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Journal of Chemotherapy ∠
Volume 25, 2013 - Issue 3

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Antimicrobial Original Research Paper

Diagnosis of acute
tonsillopharyngitis in primary care:
a new approach for low-resource
Zuleyha Alper ", Yesim Uncu, Halis Akalin, Ilker Ercan,
Melda Sinirtas & Nazan Gonul Bilgel
Pages 148-155 | Published online: 12 Nov 2013

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Background: Diagnosing GABHS (Group A-beta

Hemolytic Streptococcus) tonsillopharyngitis by
clinical scoring is a recommended approach in
developed countries, but there is still much
controversy for low resource settings.

Aim: We aimed to assess the impact of Centor

criteria with the support of practical laboratory tests.

Methods: We prospectively included patients

complaining sore throat (N = 282). We evaluated them
in terms of Centor scoring and performed white
blood cell count (WBC), C-reactive protein (CRP), rapid
antigen detecting test, and throat culture.

+ , In -
GABHS | (n =/
# cases  32, 11·3%),  1
two of the

criteria were observed to be positive in more than

half of the cases (n = 19, 59·3%), while 13 (40·7%)
cases met three/four criteria. The specificity of having
two criteria was found to be 65·5% and increased to
91·5% after including CRP and WBC.

Conclusion: Centor criteria could be safely used to

reduce unnecessary antibiotic usage for
tonsillopharyngitis in developing countries.

Keywords: Acute tonsillopharyngitis, Centor

scoring, CRP, Primary care, Rapid antigen detecting test, WBC

Additional information

This work was supported by Uludağ University

Scientific Research Projects Found. This manuscript
was polished and got ready for submission by SPI
(job no. 20110729221156).

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