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watching you from a distance
afraid to get too close ..
hoping you`ll realize
who loves you the most ..
but unless you open your eyes
to the one whos always there
you wont realize that
im the only one who truly cares .. <3
a tear rolled down her check & landed on her lips..he reached up and wiped it
away with his gently fingertips..her face was red from crying..he held her so
tight with everything he had & didn`t let her go until she was no longer sad he
listened to every word she said and showed her that he cared told her that he
loved her & let her know that he`d be there he listened to her heartbeat &
smiled as he hugged her//he did all these things bcus he TRULY loved HER
behind my smile is a hurting heart
behind my laugh i'm [falling] apart
look closely at me an yu will see
the girl [ ii am ] - isn't me
"sometimes, what you want isn't always what you get...but in the end, what
you get is so much better than what you wanted."
she stays
on the outside
but on the [.inside.] she
because she knows it will never
be the SAME AGAiN .. <3
I wish for one second you could understand how much i love you .. but even
more than that I wish It mattered to you ... im so tired of pretending that
everything is okay.. my tears are starting to show my smile is fading away.
We are like flowers, we are all born at sometime, then we bloom, but soon we
all wilt away.
loving someone is one thing,
being loved by someone is another
but being loved by the person you love?
thats just [ e v e r y t h i n g ]
1,377 teenagers become mothers.
1,106 teenage girls get an abortion.
500 adolescents begin using drugs
4,219 teenagers get a sexually transmitted disease.
1,000 adolescents begin drinking alcohol.
3,610 teens are assulted.. 80 are raped.
2,861 teens drop out of school.
420 children are arrested for drug abuse.
5,388 youths are arrested.
6 teens commit suicide.
» .. EVERYDAY. < now thats something to think about..
We spend our whole lives telling
ourselves that everything happens for a
reason when in reality it's just that we
give reasons for everything that happens
The world is gonna throw us a million reasons
why this isn't gonna work out between us.
But I'm armed with the one reason why it will:
I love you.
i saw him first. i knew him first. i liked him first. and i told
youu all of this. you told me i was dumb and that he was ugly. but then,
something happened and he asked youu out. youu said YES, even though
youu knew i loved him. .. and youu`re supposed to be my best friend?
best friends: its a promise not a label
Anyone who uses the phrase "easy as taking candy from a baby" has never
tried taking candy from a baby
& we'll flip a coin for our future,
heads we'll always be together..
tails we'll just flip again. <3
What is cute? Cute is young & inexperienced. Cute is holding hands in the car
& kissing at all the red lights. What is sexy? Sexy is standing in the rain as
you push me up against the hood of your car, tearing my shirt, as you kiss me
with the intent to never stop. What is passion? Passion is knowing what you
want & stopping at nothing until you get it. What is beautiful? Beautiful is all
about the inside of a person. Beauty can only be found in the heart. What is
love? Love is the amazing balance of all these things in your heart, body &
You can't be old && wise if you
were never young && crazy <3
Sometimes at the hardest times of your life,
friends are the only things that make sense &
sometimes when they don t make sense at all,
its because you're trying too hard to look for
what is already there instead of just taking it
as it comes to you.
calling someone ugly
doesnt make you prettier
calling someone fat
doesnt make you skinnier
calling someone a bitch
doesnt make you nicer
talking crap about someone
doesnt make you better
so shut the fuck up.
If I was drop dead gorgeous, perfect,
& could have any guy in the world,
I would still pick you.
but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous, you realize just how
much you love them.
It's like lighting candles in the rain.
Sometimes life can be a pain,
But don't give up without a fight.
Sometimes when you feel afraid, don't give up and run away.
People don t keep journals for themselves
They keep them for other people
Like a secret they don t want to tell
but they want everyone to know
Break the rules
Stand Apart
Ignore your Head
Follow Your Heart
The day I met you, my life changed.
The way you make me feel is hard to explain.
You make me smile in a special kind of way.
You make me fall deeper for you everyday
& when I look into your eyes, I know it s true.
There s no one else in the world for me but you.
Too Much makeup hides who you are
We say too little wont get us far
But really its not what we see
Its what we really look like who we wanna be
We dont give ourselves credit
We say were ugly when were not
We look in the mirror and dont see someone hott
But when we turn around
This is what others see
Someone so beautiful
Its not seen by you or me
sometimes you gotta put
walls up ->> not to keep people out
but to see who [c.a.r.e.s.]
enough to | break | them down
what you don`t know can`t hurt you*
but what you suspect..well..that just
- - screws up everything - -
I remember a lot of things. Those memories are faded now but I won t forget
them. I try to see the best in you but it s hard because you are so fake. You
say one thing, mean another. You love one girl, fuck another but I m done with
you. I m moving on. Don t try to stop me. Don t even bother
TeEnAgErS 10 CoMaNdMeNtS
.1 Thou shall not sneak out while parents are sleeping
(why wait)
2. Thou shall not do drugs
(alcohol lasts longer)
3. Thou shall not steal form K-Mart
(Wal*Mart has a bigger selection)
4. Thou shall not get arrested for vandalism
(destruction has a bigger effect)
5. Thou shall not steal from thy parents
(everyone knows Grandma has more money)
6. Thou shall not get in fights
(just start them)
7. Thou shall not skip class
(just take the whole day off)
8. Thou shall not strip in class
(hooters pays more)
9. Thou shall not think about having sex
(as Nike says....just do it)
10. Thou shall not help old ladies cross the street
(just leave them in the middle
I can't sleep tonight, I'm too busy thinking about you, about us. I really care
about you and I'm so terrified that if I told you my true feelings about you tha
t I
would scare you away. SO I hold my feelings in and I write them down and i
hope that one day you'll feel the same way too.
A girl asked a guy if she was pretty, he said no. She asked him if he wanted
her, he said no. She asked him if she left would he cry, he said no. She turned
to leave, he grabbed her arm and're not pretty; you're beautiful. And
I don't want you; I need you. And I wouldn't cry if you left; I would die
*Near to the door*
*he paused to stand*
*as he took his class ring*
*off her hand*
*all who were watching*
*did not speak*
*as a silent tear*
*ran down his cheek*
*and through his mind*
*the memories ran*
*of the moments they walked*
*and ran in the sand hand and hand*
*but now her eyes were so terrible cold*
*for he would never again*
*have her to hold*
*they watched in silence*
*as he bent near*
*and whispered the words..*
*"I LOVE YOU" in her ear*
*he touched her face and started to cry*
*as he put on his ring and wanted to die*
*and just then the wind began to blow*
*as they lowered her casket*
*into the snow....*
*this is what happens*
*to man alive.....*
*when friends let friends....*
*drink and drive.*
you broke my heart
wen you said we were
only f r i e n d s
im not dumb
i just have a lot of
useless infomation.
if you can break up
and still be "just friends"
you were either never in love
or you still are
i dont want to be your #1
i want to be your only one
im trying to forget that i love you
having sex for an hour burns 360 calories
why cant you just love me
i only wanted to be cherished
i only wanted to be [h a p p y]
preppy goth geek nerd dork blond
these are all just labels to hurt them
makeup is to cover up
my tears that i have shed
for you
love is life
my heart is fragile
please dont break it
dear heart,
today i met a boy
prepare to be shattered.
if i said i loved you
would you love me
he says he loves you
then he leaves you
she said tell me you love me
even if you had to lie
and he said i love you...
Everyone wants happiness
No-one wants pain
But you can't make a rainbow
Without a little rain
life is about chasing after the things you truly
think are worth it, even if they don't happen. .
i'd rather have nothing than know i settled - -
for something i didn't want
as we grow up we learn that even the one
person that wasn't supposed to ever let you
down probably will. you will have your heart
broken more than once and its harder every
time. you'll break hearts too so ( remember )
how is felt when yours was broken. you'll
fight with your bestfriend. you'll blame a new
love for something an old one did you'll cry
because time is going by too fast and you'll
eventually lose someone you love, so take `
too many pictures laugh too much and love
like you've never been hurt because every
60 seconds you spend upset is a minute - -
of happiness you'll never get back ;; . . <3
always SMiLE through drama.
cause` things will always get better.
it might be cold and stormy
but it can`t rain forever.
the 2 hardest things in life are saying hello for the first time and good-bye
for the last time ..
At this very minute--
someone is thinking of you
someone cares about you.
someone misses you/wants to be with you.
someone wants to hold your hand.
someone wants you to be happy.
someone wants to hug you.
someone will do anything for you.
someone needs to know your love is unconditional.
someone wants to tell you how much they care.
someone wants to stay up watching movies w/ you.
someone wants to hold you in their arms.
someone wants to see you.
someone wants to be your lover.
someone loves you for who you are.
someone loves the way you make them feel.
someone wants to be with you.
someone wants you to know they are there for you.
someone is glad that you're their friend.
someone is wishing you would notice them.
someone wants to get to know you better.
someone loves you.
See the picture ? Wipe off the dust..
look at the frame it is starting to rust '
remember the times we had toqether
wut happened to best friends 4 ever?
The PRETTiEST people
do the UGLiEST things..
promises are just lies
with pretty ribbons
tied to them
Take chances . Be young . Go crazy .
Drive fast . Kiss slow . No regrets.
Half Empty? Half Full?
I never got a glass at all,
Take your car,
And run me down,
And put me in my place,
If I kill you and you kill me,
We'll take a picture,
Just think how romantic it will be.
Beautiful girl with pretty eyes A hidden world of hurt and lies She sits up in
her bed and cries Its hard for her to realize love isnt all weak in the knees
and butterflies
you can drive at 16,
go to war at 18,
drink [legally] at 21,
and retire at 65.
hell... how old do you have to be
to be *in love*?
Like Britney I m overprotected. Like Christina I m dirrty. Like Snoop I drop it
like it s hot. Like Ciara my goodies make the boys jump on it. Like Pink I get
the party started. Like Missy I work it. Like Eminem I just loose it. And like
Ashley, you make me wanna LaLa.
qUeSTioNs oF thE yEaR!
do all gigolos spend lots of dough?
wut is so special about the holiday inn? y not the marriot inn?
y 50 cent, y not 25 or 75 cent?
if u were in da club, wud u get tipsy?
y is eminem white and y isnt his name skittles?
anD Oh the way, where IS the love?
she said "you're a loser."
he replied "but i'm your loser."
There's a point in life when you get tired of
chasing everyone & trying to fix everything.
But it's n o t giving up, it's realizing that you
don't need certain people & all of their |[ c r a p ]|.
i think that if 2 people are meant to be together
when they see each other they get this incredible
feeling like none other. a special feeling that is
incredible and they know what they want and are
supposed to spend the rest of their life with that
person. & you just know & that's love at 1st sight.
whoever said "love lasts forever"
`--» was drunk.
iNFATUATi0N is when youu think he`s as sexy as Brad Pitt
as smart as Albert Einstein, as funny as George Carlin, and as atletic
as Denis Rodman.
L0VE is when youu realize he`s as sexy as Denis Rodman
as smart as George Carlin, as athletic as Albert Einstein & nothing
like Brad Pitt. but youu accept him anyway.
I hope you C H O K E on every work you said, while you were screaming at
I'll stop loving you
when diamonds never sparkle
and flowers cease to grow
when thunder doesnt echo
and rivers do not flow
when heart no longer wonder
and hands are never held
when smiles are only memories
and hope is never felt
when trees no longer blossom
and the stars refuse shine
when autumn has no falling leaves
and winter no longer dies
when time has no more tomorrows
and rainbows have no hue
when god alone commands me
then I'll stop loving you
,- - - - - - - - - - -»«- - - - - - - - -»
: isn`t it funny --> how when u want
: it the most u can`t have it? & when
: u have it u don`t care, & once u lose
: it You'd do anything to get it back...
`- - - - - - - - - - -»«- - - - - - - - -»
i wanna be that qirl he`s scared to lose
the one where he [ can`t ] walk away
from knowinq shes mad at him, the one
who can`t fall asleep without her voice
beinq the last one he hears the one he
wouldn`t know what to do without ..
wouldnt life be perfect..
if sweat pants were sexy
if hearts were made unbreakable..
if monday mornings were funner then fridays..
if junk food didnt make you fat..
if hot water didnt run out in the shower..
if friends didnt cause drama..
if money grew on trees..
if boys werent so confusing..
if nothing was regretable..
and good byess..were only til tomorrow
Behind My Smile » » ABROKEN HEART
Behind My Laugh » » I M FALLING APART
the Girl I AM Really isn t ME
The hardest thing about growing up is that you
have to do what's best for you.. even if it means
breaking someone's heart..including your own..x;/3
[Drama] they always say they hate it
but its funny because their the ones who create it|
Hershey kisses : $2.99 one rose : $3.00 a big teddy bear : $8.35 your
crush finally admitting he likes you : priceless
&&I'm still walking down memory lane
because i know i will be running into .:you:.
All this time it's been on my mind but ive never said it. Went along like i
did no wrong, but now i regret it. Should have probably listened more,
held your hand and opened doors. Ive been taken you for granted but i
swear i never meant it.
Sorry, not an easy word to say. But i worry, if i dont youll walk away.
And theres just no way that i can live unless i know that youll forgive.
Sorry, baby im so so sorry. <|33
×NeVa sAy YoUr SoRrY 4 SaYiN HoW u FeEl׺··¤
¤·.·°º×CuZ ThAtd Be SaYiNg Ur SoRrY..4 BeIn rEaL×°º*
Maybe it's time you looked at yourself
& stoped blaming life on someone else..
i wish i was a //little kid//
again & i *wish* i could go
--> back to when it [didn't]
matter what you looked like
or you `liked` to wear 'cause
[no one] judged you & life
always ||seemed|| fair but now
we're in the `real world` and
you have to >> remember <<
that people are [Flipng cruel]
don't give up on the things...
...that made you smile ? ? ? ? ?
theres no such thing as a perfect guy.
i think it would be strange if somebody
was absolutely everything you always
wanted, because than there'd be no `'
challenge »
One of the worst feelings in the world
is knowing that that special someone
is still in your heart;; but you`re not in theirs<|3
im not gonna lie
other guys cross my mind
but as soon as i really compare
they`re nothing compared to you
everytime another boy goes
in & out of my mind ..
it only strengthens my love
[F o R . y O u]
The challenge is to be yourself in a world that's trying to make you like
everyone else
how can you be S0 RiGHT for me
if i`m so w r o n g for you
a -»strOnq«- qirl keeps her stuff
in line `nD with tears runninq
she -[s] [t] [i] [l] [l] manaqes
to spit the smiple w0rds .I'm Fine.
life* isnt`t about //waiting for the strom to pass
it`s about //learning how to dance in the rain..*
I can`t find the words to say
To tell you that i feel this way
I want you to tell me what i can do
To make you want me next to you
If you look at me you`ll understand
All i want is to hold your hand
I felt this way for so long
It hurts me that i don`t belong
Wanting you is all a dream
My heart aches i wanna scream
I smile and laugh just thinking of you
Together now i wish it was true
I alway imagine of your gentle touch
If only you knew i felt this much
not being with you i`m falling apart
Cause i don`t know how to get your heart
If you could only see the love in my eyes
Of all those nights I sat and cried
Just look at me i`m stading there
Call out my name and i`ll be there
How long the wait i don`t know
When that day come i`ll let it show
If you only knew my feelings for you
I`ll stay hopeful you`ll feel the same way too.
I look up at your face
You want me back but
Sorry boy, I m not like that
You played me for a fool
And it s funny how you think it s cool
You toyed with my mind
You used to make my heart chime
Whenever I heard your voice
But you made a choice
Wrong one
Because you ll never get me back
And sorry hun, but that s a fact. <3
Love makes us act like we are fools
Throw our lives away
For one happy day...<3
I see you walk over to her
I smile to myself, its finally over
But you don't start yelling and screaming
Instead you kiss her pretty face, and i find myself bleeding
She put out for another
But you, her knight in shinging armour
Will stick by her side until the end
I know realize we will only be friends
Because you can never love me the way you do for her
Why can't i be the one you prefer? <3
i see you everyday
i cant bring myself to just say "hey"
Why am i so flustered when you're by
denying my lust over you would be a lie
my friends say hes not good enough for me
i nod but i secretly i need,
his arms around me tight
holding me throughout the night <3
i keep s i l e n t. even when i'm screaming inside. cause the things that |
drive me crazy | i have no choice .. but to [ h i d e ]
wish he ment it when he kissed my lips, because i could look back and
remember someone loved me, but i can only loOk back and remember
someone use tO..
--- h e s h e r d r u g a n d s h e s a d d i c t e d
its always nice to know :sOmeone is afraid tO lose yOu:
if yOu love her, tell her she's amazing, pick flOwers from peoples yards,
thrOw rocks at her window at night, make her dance, slOw dance with her
even if the musics fast, kiss her in the rain, but mOst of all ... just tell her
walking away isn't the hard part ... its knOwing he won't come running after
me that h u r t s the mOst ..
these are my girls and i gOt their backs to the fullest -- if they shoOtin up
tha place .. i'm bringin tha b u l l e t s
nO one can make me cry, make me laugh, make me smile, or drive me crazy
like he* dOes ..
you either want me or you dOn't. love me or you won't. make your chOice
cause it's now or never. and i'll tell you nOw ... i can't wait forever..
*Theres always that one boy who steals the key to your heart and holds it
*It's like you want to show that special someone you love them right then &
there, but it would take a lifetime to show that person and that's the beauty
of love and what makes it last.*
*I may be too innocent to know what love is. I may not show you love the
way it should be but im always willing to love you the way I understand it, &
the only way I know how. *
*It s the way I miss you even before you leave, when i
know i can listen to you talk all night and never get the slightest bit tired of
hearing your voice. It s the way every time someone says your name I smile
and it s the way every time i close my eyes, I think of how much I love you
and could never be without you.*
*Life is for living. I live mine for you. Love is for giving. I give mine to you
Dreams are for dreaming. I dream of you. Hearts are for beating. My heart
beats for you. *
*It doesn t matter how long you ve known him. If he s had you smiling since
day one, don t ever lose him.*
* I look at you looking at me and it feels like a feeling that s meant to be. *
*No one can make me laugh, make me cry, make me smile, drive me mad
like he can. It s like a curse that
is a cure. Better or worse, one thing is for sure. It s real love and I don t
know what I would do if I lost it. *
*When you look into someone s eyes and they speak
without actually speaking, that is when you have found
true love. *
*What is love anyways? If I answered that question, it would put
songwriters, novelists, and movie makers out of business. *
*The most beautiful guy inside and out. Every time he talks to me, I fall in
love all over again..*
*You know you love someone so much when a little
fight feels like a war. *
*Who would I turn to? Where would I go? You re the only one I love. The
only one who knows. How would I love? How would I survive? What would
happen without you in my life?? *
*Love is loving someone unconditionally . . . even at their lowest moments . .
. *
*I hate the way you can push me to the limits with the things you do, then
you know just the right time to say something sweet to make me fall in love
all over again and i forget every little reason why i was mad.. *
*My life was worthless but now that you re in it.. it s priceless*
*Boy I know that we can make it because we won t let them break it. I don t
care who is with it. It s you and me against the world. Tell me those three
little words that let me know you re still my boy.*
* I would die for you because I don t wanna live without you.*
*Your love just does something to me. It sends a shock
right through me. I can t get enough. If you ever wonder about the spell I m
under, it s your love.*
*People thinking I m delirious? Well the love I m feeling is serious*
*True love is when you miss him even before he leaves. When you could
listen to him talk all night and never get tired of his voice. It s when the
thought of his name
sends chills down your spine and you see his smile when you close your eyes
. *
*When my world gets turned upside down you re the only one who can turn
it back around. *
*The best feelings in the world are the ones you cannot explain. *
*Love the one you think about each night and love the one who is true. Not
the one you cry about and makes you oh so blue. *
*Your personality and everything you do makes me love everything about
you. *
*Eight words to you i swear: there s not a time I won t be there. *
*Someone told me "wow you re lucky you have someone like that in your
life." and all i said was yeah , i know because knowing when you should be
grateful is the best part of all.*
*if they say nothing lasts forever then y o u must be my nothing.*
*Whenever you're not with me, it feels like a part of me is missing. Then I
remember * You have my heart* *
*You know that he loves you when he knows absolutely everything about
you but still loves ya anyway!*
*If you say my eyes are beautiful, it's because they are looking at you*
*That s why it s called falling in love. Because you don t force yourself to fall,
you just do. *
*When you re in love with someone you can t control your heart. it controls
you. *
*Some people spend their whole lives trying to find what I found in your
*i know what makes me happy and in my heart you re exactly it. *
*There are three things a guy
can never hide:
that he s drunk
that he s horny
that he s in love.*
* Love is when you have a bad day but when you talk to him all the pain just
simply goes away..
as a rule, best friends never stay your best friends forever. everyone
changes. sometimes you just don`t change with them.
Her: Hey, you look like my 6th boyfriend!!
Him: Oh really... how many boyfriends have you had?
Her: 5
one SONG can spark a moment
one FLOWER can wake a dream
one TREE can start a forest
one BIRD can herald spring
one SMILE brings a friendship
one HANDCLASP lifts a soul
one STAR can guide a ship at sea
one WORD can frame a goal
one VOTE can change a nation
one SUNBEAM lights a room
one CANDLE wipes out darkness
one LAUGH can conquer gloom
one STEP must start each journey
one WORD must start each prayer
one HOPE will rise our spirits
one TOUCH can show youu care
one VOICE can speak with wisdom
one HEART can know what`s true
one LIFE can make a difference
its all up to you <3
Don`t worry.
Its just a breakdown,
it happens all the time I hate everything about you......
Why do I still love you
tell me those,
three last words
that let me know
you still need me
summer 05..
where its not officially summer,
until you begin forgetting what day of
the week it is
all began in 6th grade. the year everything had
changed. we hung out, got closer. we moved on, but
still together. growing up, make-up, boys & qossip.
that was the reqular stuff. throuqh the pain and sorrow,
we remained. movies, mall.. toqether. sprinq, summer,
winter, fall. we stay toqether no matter the distance. best friends in an instan
thank youu for beinq there in my time of need and care. i`ll be there whenever
youu need me. i love youu, youu are my best friend.
you go, then i'll forget you.
When you're gone, i won't miss you.
I'm sorry that's just the way i've
learned to deal with a broken heart
i`M NOT STUPiD , i JUST lack commen sense
i`M NOT A POSER , i JUST LiKE all kinds of clothes
i`M NOT MiSS POPULARiTY i JUST HAVE alot of friends
i DON`T LiKE MY BOYFRiEND . i love him
i DON`T iGNORE YOU , i JUST dont give a shit
i`M NOT A BiTCH i`M JUST honest
i`M NOT MEAN . YOUR just weak
i`M NOT iNSECURE . i JUST DON`T trust people
I`m not gunna give in, I'm not gunna fall.
I'm not gunna be here when you finally call
Happiness lies for those who cry,
those who hurt..
those who have searched,
& those who have tried..
took a ride to the city
Had to get out of this place
I just can't stand the pity
When the tears fall down my face
--->The best of friends can keep secrets, give each
other make-overs, go shopping, and have sleepovers;;
but it takes a true sister at heart to know when
her other half is upset and to know exactly what is
w r o n g.
I love him so much &
I gave him the power
to destroy me.
Did you ever meet someone & have them totally change your life? That every
thought you ever had about life & yourself was changed. The way you look at life
& people and even the way you breathe. It's like all that time you were hiding
inside yourself until that person came into your world... well you are that pers
for me. I'm hopelessly in love with you. You teach me something new every day.
I'm a better person now that you're in my life. Promise you'll never leave becau
now that I've known what life is like with you...I couldn't bare to live without
you...but I'm going to have to learn how...
and i know there`s something more than meets the
eye ; i see it in every glance youu shoot at me, and
everytime youu smile, i feel something more than
l[ j u s t <3 f r ii e n d s ]l
life is too short .. so love like youu can`t get hurt.
smile like it`s going out of style, and have no regretss
because it`s all |[ worthwhile ]|
Shes so deep in love
but after so many tries
She just cant take it anymore
and all her pain builds up inside
Each and everyday,
but at the end,
She just breaks down... again ...
Promised we d be "friends"
Until the d a y we d i e
But it always ends with a
Forgotten Goodbye </3
FRiEND--» has never seen youu cry
BEST FRiEND--» has always been the best shoulder to cry on
FRiEND--» never asks for anything to eat or drink
BEST FRiEND--» opens the fridge & make herself at home
FRiEND--» asks youu to write down your number
BEST FRiEND--» they ask youu for their number because they can`t remember it
FRiEND--» knows a few things about youu
BEST FRiEND--» could write a biography on your life story
FRiEND--» will leave youu behind if that`s what the crowd is doing
BEST FRiEND--» will always be with youu
`m not afraid of happy endings,
i`m afraid my life won`t work that way.
i m still walking
down memory lane
'cause i know i ll be
running into youIF 0NLY I HAD 0NE WISH,
just because i dont talk to you, or look at you, doesnt mean i dont love u... it
that im just afraid that you dont feel the same way as i do.You're the one whos
always in my head
You're the one I dream of.
You're the one I think of as I lay in bed.
You're the one I love.
There's nobody in this world I would rather be with
FRiiENDS \\ -- they are the people who no matter how long its been since i have
talked to them or seen them, i can call them no matter the time of day &&` just
pick up where we left off
Alone? I'm beside you.
Afraid? I'll comfort you.
Need a hug? My arms are yours.
Hurt? You can cry on my shoulder
I don't promise to solve your problems
but at least I'll cry with you.
Why? Simply because I care & I love you.
youu don`t get to choose, youu just fall
& youu get this person who is all WRONG
& all RiGHT at the same time. & youu know
that youu love them so much. EXCEPT
sometimes they drive youu completely
insane & no one can explain it. & the
reason why it`s soo confusing is because
it`s LOVE. but, if love didn`t have any
CHALLENGES. what would be the point?
Hope. Dream. Cry.
Live, party, lie.
Smile, laugh, play it cool.
Prance around » act like a fool.
Won't forget about you now or ever,
» <3 best of buds forever and ever <3 «
If yOu LooK iNsiDe a GirL`s
[*.H - e - a - R - t.*]
yOu`D sEe HoW MuCh ShE
:'ReaLLy': criEsZ
y0u'll finD secrets hidden,
Best friends, and Lies
is hOw
l | [ HarD ] | l it iS to sTay [(strOng)]
wheN Nothing`s right
anD EveRythinG is always wrong
laugh your heart out
dance in the rain
cherish the memories
ignore the pain.
forget `and fOrgive
because remember yOu only have
|[ o n e l i f e t o l i v e ]|
This isn't a ( p e r f e c t ) world, people do get 'hurt', you 'smile' when you
like 'crying', you act like you're "okay" when you're falling a p a r t, you ( l
e t * g
o ) and *move on* because there is NOTHING else you can do
* [LoVe] iS oNe oF ThOsE [CrAzY ThiNgS]
YoU JuS [cAnT FiNd ThE WoRds]
To TeLL wHaT uR [FeeLiN iNsiDe]
Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and to be loved is everyth
you might not always end up where
you're heading
but you'll always end up where
you're meant to be
when you feel that everything is wrong and that life seems to be giving up on yo
remember that maybe you could`ve done something about it....don`t wait for
anything to come your way..because when you realize what you want. what you
need, it will be 2 juss telliing you [] -by: ME
-------» ||Love || «-----------x
o~» love is when you can*t «~o
x~» pay attention in class «~x
o~» Cause your too busy writing «~o
x~» your first name with his last «~x
x----------» || LoVe || «-----------xther`s that moment that comes upon people
where they question if they should live,
if they deserve to live & if they actually want to live
it`s what they do in this moment that helps youu decide
what type of person they are, that make youu realize
what has happened to them throughout their lives.
...and i lose you once again
i was so naive to think you might actually feel the same
my head says whatever
my heart is breaking
the one time i thought i had you
you drifted away
what was i thinking
thinking you might actually love me back
this has happened so many times
and i promise
i wont
fall again
but deep down i know that
promise will be broken
when i see you
and fall in love all over
again </3
Cory: Mom, Listen, I haven't been together with Topanga for twenty-two years, bu
we *have* been together for sixteen. 'Kay, that's a lot longer than most couples
been together. I mean, when we were born, you told me that we used to take walks
our strollers together in the park. When we were two, we were best friends, I me
I, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color. I knew her favo
food. Then we became six, you know, and Eric made fun of me because it wasn't co
to have a best friend that was a girl or even know a girl, so for the next seven
years I
threw dirt at her. I like to call those "the lost years". Then when I was thirte
Mom, she put me up against my locker and she kissed me. I mean, she gave me my
first kiss. She taught me how to dance. She was always talking about these crazy
things and I never understood a word she said. All I understood was that she was
girl I sat up every night thinking about, and when I'm with her I feel happy to
alive. Like I can do anything. Even talk to you like this. So that's, that's wha
t I feel is
love, Mom... When I'm better because she's here... and now she won't be. So we'r
Topanga: We're supposed to see other people.
Cory: I'm supposed to see other people, you're supposed to wait until I die.
[John Turner is in a coma]
Shawn Hunter: John, how could you be in here? How could you screw up on your
bike? I have never seen you screw up on anything. I'm the screw-up, remember?
C'mon you remember... Don't do this to me, John. I don't do alone real good... I
know you're in there but it's like you're not really here. You're not talking bu
t I
know you're here. So I'm just gonna talk, you can listen.
Shawn Hunter: John, even when I was at the Centre, it was all the things you
taught me that made me wonder if it was the right place for me or not. But you
didn't teach me enough. You, and Cory, and my parents, and the Matthews and the
handful of people who really care about me, so don't blow me off, John.
[Looks up]
Shawn Hunter: Don't blow me off, God. I never asked you for anything before and
I never wanted to come to you like this, but don't take Turner away from me; he'
not yelling at me yet. God, you're not talking but I know you're here, so I'm go
talk, and you can listen.
Shawn Hunter: God, I don't wanna be empty inside anymore.
Cory: Would you be my girlfriend?
[Topanga kisses Cory]
Cory: Yes or no?
Cory: A girl wrote seven numbers on my hand. What could this possibly mean?
Shawn Hunter: It means, call her.
Cory: Shawn, how could I call her when I don't even have her- Aahh.
Eric: Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself. Shawn: [about Cory] You
Topanga: You little pervert.
Shawn: You like him a lot.
Shawn Hunter: Angela?
Angela Moore: Yeah?
Shawn Hunter: Are you sick of screaming?
Angela Moore: Yes.
Shawn Hunter: Then don't look in here.
Cory: So we're the only two people in the world who still have hope for Topanga
me, and you're throwing in the towel?
Shawn Hunter: [nods] Sorry, Cory.
Cory: All right.
[turns away]
Shawn Hunter: You okay?
Cory: Yeah, sure. It's a strange feeling, though.
Shawn Hunter: What, knowing that it's finally over between you and Topanga?
Cory: [turns back to face Shawn] No, being the only one who knows it's not.
~If I could hold a star for everytime you made me smile,
I would have the entire night sky in the palm of my hand.~
You promise me youll be there
But cant you see its you n me
That makes me neeeed </3
between you & them, but as time passes you start noticing the similarities. I gu
that's how all friendships begin.
I live in a world of people;
pretending to be something
they're not but when I talk to
you, I m the girl I want to be
lying in my bed I here the clock tick and think of you</3
one hundred years from wont matter how you did on a test, or how popula
you were. no one will care about how many hits you got in a baseball game. it wo
matter if you miss a day of school, or what you got for your birthday. your high
score on a computer game wont be remembered or if your family had a swimming
pool. no one will care who came in first in that one wont matter if yo
handwriting was messy, or if all your artwork wasnt the best. but, if you made l
a little better...for jus one person, thats what will be remembered. thats what
this is where you and me mean nothing more than ..
a crossed out heart carved into a tree in my backyard </33
I break in two over you
I break in two
And as each piece of me dies
And only you can give the breath of life
But you dont see me, you dont...
I'm not looking for an apology
Or anything at all for that matter.
What im looking for, is impossible.
I just want to know i mattered to you
At one point in your life.
For one single second
Because to be honest with you,
I feel like absolutely nothing right now
(¨`·.·´¨)i mAy NoT gEt 2 See U As 0fTeN aS i
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)Like i mAy n0t GeT 2 h0Ld U iN
`·.¸.·´mY aRms aLL ThRu thA NiTe*BuT
(¨`·.·´¨)deEp DoWn i Kn0 iTs TrU
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)*No MaTTa WhAt
`·.¸.·´*iLL aLwAyZ WaNt U*
{ + Someone once asked me
where I thought h e a v e n was.
I pointed to you and said,
"In his arms." + }
you know it's meant to be when even
when you can't stand him .. he's still
the only person on your mind <3

