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Ballistic Weapons: Changelog History

Version History:

A list of all the things we can remember that we added or fixed for each version of
Ballistic Weapons.

Version 2.50 Gold

X4 Combat Knife
MD24 Commando Pistol
BORT-85 Break Open Grenade Pistol
XMk5 Submachinegun
M46 "Jackal" Assault Rifle
A500 "Reptile" Skrith Acid Gun

-Fixes / Tweaks / Features:

Added "Ballistic Regeneration" mutator
Adjusted Iron-Sight speed
Forced to walk when in iron-sight view
Added double-jump limit option
Fixed squares on terrain from blood decals
FP9 immediate detonation delay added
Widescreen scopes fixed
Novastaff and Darkstar keep their soul charged when dropped
Swapper weapons give more ammo
E-23 laser when not in laser mode damage bug fixed
FP9 client network fixes

Version 2.10 Gold

No delay when planting vehicle mine fixed
M50 Grenade anim bugs fixed
Projectile area collision bug fixed
G5 laser at end-game fixed
Death message typo's fixed
Client flamer effects crash fixed
Weapon UI switching bug fixed
Fixed client M50 Gl not firing
Bots jamming when dual wielding fixed
FP7 not working on dedicated servers fixed
Various dual wielding jamming bugs fixed
Dual 3rd person bugs fixed
Dual scrolling bug fixed
XMV850 Texture problem fixed
Configuring Ballistic Arena fixed
Flamer fire not moving with lifts fixed
JunkWar scrolling bug fixed
Mounted guns underwater bugs fixed
Backpack appearing on vehicles fixed
HandGun Attachement crash fixed
M900 (M50 GL) jam fixed
Weapon Selection UI option fixed
Dual weapon cocking jam fixed
G5 Scope in-face bug fixed
Player triple-wield bug fixed
Bot dual-reload firing bug fixed
Invisibility combo on dual fixed
Secondary fire, 3rd Person flamer effect fixed
Mounted guns sinking in shallow water fixed
3rd Loadout slot not giving reserve ammo fixed
Deployed weapon over ammo bug fixed
Fifty-9 Bubble trail fixed
XK2 Ammo pickup amount fixed
RS8 Burst Fire fixed
Flamethrower pack shielding from attack fixed
Toxic grenades detonating bombs fixed
X3 throwing bug fixed
Restricting Loadout bugs fixed
Iron Sights removing recoil bug fixed
Grenades thrown from vehicle bug fixed
M925 ammo pickup message fixed
Wildcard base bugs fixed
Dual Iron Sights bugs fixed
Weapons on dedicated misfire bug fixed
Widescreen and odd resolutions bug fixed
Effects leaving patches on terrain fixed
Rapid fire shotgun bug fixed
Lightning Gun jam fixed
Fifty-9 no fly-by sounds fixed
Minigun flash appearing through walls fixed
Lightning gun hitting rockets fixed
Reloading while using turrets bug fixed
Loadout and mounted weapons bug fixed
Flamer sounds after bots stop firing fixed
Flamer tank exploding not hurting clients fixed
Mounted weapons not gettign hit fixed
Flamer impact effects on terrain bug fixed
Scope drifting fixed
Minigun interpolater client bug fixed (shots would go where they shouldn't)
Aim not affected by damage fixed
Robot screen blood texture bug fixed
Bots not able to aim up with LG fixed
Skrith Alt fire using no ammo in dual fixed
Railgun not always auto re-cock fixed
D49 dual bugs fixed
Bots not reloading fixed
G5 rocket emmiter effect fixed
Brass staying forever option fixed
M50 camera not zooming fixed
M290 primary with 1 ammo fixed
Dual reloading when 1 gun out-of-ammo fixed
T10 no damage on dedicated server fixed
Bots not pitching aim in dual fixed
Dual recoil when recoil scale low bug fixed
Weapons not cock on client with empty clip fixed
Flamer igniting players too easily fixed
Swapper not saving properly bug fixed
Pressing cocking key on A42 would jam fixed
Scope jitter bug fixed
Lightning Gun overcharge on primary
SRS tweaked (recoil, chaos)
A73 Trail effect tweaked
A73 damage tweaks
Silencer tweaks (range, damage)
D49 tweaks (damage, accuracy)
AM67 Tweaks (range, recoil, damage)
Smoke particles improved
Flamethrower pack explodes player
Human blood explosion decals improved
D49 double shot decal
Silencer anims now unable to skip
Explosion emmiter draw-order
FP9 detonate delay when damaged
Wound spurts stay longer
M353 ammo amount increased
New muzzle smoke
Movement limited with Iron sights active
Minigun turret recoil tweaked
Ballistic Weapons vs Vehicles damage tweaked
AM67 flash tweaked
Lightning gun tweaks (attacks walls, more skill required)
Improved CheckListBoxes
Bots fear toxic clouds more
AI tweaked and improved all-round
Crosshair affected by Recoil/Accuracy Scale
Recoil/Accuracy Scale -> float

