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1 Language summary

Nouns planet its Verbs
School subjects semester our am
biology sister their are
business space has
chemistry beautiful is
English student love
geography teacher spell
history vacation
famous Adverbs
literature Pronouns favorite
math Responses
Subject pronouns friendly no
physical education good
I yes
physics great
Other he interesting Other
actor she next actually
birthday it nice here
brother we old (over) there
city they popular not
class same now
Titles trendy pretty/really/very (+ adjective)
college Mr. unique
Mrs. unusual Prepositions
family at (2:00/City College)
friend Adjectives Articles from (Seoul/South Korea)
hobby Possessives a in (the morning/the same class)
moon my an
name your the Conjunctions
parents his and
person her but
Saying hello Exchanging personal Introducing someone Checking information
Good morning. information This is . . . /These are . . . How do you spell . . . ?
Hey. What's your name? Nice to meet you. Sorry, what’s your (first/
Hello. I'm . . . /My name is . . . last) name again?
Hi. Asking about It’s . . .
What's your first/last
How are you?/How's it name? someone What do people call you?
going? It's . . . Who’s that? Everyone calls me . . .
(I'm) fine, thanks. When's your birthday? That’s . . . Please call me . . .
Great. It's . . . His/Her name is . . .
Pretty good. Who are they? Making suggestions
What's . . . like?
OK. They’re . . . Let’s . . .
He's/She's/It's . . .
What's up? What are . . . like? Their names are
. . . and . . .
They're . . . (I’m) sorry.
Saying good-bye Where’s your friend?
Where are you from?
Bye. He’s/She’s . . . Agreeing
I’m/We’re from . . .
Good-bye. OK.
Good night. Thanking someone
Have a good day. Thanks.
That’s right.
See you later. Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
Talk to you later.

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2 Language summary
Nouns social media manager phone start
Jobs/Professions sociologist piano stay up
accountant software engineer posts study
babysitter taxi driver schedule take (care of)
carpenter teacher snack teach
cashier tour guide social media track
chef tutor thing wake up
cook vendor time wear
dancer web designer work work (in a hospital/
dentist in the afternoon)
Types of jobs Adjectives write
doctor entertainment business boring
engineer food service different Adverbs
fashion designer office work difficult Response
firefighter travel industry exciting yeah
fitness instructor
flight attendant Workplaces Other
front desk clerk (computer) company a lot
graphic designer hospital early
lawyer office exactly
mechanic restaurant home
musician school late
nurse store Verbs usually
office assistant university answer
office manager behave Prepositions
Other after (midnight)
pilot cook
app around/about (10:00/noon)
police officer do
clothes at (6:00/night/midnight)
receptionist exercise
dessert at (a school)
reporter get (home/up/fit)
dinner before (noon)
restaurant host go (to bed/to school/
fabrics in (a restaurant)
sales associate to work)
fashion design in (the morning/the
salesperson have (a job/lunch)
food afternoon/the evening)
security guard know
job like (= for example)
server leave (work/for work)
lunch on (weekdays/Fridays)
singer like
meeting until (midnight)
social media assistant sleep

Talking about school/work Asking for more information Expressing interest
What do you do (exactly/there)? What time . . .? That’s cool.
I’m a/an . . . Which . . .? Really?
Where does he work? Why?
He works in/at/for . . . Expressing surprise
How do you like your job/classes? Talking about daily schedules Wow!
I like it/them a lot. What time do you go to work?
I start work at . . . Starting a sentence
I love it/them. Well, . . .
Where do you go to school? When do you get home?
I usually get home at . . . Oh, . . .
I go to . . . So, . . .
What’s your favorite . . .?
My favorite . . . is . . .

Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable Language summary T-319
3 Language summary
Nouns Other Adjectives perfect
Clothes and jewelry acre Colors powerful
backpack armchair black pretty
bag bid blue reasonable
belt birthday brown sad
boots cent(s) gray stylish
bracelet certificate green truthful
dress (sales) clerk orange
earrings pink
design Modal
flip-flops purple
dollar can
jacket red
jeans electric guitar white Other
ring flea market yellow ask
shirt headphones buy
item Other
sneakers compare
land attractive
socks cost
mug boring
suit help
notebook cheap
sunglasses look (= seem)
opinions confident
sweater look (at/for)
pet rock crazy
tie mean
phone creative
T-shirt pay (for)
present digital
watch prefer
price each
Materials* printer expensive
try (it on)
cotton skateboard extraordinary
gold style friendly Adverbs
leather tablet happy more
plastic (price) tag hopeful (shop) online
rubber treadmill huge
silk jealous *Names of materials
silver Pronouns light can be used as nouns or
wool one loving adjectives.
ones nice

