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(Medical Science)

Corona Virus
Ayurvedic Homeopathy Allopathy
Work on Charak Samhita”s Formule Samuel Hahnemann Molecular biology+biochemistry

Ever since the creation of earth, Viruses have been there. In starting our immune
system was very strong and power of virus was less. But today it has been
1. All the diseases can be cured by ayurvedic medicines. In charak samhita you
can see the nuskhe(Formula) for all the diseases. Similarly dhanvantri’s granth
you will find remedies for all the diseases. There is another ayurvedic granth
“अष्टांगहृदयम”् written by Vag Bhatt. Only few copies of hand written granth is
available in india now. Some publication houses selling translated copies (Not
original)of this granth which is very costly around 21000. Rajiv Dixit who was
guru of Ramdev had the copy of this ayurvedic granth. Naturalpathy and Yoga
can also cure all diseases. My thyroid problem has been removed by ujjayi
pranayama. B.P. problem can easily be controlled by anulom vilom. To improve
the immune system you can take Gilloy, Tulsi ark, Ashwagandha Ark and
Aloeveera. I personally take Gilloy, Tulsi and Ashwagandha.
Cons:- now a days medicinal plants and jadi booti are not available Second thing
is these are very costly and third one is drug adulteration.

2. Homeopathy almost works like ayurvedic pattern. Homeopathy mother tincture

and dilution are made from plants. These medicine work like RIO (Reverse in
origin) methods. When any bacteria is entered in your body then these medicines
will throw out the bacteria out from our body. Actually homeopathy medicines
work on symptoms not on diseases. Indian Ayush Ministry
prescribes Arcenicum Album-30 for preventive against corona virus.
Actually Arc. Album works in food poisoning cases, anxiety, thrust and
depression. But as I said homeopathy works on symptoms so you can take
Belladonna 30 (throat infection and fever) if you feel problem in your throat.
This medicine is antibiotic of homeopathy without any side effect.
If you are coughing with phlegm and problem in breathing then we can take Kali
Bic 30 with Belladonna 30. There is a Beautiful combination(Formula) in
homeopathy to improve immunity power. Take mother tincture of Four
Medicines 1. Ginseng q., 2. Avena Sativa q. 3. Alfalfa q. 4. Withania
Somnifera q.(Ashwagandha). Pour into a bottle and mix them well and take 10-
15 drops two times in a day. I take this combination regularly and results are
extremely good.

3. Allopathy medicines are compositions of chemicals so very harmful. In this

pathology they try to kill the bacteria. But you know bacteria can be prevented
by improving the immune power and this allopathy system kill the bacteria (not
completely) and this system also reduce the immune system.
Yesterday a news has been broadcasted from south Korea that 70 persons who
had been cured from corona virus again diagnosed positive from corona virus.
This is the main problem with allopathy system. They can’t remove any problem
completely. Recently a drug Hydroxychloroquine has been discussed in global
forum. Actually this medicine is made first in the world in 1901 by a Calcutta
scientist in chemistry. This medicines gives 70-90 percent positive results in
corona virus cases. Indian Six pharma companies like IPCA Lab, Zydus Etc. are
making Hydroxychloroquine medicines.

4. Secret Method for any Diseases: There is another method to cure any disease
is Mantra-pathology. There are several mantra to cure incurable diseases. All of
you know about mahamrityunjay mantra.

Conclusion: On my personal experience I can say Mantra chanting, ayurvedic

and homeopathy are best to cure any disease.

Dr. A. K. Pal
Prof. & Astrologer