Crushes only crush you,

Falling only hurts you,
Hearts will only break you,
If there is no love to save you.
..WhEn U LuV SoMeOnE..
..aNd ThEy DoNt LuV u BaCk..
..ItS hArD 2 FiNd A WaY..
..To KeEp YoUrSeLf oN TrAcK..
..iT LeAvEs U HeArTbRoKeN..
..n HuRtS So MuCh..
..BuT I GuEsS dAtS dA ReAsON..
..ThEy cALL iT a CRUSH..
let [ things ] tAke their p l a C e . . .
- yOu`ll reAlize - evErything * hAppenS
`* fOr sOme cRaZzY (( r e A s O n ))
break // the rulesz ; & stand a.p.a.r.t
iqn0re y0ur head + -foll0w- y0ur heart <3
me w/o him isz like
a nerd w/o braces
a shoe w/o laces
The nite was dreary as the rain came down
She said lets go for a ride away from town
All thru the ride she had nothing to say
It was almost as if something stood in her way
Then suddenly it came out of the blu
my parents said I have to break up with you
Im sorry she said I cant pretend
They said our love must end
She took off his ring as tears came to his eyes
At the same time fear of loosing her began to rise
With tears threatening to fall he held them back
As he parked on the railroad track
He wrote something on a peice of paper
He held her hand and said read it later
He always wished they would never part
He said in a sad voice you broke my heart
She opened the door & walked out into the rain
Thats when she saw the lightes from the train
Relizing too late wat she had sighted
In a blink of an eye metal collided
All she could remember was blood running red
And someone saying sorry hes dead
The ambulance sounded like an agony cry
Then she read the paper and it said *Without you I'd die*
<3-->> Luv Is A JoUrNey
Ur HeaRt HeLps U AlOng
AnD At ThE EnD U REaLizE
It Was All((wOrTh It))
laugh your [heart] out dance
in the .- r a i n -. *cherish the'
'*m e m o r i e s* ignore & the
.- p a i n -. [love] & learn 4get
nd _- forgive -_'remember..*
.[ u only hav one life 2 live ].
aNyThInG wOrTh -~» h A v I n *
iZ wOrTh -~»w A i T i N g * 4 *
-¤-*U CaLL mE a BiTcH... a BiTcH iS a DoG... DoGs BarK... BarK iS oN
TrEeS... TrEeS r iN NaTuRe... NaTuRe iS BeAuTiFuL...
sO ThAnX FoR dA cOmPliMeNt*-¤-
it really doesn't matter how many friends u have
or who youve known the l o n g e s t
all that matters is who came & never left your side
-LiFeS gOtTeN hArDeR-
-iM tRyiN tO bE sTrOnGeR-
-Im TrYiN tO LeArN-
-To Do ThE rIgHt tHiNGS-
-BuT eVeRyThING i Do-
-JuS aInT eNuFf-
-i WaS nEvER wArNeD-
-ThAt LiFe wUd bE dIs TuFf-
:**: People CHANGE. :**: .
. :**: .Things go wrong. :**: .
. :**: .Shit happens. :**: .
. :**: .But life goes ON. :*
if i had nothing but you...then i'd still have everything i ever wantedWith ever
y kiss
you take.
I'm lost, I can't breathe.
With every word you say.
I fall in love more deep.
With every touch u make.
Sends a shiver down my spine.
With all these feelings now
I know your always mine.
*It's not how many breaths you take in a moment, it's how many moments take
your breath away.*Live for the moment
"Sometimes the person you least
expect, is the person you've been
searching for all along."

You can always close your eyes to

the things you don't want to see,
but you can't close your heart to
the things you don't want to feel.
People will tell you who they are if
you just l.i.s.t.e.n.
It's easy to love you, it's just hard
to T.E.L.L. you.

it makes a world of difference
who knows when you wont be able to ..
holding those emotions in is bad for you ..
kisses are the most wonderful things in the world ..
whats the point in hiding happiness?
why let him not know your unhappy?
you dont want to lose friends
theres no better feeling being wrapped up close to someone you love ..
for life is eVeRyThInG I don't want to be that girl
that stares at you while you're not looking...
I don't want to be that girl that gets jealous
if you talk to anyone else...
I don't want to be that girl that cry s every night
because she wants something she can't have but I am,
so I guess that I have to live with itx~»NeVer ap0LOgiZe f0r sayin«~x
x~»What u feeL«~x
x~»cuZ thatZ Like sayin s0rry«~x
x~»f0r BeInG ReAl«~x
i've made alot of mistakes in my life but i
don't regret making them because if i hadn't
..i would never have learned to make things right
M0re Pe0ple w0uLd learn from their mistakes
if they weren`t s0 busy .·´‾`·» denying them
Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life
I came to you today for help. I walked up and without a
word, you knew what I needed. A friend, a shoulder to cry
on. No words were spoken and I ve never felt better in my
I can t help but sit here and think about all the stupid stuff
we ve done together but then again, I wouldn t want to be
stupid with anyone but you.

I know that life seems hard, cruel, and unkind, a lonesome

journey with questions in your mind. I ll hold your weary
hand as you walk down the road. Just remember you re
never alone. Whenever you need someone, whenever you
want someone to reach out and touch you with a love that is
strong, whenever you need somebody whenever you want a
friend to chase always the clouds and then the sunshine
again. I will be your friend always and forever.
I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than walk alone
in the light.
I m sorry for anything I did. I ve never been untrue because
I know in this world of craziness; the only one I can trust is
If I ever write the story of my life, don t be surprised if
you re where it begins.
If I m laughing, she s usually why. Without her, I swear I
would die.
i just want to die to see which of my friends care enough to
come to my funeral.
I promise I ll be with you until the very end, wiping your
tears away and being your friend. I ll smile when you smile
and feel the pain when you do and if you cry just one tear I
promise I ll cry too.
as tha rain p0urs d0wn -
tha tears drip down miie
face & my hearts rips in
2 iits then ii realize i
need u more than ever-»!
You break it </3 You Buy it
¸.·¤**¤·.¸.·¤**¤·.. ¸.·¤**¤·.¸
.Life Is Full Of Secerts Nd Lies.
..So When U Get Screwd Over..
¸.·¤**¤·.¸.·¤**¤·.. ¸.·¤**¤·.¸
Girl: Do you really love me?
Boy: Of course I do.
Girl: I wanna hear you say it.
Boy: I don t have to.
Girl: Why not?
Boy: Because...
Girl: I just want to hear you say it in words.
Boy: I can t...
The girl started to cry softly and said:
Then you don't love me...
The two continued to walk in silence. They
reached the girls home.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Do you really want to know?
Girl: (hesitantly) Yes.
He hugged her gently, kissed the tip of her nose
and whispered in her ear,
"Because three words are not enough..."
B0Y :: why don't you like me?
GiRl :: i do like you .. it's just ...
B0Y :: just .. what?
GiRl :: i'm so afraid to fall again.
B0Y :: this is different..
GiRl :: how is this any different?!?
B0Y :: because this time .... i'll catch you
Thanks to those who hated me,
You made me a stronger person.
Thanks to those who loved me,
You made my heart grow fonder.
Thanks to those who envied me,
You made my self-esteem grow stronger.
Thanks to those who cared,
You made me feel important.
Thanks to those who entered my life,
You made me who I am today.
Thanks to those who left,
You showed me that nothing lasts forever.
Thanks to those who stayed,
You showed me the true meaning of "friendship".
Two teenagers goin over 100 mph..
Girl: Slow down. I'm scared.
Guy: No, this is fun.
Girl: No, it's not. Please, it's too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
*Girl hugs him*
Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself? It's bugging me.
(In the paper the next day):
A motorcycle crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were o
it, but only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy
realized that his breaks broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead
, he
had her say she loved him & felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his
helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would diei'm probably
not hot
i'm probably not nice
i'm probably not cool
i'm probably not smart
but i know the one think i am
Tell her why you think she s so amazing.
Play with her hair.
Talk to her in movie theatres.
Snuggle, Hold her hand, and lightly KISS her.
Hold her hand and walk.
Hold her hand and run.
Just hold her hand.
Pick flowers from other people s yards & give them to her.
Tell her she s BEAUTIFUL.
Introduce her to your friends as "The most amazing girl I know''.
Sit in the park and talk to her.
Take her to the library, ice skating, playgrounds, and coffee shops.
Tell her stupid jokes... Whatever it takes to make her laugh.
Write poems about her.
Walk with her, even if it s just around the block.
Do things that make her SMILE, make her LAUGH.
When she starts yelling at you, tell her you love her.
Play football with her.
Let her fall asleep in your arms.
Call her even if it s just to say hi.
Jump on the bed with her.
Whisper in her ear.
Sing to her, no matter how bad you are.
Carve your names into a tree.
Get her mad, then KISS her.
Push her on swings.
Stay up with her all night.
Take her to romantic places and lay out blankets to look at the *stars*.
Make up nicknames for each other.
Show up at her house unexpectedly.
Send flowers and dorky notes that only you two understand.
Teach her guitar.
Lend her your cds.
Make her cds of songs that remind you of her.
Write her letters.
Go on a road trip even if there s no destination or you cant be gone long.
Listen to her favorite songs.
Buy her ice cream.
Let her take all the pictures of you SHE WANTS.
Look into her eyes.
Make her a romantic dinner for special days.
Remember dates...
Kiss her in the rain.
Kiss her when she least expects your eyes silly. she`s crazy about
I never thought I could feel like this until you came into my life and loved me.
my heart skips a beat when im with you
i want a boy---
who can wrestle with me
and let me win.
who i can talk to about anything
who laughs at my jokes.
a boy who puts my cold hands
in his warm hoodie pockets.
who lets me use his sweatshirt
for a pillow.
who buys me 25 cent rings,
and sticky hands.
who says i love you & means it.
who will kiss me in the rain,
in the sunshine, and in the snow.
whos calls unexpectedly.
who will have many inside jokes
with and me remember each one.
a boy who notices girls haircuts.
who realizes that girls say things
but dont always mean them.
who shows up at my games,
slipping in the door.
who i can go swimming with
on hot days.
who can tell me his problems
and let me help.
who will listen to me talk--
about the new nail polish i got.
who will bring me seashells
from the beach.
who will let me beat him up
when i get angry.
who writes love letters to me,
but doesnt send them.
who draws pictures and slips them
gently into my locker slot.
who saves his genuine, big smiles for me.
a boy with deeps eyes,
that can see through faces into depths.
who wears baseball hates and
lets me wear his too.
who gives me his t-shirt to change into
and not expect to get it back.
who knows me favorite color, song,
car, vegetable, perfume and
the color of my toothbrush.
a boy who will shake my dads hand
and look my mother in the eye.
who will call me by my full name--
first, middle and last.
a boy who will kiss me and
tell me im pretty.
a boy who will let me cry to him.
who will squeeze my hips just right.
who suprises me and compliments
my manicure and plays with my hair.
who knows when i have a math test
or when i fail one.
a boy who smells liek
he just stepped out of the shower.
who wears cologne that i can subtly
smell when im leaning on his shoulder.
who tells me i have a nice laugh
and a smile that light up the room
and simply be mine to hold.
All a girl really wants is someone to want her back..
the worst feeling u can have isn't being lonely.. it's being forgotten by
someone you know you'll never forget
in life you have THREE CH0iCES.
Give In || Give Up || or Give It Your All
i`m friends with a lot of guys. i have girlfriends too,
but for the most part, i`m friends with guys because
girls are kind of backstabbing. -- PARiS HiLT0N
no matter how much time goes by
you'll never forget the first time he looked
at you and how you fell in love with his eyes <3
All a girl really wants is someone to want her back...
I m not the type of girl
that would get up and Leave you
I would never mislead you
Because unlike other girls
I need you...
i can`t promise that i can fix all your problems
but i promise you`ll never have to go through them alone <3
wanna be the one he`s up at niight thiinkiing about
ii wanna be the one he`s telliing hiis boys " i think i love her "
PERFECT life just isn`t worth living
remember - your whole life doesn`t have to be decided T0DAY
you are completely UNiQUE...
a song to be sung in this world only once
in thirty years it doesn`t really matter WHAT you were laughing at
it just matters WH0 you were laughing with
i know someday i`ll L00k back on all of this and wonder why i did half the
things i did
and the funny thing is, i don`t think i even know that now
if it comes easy the first try, it`s not worth doing
the first time it`s experience
the second time it`s stupidity
if you want to get anywhere,
you need to remember where you`ve been
my ACT hasn`t changed in the least
....only my COSTUME has
how can you pull a little thread
and my entire LiFE falls apart
it`s just a whole NEW start in an OLD familiar place
you don`t have to understand
you don`t have to take my side
i just want you to care about how i feel
i L00k at him & she`s by his side
& i know that she`s right where i need to be </3
are you out to prove that you`re HAPPY with her
or are you out to break my heart?
i know i may be a lost cause & that it`ll never work out
but don`t EVER say that to me
i know exactly what you`re thinking
-- we`ve been "friends" since F0REVER --
so don`t even bother pretending that you care
youll be with me
like a handprint on my heart
and now whatever way our stories end
i kno you have rewritten mine by being my friend...
she will chase youu around for a while
but there`s going to be a day when she`s
going to stop running circles around youu
she`s going to get over youu. & at that
very moment, youu`re going to wish
that you were there to catch her. ____<33
"...and all she really wants is someone who will sit with her
under the stars... and not want anything more but to look
into her eyes and say "you're the one i've been waiting for.."
" i'd rather see you one day a year, then see
someone else 7 days a week." - Full House
if you want to know where your heart is, take a
look at where your mind goes when it wanders
Teardrops fall from those pretty little eyes kind of hard to move on when you
only told lies she s breaking down, everyone s fading it s been so long and
she s tired of waiting <|3
" trust me, high school ends. you graduate and get away from
all the people you never want to see again -- it's all good .. "
--» chad michael murray
There are two kinds of evil people-people who do evil things, and
people who see evil things being done and don't try to stop them //
I'm not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in place & i spill alot of
things. I'm pretty clumsy & sometimes I have a broken heart. My friends & I
sometimes fight, & maybe some days nothing goes right..but when I think
about it & take a step back, i remember how amazing life truely is & that
maybe, just maybe, i like being unperfect
1:: I tHiNk ThE oNlY rEaSoN eVeRyOnE hOlDs On To MeMoRiEs So
TiGhTlY Is BeCaUsE mEmOrIeS aRe ThE oNlY tHiNg ThAt dOeS NoT
ChAnGe WhEn EvErYtHiNg AnD eVeRyOnE eLsE dOeS
2::I cAlL yOu My BeSt FrIeNd ThRoUgH gOoD tImEs AnD bAd .WhEnEvEr
I lOoSe Or If I WiN. I KnOw OnE tHiNg ThAt NeVeR cHaNgEs & ThAts YoU
As My BeSt FrIeNd
3::DId YoU eVeR wOnDeR If DrEaMs CaMe TrUe, If LoVe SoNgS aNd FaIrY
tAlEs WeRe EvEr MeAnT fOr YoU?? DId YoU eVeR wOnDeR wUtS At ThE
rAiNbOwS eNd, Or If RoMeO aNd JuLiEt CoUlD eVeR hApPeN aGaIn?
4::SoMeTiMeS wHeN I SaY oOh Im FiNe I wAnT sOmEoNe To LoOk Me In
ThE eYeS aNd SaY tElL Me ThE tRuTh
5::As I lAy ThErE In Ur ArMs I dReW tHe LeTtErS I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U On YoUr
BaCk .ThInKiNg YoU wErEnT pAyInG aTtEnTiOn, AnD tHeN yOu LoOkEd
Up At Me AnD sAiD I LoVe YoU ToO
6::Im NoT eVeN gOnNa GeT mAd AnYmOrE I JuSt GoT To LeArN To ExPeCt
ThE lOwEsT fRoM tHe PeOpLe I tHoUgHt ThE hIGhEsT fRoM
7::In A pErFeCt WoRlD tHeRe WoUlD Be No nEeD fOr MiRrOrS bEcAuSe
EvErY gIrL wOuLd HaVe A gUy To TeLl ThEm ThEy ArE bEaUtIfUl
8::I KnO hEs NoT gOiNg To CaLl Me AnYMoRe AnD iVe AcCePtEd It. BuT I
CaNt DeLeTe HiS nUmBeR fRoM My CeLl BeCaUsE If He DoEs HaPpEn To
CaLl & mAkE My DaY I WaNt To KnOw ItS hIm ((ERiN tHiS rEmInDs Me Of
YoU ))
GeNtLeMeN pReFeR bLoNdEs
BUt ThEy MaRrY bRuNeTtEs
10::REaL fRiEnDs ArEnT eMbArReSeD Of WhAt ThEy Do ToGeThEr
11::SoMeTiMeS ThE tHiNgS tHaT hUrT yOu ThE mOsT aRe AlSo ThE
tHiNgS tHaT mAkE yOu HaPpY <3
12::I SlEeP To DrEaM aNd I dReAm BeCaUsE I KnOw it s the OnLy WaY
wElL eVeR Be ToGeThEr
13::BOyS wIlL cOmE aNd Go BuT tRuE fRiEnDs WiLl StAy So don t BlOw
HeR oFf To Be WiTh ThE bOy ThAt YoUlL hAtE In 3 WeEkS
14::HOpE fOr ThE bEsT & eXpEcT tHe WoRsT lIfE iSnT a MoViE::iTs AlL u n
r e h e a r s ed
15::I lOvE wAlKiNg In ThE rAiN;;tHeN No OnE kNoWs Im CrYiNg
16::LiFe Is NoT aBoUt ThE bReAtHs We TaKe BuT tHe MoMeNt tHaT tAkE
oUr BrEaTh AwAy
17::Don t TrY To RuSh FaTe ThE bEsT tHiNgS cOmE To ThOsE wHo WaIt
listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye<3
°No matter how many times he hurts me, i'll always forgive him...some may
call it stupid, but i call it love°
im tired of *hearing how everything w a s n t good enough* in YoUr life...
((including me)) -ShArK tAlE
the only thing that truely scares me is what lOve can do to a person... <3
Georgia girls are pretty . . .
Jersey girls are smart » »
But it takes a real New York girl ;
to steal a guys heart || <33
ChOOsE yOuR fRiEnDs By ThEiR cHaRaCtEr AnD yOuR sOcKs By
ThEiR cOlOr ChOOsInG yOuR sOcKs By ThEir ChArAcTeR mAkEs No
SeNsE, aNd cHooSiNg YoUr FrIeNdS bY tHeIr CoLoR iS u N t H i N k A b
L e
&& just when i thought things were getting better, you walked into my
yOu called me yOur pal, yOur best friend.
But yOu never tOld me that this wOuld end.
All the backstabbing, gOssip, rumOrs and lies.
i''ve been asking and wOnder the questiOn...w h y
thats what love is for-- to HeLp us <ThRoUgH> it a l l
New York girls are pretty... Jersey girls are smart >> But it takes a real Georg
girl;; to steal a guys heart | | <3
.::?live as if it were on purpose?::.
{when ii get the couRage to love somebody new
.. it always falls apart because they cant compare t0o you .}
" hello " is such a small word.
but from the right person it ;;
can mean - - e v e r y t h i n q *
why do bAd guys l i e to get into yOuR bed, and good guys lie to get into you re
x . if i had nothing but you . x
o . i'd still have everything . o
Ask all my friends they`ll tell ya
- - y0u`re all i talk aBout - -
e v e n w h e n i g o t o s l e e p
- y0u`re the only 1 i *dream* about -
NoBoDy DiEs A vIrGiN --> LiFe ScReWs Us AlL
A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, lisetns, but doesnt belive, and leaves
before she is left.
I could //fill up//
a >>thousand pages<<
telling you how I
[feel] and you .still.
wouldn't understand
so I ll --> just leave
`without a sound`
except my <3 heart
||shattering|| as it
hits --> the ground
it kills me to know you're online
&& you won't talk to me... its just
time I realize that I don't mean anything
to you... and never really did..
She was always so strong and she
always had no fears, yet when the
perfect boy broke her heart ;; she
only felt her tears <3
Oesn`t it suck ... when he'
knOws juSt hOw yOu feel
abOut him and he doesn`t do
a thinq about it cus he just `
*|[.d.o.e.s.n.`.t. .c.a.r.e.]|*

