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RC 333615
Contractor to NNPC on OML 123 and 124



Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria) Limited (hereinafter referred to as “APD(N)L”) invites

interested companies to pre-qualify for consideration in tendering for the Maintenance, Repairs
and Re-Certification of Lifting Equipment required for the OML 123 and 124 work

The reimbursement for the Work performed shall be on a “call off” schedule of rates basis as
requested by APD(N)L.

The Work is expected to commence in the 1st Quarter of 2010 and the estimated duration of the
contract is two (2) years, with APD(N)L having an option to renew for a further one (1) year.


Scope shall include the provision of qualified personnel and all necessary materials/equipment to
provide Maintenance, Repairs and Re-Certification of Lifting Equipment in OMLs 123 and 124
(the “Work”). The subject Lifting equipment shall include:
• Overhead hoists
• Fork lifts
• Lifting gears
• Self-loaders.
• Rigging Lofts
• Offshore cranes
• Davits
• Air/Hydraulic winches

The Work shall include but not be limited to the following:

1. Thorough inspection, repair and load testing of lifting equipment.
2. Non-Destructive Testing (MPI/DPI) on welded joints and structural members of hoist,
lifting pad eyes; crane pedestal and boom will be essential. Particular attention shall be
paid to the davits/air-hoist rollers, airports, vane rotor, wire slings, hydraulic hoses and all
auxiliary components of crane prime movers.
3. All lifting equipment shall be visually inspected every 6 months and tested and re-certified
every 12 months as per statutory and manufacturing requirements.
4. Supply and storage of items of lifting equipment and accessories.
5. Maintenance, examination, change-out and re-certification of Rigging loft contents.
6. Provision of competent and qualified personnel and work shall be in compliance with the
Nigeria Factories Act 1990, SI 2307; Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment
Regulations 1998 and The Mineral Oils Safety Regulations 1997.

In accordance with the Federal Government of Nigeria Directives on Nigerian Content target of
70% by end year 2010, companies are to include in their submissions their plan to fully comply
with Nigerian Content requirements by identifying the Nigerian scope of work as a percentage of
the total overall scope of work in terms of the monetary value that will be created in-country by
the deliberate use of Nigerian resources (personnel, equipment and materials) on this project.

Companies are to include the following information in their submissions:-

(a) Evidence of company’s existence in Nigeria.
(b) Evidence that company is wholly indigenous ie. CAC forms C02/C07 and any other
evidence of share allocation/shareholding structure
(c) If indigenous company is in joint venture/partnersip, bidder will provide binding exclusive
MoU/JV Agreement indicating work split/deliverables per partner, payment plan/terms,
and duly signed by CEO of both partners
(d) Detailed organogram with names and responsibilities of company management and key
personnel. For JV/Alliances, bidder to provide combined organogram of partnership
(e) Address and location of office in Nigeria.
(f) Details of company incountry operations facilities including warehouse, laboratories,
workshop etc.
(g) Nigerian content training and development plan.
(h) Location of the project management and procurement activities in Nigeria.

Non-compliance with Nigerian Content requirements is a “Fatal Flaw” and will be a ground for


In order to be considered for participation in the tender process, APD(N)L requires that any
interested company must comply fully with the current Nigerian Content Directives and in addition
must be an indigenous Nigerian company or an indigenous Nigerian company having a genuine
joint venture with a foreign company with duly signed MOU by chief executive officers of the two
companies and the indigenous company as lead partner.

Only companies able to document the required qualifying experience, resources and proven work
record will be invited to competitively tender for this Scope of Work.

Companies are required to submit a Pre-qualification Screening Questionnaire to be collected at

the address below or requested via electronic mail at The
information to be submitted in response to the Questionnaire shall include, in addition to other
relevant information, the following:

• Company profile and organisational structure, including names and resumes of key
personnel with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses;

• Copies of Certificate of Incorporation and valid DPR registration specific to the work;

• Evidence of similar work experience in the last five (5) years, with names of operators’
representatives that can be contacted to verify work history;

• Company financial details (including banking details), audited accounts and tax clearance
certificates for the last three (3) years;

• Documented evidence of any significant relationships with supplying contractors and

subcontractors together with details of any technical support agreements with foreign
• A verifiable programme to address Nigerian Content – Federal Government of Nigeria’s
Directives on Nigerian Content target of 70% by year end 2010 and as contained in
NNPC Directives of 13th October 2006;

• Details of community relations policy and strategy which clearly addresses current
community relations issues;

• An overview of company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, including safety

statistics for the last three (3) years;

• Details of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Policy and Quality Manual;

• Evidence of Company’s registration on the NipeX joint Qualification System (NJQS).


Companies shall ensure that their Pre-Qualification Documentation is submitted to APD(N)L in

strict accordance with the following document format:-

• Two (2) CD/DVD-Roms of the complete Pre-Qualification Document ; and

• Two (2) originals of the complete Pre-Qualification Document.

Companies are requested to neatly package their documentation in binders and submit the
complete Pre-Qualification in two (2) separate envelopes, with each envelope containing one (1)
CD/DVD-Rom and one (1) hard copy original document. The envelopes must be sealed and
marked as follows:
These envelopes should be delivered to the address given below not later than two (2) weeks
from the date of this publication (November 24th, 2009):
Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria) Limited
32 Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria
Attention: The Tender Board Secretary


Please visit the NipeX portal at for this Advert and other information.
Companies are expected to have attained the “Published” status in the NipeX JQS database to
be eligible for this exercise. This is a condition to participate in this exercise. Application forms are
available at


(i) THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO TENDER. Notwithstanding the submission of the pre-
qualification information, APD(N)L is neither committed nor obliged to include any
company on any bid list or to award any contract to any company and/or associated
companies, subcontractors or agents;
(ii) APD(N)L/NAPIMS reserve the right to reject any/or all pre-qualification proposals;
(iii) APD(N)L will deal only with authorised officers of the tendering companies and not
through individuals or agents acting on their behalf;
(iv) APD(N)L will not enter into correspondence with any company or individual on why a
company was pre-qualified or not pre-qualified;
(v) This advertisement of “Invitation to Pre-qualify” shall not be construed as a commitment
on the part of APD(N)L, nor shall it entitle companies to make any claims whatsoever
and/or seek any indemnity from APD(N)L in relation thereto.