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- In the next 100 years, houses might be built using our own mind.

- In most cities nowadays, population are growing exponentially.

- In many schools today, teachers are motivating their students to use virtual
libraries from different countries for searching.
- Before there were supermarkets, where people only could buy food. Nowadays,
there are multimarkets where people can get food, electronic devices, clothes,
shoes, cars supplies, pets pupplies, among others.

As a child, I used to study with books, there were not computers neither Internet.

Five years ago, I had an analog cellphone but now, I have a smartphone.

Nowadays, I use to do almost everything by phone: read my emails, make phone

calls, make videoconferences, among others.

These days, most people work from their workplaces.

In five years, I’ll shop everything online.

In ten years, I might drive a car by phone.


Another problem to face is its food. When the country’s culture is so different to
ours the food could be a problem at the beginning. However, it might change in a
half year when she explores many options.

A possible problem that she might experience is dislike about her new job. But it
might get better when she meets new people and hears good experiences.

Two decades ago, children played street-games, for example: with balls, running,
Nowadays, children play with computers and phones.
In the future, they might play with devices connected to their brains.

In the past, when teachers taught, they said and students repeated the information.
Today, students research into the information and teachers guides the process.
In the future, might get the knowledge through a pill.

Years ago, people booked hotel by guide books.
Today, people use apps to get accommodation.
In the future, people might carry their accommodation into their bags.

This person was very shy and quiet in class, he has only one friend, he used to
wear dark t-shits and black hats. Today, he talks everywhere with anyone; he’s
very talkative and spontaneous. He smiles a lot. Probably after some years, he
might be a coach and might talk in conferences.


If you eat less fast food, you will feel much better.

If you walk to work every day, you might get a knee pain.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be tired all the next day.

If you don’t study regularly, you won’t learn everything that you want.
If you change jobs, you might not get enough work experience.

If you travel abroad, you may know a lot of people and different cultures.



If you study very hard, you’ll need to rest enough.
If you rest enough, you’ll feel happy in the mornings.
If you feel happy in the mornings, you might talk smiling.
If you talk smiling, people might not understand you.
If people don’t understand you, you may feel frustrated.