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Company Philosophy 04
Chairman’s Message 06
Company Introduction 08
History of PUMYANG 10
Organization Chart 12
Lines of Business 13


Architectural Projects


Civil & Environmental Projects

Start Up Again!

International & FED Projects

Company Philosophy

Responsibility Future
Management Management

Leading a New Construction Culture

Even mother nature is subject to the most fundamental shapes of construction, the hexagon.
As the most efficient use of space and also the most effective, it is a key unit that is essential for formation.

The beginning of our construction legend starts from the smallest hexagonal pieces.
The pieces then fit together to tile a plane, and its expansion creates buildings and infrastructures.

PUMYANG is willing to make use of the most fundamental pieces and construct monuments,
ones to last a lifetime, ones to be a part of a new construction culture.

Harmonization Technology
Management Management


Chairman’s Message

Leading a New Era of Eco-Friendly

and Human-Centered Construction Culture

Since established in 1958, PUMYANG has paved the way for a new construction culture. As the power source
behind Korea’s rapid and powerful economic development, PUMYANG has grown in both construction and
engineering sectors in an era of infinite change.
In domestic business, our technical expertise and confidence in all forms of construction range from residential
and public spaces to major infrastructures. Also, in international business, since we first received our
successful bid in 1973, we were named as “Best Company in Construction Project of the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers, Far East District” through over 160 projects.
We wish to strengthen our entire operation in domestic realm and expand our international projects. With
branches throughout the world in UAE, Kazakhstan, United States, Canada, Vietnam and China, we are
ever-efficiently resonating our company name in global market. The projects to come are considered as
opportunities to prove PUMYANG’s diligence, construction capability, along with effective and objective
Based on prolonged experience and technical expertise, we launch the year of 2010 to…
Start Up Again.



Company Introduction

Technical Innovation International Branches
Pursuit of continuous technical
innovation to secure
Kazakhstan China
Vision Customer Satisfaction
Enhancement of customer
satisfaction through efficient
PUMYANG Construction Kazakhstan, LLP
2Floor, #21, Timiryazev Street
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
Yingchu International Trade Co., Ltd.
2401 No. 558 North XiZang Rd.
MingDe International Plaza(Office Building)
PUMYANG strives to create and promptly construction Tel. 7327-271-5818~9 Zhabei District
Fax. 7327-260-8266 Shanghai 200071, China Canada
a new construction era PUMYANG Canada Enterprises, Ltd.
Tel. 86-21-5690-0429
that increases the value of Respect for Mankind Fax. 86-21-5630-2446 2106-2979 Glem Dr. Coquitlam
our future through eco-friendly Promotion of a construction B.C., Canada, V3B 0B2
culture focused on people and Tel. 1-778-285-5757
and human-centered foundations. Fax. 1-778-285-5773

Creation of Value
Prolonged creation of values UAE United States
for future generations PUMYANG Construction Co., Ltd, Aldex America, Inc.
Dubai Branch Onse America, Inc.
RM #107 Al Safaci Building, 764 The City Dr. Suite 440
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road Dubai, UAE Orange, CA 92868, United States
Tel. 971-4-297-7371 Tel. 1-714-871-2200
Fax. 971-4-397-2733 Fax. 1-714-971-1008

Indonesia Vietnam
Responsibility P.T Citra Lautan Teduh PUMYANG-DESCON JV
Management Julan Lautan Kav. 213 Batu Ampar, 146 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, District 1,
“What we construct is our Harmonization Batam Island, Indonesia Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel. 62-778-761186~7 Tel. 84-8-8230-666
descendants’ valuable future.” Management Fax. 62-778-761184 Fax. 84-8-8211-242
Under this company motto,
Policy our credibility will be enhanced
Through mutual cooperation,
we’ll manage on behalf
with Responsibility Management
that will be maintained throughout of belief and faith.
successive generations.

Head Office Address #394-8, Ssangyong-dong, Cheonan city,

Choongnam, Korea Tel. 82-41-573-5631~3 Fax. 82-41-552-5634
Technology Future Seoul Office Address #750-14, Bangbaebon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Zip Code #137-828 Tel. 82-2-590-9114 Fax. 82-2-590-9333
Management Management
E-mail Address
Through “Technology Innovation” We will be a company who strives,
which corresponds to future with magnanimous dreams,
and change, we’ll make that will last a millennium
a new construction culture. and more.


