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Tat's Trivia Bot v3.

To check for latest version.
To use this trivia bot, simply put the files in your mIRC directory.
At the status window type:
/load -rs trivscript.mrc
That'll start it up.
Goto Commands, Trivia, options, and set the options as you require.

Channel: Not truely needed to be set in options. Commands, set channel will set
the current channel as the trivia channel.
Scores: Use what file to define specific scores for the channel set.
Question: Specify the question.txt
Additions: This file is a sort of drop file for suggestion on new question by pa
Report: Close to the additions but different file (could specify the same) for p
roblems with questions.
Delimiter: The character that seperates questions from answers in the questions
Directory: Directory that the files (Question, Additions, Report) reside in.
Echo Answer: Would you like to cheat? Morally you should leave this off if your
going to play.
Join Message: Allows you to enable an on join message to tell people that the tr
ivia script is enabled.
Autostart: Automaticly start the bot when you join the trivia channel.
Auto-Hint: After (Before Auto-Hint) seconds it will automaticly give the room a
hint if engaged.
Crosshatch Hint: Rather than Hint: John F. K enabling this feature allows for
Hint: John F. K#######
Msg !responces: Forces all messages relayed to a user to be displayed to the ent
ire room.
Champ Mode: Resets scores and records when somebody exceeds the champ goal. Plac
es that person on a pedistule.
Answer Timeout: Allows the answer to be provided when the question times out.
Traditional Win: Sometime you might want to ditch all the techno garble. This is
one step in that direction.
Say Scramble: For scramble questions this allows for an introduction to take the
place of where the category would usually go.
Msg !hint: Like Msg !responces it displays hint responces to the entire room. !v
owels, !last, !hint, !words
Answer Space: Right after an question is asked the spacing for the answer is dis
No Mid-Match: Prevents an answer that is contained completely in a large set of
text to be taken. 1 2 3 would be accepted for the answers 1 or 3 but 2 would not
be excepted.
Scatter Hint: Rather than displaying the first characters left to right, it rand
omly displays them.
Show Matched: By default, after an answer is accepted the first, most valid, res
ponce is displayed. This overrides that and displays the answer which was matche
d inside the different answers.
Hint Character: Allows a hint character to be specified as whatever you choose.
NOTE: Using # can cause errors as it is sometimes taken to mean the channel name
by mIRC.
No-activity off: After a set number of questions the bot turns itself off.
Hint-Pause: After a person requests a hint it refuses to take a correct answer f
or a giving amount of time.
Limit On/Off control.
On: Allows the !trivia command only to be accessed by specified level of person.
Off: Allows the !strivia command only to be accessed by specified level of pers
Primary Color: Color of important text.
Secondary Color: Unimportant text.
B & U: These make the color that the color is next to either (B)old or (U)nderli
Background1: Background color for the text.
Background1: Background color for the secondary text.
Before Start: Lag in seconds between start and first question.
Beween Questions: If the question was answered or the question timed out differe
nt amount of lag can be applied.
Given to Answer: Amount of time before the question times out.
Before '!hint' allowed: To combat people who want a !hint before they finish rea
ding the question
Default Round: If nobody specifies how long they wish the round to be by using a
command such as !trivia 10 this is how many questions are done in the round.
Champ Goal: The goal amount before reset so long as Champ Mode is engaged.
Themes dialog.
Allows certain !themes to be added, the themes themselves are rather simple, whe
n set they allow for a different number or questions, question file, and an opti
on to use team mode with this theme.
To be accessed, for example if you allow a scramble theme to use the scramble.tx
t question list provided with this release.
!trivia scramble, by a patron or yourself would start it up with the scramble.tx
t question file.
Add button, adds a theme, you shall be prompted for name, round, questionfile, a
nd whether you'd like this to be a team game.
Disable dialog.
Allows you to disable most any feature you don't want to use. Including most !co
mmands, spell fixing, awards, and themes. One should not that the spell fixing i
s very helpful and without it only EXACT matches would be accepted.
When somebody does the command !trivia team, team mode begins. With a default nu
mber of questions in the round.
Team 1: This specifies the name of Team 1.
Team 2: Name of team 2.
(Team 3): Name of Team 3. If used.
(Team 4): Name of Team 4. If used.
Tied message: If at the end of the round if any number of teams are tied for fir
st place.
Team 1 victory message: Message displayed if team 1 wins.
Team 2 victory message: Message displayed if team 2 wins.
Team 3 victory message: Message displayed if team 3 wins.
Team 4 victory message: Message displayed if team 4 wins.
For example to make the team 1 victory message:
"Team 1 soundly whoops the butts of Team 2".
"*t1 soundly whoops the butts of *t2".
The *t1 and *t2 are replaced with Team 1's and Team 2's names.
Limit Join Period: You can choose to limit the amount of questions which a perso
n must have joined a team by. Or simply leave it not depressed and have no limit
Award messages play when a person in any given game gets a streak of however man
y questions or their score hits a disired amount. All the entries have the same
format. The line is displayed in the box and * is replaced with the nick of the
person and ^ is replaced with either the row they hit for the award or the score
they hit.
"pats * on the back for getting ^ questions in a row." becomes "pats Nick on the
back for getting 3 questions in a row."
The special command is powerful. You can use the internal commands inform and ts
ay to message through notice or trivia channel say.
