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My Educational Philosophy- Cole Gilchrist

As a Social Studies and English educator, I believe that having an

insightful and engaging experience in education is the foundation for a
successful life. I want to give students the skills they need before they move
on from the secondary level. I truly believe that educators are the
foundation for students to grow and that it is my responsibility to give
students the necessary skills and resources to become outstanding citizens.

As an educator, I want to be able to help each and every student

achieve their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. I want
students to actively engage in purposeful discussion and hands-on material
while learning the core academic subjects. My role as an educator is to
guide students as they question and complicate the material that I present
within my classroom. My philosophy as an educator is to help students to
grow through the content that I teach each and every day they set foot into
the classroom so that they can become successful in their future studies. I
believe learning is a two-way street and that the students that I have will
also teach me important and credible things that will help me develop as an
educator. I believe this philosophy is important to helping more students to
succeed in our system of education.

An integral part of my teaching philosophy is the importance of

developing relationships with the people around me. Understanding the
people around me, be that students, parents, or other educators, will help
me grow as a professional. The most important relationships I want to build
are with students. I want to be someone who students feel they can
approach, trust, and learn from in the classroom. Developing this type of
relationship with students is important in the classroom. I want students to
be able to freely express themselves, talk to me about anything, and feel
that my classroom is somewhere they can learn and ask critical questions.
Building effective relationships with other staff will help me grow as an
educator. Having a group within a building that supports you as an educator
but also, as a person is an integral part to growing as an educator. Parents
are also an integral part of the learning process and developing strong
connections to the parents of my students will help their students succeed
in class.

If I have learned anything from my experiences in education so far, it

is that there is always room for growth. Each day I go into the classroom I
want students to learn something from me and in turn I want to learn from
them. The classroom is a unique space that lets everyone within it have the
opportunity to learn, educator included. If you are willing to learn from your
students, then the environment in the classroom will be more conductive
learning environment. Teaching is something that is collaborative, a give
and take relationship, it is not a one-way street, and everyone has the
potential to grow.