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Department of Management Sciences


Leading People

Develop JD Of a leader
(Individual assignment; (2% of final grade)

Sr. No. CLO Domain BT Level PLO

1 Analyze the theoretical evolution Cognitive C4 PLO1,2
characterizing the study of 21st Century
Leadership approaches/theories /styles.
2 Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of Cognitive C3 PLO1
leadership concepts and strategies of
leading change the real world

Assignment Guidelines
TASKS 1. Search relevant material and Write Job Description
EVALUATION As per rubrics

Job Description - Rubrics

Criteria Poor Good Excellent

(2 pts.) (3 pts.) (5 pts.)
General Ineffectively describes the Somewhat describes the Describes the job’s
Section job’s distinguishing job’s distinguishing distinguishing
Summary responsibilities and responsibilities and responsibilities and
components with specificity. components with specificity components with specificity
Essential Ineffectively lists major Somewhat lists major tasks, Lists major tasks, duties and
functions & tasks, duties and duties and responsibilities responsibilities with 8 or
duties responsibilities with 8 or with 8 or fewer bullets that more bullets that reflect
fewer bullets that do not somewhat reflects both teaching and research.
reflect both teaching and teaching and research.
Job Does not thoroughly list Somewhat list knowledge, Thoroughly list knowledge,
Specifications knowledge, skills, and skills, and abilities skills, and abilities
abilities; education and education and experience education and experience
experience; physical physical requirements, if any physical requirements, if any
requirements, if any for the for the said position.  for the said position. 
said position. 
Disclaimer The job description does not Job description somewhat Job description includes

Leading People
include verbiage at the end includes verbiage at the end verbiage at the end which
which clarifies that is not in which clarifies that is not in clarifies that is not in any
any form a contract for any form a contract for form a contract for
employment.  employment. employment. 
Mechanics The document is consistent The document contains The document is 100% error-
with spelling and some spelling and free with no spelling or
grammatical errors which grammatical errors, but does grammatical errors
negatively impacts the flow not distract from the
of reading.  effectiveness of the

Leading People

Leadership Character: The “2-Minute” Speech

(Individual assignment; (5% of final grade)

Sr. No. CLO Domain BT Level PLO

1 Analyze the theoretical evolution Cognitive C4 PLO1,2
characterizing the study of 21st Century
Leadership approaches/theories /styles

Assignment Guidelines
TASKS  You are required to prepare a leadership ‘point-of-view’ “speech” (we will
review the theme and recommended an approach in more detail in one of the
 Designed to be effectively delivered verbally in about 2 minutes, it must not be
longer than 500 words.
 It must clearly communicate why EITHER (Scenario 1) an organization should hire
/promote you to a new leadership role OR (Scenario 2) why employees should
feel confident in the leadership approach you will take with their team.
LEADERSHIP Successful leadership is all about effective, compelling communication and it starts
“POINT OF with your articulation of that role
In short, what can you say that would make you stand out against any other
candidate or as someone people will want to follow?

The course “Leading People” covers many topics essential to effective leadership,
and all material thus far could be considered for this assignment. But this assignment
certainly focuses on two of them: leadership character and leadership-style
communications. With that in mind, imagine EITHER of the following different but
possible scenarios.
Though different, these scenarios share a common ingredient; key constituents
seeking to gain an understanding of, and confidence in, how you will self-actualize
and frame your leadership role.
SCENARIO 1 You’re sitting through an intensive promotion or hiring interview which has already
thoroughly reviewed your resume skills and experiences. As the interview nears its
conclusion, the interviewer says: “Just before we conclude this interview, is there
anything that you want us to remember about you when we deliberate on your
candidacy for this leadership role?” At this point, most candidates say little and are
just happy to have the interview ended. What a missed opportunity! What would
you say in those last 2 minutes so that they remember you above all other
candidates? What will make you stand out in their minds as to the type of leader you
will be? In other words, what will make You Unique?
SCENARIO 2: This week you’ve just learned that you have been newly hired - or promoted from

Leading People
within - into a management role where you will need to lead an established team
that you’ve never met before. From their perspective, this team doesn’t know
anything about you as a leader (other than basic resume background info from your
introductory bio that has already been shared with them). On Monday, it has been
scheduled that you will introduce yourself to your new subordinate team for the first
time. There may be operational issues you will need to cover in the first hour with
them, but what will you say in the first 2 minutes, as a new leader, that will capture
their attention and excite them to listen to you for the next 58 minutes?
EVALUATION To encourage full ‘creativity, there is purposefully no rubric provided for this first

