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Key Point.

Every Pyschopath is
narcissistic but not every
Narcissist is

Difference Between Narcissism

Antisocial Narcissist which could be
o and Antisocial Personality Disorders. Narcissism a person who could
Personality Disorder
(Psycophathy and Sociophathy)

Pyschopath Sociopath
(Born) (Made) Similarities Egocentric, arrogant. lack
empathy, gradiose, seeking
validation and entiteled

Same Catergory
Both these types are difficult to spot in
piblic as they hve a very charming facade
that they show to the world,, hey tend to
get away with many crimes, because tof They feel guilt and
their autonomic systems and facade. shame.

They have trouble
Differently wired Pyschopaths tend to regulating it,
autonomic systems have fathers with hence validation
therefor they don't get antisocial tendencies, seeking.
nervous when comitting which could be where
crimes. they inherit it from.

They feel shame

Shame is a public because the dont
Our autonomic emotion. want to be veiwed
systems contains our in a negative way
sympathetic system, Sociopaths ted to This is due to living in in the public eye.
which controls our learn their behaviors as a traumatic enviroment or
bodily fluids and form of survivalism or as the type of people ypu
a coping mechanism. surround yourself with.
heart rate, which
spike up when we get