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A. Identify whether the underlined nouns are countable (C) or

uncountable nouns (UC).
Darwin’s research in Galapagos led to the groundbreaking theory of The Origin of Species. The
Galapagos has abundant wildlife and visitors can get up close and personal to some of the world’s
rarest animals. There are two seasons: December to May is warm and wet and June to December is
cool and dry. The name ‘galapagos’, an old Spanish word for ‘saddle’, was originally used by Bishop
Tomas and his men to describe the giant tortoises but the name stuck.
Countable Nouns:
Uncountable Nouns:

B. Underline the subject and circle the object in these sentences.

1. Maya plays soccer everyday.

2. The boys take their dog for a walk every evening.
3. We watched an interesting movie yesterday.
4. I bought some flowers for my mother.
5. Our teacher gave us a gold star for our assignment.
6. The postman delivered my letters late today.


Choose the correct antonyms from the box for the underlined words.

peak bottom sold brand-new old infants adults disappointed

unpleasant lively overcast fatigue happy night dawn deep
bright purchased succeeded lost nice yesterday

1. Pooja was very sad today.

2. The day was pleasant and not too gloomy.
3. Rajvanth bought a new pair of shoes.
4. The shallow end of the pool is for children.
5. She felt exhausted after an active game of tennis.
6. The mountain climbers failed in the race to the summit.

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