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Alcatel Phantom RACCH
By admin on Sunday, July 20, 2008
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M Dafelr <xndb63@yahoo. com> wrote:
Hi All
Do Alcatel has a stat that showes PHANTOM RACCH or any other stats that are effe
cted by Phantom RACCH.
umer ahmed <>
Actually there is no specific counter for Phantom RACH as your equipment don t kno
w whether this request is a real request or a Ghost RACH. If it is possible then
why would it serve this request in the first place.
Well if you are looking for Phantom RACH, you will see abonormal increase in the
SD Channel Request (MC 8C) and your equipment will also activate a channel for
it, but due to the T3101 expiry your SD RF Access Failures will increase. (MC 14
So the bottom line is that if you want to track the Phantom RACH check for the R
equests (MC 8C) and SD Access Failures(MC 149).
Muhammad Umer Ahmed
Rufat Kamilov <>
Hi Muhammed,
T3101 is 1500 ms in our network, do you find it very less?
Amir Khusro <> wrote:
Hi Rufat,
T3101 needs to be very carefully set by the network operators.Because different
vendors suggest different value for this timer, for example Ericsson recommends
1.5 seconds,Motorola 5 secs & 3.0 secs by Alcatel and Huawei.
So first of all,you have to see which vendor you are using.But however,you can c
hange the value of this timer for experimentation and see the impact.
3GPP recommends that the value of T3101 should be higher than the L2 Establishmen
t Time .
umer ahmed <>
Hi Rufat,
Yea the value is very low, but do check that T3101> T_IA , T_IA indicates the m
aximum time the call setup immediate assignment message remains in the AGCH Queu
Well u can change the T-IA value to be 2-2.5 secs and T3101 to be 3 secs.
Muhammad Umer Ahmed
M Dafelr []
Many thanks for your great explenation.
Motorola filter phantom RACCH at three levels, channel coder, RSS Abis and After
attempt to allocate resource (due to guard timers expiring).
there are alot of stats affectd directly by phantom RACCH especailly chan_req_ms
_fail where the system assign sd but the MS is not there to pick the SD because
it never exisited (phantom).
The dielma is that we are doing a comparsion between Alcatel and Motorola in the
netwrok by specified formula (call setup) to be used by both vendors but Motoro
la is claiming that this is not fair because some of the stats are pegged by pha
ntom RACCH where Alcatel do not count Phantom RACCH ,so Alcatel Call Setup is mu
ch better than Motorola and Motorola is saying this is because Alcatel system di
scard the channel request if its not recognized in the system, but Motorola coun
t it as a PHANTOM RACCH that in the call setup formula it cause degradation.
Please is this true!!???
many thanks