subscribers to
its GSM and LTE networks by September the same year.
In February 2019, the company filed for bankruptcy as it was unable to sell assets
to repay its debt. It has an estimated debt of 50,000crore against assets
worth 18,000crore.

2-Research Problemidentified and explanation

The research problem that we have identified during the course of our research is
that in 2015-2017 there were number of existing competitors such as AIRTEL,
VODAFONE, and IDEA CELLULAR. R. Communication faced decline in
number of subscribers when we compare the subscribers of reliance
communication they have reduced from 80million to 38million. The average
revenue per user was decreasing and came down to Rs.141against airtel Rs. 158 in
March 2017.

3-Research Objective
 The research objective is to find why the company was bankrupted as on
 Why the consumers were not satisfied and subscribers were decreasing

4-Why this problem was chosen

This problem was chosen because:

1. Lack of consumer satisfaction- Consumers were not satisfied with the

services that were provided by reliance communication because of low
quality services and perceived value.
2. Rush for 4G services provided by JIO- It entered in market in 2016, and
provided 4G data services and had 128 million subscribers in 2016 and it led
to the reduction in number of subscribers.
3. Improper decision by top and middle level management- The decisions
taken by the company related to investment acted as non-profitable business,
for example, merger with Ericsson was non-profitable, and led to the
company in position of debt.

5-Identification of Variables
The variables in the study are as follows –

 Independent Variable
 Service Quality - Service quality is a major factor contributing to
customer’s satisfaction, however, excellent service quality is a major
prerequisite to satisfy customers completely and create customers loyalty.
Service quality is defined as the delivery of excellent of superior service
related to customer’s expectations.
 Perceived Value – Customer perceived value is an interactive preferential
and relative experience. It is measured through overall price given quality
and overall quality given price. It is important for purchase decision.
 Price – Customers are more likely to commit to a company that provides
cheaper services. It is determined by various factors including, willingness
of the buyer to pay an accept markups, the legal environment, intensity of

 Dependent Variables
 Customers Satisfaction – It a degree of satisfaction provided by the goods of
service of a company as measured by the number of repeat customers.

Q1. Email address 
 Your email

Q2. Occupation *
 Self employed
 Business
 Professional
 Student
Q3. Which mobile connection do you use now?
 Other:

Q4. Why do you use these connection?

 Network Coverage
 Low Call Rate Tariff
 Better Customer Support
 Other
Q5. Have you ever use reliance SIM card? *
 Yes
 No
Q6. Which of the services you use? *
 Prepaid
 Post-paid
Q7. What is the availability of your cellular network? *
 Very good
 Very bad
 Don't know
Q8. What attracts you towards a brand? *
 Strong Price Advantages
 An established brand name
 Bundled with service
 Other
Q9. Do you use internet service on your phone? *
 Yes
 No

Q10. How much do u spend on your Internet service currently? *

 100-300
 300-500
 500 and above
Q11. What is the main limitation of your internet service currently? *
 Expensive
 Line dropouts
 It’s very slow
 other
Q12. Are you aware about value added service? *
 Yes
 No
Q13. Are you connected with same service provider from so many years? *
 Yes
 No
Q14. Are you ready to switch to any other service provided in future? *
 Yes
 No
 Maybe
Q15. What brand did you previously owned? *
 Reliance gsm
 Airtel
 Idea
 Other

6– Summary
The objective of this research is to examine why the company was not able to
satisfy its customers and to understand the relationship between satisfaction and
the customer’s personal background, like why were the number of subscribers
were decreasing and to also know the relationship between dependent variable and
independent variable as mentioned above:

This research would also allow to understand why was the company bankrupted
and declined the performance of the company and a use full tool to understand the
behavior by other companies.