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Anthony Orellana

4th Pisgah

Social studies Activity 1

I. The family type to which Mary belongs It’s a sibling household.

II. ONE disadvantage of living in a family type similar to Mary and Roy’s is no parental
support, children grow up into wrong things and at time they start doing drugs.

III. Two factors, other than migration, that could have led to the creation of
Mary’s type of family are Lack of employment in their home country and Job

IV. Two ways in which roles of parents are likely to help children to become
Well-rounded and responsible adults is to set good example for their children to follow
in their footsteps and To not pamper them and teach them to be responsible from a
young age.

V. The three strategies that a Child Protection Agency may use to reduce the
Incidents of child abuse is to have a visiting service to visit the children to ensure that
they are ok also by Taking the children and place them in a home until they are 18
years old.

VI. The strategies I suggested in (vi) is likely to be successful because it would help keep the
children safe and away from the harmful and bad influence and temptations around
Social Studies Activity 2

1. State ONE characteristic of a constitutional monarchy and ONE characteristic of a

republic. Constitional Monarchy it’s a constitution which governs the relationship
between the monarch and her subjects.

Republic is a political ideology centered in citizenship in a state.

2. The table below shows the result of a country’s recent general election. Study it carefully
and then answer the questions that follow.

Constituenc Registered NDP ULP DRP TOTAL VOTER

Northern 11592 3136 5728 37 8901 77

Southern 11823 3636 4983 29 8648 73

Eastern 7789 2528 3135 48 5711 73
Western 6583 2444 2295 23 4762 72
South 13044 5005 4875 19 9899 76
Total 50831 16749 21016 156 37921 75

NDP- National Democratic Party

UNP- United Labor Party
DRP- Democratic Republic Party

1. State the overall voter turnout for this election.


2. State two factors that might have led to the level of voter turnout in the election.
The party may have had good campaign speech.
The party may have done or provided the community with something example
donate things to the school or the hospital.
3. Suggest one type of graph that could best illustrate how the population voted.
Bar Graph or Hectograph.

4. If the first-past-the-post electoral system is used, which party would form the government
and how many seats would it have in parliament.
United Labor party this party may take over 50% of the seats in parliaments.

5. Suggest to the executive of a political party in your country THREE actions it can take to
increase the voter turnout among young people.

6. Explain why EACH action you stated above is likely to be successful.

Social Studies Activity 3

1. State two ways in which the water resources in a country may become polluted.
Litter disposal in the river
Dumping of Chemicals or sewage waste in the river

2. Name TWO CARICOM countries where rivers are used as a major form of
transportation. Belize , Montserrat

3. Give TWO reasons why water is useful in the agricultural industry of a country.
Help to grow fresh produce and sustain livestock.
Also if there’s no water, there no crops, if there’s no crops , there’s no more

4. Suggest three strategies that households may use to conserve water.

Reduce the throw of chemicals in drains, streams and river remember drains lead to
rivers and river to leads to oceans

5. Explain why each strategy you suggested above is helpful in conserving water.
The strategies I said Its helpful because if nothing is done to stop this it can get
worst and by saying this and given this pointer everyone can get to a point and say
he is right and start doing well and no one will get sick and pure water will last long
and benefit from it.

Activity 4 Social Studies

Write two letters, one a complaint from a tourist to a cruise ship company and another replying
to that complaint.

Read the list of socio-cultural impacts of tourism. Group these into positive and negative
impacts. Are any of them both positive and negative?
First letter

Mrs. Jane Samantha

Falcon Company
Kingston Street
Cayo District

March 29, 2020

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you regarding my recent cruise with your company, Falcon Cruise Line, which
departed from Belize on July 1st. I have traveled on several cruise lines, and Falcon Cruise Line
has been by far the worst experience I have ever had on a cruise. I am hoping that you can offer
some form of redress for the terrible journey I took on your ship.

There were several problems on the cruise ship. Specifically, our room was not cleaned
appropriately and our attendant, Joe, did not answer our repeated requests for extra towels. This
was doubly frustrating as other employees on the ship kept telling us that we could only get our
towels from Joe.

Shore ventures were also problematic on your cruise line. The boats taking passengers to the
shore were repeatedly late, which meant that we did not get to spend as much time on shore as
the brochures claimed. As shore visits were the main draw for my family, this left us very
disappointed with the cruise overall.

Most importantly, I believe we were wrongfully charged for food. Most cruise ships, as you
know, include unlimited amounts of food. Your ship charged us hidden fees we did not find out
about until we left the ship. These "fine print" charges were outrageous, and included a bottle of
water for $4 as well as an extra serving of ham for $7. The total extra amount we were charged
was $475. Had we known about these charges, we never would have accepted these items.

I request that you remedy this situation immediately. I believe that in the very least a refund for
the unexpected charges would be appropriate. I am prepared to seek legal counsel if you do not
contact me within the next two weeks regarding these charges. I look forward to hearing your
response Thanks for taking time of reading my letter.


Anthony Orellana
Second Letter
Second Letter
Positive Negative Both
At its best tourism provides Local people have the Local people’s enjoyment of
opportunities for culture opportunity to meet people their own country, for example
exchange for example through from other parts of the region beaches, and beauty spots,
shared enjoyment in festivals and the world, and learn new may be impaired by over-
of tourists being helped to ideas and cultural concepts crowding, by hotels insisting
understand local environment from them. on exclusive beaches or by
or culture by guides, or pollution.
sometimes by home stays.
Local arts and craft may be The influence of tourist It is difficult in some families
revitalized , giving local lifestyle and values may be to encourage normal work
people the chance to enjoy damaging, especially where habits when some people
traditional culture along with these demand higher incomes involved in tourism receive
the tourists. This can provide than local people enjoy. more tips than people can earn
opportunities to increase and in more arduous employment.
pass on skills to the next
generation. Its can also provide
opportunities for people to
earn a living through arts and
craft, and develops pride in our
Local culture may become Local people may resent
commercialized and tourists and even returning
consequently devalued. nationals, who appear to be
Sometimes younger people see much more wealthy. Local
traditional culture as old people only see tourist when
fashioned and irrelevant as they are relaxing and on
they take on board the western holiday and may be drinking
influences brought by tourists. too much or lazing about. The
gives a poor impression of
people who may otherwise
work hard all year at home.
Land prices may increase so Some local people become
that it is difficult for local to alienated from or indifferent to
buy land or housing. tourist and tourism other may
be enthusiastic to engage in
cultural exchanges and see the
value of tourism to the
In some case local people are
banned from hotels and
restaurants designed for
Tourism provides increased
opportunities for locals to
gamble and also bars for
The sex trade has serious
effects on morals, the economy
and health. Some tourists’
main purpose in coming to the
Caribbean is to enjoy and often
to pay for sex. Older women
are attracted to young boys as
well as men being attracted to
both girls and boys. Earning
from those in the sex trade can
be greater than in most
occupations. Sexual diseases
are spread not only to the sex
workers but also to their local