LED's added to iron-sights
M50 GL loaded LED indicator
Weapon UI scrolling added
Firing sound quality increased
AM67 flash affects only front of players
Grenades drop on death
Added new Ballistic Vehicles; Stingray, Tarantula, Rhino, Albatross. Variants of
stock UT2k4 vehicles
Added new 'Evolution Loadout' mutator
Added new 'Ballistic Conflict' gametype
Shotgun spreads made circular
No Dodging option added
Double Jumps limited
Thrown HVC pickups retain heat level
Weapon weights affect jumps
Added new 'Ballistic Conflict CTF' gametype (Ballistic Conflict, but with CTF maps,
not CTF gameplay)
Added dry-fire and clip-end sounds to some weapons
Added 'Gib Multiplier' scale option
Added JunkWar shield items to Ballistic Conflict
Bots use mounted weapons
Dodging now affects weapon aim

Added new 'R9 Ranger Rifle'
Added new 'SAR-12 Sub-Assault Rifle'

Added new 'Ballistic Vehicles' mutator, to implement new BW vehicles
Added sliders to scale requirements in new 'Evolution Loadout' and Conflict
Added change interval to Loadout (change Loadout while alive)
Changing Loadout keeps non-Loadout weapons
Evolution Loadout Scaling mutator

Added Inventory size var to weapons
Custom Items can be added to Ballistic Conflict
Restructured BW replication

Version 2.00 Gold

Added all bonus packs to this release, including weapons:
HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun
SRS 900 Rifle
RS8 Pistol
XRS-10 MachinePistol
MRS138 Combat Shotgun

Added XMV-850 Minigun

Added RX22A FlameThrower
Added AM67 Handgun
Added Fifty-9 MachinePistol
Added D49 Revolver
Added T10 Toxin Grenade

Dual wielding feature for smaller weapons
Auto-Tracker feature for dual guns
Motion blur
Bullet flyby sounds
FP9 Health
Underwater explosion sounds
New weapon selection UI
Relative brass velocity added
Grenade kicking
LongGun feature (big weapons move back when near a wall)
Fast projectiles now possible
Melee weapons hook players
Added features for possible future weapons (Jamming and others)
Dual Gun quick draw
Added No Reloading option
FP9 without detonator feature added
Added G5 painter secondary attack (mortar attack now available from iron-sights)
Added Remove Rogue Weapons option
Water affects bullets
M50 grenade launcher can be reloaded if gun full
Grenade damaging \ grenades can be shot around
Ammo packs give UT ammo
Loadout and arena menus load quick
Added Translocator shortcut key for quick access
Machinegun mounting replaces MG's secondary mode
Added non-bullet armor sounds
Major package restructure, to eliminate incompatibility problems
Loadout support for old (UT2004) weapons
Added Loadout config menu
Added JunkWar support to Loadout
Swapper locker support
Arena list headings
Arena starting weapons bug fixed
Swapper extra default weapons bug fixed
Swapper not give ammo to starting weapons fixed
Added drop-down selector to loadout menu
Loadouts can be changed over nodes and flags, and during waves in invasion

