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My name is Ardelean Valentin and I’m 17 years old.

I live in Sighetu Marmatiei, a

city situated in the north west of Romania. Also, I’m student in the 10 th grade at the
National College Dragoș Vodă on the mathematical-informatics intensive
specialization. In addition, the high school where I am is the best in my city.
This specialization is considered the hardest at the high school level in the Romanian
education system. However, I didn’t want to choose an easier specialization because I
like challenges. If I do something, I need a lot of motivation and I have it only and
only if the thing that I do is hard. I always choose the hardest way, but not least, the
most efficient. Also, I like STEM subjects like math, physics, chemistry and biology.
I like crowded cities agitated, but I’m afraid of the effects of the pollution.
I hope that in one day I’ll do something on my turn about it so that my descendants do
not suffer in the future ensuring them a prosperous planet to lead a decent life. Not
least, I participated in the ‘Embark Yourself On A Moonshot Quest’ 2019 edition in
Bucharest. As part of this project, I went through an innovative educational
experience from which I learned how to plan, build and manage a successful project
in a community. I learned other useful knowledge: efficient team communication,
project management, financial management, marketing, teamwork, problem solving,
emotional intelligence, disruptive thinking and decision making. Also, through this
experience gained in the capital of my country, I made projects in my community
through which I helped the high school students to find their way in life.
I want to participate in ‘Ben Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship’ because I’m
interested in learning about the American culture and about developing my leadership
potential. Furthermore, I want to connect new friends and to increase my chances of
leaving a mark in my society with the things learned there. As I realised at the
‘Embark Yourself On A Moonshot Quest’, teamwork will be very important, the
ability of association, communication, debate, as well as civic participants. The fact
that I was selected for the program proves that I’m mature enough, I have strong
social skills, I’m flexible and open minded.
When I return to my country, I would like to implement a personal development
service for my colleagues to talk them about what I have learned, how I have faced
my fears and American values (democracy, tolerance, respect for diversity and
freedom of expression). My parents have transmitted such healthy values to me and
they are trying to implement a social entrepreneurship project to promote and develop
the community.
I very much wish that besides the proven experience last year in Bucharest (‘Embark
Yourself On A Moonshot Quest’). I will prove in such new experiences in the USA
that I can share with my colleagues and even use them in new projects for the benefit
of the community.