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It has been underpin that the organizations can form the multiform and unified feedback
system. With the help of the 360 degree feedback evaluation method, the performance of the
employee or a tutor has been undermined. I have to ensure that the prospect of the
organization is properly followed. Being the employee, I need to attain the customer in a proper
way. For this, use of the proficient tool can help in recompensing my performance of the
personnel. It can also scrutinize me to influence the worker attainment and also monitor and
map and give feedback to the employees in order to achieve the goals of the organization.

I can administer that giving feedback to the employee can help in leading the business towards
success. I can probably lead the potential to which multiple aims can be attained. I will also
manage the individual performance and potential to achieve the business development. In the
diploma courses the tutor is likely to provide a proper knowledge of the skills and inputs to
their salary administration as well as encompassing it. I find that the employee and tutors both
are responsible for reporting to their officers in the certain manner. By providing them
feedbacks, I can enhance the tutor’s effectiveness and improve their performance through
which they can help in attaining the goal of the organizations.

I think that the proper training and development along with that the HR planning or
administrative decisions might affect the transfer and placement of the business. I recognize
that the goal of the organization requires proper maintenance and validation through the legal
aspects. I have found that the legal and commercial requirements such as legal laws of
employment might project on the effective functioning of the tutor. As the employer in an
organization, I can presume that the evaluation method of the 360 degree can help in
addressing the various levels from internal and external sources. The 360 method can provide
the traditional performance of the employees/ students with the feedback. Through this, I can
scale the employees/ students on the basis of the performance and feedback entertained by
them. It might include senior manager, employees or administrators or subordinates. I think
tutors or managers both require the approaches that can be perceived to be informal and self
reflecting and peer support. All the practices of the teachers and business authorities are likely
to present the level of the devalued collaboration. I think that the teachers and performance
management process had supported them to identify the areas of improvement. Teachers
usually develop the students and their colleagues or line manager or looking for the ways

Areas of good practice or areas for improvement

I think that the evaluation of the performance of the colleague or student or tutor/ manager
can be assessed with the collection of the assessment information in the school. The School-
wide approach is reported to provide the information to the students and managed the
interaction level to which the further learning and improving the students to meet the
achievement and reporting to the students by overlapping and complementing it each other. I
think that providing proper training and closely linking the assessment processes to learning
priorities might help in setting the clear and rational proportionate systems along with the
schools. The diploma course presents the excellent teaching and academic success. It has
specific data based goals. I prefer that the targets set by the tutor or manager for their
organization or schools might establish in the literacy based programmes to raise the

Future development goals

I think that I can focus on enhancing my communication and leadership skills in order to
maintain the coordination between the staff and colleagues. As I remember that the future
goals to enhance the communication and improving the ability to manage the team remotely
can be handled efficiently. It has set the guidelines to which the team culture and managing the
large part of the targets can be assessed with the success of personal and professional
development. It can help me to meet the goals of futuristic strategic development. I approach
on the learning and development activities which can help in making major contribution to
which the organizational objectives and investment for all the stakeholders/ tutor of the
organization/ schools has been undertaken place. The development can be based on the self-
directing learning and it can enable the skills and knowledge to maximize my capacity in future.
The study concludes on presenting the reflective analysis of the workplace i.e. school or
collages where the diploma courses have been studied. The learning styles that are opted
present some sort of the new material which helps in development of the new skills.

I personally presume that the CIPD activity has helped in the development of the skills. Further,
I will relate to the technologies and legal and commercial requirements which are being taught
to the students by the tutor. As a role of the tutor, I would demonstrate the training and
development needs. Further, the test to check my competency to handle the staff and
colleague has been carried through 123 test method which examines my personal and
professional development.

Other than this, it has also helped me to develop my skills which are reluctantly essential for
being an employer. I think that the additional skills that I have chosen were however helpful for
me to meet the present and future levels of the development in myself. But in order to meet
the suggestive capability and success I have developed a Personal development plan which has
helped me to direct on the right path for the career choices.

I have also determine that the learning and development approaches can help in changing the
strategic evaluation of the business and attaining the career goals that are set for the next 3
years in the study.