there are only two timesz i wanna be with you

|[ now and forever ]|

When yOu lOve sOmeOne

theres nOthing yOu can dO
yOu cant cOntrOl yOuR heart
It cOntrOls yOu

He gave her 1O rOs3s annd said

iF yOu hOld these up tO a miRrOr
yOu wiLL s3e eLev3n Of The
mOsT b3auTiFuL ThinGs ` z
in The whOle enTire wOrLdd

deep inside the corner of my mind

<< i'm attached to you >
It's hard to grow up in a world where you'll never be the pretty girl. Everyone
else seems to have everything you've ever wanted and your dreams always
end up one cloud away...
it doesn't matter what they say
it doesn't matter what they do
all that matters
is that you love me and i love you
d0o y0u kn0w h0w much iit hurt`z ? t0o
be standiinq there iin y0ur arm`z .. feeliinq
y0u`re heart beat next t0o mine kn0winq
that we kan`tt be t0qether; kn0wiinq y0u`re
s0o cl0se and yet y0u`re still a miilii0n
miile`z away ? my heart`s s0o miixed up iit
criies whenever y0u`re near .. and even
th0uqht beiinq "just friiend`s" iis perfectly
fine i can't help it // i l0ve y0u and `
[.(_ .·´‾`·» ii wanna be wiith y0u <|3
you miight jus thiink of me as some gurl
but ii jus want u to kno that iim that one gurl
who took one look at u and fell harder than
iive ever fallen iin my whole entiire liife__`
Live right now; just be yourself..
who cares if it isn't good enough for
someone else ___ x3
because some people hang on
when they should really let go.
- Raise Your Voice <3
two people who broke up could never
be friends. but if they are, then they `'
we're never in love or they still are <|3
sometimes you just to put one foot
infront of the other even though `'
you don't know where your going.
If I could be an angel, I'd make your every wish come true, but I am only
human, Just a girl who's loving you..
I wanna believe that you're this perfect guy and everything you seem to be is
true. But when i look at you, i mean really look at you , i can tell that i'm ba
scratching the're the book with that pretty cover, the one that i
cannot wait to get into...but you should never judge a book by its cover
becuase now i've read far enough into you that i just can't put you down.
There will be a twist, and everything will change and by the last page i'll be
heartbroken ...
*Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate
I believe that happiness is something we create
You best belive that I'm not gonna wait
'Cause there's gotta be something more.
It's funny how we feel so much
& yet we can't say a word
We're screaming on the inside but
-» C a n n o t b e h e a r d </3
they ignore eachother & look the
other way ; but they both know
deep down inside, that it wasn`t
supposed to end this way
& she tries so hard to make herself okay
while he prays to God he`ll get over her one day
and i`ll sit here and take it all in
is there anything else you want
ed to tell me? 'cause my hearts
all yours go ahead, shatter it x3
Although I will probably always love you
and remember the times we had
Youre a sorry little bastard
and you hurt me really bad
Although you think its funny
only time will tell
paybacks are a bitch
and i hope you burn in hell
although you were a good kisser
that i will admit
but when it comes to being a man
Honey you aint shit.
¤.¸. ´¨)
¸. ´ *Ur the reason I live*
. *And the reason I die*
` .¸*your the reason I smile*
) *yet break down and cry*
¸. ´ *your the reason I keep going*
( *And the reason I fall*
` .¸*because without you in my life*
) *Im NoThInG At aLL*
yOu can`T see i`m HurTinG
you don`t notice the pain
iT feeLz like EverYone else
iz SiTtinG in tHe SunShiNe
whiLe i`m { d r o w n i n q }
`' - - - » in the rain « - - - '`
You`re The One. Who makes me draw those stupid little hearts
everywhere. You`re The One. Who makes me write your name on
foggy windows, and then watch it lxl.f a d e . a w a y.lxl. You`re The
One. Who Makes me laugh, even when i Don`t wanna Smile. You`re
The One. who i want. Like i said....You`re The One.<3
I realized h0w much I l0ved him last night
while I was lying in bed thinking..
*he didn't l0ve me* \\_<L3
Follow ALl your DrEaMs. Because
maybe then you`ll actually see.
That you and me were
meant-to-be. ----> xl3
If you kiss me.. i`ll See the Starsz.
But if you love me I promise i`ll give
them to you.
SiX words. [ S. i. m. p. l. e. ] But yet so very (( true )).
I`d be soOo Lost without yOo. //* <33
Baby, i`m Amazed by YOU._ *Lonestar-Amazed.*
Love me for me. *Ashlee Simpson*
Same story. You know how it goes GiRl meets Boy. Girl ends up
falling for him but trips too hard and no one is there to catch her.
[( hOLLa [«] Back )]
[1] tell her she is BEAUTiFUL. not hott or fine.
[2] hold her hand at ANY moment even if it is just for a second.
[3] KiSS her on the forehead
[4] leave her voice messages to wake up to.
[5] ALWAYS tell her you love her at any & and all times.
[6] when she is upset, hold her tight & tell her how much she means to u
[7] recognize the small thingsz ..they usually mean the most.
[8] call her SWEETiE. (not baby)
[9] SiNG to her no matter how horrible your voice is
[10] pick her over all the OTHER girlsz youu hang out with
[11] write her N0TESz. (she loves them)
[12] introduce her to family & friends as your girlfriend
[13] play with her hair.
[14] pick her up, tickle her, & PLAY WRESTLE with her.
[15] sit in the park & just TALK to her.
[16] tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, just tell her J0KESz
[17] throw pebbles at her window in the middle of the night just because u misse
d her.
[18] let her fall asleep in your arms
[19] carve your names into a TREE.
[20] if she`s mad. KiSSz her
[21] give her piggyback rides
[22] bring her FL0WERSz just because
[23] treat her the same around your friendsz as youu do when you`re alone
[24] look her in the eyes & SMiLE
[25] let her take as many pictures as she wants
[26] SL0W DANCE with her, even if there isn t any musik playin
[27] KiSS HER iN THE RAiN. <3
[28] if you`re in love with her.. tell her
u sAy it bEst `* WhEN u sAy NUtHiN At All
you know it's meant to be when even
when you can't stand him .. he's still
the only person on your mind <3
its not going to be easy,its going to be really hard..were going to have to work
at this everyday but
i want to do that
because i want you, all of you ..forever -
you & me everyday .. " - the notebook <3
i'm not guna give a fuck anymore .. if
you hurt me, i'm gona hurt you. that's
how it's gonna be from now on
i will love you forever...
and not a day less...<3
-([| the last memory I have of him...was blurred by tears... |])-
yesterday i forgot to breathe for
like the hundreth time this week
because you're so fucking
* -- beautiful ...
With a b r o k e n wing. . .
- ->> She carries her dreams </3
i know its wrong but its [ feels ] so right
so i'll just add another scar tonight <|3
turn around
so you cant see me say
" i miss you "
And people hurt her so bad that the only
person she can trust now is herself
once youu enter highschool.. things change. your best friend becomes a BxTCH. yo
ur boyfriend
becomes a PRiCK. homework goes in the TRASH. cell phones are being used in CLASS
detention becomes SUSPENSiON. soda becomes BEER. gum becomes POT. bikes becomes
CARS. lollipops becomes CiGARETTES. lipgloss becomes MAKE UP. french kissing bec
SEX. yeah.. high school does change everybody.
if you dont understand my silence
youll never understand my words
Sandy: Since the minute you were born I knew I would never take another easy bre
ath without
knowing that you were all right. Seth: So I m like asthma?-the oc-
she finally lets go of her fake *smile* and the tears slowly roll down her face
as she whispers in
the mirror "I dont want to be me"..
//- S0MEDAYy //-
iNT0 Y0UR LiFE .. &&
W0RK 0UT F0R Y0Uu ..
NoThInG rEaL hAs a haPpY eNdiNg...
is there anyway that i can stay in ur armss ??
one day you'll see it ... can happen too mEe <3
..rEmEmber thE tablEs tUrn and yOu get wUt yOu desErve
`'and the way you make me smiile
can outdue a million beautiful sunsets
Beautiful girl with pretty eyes.
A hidden world of hurt and lies.
She sits up in her bed and cries.
Its hard for her to realize
love isnt all weak in the knees and butterflies
I have a bad craving
for the taste of your lips x3
my eyes hurt from crying
my heart aches from trying
&& in the end ... i still have
*`--- Nothing <|3
Go on just say it // You need me like a bad habit
** literate and stylish kissable and quiet`
well that's what girls dreams are made of
and that's all you need to know'
you HAVE IT or you D0N'T **
taking back Sunday
..alL i wAnT iS tO Be haPpy AGaIN
WelL it's lOve (It's lOve)
Make it huRt (I desErve iT)
&u forgot about me,
&moved on to the next girl
she stumbled on a kiss & fell in love <3
it's so simple & complicated the way you
can crush me ; no matter how m u c h this
hurts - t h i s . i s . t h r o u g h . <//3
i promise i won't let you down if you take my hand tonight <3
so you say that i've changed
but---- how do you mean?
cause to be QUiTE H0NEST *
you mean so much to me . . .
<33 and maybe i've changed
no matter >> what's changed
______i'll always love you
No one dies a virgin
life screws us all .
it only hurts when im breathing
my heart only breaks when its beating
never let one disaster ruin your life </3
without u .. my yesterdays wouldnt
be worth remembering .+. i couLdnt
look forward to all my tomOrrows.
P a r t y l i k e A R o c k S t a r
And F u c k l i k e A P o r n s t a r
and with this knife I will cut out the part of me
.. the part of me that still cares about you </3
When you love someone
it doesnt matter if you see
them everyday' because
you always got a picture
of them in your heart
.. & theres something about you
that makes me l[ fall ]l every time
& won't you think i'm pretty when i'm standing top the bright lit city
teLL mee thaT iTsSs ovErR</3
EVERii tEAR tHAT f A L L S | x 0 |
fALLS f0R [ A ] rEAS0N x/3
LaSt CaLL fOr aLCoHoL . . . *
* . . . Uu kNo0 HoW wE dO
beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes
a hidden world of hurt and lies
its hard for her to [ realize ]
love isnt all bout the butterflies
F0LL0W your dreams**-
e x c e p t that one at
school in ur Underwear . . .
You told me you'd never let go... The sad thing is... I actually believed you.
I gotta get away, there's no point in thinking about how it used to be.It's too
late now, it
will never be the same again. We're so diff. now...Please... just one more time.
.. let me be
your BeauTiFuL LeTDoWN
**"life never asked what you want, its just gunna have its way
And sometimes it doesnt give like it takes" _______________ *
SoO iMmA dRoWn In MyY sOrRoWs and forget tomrro w
tHeRe ArEnT sHoRtcUtS tOo ToMoRrOwW, yOu HaVeE
tO MaKeE yOuR oWn WaY. yu gotta noe where your goin AnDd
NoEe WhErE yOu BeEn, AnDd If YoUu EvEr GEt LoSt,
DuNn WoRrYy.. ThE PpL yOu LoVe WiLL fInD yOu
CoUnT OnN iTt
eXpEcT tHeE uNeXpEcTeDd * <*3
the first time i saw yoo, i forgot to breathe <3
so you say that i've changed
but---- how do you mean?
cause to be QUiTE H0NEST *
you mean so much to me . . .
<33 and maybe i've changed
no matter >> what's changed
______i'll always love you
i'd rather be physically hurt than emotionally;
because you can put a band-aid on your finger..
but you can't put one on your heart
[[I don't wish 2 b evErYthiN 2 evEry1 bUt i wOuLd liKe 2 b suMthiN 2 sUm1]
iTs a fEeLiNg i CaNt HiDe
tHe wAy i MiSs yOu wHeN yOuR nOt bY mY SiDe
ThE hApPiNeSs i gEt fRoM tHe tHiNgS yOu dO
nOw i kNoW tHe sWeEtEsT dReAmS dOo cOmE tRuE
.. aLL bEcAuSe i fOuNd u ..
sometimes i think im blind --
who are my real friends?
cUpid hATes mE </3
juST LEt me bE YOur sweETHEArt fOR VALentinES DAy </3
* Be my Valentine! <3
- - alL i want iS your hUgsz nD' kiSsez*
im alone for valentines day wanna changa that?
and her heart finally told her to let it all go <|3
.. so she painted on a smile
&& learned how to pretend
so many bRoKeN hEaRtS </3
i just want to fall into [ur] arms
i want you to hold me and tell
me everything is gonna be ok
ppl say why do u wait 4 him? n [honestly] i dOnt knOw but there`s sumthiin
abOut him, ii j u s t c a n t l e t g o*
"dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing i learned: they're only
powerful when you have your back turned."~
Do you remember that game telephone when one person would say something and by t
he end of
the game it was totally different? WELCOME TO HiGHSCHOOL
"It's often just enough to be with someone. I don't need to touch them. Not even
talk. A feeling
passes between you both. You're not alone." Marilyn Monroe
Best friends never tell each other their best friends,they just know
Hes the reason I wake up in the morning and can't sleep at night <3
I was picking up the pieces to my broken heart
then I saw you with her and they fell to the floor,
| .breaking.even.more. |
Live life to the fullest...
Yes that means..Sex it up, Drink It Down
when you start to miSs me
remember: you`re the one
» w h o l e t m e g o «
x»---what do you dO
when being yOurself
sOmetymeS i wIsh i cOuLd
-->FaSt fOrWaRd my lyfe
JuSt 2 sEe if itS wOrTh waiTin 4
TeArz ArE ThE wOrdz My
heArt uSesz To ExpLaiN whEn
EvEn mii FaKE sMiLe Can'T
_|> cOverr up mY PaiiN. . .
x Will the past be----
a shadow that will
----follow us around x
x_Dreams Keep You Going
Reality Brings You Down_o
i'd rather Waste my TiME with yOo <3
-- the used
make someone
a *priority*
who only
makes you an
bYe bYe bEaUTIfUL..
dON't bOThEr tO wRiTe </3
i love you so much <3
[.y0u never kn0w what y0u've l0st.]
[.until y0u stand in a ro0m with that pers0n.]
[.n0t bein able t0 call them y0urs.]
this is the part where
*you and me*
mean nothing more than
a crossed out heart
on my tree in the backyard <//3
Swallow your pride and `&& choke back your tears
words that cannot be said stream down my face.
"The truth is, i gave my heart away a long time ago, all of it, & i never really
got it back."
Sweet Home Alabama
CaNt yOou sEE hOW hard ii fell for yoouu
i just need to make it clear. us girls don`t need liquor or beer // we`re just n
|[ fxcked up ]|
`m guNna Liive my Life
UntiL my dYinG` dAy aNd
if pe0pLe waNna taLk..i`ll
jUst qive em mOre 2 sAy
it won`t rain all the time and the sky won't fall forever
& though the nights seem long, your tears won`t fall forever
she finally stopped playing their song
..when she realized she was dancing alone
.. tenderly you s h a t t e r me *
[-] Be you... Everyone else is taken [-]
She wants someone to call her Angel
Someone to put the light back in her eyes
-Big and Rich-
. . . TEARiiNG ME APART.x/3
Shes beautiful as usual,
with bruises on her ego</3
shut your mouth i just cant take it*
thank you for showing me
that best friends cannot be trusted
* be careful with my heart
it`s the only one i got <3
I *love* the way you just // r o l l
Excuses off you Tongue as I
[slowly] fall a p a r t...
Why do people think it's okay to do horrible things as long as they apologize af
[ ( F 0 R . 0 N E . Y E S T E R D A Y ) ]
i know at graduation i`m gonna cry,
it`s bcus i know i`ve found friends
that are true until i die <3 ilOVEYOU
Alot of laughs, alot of tears
Spillin` dreams with the fears
Talkin` 24 hours on the phone
Each other's houses are 2nd homes
Something so precious it could [never] break or bend
That's why I call you my .b.e.s.t. friends
*It's so hard to find a guy, a guy that knows how you feel, even when you
havent told him anything. It's so hard to find a guy, a guy that treats you
the way you've always wanted to be treated:::even though he doesn't know
your last name yet. && it's so hard to keep some guy, 'some guy' that isn't
interested anymore in what you have to give him. So once you find him,
he's so easy to spot out, in a crowd of a million. But unfortunately that's it,
hes just one in a million*{[
let me break your <3
then ii`ll ask you
why we can't be friends.
let me rip yOur world into
little pieces && destroy
who you thought you were
then ii`ll ask you why we
((c.a.n.t. b.e. f.r.i.e.n.d.s.))
the sweetest sound of all
is that of your own name
spoken by the only boy
you care about........ <3
how can i
[F o R g E t]
you .. when you`re
[a L w a Y s]
on my mind .. how can i not
[W a N t]
you when you`re all i want
[i N s i D e]
how can i not
[M o V e . O n]
if i can't see us
[a P a R t]
how can i stop
[L o V i N g . y O u]
when you control ..
[M y . H e a R t]
here`s to the ..
girls & silly cries
here`s to the ..
boys & telling lies
making out & getting caught
all the things that we`ve been taught
drinking,parties,crazy nights
searching for our mr.right
holding it down to the end
sisters & friends
note to heart: NEVER get this attachedlife isn`t a destination _ its a journey,w
all come upon unexpected [ curves ] and
turning points everything happens to us
s h a p e s who we are becoming and iN
the adventure of each day' we discover
the i m p o r t a n t things in l i f e and
w h y t h e y ' r e i m p o r t a n t .. x|3'
if youu think he`s THE 0NE
youu want ; the one youu love, &
the one that can make youu happy
no matter how long youu`ve liked
him & no matter what other people
say, youu should keep tryin & waitin
the pages may crumble
the pictures may fade, but
we`ll never forget the friends
we`ve made <33
LiFE moves by pretty fast
if youu don`t stop & look around
[ once in a while] youu could miss it..
Waste your time with your friends.
Live for the moment - - laugh often *
be immature, do anything && every-
thing even if it's something you'll `'
regret in the morning. sleep late &&
when you wake up you can laugh ;;
about it with your friends because
friends are what matters most and
when you have friends you have »
- - |[ e v e r y t h i n g ]| - -