Leading People
Leadership in the News
Team Presentation
(Marks 20: 10 % of Grade weighting)
Sr. No. CLO Domain BT Level PLO
1 Analyze the theoretical evolution characterizing Cognitive C4 PLO1,2
the study of 21st Century Leadership
approaches/theories /styles.
2 Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of Psychomotor C3 PLO1
leadership concepts and strategies of leading
change the real world

Assignment Guidelines
OBJECTIVE  The goal is to have the class see, first hand, real-life examples which reflect the
course’s teachings on either effective or ineffective leadership from very
different perspectives and industry sectors.
LEADERSHIP  “Leadership in the News”
TASKS  Students will self-form teams with the minimum / maximum number of
members determined by the professor at the first class.
 Each team will search the news (within the last 5 years or so) for either a subject
that demonstrated a very negative or highly positive example of organizational
leadership. The organization can be any legitimate, defined entity including
religious, sovereign, not-for-profit, industry/association or corporate (for profit).
No two teams can present on the same subject so each must confirm their
subject as soon as they can to the professor who will reserve that subject to that
 Teams need only produce a PowerPoint presentation; no written report is
EVALUATION Teams will be evaluated on how effectively they:
1. Tell the story and interest the audience in the limited time they will have
2. Accurately analyze the critical aspects of the leadership example they have
3. Integrate the learning concepts and course material within their presentation
4. Respond to audience questions
5. While the general grading sheet is attached is based on following Rubrics.

Leading People


Team No: Team Leader Name: Date:

Slides Submitted before the presentation: □ YES □ NO
Presentation will be assessed on the basis of below Rubric 1 & 2


CRITERIA 25% 75% 100%



Organization No logical or Acceptable sequence Excellent and logical

unrecognized sequence sequence
of information

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Content Does not fulfill any Fulfill the minimum Fulfills most of the
requirements of the requirements of the requirements of the
assignment assignment assignment

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Posture and eye No or little eye contact Some eye contact and Maintain good eye
contact and poor posture maintain acceptable contact most of the time
posture with the and good posture

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Use of time Presentation is either Mostly stay within the Good time management
extremely short or long time frame and keep an appropriate
pace for each point

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Attire Casual or Inappropriate Meet the minimum Good standard of

Leading People
attire with no visual aids standard of business business dress
that do not support the dress
text and presentation

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Visual Does not use visual aids Student use visual aids The student uses visual
presentation or uses visual aids that do that in general support aids that relate well to
not support the test and text and presentation text and presentation

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Confidence No or poor confidence Confident level is average Confident level is


Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Elocution Mumbles, incorrect Clear pronunciation in Excellent and precise

pronunciation and soft some parts of the pronunciation in all parts
presentation of the presentation

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Question and Student cannot answer Student can answer but Student answers all
Answers questions fail to elaborate questions with excellence

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


References No reference disclosed Disclose some reference Disclose most reference

Marks 0.25 0.75 1.00


Total Marks: 10

Leading People

Sr. WEIGHT 25% 50% 100%

No CRITERIA Beginning Developing Exemplary
1 Topic selection Not clearly stated Presents the Clearly presents
about the topic topic but does the topic in
not engage the informative
reader manner
Marks Allocated: 1 0.25 0.50 1.00
2 Originality Student’s idea is both Student’s ideas show Student’s ideas are
traditional and inspiration from highly innovative,
predictable; most of sources borrowed from unusual and novel;
the ideas borrowed others, yet extend ideas display
from others and beyond such work, inventiveness, often
reflects minimal merging some original with unexpected or
original thought. thinking with borrowed surprise twists;
ideas. personality is highly
Marks Allocated:2 0.25 0.50 1.00
3 Elaboration The student does not Student elaborates on Student effectively
elaborate on idea ideas to add some elaborates on ideas to
and/or fails to draw details; connections to add valuable details;
connections to prior prior knowledge or makes or reflects on
knowledge or with with other areas valid connections to
other areas. present, but prior knowledge or
underdeveloped. with other areas.
Marks Allocated: 2 0.25 0.50 1.00
4 Demonstration No identification Too broad or too Clear and
that the team of statement narrow and focused
understands loosely statement
the key issues presented
Marks Allocated: 2 0.25 0.50 1.00
5 Concept clarity No logical flow, Sensible flow but Logical and
confusing, Inconsistent consistent flow
Marks Allocated:2 0.25 0.50 1.00
6 References No reference Available but Comprehensive
inadequate, no compilation of
proper referencing reference
Marks Allocated:1 0.25 0.50 1.00
Total Marks : 10

Instructor Signature: ____________________________ Total Marks Obtained (C+P): _____________________

Leading People
Leading People
“Personal Leadership Development” Report (Individual)

(Marks 20: 15 % of Grade weighting)

