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Fantasy RPG Setting

Compatible with DnD 5E and Pathfinder

All proceeds go to the Worldbuilders charity!

Explore the fledgling colony of a fantasy

realm shaped by the magic of the Dreamtime

Inspired by ancient and colonial Australia!


Fantasy RPG Setting

for DnD 5E and Pathfinder

By Craig McKenzie
Intrepid explorers delve into the deserts of Magellanica. Gold, opal, surveyance, banditry
or rumours of ancient treasures lead enterprising adventurers into unknown lands.

Front and chapter cover artwork
are in the public domain and
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were obtained from wikipedia
Acknowledgements commons.

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Craig McKenzie

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Stock Art Illustrators: Brett
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Neufeld, Claudio Casini, Gary Wizards of the Coast, LLC.
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System Reference Document 5.1 Copyright
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Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat based on original material by E. Gary Gygax
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Playtesters and Proofreaders: Magellanica: Fantasy RPG Setting © 2017

Craig McKenzie.
Anthony Heath, Keiran
McLeod, Jonathan Hill and a
special mention to Lachlan
Morrison for persuading me to
put in unique races.

3.5 Environment................................... 109
3.6 Exploration and Discovery...........111
Table of Contents & 3.7 The Dreamtime............................... 114
Abbreviations 3.8 Secrets of the Natives.....................115
3.9 Designer’s Inspiration....................116
Fantasy RPG Setting Chapter 4. Bestiary................................... 120

Introduction.................................................. 3 4.1 Introduction....................................120

Chapter 1. The Setting................................. 8 4.2 People of Magellanica....................121

1.1 Introduction........................................ 8 4.3 Animals of Magellanica.................128

1.2 History............................................... 11 4.3 Monsters of Magellanica...............133

1.3 The Environment of Magellanica...17

1.4 The People of Magellanica..............22
1.5 The Colony of Magellanica.............28
Common Abbreviations
1.6 Powerful and Noteworthy People of
Magellanica ............................................ 41 Con: constitution
Cha: charisma
1.7 Landmarks and Settlements of the
DC: difficulty class
Colony..................................................... 50
Dex: dexterity
1.8 The Wilds of the Outback................61 DnD: Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition
1.9 Landmarks and Sacred Sites of the Fort: fortitude
Wilderness.............................................. 66 NPC: non-player character
PC: player character
1.10 Current Affairs............................... 73
PF: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Chapter 2. The Rules.................................. 78 Ref: reflex
2.1 Introduction...................................... 78 RPG: roleplaying game
Str: strength
2.2 Character Creation...........................78
Will: willpower
2.3 Races.................................................. 82 Wis: wisdom
2.4 Class Advancement.........................86
2.5 Items.................................................. 89
2.6 Spells.................................................. 94
Chapter 3. Gamemastery.........................100
3.1 Introduction.................................... 100
3.2 Basics of Gamemastery..................100
3.3 Beginning a Campaign..................101
3.4 Encounters in Magellanica............102

campaign itself. Indeed, the setting for
Magellanica can be used in any tabletop
Introduction RPG regardless of the rules system used.
However, the rules included in this book
require either the Dungeons and Dragons
Welcome to Magellanica! This book Player's Handbook or Pathfinder Roleplaying
describes an exciting new land for Game Core Rulebook. We have included
adventurers to explore – the mysterious new character backgrounds, traits, spells,
continent of Magellanica. It mixes equipment and beasts with two sets of
Australian history and mythology to rules tailored to either game. These rules
create a novel setting that can be woven codify unique elements of the setting that
into any fantasy campaign. This book help bring it to life on the tabletop.
contains rules and gamemastering advice
compatible with DnD 5E (5th Edition) and We envisage Magellanica being woven
Pathfinder to bring this setting to life on into pre-existing campaigns by beginning
the tabletop with you and your friends! a new adventure that leads intrepid
players to the colony. However, the
Magellanica is a far flung continent newly setting of Magellanica is designed to be
colonised by civilisation and brimming used in any way the GM sees fit. Whether
with opportunity for those with the PCs fleetingly visit the continent or
wherewithal to seize it. However, the remain there for an entire campaign is all
colonists are far from its first inhabitants within the scope of this book.
and the ancient land is steeped in secrets Alternatively, a new campaign can begin
that the natives refuse to reveal (for good within Magellanica, with PCs beginning
reason). The borders of the colonial map their life of adventure in the colony or
are ever expanding but have barely wilderness of this strange new land.
touched on the true scale of the continent.
From the eastern coastal cliffs to the 1.2 Summary
horizon-spanning desert of the west, This book contains the following chapters:
Magellanica beckons to heroes and
villains alike. 1. The Setting: a detailed description
of the land and people of
As if that were not enough, all money Magellanica
raised from purchasing Magellanica goes
to the Worldbuilders charity! By buying 2. The Rules: a compilation of rules
this book you help support those in need. for using Magellanican characters,
equipment and spells
1.1 Roleplaying in Magellanica
3. Gamemastery: advice on how to
First and foremost, this book is designed bring an adventure in Magellanica
for people with at least a little experience to life
with tabletop RPGs. It is a supplement 4. Bestiary: a catalogue of the unique
that provides a new land for players to creatures that inhabit Magellanica
explore, one that can be added to existing
campaigns or can be the focus of an entire

