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American Name: _____________________ Chinese Name: __________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________________________________________

Chinese Research Project

 to understand more about China through the research
 to learn more from others in sharing research projects with each other

Project Requirements (Please use the rubric below to guide your work):
1. Choose one specific topic that interests you about China
2. Research information on this topic (including words, pictures, videos, interview people etc.)
3. Make a 5-8 minutes keynote presentation with visual aids
4. Ask 3 questions related to your topic for the audience to answer to check their understanding of your
5. You have two class periods to work on this. You are to complete the rest of this project on your own, as
6. Project Due Date: Wednesday, 01/14/2015.
7. Oral Presentation Date: Thursday, 01/15/2015 & Friday, 01/16/2015.

Broad Topics--
 The basic structure of the Chinese language (Pinyin/ Characters/the major writing strokes/the basic stroke
order in writing Chinese characters/radicals)
 Chinese history
 Chinese geography
 Chinese culture

Specific Topics—
 Chinese pinyin
 Chinese Characters
 Dynasties
 Cities in China
 Tourist attractions in China
 Tourist attractions in Shanghai/Beijing
 Chinese foods (8 types)
 Chinese minorities and their customs
 Chinese calligraphy
 Chinese painting
 One child policy
 ......(other topics you would like to work on)

Your Topic: _______________________________________________________________

Category 0 1 2 3
Research Wrote questions that Wrote questions that Wrote well worded, Wrote thoughtful,
Questions/ lacked a specific lacked focus, were specific questions creative, well
key words focus, were poorly poorly stated, and that were relevant to worded specific
stated, and not not entirely relevant the assigned topic. questions that were
relevant to the to the assigned relevant to the
assigned topic. topic. assigned topic.
Content Extracted irrelevant Extracted a lot of Extracted mostly Extracted relevant
information. information that relevant information.
Audience has no wasn’t relevant. information. Clearly explains
idea what the report Vaguely tells what Explains what the what the report is
is on. report covers. report is covering. covering.
Visual Aid Poor, distracts Adds nothing to the Thoughts articulated Visual aid enhances
audience and is presentation. clearly, but not presentation, all
hard to read. engaging. thoughts articulated
and keeps interest
Selection of Identified no Identified a few Identified mostly Identified highly
Sources appropriate sources appropriate sources appropriate sources appropriate sources
Time frame Presentation is less Presentation is more Presentation rushed Presentation falls
than the minimum than maximum time. or truncated to fit within required time
time. the time. frame.
Professionalism of Mumbles, audience Thoughts don't flow, Thoughts articulated Presentation is
Presentation has difficulty not clear, does not clearly, though does organized and
hearing, confusing. engage audience. not engage the interest level of
audience. the audience is