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SPM 2010 PAPER 2

1. Solve the simultaneous equations x – 2y = (ii)  [ x  2 g ( x)]dx

7 and xy – x = 9y. Give the answers correct 1
to two decimal places. (b) Given g(x) = 2x – 8, find g(x) in terms
of x.
2. (a) Sketch the graph of y = 1 + 3cos x for
0 ≤ x ≤ 2. 5. Diagram 5 shows the straight line AC
(b) Hence, using the same axes, sketch a which intersects the y-axis at point B.
suitable straight line to find the
number of solutions for the equation
6cos x = 4  3x for 0 ≤ x ≤ 2. State
the number of solutions.

3. Diagram 3 shows the arrangement of

cylinders having the same radius, 3 cm.
The height of the first cylinder is 4 cm and
the height of each subsequent cylinder The equation of AC is 3y = 2x – 15.
increases by 2 cm. Find
[Volume of a cylinder = r2h] (a) the equation of the straight line which
passes through point A and
perpendicular to AC,
(b) (i) the coordinates of B,
(ii) the coordinates of C given AB :
BC = 2 : 7.
(a) Calculate the volume, in cm3, of the
6. Table 6 shows the frequency distribution of
17th cylinder, in terms of . the marks of a group of students.
(b) Given the total volume of the first n Marks Number of students
cylinders is 1 620 cm3, find the value 1 – 10 5
of n.
11 – 20 8
21 – 30 20
4. Diagram 4 shows the shaded region
31 – 40 10
bounded by the curve y = g(x), the x-axis
41 – 50 7
and the straight line x = 3.
(a) Using a scale of 2 cm to 10 marks on
the horizontal axis and 2 cm to 2
students on the vertical axis, draw a
histogram to represent the frequency
distribution of the marks in Table 6.
Hence, find the mode mark.
(b) Calculate the standard deviation of the

It is given that the area of the shaded region

is 10 unit2.
(a) Find
(i)  g ( x)dx

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 
SECTION B (b) It is given that OE  hOD and
7. Table 7 shows the values of two variables,  
BE  k BC , where h and k are
x and y, obtained from an experiment. 
Variables x and y are related by the constants. Express OE
hx (i) in terms of h, x and y ,
equation y = , where h and k are  
k (ii) in terms of k, x and y .
constants.  
(c) Hence, find the value of h and of k.
x 3 4 5 6 7 8
y 2.57 3.31 4.07 4.90 6.31 7.94 10. (a) A random variable, X, has a binomial
(a) Plot log10 y against x, using a scale of 2 distribution with 10 trials where the
cm to 1 unit on the x-axis and 2 cm to probability of success in each trial is p.
0.1 unit on the log10y-axis. Hence, draw The mean number of success is 4.
the line of best fit. Calculate
(b) Use the graph in 7(a) to find the value (i) the value of p,
of (ii) P(X ≤ 2)
(i) h, (b) The diameter of limes from a farm has
(ii) k, a normal distribution with a mean of
(iii) y when x = 2.7. 3.2 cm and a standard deviation of 1.5
cm. Calculate
8. The curve y = x3 – 6x2 + 9x + 1 passes (i) the probability that a lime chosen
through the point A(2, 3) and has two at random from the farm has a
turning points, P(3, 1) and Q. diameter of more than 3.9 cm.
Find (ii) the value of d is 33% of the limes
(a) the gradient of the curve at A, have diameters of less than d cm.
(b) the equation of the normal to the curve
at A, 11. Diagram 11 shows a circle with centre O. D
(c) the coordinates of Q and determine is the midpoint of AC and DOC = 60o.
whether Q is the maximum or the
minimum point.

9. Diagram 9 shows triangle OAB. The point

C lies on OA and the point D lies on AB.
The straight line OD intersects the straight
line BC at the point E.

It is given that the area of the major sector

OAC is 209 cm2. Find
  [Use  = 3.142]
It is given that OA  x , OB  y ,
 (a) the value of , in radians,
 2     (b) the radius, in cm, of the circle,
OC  OA and AB  2 AD .
3 (c) the perimeter, in cm, of the shaded
(a) Express in terms of x and y of sector,
   (d) the area, in cm2, of segment ABC.
(i) BC
(ii) OD

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SECTION C (a) Write down three inequalities, other
12. A particle moves along a straight line such than x ≥ 0 and y ≥ 0 which satisfy all
that its acceleration, a m s-2, is given by a = the above constraints.
10 – 2t, where t is the time, in seconds, (b) Using a scale of 2 cm to 10 participants
after it passes through a fixed point O. The on both axes, construct and shade the
initial velocity of the particle is 16 m s-1. region R which satisfies all the above
[Assume motion to the right is positive.] constraints.
Find (c) Using the graph constructed in 14(b),
(a) the maximum velocity, in m s-1, of the find
particle, (i) the minimum number of
(b) the range of values of t during which participants for course A,
the particle moves to the right, (ii) the maximum total fees collected
(c) the total distance, in m, travelled by the per month if the monthly fees per
particle in the first 6 seconds. participant for course A is RM300
and for course B is RM400.
13. Diagram 13 shows triangle ABC and
triangle CDE where BCE and ACD are 15. Table 15 shows the price indices for three
straight lines. items, P, Q and R used in the production of
a type of bag.
Item Price index in Price index in
2006 based on 2008 based on
2004 2004
P 125 150
Q 116 x
R y 120
(a) Find the price index of item P in the
year 2008 based on the year 2006.
(a) Calculate the length, in cm, of (b) The price of item Q in the year 2004 is
(i) BC RM7.50 and its price in the year 2008
(ii) DE is RM10.50.
(b) Point C lies on BC such that AC = Find
AC. (i) the value of x,
(i) Sketch triangle ACB. (ii) the price of item Q in the year
(ii) Find ACB. 2006.
(iii) Calculate the area, in cm2, of (c) The composite index for the production
triangle ACB. cost of the bag in the year 2006 based
on the year 2004 is 118.5. The cost of
14. A training centre offers two courses, A and the items P, Q and R used are in the
B. The number of participants for course A ratio 2 : 1 : 3.
is x and the number of participants for Find the value of y.
course B is y. The intake of the participants (d) Given the price of the bag in the year
is based on the following constraints: 2006 is RM47.40, find the
I: The maximum number of participants corresponding price of the bag in the
is 80. year 2004.
II: The number of participants for course
B is at least 10.
III: The number of participants for course
B is at most times the number of
participants of course A.

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