Gametypes not use swapper fixed
Bot armor Bug fixed
Ammo Pack MG belt skin bug
BW gametypes dont get LG fixed
M50 Grenade launcher bug on clients fixed
RS8 kills count as XRS10's fixed
RS8 XRS10 groupoffset bug fixed
FP9 Scoreboard issues fixed
PineApple AI Fix
Switch back to weapon, auto go into scope fixed
A42 ammo pickup issues fixed
BW can now get around the UT2004 "Crouch Bug"
Pistols not open when empty fixed
UT ammo appearing fixed
Quarter crosshair bug fixed
Decals on PowerNodes fixed
Weapons not affected by M75 thermal view fixed
HVC Mk9 shooting flags fixed
Lightning gun AI fixed
BW armor bugs fixed
Water impacts on low detail fixed
Damage scaler not working correctly fixed
3rd person brass rotation fixed
BX5 client deploy bug fixed
Ammo icons flashing fixed
M763 headshot in scoreboard fixed
M75 thermal fading\smoothing fixed
Lightning Gun effects remaining fixed
Descriptions and death message mistakes fixed
M925 partially see-through skin fixed
BX5 pickup shows correct number of mines now
A73 cocking key jam fixed

New enhanced Gore system
New system now uses a BallisticPawn
All decals revised / improved
Species blood restyled
Powerful new dismemberment system
No more total gibbing bullets!
All new, per-area effects for dismemberment
Impressive new headshot effects and sounds
Gibbing system / effects redone
Added dismemberment stumps
Improved impact effects
New De-Res effects
Species specific impact sound
Added slash decals
Explosion gore improved
Added wound spurts
Added Lightning Gun blood decals
Added scorching effects for LG, A73 and A42
Gibs improved
Added class specific screen blood
Permanent Blood option replaced with Blood Stay Scale

Spec Masks improved/added
Grenade Effects improved, motion blur added
Headshot message for Ars, etc
RS8, XRS10 Start unsilenced
XK2 Start Unsilenced
A73 Glow
A73 Tweaks, splash damage
A42 tweaks and improvements
Improved Metal Bullet Impact
A73, A42 projectile trails
Pineapple net behaviour tweaked
G5 radius and speed increased
Improved bullet impacts for Concrete, wood, water, dirt, grass
Frags for destroyed G5 mortars now go to launcher
A73 Reanim
M806 Reanim
XK2 Reanim
Grenades Reanim
M353 Renimation
R78 Renimation
A73 Reskin
M353 Reskin
G5 Reskin
M806 Sounds improved
A73 Sounds improved
Xk2 Sounds improved
Improved explosion sounds
More crosshairs added
New 12 Gauge ammo box
Muzzle Flashes improved
New hand skins
Various other, slight sound and skin adjustments
Added Railgun splash damage
Inventory groups improved
G5 primary rockets can now be shot down
Added grenade trails
Explosions improved
Various damage, recoil, chaos and ammo adjustments
Further texture optimizations

Cocking button key now says "Optional"
XK2 now primary weapon
Quiter enemy pain hit sounds
" reloaded" cheat no longer needs a BW weapon to be selected
Added BW splash screen at start of match
Version 1.72

Dropped weapons sink into floor instead of UT effect

Ballistic Weapons mutator replaces non-pickup weapons
Mac/Linux spinning screen bug fixed
Brass sinks into floor
Priorities tweaked
Starting with melee weapon fixed
Pistol settings tweaked
Various core changes and feature additions

Version 1.71

Major option Saving/Loading bug fixed.

Ballistic.ini now used as config file for Ballistic Weapons mod.
Throwing when scoped causing FOV jamming fixed.
BW config menu loads much faster.
Added brass stay time scale option.
Tracers tweaked.
BW crosshairs removed from UT2004 crosshair config system.

