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O’ Brien
Weakness in O’ Brein Coorporation Revenue Cycle Procedures
No Weaknesses and Potential Problems Solutions

1 Orders from new customers do not require any form of Require digital signatures on all online
validation, resulting in several large shipments being sent orders from new customers.
and never paid for.
Require a written customer purchase order
as confirmation of telephone and fax orders.

2 Customer credit histories are not checked before approving Customers’ credit should be checked and no
orders, resulting in excessive uncollectible accounts. sales should be made to those that do not
meet credit standards.

3 Outgoing shipments are placed near the loading dock door Separate the shipping and receiving docks.
without any physical security. The loading dock is also used
to receive incoming deliveries. This increases the risk of Physically restrict access to the loading dock
theft, which may account for the unexplained shortages in area where customer orders are placed.
BPMN diagram to
depict O’ Brain
Revenue cycle
revised to
incorporate solution
to step a.
Center, Inc.
12.8.a. Weaknesses in Parktown’s revenue cycle procedures

Weaknesses Problem Solution

The employee who makes bank The office manager could steal Cash deposits should be made by
deposits also issues credit memos. cash and cover up the shortage by an employee who does not have
issuing a credit memo for the authority to issue credit memos
amount stolen.
and who also does not maintain
accounts receivable.

The employee who makes bank The cash balance per books may Bank reconciliation should be
deposits also reconciles bank be overstated because all cash is done by an employee with no
statements not deposited (i.e. theft). other cash handling

The employee who initially Theft by lapping could occur. Fees Segregate the functions of cash
handles cash receipts also earned and cash receipts or receipts handling and
prepares billings and maintains accounts receivable could be billing/accounts receivable.
understated because of omitted or
accounts receivable.
inaccurate billing.
BPMN diagram to depict Parktown’s revenue cycle revised to incorporate solutions to step a.
The Family
12.9 A - Control Weaknesses in Cash Receipts Procedures
Sarah opens all mail and prepares a list of donations (cash and checks). Sarah could
misappropriate anonymous cash donations.
Mail should be opened by both Sarah and the other staff member. The use of lockboxes would
also eliminate this problem, but would cost the charity money to implement.

The donations and donation list are sent to the accountant for recording and to prepare the bank
deposit. Therefore, the accountant has custody of the donation and records the donation.
Bank reconciliation is performed by the accountant, who also makes the bank deposit.
The donations should be sent to the office manager for deposit and the donation list sent to the
accountant for recording. This corrects both weaknesses.

Each employee has full access (create, read, update, delete) to the accounting system.
Only the accountant and the office manager should have full access to the accounting system.
12.9 bagian b
IT Procedures that should exist:

1. The backup copy should be stored someplace other than

the manager’s office
Managers might compromise with the data on the files.

2. The backup copy should be placed somewhere secure,

preferably locked.
So that none of the staff or even the managers have
access to the files other than the accountant.

3. All files should be protected with passwords or other

forms of authorizations
As a prevention against loss, alteration, or unauthorized
disclosure of data
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