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Atlas Honda Limited

Atlast Honda Ltd. is a publically listed company established on 16 th October 1962 as a join
collaboration between Atlas Group which is one of Pakistan’s most renowned business
conglomerates and Honda Motor Company Limited Japan, which is one of the largest and well
reputed motorcycle-production brand in the world. Atlas Honda is engaged in many activities
like progressive manufacturing and marketing of motorcycles and spare parts in collaboration
with Honda Motor Company. Atlas Honda Ltd. is currently the largest manufacturer of
motorcycles in Pakistan with a leading brand value with the highest level of customer loyalty.

Atlas is considered as the pioneer in the Pakistani motorcycle industry leading the two-wheeler
market for over 50 years. With a production capacity of over 1.35 million units per annum, it
continues to maintain the status as the market leader in regards to quality and volume. The
company runs two motor cycle products plants situated in Sheikhupura where the production
rate is 1650+ motor cycles/day and Karachi where production rate is 400 motorcycles/day. The
company does business in four major products; CG 125 Delux, CD 100, CG 125, CD 70 (one of
the most famous models).


Shirazi Investments (Private) Ltd. 1962

Atlas Honda Ltd. 1963

Atlas Battery Ltd. 1966

Shirazi Trading (Private) Ltd. 1975

Atlas Insurance Ltd. 1980

Atlas Engineering Ltd. 1981

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd. 1992

Honda Atlas Power Products (Private) Ltd. 1997

Atlas Asset Management Ltd. 2002

Shirazi Capital (Private) Ltd. 2005

Atlas Power Ltd. 2007

Atlas Worldwide General Trading LLC 2007

Atlas Venture 2008

Atlas Autos (Private) Ltd. 2011

Strategic Goals:
 Customer Satisfaction - Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction from our Products.
 Quality - To ensure standards of quality and excellence in our services and products.
 Local Manufacturing – To be the leader in the local motorcycle industry.
 Technology – To continuously move forward with improve soft an hard technologies.
 Employees – To provide an encouraging environment where the capabilities of the
employees can be enhanced.

5S Dealership at AHL

5S dealership is a philosophy followed by Atlas Honda Ltd. which reflects its strong
commitments in order to facilitate its customers in the best way possible. It offers all the
services in the form of a one-stop solution for its customers. These locations are located in
Urban, Sub-Urban areas and major towns all over Pakistan. All the 5S services are available at
the dealership which include the following:

1. Sales
5S dealers have been authorized to make cash sales. It also provides Short-term payment
plans to sell a motorcycle in installments of 1-6 months duration.
2. Service
The 5S dealers maintain an efficient service and system to cater the customer’s needs at
3. Spare Parts
The third facility provided by AHL is the availability in of genuine Honda Spare parts from
the workshops. It can also act as a distributer in unidentified areas.
4. Second Hand Exchange
5S dealers also facilitate customer who wish to avail the facility of Second Hand Exchange.
They entertain the customers to get the maximum price for their motorcycles. These
motorcycles are sold from the 5S Showrooms and the adjusted price plan is made to be
feasible for the customer.

5. Safety
AHL promotes the idea of allowing its customers to drive their motorcycles with the safest
experience by training all employees at Atlas Honda. All 5S dealers are trained to take all
safety measures as per the safety policies at Atlas Honda Ltd.
Supply Chain of Atlas Honda Ltd.

Atlas Honda has one of the largest in-house manufacturing plants in Karachi and Sheikhupura
where it has developed local manufacturing capabilities with the highest level of economic
feasibility. Atlas Honda’s business has a network of inter-connected business which involve the
products and services packages required by the end users. Atlas Honda’s entire supply chain
includes the entire storage and movement of raw materials, WIP inventory, and finished goods
inventory from the Supplier to Consumers.

Functions of Atlas Honda’s SCM:

 Vendor
 Logistics
 Local Pu

Vendor Procurement:

The ingredients for Atlas Honda’s Procurement involve the following functions:

 Motivates vendors to produce products with excellent quality and train them to
continuously achieve that standard.
 Responsible for the availability of parts on time.
 Responsible for AHL’s Vendor improvement program under which the department
representatives go to the vendors and train them for new methods in order to
produce better quality parts at more reasonable prices.

Vendor Selection Criteria:

Atlas Honda Ltd. believes in the QCDR criteria when it comes to selecting any vendor for their
business. It wants parts and materials which are quality orientated with the lowest possible
cost. It also focuses on the ‘Reliability’ aspect of the vendor where it should be financially sound
to manufacture and procure the goods that are orders.
 Cost  Quality
 Delivery  Reliability
Once the vendors are selected on the basis of QDCR then the next step is to account for the
development of products and their respective resourcing.

The process goes as follows:

This process contains the sample of the product and drawing of

Process A the product with the help of CAD to illustrate with the
part/material's design to provide to the vendors for manufacture
(Sampling) in order to facilitate them.

Process B This process involves receiving a quotation from different

vendors for the purpose of constructing the particular product.
This quotation contains all prices involved in te manufacturing of
(Quotation) the product (labor, material, overfads etc. )