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Battery installation and charging Pair your first Bluetooth cell phone Pair your first Bluetooth headset

Install the battery as shown below. For optimal To pair and connect your first Bluetooth cell phone: To pair and connect your first Bluetooth headset:
performance, charge the handset battery for at A paired Bluetooth headset can be
least 16 hours before use. 1. Press MENU/SELECT on the used for making and receiving Directory
handset. home calls. Call log
2. Press or to highlight Call log
1. Press MENU/SELECT on the
1. If the battery 2. Plug the battery Intercom Bluetooth
Bluetooth, then press handset. Ringers
compartment cover connector securely MENU /SELECT. Bluetooth

Quick start guide is on the handset,

press the indentation
into the socket
inside the handset 3. Press or to highlight
Add cellular, then press
Ringers 2. Press or to highlight
Bluetooth, then press BLUETOOTH
for model DS6311-2 and slide the cover to battery compartment, MENU /SELECT. Download dir
remove. matching the color- MENU /SELECT. The screen BLUETOOTH
Add cellular
displays ADD CELLULAR Download dir 3. Press or to highlight
coded label. Add cellular Add headset, then press Add headset
Place cell phone next to Active devices
Add headset MENU /SELECT. The screen
base. Press SELECT. Active devices displays ADD HEADSET Place
Install the telephone base and charger 4. Press MENU /SELECT. Bluetooth headset next to ADD HEADSET
Install the telephone base and charger as The screen displays base. Press SELECT. Place Bluetooth
Please set your cell phone ADD CELLULAR
shown below. 4. Press MENU /SELECT. headset next to
Place cell
to search for devices, then The screen displays base.
Electrical outlet not phone next to
press SELECT. base. Please set your headset to Press select
controlled by a wall switch
5. Turn on the Bluetooth feature of Press SELECT discoverable mode, then
Telephone wall jack your cell phone and search for press SELECT.
Telephone Please set your
base power or add new devices. 5. Set your headset to headset to
Please set your
adapter Telephone line cord discoverable mode. discoverable
6. Press MENU /SELECT to set the cell phone to mode, then
telephone base to discoverable search for 6. Press MENU /SELECT to press SELECT
DSL filter (not 3. Place the battery with 4. Align the cover flat mode. devices, then set your telephone base to
included) is required press SELECT discoverable mode and search
the label THIS SIDE against the battery
if you have DSL high
UP facing up and the compartment, then 7. Once your cell phone finds for your headset. Searching for
speed Internet service your VTech DS6311, press Bluetooth
wires inside the battery slide it towards the 7. Once the telephone base
compartment. center of the handset a key on your cell phone to headsets...
confirm the connection. Base name: finds your headset, press
until it clicks into place. VTech DS6311 MENU /SELECT.
Electrical outlet 8. Enter the PIN of the telephone PIN:0000
not controlled by 8. Enter the PIN of your headset
a wall switch base (the default PIN is 0000) (the PIN for most Bluetooth
into your cell phone. devices is 0000), then press FOUND DEVICES
Cellular setup Headset A
9. When successfully connected, completed
Headset B
the handset displays 9. When the handset displays
Cellular setup completed Headset A paired to base.
Telephone base Device connected and the connected Connect now? Press
corresponding status icon SELECT, then press
Power ( 1 or 2). The ADD HEADSET
adapter MENU /SELECT.
corresponding device light on Enter PIN:

