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S62 (1) – 2 KESIDANG SKPP 18(1)

1. 9.00 - 9.10 Ice-breaking: To break the ice among the
students so that more interaction
- Students will be divided to five groups
will take place
by saying the number.
- The class will be rearranged to make a
2. 9.11 - 9.30 Board game To learn about nouns through
interactive games in order for
- Teach & Play
the students to have fun and
- Each group will be provided with a learn at the same time
board game and they will be asked a
question before they could move. If
they do not know how to answer, they
can ask us so we can teach them the
same time.
3. 9.31 - 9.35 Energizer: To reenergize the students
Eyes, Nose, Lips
- Students will need to use their body
part and touch them with an object
following the colour we said.
4. 9.36 - 10.00 Hangman To test student's understanding
on what they have learnt
- Each group will have one
representative and will be given nouns
for them to act and the rest of the group
need to guess it. If they lose the 5
chances to guess they will complete the
5. 10.01 - 10.10 Energizer: To teach the students nouns of
motion and preposition.
Crazy Train
- Students will need to form a train-like
line and need to follow the preposition.

6. 10.11 - 10.30 Jigsaw and Run! To enhance students

understanding on the lesson
- Each group will be given jigsaw
puzzle and they need to write the nouns
on the board.
7. 10.31 - 10.35 Energizer: To ensure students stay
motivated for the next lesson
Prr and Pukutu
- Students need to act as a bird when we
say “Pukutu” and stand still when we
say “Prr”
8. 10.36 - 11.00 Feel in the Blanks To ensure that the students can
conclude what they have learnt
- Each group will write the nouns they
through presentation.
have learnt that day on a piece of paper
and present it in front of the class.