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6010A Data Sheet

Genelec 6010A
Active Loudspeaker

tortion is exceptionally making the 6010A safe to use near sensi-

low due to a uniquely tive graphical displays. The drivers are also
new rear reflex port protected against thermal overload.
design. The system's The amplifier unit contains an active
excellent directivity crossover. This is the ideal method for
characteristics and dividing the input signal between the
a c c u ra t e imaging driver units, allowing the overall response
together with its com- of the system to be optimized to an extent
pact size and flex- impossible with a passive system. Distor-
ible mounting options tions and losses inherent in a high level
make the 6010A the passive crossover are also avoided. An
perfect loudspeaker RCA line level input connector provides
The Genelec 6010A is a very compact for a wide range of applications. easy connection to a preamplifier, com-
two-way active loudspeaker designed for As the amplifiers are integrated into the puter sound card or a portable MP3 player.
computer sound systems and other close loudspeaker enclosure, the only connec- The active crossover controls 'Desktop
proximity listening applications. Its small tions required are the mains supply and Control' and 'Bass Tilt' allow the 6010A to
size, amazing sound quality and rugged the line level input signal, making the be exactly matched to any application.
construction make the 6010A an ideal 6010A very easy to set up and use. The The amplifier unit is built into the
portable sound system for the travelling integrated design allows the amplifiers and loudspeaker enclosure. The bass and
professional user and a constant source the drivers to be calibrated as a single unit treble amplifiers each produce 12 watts
of enjoyment for active free time. in the factory. This eliminates the effects of of output power. The fast, low distortion
Designed as an active loudspeaker, the component tolerances and ensures con- amplifiers are capable of driving a stereo
6010A contains drivers, power amplifiers, sistent quality. The cast aluminium cabinet pair to peak output sound pressure levels
active crossover filters and protection cir- has rounded corners and a hard-wearing in excess of 102 dB at 1 m. Automatic
cuitry. The 6010A excels in applications painted outer surface available in black, thermal overload protection ensures reli-
where space is at a premium, taking full white or silver finish. able operation of the amplifier in all situ-
advantage of the innovations and uncon- The high frequency driver is a 19 mm (3/4") ations.
ventional design features created by Gen- metal dome. Uniform dispersion control is A combination of five 6010A’s and the
elec’s R&D team. achieved with the revolutionary DCW™ matching Genelec 5040A subwoofer can
The all-aluminium Minimum Diffrac- technology pioneered by Genelec, which create a dynamic and detailed sound-
tion Enclosure™ (MDE™) and advanced has also resulted in improved phase and stage like no other loudspeaker system
Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™) delay uniformity at the crossover frequency. of the same size category. Contact your
technologies are carefully matched with The bass frequencies are reproduced local Genelec dealer for an audition and
advanced amplifier and electronics cir- by a 76 mm (3") driver. see Genelec’s website
cuitry and the latest drivers. Bass response Both drivers have neodymium magnets, for more information of Genelec’s loud-
extends down to 73 Hz (-3 dB) while dis- which cause minimal magnetic stray field, speaker line.
6010A Data Sheet

system specifications Amplifier Section

6010A 6010A
Lower cut-off frequency, –3 dB < 73 Hz Bass amplifier short term output power 12 W at ����������
8 Ohm load
Treble amplifier short term output power 12 W at ����������
8 Ohm load
Upper cut-off frequency, –3 dB > 21 kHz
(Long term output power is limited by driver
Free field frequency response 74 Hz – 18 kHz (± 2.5 dB) unit protection circuitry)
Maximum short term sine wave acoustic @ 1 m > ���������
dB SPL Amplifier system THD at nominal output < 0.08 %
output on axis in half space, averaged from @ 0.5 m > 99�������
Mains voltage 100, 120, 220 or 230 V
100 Hz to 3 kHz
Power consumption (average)
Maximum long term RMS acoustic output @ 1 m > 91 dB SPL
Idle 5 VA
in same conditions with IEC weighted noise
Full output 35 VA
(limited by driver unit protection circuit
Maximum peak acoustic output per pair with @ 1 m > 102 dB SPL
music material
Self generated noise level in half space at 1 m < 5 dB
on axis (A-weighted)
Harmonic distortion at 80 dB SPL
at 1 m on axis
Freq: 70…400 Hz� < 3%
> 400 Hz < 0.5 %
Bass 76 mm (3") cone
Treble 19 mm (3/4") metal dome
Weight 1,4 kg (3.1 lb)
Dimensions 6010A
Height including Iso-Pod™ table stand 195 mm (711/16”)
Height without Iso-Pod™ table stand 181 mm (71/8”) Signal input connector
Width 121 mm (43/4") RCA female, unbalanced 10 kOhm pin +, ring gnd
Depth 114 mm (41/2”)
Input level for 90 dB SPL output at 1 m -6 dBu at volume
control max
Sensitivity control range -12 dB relative to
max output
Crossover frequency, Bass/Treble 3.0 kHz
Desktop control operating range 0 to –4 dB @ 200 Hz
Bass Tilt control operating range in –2 dB From 0 to -6 dB @ 100 Hz
The ‘CAL’ position is with all tone controls set to ‘off’ and the input sensitivity
control to maximum (fully clockwise).

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