Talking about prices Getting someone’s Talking about Thanking someone
How much is this/that attention preferences Thanks anyway.
T-shirt? Excuse me. Which one do you prefer? You’re welcome.
It’s . . . I prefer the . . . one.
Offering help Expressing doubt
That’s not bad. Which ones do you like
Can I help you? Hmm.
How much are these/ better/more?
those sneakers? Identifying things I like the . . . ones Pausing to think
They’re . . . Which one? better/more. Let’s see . . .
That’s expensive. The blue one.
Making and declining
Which ones?
Comparing an offer
The gray ones.
It’s nicer/more stylish Would you like to . . . ?
than the black one. Oh, no. That’s OK.

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4 Language summary
Nouns Musical instruments kind (of) Other
Movies guitar (text) message chill out
action piano platinum come
horror violin record go (out/platinum)
musical ticket have to (+ verb)
Entertainers victim
science fiction know
video game meet
TV programs actress
need to (+ verb)
game show athlete Pronouns play (an instrument)
reality show band Object pronouns visit
soap opera group me want to (+ verb)
talk show musician you win
performer him
Music* rapper her Adverbs
classical singer it just
country songwriter us never
them tomorrow
funk Other
(not) very much
hip-hop album Adjectives
jazz award free (= not have plans) Prepositions
Latin clothing designer million about
pop concert for (dinner)
rap contract Verbs from . . . to . . .
R&B (rhythm and blues) date Modal with (me)
reggae fan would
hurricane *Names of musical styles
inauguration can be used as nouns or
(musical) instrument adjectives.

Talking about likes and dislikes Refusing an invitation
Do you like . . . ? I’d like to, but I have to . . .
Yes, I do. I like . . . a lot./I love . . . I’d like to, but I need to . . .
No, I don’t. I don’t like . . . very much. I’d like to, but I want to . . .
What kind of . . . do you like?
Asking about events
Who’s/What’s your favorite . . . ?
When is it?
Inviting someone Where is it?
Would you like to . . . ? What time does it start/end?
Do you want to . . . ?
Let’s . . .
Accepting an invitation
Yes, I would.
Thanks. I’d love to.

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5 Language summary

Nouns Other Adjectives raise (money)

Family/Relatives age Quantifiers spend (time)
aunt attention a lot of tell
brother barbecue all travel
children college few vote
cousin couple many wait
dad effort most
daughter nearly all
fact Time expressions
father not many
family tree always
grandfather some
foreign language regularly
housework Other right now
only child dear (+ name) these days
(medical aid) lonely this year
organization married
nephew Other
people old
niece alone
percent only (child)
sister together
population related
son (birthday) present rural Preposition
women stay-at-home (dad) of
Pronoun Verbs Conjunction
no one enjoy because
get (married)

Asking about family
Do you have any brothers and sisters?
I have . . . brother(s) and . . . sister(s).
I’m an only child.
How old is your brother?
Exchanging information about the present
Are you living at home?
Yes, I am./No, I’m not.
What is your brother doing?
He’s traveling in . . .
What are you/your friends doing these days?
I’m . . . /They’re . . .
Expressing interest
What an interesting . . .
Expressing sincerity
I’m serious!

T-156 Language summary Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable
6 Language summary

Nouns Other Adjectives Adverbs

Sports and fitness athlete active Frequency
activities couch potato average almost always
baseball country fit almost never
basketball energy good at (something) always
bike riding fitness healthy every . . .
bowling fitness freak middle-aged hardly ever
football free time real never
golf fundraiser regular not very often/much
ice hockey gym tired often
jogging gym rat once a . . .
martial arts junk food Verbs sometimes
serving (= portion of chat
Pilates three times a . . .
food) do (yoga/card tricks)
running twice a . . .
sports nut eat
soccer usually
talent exercise
teen (= teenager) keep (fit) Other
tip lift weights sometime
treadmill play (a sport) well
vitamin relax
weight training/lifting
yoga in (my free time/great
Pronoun spend (time)
nothing shape)
work out
like (that)

Talking about routines Asking for more information
How often do you . . . ? What else . . . ?
Every . . .
Expressing surprise/disbelief
Once/Twice/Three times a . . .
Not very often.
Do you ever . . . ? Agreeing
Yes, I often/sometimes . . . All right.
No, I never/hardly ever . . . No problem.
How long do you spend . . . ?
Thirty minutes a day./Two hours a week.
Talking about abilities
How well do you . . . ?
Pretty well.
About average.
Not very well.
How good are you at . . . ?
Pretty good./OK.
Not so good.

Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable Language summary T-323
7 Language summary

Nouns surfing free-time stay (home)

architect swimming giant stop
building test handmade take (a day off/photos)
cable car tour incredible worry
chore town lucky
cloud trip manmade Adverbs
vacation prehistoric Time expressions
waves special all day/weekend
weather spectacular as usual
tiring last night/week/weekend
Pronouns whole the whole time
anything windy today
land art
something yesterday
(open) market Adjectives call
monument amazing also
mountain breathtaking anywhere
neighbor broke downtown
noise ceramic unfortunately
party cloudy
satellite cold
happen Prepositions
invite on (business/vacation)
snorkeling cool make (a phone call) over (the weekend)
spaghetti excellent read

Asking about past activities Giving opinions about past experiences
Did you go anywhere last weekend? How did you like . . . ?/How was . . . ?
Yes, I did. I . . . It was . . .
No, I didn’t. What was the best thing about . . . ?
How did you spend . . . ? Was the . . . OK?
How long were you . . . ?
What did you do . . . ?
What time did you . . . ?
Where did you . . . ?
Who did you . . . with?

T-158 Language summary Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable
8 Language summary

Nouns hospital fashion Verbs

Neighborhood/ hotel festival check out
Recreational facilities laundromat haircut drive
airport library (traffic) light dry
apartment (building) (shopping) mall nightlife wash
ATM (outdoor) market parking
avenue movie theater pollution Adverb
museum price too (= also)
newsstand traffic
bookstore Prepositions
boutique park trash
across from/opposite
café post office
school Adjectives around (the world)
(college) campus convenient between
clothing store shopping center
creative in back of/behind
coffee shop stadium
expensive in front of
concert hall suburbs
hip near/close to
department store theater
indie (music/movies) next to
district (public) transportation
industrial on
drugstore venue
live (music) on the corner of
electronics store Wi-Fi hot spot
locally made
gas station zoo Conjunction
grocery store so
Other perfect
hair salon crime safe

Asking for and giving locations Adding information
Is there a/an . . . near here? By the way, . . .
No, there isn’t, but there’s one . . .
Are there any . . . around here?
Yes, there are. There are some . . .
No, there aren’t, but there are some . . .
No, there aren’t any . . . around here.
Asking about quantities
Are there many . . . ?
Yes, there are a lot.
Yes, there are a few.
No, there aren’t many.
No, there aren’t any.
No, there are none.
Is there much . . . ?
Yes, there’s a lot.
Yes, there’s a little.
No, there isn’t much.
No, there isn’t any.
No, there’s none.
How many . . . are there?
There are . . .

Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable Language summary T-325
9 Language summary

Nouns logo elderly Verbs

appearance looks flattering control
app/application meter floral describe
astronaut mustache flowy learn
beard outfit good-looking orbit
belt picture handsome sit
(baseball) cap print khaki wear
celebrity psychologist leather
centimeter selfie long Adverbs
contact lenses streetwear medium fairly (+ adjective)
couple window middle-aged pretty (+ adjective)
eye(s) pastel so (+ adjective)
Adjectives physical
baggy Prepositions
foot preppy
bald behind
girlfriend pretty
blond in (a T-shirt/jeans/her
glasses rude
boho thirties)
hair short
casual next to
height skinny
classic on (the couch)
hipster straight
comfortable to the left/right of
inch tall
curly with (brown hair)
(basketball) jersey trendy
dark young

Asking about appearance Identifying someone
What does she look like? Who’s Diego?
She’s tall. He’s the man wearing a blue shirt/talking to Brooke.
She has brown hair. Which one is Paula?
How old is she? She’s the one in jeans/near the window.
She’s about 32. Which ones are the Harrisons?
She’s in her thirties. They’re the people/the ones on the couch.
How tall is she?
She’s 1 meter 78.
About 5 foot 10, I suppose.
How long is her hair?
It’s pretty short.
What color is his hair?
It’s dark/light brown.
Does he wear glasses?
Yes, he does.
No, he wears contacts.