S0METiMESz what youu`re searching for

is right where youu left it.
FUCK what I did ; it was YOUR fault somehow
FUCK the presents, I threw that shit out
FUCK all the cryin` it didn`t mean jack
well guess what yo, fuck youu right back.
MAYBE sometimes youu have to stop
waiting for someone to come along & fix
what`s wrong. MAYBE youu have to stop
feeling sorry for yourself & realize no one
else has the answer. sometimes youu gotta
be your own HER0.
there is ALWAYS
going to be that one
awkward moment
when youu walk by
that person & remember
all that youu once had.
have youu ever been in love
been in love so bad, that youu`d
do anything to make them under-
stand. have youu ever had someone
steal your heart away youu`d do any-
thing to make them feel the same. have
youu ever searched for the words to get
youu in their heart but youu don`t know
what to say & youu don`t know where to start.
I`m starting to realize that forever is just another one of those fairy tales that
mothers tell their
children to help them sleep at night. Nothing is forever. Life isn`t, happiness
isn`t, love isn`t.
Things end and people say goodbye and we have no choice in the matter. All we ca
n do is sit and
watch our lives ending one minute at a time.
at the end of the year it seems like everyone is gonna be gone
everyone is going to move on ; but even though we may be apart
we`re always going to be together at heart. so let your friends know
_____________________________that youu`ll never let them go.
to LiVE is to love
to L0VE is to feel
to FEEL is to hurt
to HURT is to lose
to LOSE is to hate
to HATE is to heal
to HEAL is to change
to CHANGE is to risk
to RiSK is to love
love is a risk everyone takes; some of us win & some of us lose
it`s a lottery of hearts ; youu never know what to expect just keep
playing the odds and pray for the best.
S0METiMESz life hands youu what youu think
it`s too much to handle. but if it really was, it wouldn`t
have been given to youu.
If you dress nicely, he says you're a snob.
If you dress sexy, he says you're a slut.
If you argue with him, he says you're stubborn.
If you're quiet he says you`re stupid.
If you call him, he says you`re needy and clingy.
If he calls youu, he says youu should be grateful.
If you don`t love him, he`ll try to win you.
If you love him, he`ll leave you.
If you don`t fuck him, he`ll say you don`t love him.
If you do, he`ll say you`re easy.
If you tell him your problems, he`ll say you`re irritating.
If you don`t , he`ll say you don`t trust him.
If you lecture him, he`ll say you`re bitchy.
If he lectures you, it`s because he "cares".
If you break a promise, you can`t be trusted.
If he breaks it, he had to.
If you cheat, he`ll expect it to be over.
If he cheats, he expects to be given another chance either way ..
I know I said it & time can t erase it.
So I m sorry I couldn t keep the words from coming out,
from hurting you.Cause now I ve done what I said I wouldn t do.
if we're perfect for each other, and if we're meant to be with each other, we wi
ll be with each
other. maybe not now, or tomorrow, but later, and i can promise you that.
you say when you love someone it last forever?
well, maybe the love lasts forever,
but people get [t i r e d] of tears,
tired of //wishing and waiting//,
tired of being .b r o k e n. hearted.
take [no one] for granted,
because the truth is...
no one waits .f o r e v e r.
do youu know how much it hurts to watch youu love someone else?
how come whenever I think i`m over youu
youu talk to me & make me feel like the most loved
person in the world. then I realize that I still love youu
and that I can`t and won`t get over youu.
if youu love me like youu say youu do
prove to me that your love is true
say youu love me & hold my hand
tell me that youu`ll always be my man
the heart doesn`t lie; just listen to it
my eyes have cried a thousand times
can`t take back the things I did before
but baby i`m promising that my heart is yours
know it ain`t easy, but baby youu gotta believe me
all i`m askin for is one more chance, I changed because of youu
she loved him but her heart was in pain
and all she remembered was kissing in the rain
but he lied to her and played some stupid games
it`s amazing what a man could do just for fame.
no matter how many coins youu throw in a fountain
or the number of times you`ve crossed your fingers..
if it`s not meant to be, it wont happen
..& her eyes screamed the saddest
apology the world had ever seen.
no matter how hard youu try
..youu just CANT lie to your heart <33
(‾`*·» ,-.,.-,
`·.·´ «·*´‾)
i`m so tired of pretending everything is okay
my tears are starting to show and my smile'
is slowly->[( f a d i n g a w a y )]
how can youu throw us away?
look at what youu lost today. now
everything is shades of grey. & now
youu`re pushing me away ; say all
the things youu wanna say. thought
we were going all the way. play all
the games youu wanna play & watch
us S.L.0.W.L.Y f a d e AWAY
you are the reasons i live + the reasons i'd die
the reasons i'd laugh ' or break down and cry.
your the reasons i keep going, & the reasons i
fall. but without you in my life- i'm nothing at all
[ learned ] a lot over the years,
through fake smiles & un'seen tears
friends sometimes aren`t forever
that happy memories stay with you;
& those moments go by --so fast--
so enjoyy the things that go on now
cause the good stuff never lasts*
youu say youu never should have done this or that
but baby, regrets don`t change ANYTHiNG
& she stays up late at night writing her heart out
on a crumbled piece of paper.
..&& although he does not love her
she can`t stop wondering if it will
E V E R .. BE </3
don`t cry when the sun goes out of your life because your tears will prevent you
u from
seeing the stars
hold me tight until we fall
into the deep reflection
of our love
we were the best of friends
we used to tell everything to each other
we used to hold hands in public
&& we used to be in love [
The best of friends we are.The best of friends we shall stay.As we move on in ou
r lives
we have come to face bigger things in our life.But thats what you there for.You
are my
light at the end of the day your there to wach out for me.We had some good times
year.But the end is here.Its time to start a new school and end our school year
together.Its time to where we will be at different places at different times.But
thats okay
b/c your my best friend..Best friend of ever and ever
*It's better to have lost at love,
Then never to have loved at all.
*she loves him more than he'll ever know
he loves her more than he'll ever show
*they ignore eachother & look the
other* way ; but they both know
deep down inside, that it wasn`t
supposed to end this way
*Before you let go, think of the reasons why you held on for so long.
*"Lie to me" she whispered ; "I love you" he said.
- How come the times when we're trying to let go of a guy and move on are the ti
when we think of him most? Every *song* relates to him, every * dream* is of him
with a
"happy ever after ending", every *thought* revolves around him and what you guys
to have, and every *tear* is a reminder of all the *heartache* he put you throug
- Do you honestly think that when you ignore me it doesn't hurt?
- Do you think seeing you with her doesn't break my heart?
- Do you think your hugs mean absolutely nothing to me?
- And do you think your eyes have no effect on me?...Boy you must be CrAzY! You
obviously don't see me tremble with the littlest touch from u, you don't see the
pain and
hurt in my eyes when u just pass me by, u don't see the tear drop fall from my e
yes when
I see u with her, and u can't, u couldn't, see my heart when it ShAtTeReD into a
- Even the sweetest dream couldn't compare to when your holding me!
- How come the guy who seems to be the "perfect guy" doesn't seem as perfect as
guy who is imperfect in every way!!
- How come we can be so perfect and happy on the outside but so lonely and messe
d up
on the inside?!
- Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I've ever done..until I realized a
piece of
my heart would be gone forever..
-I don't want the "perfect guy" - I need a guy who will make mistakes with me---
-I don't expect for him to call me every night before he goes to bed - I expect
him to be at
my side when I Need him most!
-I don't want him to tell me he loves me- I want him to SHOW me- actions speak l
then words
-And I don't want him to say all the right things at the right time - I want him
to be a dork
with me and say all the wrong things!
- You can run away and hide from everyone, everyone except yourself!
- You brought hope into mi life and for once I thought just maybe I could be hap
again...until you left me *s/h/a/t/t/e/r/e/d!
& then we hugged each other tighter
then we ever had before, knowing that
we never would again.. <|3
Lies. Drama. Tears. Cheers to the teenage years...
She takes off her make-up
And looks like everyone else
Hiding from a universe thats ugly like herself
its no big deal. break her heart. let her down.
make her cry. you love her right? every thing
is fine. hold her hand. lead her on. its no big
deal.she's just a girl </3
tonight. tonight. but you've got me... I'll be true, I'll be
useful. I'll be cavalier. I'll be yours my dear and I'll
belong to you.. if u`ll just let me thru. this is easy
as l o v e r s go so dont complicate it by hesitating..
I'm not miserable but im not happy. I'm not strong but im not weak. I'm not rude
but I'm not polite.
I'm not popular but I dont care. I'm not sexy but I'm not horrid. I'm not dumb b
ut I'm no genius. I
am girly but im also tough. I'm not you but I AM ME. except it.
getting high meant swinging at the playground. the worst thing you
could get from boys was cooties. mom was your hero and dad was
the boy you were going to marry. your worst enemies were your
siblings. race issues were who ran the fastest. war was a card
game. life was simple and care free, but what i remember the
most was wanting to grow up((omg sooo true))
**i think of [y . o . u]
** day and [n . i . g . h . t]
** wish i may, wish i [m . i . g . h . t]
**hoping that u think of [m . e]
**i wanna be together [h . a . p . p . i . l . y]
Hershey kisses : $2.99 one rose : $3.00 a big teddy bear : $8.35
your crush finally admitting he likes you : priceless.
some days she feels like dying
she gets so sick of crying
look at me now, tell me what you see, it s a whole new game
now, im not the girl i used to be*
My biggest fear is that I'll be just like everyone else
Bitch i don't hate you.. i despise you..i called you a hoe because it
describes you seen what im all about now click the X and
get the fuck out..
You don't realize how strong a person really
is until you see them at their weakest moments..
The pain is just too much.
Maybe i've lost enough
you know im just the kinda girl
that feels so hurt but yet still smiles
she has everything and more
yet she still breaks down in tears
every night. i guess there really is
more than meets the eye <3
you can't live your life for other people.
you've got to do what's right for you <3
You were born an original, don't die a copy
Sometimes all a girl needs
Is a boy to hold her hand
* ______xOx______
The freshman child.. oh so shy. Longingly wants that sophomore guy. The sophomor
e guy, head
in a whirl, only wants the junior girl. The junior girl, thinkin' she can, badly
chooses the senior man.
The senior man, handsome and wild, secretly wants that freshman child
& to this child she whispered,
"Don't let him take hold of it.
You know what he'll do,
He'll snap it in half . .
Right infront of you. "
&& He takes the Razor out of her hands. && Whispers to her gently "Just pre-tend
As I stand here, razor in my hand, sleeve pulled
up... I stop for a moment to look up in the
mirror and see a girl who's hurting so bad, but
can still find happiness. I look away and listen to
the sound of the metal hitting the floor and the
blood still rushing through my veins.
despite everything he learned from
his friends ;; he doesn't feel so prepared . .
she's breathing quiet & smooth while he's
g a s p i n g . f o r . a i r
I am a girl who s had her heart broken too many times, and who s been through too mu
ch shit to
care anymore. I am whatever you want me to be, because I've been broken too many
times to
know my real identity.
i wish we could go back to that night
where everything felt so right
as he slowly walked away
Some day you'll see that you made a mistake
by the time you wake up.. It'll be too late
cause i will have moved on and found someone new
someone who loves me the way i used to love you
sometimes you don't realize how much you care
for someone until they STOP caring for you
tell me again how much you love me
&how much imeantoyou because
i LOVE IT when you lie to me with
your gorgeous eyes
what we learned here is love
tastes bitter when its gone
you're the worst actor that i've ever seen
but if this script called for liars.
you'd play the lead.
i`ve had a bad cravinq ..
for the taste of your lips

if im just gunna be [another] name in your

book do me a favor and cross me out <3

follow me, everything is alright i'll be

the one to tuck u in at night, & if you
want to leave i can guarantee you
* won't find nobody else ( like me..)

we've come a long way, since that

very first day. skipping class to be
together in the hallway. you make
me feel like i got reason to live. ?
every now and theN my eyes start
to water and my heart feels hurt
and my mind starts to wonder as
- - im filled with memories i'll
realize that i do aNd still am
<3 deeply in love with you *
because some people hang on
when they should really let go.
- Raise Your Voice <3

A boy and a girl. Best friends...they knew everything about one another,
they helped each other out. And cheered each other up when they needed it.
They called each other daily. And told each other what happened in their day.
Together they'd hang out, and share priceless memories. When they were
upset, they both knew the perfect person to call would be one-another. They
would stand up. And help each other through it all..*They knew so
much*..But what they didn t know was that they both were perfect for each

you know he still has some

feelings left for you when
instead of being the idiot
knocking your books down,
hes the one helping you pick
them up <3

he said :: you know what your problem is . . ?

and i replied :: yes, i do. i feel inlove with the `'
idea that no matter what happened you would
always be there. " when haven't i " he asked -
and as a tear trickled down her cheek i said `'
ever since the day SHE walked threw the door*

memories come && go like a dream lost

in the night but i remember everything about
you . how you came and changed my life *

so lets have our last dance ;; hold

me tight in your arms, move quietly
to the music then press freeze. i
wanna stay in this moment forever*

LiFE moves pretty fast.

if you don`t stop & look around
[ o N C e & a w H i L e ]
you could miss it

youu`re not anyone special to me.. you`re just a

guy.. so don't lead me on especially if its a lie
so leave me alone like youu`ve always done..'
because youu have hurt me // t o o m u c h //..
[. t o . b e . t h e . r i g h t . o n e . ] ..........«

people don`t change things.

things ( change people )
today i heard a song on the radio
from a few years before. a `love
song. i didn`t think { anything of it
those few years ago. but now --
i actually `'listen to the lyrics, and
all i t h i n k about is *' y o u

* SiGNS Y0U L0VE HiM ;; <3

- you stare at him a lot.
- he always makes you laugh.
- you can tell him anything.
- you always seem to find
yourself thinking about him.
- when he's anywhere near
you, you have to be with him.
- you go crazy over every
little thing he does or says.
- whenever your with him
you can't help but smile.
* SiGNS HE L0VES Y0U ;; <3
- he stares back at you.
- he always has to make you laugh.
- you always seem to
make him laugh too.
- whenever your around, hes with you.
- he call's you every chance he gets.
- he touches you whenever he
gets the chance, even if it's just a little touch.
- he picks you over his boys.
lets drive into the sunset, sing love songs.
we'll make unkeepable promises && swear
we'll never love anyone else _____ ;;

you can't live your life for other people

you've got to do what's right for you ;;
even if it hurts some people u love <3

life is only as good as

the memories we make*
waiting for you is like waiting for the rain in
the end of the drought... is useless &
disappointing = CINDERELLA ST0RY <3

its scary to think how different ur life

would be if u never met that person ;
that changed // e v e r y t h i n g //

the only people that could hurt you

are the ones you love, cause if it
wasn't love you wouldn't care <|3

its like writing your name on a foggy

window then s l o w l y watching it..
( f a d e a w a y )

one more kiss could be the best thing

one more lie could be the worst <3

she can't fall for you if you aren't

there to catch her <3 -- The O.C

it's funny, most people can be around someone

& then gradually begin to love them & never
- - - knew exactly when it happened. <3
it`s amazing how 0NE PERSON
can make youu feel like N0 0THER
PERSON in the W0RLD can <3
Waiting around for your touch.
Waiting around but the moments gone,
and the dial tone lets me know that im alone.
visiting hours are over, don't look down
I turned and I walked out,
While you were standing still.
We fell so fast, and never asked,
'Without love can this moment last?'
visiting hours are over, don't look down
I lost so much in this place,
I wanted so bad just to bring you out,
Away from doubt, away from all weve known.
visiting hours are over, don't look down
I've been falling out, and wanting out,
These last few months.
Trying to sort it out, or wait it out,
It's what we do best.
visiting hours are over, don't look down
All the trust between us, has never seemed to last.
Weve been waiting here, just to see,
something that will never be.
visiting hours are over, don't look down
Fighting for breath til the end.
Breaking our will as we see this through,
we always knew, we might not make it back.
visiting hours are over, don't look down
I told you everything, opened up and let you in
You made me feel alright for once in my life
Now all that's left of me is what I pretend to be
So together but so broken up inside
Cause I can't breathe, no, I can't sleep
I'm barely hanging on.
behind these hazel eyes, kelly clarkson
So it's safe to say that we've been here before;
Heart torn out, down for the count and still come
back for more. This lesson is learned too well.
saddest girl story, the starting line
Stop expecting change, he's just a lost cause that you're waiting on.
Take a look around, you could have anyone.
So leave undeserving him.
saddest girl story, the starting line
is this love that i'm feeling?
is this love that's been keeping me up all night?
is this love, survivor
now im lying on the table with everything you said
it will all catch up eventually well it caught up & honestly
the weight of my decisions were impossible to hold..
but they were never yours
this photograph is proof (i know you know), taking back sunday
There is a light in my eyes, but its too
bright to see, and a pain in my heart
where you used to be, I guess I was
wrong to think you were waiting for
me because there is a light in your eyes
too, but its not burning for me.
light in your eyes, blessed union of souls
i hope the next girl you kiss has
something contagious on her lips.
jude law and a semester abroad, brand new
This goes out to someone
That was once the most important person in my life
I didn't realize it at the time
I can't forgive myself for the way I treated you
So, I don't really expect you to either
you were my everything, aviation
I remember when I first looked into your eyes
It was like God was there, Heaven in the sky
you were my everything, aviation
I wore a disguise because I didn't want to get hurt
But I didn t know I made everything worse
you were my everything, aviation
I guess you forgot about the times we shared
When I would run my fingers through your hair
Late nights, just holding you in my arms
I don't know how I could do you so wrong
you were my everything, aviation
I guess everything you said was a lie
you were my everything, aviation
I just wish everything could've turned out different
I had a special feeling about you. I thought maybe
you did too. You'd understand, but no matter what,
you'll always be in my heart. You'll always be my baby
you were my everything, aviation
You said you were my best friend. Was
that a lie? Now I'm nothing to you.
you were my everything, aviation
I just thought we were meant to be
I guess now we'll never know
The only thing I want is for you to be happy
Whether it be with me or without me,
I just want you to be happy
you were my everything, aviation
Alone I sit and reminisce, sometimes
I miss your touch, your kiss, your smile
And meanwhile you know I never cry
because deep down inside, you know
our love will never ever die
everything's gonna be alright, sweetbox
I'll be your strength
I'll be here when you wake up
everything's gonna be alright, sweetbox
I never thought my heart would miss a single beat
Caress your hands, as I watch you while you sleep
So sweet, I weep as I search within
To find a cure, just to bring you back again
everything's gonna be alright, sweetbox
I'd give my life to only see you breathe again
Hand in hand as we walk in the white sands
To hear your voice, rejoice as you rise and say
This is the day that I wait, and pray, okay
Tears in silence, as time just moves on
You can't hear it but I'm playin' my favorite songs
I miss you much, I wish you'd come back to me
You see I'd wait a lifetime, cuz you're my destiny
everything's gonna be alright, sweetbox
Live your life just how you love to live it
and things will all fall into place.
Take your strife and try your best to sing it.
In the end you meet your friends.
more than it would seem, the gabe dixon band
wHat if sOmetImez yOu juSt dOn't waNt
beTter because yOu knOw in yOur [ hEaRt ] yOu
aLrEady fOund tHe beSt<33
TheRe`s One spOt yOu cAn tOuCh eVeRy girL
aNd thEy`lL gO cRaZy --» <3
The R0UGhESt road often leads to the t0P
it always rains the hardest on
the ones who deserve the sun
take NOTHiNG BUT photos
leave NOTHiNG BUT footsteps
& kill NOTHiNG BUT time.
Special times & special places, special friends together.
The moments pass so quickly, but the memories last forever*
N0 y0u didnt break my heart
Y0u helped me to fill it up
& start over ;; WiTH0UT Y0U
in ten years there's no way we'll remember
all the boys we got with ; _all the girls we hated*
or how many crazy rules we [ b R o k E ] ;
just that we did it all * T 0 G E T H E R *
we we're given two legs to walk, -
two hands to hold, two ears to ;
listen, two eyes to see but why only
one heart? :: because the other one . .
was given to someone else for us to find
the hottest love has the coldest end.
.. the night goes on as i'm fading away
Lost myself in your eyes.
yOuR mYy eVeRything
Pop the top, chug it down, hit the blunt then pass it round, our sex is kinky li
never before, party hard, rock n' roll. drink a keg, smoke a bowl, havin fun, we