Version 1.70 Gold

Added Permanent Blood option

Fixed behind view no pitch bug
Added iron sights
Fixed reload after putdown bug
Fixed vehicle blood bug
Added Bright Players option
M50 Cam now retains zoom level and LCD shows cam zoom
Added cocking button
Iron sights and sight key added to core
Fireing adds chaos and reaims
Fixed spawning with melee weapon issue
Adjusted A42 ammo properties
Added no drunk scope option
Gametype long load time bug fixed.
Railgun thermal view improved and flare removed
Grenade explode delay issue fixed
Entire option system revised.
Universal Ballistic options menu added.
Added Weapon Texture detail option.
Added Ballistic effects detail option.
Content package structure revised.
Reduced size of various textures.
Ballistic Core seperated.
Mod now based on the Ballistic Core.
Numerous code and core Changes.
Scopes merged into Core with sights.
Added view aim or 'drunk walk' scale option.
Added view recoil or 'drunk... uhhh... shoot' option.
Added chaos/inaccuracy scale option.
Added recoil scale option.
Added 'Ejecting Brass' Option.
FP9 'detonate all' safety time shortened.
M50 reanimated.
Bullets can now go through thin walls
A73 ammo amount changed
Permanent Impact Marks option added
Player and Vehicle damage sliders added
Melee damage higher or lower depending on player speed
New Ballistic pawn in mutators, allows for Dark Players and other options
M50 camera mow picked up with "Use"
Crosshair Recoil slider added
M806 laser sight redone and improved
Scope not pitching on clients fixed
Smoke FX fixed
FP9 and M806 Laser opacities changed
New Crosshair system
New Crosshairs
Crosshair size scaling option added
Crosshair menu added
Swapping Mutator added
Particle and decal textures adjusted to improve performance
Jump / Sprint chaos option added
Improved R78 scope crosshair
G5 back into face bug fixed
G5 hit celings in big areas fixed
G5 rocket acceleration added
Scope zooms out when falling
Smaller A73, A42 impact marks
Firing chaos fixed
Rail High bug fixed
Priorities bug fixed
Weapon start melee fixed
Client Sprint bug fixed
Bot out of ammo bug fixed
Muzzle smoke tweaked
Muzzle smoke option
Bright players bug fixed
Switch on pickup bug fixed
Weapon tracers limited and tweaked
Cocking delay scope issue fixed
M50 Grenade reload delay fixed
Super weapon option for swap mutator fixed

Version 1.61

Added View Aim ('Drunk Walk") option

Added View Recoil option

Version 1.60 Gold

Improved impact effects for; Metal, Concrete, Dirt, Water and Wood
Improved Shotguns firing effects
Added smoking barrels for M290, MRT6 and improved M763
Added smoking M353
Added water explosion effects
Added underwater bullet tracers
Improved G5 trail
Improved explosion smoke
Improved effects when player on fire
Improved explosion Gore effects

Improved M806 sounds
Improved XK2, MRT6, M763 bass slightly
Improved A42 slightly
Improved M50 sounds
Improved M353, M75 slightly
Improved R78 sounds
Improved Flesh impacts and explosions sounds slightly

Added lights to team mate BX5 mines
Added 3rd person melee and grenade animations
FP9A5 lasers can now be targetted without replacing using FireMode key
Aiming and recoil system revised and improved
Recoil curves added
M75 Railgun thermal mode made more fair
Ballistic Gametypes; DM, CTF, ONS, etc to add dark player skins, and other
The gametypes are exactly like the original, only with a few BW options
Crosshair shows accuracy properly now
All aiming and recoil properties have been changed and tweaked for the weapons
Scopes are now properly affected by aiming factors
Realtime, scalable M50 camera view added
BX5 enemy mines can now be picked up and avoided
Thrown X3 knives can now be picked up by walking over them
Hints added to the new BW gametypes
Players can now fall off ledges when crouching
Added dot at the end of the M806 laser sight
Railgun shots can now go through terrain
Melee ranges tweaked
Rail shots damage through walls improved
Player screen moves more when moving or jumping
Weapons now cocked only on first pullout, rather than every time they were pulled
Players can now change their Loadout gear, between waves in Invasion
Spawn Furthest implemented for BW gametypes
Best Weapon now cycles
Added and improved FireModes for most weapons
FP9 detonate all now has delay to avoid accidental triggering
Grenade throwing distance can now be limited with FireMode
Shotguns more chaotic when jumping

