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No. English Notes
1 The planning authorities gave the school
the go-ahead for an extension.
2 He is a bad manager in that factory and defame: nói xấu, làm mất danh dự
everyone is in an attempt to defame him.
3 The referee who will be officiated at this official (adj) – officiate (v): thi hành nhiệm vụ
year’s F.A Club final is one of my relatives,
you know.
4 I was surprised by his preparedness to break prepare (v) – preparedness (n): sự sẵn sàng,
the law. chuẩn bị, kĩ lưỡng
5 disaster preparedness
military preparedness
6 Throughout the 1790s, he worked hard to patron (v) – patrons (n): người bảo trợ, sự bảo
secure the interest of wealthy patrons. trợ
7 Such patronage enabled him to concentrate patronage (n): sự bảo trợ
on becoming a successful composer.
A Children who grow up in time of war are adjust (v) – maladjusted (adj): (trẻ con) không
more likely to be maladjusted than others. được dạy dỗ cẩn thận dẫn đến những hành vi
trong tương lai
- maladjustment (n)
 maladjusted children
9 A residential for disturbed and maladjusted trường nội trú dành cho trẻ em ngạo ngược và
children có hành vi không hay
10 The years in isolation and adversity have know (v) – self-knowledge (n): sự tự biết bản
depended his self-knowledge. thân, biết năng lực mình
11 He’s completely outboxed his opponent and box (n) – outbox (v): đánh bại
knocked him out in the seventh round.
12 The museum was built in the middle of the class (v) – neoclassical (adj): tân cổ điển
last century in the neoclassical style
popular at that time.
13 It is no use asking him about political politics (n) – apolitical (adj): phi chính trị
system or the parties. He doesn’t know or  apolitical organization
care. He’s completely apolitical.
14 It’s quite normal to complain if you think criticism (n) – hypercritical (adj): quá khắt khe
something is wrong, but I do feel that you
are sometimes hypercritical.
15 Gold is incomparably more precious than incomparable: không thể sánh bằng
iron. In fact, there is no really comparison. comparative: tương đương, tương đối

16 Until the situation has settled down, it is settle down: ổn định và như thường lệ (cuộc
inadvisable to travel to the area hardly hit sống)
by ebola epidemic.
17 He lost his temper and used disgusting
unrepeatable language.
18 This machinery has been coated with a rust (n) – rustproof (adj): không gỉ
certain chemical to make it rustproof.
19 The ship was shipwrecked off the coast of ship (n) – shipwreck (v): đắm tàu
20 It’s hypocrisy for them to pretend them that hypocrite (v) – hypocrisy (n): đạo đức giả
they were shocked at the news.
21 Profits grew last year by a heady 5.7%. head (n) – heady (adj): nóng nảy, tức giận (say
xỉn), tăng vọt lên, tràn đầy năng lượng
22 She speaks her lines very woodenly. wood (n) – woodenly (adj): vô cảm, không cảm
23 Supporters were forcibly removed from the force (n) – forcible (adj): có sức thuyết phục
court. = forceful
 a forcible/ forceful argument
24 a foregone discussion
25 Somehow he always manages to outwit his wit (n) – outwit (v): khôn hơn, mưu mẹo hơn
26 After all he has done for us, it would be
very unhelpful of us if we didn’t do this for
him now.
27 distinct (adj) – distinguish (v)
28 This used to be a rural area but it has
become industrialized.
29 I’m surprised at what you’ve done. I hope
my confidence in you has not been
30 How dare they apportion blame without portion (n) – apportion (v): chia đều
knowing all the facts first?  apportion blame/ money
31 You might find it hard to answer all the lot – allotted (adj): phân phát đều
questions in the allotted time.  allotted time
32 As I told Rose how I felt she was respond (v) – unresponsive (adj): không phản
completely unresponsive so I had no idea at ứng nhiệt tình, không đồng lòng, không đáp lại
all what she was thinking.