the telephone base (DEVICE1 10. When successfully connected, ----

Charge or DEVICE2) turns on. the handset displays

light Headset setup completed
5. Charge the handset • The pairing process may take up to one minute. If the Device connected and the
by placing it in the pairing process fails, try again. corresponding status icon
( 1 or 2). The Headset A
telephone base or • If you put the handset back in the telephone base paired to base.
charger. The CHARGE or charger while pairing, the process stops and the corresponding light on the
Connect now?
light is on when the handset returns to idle mode. telephone base (DEVICE1 or
handset charges. DEVICE2) turns on. Press SELECT
• The pairing process may take
Headset setup
• Use only the power adapters and batteries supplied up to one minute. If the pairing
with your VTech telephone. process fails, try again.
• For complete feature instructions, please refer to your • If you put the handset back in the
telephone base or charger while Device
user’s manual.
pairing, the process stops and the connected
handset returns to idle mode.
Introducing Bluetooth Make, answer and end a call To make a cell call: IMPORTANT!
• Enter the telephone number, then press /CELL.
You can make and receive calls using the home and To make a home call: If the DS6311 system is not working properly:
cell lines. The home line is your conventional telephone • Press /HOME/FLASH or , then enter the To answer a cell call: • Refer to the Troubleshooting section of the
land line ( /HOME/FLASH). The cell line is the telephone number.� user’s manual.
telephone line associated with your cell phone service • Press /CELL.
( /CELL). • Visit our website at or call
To end a cell call: 1 (800) 595-9511. In Canada, go to
You can: or dial 1 (800) 267-7377.
• Press OFF/CLEAR or put the handset in the
• Pair up to four Bluetooth enabled cell phones with telephone base or charger.
the telephone base. Up to two of them can make
and receive cell calls. However, only one cell phone
can be on a call at a time. Download directory
• Use the home and cell lines at the same time. To predial a home call: You can download up to four cell phone directories to
• Conference the home and cell lines. • Enter the telephone number, then press your DS6311 via Bluetooth wireless technology.
/HOME/FLASH or . To download a cell phone directory:
Important Bluetooth information To answer a home call: 1. Press MENU/SELECT on the handset.
• Minutes are deducted from your cellular plan for the • Press /HOME/FLASH or . 2. Press or to highlight Bluetooth, then press
duration of all cell calls using the DS6311. -OR- MENU /SELECT.
• Charge your cell phone while it is connected to Press the call key on your headset if you have a 3. Press MENU /SELECT to choose Download dir.
the telephone base. Your cell phone’s battery Bluetooth headset connected.
discharges faster while it is connected to the 4. Press or to select a desired device, then press
telephone base via Bluetooth wireless technology. To end a home call: MENU /SELECT.
• If you have voicemail service on your cell phone, • Press OFF/CLEAR or put the handset in the
telephone base or charger. 5. Press or to highlight one of the following
unanswered calls to your cell line are answered by options:
your cell phone’s voicemail. -OR- • Phone memory - download all contacts stored
• Bluetooth wireless technology operates within a Press the call key on your headset if you are using in your phone memory.
short range (about 1 to 30 feet) from the telephone your headset.
base. Keep connected cell phones and headset • SIM card only - download all contacts stored in
within this range. your SIM card.
To answer a home call using a Bluetooth headset:
• If you are on a call using a cordless system handset • Phone and SIM - download all contacts stored
• Press the call key on your headset. in both your phone memory and SIM card.
on the cell line, you cannot pick up the paired cell
phone and join the call. However, you can join the To end a home call you answered from a Bluetooth Press MENU /SELECT. During the download
call using another DS6311 handset. headset: process, the handset will display the progress. All
• You cannot use the cell line and a Bluetooth • Press the call key on your headset. system handsets will display Cell line in use.
headset at the same time. If you make or answer a home call on a handset, 6. When the downloading process is complete, the
• If your cell phone has poor reception in your you can transfer the call to the headset. The handset handset displays Download ended Total #XXXX
home, the DS6311 cannot improve the reception. remains active with the handset earpiece and entries saved. Press SELECT.
However, if you have a location in your house with microphone muted. If you hang up the handset, the call Press MENU /SELECT or OFF/CLEAR to return to the
better reception, you can leave your cell phone in will end. download directory menu.
that location while you use the DS6311 cell line. In
order for this to work, the telephone base must be To transfer a call from a handset to a
• Place your cell phone next to the telephone base
Bluetooth headset:
within 30 feet of the cell phone. when you download a cell phone directory to your
• Press MENU/SELECT twice to select DS6311.
If you have difficulty using your cell line, refer to Use headset. • Make sure the cell phone is paired to your DS6311
the Troubleshooting section of the user’s manual. and on the active devices list before you download a
To transfer a call from the headset back to
cell phone directory.
the handset:
• Press MENU/SELECT twice to select The Bluetooth ® word mark and logos are owned
Use handset. by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks
by VTech Holdings Limited is under license. VTech
To end a call that started at the handset: Holdings Limited is a member of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
• Press OFF/CLEAR or put the handset in the Other trademarks and trade names are those of their
telephone base or charger. respective owners.