Invasions and Extinctions and more, and more. The ones whose
We killed them all when we came here. we’ve never seen. The megafauna haunt
The people came and burned their land our dreams.
The forests where they used to feed This was their land before mankind.
We burned the trees that gave them shade Just fifty thousand years ago...
And burned to bush, to scrub, to heath
We made it easier to hunt. Neil Gaiman
We changed the land, and they were gone.
Extract from “Invasions and Extinctions”
Today our beasts and dreams are small
As species fall to time and us
But back before the black folk came
Before the white folk’s fleet arrived
Before we built our cities here
Before the casual genocide,
This was the land where nightmares loped
And hopped and ran and crawled and
And then we did the things we did,
And thus we died the things we died.

We have not seen Diprotodon

A wombat bigger than a room
Or run from Dromornithidae
Gigantic demon ducks of doom
All motor legs and ripping beaks
A flock of geese from hell’s dark maw
We’ve lost carnivorous kangaroo
A bouncy furrier T Rex
And Thylacoleo Carnifex
the rat-king-devil-lion-thing
the dropbear fantasy made flesh.
Quinkana, the land crocodile
Five metres long and fast as fright
Wonambi, the enormous snake
Who waited by the water-holes
and took the ones who came to drink
who were not watchful, clever, bright.
Our Thylacines were tiger-wolves
until we drove them off the map
Then Megalania: seven meters
of venomous enormous lizard...

accounts differ. Some claim Magellan’s
Chapter 1. The Setting crew were set upon by eyeless
monstrosities whilst others suggest that
1.1 Introduction they were poisoned by the air or even
Magellanica is an unexplored continent cursed by strange gods. Magellan’s crew
far across the sea from the ambitious swore an oath to their captain never to
colonial empires of the civilised world. tell. One thing seems for certain: Captain
For the entirety of known history, Magellan did not discover Magellanica.
Magellanica has been shrouded from the Native people were waiting for him at the
outside world by a red mist that shore.
swallowed every intrepid explorer
seeking its shores. Imperial scholars had Only three decades after Captain
supposed of Magellanica’s existence, Magellan’s discovery the Empire of Old
convinced it was needed to balance the Home was in crisis. Harsh laws to protect
weight of the world’s hemispheres. But the burgeoning merchant classes meant
the red mist has finally lifted and the that the crime rate had risen sharply. With
mysteries of Magellanica are finally the death penalty meted out only in the
unravelling at the behest of a new most extreme circumstances, criminals
imperial colony. The Empire is known by were rapidly filling the gaols and hulks.
its colonists as Old Home. The king of Old Home decided to colonise
Magellanica with convicts, simultaneously
To the civilised people of imperial Old creating a new colony whilst relieving
Home, the continent was thought to be pressure upon the prisons.
discovered by Captain Ferdinnian
Magellan. He was a man whose The colony of Magellanica has since been
exploration of the world was legendary. established for 70 years. It has begun
Magellan had set himself the task of burgeoning through farmland, sheep and
braving the red mists in search of the mining. Expeditionary forces and
unknown. Although his memoirs tell of a explorers have since mapped the green
daring foray into the shroud, accounts plains and bushland of the eastern coasts,
from his sailors suggest the mist had while much of the red desert interior
already lifted by the time he arrived. remains unknown. The source of smoke
Regardless, limestone cliffs at the mouth for the Land of Fire’s namesake stems
of a large calm bay were far from what from a multitude of active volcanoes, but
Magellan expected, nor where the many mysteries remain. Accounts of
towering pillars of smoke that billowed backwards-flowing rivers, ravenous
upwards from inland. As humble as any megafauna, distant metallic mountains,
explorer, he named the continent far away islands of two-headed giants and
Magellanica after himself. He went on to rumours of a long-lost civilisation
name the plains about his anchorage the highlight the need for further exploration.
Land of Fire after the smoke on the
A number of dichotomies divide
horizon. Magellan mapped a brief part of
Magellanica’s people. Within the colony,
coastline before stepping foot upon the
there are stark differences between the
land at a marshy estuary. From there the

