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After sustaining, Sinta, Lestari, and Sintya buy a drink, on a sustainable

road throwing bottles carelessly and meeting with Dinda and her frends.

Siska: “ Aww Shit………”

Sintya: “Ouch you guys again, where did you meet.”

Sinta: “This world is too narrow, every where just meet these people”.

Lestari: “OMG”

Rusma: “You guys are still just littering”.

Dinda: “Yes true, is not we will protect the environment, who will??”

Lestari: “I don’t care, bye!”

Alsa: “Never mind just let him be hit later”

A few hours later the Lestari and frend’s were talking then Lestari fell
because she steppe on a drink bottle. Meanwhile Dinda and her frends were
walking along to see Lestari fall. Dinda and frends approached Lestari and

Rusma: “what’s wrong with you Les??”

Lestari: “I fell down because of trash”

Rusma: “that’s the reason if you often litter”

Dinda: “Yes Lestari next time don’t litter anymore”

Alsa: “We must protect the environment so that we are free from waste”.

Lestari: “Sorry guys, often litter I also never listen to what you guys say”

Sintya: “I’m sorry too”

Sinta: “ I’m sorry too”

Siska: “Next time, Don’t repeat”.

Moral Messeage : Do not litter, because the earth is not a trash, so we must keep
the environment clean, because the environment is the source of our lives, we
must not litter, because trash can pollute the environment and can cause natural