Sr. No. CLO Domain BT Level PLO

1. Assess and communicate the “Personal Psychomotor C4, C5
Leadership Development report.

Project Guidelines
TITLE Personal Leadership Development Report
TASKS  Research the position or role you hope to hold within the next 2-5 years as well as
the likely industry / hierarchal context in which it would be. If you are about to
enter or have recently entered a new role, you may focus your writing on that
current/ or near-term situation.
 Using the results of the various self-assessments activities done throughout this
course, describe two areas of improvement from amongst your various
leadership or followership styles/behaviors/attitudes, etc.) that you think
would pose the greatest potential disadvantage (i.e., a weakness) in the role to
which you aspire. The trends may be those negatives ones you are prone to
exhibit or those positive ones you lack. Be sure to describe these two natural
trends/behaviors using the results of the corresponding self-assessments and
support these results with clear, and relevant, personal examples as to how these
two weaknesses have already been verified.
 Justify why / how these two natural trends would be potentially disadvantageous
specifically on your future career by relating it to what you envision will be
needed for effective leadership within the organization of your choosing. The
expectation for this ‘justifications’ section is that all insights and observations will
be directly supported by carefully chosen, relevant references to course concepts
and theories contained with the course’s required readings, NOT just the lecture
 Outline a specific action plan (using a “SMART-based” format) that you could
follow to improve/develop the areas of improvement you highlighted.

EVALUATION The text of your report should not exceed 8 pages (this limit is for assignment text
only and does not include such things as cover page, appendices, bibliography, etc., if
applicable. The assignment must contain 1.5 spacing, 11-point type in a legible font
such as Times New Roman or Calibri.

Leading People

Sr. No. Criteria Below expectations Meets expectations Exceeds expectations

(25%) (50%) (100%)
1 Description of Significant lack of Provided a reasonably Provided a very clear
role or position clarity in describing the clear description of the description of the
sought situation he/she would situation, he/she would situation (a type of
be facing in his/her be facing in his/her tasks, group, and
desired role. desired role. Only a few organization) and (if
characteristics of the relevant) employees
situation or of the (skills, abilities,
employees were left attitudes, and/or
unclear. needs) he/she would
be facing in his/her
desired role.
Marks 3 0.25 0.50 1.00
2 Description of Description of at least Both of the selected Both of the selected
two natural one of the selected natural abilities were natural trends were
leadership or natural abilities was reasonably well extremely well
followership severely imperfect. described supported by described by referring
abilities clear personal to specific results of
behavioral examples. the relevant self-
Minor conceptual flaws assessments,
and/or lack of clarity. supported by clear
personal behavioral
Marks 2 0.25 0.50 1.00
3 Justification of Justification of why one Justification of why Justification of why
the natural trends or both of these both natural trends both natural trends
as potential natural trends would would be weaknesses would be weaknesses
disadvantages for be weaknesses in the in the desired role was in the desired role was
the position desired role was very reasonably clear by extremely clear. By
sought weak by insufficient giving examples and giving examples
examples. references. relevant to each area
Use of references to Only minor conceptual As natural trends were
required readings in or logic errors were shown to be a
support of found. potential weakness
observations was A good representation given the contextual
missing or were too of relevant references realities of the role
few in number to to required readings sought.
reflect an output at a was demonstrated A wide scope of
Masters level relevant references to
required readings was
thoughtfully integrated
into the observations.
Marks 5 0.25 0.50 1.00

Leading People
Serial No. Criteria Below expectations Meets expectations Exceeds expectations
25% 50% 100%
4 Action plan Some actions were Provided a reasonably Provided an extremely
(25%) vague (not specific clear description of clear, SMART-based
enough) and did not specific, realistic actions description of specific
reflect a SMART-based he/she would take to actions he/she would
approach to action ensure effectiveness in maximize effectiveness
planning the desired role and in the desired role.
OR used a SMART-base for
action planning. All of the actions
Some actions are Almost all of the actions described are realistic
unrealistic or poorly described are realistic and were logically
linked to previous and were logically integrated.
sections of the report. integrated.
Marks 5 0.25 0.50 1.00
5 Quality of The number of The number of The number of
writing (10%) grammatical, spelling, grammatical, spelling, grammatical, spelling,
syntax, and/or logical syntax, and/or logical syntax, and/or logical
flow errors was such that flow errors was such that flow errors was such that
the instructor had some the instructor had very the instructor had no
difficulty reading the little difficulty reading difficulty reading the
report; the errors were the report. report.
distractions to the
Marks 5 0.25 0.50 1.00
Total Marks 20

Instructor Signature: ____________________________ Total Marks Obtained: _____________________

Leading People