treatment of convicts and the freedmen or the hands of supervisors and the
freemen. Furthermore, there are availability of valuable gold or opal is
differences between the Governor and driving convicts and freedmen to
those he strives to govern. Recently, banditry. As a result, bushrangers are an
mining guilds have begun to monopolise increasingly common threat. The success
the gold and opal resources, leading to of the colony is beginning to attract
tensions between rich guildsmen and immigrants from across the sea, further
traditional aristocracy. Harsh treatment at dividing the colony between those within

Old Home

We use the term” Old Home” in the same way a colonial Magellanican would. It refers
to “the Empire” from which the colony of Magellanica has been established. The true
name and nature of Old Home and its monarchy has deliberately been left up to the GM
to describe. We do not wish to rigidly categorise and indoctrinate all aspects of the
world outside Magellanica as it restricts the freedom of the GM to create their own
setting within which Magellanica can be included.

However, we perceive a few core components to Old Home that we have woven into the
setting to feel like our own real-world colonial empires:

• Ruled by a monarchy

• Strong indoctrinated ties to religion (preferably a single religion)

• Far away

• Class divide between rich (aristocracy) vs. poor (peasantry) and those stuck in
between (merchants, guildsmen)

• Brutal law enforcement

• Heavily bureaucratic (licences, taxes and tickets)

As an aside, we see Old Home at a similar technological and cultural level to Tudor
England that has developed alongside monsters, gods and magic. It is indicative of a
nation somewhat typical of western fantasy settings – a likely familiar place for western
players to conjure in their minds. However, GMs are encouraged to change the nature of
Old Home in any way to suit the setting of their campaign. Many different kingdoms
and empires from DnD or Pathfinder settings can replace Old Home in its role of
colonial empire.

Although we have been deliberately vague surrounding Old Home, we do have an Old
Home in our minds that we would like to explore one day in a supplement or three...

Old Home culture and those without. The the continent remains foreign to the eyes
land of Magellanica is also seen at times as of the common colonist. The weather,
an adversary to the colony. Food and even landscape, flora, fauna, and culture of the
water are hard to find, not to mention the native people are exceedingly unique
strange beasts lurking at the edge of the when compared to their counterparts in
map. However, most importantly are the Old Home.
differences between the colonists and the
The need for adventurers in Magellanica
natives, whose land and culture is being
is growing rapidly. With such a strange
overrun at the expense of their lives.
new land to explore and exploit, the call to
It has been 100 years since Captain adventure is growing louder. Explorers,
Magellan set foot upon Magellanica. Since scholars, mercenaries, prospectors and
that time, the eastern shores of the even bushrangers are becoming
continent have been swamped by commonplace. Though much of the east
colonists from Old Home. First generation has now been mapped and colonised, the
Magellanicans have begun to establish untamed wilderness the stretches for
their birthplace as a new nation within the unknown miles to the north, south and
bounds of the Empire. These sweeping west remain a mystery. There is much that
changes are coming too quickly for many remains to be discovered in the colony
traditionalists of Old Home. Despite the and the wilds of Magellanica.
melting pot of class and culture, much of

Adventurers must be well armed if they wish to survive in the wilderness

 Ruin befalls much of the world as
1.2 History pre-historic monsters, spirits or
The Dreamtime (Pre-history) gods collide. A titanic wave sinks
the land bridge to the continent
 Dreaming primordials wake and Magellanica’s native people
 The world and its moon is laid are cut off from the outside world
from which they came
 Life-that-is-not precipitates upon
them both  Red mist swathes the continent’s
borders at sea, killing any that
 Monsters, spirits and denizens of
attempt to pass through it
the other-worlds stalk the lonely
landscape and caves beneath them Contemporary History

 An ancient people migrate across  The Empire of Old Home begins

the land to Magellanica expanding across the sea, forming


Magic in the world of Magellanica is evident everywhere. Flora, fauna and the
environment within which they live have all been touched by magic. To an outsider from
earth, the most obvious differences would be in the appearance of humanoids. Skin of
any colour, extremely small or large sizes, animalistic or physics-defying magical
adaptations are commonplace. The landscape can also seem very different, from
bioluminescent trees forming forests of light to humming crystal pillars far beneath the
earth. However, despite magic’s obvious presence in the world, spellcasters are rare.
Magic is difficult to harness and often socially despised amongst the colonists of Old
Home. This has restricted the use of magic to a small minority of any given population.

