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James White and the King of the North

OCT 18

Posted by The Typist

It is our opinion that any power that reigns over Syria is – for the time being – “the king of the
north,” spoken of [in] Daniel XI; hence that the Turkish Dynasty is now [1854] that power. If
Russia, Austria, England, or France should become possessed of supreme power over Syria, then it
– which ever it might be – would become “the king of the north.” Till then none but the Turkish
Dynasty occupies that position, in our opinion. James White, Review and Herald, Dec. 12, 1854
Let us take a brief view of the line of prophecy four times spanned in the book of Daniel. It will be
admitted that the same ground is passed over in chapters two, seven, eight, and eleven, with this
exception, that Babylon is left out of chapters eight and eleven. We first pass down the great image
of chapter 2, where Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome are represented by the gold, the silver, the
brass, and the iron. All agree that these feet are not Turkish but Roman. And as we pass down to
the lion, the bear, the leopard, and the beast with ten horns, representing the same as the great
image, again all will agree that it is not Turkey that is cast into the burning flame, but the Roman
beast. So of chapter 8, all agree that the little horn that stood up against the Prince of princes is
not Turkey but Rome. In all these lines thus far Rome is the last form of government mentioned.
Review and Herald of November 29, 1877
Elder Smith has given a very fine talk on the eleventh chapter of Daniel, and his interpretation
seems plausible, but IF the legs of iron, and the feet of iron and clay in the second chapter
represent Rome, and IF the nondescript, ten horned beast, and the little horn of the seventh
chapter represent Rome, and IF the little horn which waxed great of the eighth chapter represents
Rome, the King of the North represents Rome also. These are four parallel prophecies, brethren,
reaching down to the coming of our Lord. (Quoted in King of the North, by M. C. Wilcox,
Mountain View, California, 1910, page 44.) (Cited from The King of the North at Jerusalem by
Pastor Louis Were, p. 12. 1949)

He said “the symbols are thrown off“, which can only mean that he understood the whole Chapter to be
literal, although he still believed the last power, known as The King of the North, would be Roman.

About a year before his death, James White again presented his version of Daniel 11 He wrote:

The field of Danielʼs prophecy embraces five universal kingdoms. These are Babylon, Medo-
Persia, Grecia, and Rome, and the eternal kingdom of God. The ground of the four perishable
kingdoms, reaching to, and introducing the immortal kingdom, is covered by four distinct lines of
prophecy. These are given in chapters two, seven, eight, and eleven. The eleventh chapter of Daniel
closes with the fourth monarchy with these words: [Dan. 11:45 and 12:1-3 are then quoted]. The
student of prophecy is thus borne down the stream of time from Babylon in the height of the glory
of that kingdom, past Media and Persia, the kingdom of Grecia, and the Roman Empire which
comes to its end at the second coming of Christ. July 22, 1880 issue of Signs of the Times.
My husband had some ideas on some points differing from the views taken by his brethren. [This
statement should tell us something.] I was shown that however true his views were, God did not
call him to put them in front before his brethren and create differences of ideas. While he might
hold these views subordinate himself, once [they are] made public, minds would seize [upon them],
and just because others believe differently would make these differences the whole burden of the
message, and get up contention and variance. (emphasis supplied). CW 76-77

The issue was that God did not want James Whiteʼs views presented at that time because it would have
been impossible to see how the two seemingly opposite views could be harmonized, that is until after
that fateful date of 9-11, 2001.