T-160 Language summary Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable
2 Language summary

Nouns shopping several taste

alligator sleepwalk valuable try
bathtub space center
blue cheese sports car Verbs Adverbs
sushi be engaged (to ago
burglar alarm
theme park someone) already
(traffic) ticket bet extremely
truck clean in the past (week)
truffle cut recently
uniform hear underground
wedding invent yet
iced coffee
Adjectives lose Prepositions
ID (= identification) for (six months/two
asleep raise
jazz club years)
awake ride
lines since (6:45/last weekend/
current sail
motorcycle elementary school)
important show
live (concert) take it easy

Talking about past experiences Expressing uncertainty
Have you ever . . . ? I can’t decide.
Have you . . . recently/this week?
Yes, I have./No, I haven’t.
I’m sorry (I’m late).
Have you/they . . . yet?
Yes, I have. I’ve (already) . . .
No, they haven’t. They haven’t . . . (yet).
How many times have you . . . ?
I’ve . . . once/a couple of times.
How long have you lived here?
I’ve lived here for/since . . .
How long did you live there?
I lived there for . . .

Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable Language summary T-327
11 Language summary

Nouns subway reasonable Adverbs

bargain tapas safe all year
beach taxi spacious anytime
bike path tourist stressful definitely
canoe town ugly easily
capital visitor walled (city/area) extremely (+ adjective)
church fairly (+ adjective)
Pronoun Verbs pretty (+ adjective)
you (= anyone) Modal
district really (+ adjective)
(city) guide Adjectives somewhat (+ adjective)
harbor best Other too (+ adjective)
hometown clear miss very (+ adjective)
island crowded move away
landmark dangerous plan to (+ verb)
mangrove in (town)
delicious recommend
nightclub historic rent Conjunctions
plaza lively tell (someone) about however
pyramid noisy (something) though
salsa (steps) polluted use

Describing something Talking about advisability Asking for and giving
What’s . . . like? What can I do . . . ? suggestions
It’s . . . and . . . You can . . . What should I . . . ?
It’s . . . , but (it’s not) . . . You can’t . . . You should . . .
It’s . . . It’s not (too) . . . , though. You shouldn’t . . .
It’s . . . It’s not (too) . . . , however.
Asking for information
Can you tell me about . . . ?

T-162 Language summary Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable
2 Language summary

Nouns jar chamomile (tea) terrible

Health problems pack community useful
backache stick dentist
tube energy Verbs
garlic (tea) Modal
cold Pharmacy items
gel could
cough bandages
idea may
dry skin breath mints
earache liquid Other
cough drops
fever medicine cabinet boil
(the) flu muscle chop up
headache plant concentrate
(the) hiccups rain forest disappear
face cream
insect bite remedy get (some rest)
heating pad
insomnia research put (= apply directly, as
itchy eyes rest ointment)
nosebleed throat rest
(pain) medicine
sore muscles/throat village see (a doctor/dentist)
stomachache suggest
shaving cream Adjectives
sunburn tissues take (medicine/
toothache toothpaste something for . . . )
upset stomach vitamin C treat
work (= succeed)
Containers itchy
bag advice
powerful Prepositions
bottle sick in (bed)
box sore under (cold water)
can stressed

Talking about health problems Asking for and giving advice
Are you all right? What should you do . . . ?
Not really. It’s important/helpful/a good idea to . . .
That’s too bad. What do you suggest/have for . . . ?
Try/I suggest/You should/You could . . .
Offering and accepting assistance
Can/May I help you? Expressing dislike
Yes, please. Yuck!
Can/Could/May I have . . . ?
You’re right.

Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable Language summary T-329
13 Language summary

Nouns lemon Other greasy

Food and beverages lemonade bellhop healthy
bread mangoes coffee shop rich
(veggie) burger meat custom salty
cake miso hairstylist spicy
cheeseburger octopus menu vegetarian
chicken onion (rings/soup) order
pasta review
peas server Modals
(apple) pie service will
pizza slang would
dressing potatoes tip Other
fish rice wages order
flavor salad waitress rely on
french fries sandwich take (an order)
fruit seafood Adjectives
shrimp bland
grains vary
soup confusing
hamburger strawberries crispy Adverbs
sushi customary a bit (+ adjective)
ice cream
turkey delicious either
ice-cream cone
vegetable fresh neither
water generous too

Expressing feelings I like . . . Ordering in a restaurant
I’m (not) crazy about . . . So do I. May I take your order?
I’m (not) in the mood for . . . Oh, I don’t (like it very much). What would you like (to . . . )?
I can’t stand . . . I’m not in the mood for . . . I’d like/I’ll have a/an/the . . .
Neither am I./I’m not either. What kind of . . . would you like?
Agreeing and disagreeing Really? I am. I’d like/I’ll have . . . , please.
I’m crazy about . . . I can’t . . . Would you like anything else?
So am I./I am, too. Neither can I./I can’t either. Yes, please. I’d like . . .
Oh, I’m not. Oh, I love it. No, thank you.
I can . . . I don’t like . . . That’s all, thanks.
So can I./I can, too. Neither do I./I don’t either.
Really? I can’t. Oh, I like it a lot.

T-164 Language summary Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable
2 Language summary

Nouns valley feather far

Geography volcano fine high
beach waterfall million hot
canal world planet pure
continent (air) pollution strict
Distance and
desert population
measurements quiz Verbs
degree (Celsius/ exist
(the) falls tower
Fahrenheit) get down (to)
forest winter
(square) kilometer get up (to)
meter Adjectives respect
(square) mile clean
pound cold Prepositions
mountain in (the summer/the
ocean Other world/the Americas)
river airport on (the planet/sidewalks)

Talking about distances and measurements Making comparisons
How cold is . . . in the winter? Which country is larger, . . . or . . .?
It gets down to . . . degrees. . . . is larger than . . .
How hot is . . . in the summer? Which country is the largest in the world?
It gets up to . . . degrees. Russia is the largest country.
How far is . . . from . . .? Which country is more crowded, . . . or . . . ?
It’s about . . . kilometers. . . . is more crowded than . . .
How big is . . .? . . . is the most crowded country in . . .
It’s . . . square kilometers.
How high is (are) . . .?
It’s (They are) . . . meters high.
How long is . . .?
It’s . . . kilometers long.
How deep is . . .?
It’s . . . meters deep.

Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable Language summary T-331
15 Language summary

Nouns Other smartphone refuse

Leisure activities accident statement return
barbecue address track speak
(rock) concert cell (phone) throw
(film) festival
embarrassing Adverbs
(baseball/soccer) game
fancy afterward
musical lamppost
late late
(dance) performance meeting
on time
picnic message Verbs
play motherboard accept
(car) race reaction capture
(class) reunion request give
(video game) tournament security camera

Talking about plans Making a call
What are you doing tonight? May I speak to . . . ?
I’m going . . . Sorry, but . . . isn’t here.
Are you doing anything tomorrow? Can I take/leave a message?
No, I’m not (doing anything). I’ll give . . . the message.
What is she going to do tomorrow?
Leaving a message
She’s going to . . .
Can I take a message?
Are they going to . . . ?
Please tell . . . (that) . . .
Yes, they are (going to . . .).
Please ask . . . to . . .
Apologizing and giving reasons Could you tell . . . (that) . . . ?
Thanks for asking me, but I can’t. I . . . Could you ask . . . to . . . ?
Sorry, but I already have plans. Would you tell . . . (that) . . . ?
Would you ask . . . to . . . ?

T-166 Language summary Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable
2 Language summary

Nouns (bank) loan Verbs improve

(savings) account plastic accomplish join
(photo) album (pay) raise achieve pierce
century resolution become plan (+ verb)
change subtitle benefit retire
contacts/contact lenses vocabulary bring about
course catch
credit card
Adjectives change
extraordinary differently
drama donate
outgoing less
experience dress
dye Prepositions
goal fall (in love) in (ages/a few years)
hairstyle get (engaged/married) into (my own apartment)
(driver’s) license graduate
life hope (+ verb)

Describing changes Talking about future plans
I’m not in school anymore. What are you going to do?
I wear contacts now. I’m (not) going to . . .
I majored in business administration. I (don’t) plan/want to . . .
I got engaged. I hope to . . .
I’ve just started a new job. I’d like/love to . . .
I’ve bought a new apartment.
It’s less noisy than downtown.
My hair is longer now.

Interchange Teacher’s Edition 1 © Cambridge University Press 2017  Photocopiable Language summary T-333