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4.1 Conclusion

The trainee faced a lot of new things and has great experience during complete the

industrial training IT Services Sdn. Bhd. This experience can make trainee improve

his self for the future. It was not an easy world, which the trainee must try his best as

an employee or worker to do and finish the work that had been given. The trainees

have been assigned various tasks/ activities and projects during four month from July

until October 2010.

The trainee also gains a lot of knowledge especially on the world of technology. The

trainee also get to see all the network stuff and get to know all the function on

installation and testing it like a imaging process through network and networking

setup for client at the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Perak and EON Bank

Balakong. The trainee also gets a chance and experience for engineering site around

Malaysia such as Perak, Kedah and many more. The trainee also gets new

knowledge in business technology company when the trainee gets an opportunity to

do a documentation such as filling and billing in the office.

From the industrial training, the trainee needs to up to date his skills, information,

knowledge and others that important in future because nowadays the technology

world will be changed from time to time.

In this company working under pressure in not being problem because they assume

all the staff in the office as a big family. Now, the trainee knows the recipe of

producing a quality and excellent work are good in cooperation between partners,

time management, knowledge and skills at IT Services Sdn. Bhd.

4.2 Recommendation

Here are the few suggestions for the trainee so he could improve himself in facing

the challenge and real life working world:-

4.2.1 Suggestion to the trainee

• Need confident when do the work that given.

• Be more alert (up to date) with the latest information, hardware, software,

skills and progress.

• Use the time usefully and be proactive and also innovative.

4.2.2 Suggestion to the UniKL-MIIT

• Give more activities and practical training to the student during studies.

• Upgrade the syllabus and always give attention on new technology

including in software and hardware especially for network course.

4.2.3 Suggestion to the IT Services Sdn. Bhd.

• The company have to provide the identification cards and insurance cards

to all the staff, when enters construction sites because :

- Automatically covered by a special Insurance Scheme that insures

the Construction Personnel against death and accidents.

- to be identified by other companies that we worked for IT

Services Sdn. Bhd.