History of PUMYANG

Aug. 23. 90 Acquired International Construction License
Mar. 06. 91 Moved the Headquarter to #494-3, Shinbu-dong, Chonan City, Korea

Apr. 15. 91 Acquired Design & Construction License for General Waste Treatment
Facility (Wastewater Purification Facilities)
Jul. 06. 91 Acquired License for Electro-Communication Works
Aug. 21. 58 Establishment Jun. 19. 92 Acquired Design & Construction License for Human Waste Treatment Facility
May. 17. 62 Acquired Civil Engineering License for Construction Business Dec. 14. 92 Acquired GAS Facilities Construction License
Jul. 20. 64 Acquired Military Suppliers License #2 for USFK Projects Jul. 12. 93 Acquired Design & Construction License for General Waste Treatment Facility
Feb. 15. 65 Acquired Civil Engineering & Architectural License Jul. 31. 93 Registered as the Main Body of Professional Engineering Affairs
Aug. 25. 93 Acquired Construction License for Water Pollution Preventing Facility

Aug. 25. 93 Designated as the Agent of the Environmental Assess Impact (Class I, II, III)
Apr. 14. 94 Registered General Surveying Issued by National Land Management Bureau,
Chief of Daejeon District
May. 11. 94 Registered Special Supervision Issued by Minister of Construction
Jul. 21. 73
Acquired Electrical Works License of Class I Aug. 28. 95 Acquired Certification for Steel Installation Construction
May. 10. 78
Registered for Housing Construction Works in Seoul City Feb. 15. 97 Acquired Certification for ISO 9001
May. 13. 78
Designated As a Housing Construction Company Jul. 14. 97 Registered for Patent at Korea Intellectual Property Office
Jan. 14. 82
Acquired Firefighting Facilities Construction (PSBR Method : PUMYANG Sequencing Batch Reactor)
Mar. 29. 82
Acquired Road Paving License Mar. 02. 99 Designed New Technical Method by Construction Transportation Department
Nov. 01. 82
Acquired Import & Export License (PSBR Method : PUMYANG Sequencing Batch Reactor)
Dec. 23. 82
Registered Equipments for 154 KW Transformer Station Project Dec. 09. 99 Acquired Certification for Landscape Architecture Construction
of the Korea Electrical Power Corp.

2000s -
Mar. 21. 86 Acquired License of Anti-Environment Pollution Facility
Apr. 15. 86 Acquired Designing & Construction License
for Sewage Treatment Plant
Sep. 09. 00 Acquired Certification for Industrial Facility Construction
Mar. 30. 04 Moved the Headquarter to #784-26, Shinbang-dong,
Cheonan City, Korea
Jun. 01. 05 Moved the Headquarter to #394-8, Ssangyong-dong,
Cheonan City, Korea
Sep. 11. 06. Established PUMYANG Construction Co., Ltd. Dubai, UAE
Oct. 10. 06. Established PUMYANG Descon Joint-Venture Hochiminh, Vietnam
Jul. 27. 07. Established PUMYANG Construction Kazakhstan,
LLP. Almaty, Kazakhstan
Feb. 01. 09 Appointed Vice Chairman Kim, Seong Gyun
Mar. 29. 09 Appointed CEO Park, Moon-Yong
Dec. 31. 09 Nationally Ranked 73 for Outstanding
Performance in Construction
Mar. 01. 10 Appointed Chairman Kim, Seong Gyun
Mar. 22. 10 Appointed Chairman CEO Kim, Seong Gyun
Appointed CEO Lim, Yeon-Jeong


Organization Chart Line of Business



Auditor Strategy Planning

Audit Team Division

Business Division Architecture Engineering

Mech/Elec Engineering

Quality . CS

Development Business 1

Development Business 2

Development Business 3
Civil Engineering Projects
Business Division Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering Tech. Business

Civil &
Environment & Plant Engineering Environmental
Landscaping Business Projects
SOC Business

Government Business
International International &
Business Division International Business FED Projects
International Marketing

Vietnam Branch

Dubai Branch

Kazakhstan Branch
Management Support
Division Management Planning

Personnel & General Affairs

Outsourcing & Purchasing

Safety Support

Finance Management
Division Accounting


Project Financing


Commercial & Office Building
PUMYANG built architectural works such as intelligent and office buildings that are both
productive and creative. The most prominent constructions include Seoul Science Exhibition
Hall, Information and Communication Officials Training Institute, Chonbuk Teacher Training
Institute, Cheonan City Hall and Central Annex Government Building. These buildings have
increased the value of Korea’s various cities.