get inta that vibe...We love to party, kiss and tease, we certainly know, how to
please...dirty dancing, you scream for more.. Just remember I'm not a whore..
We caN tAkE iT niCe n sLo wE cAn TuRn ThA LiTeZ dOwN Lo DuN nO oNe
GoTtA KnOw i WoNt TeLL hOwFaR wE gO
drink triple, see double
xx ..·´‾`·» be single
This SummeR iS GonnA bE The besT
iTs gonnA Be PlaceD aBovE ThE ResT
mE anD mY FrienDs aRe GonnA LivE iT uP
anD nothinG iS gonnA FucK thiS suMMer uP
...I LiVe In a pLaCe wErE EvRYoNe GeTs [high],
tHe gRaDeS GeT [low], AnD If SoMeOnE HaS A
[secret], EvRy1 [knows]...
t o b e y o u r s e l f i s a l l t h a t y o u c a n d o
I don`t want to like him anymore & I just can t, I`m obviously not good enough
& I m not gonna sit around waiting until my chance, until I am good enough for I m just over him but there`s seriously something about him that
makes me like him so much since I met him, there was something about him
that makes me go crazy over him
She doesn't wanna be your whole world. She just
wants to be a tiny city. Somewhere... anywhere on
your map.
Shit happens, and thats life
sometimes there isent much you
can do about it except try to
make the best of all of it.
Addicted to You - I cant help it Whenever your not with me I wish
you were. I wish I was in your arms I cant stand the time apart
I just want to be with you. Never letting go Never walking away.
When you're here everthing is perfect Nothing can go wrong
I wish I could be with you forever. Never leaving your arms <33
A true friend is a person who is there
for you through thick n thin. They don't judge
you by the clothes you wear, or the size of your house.
They love you no matter what. They are a shoulder to
cry on, or a partner to laugh with. They stand by you
in your times of need & listen when you are excited.
They know every little thing about you. They stand
up for you when others don't <3
i'd rather be physically hurt than emotionally;
because you can put a band-aid on your finger..
but you can't put one on your heart.
ever have one of those days where nothinq
really qoes wronq // actually qood thinqs'
happen to you, But you still just feel like you
hate the world and anythinq that happens
even droppinq your pen in the hallway makes
you wanna break down riqht there and cry '?
imPoSSIbLe aS iT maY seEM
yOU'VE gOt tO fiGht fOR evEry dreAm
BEcaUsE whO's tO kNOW
tHE oNE yOu leT gO
cOUld havE maDe yOU coMPleTE
loving someone is one thing,
being loved by someone is another
but being loved by the person you love?
thats just [ e v e r y t h i n g ]
Smiles and Tears, Giggles and Laughs.
Late night calls and cute photographs.
I'll be there for you till the day of my death.
Best gurlies forever till my very last breath!
& if only he could understand
how much shit he puts me
t h r o u g h <|3
there is someone
who dreams of your smile
& finds that in your prescence
life is worth while
so when you are lonely
remember that it is true
somewhere .. somebody
is thinking of you
how can i
[F o R g E t]
you .. when you`re
[a L w a Y s]
on my mind .. how can i not
[W a N t]
you when you`re all i want
[i N s i D e]
how can i not
[M o V e . O n]
if i can't see us
[a P a R t]
how can i stop
[L o V i N g . y O u]
when you control ..
[M y . H e a R t]
your only as strong as
the alcohol you drink
the tables you dance on
& the friends that hold you
T o G e T h E r _______ x3
im not gonna lie
other guys cross my mind
but as soon as i really compare
they`re nothing compared to you
everytime another boy goes
in & out of my mind ..
it only strengthens my love
[F o R . y O u]
when you`re sad ..
i`ll get drunk & help you
plot revenge on the asshole
who upset you. when you
trip .. i`ll laugh and ask "walk much?"
&& when you`re confused ..
i`ll use little words
to explain it to your dumbass
theres nothing scarier than getting
what you want || because thats when
you really have something to lose
What a perfect crime.
If I stole your heart ; and you stole mine
i dont need a big quote for you
no doubt. straight out. i love you <33
when she cries, makeup runs from
her eyes & she spills the truth about
how she really feels inside
Everyone tries to impress that certain someone..
but if you can't impress that special guy by just being yourself,
then he can't be all that special..
When this is over..promise me that we'll still be the same.
No matter what we go through now. Promise me you'll still look
at me the same way..and not like your starting to..
you mean more to me than you will ever know <3
the look in your eyes; the taste of your kiss
being close as the nights grow late
only one thing is true
&& that is no one is meant for me but you <33
i smile and make you think i'm happy
i talk and make you think i love me
i laugh so you don`t see me cry
i look at you & hide the [PAiN] inside
i feel myself dying but you see me survive
a life can end with those few --small-- words
smile because your happy.
cry because you sad.
but love just happens
i don't know how you do it, i love the way i lose it, everytime
what's even better is knowing that forever you`re all mine *
When you say that I'm one of a kind,
Baby I don't see it, but you believe
that I'm so strong and true, I promise you
I'll try to be that kind of man
Because you love me like I am
i promise to love and take care of you;
alwayz be there and be fair to you*<3
i wish i had a teleporter
so i could just disappear
so i dont have the take
the long walk to th door
* im finding it hard to believe we're in heaven.
One and Two
Three then Four
Leave me alone
Close that door
There's so much going on
You can think of me
When your hope is gone
You can think of me
To get through anything
You can think of me
I'm here as long as you need me
When nothing seems to work
You can think of me
Your heart is on a search
Let it come to me
I'll make it all reverse
When you think of me
Things stay unspoken
Secerts are hidden
Lies hide everything
It is all forbidden
don't be afraid of change ; you may end up losing something good, but you
will probably end up gaining something better <3
All of this puts me to sleep
So I can live another day
It isn't interesting to learn
What I will never say
It is getting late
I think you must go
But remember to forget
Everything that you now know
i tear my heart open
I sew myself shut
my weakness is i care to much
and my scars remind me that the past is real
i tear my heart open just to feel
if your gonna talk, i will put up a fight
if you dnot like me than thats alright
iam what i am, and i do wht i do
and if you have a problem than FUCK you
if i'm just gonna be another line in your book // cross me out
You think you want to die
When in `--realityy
`--»[S A V E D]--«3
C r A z Y times * way too many to count
"Rebelling" our homework to party it up
You`re the one whos been there through it all
& for that i thank you - my Best friend for life
when i woke up this morning
i saw your smile . that smile*
and i knew that i wanted to
spend the rest of my life with
you » the butterfly effect<3
getting high meant swinging at the playground. the worst thing you could get
from boys was cooties. mom was your hero and dad was the boy you were
going to marry. your worst enemies were your siblings. race issues were who
ran the fastest. war was a card game. life was simple and care free, but
what i remember the most was wanting to grow up

you know its meant to be when; at times

you cant stand him, but hes still the only
person on your mind.
sometimes u gotta put
walls up ->> not to keep people out
but to see who [c.a.r.e.s.]
enuf' to | break | 'em d0wn
There is always someone better than you. There is always someone prettier
than you. There is always someone more talented than you. There is always
someone smarter than you. There is always someone is just one step ahead
of you.. But the girl who is better than you, may just me the loneliest person.
The girl who is prettier than you may not be so pretty on the inside. The
person smarter than you, might not have the love that you recieve from
others. So never ever be the Jealous one. Love what you Have. Because
once its gone.. it's gone
i've made alot of mistakes in my life but i
don't regret making them because if i hadn't
..i would never have learned to make things right
They say before you die
Your whole life flashes before you
[mAkE iT wOrTh WaTcHiN]
as I look through these pictures I start to *CRY*
cus i`m finally realizing times can just fly by
I Can plan for the future but I CAN`T change
the past. I wish some of the moments I had
could LAST.
I don`t want to like him anymore & I just can t, I`m obviously not good enough
& I m not gonna sit around waiting until my chance, until I am good enough for I m just over him but there`s seriously something about him that
makes me like him so much since I met him, there was something about him
that makes me go crazy over him
DOiNG iT. ;]
Being apart from you is even HARDER than I thought it would be. I try to be
logical in tell myself that it won t be forever, but that s not much comfort when
I really need to touch you, kiss you, & love you. Sometimes I close my eyes &
hold a picture of you in my mind & imagine all the things I d say if you were
here. But NO MATTER how beautiful the pictures is, it will NEVER compare to
the real thing, to looking into your eyes & whispering your name & kissing your
lips. I miss you SO much, & I can t wait for the day when I can stop holding on
to a daydream & start holding you in my arms again
Just because he s a guy and he d rather spend his Friday night laying on the
couch next to you, watching a movie and falling asleep and that s his idea of a
good time & he ll do it again next week, definitely means something <3
Alot of laughs, alot of tears
Spillin` dreams with the fears
Talkin` 24 hours on the phone
Each other's houses are 2nd homes
Something so precious it could [never] break or bend
That's why I call you my .b.e.s.t. friends
you know, I used to spend every day thinking about you & dreaming about u.
and every time you walked by i lost myself ; do you know what that feels
like?And you couldn't possibly know what it feels like to have that person not
have the same feelings back - DAWS0N`'S CREEK
so many memories that could never be erased
you're my girls for live and could [ n e v e r ] be replaced
you know that girl who is always lost? the one with the pretty smile that no one
could tell is fake? that girl who seems to be so strong, but daily continues to
break? you know, that girl who is always there and seems to have no
problems of her own? the one who holds back tears until you are off the
phone? that girl who is in love with a boy who tries to understand. that girl wh
if you reach out always pulls back her hand? well, what a lonely life, what a
sad girl she must be, maybe you didn't realize it but that girl is ME.
Even though you're gone,
I want you to know that I still think of you.
I think of all the times when we held each other
And kissed in the dark beneath the stars.
I will always remember the first time you said 'I love you'
And I believed it.
& i think im finally moving on , leaving everything
behind that once made me S M i L E*</3 --»
Hes not amazing. The amazing thing is talking to him for ten seconds. And the
ability of him to brighten up the worst day ever. <3
what a perfect crime.
if i stole your heart ; and you stole mine
the HARDEST challenge in life is to find SOMEONE
who knows all your flaws, differences, & mistakes
& still loves everything about youu.
I'm like the Pillsbury Doughboy; If you touch me in the right spot I'll go
"Woo Hoo!"
LiVe iN tHe MoMeNt LiKe ThErE wiLL nEvEr bE a SeCoNd ChAnCe
Before I met you, I never knew what it was like
To look at someone and smile for
[nO rEaSoN aT aLL]
if you ever tOok a look at things
[ from my point of view ]
you'd think twice about the things
--> you thought you knew <--

Sometimes there are no

-/> nExT tiMeS <\-
(( TiMe OuTs ))
* sEcOnD cHaNcEs *
Sometimes its
[ .n.o.w. or .n.e.v.e.r. ]
If i could have one more dance with you
I would play a song that
->> n e v e r e n d s <<-
hold on to what you love
stay true to what you know
take everything you dream of
and never LeT iT gO
Today is for dreams
Tomorrow is for making dreams come TRUE
I only have two words for you: I'm Done. After
everything I've done for you, every chance that
I gave you, and yet you still break my heart.
Everytime. But it's over now. Finally I've
realized that I don't deserve this and honestly,
you don't deserve me. Yeah I still love you and
I probably will for a long time, but I can't stay
here anymore. It hurts too much. I guess this is moving on.
Stay with me, i'll stay with you and we'll be friends, through and through.
& even though nobody's looking
she's slowly falling apart
A heart is not a play thing
A heart is not a toy
But if you want it broken
Give it to a boy
Though if you want it safe
Lend it to your best friend
Cause then you know
It wouldn't even bend.
I tried to be perfect, it just wasn t worth it - Nothing could ever be so wrong
It s hard to believe me, It never gets easy I guess I knew that all along </3
The things about you
that everyone cares about..
your best friend could careless..
but the things about you..
that your best friend cares about..
everyone could careless
When you think about him, you start to cry.
When he gets online, your tummy gets that feeling
and your heart beats ten times faster. When you see
him, you smile without even knowing it. That means
there s something that won t let you give up.
Out of all the friends i've ever met, your the one i wont forget and if i die
before you do.. i'll go to heaven and wait for you.
trying so hard to be perfect
because i know you're worth it <3
YoU gOtTa TaKe SoMe ChAnCeS;
yOu GoTtA rIsK iT aLl; YoU gOtTa
ClOsE yOuR EyEs - JuMp; CuZ iT
mIgHt Be WoRtH tHe FaLl .... <3
How to tell if a guy likes you.
o1. He stares at you a lot
o2. He hits you a lot (Just play hitting)
o3. He uses the first thing that pops into his head to start a conversation with
o4. He yelled, "hi!" to your mom that day she picked you up from school.
o5. He blew off his buds to see "Run Away Bride" with you because you
couldn't get another girl pal to go & didn't want to go alone.
o6. He tries to make you laugh anyway even if he gets hurt in the process.
o7. His voice gets softer when ever you two talk.
o8. You hung up on him. He called you back
o9. You were invited by him to a group outing.
1o. He called you to talk about nothing at all.
11. He imitates your laugh. OK,, you do snort sometimes. This makes you
laugh even harder.
12.He rememders little things you mention in casual conversations.
I definitly know that there's something special about you.
I are the reason I wake up everyday..
and sometimes i'm even late to class because I go out of my way for you
I see you and smile..we talk and we laugh together.we even make these
crazy faces..we raise our eyebrows at each other.
.it makes me laugh..because lookin at how you make me feel..
makes me wish we could be may not realize it now,
but im kinda falling for you..and I wanna let you know
ill be here w h e n e v e r..
if u ever start to feel s o m e t h i n g for me too<3
I knew it wasnt going to be easy..
I just didnt think it was going to be so hard.
i want him to have it bad for me.... i want him to change for me, i want him to
let everything go for me.. i want him to call me back when i hangup. i want him
be bored when he is with any other person except me. i want him to promise
me he will love me the best he can...
Have you ever wanted something so bad, and you know that if
you admit it, your either going to get it, or your going to
lose more than you had to start with...and no matter how much
you believe you really could get it, you hold back because your
too afraid of losing everything...
Everytime I see you I start to heart
beats stomach fills with butterflys..
I can't resist the way that I look into your eyes.
I try to hide my feelings..but there's no way to
deny're all think about..that's nothing
I can lie about <3
i spent so many nights thinking about you
my heart spent to many hours missing you
wasted my time being with you
and now it's time to move on.
I [ learned ] a lot over the years,
through fake smiles & un'seen tears
friends sometimes aren`t forever
that happy memories stay with you;
& those moments go by --so fast--
so enjoyy the things that go on now
cause the good stuff never lasts*
i prefer the unrealistic possibility that you love me
over the unaccepted truth that you don t
what if i never met you? where would i be right now?
funny how life falls into place somehow : you touched
my heart in places i never knew ; because nobody makes
me feel the way youu do. <33
you know life is worth the struggle
when you look back on what you lost
and relize what you have now is way better <3
you look. he looks. you walk away
wondering if your look had the same
affect on him that his did on you.
a part of me wants to erase you from my past
but another part of me still wants you in my future.
Every time I'm close to you, there's too much I can't say and you just walk
away never understanding what you meant to me.
when the night light was always functioning
and dreams were never shattered and playin
with barbies was all that mattered. when'
agony & war were only fake on T.V, and *
broken hearts were an enigma. Life was so
much simpler when your biggest priority'
was the [ m o n s t e r ] in your closet'
if you truly like someone, it doesn't matter if you'll
ever have a chance cause your feelings for them won't
change, but most of all if you truly like someone..
you won't change.
do you know what makes letting go of a crush so hard?
the fear that the moment you let go, they'll catch on.
here i go again... thinking about all the things i could
have done ; should have done ; would have done.
At some point you have to realize ..
& you could be missing out on someone that does
live right now ;; just be yourself
who cares if it isn't good enough
for someone else _ xOo <3
what if someone told you
that you could [( take back )]
one single mistake in ur life
mine would be believing that
you . ever . cared . about . me
the girl who seemed unbreakable - B R 0 K E
the girl who seemed so strong - C R U M B LE D
the girl who always laughed it off - C R i E D
the girl who never stopped trying - finally quit
eventually everything will fall into place...
until then you gotta laugh at the [confusion],
live for the *moment*, and know that everything
- happens for a reason -
Take chances.. alot of them. 'Cause honestly,
no matter where you end up- and with who, it
always ends up just the way it should be. Your
mistakes make you who you are... you learn and
grow with each choice you make. Everything is
worth it. Always say how you feel. be you, and
be okay with it...
maybe some people
arent meant to be iin
our lives forever...
maybe some are just
passiing through to
teach us a lesson..
too often we don't realize what we have until
it's gone. `too often we wait too late to say sorry
i was wrong .. sometimes it seems we hurt the
ones we hold dearest to our hearts -& we allow
the foolish things to tear our lives apart. ` far too
many times we let unimportant things into mind &
then it's usually too late to see what made us blind
im so tired of pretending everything is okay
my tears are starting to [[show]] and
my smile is slowly --» f a d i n g a w a y
And no one said it was going to be easy
But that doesn't mean i'm gonna give up
being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up.
these are the best days of our lives ;; the only
thing that matters is just following your heart *
and eventually you'll finally get it right.
One of the hardest parts of life
is deciding when to [ walk away ]
and when to [ try harder ] * <3
Life is made up of years that meant nothing
and the moments that meant it all.
i`ve just met you recently *
but i've known you forever
you're the [ person ] i used to
to dream about and NEVER
thought i would find xoxo
The smile on your face lets me know that you need me,
There s a truth in your eyes saying you ll never leave me
A touch of your hand says you ll catch me whenever I fall
But you say it best when you say nothin at all...x3
don't be afraid of change. you may end up losing something good,
but you will probably end up gaining something better.
teardrops fall from those pretty little eyes
kind of hard to move on when you only told lies
shes breakin down, everyones fading
its been so long and shes tired of waiting <33
Summer is all about hot chicks, hot guys,
guys - abs, chicks - thighs, late nights having fun,
laying out in the sun. People who are oh so sweet,
the nicest people you ll ever meet, so much laughing
you just might die, hating the part when saying goodbye -
getting HiGH meant swinging at a playground?
the worst thing u could get from a boy was *c0otiEs?
when [ <3 m 0 m ] was your hero
and dad was the boy you were gonna marry?
when your W0RST ENEMiES were your siblings
and rAcE iSsuEs were about who ran fastest?
when - WAR - was a card game
and life was || simple || and care free?
remember when all you wanted to do
Teenage YeaRs <33
bIg DrEaMs..sTuPiD FiGhTs
sLEePy DaYs..EnDlESs nIgHtS
bRoKeN hEaRts..mAsCaRa TeArS
cElL pHoNe bIlLs..rEpOrT cArD fEaRs
ClOthEs tOo tIgHt..sHoEs sO hIgH
oUt pAsT cUrFew..AnOthEr LiE
eYeShAdOw CoLor..MiDnIgHt bLaCk
LiP GlOsS fLaVoR..cHeRrY AtTAcK
bElTs wiTh StArS..bOyS wiTh CaRs
jUsT a tAsTe oF tEenAgE yEarS..
WhEn eVeN yOuR biGgEst PrObLeMs..
aRe ToO SmAlL fOr tEaRs..
beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes
a hidden world of .hurt. and lies
its hard for her to [ realize ]
.love. isnt all about the butterflies +
What yo0h need to know about the [past] is that n o m a t t e r what has
happened it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment and this
is the moment you can choose to make everything new
you are my band-aid for the pain &&my sunshine in the rain...who are are my friend, my one and onlii person in the world i live in
Topanga- I will never forget you. You were more of a father to me the my own
Shawn-You never gave up on me.Never once.I'm not gonna forget you. Your
the best person I know.
Eric-I dont know whats gonna happen to me.But I do know that I'm gonna be
a good person who cares about people. I blame you for that.
Cory-Well I got Topanga to go to New York.
Feeny-Good for you
Cory-Shes not scared anymore.
Feeny-Nor should she be
Cory-I am though
Feeny-Well you have a right to be.
Cory-You coming with us?You gonna follow us?You gonna sneak up on us in
central park or something?
Feeny-NO. Mr. Matthews. I shall remain here.
Cory-No. You'll always be with long as we live
Feeny-I love you all....class dismissed
Feeny-strange is in the eye of the beholder, Mr. Matthews. For example, I
have a young neighbor who sings along to his sisters barney tapes
Cory-You can hear that?!
Shawn-**yelling** if i was gonna be alive for one minute, I'd spend it looking
into your eyes
Angela-and if you were only gonna be alive for on minute i would tell you to
stop looking and start kissing*they kiss*
Topanga-You dont like it?
Cory-It's not that i dont like it. its just that im in love with this girl who h
never been interested in how she looks and now i see makeup on your face
and paint on your hands and toes.Shawn stop staring at her toes.
Shawn-but they sparkle
guys like you are reasons that girls fall in love <3
the only thing harder then WaLkiNg AwAy
is ( N0T ) looking back <||3
the first day i saw you,
i - kiSsEd - my heart
|[ g o o d b y e ]|
PR0MiSES mean everything
but after they`re b R o k E n;
sorry means N0THiNG. <||3
i`m not the person i used to be. <||3
i G0TTA ADMiT - all the shit got to me.
lets be nothing .. i heard it lasts forever <3
you don`t have to be together
for him to break your heart <|3
1) When your life falls apart, always remember that I will be the one who will
stay to help you pick the pieces up. And when the rest of the world walks out
on you, remember not to close the door, because I am the one who will be
walking in to help you through it all
4) Honestly, I'm crazy about him. But that doesn't make me stupid. I've been
hurt enough times to learn my lesson. It's not like he's the only guy who looks
at me. And why would I waste my time on someone who doesn't appreciate
me when you and I both know I could do so much better? He knows where to
find me if he wants, but my world's not going to stop and wait for him. And if
he does come back, whose to say I'll even be here when he does*
5) you`re the words that come out easy
and i am ` [ speechless ] ` at best
your star, it seems to shine above
the rest ur face before the cameras
the * smile * i`d like to earn, the
closet thing to |< perfect >| in a
hollywood to`re the beauty
that is deeper than eyes can merely
see the closet thing to ||
but the||thing from me<*3
6) i'd write "i love you" down
just the way you said it to me
then shove the pages
down your fucking throat
so you can use them for
the next fool who thinks
she's your "everything
7) .*every gurl wants *..prince charming..*
and while he may be nice and all...
i [ w A n N a ] guy who will
come up from » behind « &
put his arms (( aRoUnD )) me
and [ * whIspEr * ] in my ear
that he ».» LoVeS mE «.
& he ( ( lAyS aWaKe ) ) at night, just
* T. h. I. n. K. i. N. g. * about me
a guy who'll [[ CaLl ]] at like..
¤ 3 a.M. ¤ just to « TeLl mE »
h0w much he .|. mISsEs me .|.
he'd come over just .^.aFtEr.^. we
get ::oFf:: the P h O n E ...
because he wants *2* know how
i'm [ R. .e. .A. .l. .L. .y ] doing..
because i .-.said.-. i was » fInE «
but we b0tH know i was l Y i N g
he'd {.. kIsS ..} me on my forehead
*N* tell me ::eVeRyThInGs::
gunna be [[ A. l. R. .i. .G. .h. .T ]]
He may not be *.prince charming.*
to [ a n y o n e * e l s e ]
but in my ((eyes)).. he'd fit the part
8) after a while, youu learn the difference between holding hands and falling in
love. youu being to learn that kisses don`t always mean something.. promises
can be broken as quickly as they were made, and sometimes goodbyes really
are forever. sometimes all youu can do is smile and move on with the day;
holding back your tears and pretend you`re ookay.
When a GIRL is quiet,
Millions of things are running in her mind.
When a GIRL is not arguing,
She is thinking deeply.
When a GIRL looks at you with eyes full of questions,
She is wondering how long you will be around.
When a GIRL answers "I'm fine" after a few seconds,
She is not at all fine.
When a GIRL stares at you,
She is wondering why you are lying.
When a GIRL lays on your chest,
She is wishing for you to be hers forever.
When a GIRL calls you everyday,
She is seeking for your attention.
When a GIRL wants to see you everyday,
She wants to be pampered.
When a GIRL says "I love you",
She means it.
When a GIRL says that she can't live without you,
She has made up her mind that you are her future.
When a GIRL says "I miss you",
No one in this world can miss you more than that
10) The other day, my friend was talking to me
About the guy that I love
And how we're so meant to be
She swore on her life that he loved me back
But suddenly I began to cry
You see, she shouldn't have done that
I don't want her to die <\3
im starting to get those butterflies in my stomach again when you walk by..
we havent talk for 2 years and i still have butterflies when you look at mee
i cant help but smile and laugh when you talk to me.. i dont get it .. i know
you never liked me and you never will but i always have and always will ..
Sumtimes you gotta pUt up (( walls ))
(( not )) to keep people out..
but to see who (( c.a.r.e.s )) enough
to break them (( d o w n )) .. x3 *
I loved you more than I have ever loved anyone. Why did you hurt me? You
caused me a lot of pain & you took a big piece of my heart with you. I try to
forget you but something tells me not to. All I need is to see you again I need
to know if it was real. I need you to look me in the eye & tell me that it wasn t.
But most of all i need to see the look in your eyes when you say it. That will
tell me all I need to know & maybe then, I can get over you or maybe just
maybe i`ll still let you keep that piece of my heart that you took away
There was never anyone who actually loved me enough to stay
even if the sun refused to shine - even if romance ran out of rhyme - you wuld
still have my heart until the end of time - youre all i need my love my valentin
[ by martina mcbride - valentine]
Sometimes when things happen, you just know you're making a memory. You
know that it's something you'll never forget. Other times, when you least
expect it the smallest thing will remind you of something or someone. Those
are the memories that make remembering worthwhile because those are the
ones, however spontaneous, that make you really smile at the way things
used to be.
When you feel like youve had it up to here
cause your mad enough to scream yet sad
enough to cry .. thats rock bottom
Someday, someone will just affect you, in this way that you never thought
possible, don t understand, and haven t really felt b4. You find yourself
thinking about that person all the time, sometimes even when you don t
realize it. You care what they think and worry that they may think poorly of
you. You go out of your way just to walk behind him. You want to be a better
person, just for him. He just gets to you. You just can t understand it, and you
don t have to. Just try and make the best of it and think of him, if thinking
makes you happy. It doesn t matter if he doesn t feel it too, it doesn t matter if
it s unrequited. It will STILL be unforgettable
I CAN T stop thinking about you, all i do is picture us together, you holding me,
kissing me, touching gives me school ALL i do is write your
last name with my first, i picture you and me walking down the aisle, me in my
wedding dress and you in your tux looking all fine. But then i realize it s just a
dream and i m not even close to what i m dreaming b/c i don t even have you
You wanna know the truth? I STILL love you and i probably will ^Love^ you
for a VERY long time. But i can t just be your buddy, b/c as much as i enjoy
the concept of being just friends in reality it s a bizarre form of -torture- and
i m NOT willing to participate in it. So, right now what i wanna do is just -move
on- and get over you and the *ONLY* way for me to do that is to [NOT] be
around you anymore
it`s just something that happens as you grow up,
you realize that it`s less important to have more
friends - & more important to have real ones ..
_ Laguna Beach *
you think that when i walk down the hall & your
there, i don`t see you- but believe me, i couldn`t
miss the flips' my stomach makes
No matter how hard you try to get over someone
you will still have some sort of feeling for them..
Remembering the way things used to be and,
how they are now - i don't think i can ever let go
well during the day at random times
thoughts of you fill my mind
and i picture that smile you gave
me and i swear for that one one
second i could barely breathe <3
you know what i want ? . . just once i want to
be someones reason for waking up .someones
reason for going through another day. just one
time i want to be the one being wished* for the
one who makes a guy say 'i`m so lucky to have
her''* . . to put it simply . i wAnt to mean to
somebody w h a t y o u m e A n t o m e
During the day at random times, thoughts of
you fill my mind ' and i picture that smile you
gave me, and i swear for that one second ..
x__________i could barely breathe.
any girl can look into your eyes
a million times and still not ''once''
see all things i do in just 1 glance
i`m sick of always hearing
sappy love songs on the radio
this place, it`s fuckin cursed
in it`s plague and i can never escape
when my heart explodes <\3
So what if I burn this, then what? The feelings just go away? I ll just be
pretending I m fine, like I ve been doing my whole life
the raindrops that fall in the early
morning are all the tears that will
fall when the wishes made on the
night sky`s stars dont come true
B0Y :: why don't you like me?
GiRl :: i do like you .. it's just ...
B0Y :: just .. what?
GiRl :: i'm so afraid to fall again.
B0Y :: this is different..
GiRl :: how is this any different?!?
B0Y :: because this time .... i'll catch you
boys are just like make-up
they RUN away ;;; at the
<3 first sight of emotion
if yu cant live without me
(( SH0W ; iiT ))
if you need me
(( PROVE . iiT ))
& if you love me
(( MEAN . iiT ))
You will never know true pain until you look into the eyes of someone you love
and they look away
when im with you, i dont want the day to end
b*cuz when were together, i cant help but
fall for you all over again
from now until forever for the heaves above
im eternally yours. FOREVER IN LOVE <3
when you wait for him all day, dream about him all night
when you cant wait to hug him once you see him at your site
when you give him a hug + kiss and thank the stars above
when you never wanna let him go _ thats a little thing called love
i love you so much it scares me. ive never felt this way with
anyone else. an hour after we are apart, i still feel your kisses
i feel your arms around my waist + your lips exploring my neck
it scares me to think that maybe we wont be together forever
i lay awake at might wishing you were next to me. i love you
baby, please dont ever let me go <3
after all the times you hurt me. the times you made me cry. why
do i forgive you, with every little sigh? the times that you betrayed
the times of painful goodbyes. why do i still need you, adter all
those lies? the times you had ignored me. and the times my pain
shown. why do i still care for you, though you left me all alone?
the scared you left upon me. and the tears that fell each day. why
i still in love with you, though youve treated me this way?
it so hard to say 'i love you ' and not draw back in tears. its so hard
know that youre not there to help me face my fears. its so hard to
the phones at reach but i cant hear your voice. its so hard to see
laughing when im crying deep inside. its so hard to just find
feelings and
now have to make them hide. its so hard to live without you, when
i need
you more then air. i want to scream how much i love you, but i
must hold
back and not be heard. its so hard to go to sleep at night when i
dream of you. its so hard to think that you might fall in love with
new. its so hard not to start crying when i hear your favorite song.
its so
hard to sit and wonder, where did i go wrong. i will never love
i would rather be alone.
probably shouldnt be telling you this, but no matter what you do to
me, i'm
still here ... for some crazy reason i'll, stick around through the bad
times & the
fights .. i'll make up excuses for why, you didn't call, why you
never cared
i'll keep coming back for more even, when you push me away. i
think i'm
just staying around so that one day when, i finally do leave for
good, you'll look
back & say "wow, that girl really did love me"
youre missing whats right in front of you
a girl that would give up anything for you
why is it that you always have time to go around
making other people fall in love with you, but
you never have enough time to pay attention
to the one that already does <|3
its been hard to watch someone i love change before my eyes
and know i cant do anything about it. but its really sad to
the way we once were and how we could have been
you turn me down for her b*cuz you she shes so
>> pretty ; shes so popular << but for all its worth
im looking at her right now and ive - never -
seen anyone uglier <|3
dear heart,
i met a boy today
prepare to shatter
LOVE - the irresistable desire to be irresistably desired
Derick and Lily are sitting alone in the park one night.
I guess we are the left overs in this world
I think so .. all of my friends have boyfriends
and we are the only the 2 people left in this world
without any special person in our lives
Yup, I don't know what to do
I know! We'll play a game
What game?
I'll be your girlfriend for 30 days
and you will be my boyfriend

