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‘rochet jewelry Contents INTRODUCTION Materials Learning to Crochet Basic Stitches Making Fabric Working in the Round How to Measure Tension Basic Techniques Finishing Instructions & Abbreviations Jewelry-Making Techniques Beading Wire “ 6 18 19 20 21 23 24 ae 30 PROJECTS ‘Amethyst & Bead Necklace Ring 0” Roses Super Hooper Earrings Finger Crochet Bracelets Bead and Wire Amulet Ribbon Hair Band Foxy Fire Gold Cuff Hippy Ring Diamond Life Earrings Bang Bangles ‘simple Bead Necklaces Striped Bead Earrings Bead and Mesh Cuff Bracelets Tubular Necklace and Bracelet Multicolored Bead Ring Gold Chain Belt Tumbling Tendrils Earrings ‘Swirl Brooch with Pompoms Sparkly Flower Corsage Love Heart Earrings Striped Cutts Pretty in Pink Flower Hair Clips Berry Bead Earrings Daisy Chain Necklace Silver Chain Anklet Dangly Squares Earrings Furry Scrunchies Two-Tone Ring Bangles Floribunda Barrette Boho Beads RESOURCES INDEX 32 34 38 42 44 46 52 56 62 6 70 74 76 80 84 86 88 1 92 94 96 100 104 108 110 12 4 116 18 120 122 126 128 introduction Crochet, knitting, and other home crafts have never been more popular and crochet jewelry is the latest cool craft that will have you reaching for your hook and making amazing things in no time at all Crochet is a wonderful and versatile craft that has been entertaining fingers for centuries. It has evolved over time from beautiful and intricate lace-making to a craft that rivals knitting for its suitability for making clothes and now to a unique way of making jewelry. Crochet Jewelry is packed full of over 35 original and exciting ideas for all different styles of jewelry at all different levels. Whether you're going for boho chic, high glamour, or sexy sophistication, there are ideas here for every occasion! As the basis for crochet is a series of chain stitches, it is the ideal medium for making jewelry and perfect for creating necklaces or bracelets; you can even use jewelry wire for a really unusual look. Crochet is also a great way of making flowers and other motifs that can be used as pendants, brooches, or on hair clips. There are dozens of different methods using a wide variety of materials, such as conventional wools, sparkly yarns, wire, beads, ribbons, bangles, hair clips, and even curtain rings. The book includes a fully illustrated how-to section, which will give you all the basics of crochet and jewelry-making, plus useful information on all the materials you might need, and loads of helpful tips