Central Annex
Government Building
Seoul, Korea
1 Bldg, 18 FL, 6 Sub-ground FL
59,709 SM
Office, Dining Room, Press Center,
Reception Hall, Conference Room,
Convention Center, Lounge

Commercial & Office Building

Residence Complex PUMYANG Building
Seoul, Korea
1 Bldg, 10 FL, 2 Sub-ground FL
Hotel & Condominium 21,157SM
Office, Dining Room, Reception Hall,
Conference Room, Lounge, Parking Lot


Asan Baebang A1BL APT
Residence Complex Asan city, Korea
Dec 2005 – Aug 2008
10 Bldg, 915 Units
80,777,412 SM
Keeping in mind customer satisfaction and continuous research for comfortable living space,
PUMYANG has constructed highly qualified apartments over the years. In 2006, we launched a new
line of apartments called “Preche”, as a symbol of PUMYANG’s long experience and advanced
technology. In 1984, starting with Daegu Bokyun apartment then “Motherville”, “Preche” is an
intermediate helping PUMYANG to settle in the world market. Based on customer satisfaction and
management quality, “Preche” has integrated all aspects of dwellings of the world into one. It will
constantly try to create comfortable dwellings that make us enjoy our community and culture with
both families and neighbors.
Seongnam Docheon
S1BL APT Sector 7
Seongnam city, Korea
Jun 2008 – Sep 2010
17 Bldg, 842 Units
114,971 SM

Architectural Projects

Masan Shinpo APT Seongnam Pankyo

Masan city, Korea B5-1BL APT Sector 18
May 1998 – Jun 2001 Seongnam city, Korea
8 Bldg, 766 Units Jun 2009 – Nov 2010
84,079 SM 8 Bldg, 98 Units
28,336 SM

Boryeong Jukjeong APT Sector 1

Boryeong city, Korea
May 2004 – May 2006
10 Bldg, 16 FL, 662 Units
49,540 SM

Yongin Guseong
3BL APT Sector 4
Yongin city, Korea
Aug 2005 – Jun 2008
18 Bldg, 534 Units


Hotel & Condominium
PUMYANG, who has the knowledge of the finest-quality buildings, has constructed superior hotels
and condominiums on Jeju island. Based on previous experience in constructing Jeju Hotel and the
Jeju White Beach Hotel that are of various usage and beautiful architectural aesthetics, PUMYANG
will create new landmark accommodations around the world.

White Beach Hotel

Jeju city, Korea

Architectural Projects
Ramada Plaza Hotel
Jeju city, Korea
Dec 1995 – Apr 2003
9 FL, 1 Sub-ground FL
63,599 SM

Dogo Condominium
Dogo, Korea


Civil & Environmental
Projects Plant Construction
During the past, PUMYANG performed communication and power facility projects which few
companies take on. These projects include Masan telecommunication project phase 1 & 2,
South Cheonan power project, Sasang telecommunication project, Jukjeon power project,
using shield device. Also, PUMYANG, who successfully constructed Bupyeong power project,
Incheon subway telecommunication, and power project with NATM (New Austrian Tunneling
Method), has been recognized as a company who can successfully perform telecommunication
and power projects.

Plant Construction
Road & Bridge
Railway & Subway
Harbor & Shore Reclamation
Environmental C622Z-05-1016, Jukjeon Divergence Power Distribution System Construction
Seoul, Korea
Tunnel 639 M / 2 EA, Semi Shield
Access Road Construction PUMYANG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. 20 I 21
Civil & Environmental
Road & Bridge Landscaping
The expansion of expressways, roads, and bridges is essential PUMYANG is a forerunner in landscaping business. With experience in various regions across Korea,
in paving ways for facile transportation. With projects completed including Nonsan, Boryeong, Seosan and more, we are confident in designing and executing
in all regions across Korea, PUMYANG has the technical landscaping projects. Within the cityscape and nature, we are participating in trimming and laying out
know-how in constructing these infrastructures. a space that can be utilized and cherished by all.