That's a great plan,
in fact i don't have anything to do
much for the following few weeks

DAY 1:
They watch their first movie
and they both are touched by the romantic film
DAY 4:
They went go to the beach and have a picnic
Derick and Lily have their quality time together
DAY 12:
Derick invited Lily to a circus
and they ride through a Horror House
Lily was scared and she thought she touched Derick's hand
but she actually touched someone else's hand
they both laughed
DAY 15:
They saw a fortune teller down the road,
and they asked for their future advice.
The fortune teller said:
"My darlings, please don't waste the time of your life.
spend the rest of your time together, happily."
Then tears flow out from the teller's eyes
DAY 20:
Lily invited Derick to go to the hill
and they saw a meteor
Lily mumbled something
DAY 28:
They sat on the bus, and because of a bumpy road
Lily gave her first kiss to Derick by accident
DAY 29:
11:37 pm:
Lily and Derick sat in the park where they
first decided to play this game
I'm tired Lily...Do you want anything to drink?
I'll buy you one.. I'll just go down the road
An Apple Juice, that's all thank you
Wait for me
20 mins later
A stranger approached Lily
Are you a friend of Derick?
Yes, why? What happened?
A reckless drunk driver ran over Derick,
he is in critical condition in the hospital
11:57 pm
The doctor walked out of the emergency room
he handed Lily an apple juice and a letter
We found this in Derick's pocket
Lily reads the letter and it says:
Lily, These past few weeks,
I realized you are a really cute girl,
and I am really falling for you
Your cherished smile, your everything,
when we played this game
Before this game would end
I would like you to be my girlfriend for the rest of my life
I love you Lily

Lily crumpled up the paper and shouted:

"Derick! I don't want you to die
I love you .. Remember that night when we saw a meteor
I mumbled something
I mumbled that I wish we would be together forever
and that we would never have to end this game.
Please don't leave me Derick .. I love you!
You can't do this to me!"
Then the clock strikes 12 ..
Derick's heart stoped pumping..
It was the 30th day
liFeS To shORt...kiSS sLOwLy...lOve dEEpLy...foRgIVE quiCkLy...
foRgeT tHE paST...bUt nOt whaT iT taUGhT yOU<3
first we were friends .. then we became closer. i was
soo glad we became closer, it felt like nothing could
come between us.. until u started cheating & lying ;
we started to become distant. since that day u broke
my heart, ive acted like im okay, but every night i go
home and cry myself to sleep and wish that one day yu
will be mine again... i will always love you even when yu
hurt me real deep that words cantt explainn ..
*You re always on my mind, each and everyday, i want to tell you how i feel,
but i m scared of what you ll say. I wonder if you think of me, half as much as i
think of you, you re all that i can think about, i wish you only knew. How much i
STILL love you, and how much i still care, how at night i dream of waking, to
see you standing there. This is SO confusing, i don t know what to do, i just
want you to know, i m STILL in love with you*
Things are goin crazy and im not sure who to blame.
Everything is changing and I do not feel the same.
I'm slippin through the cracks of floors i thought were strong.
I'm trying to find a place where I feel like i belong.
×´¨) No one can ever promise you
¸. that they w o n ' t hurt you
( Because it will happen at one point
` . or another ; but the real promise
) is if the time you spent together
¸. ´ will be w o r t h all the pain
(¸. *¨`» i n - t h e - e n d
The Day I Met You
My Life Had Changed
in My Eyes You Had
That Special Place
but You're Made of Lies
You Messed with My Mind
..And Sorry to Say..
-You Wasted My Time-
* you turn me down for her cus` you say shes so *
» p r e t t y : shes so popular « but for all its
worth .. i`m lookin` at her right now... and i've
- n e v e R - seen anybody uglier < / 3
how could u do this to a girl who loved u ?
no1 will ever make me feel so amazing & beautiful..
*For the times you made me cry and walked away without saying
goodbye, i cared for you, i cared for us, you can t tell me that this
was just lust, all those nights under the stars now you re away, so
far, next time i won t fall for you or someone out of the blue, think
about it next time you hurt a just might destroy her whole world*
« If there ever comes a day
When we can't be together
keep me in your heart,
I'll stay there forever. »
*When you wait for him all day, dream about him all night, when you can t wait
to hug him once you see him in your site, when you give him a hug and kiss
and thank the stars above...when you never wanna let him go, that s a little
thing called love*
When i see your face i still get butterflies.
ppl talk about you and it brings tears to my eyes.
when you touch me my stomach still turns.
i guess i'll have to keep listenin to "that grl neva learns."
I've never been scared of someone before. Sometimes maybe a little
intimidated, but never scared. But you, you scare me, with your beautiful
brown eyes and your amazing smile. I'm so scared that I will want to love you
forever, and you will want me only for a few moments in your life
if it changes your life>> let it
no demands.. no expectations
[ N O R E G R E T S ]
soMe peOpLe aRe seTtLiNg dOwN , soMe peOpLe aRe seTtLiNg ,
aNd soMe peOpLe reFuSe tO seTtLe fOr aNytHiNg LeSs tHaN
--sEx & tHe ciTy
I really want to call you, but I know that
it's not right. I probably shouldn't tell you
that I dreamed of you last night.
-The Ataris
eVerYonE haS A LitTLe BeAuTy In ThEm iT jUsT tAkEs
ThE rIgHt PeRsoN to SeE iT <33
hElp mE bE sAtiSfiEd wiTh "ME"
.. yoU knoW i wilL neVer douBt yoU &
<3 i neVer waNNa be wiThouT yoU <3
..and id give up forever to touch you <33
it may seem like the _wr0nq_ thing t0 d0 ..
but y0u have t0 - f0rget - ab0ut the gUy
wh0- [ f 0 r g 0 t ] .. [ a b 0 u t ] .. [ y 0 u ] -
why do (good girls) like bad guys
knowin that bad guys tell _madd - liez_?
We were meant to be | supposed to be | but we lost it *
suMtimes iTs hard 2 sTay stRong weNn the 1 peRsoN u LOVE makEs
U the wEakeSt
I`d give you my heart...
but broken things arn't pretty...
[d O n `T . k N o W]
wHaT yOu MeaN tO Me ..
I know I m supposed to hate you, I ve been trying for so long. But even after
everything that s been said and done I still want to wipe away your tears, I still
want you to be happy. And I still miss what I lost I still miss my best friend.
u spend all your time lookin for love yet you feel nothing even when its staring
you in the face, i will love again but you will spend all ur life knowing that y
turned your back on love and that makes you a hyprocrite
Have you ever heard a song from so long ago with so many memories tied to
it that it made you cry? And didn't you wish that you could go back in time
when everything was simpler and carefree? Those are the songs that are the
soundtracks of our lives ... the ones that bring back our childhood, best
friends, first love, first broken heart, and the memories.
i miss all the times we had together, the laughs we had
the times when we thought we couldnt make it through
and the only thing we needed was each other, i miss the
times when we cried on each other shoulders and sayy
"ill always be here for you," but the thing that i miss the
most is saying we would always be friends forever..</3
never say thinqsz can't qet any worse cause life will
proove you wronq - dnt' say you can handle it cause
no one's that stronq . after a while you qet sick of
carinq and are way too hurt to fiqht and sometimez
no matter what you do - thinqsz won't be alriqht <l3
wouldn't life be [W0nDERFuL] if s w e a t p a n t s were SEXY
monday mornings were fun ;; if junk food had [N0 CAL0RiES]'
and all kisses were magical -- life was ALWAYS worth living
for and --- [L0VE DiDnT HuRT] <3
dear heart,i am so sorry for all this abuse. i can't control it.
this is starting to go way out of control. well i know you might
hate me for all this, but be prepared, i'm starting to fall in love...
again. signed, uncontrolable feelings
Why is it that every guy I like
breaks my heart and the only
guy who really did like me now
hates me because I broke his
The same old that brings me down
another day in this gossip town
feelin like I`ve been used
trying to find a better way
to make it through this in day
|[ tears ]| are the words my heart
uses to |[ explain ]| when even my
fake smiles cant cover up my |[ pain ]|
and unseen tears - friends sometimes arent f o r e v r
that love doesnt always l a s t, happy memories stayy
with you- those moments go by last, so enjoy the good
things that go on now cause the good shit never l a s t s
Somewhere between the procrastination and the homework
And the friendships and the calls to each other about crushes
Somewhere between the phone calls to old friends and
The "I miss you's" and the "I love you's" and the "What are we doin
tonights?"And somewhere between the classes and skippin classes. The
studyin for tests the pretendin to study for tests...
I forgot what school was all about, I forgot what it meant to cry...
And that pretending to be happy doesn't help
And that pretending to be smart doesn't work
I forgot you cant just forget the past in fear of the future
I forgot the greatest thing about school isnt the parties or the hook ups it's t
friends you made along the way and i'll never forget any of you
so dont be a liar, don't say everything's
working when everything's broken .. &
you smile like a saint but you curse like
a sailor.. & your eyes say. the jokes on me
sometymes you gotta let people go even if
ya didnt have anything in the first place'
cause ya noe what they want + its not -- >'
[ you ] <|3 the pictures of when we were little, even if
were can still see the smile in our eyes
thats changed tho.. as we grow older, even if we're
smiling, you can still see the sadness. maybe that's
what growing up is..
all i want is one chance` one kiss `one night..
to show you what you mean to me. one chance
to spend one day with you... to show you how
we`re so alike. one kiss to prove that we're
more than friends. one night to hold you tight
As we sit together, I turn away, afraid you
would see the tears that are about to form in
my eyes. You ask if anything s wrong. I smile,
giggle, and tell you I m fine but I can t stop
thinking about how much I wish that you were mine.
to those of you who have pushed me, thank you- without
you i wouldnt have fallen. to those of you who laughed at me,
thank you- without you i wouldn't have cried. to those of you
who just couldnt love me, thank you- without you i wouldnt
have known real love. to those of you who hurt my feelings,
thank you- without you i wouldnt have felt them. to those of
you who left me lonely, thank you- without you i wouldnt have
discovered myself, but it is to those of you who thought i couldnt
do it-- it is to you i thank the most because, without you i
wouldn't have tried.
His girl: ya I guess he is hot
his ex: I love him why did he leave me?
His girl: he gave me a necklace but it looks cheap!
His ex: I cherish every thing I got from him
His girl: eww I saw his ex she is so ugly!
His ex: his new girlfriend is pretty
His girl: hmmm why did he give me a kiss on the check?
His ex: we were each others first kiss
His girl: we better have sex soon!
His ex: we both talked about waiting for marriage to move farther
His girl: what? No I m too busy to call him!
His ex: I remember our talks till like 6 in the morning
His girl: I can t remember what color are his eyes?
His ex: I can t forget his deep ocean blue eyes
His girl: I swear what is up with that black sweatshirt he wears all the time?
His ex: I remember that black sweatshirt I gave him, I wonder if he still has it
His girl: I guess we will last another couple weeks or so
HE: Do you mind if I sit down?
SHE: Do you mind if I say no?
HE: Can I buy you a drink?
SHE: Actually I'd rather have the money.
HE: I'm a photographer. I've been looking for a face like yours.
SHE: I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours.
HE: Hi. Didn t we go on a date once? Or was it twice?
SHE: Must've been once. I never make the same mistake twice.
HE: Will you go out with me this Saturday?
SHE: Sorry. I'm having a headache this weekend.
HE: I think I could make you very happy.
SHE: Why? Are you leaving?
HE: What would you say if I asked you to marry me?
SHE: Nothing. I can't talk and laugh at the same time.
HE: Can I have your name?
SHE: Why? Don't you already have one?
HE: Where have you been all my life?
SHE: Hiding from you.
Love - we think about it. Dream about it. Sing about it *
lose sleep about it. When we don t have it we search
for it. When we discover it we don t know what to do »
with it. When we have it we re afraid of 'losing it. It s
the short word that s easy to spell. Difficult to define'&
(_.`´‾`» | i m p o s s ii b l e | to live without -x3
ndd i got these from .. dorkalicious_quotes2
friendsz are the railings on a staircase.
the *support* youu need when you`re falling.
i guess it`s possible to live without a heart,
cause mine is broken and i`m still here.
this fragile thing is so broken <3 yet, you have no idea.
and for a while, you ignored me. but now `--» things are slowly
returning back to the way they used to be ;; you talk to me and flirtt
with me && youu say bye to me when you leave. <33 but then why
[ oh why ] do i still see you doing the exact same things with her?
every day beings a new story of my life, and you`re making it
a happily ever after.
you`re just [ jealous ] cause we`re [ young ] and in [ love ]
the worst thing in the world is getting what you want,
because then you really have something to lose.
find a guy who will play multiple parts;
1. the best friend
2. the heartwarmer
3. the smilemaker
4. the shoulder to lean on
5. the perfect man
why does tonight have to end?
why don`t we just hit restart and
just pause it at our favorite parts.
we`ll skip the goodbyes. if i had it
my way, i`d turn the car around and
just runaway. you && i, can`t we
just last forever? our love hold the
keys to our hearts.
someday, i`m gonna find a guy that`s gonna change my life.
and i`m gonan tell youu one day, just wait and see. he`s gonna
mean everything to me. <3
the last time i looked at him, he told me i was nothing. the last time i
heard his phone line ring was for him to say how much he hates me. the
last memory of i have of him ever is on the phone saying ".. the numer you
dialed is no longer a working number" && hung up ..
sometimes i wonder, if youu were mine. but as they say; love is blind.
i`ll never let youu slip away and leave me alone.i wanna see youu night
and day, and hear your voice in tone. one day you`ll see, i love you and
that is how it`ll always be. <3
i can`t promise forever, but baby, i`ll `*-» try.
youu make me melt ike a popsicle in the freezing winter.
youu make me freeze like ice cream from antartica in the summer.
you make me cry when i`m having the best day ever.
youu make me smile when i`m depressed and miserable.
i can`t figure out what it is about youu that makes me feel so different.
just think about it: millionsz of girlsz have their heartsz
broken each day. now, it`s just a matter of finding one
of them to share your chocolate with and to discuss the
revenge against the bastard who put youu here in the first place.
30 years from now it`s not going to matter what shoes youu wore,
how your hair looked, or the pair of jeans youu bought. what will
matter is what youu learned and how it helped youu to get where
youu are.
in highschool it seems that everything is about which group youu belong
in. those people in the groups all mirror eachother. they have their
differences, but even these are slight. we, we are different. we are the
outcasts. the things we have in common are few, yet our friendship is the
strongest. i`m glad we found eachother, because i never have to worry
about being anything but myself in front of youu. youu just accept my
faultsz && we move on.
a best friend is the person who will sleep with the phone under their
pillow incase youu wake up in the middle of the niight crying becase
everything is all wrong with life right now. but she`sz there to talk, to
make things seem better again. those timesz will never be forgotten.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» have never seen youu cry.
A BEST FRiEND `--» has shoulders soggy from your tearsz.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» doesn`t know your parent`s first namesz.
A BEST FRiEND `--» has their phones numbersz in the address book.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» bringsz a bottle of wine to your party.
A BEST FRiEND `--» comes early to help youu cook && leavesz late to help
youu clean.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» hates it when you call her after she goesz 2 bed.
A BEST FRiEND `--» asksz why youu took so long to call.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» talks to youu about your problems.
A BEST FRiEND `--» helpsz youu with your problems.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» wondersz about your romantic history.
A BEST FRiEND `--» could blackmail youu with it.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» when visiting, actsz like a guest.
A BEST FRiEND `--» opensz your refrigerator and helpsz herself.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» thinksz the friendship is over when youu argue.
A BEST FRiEND `--» knowsz it's not a friendship until after you`ve had a fight.
A SiMPLE FRiEND `--» expectsz youu to alwaysz be there for them.
A BEST FRiEND `--» expectsz to alwaysz be there for youu.
everything good in life is either
illegal, immoral, or fattening.
`--» nicole richiie
youu sit and stare, trying to think of an answer; but the only image youu
can see clearly is of a girl to which no other seemsz to compare. they ask
youu "do youu like her.. ?" youu shift your gaze away from them answering,
"no". but from the distant empty look in your eyesz, they can tell itsz killing
youu inside to tell that horrible lie.
BOY: i need someone to talk to ..
GiRL: i`m alwaysz here for youu.
BOY: i know.
GiRL: whatsz wrong?
BOY: i like her s0o much..
GiRL: talk to her.
BOY: i don`t know.. she`ll never like me.
GiRL: don`t say that. you`re amazing.
BOY: i just wanna tell her how i feel ..
GiRL: then tell her.
BOY: she won`t like me.
GiRL: how do youu know that?
BOY: i can just tell.
GiRL: well, just tel her.
BOY: what should i say?
GiRL: tell her how much youu like her.
BOY: i tell her that daily.
GiRL: what youu mean?
BOY: i`m alwaysz with her. i love her.
GiRL: i know how youu feel. i have the same problem. but he`ll never like me.
BOY: wait. who do youu like?
GiRL: ooh, some boy..
BOY: ooh, she won`t like me either.
GiRL: she doesz.
BOY: how do youu know.. ?
GiRL: because who wouldn`t like youu?
BOY: youu..
GiRL: youu`re wrong. i love youu.
BOY: i love youu too.
GiRL: .. so are youu going to talk to her?
BOY: i just did.
if youu only had one more day to live ..
how would youu live? would youu smile or
frown? would youu hang on to a grduge or
would youu just let it go && forgive? would
youu hold back the wordsz l[ i love youu ]l ?
would youu take a nap or play? consider this
`--» youu aren`t guaranteed tomorrow, so,
what are youu waiting for?
so, heresz the deal. my friendsz say to forget youu ..
and say that youu`re not worth the wait. but you`re thee
one i`m thinking of those nightsz i`m up real late. and i know
youu wish i didn`t love youu, and i can totally understand why.
i wish i didn`t love youu either. cusz somehow, youu alwaysz
make me cry.
&& youu just know that youu love them so much except
sometimesz they just drive youu completely insane && no one
can explain it, && the reason itsz confusing is because itsz called
love, but if love didn`t have any challengesz, then whatsz the point?
when he holdsz me close and i hear his heart baet &&
kiss his lipsz, i realize that this is where i wanna be _____*
and this is how i want to feel ______________________
everyone criesz. everyone weepsz. we all stay up late one niight
because we can`t go to sleep. tearsz coming out ;; thoughtsz deeeep
in your head. so youu sit && lay there && cry on your bed. youuu
can`t help but think about all the thingsz youu had. youu can`t heelp
but wonder why they make youu so sad. youu can`t help tho think,
where did youu go wrong? youu can`t help but listen to your old
song. youu can`t help to think about him day && niight. youu can`t
help but wonder why this match isn`t riight. so youu`re happy to see
him. it`sz been a long time -- youu`re happy to see him && youu
don`t know why ..
if EVER there is a tomorrow when we`re not together,
there`sz something youu must alwaysz remember. youu`re
braver than youu believe. stronger than youu seem, anddd
smarter than youu think; but the most important thing isz
even if we`re apart, i`ll alwaysz be with youu.
the distance [doesn`t] matter
when you love someone so much .. x3
now i'll write i love you down
the same numberof times you
said it to me, &i'll shove all the
pages down ur throat so you
u can use them on the next
girl who thinks she`s your
e n t i r e w o r l d.
"It took me a long time to realize this and
I think I am starting to, but sometimes what
you want isn't always what you get, but in
the end what you get is so much better
than what you wanted."
its amazing how youu feel about
him whenever your around him
nothing else your
heart stops and your left breath
less && no matter how many times
he breaks your heart he always
seems to put the peices back
together .. now thats love <3
&& the sweetest sound of all
is that of your own name
spoken by the only boy
you care about .. x33