One of the most socially accepted forms of magic within any culture is that which stems
from religion. Magellanica is no different. The nature of tangible gods and spirits means
that they can channel their power through their most pious and devoted. Although this
tempts many to join the clergy or fanatical groups, often the requirement for a fraction of
a deity’s magic requires extreme sacrifice. These sacrifices can range from strict lifestyles,
years of worship and repetitive chants to sinister sacrifices of blood or even life. In the
most extreme circumstances some incredibly talented, intelligent or dedicated
individuals can discover, learn and even teach magic independently of religious or
spiritual doctrine. This is typically exemplified by wizards and bards. These individuals
have recently begun to band together in Old Home to form the first Academae of magic,
detailed later in this chapter. Some are even claiming the title of “university” in spite of
the religious ties that universities have traditionally maintained.

new colonies and conquering new colony, known as Valourrelend.
lands The 1st expeditionary force
establishes the following:
 Magellanica is shrouded in red
mist, remaining elusive to o The first settlement at
exploration. The existence of Gale’s Meeting, now
Magellanica is proposed by commonly corrupted by
scholars to balance the east and poor or lazy colonial
west hemispheres of the world language to Galesmeet

 Without warning the red mist o Governor Valourre and his

subsides. Captain Ferdinnian descendants become the
Magellan is contracted for the Governors of Magellanica –
continent’s exploration and caretakers of the continent
Magellanica gets its name. He in the eyes of Old Home.
names the coastal region the Land The colony is named
of Fire after seeing streams of Valourrelend in their
smoke covering the inland horizon honour.

 Tragedy befalls Magellan, his ship o The first building at

Pentanidad and the rest of his fleet. Galesmeet is the church,
Only one ship from amongst his later turned into a
fleet, Valorous, returns to Old cathedral, dedicated to the
Home. Magellan is not on board Shadow Faith
though his memoirs were o Valourrelend extends over
recovered. No crew member will large grass plains and
tell of what befell Magellan or the sporadic bushland
fleet, but they do divulge stories of
green plains waiting for the taking o Contact with natives. It
begins peacefully but soon
 Rumours abound that Magellan turns violent from apparent
was cursed when his son and wife misunderstandings. The
die just as Valourous reaches Old first tribes are forced to co-
Home. The rumours remain habit or be pushed from
unsubstantiated their traditional land. The
 Old Home has a crisis of too many natives see the colonists as
criminals due to strict angel- ghosts, then demons, then
deigned laws. The king decides to for what they really are
make a convict colony in o Discovers many volcanoes
Magellanica with excess prisoners amongst the grassy plains
 The initial fleet sent to colonise o Pushing westward yields
Magellanica is known as the 1 st the discovery of The Barrier
Expeditionary Force. It is filled
o A temperate mountain
with convicts led by Lord Edric
range with no passes
Valourre. They create the first

 Galesmeet grows in size as more  Gold is discovered in the bed of
convicts are sent and even some rivers that flow from The Barrier
colonists arrive of their own accord
 Alcohol is introduced to the
 The first Tickets of Leave are natives and it rapidly grows in
awarded to convicts popularity, replacing older less-
addictive forms of alchemical
 Sheep become a valuable resource
on the green plains nearby
Galesmeet.  Successful squatters with large
tracts of land become major users
 Squatters begin claiming land in
of convict labour. Begins a rift
large numbers, most are ex-convict
between the squatter and the
 Tensions arise between shepherds
 The Shadow Faith begins to be
and natives
concerned about native welfare
 Many natives begin dying of
 Colonists flock from Old Home
diseases from Old Home
and beyond in search of gold
 2nd Expeditionary Force, contains
 Bushrangers become a common
many convicts from the 1st
problem, a bounty is set upon their
expedition and a smattering of
freedmen and colonists, led by
Lord Esterlyn Whitewall:  Many escaped convicts attempt to
walk back to Old Home with the
o Heavily relies on many
expectation that there is a land
natives to navigate
bridge nearby to the north
woodlands and mountain
terrain in the western  A pair of volcanoes called by
perimeter of the colony natives as Tarrengower and
o Finds a pass through The Lalgambook erupt one after the
other, swathing eastern
Barrier and into the desert
beyond, the desert is called Magellanica in ash. The natives
claim the spirits of the volcanoes
the Plain of Rust after the
rusty red-orange sand have begun competing with each
o Discovers the obelisk, now
at the town known as  A secondary colony is established
Oldstone, alongside rich in the lands to the south. It is
opal deposits named Senedinnia after the current
King Senedine III from Old Home.
o A spate of bad luck plagues Sennedinnia covers vast salty
the expedition after contact marshlands that drain from a
with the obelisk, it is forced colossal salt plain. Very little value
to return to Galesmeet is placed in the colony