If Dan. 11:40-45 is literal, then the power represented here cannot be the papacy as most suppose.  Therefore,
it must be another power that comes into play just before probation closes.  We all know the papacy is behind
all the evil that is being perpetrated, so it has to be behind this power and instigating its movements, although
Islam has gotten out of control and the papacy is trying very hard to regain that control.
It seems amazing that Ellen White is silent on Dan. 11:40-45, but she did strongly endorse Uriah Smith’s
book, and it agrees with the true pioneer position on this subject.
In G.C. page 606, 607, the papacy is not yet able to fully enforce the observances of the church by the civil
power in these last days.  The inroads of Spiritualism are surely seen, and the papacy is making rapid progress
to regain her former power, but men of faith and prayer are not yet going forth with latter rain power and the
sins of Babylon are not yet being laid open in the fullest sense, although the true remnant is attempting to give
the warning.
Only moments remain before probation closes and there will be a catalyst used by the papacy to usher in the
very last movements, and that catalyst is Islam.  We are not talking about Turkey per se, but the power that
will be centered in that geographical area, and that power will be the reestablished Caliphate, and the Muslim
Brotherhood, instigated by the papacy and controlled by the Jesuits, is seeking to re-establish that power right
There is a prophecy in Eze. 32 and Psalm 83 that predicts the rise and confederacy of all the Islamic nations
that form a crescent around Israel and we are witnessing that confederacy being formed right now with the
overthrow of the leadership of those nations starting with Egypt, and then Libya, and now Syria.  This is
exactly as predicted by Eze. 32 and Psalm 83.  When this confederacy or Caliphate is completed, it will be
centered in Turkey.  They will declare global jihad from there, and their first move will be to annihilate Israel
because the papacy still wants Jerusalem, and then quickly move to try to take the whole world for Allah.
This will surely be the catalyst the papacy and apostate protestantism will use to bring in and enforce a
Sunday law.  Then the sins of Babylon will be fully laid open and the papacy will be completely unmasked,
and then thousands will finally listen to the truth. But we must be able to understand the full picture of how
this will take place so we can share it with the people and the Holy Spirit, in latter rain power, will attest to
our message that it is the truth.
The correct understanding of Dan. 11:40-45 completely agrees with, and emphasiSes, our understanding of
the papacy, and the prophecy of Joel, and the prophecies of Ezekiel 32 and Psalm 83 collaborate the pioneer
view that the King of the North is the power that will be centered in Turkey.
Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi launches Presidential Campaign for MB Candidate Muhammad Mursi says:
“We can see how the dream of the Isalmic Caliphate is being realised, Allah willing by Dr Muhammed
and his brothers . We can see how this great dream shared by all of the United Arab states will be
restored Allah willing. The United Aram states will be restored by this man and his supporters.  The
capital of the Caliphate – the capital of  the United Arab states will be Jerusalem Allah willing!!  Mursi
will liberate Gaza tomorrow.  I’m Egyptian and proud of it.  Our capital will not be Cairo, Mecca or
Medina it will be Jerusalem! Our cry will be millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem. Millions of
martyrs march towards Jerusalem.    Banish the sleep from the eyes of the Jews. Come on you lovers of
martydom, you are all Hamas (speaking to Egyptians). Banish the sleep from the eyes of the Jews.
Brandish your weapons, say you prayers and pray to the Lord. Forget about the rest of the world, forget
about their conferences.  Come on, you lovers of martydom. Indeed, all the lovers of martyrdom are
Hamas.  Yes, Jerusalem is our goal or else we shall die as martyrs on it’s threshhold.”
And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain: yet
he shall come to his end, and none shall help him. Dan. 11:45

If the prophecy had been fulfilled in their (the pioneers) day, “the Turk, [may have been] driven from
Europe” (Constantinople) by Russia or some other power. Today he will be “driven from Europe” by his
own irrational compulsion to destroy Israel and the United States.

The power now represented by “the Turk” will be proved to be the restored Ottoman Empire, or, in other
words, the Caliphate. Their seat of power will be established in Constantinople before they quickly move
to Jerusalem. Some people donʼt think the Caliphate can ever be resurrected because of the deep schisms
between the Sunnis, the Shias, and the Wahhabis, but they will unite under the common goal of
destroying Israel and Christianity. The Muslims have an ancient axiom: “The enemy of my enemy is my
friend”. All this will be documented further in the following chapters.
In Jesusʼ day there was a seemingly irreconcilable division between the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and
the Herodians, but they cast aside their differences and confederated together to destroy Jesus.
The Muslim Brotherhood, the driving power behind the rise of the Caliphate, is hardly noticed because
they work behind the scenes, and try to mask their true intentions, until it is time for them to strike, just
like the papacy. The Brotherhood is occasionally mentioned in the news, but their nefarious, deep laid
plots are completely overlooked, or ignored. The “politically correct” response is to preach “tolerance”,
“understanding”, and “dialogue”. The world will sleep on until it is too late to escape the snare, but we
are to be not of the night, but of the day. Some of their villainous plans will be disclosed in the next
The papacy received a deadly wound in 1798. The Ottoman Empire received a deadly wound in 1840
and was seemingly put out of existence in the first World War, but the ideology they embraced continues
to burn in the hearts of the Muslim Brotherhood. Just as the papacy is growing to power and is on the
verge of rivaling her former glory, so is the Caliphate and both will fail in their final objective.