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Nov/Dec 2010

Africa to Asia
An insight into the ministry of LCMS missionary
Megan Birney serving Christ in Hong Kong

Our LIGHT has come...

Happy Advent, friends! I pray this letter finds you in the joy of the season as we prepare for the birth of our
Savior! As you probably noticed, this is a combined newsletter for the months of November and Decem-
ber. It’s been a busy two months! Upon arriving home from our CWEFT service trip in Northern Thailand,
a Thanksgiving food drive began that was spearheaded by the youth at Church of All Nations. Hong
Kong International School (HKIS) middle school and high school campuses participated in gathering over
400 food items for the Bethune House. The Bethune House is an awesome ministry that provides hous-
ing, food, and other assistance for abused or neglected domestic helpers living in Hong Kong.
Immediately following the food drive, I was asked to chaperone an HKIS Habitat for Humanity trip to
Rayong in central Thailand. So I made my way back to Thailand, this time with 15 HKIS high school stu-
dents and a male teacher. We spent 4 days building a house for a small family living in a Muslim commu-
nity. This trip was quite a learning experience for me since I have never been on a service trip that wasn’t
centered around our call as Christians to serve. I’ll admit I was nervous at the beginning of the trip but
was continually amazed along the way at that doors that were opened within our group and in turn within
the community. It was also encouraging to build relationships with some HKIS students outside of our
church community.
I have also been encouraged by continuing to volunteer at Concordia Lutheran School—North Point
(CLSNP). Last year Lynette and I built a great relationship with one class in particular, 6A (the equiva-
lent to 12th grade, with a concentration on liberal arts). If you look back in newsletter history, they are
the ones we accompanied for the poverty simulation and class picnic last year. This year they are 7A! I
Good Christian friends,
have continued meeting up with them for lunch every Thursday afternoon and teach their oral English REJOICE with
lesson afterwards. It has been a mutually encouraging time and I’m blessed to know that as long as I heart and soul and
am in HK, I will have these students as friends. Stress on students in Hong Kong is somewhat disheart-
ening to me. These students are some of the brightest and there is a slim chance that even 5 of them
will be able to attend university in HK. In January they will leave school for 4 months of home study in Now ye hear of
preparation for their exams in April. I will most likely not see any of them during these months because endless bliss:
they will literally spend every waking moment in a book or with a tutor. Please join me in praying for
Jesus Christ was
them over the next few months as they prepare; that the Lord would encourage them and be their com-
fort. born for this!
Adding to the festiveness of the season, our CAN Children’s Christmas Cantata was performed this past He has opened
Sunday! We started practicing in the beginning of November and the children of our congregation did an heaven’s door, and
awesome job with “Stars Tell the Story”. For more pictures from all the awesome things the Lord has
done these past two months, visit or acrossanocean-
we are blest for- God’s richest blessings to you and yours this Christmas! ever more.
Photos! Below: Our H4H house! Christ was
Middle: CAN’s Christmas Cantata Candids
Right: CLSNP 7A at their class picnic
born for this!
Christ was
born for this!

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November/December 2010 Prayer Requests
“For this reason, I kneel before the Father…” Eph. 3:14
LCMS World Mission • For the community of Church of All Nations and Hong Kong International School
• Praise for the Thanksgiving food drive that gathered over 400 items for abused and
800-433-3954 neglected domestic helpers in Hong Kong. • For my time back in the States and fundraising efforts. (12/14-1/7)
• Praise for the week of service building a home through Habitat for Humanity International for a family in Rayong, Thailand.
• CLSNP 7A students preparing for exams and seeing their value through Christ’s eyes
Learn more about the work of • The ministry of CWEFT working with Thai nationals and Burmese refugees.
LCMS World Mission in Asia: • For the Lutheran Church - Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS); that the Lord would continue blessing the efforts of the LCHKS in growing God’s kingdom.
• Theological Education in Africa; The CLET in Dapaong, Togo and Lutheran Theological
Seminary in Pretoria, South Africa.
• My CUNE Family Life Ministry graduate program.
• For individuals considering serving on the international mission field; courage and strength
to heed the Lord’s call and say "Here am I. Send me!"
• My fellow LCMS missionaries serving internationally, for the opportunity & strength to live
out Christ’s love through service around the world.
• For the hearts of those needing to know the grace of our great God

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These past few years have been an adventure, but I have found that it is best to find com- fort in the way God is leading me instead of fighting against things that seem scary or
uncomfortable. After all, He knows what He’s doing! You all play an important part in
Postal address: encouraging the ministry God has enabled me to do through your cards, letters, prayers,
Church of All Nations and financial support.
8 South Bay Close
I am currently committed to serve in a missionary capacity at Church of All Nations
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(CAN) until July 2012. It is amazing to serve so many needs in this congregation that
greatly focuses on outreach and support programs for families. However, as a missionary I
Check out my blog: am still responsible to raise a portion of my funding. I am blessed that CAN contributes
50% of my funding but am still responsible to raise the additional funds as in years past.
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Visit my project page: $79,934. The remaining amount that I need to raise is around $27,000. If you have any
questions or would just like to chat, please e-mail me at or call me at my US phone number 386-503-4117. If you are in northeast FL, I’ll be here until
January 6th and I’d love to take you to coffee and tell you more about the great things
Download my prayer card: happening in HK. Many individuals and families have chosen to give gifts to my ministry through pledging
a certain amount each month. $600 a year if only $50 a month (less than $1.67 per day!)
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