the best feeling in the world

isnt falling in love .. its
falling outt of love with
no matter how mad i get
or how much i seem to
cry... you.. AlwAyS*
Seem to make me smile
she'd had eighteen years to get ready
for this day. She should be past the
teats, she cried away some.. oh,letting
go,theres nothing in her way now, theres
room enough to fly..and ever thought she
spent her whole life waiting, its never
easy ;l letting go </3
..&& so there she stood, on that old bridge above the icy river, keys in
hand,mascara running down her face, and tears on her cheeks, im sick .. she
cried to herself. so sick of this, she didnt have the energy to let another tear
or to whisper one more word. So instead, she just let it go. His jackey, his old

letters, the photograph of him embracing her. GoNe.&& it may seem crazy,
but after she watched it sink past the blue of the water, she turned and wiped
her eyes, got into the car, and left, promising herself that she would never
come back.&& she never came back.
sometime`s your [ afraid ] to become
a couple with someone because your
afraid of L0SiNG what you [ already
have ] with that person - but life is all
about » risks « and requires you to
jump ; don`t be a person who has to
|| look back || and just wonder what
they would have or could have had -
- - - - - N0 0NE WAiTS F0REVER<3
everytime she sees him she
[d i e s . i n s i d e]
everything she feels for him she is
[f o r c e d . t o . h i d e]
she knows he could never feel the
[s a m e . w a y]
so she pretends she
[d o e s n t . c a r e]
Morgan: Mommy, if my dolly is cold, can i put her in the toaster oven?
Amy: No, honey, that would be a mistake.
Morgan: Mommy?
Amy: What?
Morgan: I made a mistake.
--Boy Meets World
it's so crazy... you walked into the room today, just as
anyone else would. but for some reason, when you
did... my heart skipped a beat.
love can tear and rip you apart...
but if you're very lucky, it'll put you back together.
the magic of our first love is our ignorance that it will
never end.
i never thought i could sing in the rain without fear
i never thought i'd be alone without you near <3
i never thought i could feel like 'someone (( new ))
i never thought about love - - - - - -» until i met you
i love you in big ways,
i love you in small ways
i love you this minute,
i love you always
» i can't remember life before him...
i will ALWAYS love the FALSE iMAGE i had of you
looks grab you *
but it's personality
which holds you
{ your kisses make the
world fade }
when i'm kissing you the whole world disappears. it's
just me and you connected. there is no right or wrong.
there is no up or down. there is no day or night. just
you and me and this beautiful oblivion. i wish i could
stay there forever..
he leaned over and kissed me.
i kissed him back.
and then, our eyes met and it
was like we both knew.
so we smiled and kissed again.
it was so perfect. <3
:¨`·´¨:* i wanna grab you
`·.·´:¨`.´¨: by the arms
-:|:- `·.·´ and kiss you so hard

by the world's standards,

you may not be perfect<3
-------» or even close to it
but i love you and to me...
ur as perfect as can be *`
we've been through so much shit
and after it all, i found myself still loving you.
but the other day i woke up and realized...
you don't make me feel special anymore.
all you do is make me feel like i'm worthless.
and i don't need. that.
so guess what boy? i'm finally over you.
i used to feel empty 'n like somethin was missin'.
but then i met you, baby, and now i feel [ c o m p l e t e ].
boy you're not only my boyfriend, you're also my best friend. i
love you with all my heart. and if for whatever reason, we
don't last forever... i still want you to be a part of my life.
because not having you in my life is something i can't even
begin to imagine.
you`re the single-most important being to ever grace my
you've done it, you've made me
start to fall in love with you.
i'm sitting here crying because
i'm so scared. but at the same time
i'm so happy i'm falling in love with you.
you're the person i've waited for all this time,
the person i've looked for all my life
and when i least expected it you walked into my life.
you listen when i talk, are there when i cry
and you made me finally smile. i'm crying for
the last time i hope, and i trust that you won't hurt me.
it's so hard for me to trust guys, but you're
worth it to me. so, here's my heart, see all the
little cracks? they're pretty small and healed
nicely, but you, i know, that you're the one that
could make it completely shatter. promise me you
won't, please, promise me you'll love me forever
and that you won't break my heart. even if you
can't promise me that, i'll give you my heart anyway.
cause i know that if i don't i'll regret it for the rest of my life.
you're the only person who is necessary in my life.
:¨`.´¨: every night i pray to god
`·.·´ the things you say are true.
i wanna be that girl he's s c a r e d to lose;;
the one where he [ can't ] walk away fromm
knowing shes mad at him the one he'
- - - - - -» wouldn't know what to do without
my love is like an ENDLESS R0AD
no matter how far from me you are
MY L0VE can come to you.
some people may never understand what i see in you..
& thats p e r f e c t l y fine with me __________ <3
)) .·´¨¨)) you know what i like most?
((¸¸.·´ .·´ -:¦:- how hours after we kiss,
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·(¨`v´¨) i can still feel your lips
i`ve . found . the . heart . that . beats . with . mine
throughout a girls life, she'll kiss a lot of guys, and i
promise you she'll forget almost half of them. she'll
remember a few, but there will be that one guy, that
one moment, that she'll remember for the rest of her life.
you were that guy, that one kiss, that one moment.
i know you just want to be friends. and that's okay
...but please stop making me fall for you even more
someone dies from a suicide.
someone attempts one.
Love you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.
i look at all the pictures
of the past thinking of how
the years went by soo fast
the dances,the parties, the jokes
the laughs the shoulders to cry on and cute
the people ive known since way back when
the new kids came every now and then
the friendships you make come and go
but theres always those few

youll always know

now as we go our separate ways
i know ill always remember these days
Friends give you the worst of news with the best of intentions
It's better to let
someone think you
are an Idiot than to
open your mouth and prove it*
If I [ had ] a ticket to heaven and
you didn t have one tOo...I d tear
my ticket iNto | p | i | e | c | e | s |
and go t o Hell . w i t h . y O u
I saw you & your new girlfriend the other day.
I expected her to be so much more than she was.
I check out her style & the way she smiled,
the way she moved, and the thing she said.
They way she looked at me was like "I got
your man."
And I was thinking "No, you have my whole world."
*IF i told y0u that i caN`t st0p thiNkinG aBout yOu
oR JusT ThE Th0ughT oF yOu maKeS me SmiLe
or tHat i gEt butterflieS wHeN i Hear y0uR Name
anD tHat i waNt to Be HeLd tiGhtly iN your armS
w O u L d . y O u . T h i n K . i ` m . C r A z Y . ?
i've loved you forever,

in lifetimes before
and I promise you never,
will you hurt anymore
i give you my word
i give you my heart
this is a battle we've won
and with this vow,
forever has now begun...
write me some love letters, so i can
keep every s i n g l e one of them ; ;
and r e a d them when im l o n e l y
(5) // go ahead \\ and stab me in the back ;;
| while your | back >> there, [ kiss my ass ]
DEATH borders upon our BIRTH and our CRADLE stands in the GRAVE our
(6) no, i won't c r y on the outside [anymore]
here iam, once again
im torn into p i e c e s
can't deny it, can't pretend
just thought you were the one
b r o k e n up, deep inside
but you wonT get to see the tears i cry
behind these hazel eyes
i've tried to go on like i never knew you. i'm awake but my world is half asleep
i pray for this heart to be unbroken, but without you all i'm going to be is
incomplete < | 3
can we go back to the way things used to be
when it was you & me
or is that [ just a memory ]
just because - [ her eyes don't tear ] doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry. & jus
because | she comes off strong | doesn't mean there is nothing wrong </3
& just because you're not hott ....
doesn't mean you have to be cold </3
Kiss me _ i'm irish *
kiss me slowly with your hands placed on my hips
& we'll make this a night we'll [ remember ]..there aint
no one around but you and me no one has to know a thing...
late last night i had a dream
and he was in it again
he and i were in the sky
flying hand in hand
i woke up in a cold sweat
wishing he was by my side
praying that he'll dry my tears
left on my face i've cried
let's take a walk to remember
so that we never forget
life is like a pen >> you can c r o s s _ o u t your past // but you can't e r a
s e
it \\
like the stars, i f a l l for you
look to the past
and remember & smile
and maybe tonight
i can breathe for awhile
i'm not in the scene
i think i'm falling asleep
but then all that means is
i'll always be dreaming of you *
looking back upon my life
and the places that i've been
pictures : : faces : : boys i've loved
i try to remember when
faded memories on the wall
some names i have forgotten
but each one is a memory i
look back on so often
love is the ability to let him break you heart * but trusting that he won't
love never f a d e s sometimes its just pushed around by other emotions
I'll Always Love You
How do I know I love you?
It's the feeling I can't hide,
It's the way I always miss you
When you're not by my side,
It's the warmth I feel whenever
I stop and think of you,
And the happiness I get
From the sweetest things you do.
How do I know I love you?
In a hundred different ways,
And I know with all my heart
I will love you all my days.
mirror mirror on the wall
who's the dumbest of them all
insecurities keep growing
wasted energies are flowing
anger _ pain
and sadness beckon
panic sets in a second
be aware it's just your mind
and you can stop anytime
i found i'm scared to know
i'm always on your mind
my mind's all screwed + upside down _ but my heart's on 0 v e r*d r i v E
my eyes looked all around
but all they can focus on is you
she wanted something else
something different
something more..
perhaps, or maybe quiet
conversations in candlelight
rooms or perhaps something
as simple as NOT BEiNG
`---» SEC0ND. «-----
with all the things youu taught me
there`s still 0NE thing I don`t know
I don`t know how to fall out of love
with youu & I don`r know how to
___________________Let go <33
youu`re not my friend
friends D0N`T look at
each other.. the way ..
_____ WE DO_____
MAN: I could go to the end of the world for youu.
WOMAN: but would youu stay there?
\\..youu`ll never realize how much
youu love a guy until the thought
of him being with someone else
is enough to break your own heart.. //
it`s easy to say I hate youu
but it`s soo hard to mean it.
youu smiled like youu knew
we were gonna be together.
L0VE iS LiFE & iF Y0U MiSSz L0VE.. Y0U MiSSz LiFE
I won`t hang around forever
that`s not what i`m about
I won`t stand in line to
fall behind. that`s the
kind of love I can live
the essential sadness is to go through life without loving
but it would be almost equally sad to leave this world
without ever telling those youu loved, that you love them.
I guess youu get used to somebody, youu kinda like having them around I
guess youu get used to the way they make youu happy, bring youu up when
you`re feeling down__ I never dreamed I was letting go of that. I would wake
up & miss youu soo much, I guess youu get used to somebody. I guess youu
get used to BEING L0VED.
WE B0TH L0ST. </3____________
S0METiMESz the one thing that you`re looking for
is the ONE thing youu can`t see.
the WORST PART of this situation is that
I CAN`T be mad at youu. no matter how hard
I try
One thing that i have learned from life is that you don't have to be blood to be
family<3~boy meets world
I can't tell what my heart feels anymore...All i knwo anymore is that when ever
I'm around you I get this funny feeling in me<3
Ive never felt this way before...but my heart just skips a beat ...and when I se
you i get this funny feeling...and the only thing i can do is think of you <3
don't let anyone say that you can do something ..becuase..only you can
control if you can do something<3
I never really got over you and i wish you were here with me wrapped in your
i though to myself i need boyfriend to keep the lonelyness away but then ...i
look over to my friend as she smiled ...and i knew my friends are the only ones
who will be there for me until the end<3 -that goes out to all my friends who i
love to death xoxo bffl
wow as a fell asleep for the first time in my life everything
This is hard be cuase i have this feeling again ..and it doesnt end weeks<3..
Your all that I've got .. and I'll that i wan't<3
Promise me you will never let go ..cuase I'm scared of losing you <3
AsI look at you all I could say was I .LOVE. YOU. <3
I'm not pretty...I'm not smart....I'm not funny or Ms popular.. I'm so unperfect
but somehow i deal with it?...
look what you did again .. you made me fall in love with you.. all over again <3
as i look up at the stars ... they shine like you eyes and it puts a smile on my
face <3
The bad times and...
Good times and ...
silly times ...
and funny times ..
You've stuck through it all with me <3 I'm lucky i have you guys
new updat hope you like soome opf them = ) leater!
why can't you look at me just once ...the way you look at her</3...
my head is telling me to let you go.... but my heart isn't letting me <3
I think we need to break up she said... he walked away ... and she stood there
think .."wow..I just made the biggest mistake" </3
"I need you" .... he said ..but ... I know he didnt mean it ...i think?
Every girl has the hair to be cool ..the makeup to be pretty ..the clothes to be
stylish ...and the boy frineds to keep the loneness away .... just to be #1 in t
school but once we gruaduate ..and we hit the real world none of that will
matter...At AlL?!
All i wan't is for someone... to think that I'm beautiful <3
I have so many rubber bands around my heart ...just to keep it from
[S.H.A.T.T.E.R.I.N.G] </3
Every once in a while I think to myself wow remeber those old days... but then
I think we are in a old day this minute.. this second.. and I don't want to look
back one day... and regret anything...
Why can't I be the someone...the everything... the girl...but I'm not...I'm just
friend ...</3
Some people are straight forward... they tell the one they love how they feel..I
would do that but there are no words that can describe how i feel about you
When ever you start to love me... she shows up and I'm just a memory </3
you don't every seem to see me ...its like I'm invisable ..I'm just another girl
and not the ...OnE GiRl </3
everytime I see you i can't think ... breathe... move..all i want is you... to l
me too <3
All the nights i wasted dreaming of you went to waste </3
I never seem to be able to talk to him...maybe its becuase I'm at a loss of
words when i see him?
When I look in your goreous blue eyes...I just can't seem to take my eyes off
of them<3...
i wanna be the girl who you;
hit a homerun for.
you score a goal for.
you write a song for.
i wanna be the girl who;
makes you smile.
makes you laugh.
makes your heart skip a beat.
i just want to be [ that girl ]
we we're given two legs to walk, -
two hands to hold, two ears to ;;
listen, two eyes to see but why only
one heart? :: because the other one . .
was given to some1 else for us to find __x3
Tell him - I don't like him
Tell him - I don't love him
Tell him - I don't miss him
But most importantly please
dont tell him i said this with
|| [[ tears . in my eyes ]] ||
THiS iSN`T ..
a [PERFECT] WoRLd ..
wHeN aLL yOu WaNNa Do iS CRY
yOu AcT LiKe yOu aRe OKAY
wHeN yOu aRe ReaLLY FaLLiNG aPaRt..
BeCauSe tHeRe iS NoTHiNg eLse to Do ..
eVeN tHOugH its SLOWLY
[K i L L i N g . y O u]
[S o M e T i M e S]
its easier for me to pretend rather than face my feelings ...
[S o M e T i M e S]
its easier to try to make it alone rathe than risk getting hurt again ..
[S o M e T i M e S]
its easeir to be numb towards certain people so i dont let them get too close ..
[S o M e T i M e S]
im scared .. but when i act numb towards you ..
[d O e S n T]
mean i DONT care .. it means i care too much ... <3
JUST [O n C e <33]
i want to be ..
[H a R d . t O . L e a V e x/3]
i want someone to stay up
[a L L . N i G h T]
thinking of
[M e <33]
a best friend sleeps with the phone under her pillow every night just in case
you call them, crying, because everything in life is wrong, and so she could
make it all better again

a friend would visit you in jail

a best friend would bail you out
but a true friend would be right next to you saying that was fun
**EvErY oNcE iN aWhiLe I tEll MySeLf LiFe CoUlD bE wOrsE...sO LiVe A
LiTtLe aNd DoN't FoRgEt tO hAvE fUn!**
~When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the
first place~

::there is no pain like the string of tears::

Love is like air, you can see it but you can't feel it.
love is like a lightbulb---it's bright at first, but then it FaDeS....

I wondered if you spent your days depressed, dragging your feet around the
house, wishing you had me again, saying to yourself you'd do anything to get
me back. Just like I did when I wanted you back.

yOu SaId yOu LoVeD mE, i SaId iT tOo, ThE tHiNg Is.....I DIDN'T LiE...

*I walk in the door and they tell me to smile. They say I should be happy and
all I can do is ask how. How can I be happy when all I can think about is losing

there is something i've been meaning to say

i can't stop thinking about you everyday
i have feelings for you i can't explain
i feel that i have fallen again
you're on my mind day and night
being with you feels so right x3

Some friends will ask you why you re crying

but best friends will know exactly why and then go kick his ass
ThEy DoN't LoVe YoU LiKe i LoVe YoU...-the yeah yeah yeahs
i tear my heart open
i sow myself shut
my weakness is
is that i care too much
and these scars remind us
that the past is real
i tear my heart open
just to feel.
>It's funny how when you do something right, noone remembers, but when
you do something wrong, noone forgets.<
*i'd rather be loved for i am, than hated for who i'm not
BeSt FrIeNdS aRe AnGeLs HeRe On EaRtH.
A best friend is a sister God forgot to give you..
she smiles at her friends, but she's lonley again. the fake smiles and the
hidden tears, how much longer can she last, before she breaks? no one
notices, no one cares, would you notice if she was no longer here at all?
{YOU} aRe ThE :.oNLy:. ReAsOn ThAt I aM *STiLL* oN tHiS |EaRtH|...
you asked me what was wrong, i smiled and said NoThInG, then i turned
around, walked away, and whispered EvErYtHiNg...
EVERYTHING looks PeRfEcT from Far Away. . . . .
Dear heart, i met a boy today, prepare to shatter...
NOTE TO SELF: I miss you TeRRiBLy...
Sure we act like immature idiots sometimesz ..
but at least we`re having fun !! =)
it's okay if people don't like you, you just ;;
have to like yourself
// Laugh your <3 heart out //
//Dance in the rain //Cherish the MeMoRiEs//
// Ignore the pain // // Love and learn //
>>FoRgIvE aNd FoRgEt<<//
You only have OnE life
Live it
- midol is like crack; end of story.
- we love ben && jerrys more than you.
- we will never be too old for sleepovers.
- gossip isn`t a sin; it`s an art.
- we must go to the bathroom in groups.
- we have this thing called feelings; don`t hurt them.
- we don`t wake up looking pretty. it takes time and effort.
- sometimes is just never quite enough.
- we need girls nights; OFTEN.
- we hold grudges and we never forget the things you say to us that hurt.
- it doesn`t matter who dumped who or why. whenever we see an ex with
another girl, it always bothers us.. not because we`re not over you, but
because we know we used to be that girl.
- no guy wants to marry a whore. well, no girl wants to marry a manwhore
- never ever ask a girl what she weighs; or simply anything about her weight
being too much or too little. just don`t do it.
- our eyes are located in our heads. not our chest or butt. So when you`re not
looking in our eyes, WE KN0W
Maybe sometimes you have to stop
¸.·´ waiting for someone to come along
( and fix whats wrong . . maybe you
`·.¸_¸.·'´¨) have to stop feeling sorry for your
×·..·*¨) self and realize that no one else has
¸.·´ the answer . . sometimes you got to
`·.¸_¸.·'´¨) be your o w n hero
ReMeMbEr WhEn BoYz HaD ¤.cOoTiEs.¤
WhEn FrIeNdS aLwAyS «-lIsTeNeD-» 2 u..
wHeN ((dReAmS)) wErE uNsHaT*tErEd
& [[wOrRiEs]] WeRe ::fEw::
WhEn ReCeSs WaS tOo |sHoRt|
aNd LiFe WaS *2* «---LoNg---»
wHeN DeCiSiOnS cAmE .:eAsIlY:.
wItH ((nO NeEd)) 2 ¤..bElOnG..¤
wHeN :.:StOrKs:.: DeLiVeReD bAbIeS
aNd *PaSsIoNs* WeReN't sOo o¤sTrOnG¤o
wHeN [[fRiEnDsHiPs]] WeReNt bRo|KeN..
RiGhT wAs .RiGhT. & wRoNg wAs :WrOnG:
WhEn (((BaD))) tHiNgS dIdN't HaPpEn
OnLy _sKiNnEd KnEeS_ bRoUgHt ::TeArs::
aNd tHe «_NiGhT . LiGhT_» iN OuR rOoM
((.QuIeTeD.)) aLl oUr FeArs
wHeN :.dEcIsi0ns.: wErE s0|VeD
bY [eNi mEaNi . mini m0]
wHeN «.»b0yS«.» wErE sOoO !yUcKy!
& *gOoDbYe* MeAnT OnLy tIl ::ToMoRrOw::
WhEn Ur ClOtHeS DiDnT »..mAtCh..«
& *r E a L* fRiEnDs DiDn'T p|A|r|T
tHe ((..FuN..) wEnT oN *4eVeR* aNd
NeVeR LeFt a _BrOkEn ... HeArt_

Take out the picture

Blow off the dust
Take off the frame
It's starting to rust
Remember the time
We had together
What ever happen to
Best Friends Forever
×´¨) No One can ever promise you
¸. that they w o n ' t hurt you
( Because it will happen at one point
` . or another ; but the real promise
) is if the time you spent together
¸. ´ will be w o r t h all the pain
` .
(¸. *¨`» i n t h e e n d

s0meTimez there are n0...

