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2013 –14
TIME : 3 hrs CLASS : XI M.M.-90

General Instruction:
1. Answers to questions carrying 1 mark may be from one word to one sentence.
2. Answers to questions carrying 3 marks may be from 50-75 word.
3. Answers to questions carrying 4-5 mark may be about 150 words.
4. Answers to questions carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words.
5. Attempt all part of a question together.

1. Tata power is planting trees on roadsides of several big cities. Name the objective Tata power is
engaged. (1)
2. It includes both. Trade as well as auxiliaries to trade. Name it. (1)
3. How would you classify trade on the basis of geographical boundaries? (1)
4. What is a profession? (1)
5. “A number of signatories are required to the memorandum of association of a private company.
What is that number? (1)
6. State the meaning of unlimited liability. (1)
7. Can a public company commence business after obtaining certificate of incorporation? (1)
8. Define the term ‘Promotion’. (1)
9. There are many MNCs in India Multinationals Corporation? Give two examples. (1)
10. A government company is any company in which the paid-up capital held by the govt. is not less
than ………. (1)
11. Public sector enterprises could be organized under different forms. Briefly explain the three
important forms. (3)
12. Name and explain the partner who does not have interest in the partnership business but lends his
name to the business firm. (3)
13. Mention any three advantages of sole proprietorship. (3)
14. “There is clear-cut difference between business and profession”. Identify three criteria on which
they are different. (3)
15. “Business is an economic activity”. Do you agree? Why? (3)
16. A chartered accountant (C.A) as a professional is bound by the code of conduct prescribed by the
Institute of chartered accountants of India. Mr. X, a leading CA, advises his client, a businessman,
about the techniques to convert his black money into ‘white money’ and this avoid income tax is
the conduct of both Mr. X and businessman justified? Give reasons for your answer. (4)
17. A company is defined as an artificial person. What are its implications? (4)

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18. What are the four important features government company? (4)
19. Differentiate between private and public enterprises on the basis of ownership, purpose, social
objectives and control. (4)
20. A paint manufacturing unit is creating air pollution and degrading the natural environment its
management does not want to install antipollution equipment as it will reduce the profits of the
company. Is the action of the company management ethically justified? (5)
21. Explain the nature and causes of business risk. (5)
22. Write a short note on ‘statement in lieu of prospectus’. (5)
23. Registration of a partnership is not compulsory, but it is desirable to get it registered. Give the
reasons due to which a firm should be registered. (5)
24. What do you understand by ‘departmental undertakings’? State its features. (5)
25. Briefly explain any four characteristics of business. (6)
Briefly explain role of profit in business.
26. Briefly explain factors in choice of form of business organization. (6)
Define a joint stock company and discuss its salient features.
27. “The basic rational of public sector has changes significantly”. In the light of this statements,
state any four initiatives taken by the government. (6)

What is a joint venture? Briefly explain its benefits.
28. Explain any three features and any three merits of a statutory corporation. (6)
“Multinational corporations are a mixed blessing to the developing countries”. Comment on this


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