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Task 2: writing task forum

Héctor Albenis Avendaño Romero

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Grupo (90021A_761)

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Robinson Fernando Copete

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Escuela de Ciencias Básicas Tecnología e Ingeniería
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Marzo de 2020
Task 2: Writing Task fórum

LET´S START! Stage 1: Entering to E-book/Online Content.

Go to the Learning Environment, and enter to E-book / Online Content
(Contenido en Linea) to develop the activities of UNIT 1. Level B1, Module 1.
Stage 2: Using conditionals.
Go to the level B1, Module 1, section Activities, topic 1. Using conditionals, and
watch the video about “Jessica is getting married next month”. Analyze and
complete the sentences with the words you hear of the exercise that you find
down of it.
Take a screenshot of it and post it in the Writing collaborative forum.
Stage 3: talking about habits and their results.
Read the explanation of Topic 2. talking about habits and their results, and
develop the activity that you find there. Take a screenshot and post it in the
Writing task forum.
Stage 4: using Topics 3 and 4.
Develop the activities of Topic 3. talking about scientific facts, Topic 4. order of
clauses in conditionals.
Take a screenshot of each one and post them in the Writing task forum.
Stage 5: Using Future Factual Conditional.
Write 10 sentences using the Future Factual Conditional, taking into account
the explanation of Topic 6. Reading e-mail messages, and publish them in the
Writing task forum. They must be written for you, not copied from any web

1. I´ll save money to buy a bicycle in six months

2. I will visit my parents on the next vacation
3. If I study English I will be able to communicate with foreigners
4. if I diet and exercise I will lose weight fast
5. I will take care of my skin with sunscreen to avoid burning
6. I will eat healthy to be healthy
7. I will go to bed early to sleep more
8. I will make a study schedule to deliver everything on time
9. if the children play in the park they will be happy
10. if i stay home i won't get sick with the flu
Stage 6: Using topics 10 and 11.
Develop the activities of Topic 10. identifying phrasal verbs and Topic 11.
understanding phrasal verbs in context. You can find them in the down part of
the topic.
Stage 7: applying your knowledge.
Choose ten phrasal verbs from the exercise of Topic 10. Identifying phrasal
verbs and Topic 11. Understanding phrasal verbs in context and write a
text where you use them. These verbs must be underlined to distinguish them in
the written.
You have to choose one of the following two topics:
-Describing your best experience at the university. (why it was your best
experience, what was special for you, people who were with you).
-Telling what you did last vacation (Where did you go? How long did you stay
there? Who did you go with? How much did you pay for that? Which place did
you like the most?) Write a short note in the forum telling the topic you chose.
Text length: 70 words to 80 words.

The last family vacation was spent on the beach in January starting in 2020. My
wife, the child and I arrived at a hotel in the city of Santa Marta, in the hotel
there was a large swimming pool and you could see the Beach from the
balcony, at lunchtime we ate fish with rice and salad. At sunset we went to the
beach to watch the afternoon fall. They were unforgettable vacations

Stage 8: Publish your text

You must publish your text written with the ten phrasal verbs in the Writing task
Stage 9: Send your feedback
Each student must give feedback to one of his/her partners. The feedback must
help to improve the text of your partners. You must tell if it has something to
improve or if it is perfect and explain why.
Stage 10: Upload the final product

The final product must contain:

- Cover with your full name, course code, group number and name of the
- You must attach the 4 screenshots after being posted on the forum.
- The ten sentences in future factual conditional.
- The text with ten phrasal verbs.
- The screenshot of the feedback to your partner.
- This product must be sent by Evaluation environment, in Task 2
- Writing task forum
- submit activity Assignment