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Analytics professional with 6.5 years’ experience in banking and online travel booking industries. Expertise in R,
SAS, SQL, Advanced Excel & VBA along with working knowledge of Python.

Niche: Eye for details with numbers, solving unstructured problems, crisis management, insight generation &
story-boarding that lead to revenue, sales and client satisfaction, ability to convert numbers into business

Professional Experience:

Citi (Global Decision Management), Bangalore

Senior Analyst, Citi Commercial Banking Analytics (Jul’16 – Mar’19)

 Next Best Product: Led the analysis of the next best product offering to each client based on highest
probability weighted revenue impact resulting in $3.1 MM in revenue.
o What to Target: Targeting products based on highest probability weighted revenue impact
(probability x RORC).
o When to Target: optimal time of targeting next product based on time gaps between pairs of
product take-up.
 Commercial Client Wallet Size Estimation in order to target clients with high business potential for
product cross sell and revenue growth.
o Client Annual Sales, Import & Export, Industry Group used to estimate separate revenue streams’
potential (Deposit, Loans, Market, Episodic).
 Client Quality Analysis: Client Acquisition & Onboarding Strategy for New to Bank Clients based on Client
o Segments of high vintage clients created dependent on current value and industry groups.
o Older Vintage Look-alikes of NTB Clients based on historical profiles to predict future value of new
o Onboarding Strategy: To focus more on NTB Clients with lower attrition risk and higher future
o Acquisition Strategy: To focus on acquiring clients based on industry groups and other
demographic profiles that indicate high value /revenue in future.
 Risk Rating Optimization: Simulation of profitability vs risk rating from Loan Clients:
o Risk rating segment just below minimum threshold followed by Citi to approve loans found to be
o Discussions between risk and marketing ongoing in order to lower the minimum risk rating
required for loan approvals / targeting.
 Platinum subsidiary analysis: Established subsidiary companies’ revenue contribution percentage to
Parent company, thus detecting least contributing subsidiaries, which helped to strategies future revenue
target and RM performance metrics and reduce the cost by 50%.

Analyst, Citi Commercial Banking Analytics (Apr’14 – Jun’16)

 Voice of Customer Annual Survey: Derived insights & actionable items from commercial clients’
satisfaction survey data to help RMs improve client satisfaction from 89% to 93%.
o Data manipulation in R followed by VBA for dashboard creation and analysis.
o Analysis on how survey quality & duration impacted client satisfaction.
o Cross-Border Analysis to identify clients with cross-border business opportunities to establish
international relationship with MNCs.
 Taiwan Call Volume Analysis: Investigated high call-in rates at Taiwan call centre for cost reduction
opportunity and validated the need to keep maintaining the call volume since high value clients tended to
call more and there is a possibility of losing business from these clients in absence of call centre facility.

 Lending turnaround time (TAT) analysis: Formulated Lending TAT calculation incorporating different
constraints to compute and predict expected loan approval timeframe. Further identified bottlenecks and
reworks to identify action areas, which successfully decreased lending process TAT from 52 days to 23

Airtrade Leisure & Travel ( /, Bangalore

Junior Analyst (Oct’12 – Mar’14)
Analytics of site performance of travel sites under BCD Holdings across geographies
 Web-marketing channel analysis & optimizing costs of advertising across web-marketing partners by
changing advertising deals:
o Pricing deals based on conversion with Web-Marketing partners leading to high traffic volume but
lower booking /conversion rate.
o Pricing deals based on Landing or Impression (Cost per Click) with Web-Marketing partners
leading to low traffic volume but high booking /conversion rate among redirected prospects.
 Overall site level metrics, Cart performance & Booking performance Insights
o Seasonal Trends of Airlines & Airports to help pricing team optimize pricing based on estimated
o Sudden high booking rate detected - incorrect pricing was flagged as the reason and rectified
immediately by operations team.
o Deep-dive into a sudden high click rate from a partner site led to 1 particular IP address, flagged as
BOT, and the IP blocked immediately from clicking to avoid site-jam created by high traffic volume.

 R programming (Site Level Trainer for Basic R at GDM, Citi)
 SAS programming & SQL
 Basic Python
 R Programming (Coursera)
 Introduction to Python Course, Intermediate Python Course (DataCamp)
 Google Analytics Beginners (Google)
 Accelerated Learning Course Facilitator and Course Designer (Center for Accelerated Learning – Europe)
 NSE Certified Market Professional (NCMP) Level 1
L&D: L&D Trainer for the following at Citi:
 Basic R
 Advanced Excel
 Outlook

Educational Qualification:
 MBA (Finance) from Techno India, Salt Lake Campus, Kolkata (West Bengal University of Technology)
 B.Sc. (Microbiology Honours - Burdwan University)