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Muhammad Bilal

Computer Programmer

Personal Data
Place and Date of Birth: Ikhlas, Attock | 06 December 1989
Address: Eid Gah, Ikhlas, Pindi Gheb, Attock, Punjab, Pakistan
Phone: +92 323 1418 478

Work Experience
Current IT Admin and Office Coordinator at Grand Islamabad Hotel/ Vision
Engineering Group
Jan 2019
I give IT support (includes installation and maintenance of systems,network trou-
bleshooting, Websites/Email hosting, Managing/Extending Billing software) to Grand Is-
lamabad Hotel, review and evaluate the office documentation and maintain record-
keeping in the office of group of companies (GIH, Vision Engineering Group, Edge In-
tegrations, Technical Resources International) at Square-11, E-11/1.

Aug 2018 Computer Programmer at Sadiq Sons

Sept 2017
At Sadiq Sons, I worked as a web programmer. I was a core programmer and a team
leader of handful of developers. My job was to brainstorm web-development processes
and building extendable basic structures of web-apps and then transfer them to junior
team for extension and refinement. I have built and administrated a Linux server to
host source code and deployed all required Web and RDMS servers including necessary
machinery for syncing data across all devices.
PHP + Ruby on Rails + Vue.js + Nodejs +
React.js + Semantic UI + Foundation css

Aug 2017 Assistant Clerk at Jaguar Security Guards

Jan 2017
Provided assistant of clerical work that includes preparing service invoices, making pay-
bills, maintaining record digitally and manually, preparing record for Audit and corre-
spondence with clients.
VBA + Excel + Access

Oct 2016 Web Developer at Channel-7 (Pvt) Ltd Islamabad

May 2016
I developed Job Order system for this organization, which smoothly process job related
activities like task management,job transfer and file sharing among different depart-
ments. Web program and server was experimented for 01 month.
Node.js + Angular.js

Oct 2009 Airman at Pakistan Air Force, Radar (Aircraft) Technician

Aug 2005
About four years, I served Pakistan Air Force as a Radar Technician providing techni-
cal assistance to radar systems that includes Rectification, calibration,Unit Testing and
information processing. Rated “truly distinctive” for Analytical Skills and Teamwork.
July 2008 Diploma in Electronics, School of Electronics, PAF Base korangi Creek, Karachi

July 2004 Matric with Science , Government High School, Ikhlas, Attock

Computer Skills
Operating systems: Linux , Windows
Langauges: Javascript/ Nodejs , VBA, Common lisp, PHP, Ruby,C/C++,
ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, Python , Scheme
FrameWorks: React , VUE, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Foundation, Parenscript,
Angular, Wordpress, Semantic-UI
Dbs/ ORMs: Mysql , MongoDb, Clsql, Active-record
Http Servers: Apache, Express, Hunchentoot
Tools: Emacs , Latex, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access, Visual Studio Code

Programming Projects
June 2019 Arduino Project
I programmed an Arduino chip for a university project which operates water motor via
sms commands.

April 2017 Script-feeder

Sept 2016
It may be used to send Parenscript code snippet (translated to JavaScript) from Emacs
to browser (evaluation) for live coding..

Continue Emacs Project Manager

Jan 2018
A project manager for Emacs editor to make work flow better and intuitive.

April 2015 Igloo-ext

April 2015
This chrome extension(personal project) was created to share Facebook page’s posts with
lots of selected groups automatically. This code is now abandoned because of Facebook
API restrictions.

March 2018 SMS App

Jan 2018
This app was developed at Sadiq Sons in React + Node.js and Foundation frame-
work as front end of Bulk SMS API . It can send single and bulk SMS under a selected
campaign. It can manage user contacts and manage them in groups . App has a panel
for reports with variety of filters.

Aug 2018 Point of Sale

Jun 2018
I developed a fully functional system of Point of Sale at Sadiq Sons in React +
Node.js that was deployed on different outlets. It has a sleek layout and design
and linear UI flow with variety of sales and purchase reports.
Punjabi: Mothertongue
Urdu: Fluent
English: Intermediate Knowledge

Interests and Activities

Technology, Open-Source, Programming,
Artificial Intelligence, Psychoanalysis,
Cricket, Travelling, Literature