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Family Lockdown Boogie WORKSHEET

1. Listen to the song and fill in the gaps!

We're ____________ here in the house for the next four weeks or so
And we won't be going out coz the _____________ said no
Just my mother and my father and my sister and me and little Maisie ________
So for the family's ___________ can't you see what we must do?
Hey Graeme
Yeah? stuck quarantine
Do you wanna move?
I wanna move groove out

Hey, hey Jo sanity chance

government incarcerated
Can you feel the ____________?
I feel the groove
Hey Lani
What's up?
Do you wanna take a ___________?
Hell yeah
The family's together so let's just dance
Lock the door, hit the floor
It's the family lockdown boogie
_________________, blood-related
Family lockdown boogie
Dancing queen in ________________
Family lockdown boogie
We can't go _____________ so we're all about
Family lockdown boogie
What a _____________ it is to be locked down with these three
Because we can't get on each other's _____________ if we're dancing constantly
We're staying strong and getting ___________ coz that's just how we do
Won't let this virus divide us so try this with your family too
The streets are ____________ and the doors are locked
We've got time aplenty and the ____________ is stocked
We're a nuclear family and we know how to rock
So lock it down and turn it up ____________ now you don't need to stop
Lock the door, _____________ the floor
along cough
It's the family lockdown boogie
empty space
Incarcerated, blood-related
Family lockdown boogie treat fridge
Dancing ____________ in quarantine
queen hit
Family lockdown boogie
nerves freestyle
We can't go out so we're all ___________
Family lockdown boogie right about touch
Now wash your hands, do not _____________ your face
___________ into your arm, keep two meters of ____________
Stay inside your ________________, don't forget to smile
And for the next four weeks do a family lockdown ______________.

Lock the door…

Task 2: Write down all the rhyming word pairs you can find!
E.g. so – no,