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She said that frankly she was blinded

Nina, Noel Coward To all their over advertised romantic charms

And then she got more bloody minded
(as Performed at Las Vegas) And told them where to put their tropic palms

Senorita Nina, from Argentina, knew all the answers She said, "I hate to be pedantic
Although her relatives and friends were perfect But it drives me nearly frantic
dancers When I see that unromantic, sycophantic lot of sluts
She swore she'd never dance a step until she died Forever wriggling their guts
It drives me absolutely nuts. "
She said, "I've seen too many movies
And all they prove is She declined to Begin The Beguine though they
Too idiotic besought her to
They all insist that South America's exotic And in language profane and obscene she cursed the
Whereas it couldn't be more boring if it tried. " man who taught her to
She cursed Cole Porter too
She added firmly that she hated
The sound of soft guitars beside a still lagoon From this it's fairly clear that Nina, in her demeanour
She also positively stated
Was so offensive that when the hatred of her friends
That she could not abide a Southern moon grew too intensive
She thought she'd better beat it while she had the
She said with most refreshing candor chance
That she thought Carmen Miranda
Was subversive propaganda After some trial and tribulation, she reached the
And should rapidly be shot station
She said she didn't care a jot And met a sailor, who had acquired a wooden leg in
If people quoted her or not Venezuela
And so he married him, because he couldn't dance
She refused to Begin The Beguine when they requested
it There surely never could've been a
And she made an embarrassing scene if anyone More irritating girl than Nina
suggested it They never speak in Argentina
For she detested it Of this degenerate bambina
Who had the luck to find romance
Though no-one ever could be keener than little Nina But resolutely wouldn't da-
On quite a number of very eligible men who did the A-a-a-a
rhumba A-a-a-a
When they proposed to her she simply left them flat A-a-a-a
She said that love should be impulsive, but not A-a-a-ance
convulsive She wouldn't dance
And syncopation had a discouraging effect on Hola!
And that she'd rather read a book and that was that

Senorita Nina, from Argentina, despised the Tango

Although she never was a girl to let a man go
She wouldn't sacrifice her principles for sex

She looked with scorn on the gyrations

Of her relations who did the conga
And said that if she had to stand it any longer
She'd lose all dignity and wring their silly necks