Express Way #27

Sector 4
Jeonju city, Korea
Dec 2004 – Sep 2010
Length : 4,870 M
Width : 23.4 M
Earth Cutting : 382,191 CM
Earth Banking : 460,449 CM
Drain Line : 1,194 M
Bridge : 210 M (Steel Box)
Tunnel : 7,236 M
Asphalt Paving : 4,500 SM

Hwangsan Park
Paju Wunjeong District Bridge Landscapping
Nonsan city, Korea
& Road Construction Feb 2007 – Jul 2008
Feb 2009 – Jun 2010
Neighborhood park
Road Length : 280 M
Pedestrian Overpass : 90 M

Boryeong Apartment &

Infrastructure Landscaping
Boryeong city, Korea
May 2008 – Oct 2010
Apartment and neighborhood park

Nonsan Apartment &

Infrastructure Landscaping
Nonsan city, Korea
Aug 2008 – Oct 2011
Apartment and children’s playground PUMYANG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. 22 I 23
Civil & Environmental
Railroad & Subway
PUMYANG participated in and successfully constructed the Kyeongbu express railroad project, which
is the core of the national railroad network. We have also performed Gwacheon subway project,
Daegu subway line 1 & 2 projects Incheon subway line 1 project, Daejeon subway project and more.
As a result, PUMYANG profoundly contributed to Korean national railroads; this experience gained
makes us a forerunner in this division of civil engineering.

Harbor & Shore Reclamation

PUMYANG, dedicated to housing land development, starting with Ilsan and Galsan housing
projects, reformed shore reclamation project in Top-dong, Jeju island. This not only diversified
our business but also constructed eco-friendly regions. Currently, hotel, recreational facilities,
and other accommodation structures are being constructed and used by citizens of Jeju island.

Jeju Shore Reclamation & Land Development Sector A

Jeju city, Korea
Dec 1986 – Dec 1991 Elec. Power Line : 9.7 KM
Shore Reclamation : 165 SM Embankment : 870,450 CM
Water & Drain Line : 12 KM Asphalt Paving : 7,388 Ton
Communication Line : 13.4 KM Parking Area : 10,000 SM

Daegu Subway Line#2, Sector 1–6

Daegu city, Korea
Nov 1991 – Nov 1997
Double Railroad : 1,678 M
Tunnel : 922 M, 2 Lanes

Incheon Subway Line#1,

Sector 1–6
Incheon city, Korea
Dec 1993 – Dec 1999
Length : 1,536 M
Open Cutting : 780 M
Station : 1 Stop

Kyeongbu High-Speed
Railroad Sector 7-3
Youngdong-gun, Korea
Apr 1996 – Dec 2001
Cutting : 375,000 CM
Disposal 311,000 CM
Tunnel : 7,000 M
Bridge : 1,411 M PUMYANG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. 24 I 25
Based on previous experience and knowledge of environmental projects,
PUMYANG is foregoing with advanced technology in all fields of survey,
planning, design, construction, and the operation of the water and sewerage
works. For eco-friendly environment, PUMYANG is constructing water
treatment plants underground, so that ground level land can be utilized for
parks and public facilities. All this made possible with the innovative water
treatment system called PSBR (PUMYANG Sequencing Batch Reactor),
which we hold a patent for.

Daecheong Dam
Sewer System Expansion
Choongnam district, Korea
Nov 2008 – Sep 2010
Capacity : 2,200 CM/Day
Method : PSBR

Youngdong Waste/Water
Treatment Plant Hyeongok Industrial Complex

Civil & Environmental
Choongbuk district, Korea Waste Water Treatment Facility
Oct 2001 – Jan 2005 Pyeongtaek city, Korea
Capacity : 2,000 CM/Day Jan 2004 – May 2005
Method : PSBR Capacity : 4,200 CM/Day
Method : PSBR

Seomyeon Sewage
Treatment Facility
Chooncheon city, Korea
Jan 2004 – Nov 2005
Capacity : 1,900 CM/Day
Method : PSBR

Boryeong Sewage
Treatment Plant Installment
Boryeong city, Korea
Mar 2007 – Mar 2009
Capacity : 30,000 CM/Day
Method : SDPR & SBAF


International Construction
& FED In the past years, PUMYANG constructed a concrete pile manufacturing plant, a harbor
improvement, and land development project with 30,000sqm reclamation on Batam Island,
Indonesia, a high way road for Licomo-Quiniput, Zamboanga, Philippines, and also high-rise
apartments with 380 units in Hochiminh, Vietnam. Furthermore, we pursue other works in
Dubai, UAE and Almaty, Kazakhstan. We are confident that these accumulated experience
and expertise in the field of international projects will greatly contribute to the execution of
other overseas projects in a very efficient and competitive manner.