. x . N e x t . T I m e z . x .
. x . T I m e . 0 u t z . x .
. x . s e c 0 n d . c h a n c e s . x .
I remember when getting high ment swinging at the playground.
I remember when the worst thing you could get from boys were cooties.
I remember when your mom was your hero.
I remember when your dad is the man you wanted to marry.
I remember when your worst enimies were your siblings.
I remember when race issuses were who ran the fastest.
I remember when war was just a card game
I remember when life was simple and care free
But, what i remember the most, is wanting to grow up so bad.
...If only i knew
never let the fear of striking out
keep you from playing the game
~A Cinderella Story
(nikki i love u to death..this icon is dedicated to you mii love!!!! i miss u ni
maybe she laughs
to cover up the tears
and her precious smile
is just to hide her fears
and he A S K E D the girl if*
*she* would take his hand.
"take it where?" she asked.
he thought ---» 'afterwards
- he - should - have - said -
------- everywhere,' -----\\
but instead - he just mumbled.
` ´
`- - ».xOx.---------------
if k i s s e s were
s n o w f l a k e s
i would give you
a [ b l i z z a d ]
you and i could be the summer romance
everyone wishes they could have.
sweet summer sun - there's love in the air
sand in your toes - flowers in your hair
everything's perfect - everything's jus right
sleeping all day -stayin up aLl night
Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage.
Why? Because women realize that it's not worth
buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage.
"I got the shakes that'll make you quake.
I got the fries that will cross your eyes.
I got the burgers that.. well.. I just got burgers."
-The Longest Yard
the AVERAGE person falls
in love 7 times before getting married
Where u spend all day in
your bathin , suit and all
of the night lookin for it
Here's to the nights when the sand
is your seat. the waves k i s s your
feet,&& your friends o u t - number -
the **stars** in the s k y y
I wait for the bus in the morning. I wait for my classes to finish. I wait for m
shifts to end at work. I wait for the weekend to arrive. I wait for dinner to be
ready. I wait to get my grades. I wait to get my license. I wait for my paycheck
I wait for my birthday, for Christmas, for vacations, for everything. I wait, I
I wait constantly so it would be really great if I didn t have to wait for [you] t
If i found a 4 leaf clover...
If i had a shiny, new penny...
If i owned a lucky horse shoe...
If i had my own genie in a bottle...
If i saw a shooting *star*...
I'd only wish for one thing...To be with you ...
So im gonna walk away . . .and its up to u to say how far!
Somewhere in between the lines you've disappeared.
i left my heart in california. on the sand,
under the sun. i fell in love with the pacific
ocean , and the sun tanned surfers. i spent
my summer playing in the waves. california is
lik no place else. the pride of the west coast
-FOR THE LOVE OF CALI~I want to live in Cali so so so bad!!!
when hot isnt hot
and cold isnt cold
when people start growing young
instead of old
when 1+1 doesnt equal 2
is the day ill stop lovin you
Forget the days I liked you..Forget the days Ive cried
forget the days i needed you..forget i even tried
*today was just one of those days where everything i did reminded me of you
and every song i heard somehow realated to you. i hate days like today,
because they remind me of the one thing i don't have.*
"All the best LOVE stories have one thing in common.
You have to go AGAINST the ODDS to get there."
d R y
your eyes
c L e a R
your mind
you juss gotta take it
o N e _ D a Y
at a time
dust off your
H e a R t
take it off the
s H e L f
you gotta ..
R e M e M b e R
L o V e
yourself .. <3
watching you from a distance
afraid to get too close ..
hoping you`ll realize
who loves you the most ..
but unless you open your eyes
to the one whos always there
you wont realize that
im the only onewho truly cares ..
sry for the things i did
Sry for the things i said
you see me in the hallways
you see me in class
you see me out on fridays
you always seem to see me smile
but really inside in dying
im just puting on disguse
Im trying to hide the pain
the tears
im just trying to move on
but its so hard
ii just miss you
ii just wanna break down
*You know you're in *love* when it takes you an hour to do your hair, another
hour to get your clothes on, just to go to school and see him +smile+ at you*
i bet you`ll [ n e v e r ] remember
the things i`ll [ n e v e r ] forget
I'm sorry if I made you cry, I'm sorry if tears fell from your eyez, for that is
what I intended to do, but just remember, for every tear that fell from you
precious eye, two fell from mine
*its only sad to say goodbyes when u no u are never gonna talk to that person
I Wish I Knew Exactally What To Say
So I Could Be The One To Take Ur Breath Away
all i want is to no IS why
don't ever leave the one you [love],
for the one you {like}. Because the one you like,
will leave you for the one they {love}.
letting go doesn't
mean giving up * it just means l|[ accepting ]|l
that some things just werent MEANT T0 BE «3.
I hate u so much but i would take u back in a heartbeat
*&she ignores all the other guys who want
her because shes too busy noticing him ..
there are no similies or metaphors
there is no way or getting around
there uncomplicated words ;;;
i love you - plain and simple <
they didnt agree on much, in fact they rarely agreed on anything. they fought
all the time and they challenged eachother everyday, but in spite their
differences, they had one important thing in common, they were crazy about
eachother._The Noteook

Maybe I don't have the blonde hair you like; and maybe I don't have eyes like
the sky; and I'm not sure if I'm the girl in your dreams but I can show you what
love means.
You kiss my lips I close my eyes
Away we float to paradise
All the angels stop to see
And softly whisper...
I should hate you yet I stay up late
just thinking about you
- - - - - x O x - - - - -
I don't know what hurts more,
missing you & knowing that i
can't be with you or knowing
that you don't even miss me *
- - - - - x O x - - - - -
if i tOLd yOu ii canT stOp thiNkiN abOuT yOu Or jus the thOuqht Of yOu
makes me smiLe Or that i qet })i({ butterfLies )i({ when ii hear' yOur name anD
that i want tO be held [[ tiGhtLy ]] in yOur arms wuLd yOu think im *` c r a z y

she has eyliner running from the tears she cried and she looks in the mirror
and wispers "he will never love me"
Have u ever thought of sum1 and realized. u were smiling the whole time
puts on her make-up the same
as yesterday, but everything has
the truth is u could rip out my heart and throw it to the ground and i would pic
it back up dust it off and give it back

do you ever want to ask a question but u dont because your heart is afraid of
the answer?
l0ve comes to those who still hope, even though
they've been disappointed, to those who still love
even though they have been hurt before_____x3
He handed her twelve roses; eleven real and one fake,
and said, "I'll love you until the last one dies."
everytime she laughs she hopes hes watching not so he sees shes happy but
maybe just maybe he'll fall for her smile just as hard as she fell for his
If you asked me how many times u crosses my mind today i would answer
one simply because u never left
Don't tell a girl you think she's hott..
she wants to hear she's beautiful.
*.. sometimes people who are ment for eachother are usually the last ones to [
realize it *]

As Soon as You Get Online, Whose

Name Do U Look for First? When a
S L O W Song Comes on the Radio..
Whose Face Comes to Your Mind
First? When You Hear Your Phone
Ringing.. Who Do U Hope it Is Calling?
Whose Name Makes Your Stomach
Drop When U Hear It?
As i lay on my bed, there are so many things going through my head.. how i
miss your laugh, your smile.. it made my life worth while..but now you're gone
and we're through.. i have to figure out just what to do.. my friends tell me th
i'll find someone new..but my heart keeps comin back to you.. as i look up at
the stars.. and wonder exactly where you are.. hoping you're thinking of me
too because there isn't anything i wouldnt do to make you love me too..
it makes a world of difference
who knows when you wont be able to ..
holding those emotions in is bad for you ..
kisses are the most wonderful things in the world ..
whats the point in hiding happiness?
why let him not know your unhappy?
you dont want to lose friends
theres no better feeling being wrapped up close to someone you love ..
i was feeling totally over him,
i told myself it was only a supid crush;
over, done with, but then...
he looked at me...
The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever.
And no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away." --The
Most days I wish I'd never met you. Because then I could sleep at night and I
wouldnt have to walk around dreaming of something that will never happen !
» when i'm far, i'm still with you.
» when my eyes are closed, i still see you.
» when i'm awake, i'm still dreaming of you.
» when i feel i have everything, i still want you.
Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo,
but what you want is someone who will take the bus
with you when the limo breaks down
Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't
mean they don't love you with all they have.
i didnt know how much i really cared until i couldnt fall asleep last night
because i was to busy thinking of *him*
Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot. Who calls you back when
you hang up on him. Who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat,
or will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the boy who pursues you,
who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you
are in sweats. Who holds your hand in front of his friends. Who thinks you're
the prettiest when you have no make up on and insists on holding you around
the waist. The one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and
how lucky he is to have you. The one who turns to his friends and says 'that's
Love is the s l O w e s t
form of | ` `s u i c i d e `
no matter how long or how hard
you`ve loved someone ..
they`ll never love you back.
& no matter how much it hurts
you`ll have to be okay with that .. x3
x3 I could be the drug you cant resist x3.
to her he's everything but to him she's just another girl
my heart has so many secrets it doesn`t want to tell..
i`d rather go blind than to see youu walk away from me. i`d rather go deaf than
hear youu say youu hate me. i`d give up all things just to be with youu.
because what's everything if i don`t have youu?
×Tell him I dont ever want to see him again
×Tell him he meant crap to me
×Tell him I never loved him
×Tell him i wont miss him at all
×But PLEASE dont tell him
×I said all this with tears in my eyes

evreything has beauty but not evreyone can see it

*if you're looking for perfection
[ dont look at me ]
because i'll only let you down*
the only thing greater than having a smile on my face is knowing you put it
there <3
when i see you (smile) and know it's (not for me)... that's when i (miss) you th
>>> you should NEVER give up, just LEARN to let go
and he A S K E D the girl if*
*she* would take his hand.
"take it where?" she asked.
he thought ---» 'afterwards
- he - should - have - said -
------- everywhere,' -----\\
but intead - he just mumbled.
have to stop loving you because i know
you'll [ never ] love me too .. but e v e r y
time i see you ; that's all my heart can do
lOve is when yOu`re a better persOn *
just because that sOmeOne is in yOur life
no matter how ugly you think you are, that special person that loves you
believes you are the most beautiful and irresistable thing on the earth and
nothing can ever change that.
if love is a sickness . . .
then you're my disease
the best & most beautiful
things cannot be seen or
touched... they must be *
felt with the ---»{ heart }
the greatest pain that comes from love
is loving someone you can never have
you never lose by loving. <3
you always lose by holding back
it's kind of hard to go out with someone when you know you're in love with
somebody else.
if we could decide who to love... it would be much simpler but less magical.
"me? i'm scared of everything. i'm scared of what i saw, i'm scared of what i
did, of who i am, and most of all i'm scared of walking out of this room and
never feeling the rest of my whole life the way i feel when i'm with you." -- di

its like writing your name on a fading window and watching it slowly fade away
always have hope for the guy thats turns around one last time as hes walking
she said- i just wanna be happy and he said - well isnt that a little selfish
its the way u make me laugh when i dont even wanna smille
im falling into this memory of u and me and what used to be
ii dont understand. .
everytime ii hear your name
ii tend to shake
everytime ii see your face
ii get weak
ii cant breathe
its something about you that makes me feel the way ii do
ii guess ii cant help the fact that im iin love with you<3
I love a guy i want him to know but the promblem is he doesnt care , never will
, but i love him so much that i cant help and cry and hopefully one day he will
see that we were meant to be - -- made by me

Girl: Do you really love me?

Boy: Of course I do.
Girl: I wanna hear you say it.
Boy: I don t have to.
Girl: Why not?
Boy: Because...
Girl: I just want to hear you say it in words.
Boy: I can t...
The girl started to cry softly and said:
Then you don't love me...
The two continued to walk in silence. They
reached the girls home.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Do you really want to know?
Girl: (hesitantly) Yes.
He hugged her gently, kissed the tip of her nose
and whispered in her ear,
"Because three words are not enough..."
I Love You... the truth is i always did... when you were coming on strong it
scared me...i guess i just never wanted to admit it to myself... i didn't want t
be fragile and another one of those girls who become infatuated with a guy....
but honestly... with everything i have... i want to be with you, and only you...
to kiss you every chance i have... to hold hands... to smile... to feel special
again.... i just want to be with you... even if i have to wait forever... with
everything i have... I'll be waiting
//Everyday I see you in the hall...
\\And I think I'm gonna bawl...
//How could you treat me like that...
\\It felt like I was hit with a bat...
//I don't know if I can move on...
\\When you're gone...
i hate how you whisper "I Love You".. like it's a secret..

ouR twO hEarTs bEaT tOgeTheR*

I'm n0t AsKiNg 4 D i A m 0 n d S
I`m n0t AsKiNg 4 ThA --w0rLd--
JuSs 4 y0u 2 h-0-L-d mEe TiGhT
And CaLL mEe y0uR [BaBigUrL]
i would do nethin 4 him, i would stand infront of a gun,
i would take tha bullet.... n let him run.
if there were no words to explain love,
i couldnt explain you.
if there were no reasons to break a heart,
then you couldnt have broken mine.
if there were no feelings frum you to me,
id be pain free
ThOsE wHo rEaLLy LoVe u
DoN't mEaN tO hUrT u
AnD iF tHeY dO..
YoU cAn sEe iT iN ThEiR eYeZ
ThAt iT hUrTz tHeM tOo

AlL i WaNnA dO iS fInD a GuY

wHo I cAn CoMe To WiTh My HaIr A mEsS,
mY mAkE-uP rUnNiN dOwN mY fAcE,
mY eYeS rEd FrOm CrYiNg,
AnD hE sTiLl SaYs To Me, BaBy YoU`rE
* B e A u T i F u L *
*isnt it an amazing feeling when ur there in his arms.. thinking, i wanna be rit
here forever*
tha feeling is so much better wen he says i love you, instead of making you
say it first
dont u hate wen u [f a l l] for someone who cant [c a t c h] you?
Cupid . . . You really gotta work on your aim
CaLliNg a gIrL [hOtT] iS FlaTtErInG, bUt cAlLiNg hEr [bEauTiFuL] MeAnS sO
MuCh MoRe
Love isn t about finding the PERFECT person. Its about seeing an imperfect
person perfectly.
B0Y :: why don't you like me?
GiRl :: i do like you .. it's just ...
B0Y :: just .. what?
GiRl :: i'm so afraid to fall again.
B0Y :: this is different..
GiRl :: how is this any different?!?
B0Y :: because this time .... i'll catch you
i saw you and your new girlfriend the other day
i didn't really expect her to be like she was
i expected her to be more, perfect even
she looked at me like she was saying, "i got your man."
i was thinking "no, you have my world."
Those feelings that are the most painful
are those that no one can explain ..
and no quote can describe
no tears and no smiles can make them go away.
They're the ones that hurt the deepest the ones
that last the longest
and take forever to forget about.. [x0x]
. . . forever isnt long enough
he`s gorgeous.. but gorgeous is an understatement. more like you`re startled
every time youu see him. because youu notice something new.. in a " where`s
waldo? " sort of way. more like youu can`t stop writing 3rd grade run on
sentances. because youu can`t even remotely begin to describe something,
someone so inherently amazing. more like you`re afraid that if youu stare at
him too long.. youu`ll prove your parents riight that.. yes, your face will get
stuck that way.. but youu don`t mind.
[[ theres so much to say ]]
. .but your eyes keep. .
x33 interuppting me !! *
find the one youu can be yourself in front of. youu can say anything.. youu can
laugh, youu can smile, youu can cry, youu can scream. youu can kiss.. youu
can hug. youu can fiight.. make up at the end of the niight. and he`d still be

if i c0uLd bee y0uR 1St [[ REAl ! ]]

? H E A R t b R E A k ?
i`d d00 it aLL OVER - - a g a i n *
E x c u s e me while i fall apart »
Don't flatter yourself s w e e t h e a r t ..
when she cries the makeup runs from
her eyes and she spills the truth about
- h o w she feels i n s i d e -
no matter how hard i try , i cant forget you.
just leave me alonee. let go of my heart.
i was nice enough to give it to you, cant you
be nice enough to give it back, now that youre
all done using itt..? -- x -- o -- x--
u are what i never new i always wanted
I never wanted t0 risk the chance
0f gettin hurt again '--» but when
it means ii can be with u . .
E v e r y t h i n g is w0rth the risk
When i look in the [ mirror ]
i imagine a [ pretty ] girl
and i think, that [ can`t ] be me
and i [ open ] my eyes
and see the real me
the girl with the large [ brown ] eyes
who has makeup [ smeared ] on her face
from wipeing away the [ tears ]

i try to explain my feelings for u but i can get them out and then i just like
evreyday i see u walk away . . . and then tears come rolling down my face and
i simply whisper "i need you"
Don't give up... If you still wanna try Don't wipe your eyes... If you still wan
cry Dont stop asking questions.. If you still wanna no Don't say u dont love
him.. if you cant let him go
you know, ive tried to find someone i love as much as you..and i finaly
realized, thats never going to happen.
I ll do mine. You go your way, I ll go mine. & if we end up together's
++ Relationships are like glass.
++ Sometimes it's better to leave them broken
++ than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.
Cinderella walked on broken glass, Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast, Pocahontas risked her life for a feast,
Jasmine could have had anyone instead she chose a poor man & Arial walked
on land all for love & all for life it was all about blood, sweat & tears, love s
about facing your biggest fears
he means so much to me,
I just wish he knew,
when I'm around him
the sky's a different blue.
When he talks to me,
my knees start to shake,
the last thing I want
is another heartbreak.
If he would love me like I do,
I could tell him
that I will always be true.
But when I try to talk
I just don't know what to say,
Because I know he doesn't
feel the same way...
you see it was not into my ear that you whispered but into my heart, and not
my lips you kissed but my soul
so i took a walk down memory lane today...
i just kept clicking back and back...
looking through old entries
sometimes i would stop and read
smile to myself and remember
then that smile would fade away
sometimes i would quickly scroll by
cause i couldnt stand to read the words
like one where i put our convo where we
sent each other kisses
but god i loved him so much
i didnt know till now and i hate him
i hate him cause....i cant hate him
i wish i could just start this past summer all over
and just relive it over and over again...
dON:t CARE fOR...
There`s only one cure for a b r o k e n heart. .
the one who broke it.
Sometimes silence is the most important thing we can hear..
You never know whos falling in love with the your smile so . . . keep smilin`
Every penny in a well,every broken wish bone, every 11:11 on a clock, every
crossed finger, every fallen eyelash, every blown out candle, every wish I
could make....will never give me you.
×·» So you say you want a heart.Your
lucky you dont have one.Hearts
will never be practical until
they can be made unbreakable.
- The Wizard Of Oz
Let s never talk about this again...because I didn t want it to mean that much
to me
it's always nice to know someone is afraid to lose you.
i've got a mission. a mission to get over you. in other words....
the hearts the reasons that reason does not understand
If he's truly yours, in the end he'll still be there...But, if somehow he starts
s.l.i.p.p.i.n.g. and falling away, don't catch him. Then, he'll notice the mista
he made and it will truly be his loss.
6 months went by...I swear I ALMOST forgot your face; until they played our
A broken heart is when you actually
refuse to get out of bed in the morning
because youre afraid of
the reality that awaits you
Once I almost had you
.but now I know,
almost doesn t count.
Your looking for the happily ever after
---> well, im looking for the story <3
You might regret what you do... But, you'll regret what you don't do so much
I just stood there and watched you s.l.i.p. away...</3
I'm not the type of girl that would get up and leave you and mislead you...
Unlike other girls...I need you.<3
I guess im a little selfish..
thinkin i need to have you
but i havnt felt like this
about anyone before <|3
and i figured that' counted
i might be young but i still know what it is to be happy
i know what's in my heart, i know what's on my mind '
nd it's you all of the time !

there`s a spot in my heart '

that will never belong tO
a n y o n e but yoU _'
.0ne night the moOn wisperd to her.
.if he makes u cry -y d0nt you leave him?.
.she lO0ked at the moOn and said to him.
.moOn would yoO ever leave your sky?.
boy:i saw her today
girl:i saw him today
boy:it seems like its been forever
girl:i wonder if he still cares
boy:she looks better than before
girl i couldnt help staring at him
boy:i asked her how things were going
girl:i asked about his new girlfriend
boy:id choose her over any girl i'm with
girl:hes probably really happy now
boy:i coulndt look at her without starting to cry
girl:he couldnt even look at me
boy:i told her i missed her
girl:he doesnt miss me
boy:i meant it
girl:he didnt mean it
boy:i love her
girl:he loves his new girlfriend
boy:i held her for the last time
girl:he gave me a friendly hug
boy:then i went home and cried
girl:then i went home and cried
boy:i lost her
girl:i love him
A girl asked a boy if she was pretty.
He said no.
She asked him if he wanted 2 be w/ her forever.
He said no.
She then asked him if he would cry if she walked away.
He again said no.
She had heard 2 much.
She needed 2 leave.
As she walked away,
he grabbed her arm and told her 2 stay.
he said, "You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forev
I need to be with you forever and I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would
As we go on...
We r e m e m b e r
All the times we...
Had t o g e t h e r
And as our lives change...
Come W h a t e v e r
We will still be...
iT's Tha dAyS wE'rE s0 cRaZy
PeOpLe tHiNk We'Re ::HiGh::
tHA TiMeS wE'rE s0 b0rEd
We LaUgH TiL wE ::cRy::
aLL tHA ::InSiDe J0KeS::
n tHa ::rEmEmBeR wHeNs::
tHeSe r tHa ReAs0nS We'LL
::aLwAyS bE bEsT fRiEnDs
[B e S t . f R i e N d S x3 ]
are like good bras ..
-hard to find
-always lifts you up
-never lets you down or leaves you hanging
-makes you look better
& always is close to the heart .. <33
i look at all the pictures
of the past thinking of how
the years went by soo fast
the dances,the parties, the jokes
the laughs the shoulders to cry on and cute photos
the people ive known since way back when
the new kids came every now and then
the friendships you make come and go
but theres always those few
youll always know
now as we go our separate ways
i know ill always remember these days
DoEsN't It SuCk WhEn YoU lOsE yOur Bestfriend and it hurts you so much
but yet she doesn't seem to care?..
Take out the picture
Blow off the dust
Take off the frame
It's starting to rust
Remember the time
We had together
What ever happen to
Best Friends Forever
sometimes i feel like i just cant make it when
times get [tough] and i just cant take it
the times i feel i wont make it through
thats when i thank god for friends like'
ourr friendshiip comes with one guarantee .. whateverr
hApens to youu - hAppens to me we''ve beenn through
more stuff than anyone knows but you are forever my
Sometimes your closet friends end up hurting you more than your worst
enemies ever could
If you hate me, hate me. Don't fake it while you`re around me.

it`s not about the friends in your p a s t`s about the ones that actually last <3
It`s funny and sad how you
can grow away from your friends,
when just a few years ago, they were
they most important people in your life.**
Friends «-s-t-a-b-» you in the back
Boyfriends «-s-t-a-b-» you in the heart
But, Bestbuds d.o.n.t carry knivess!
Pictures f a d e,
Love letters /t/e/a/r/,
Friends will come and go,
But i will stay near
why did we ever stop talking, we used to talk about everything, anything that
came up in our convo we would laugh and make more jokes out of them, but
now , we hardly talk, we use to be great friends but why did it have to end?
why dont we ever talk?

You wanna know who your

true friends are? Screw up
and see whos still there
×´¨) No One can ever promise you
¸. that they w o n ' t hurt you
( Because it will happen at one point
` . or another ; but the real promise
) is if the time you spent together
¸. ´ will be w o r t h all the pain
` .
(¸. *¨`» i n t h e e n d
the best acces0ry a qiirl c0uld ever
have is her [ best friends ]
iF mY fRiEnDs jUmPeD oFf a cLifF
i wOuLdNt....
i wOuLd bE aT tHe BoTtoM tO cAtCh tHeM!
//Friend: calls your parents by mr. and mrs.
\\Best friend: calls your parents mom and dad.
//Friend: has never seen you cry
\\Best friend: has always had the best shoulder to cry on
//Friend: never asks for anything to eat or drink
\\Best friend: opens the fridge and makes herself at home
//Friend: asks you to write down your number.
\\Best friend: they ask you for their number
//Friend: borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.
\\Best friend: has a closet full of your stuff
//Friend: only knows a few things about you
\\Best friend: could write a biography on your life story
//Friend: will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing
\\Best friend: will always go with you
//Friend: someone who will bail you out of jail
\\Best friend: some one sitting next to you saying, "man that was fuckin
**It`s sad how you
can grow away from your friends,
when just a few years ago, they were
they most important people in your life.
And every time you feel like crying im going to try and
make you laugh and if I cant if it just hurts too bad then
we will wait for it to pass and I will keep you company
through those days so long and black. --»? x3
you say your best friends, you say ur always there for them. but once tha
mistake comes around, you jus go and start rumors and act like u never said
ud be there
there..thats all..feel free to take w/e you wantt

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