Code Fixes:
G5 cocking and general issues fixed
A42 ammo bar not updating fixed
M763 hit nothing bug fixed
XK2 not switching if empty fixed
G5 boomerang bug fixed
Railgun issues fixed
AI bugs fixed or improved
Sprint meter appears at spawn now
Low Gore option with Bloody Hell mutator fixed
M50 camera fixes
FireMode system revised
Weapon jamming bug on cocking weapons fixed
Scope zoom view not disappear when switching weapons fixed
Bug where bombs were not placed exactly on wall, floors, etc fixed
Some typing and spelling problems fixed

Many other fixes and tweaks that we just don't remember...

Version 1.50 Gold Edition

Improved G5 Scope view, and lock-on UI

Various other technical G5 issues fixed
Added key bindings for quick weapon switching
G5 mortar rockets can now be shot down
New Ballistic Sprint mutator
Added blocking functions to new Gold melee weapons
Added cocking between shots for the G5
M900 grenades now explode on impact
Players now move slower or faster depending on the weapon they are carrying
Added ammo packs for new mutators
Melee mutator updated
Damage, accuracy, and recoil revised and tweaked
G5 movement improved
G5 targetting improved with sounds and lock-on system
Certain pickup messages fixed
Various ammo amounts tweaked.
Rifle cocking and reloading faster
Weapon animation issues fixed for sprinting and jumping.
Added "Reloaded" cheat
Added Throwing function to the X3
Various death messages fixed
Added shiney elements to certain weapon skins
Third person laser sight made less obvious
Addded new weapons, the M75-TIC, M290, M925, A909, EKS43, FP9A5, A42, XK2, and BX5-
Added weapon pitching when jumping
Added recoil force when firing
Fixed M353 handle mode anim issues
Added Ballistic Gore Mutator
Improved Explosion effects
Improved G5 effects
Added Ice & Snow impact effects
Fixed SuperHealth pickup message
Footsteps improved
Weapon pickup sizes improved
Fixed some particle texture problems
Added Ballistic Arena mutator
Added Loadout mutator
Added Itemizer for placing pickups
Added MRT6 Shotgun and FP7 Grenade
Camera texture GPF fixed
Standard Arena Mutator with M50 GPF fixed
Weapon switching and priority stuff fixed and improved
Weapon groups resorted to better match original weapons
Weapon descriptions fixed
Added impact effects when shooting vehicles
Weapon handedness problems fixed
Explosion effects no longer go through walls
Sniper scope/cocking issue fixed
Certain pickup messages fixed
X3 Knife hand in screen anim fixed
Shotgun effects improved
M900 grenades improved
Bullet tracers improved
M806 pistol skin improved
Knife skin improved
Weapon anims optimized
Flashing low-ammo icons fixed
General AI improvements and fixes
Better brass and cartridge behaviour
Brass on mover bug fixed
Decreased M900 and G5 rocket ammo pickup amount
M763 and R78 cocking anim blending improved
Health kit amount now 35 points
General floating item bug fixed
M50 LCD screen issue fixed
Aiming system improved and recoil revised
Added impact effects for water and sand
Added impact sounds for water and sand
Added armor impact effects and sounds
Added area specific damage for A73
Added option to use "Ballistic Weapons" weapon layout
Added option for pickup cycling for random weapon pickups
Weapons optimized for improved performance

Version 1.10 Beta

A73 skin not working correctly on non-nVidia systems fixed

M50 camera noise sound not working correctly
Various G5 rocket issues fixed
G5 seeker lock-on improved
Rifle aiming problem on clients fixed.
Added G5 rocket's-eye-view camera
Added option to use UT2004 crosshairs
Added option to keep UT2004 super weapons

Version 1.00 Beta

All original features, 9 new weapons, etc.