Manasa Business Center

International Construction Almaty, Kazakhstan
2 Bldg, 9 to 14 FL
Far East District (FED) 39,824 SM


International Projects
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Oner Office Building

Almaty, Kazakhstan
1 Bldg, 23 FL, 4 Sub-ground FL
67,350 SM

Develinvestkor Apartment & Office Building

Almaty, Kazakhstan
4 Bldg, 11 FL, 349 Units
52,652 SM


International Projects
Dubai, UAE

Dubai Land Project

Dubai, UAE
4 Bldg, 21 FL, 3 Sub-ground FL, 1,200 Units
176,249 SM

Business Bay Oval Tower

Dubai, UAE
1 Bldg, 19 FL, 2 Sub-ground FL
47,594 SM


Environmental International Projects
Hochiminh, Vietnam

Preche Aparment
Hochiminh, Vietnam
2 Bldg, 30 FL, 324 Units
89,964 SM

Binttan Project
Hochiminh, Vietnam
5 Bldg, 24 FL, 955 Units
139.517 SM

PT. CLT Harbor

Improvement Project
Batam, Indonesia
Dredging: 289,750 CM
Reclamation: 490,487 CM
Steel Sheet Pile: 3,300M
Anchor Pile: 185EA
Stone Revetment: 138CM
Dock: 101M

PT CLT Land Development

Batam, Indonesia
Water & Drain Line: 8 KM
Power Line: 11 KM
Embankment: 258,650 CM
Concrete Paving: 2,520 CM
Parking Area: 3.000 SM


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District
International Operation Division mainly focuses on projects that are issued from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far
East District(FED) in Korea. Since 1973, PUMYANG has been a leading Korean contractor in construction and
engineering services for FED’s projects in Korea. In the early 2000, PUMYANG was the first successful bidder of the
FED’s Design-Built. Currently, PUMYANG maintains professional, contractual, and amicable relationship with FED
FED Projects
and remains as a leading Korea contractor for FED’s projects. PUMYANG has completed over 160 projects worth

FY00 NAF, PN 47820,

Army Lodging Facility
Camp Humphreys, Korea
Sep 2001 – Aug 2003
1 Bldg.: 4-Stories Lodging
7 Units: Suite Room
1 Unit: Suite (ADA) Room
72 Units: Guest Room
Total Floor Area: 4,067 SM
FY04 MCA PN54359,
Whole Barracks Facility
Camp Humphreys, Korea
Aug 2004 – Aug 2006
1 Bldg.: 4 Stories Barrack
with 116 Units: 2 Bed Room
3 Bldg: 2 Stories C.O.F
1 Bldg.: 2 Stories H.Q
Total Floor Area: 11,318 SM

FY 02 MCP, Officer Dormitory,

Osan A.B, Korea
CY99 CDIP SMYU94-3001A
Mar 2002 – Jun 2004
1 Bldg: 4 Stories Dormitory Construct Aircraft Shelters
69 Units: 2 Bed Room (Phase 1)
Total Floor Area: 6,660 SM Osan Air Base, Korea 011893-6
Sep 2001 – Sep 2004
2 Bldgs: 2 Aircraft Shelters
Con’c Paving: 88.89a
Asphalt Paving: 27.78a
Con’c Ditch: 96M
Total Floor Area: 2,026.20SM
FY98 MCA, PN 49018, Three Barracks & Four Operation Facility
Camp Humphreys, Korea DACA81-98-C-0055
Sep 1998 – Jul 2003
3 Bldgs: 4 Stories Barracks for
200 PN - 2 Buildings and 232 PN - 1 Building
416 Units: 2 or 3 Bed Rooms
4 Bldgs: 2 Stories Operation Facilities
Total Floor Area: 17,020 SM PUMYANG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. 36 I 37
FED Projects
FY 01 AFH, PN 51489,
Family Housing, Phase 2 & 3,
and Parking Structure
Camp Humphreys, Korea
Aug 2003 – Jun 2007
2 Bldgs: 8 Stories Family Housing
32 Units: 4 Bed Room
64 Units: 3 Bed Room
Parking: 220 Cars
Total Floor Area: 10.648 SM

CY01 ROKFC, Multi-Story

Family Housing (60 Units) Phase 1
Yongsan Garrison, Korea
DACA81-02-C-0024 (Design – Build)
Apr 2002 – May 2004
2 Bldgs: 5 Stories Buildings
2 Units: 5 Bed Room
18 Units: 4 Bed Room
40 Units: 3 Bed Room
Parking: 131 Cars
Total Floor Area: 16,940 SM


750-14, Bangbaebon-dong
Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel 82-2-590-9114
Fax 82-2-590-9333