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Positive (+) Points Negative (-) Points Interesting Points

The following are the The following are the The following are the
positive points/concepts negative points/concepts points/concepts that
in which the reporter in which the reporters gained my attention. The
explained well and failed to explain and concepts that are seemed
elaborated in a elaborate well: tricky but the reporter
systematic manner: manage to explain it fine.
-The different process of
-The Six Major weathering such as -The information
Components of the soil physical, chemical and regarding the importance
which are: eroded rock, biological weathering. It of soil and its role in the
mineral nutrients, was not well elaborated ecosystem especially in
decayed organic matter, and explained sustaining the life of
water, air and living individually. every people really
organisms. caught my attention, it is
-The factors affecting the very interesting to know
- The importance of soil formation of the soil that even though soil are
such as; providing which are climate, being regarded as useless
nutrients for the plants, organism, parental for there were always soil
recycle and filters water, material, topography and whenever we need them,
stores water, and most time were not elaborated still, their importance and
importantly, soil is the well, it was just simply different functions in our
basis of life in earth. red by the reporter. life is irreplaceable.

-The soil conservation -The soil horizon and -The top 10 for why your
strategies given and profiles were not life depends on soil is
discussed by the reporter explained systematically. another interesting
was well explained, well concept for me, it really
elaborated. -The soil types based on awakens my
water content were also consciousness to be a
not elaborated well by responsible citizen
the reporter. especially in dealing and
using soils around us. It is
-The presentation of the very nice to know that
effects of soil erosion and without soil, our life will
erosion in the Philippines be miserable for soil
was not so good, for the provides almost
graphs and pictures are everything of our daily
not clearly visible. needs to survive.

-The way the reporter

delivered and explained
the Man’s dependency on
soil really caught my
attention, it was well
elaborated and lots of
practical insights were
sighted. It truly adds to
what I had already knew
with man’s dependency
on soil. It was really a
great topic and so is the

The reporters of the first group seemed to be not so prepared but I can see
that they’re doing their best to deliver and explain their topic well. The topics and
concepts presented to the class were good the only issue is their ability to elaborate
the topic individually and as a whole. But then, I was surprised by the report of Mr.
Dela Cruz, it was really interesting and I can see that he exerted extra effort to
deliver his topic well. Overall, it was a good report by the fact that they were the
first reporter.