It issues: (Special command)
Row E.G. 10; -;/kick $nick
Would kick a person for getting a row of ten.
Score E.G. 1000; -;/topic $chan $e1($nick) $e2(broke) $e1(1000) $2(points!)
Would set the topic to the message when somebody breaks 1000 points.
Use $nick to mean the person who won.
Use $chan to mean the current channel.
Avoid using command like "/me grins" as it refers to current chan which could ch
ange while you're looking elsewhere and screw up. Rather, use "/describe $chan g
rins." for this.
To notice somebody you can use the trivia bot's internal command "inform" or to
message the channel "tsay"
If you want something in color surround what you want in color with $e1(Text) or
$e2(Text) depending on with color you want. These refer to internal script comm
ands and will act as such. trivia.award $nick <score> should be done to give poi
nts. Please note it will choose the correct message awarded or deducted.
Should all be easy to understand.
Banned: You can ban people with a right click on their name and going to "Trivia
Ban". The Banned Tab lets you unban them, or add in manual names.
Scores: calls up the scores dialog which allows you to delete or examine scores.
Webpage: Calls up my webpage.
Patron commands:
Command ----------- Function
!help ------------- Provides help on the commands to the patron.
!strivia ---------- Stops trivia
!trivia ------------ Starts trivia.
!trivia x --------- x must be a number.
!trivia Unlimited - For an unlimited question round.
!trivia Team ------ For team mode.
!trivia Team # ---- For a specified sized team game.
!hint ------------- Gives a hint
!vowels ----------- Gives the vowels of the answer.
!last ------------- Gives the last letter of the answer.
!words ------------ Gives the number of words in the answer.
!join x ----------- Joins a team, must be in team mode, x can be a 1 or 2 or (3
or 4) in 4 team mode.
!add -------------- Allows patrons to add questions
!report ----------- Lets you report problems with the questions
!triviaping ------- Checks the lag from the bot
!version ---------- Displays the version of this bot
!hof -------------- Displays the hall of fame
!hoffast ---------- Displays speed hall of fame
!hofstreak -------- Displays streak hall of fame
!hofwpm ----------- Displays words per minute all of fame
!server ----------- Displays the bot's server
!record(s)--------- Displays the record time and streak
!champ ------------ Displays the champ
!pause ------------ Pauses the current round.
!resume ----------- Resumes the current round.
!repeat ----------- Repeats the question
!next ------------- After half the time has expired allows a person to timeout t
he question early.
!themes ----------- Displays available themes
!stat(s) ---------- Returns the patron's current rank, score, best time, best st
!stat(s) <name> --- Allows !stats for other players.
!stat(s) # -------- Allows the bot to call the stat of a specified rank.
Op Commands:
!op find <text> - Finds text.
!op add <question*answer> - Adds a question and directly to the main question fi
!op ban <user> - Bans a user.
!op unban <user> - Unbans a user.
!op ask <#> - Asks given question.
!op banned -- Lists banned individuals
!op enable ---- Enables the bot.
!op disable --- Disables the bot.
general questions...
sports questions...
animal questions...
The categories work like so, determining the category by the closest #category a
t the bottom.
Answer hashing routine to fix some typos. It's trivia not a Spelling B. Auto-ena
Options dialog to quicky adjust the settings on the bot.
Team mode; when somebody types "!trivia team"
Customizable team mode end messages to allow you to set up themes to your trivia
Question logging to stop any question from repeating itself in a round.
Advanced high score ranking system that allows anybody to know their rank (!stat
s) out of hundreads of scores.
Flawless sorting of the high score entries.
Scores based on Streak, Time, Words per minute and of course Score.
Customizable award messages for rows and score.
Allows unlimited question rounds.
Allows an infinate number of secondary answers.
Unlike other trivia bots this one allows the trivia bot itself (you) to play.
Scramble: Jumble-like play. Could make the entire bot do scrambles by making the
entire question file like "Scramble*Hi All"
Total: Give every responce to given category.
Multi: Pick the answer out of a multiple choice entry.
Themes: Let you're people choose what type of game they play.
Team Mode end game configurable messages.
Choice between 2-team and 4-team game.
Fixes in 3.21
Fixed range error in get question routine, last question now gets asked.
Fixed !op ask error which caused the question file values to flip.
Fixed the read question and category routines.
Rewrote the ask routine, corrects for more errors ect. Thanks C. Draper
Fixed error that caused trivia themes to fully break. Thanks Mortarion.
Fixed invalid dialog name in features menu. Thanks Chris H.
Fixes in 3.2
tsay now checks if your connected to a server.
Added UWord* to be the same as Scramble* in trivia bot question files.
New Setup Dialog.
Revamped scramble algorithm.
Proper military rank dialog.
Different hint type options. (nothing new yet, just setup)
Multichannel dialog integrated into general trivia settings dialog.
Added multiquestion options.
Color system upgrade, easier settings.
Fixed background color between switch gaps.
Says Hint Number.
Award huge revamp, triggers on many different criteria and can perform many func
Fixes in 3.15
Military rank system, in place. (No support yet)
Join part lag reduced.
Color bug fixed.
Fixed speed on rank lookup.
Created new question file from qbig.txt.
If there is a feature that you would like to see added *please* e-mail me.
Any questions, comments, bugs or compliments; e-mail me at:
Good Luck.