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My Holiday

I went to Bandung last holiday with my family. We went there by my car.

It took long time to reach Bandung. It was about 2 hours and we had so many
traffics in Bandung. As people could see, Bandung is almost the same with
Jakarta, but the differences are in its culture. Not only that, Bandung also had so
many cold areas like Ciater and others. It was so wonderful in Bandung. I could
release all my things at there.
After we arrived in Bandung city, we had a view at another place like ITB,
UNPAD and so many more. Then we had a lunch in a small restaurant. After
lunch, we continued our way to Ciater. Hope less, it had a big traffic in the way to
Ciater. So we stopped in a café until evening. Then we continued our way. It was
so dark and it was scary on the left or right side. We only could see several trees
during the way to the higher place. Finally we arrived in Ciater.
Ciater was so cold and comfortable. It was nice and well-known as it is
sulfur bath. But although it was night and the temperature was cold, it was still
hot in the sulfur pool. Not only that, the sulfur bath was so skinny and we did not
have to let our eyes touch the water. Sulfur is almost same like salt. It could
make our eyes hurt. But the advantage of sulfur bath made our skin to be light
and fresh. Then after I took bath, I went to sleep.
The next day was my last day in Bandung, so I had to spend it rightfully.
The first thing of my activities in this place was riding a horse. It was nice to ride
horse when the air was fresh and enjoyable. After that, I went to strawberry
garden. At there, I knew the process of harvesting a strawberry. Then, I went
back to the cottage and packing. After we checked out, we went to a Sundanese
restaurant to have a lunch. The food was delicious. After we had a lunch, we
went to Cihampelas. That was the most crowded place in Bandung because
everyone would visit it as the last place before coming back to Jakarta. There
were many shops and places to visit, like instrument shop, tattoes, and others.
After having fun, we went home. It was a wonderful holiday…



1. Simple Past
Fungsi : untuk menyatakan kegiatan/aktivitas yang terjadi dalam waktu tertentu
di masa lampau.
Pattern :
(+) S + V2 + O
(-) S + did not + V1 + O
(?) did + S + V1 +O
e.g :
(+) I ate rice
(-) I did not eat rice
(?) Did I eat rice ?

2.Past Continuous
Fungsi : Untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung ketika kegiatan
lain terjadi di masa lampau
Pattern :
(+) S + Be (was/were) + V1 + ing + O
(-) S + Be + not + V1 + ing + O
(?) Be + S + V1 + ing + O           
e.g :
(+) They were playing badminton yesterday
(-) They were not playing badminton yesterday
(?) were they playing badminton yesterday ?

3. Past Perfect
Fungsi : Untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang telah selesai dilakukan sebelum atau
ketika kegiatan lain terjadi di masa lampau.
Pattern :
(+) : S + had + V3
(-) : S + had + not + V3
(?) : had + S + V3
e.g :
(+) you had eaten mine.
(-) she had not been to Rome.
(?) had you finished?

4. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Fungsi : untuk menyatakan durasi suatu kegiatan yang telah atau sedang
berlangsung sebelum kegiatan lain terjadi di masa lampau.
Pattern :
(+) : S + had + been + Ving
(-) : S + had + not + been + Ving
(?) : had + S + been + Ving
e.g :
(+) She had been going to Malang since evening.
(-) She hadn’t been going to Malang since evening.
(?) Had she been going to Malang ?