 Migrant slave-masters make a towards the mysterious
settlement far to the north, mountains on the horizon
establishing a foothold in the new that the natives call
land. They create a staging ground something that translates
for their lordly citizens to seek roughly to “The Slag”
heroism by slaying vicious o The magically teleported
monsters that are rumoured to runestone messages that
dwell there. Due to the ash, they are sent by the expedition
call Magellanica the Land of Fire to the governor suddenly
 3rd Expeditionary Force with cease. The expedition is
professional cartographers, never heard from again,
experienced explorers and a large leaving Lady Woodsworth
caravan of supports (no convicts) and her retinue as the only
attempts to range into the desert. It presumed survivors of the
is led by Lord Dahved 3rd Expeditionary Force
Woodsworth but is often believed  Drastic increase in the number of
to be truly led by his wife, Lady churches dedicated to the Shadow
Alisonne Woodsworth: Faith from Old Home
o Discovery of more gold in
 Mines are established across
the northwestern plains
o Discovery of a mountain
 The success of gold attracts many
pass through the Barrier,
prospectors who become roaming
labelled Ashwood Passage
swagmen that camp on private
o Explored further into the and crown land with impunity
desert, said to be
 Tensions arise between
guaranteed to find valuable
prospectors and shepherds versus
gemstones by native guides
natives. The natives are mercilessly
o Discover a number of murdered in massacres across
gemstone deposits within Valourrelend by a few magic-
the desert beyond The wielding convicts under orders of
Barrier frenzied land owners
o Discover Alisonne’s Well,  The Dark Guard is created to
named after Lady ensure natives that will not join
Woodsworth colonial society will still obey
o Lady Woodsworth is left at society’s laws
Alisonne’s Well  A third colony is established on
o Discover ochre and opal at what is presumed to be a large
Dahved’s Hill island to the south. It is called New
Home in reference to Old Home.
o Pushes further westwards The colony is hampered by thick
into the Plain of Rust

bushland and fierce two-headed  A violent dispute erupts between
giants gold miners and constables,
whereby many miners are
 Clergymen of the Shadow Faith
massacred. The site is known
begin widespread handouts to the
thereafter as Grave. The gold still
natives, “bringing them into the
attracts more prospectors and soon
shadow” by indoctrinating them
creates a township and a mine
within the church in exchange for
food  Disenfranchised natives near the
Murrawi River declare they are
 Miner Permits are soon enforced
seceding from Magellanica to form
 A number of immigrants arrive on the Murrawi Republic. It is widely
Magellanican shores in search of ignored by the colony but
wealth from gold or safety from considered a direct challenge to the
persecution. Most hail from the crown
Overworld in the far northeast
 The Mining Guilds exert
 Mining guilds are formed as the considerable political influence by
Lords of Old Home begin to stake successfully forming a council to
a claim in the valuable metals which the Governor must convene
being mined in Magellanica with. Rumour suggests the Guilds
 Mines begin being set up in the are puppets to the Lords of Old
Plain of Rust. Dahved’s Hill is the Home that fund them
furthest west

Dreamtime and the Realm of the Awoken

The material world in which mortal creatures live is called the Realm of the Awoken, a name
with an origin that none can reliably trace. A hint towards the truth lies in its counterpart,
known as the Dreamtime.

The title “Dreamtime” is a poorly translated native Magellanican word that describes what
scholars call the “Everywhen” or the “Other”. It is a primordial reflection of the world where
time flows without reason and magic pours unbridled from everything. The Dreamtime is
barely considered real, with common perception of the Other being the stuff of make-
believe. But magic-users tend to know or at least suspect the truth – that the Dreamtime is as
real as the Realm of the Awoken.

Spirits, ghosts and all manner of magical monsters call the Dreamtime home. Through their
dreams, mortal creatures can reach it too. Some touch upon it in their most vivid dreams,
glimpsing the Other realm before being thrust back into the mundane Realm of the
Awoken. Any rare glimpse that is remembered is either forgotten upon waking or
dismissed by others as merely dreams. Rumours suggest that those with enough magical
power can force their way into the Dreamtime, bringing their waking bodies with them.
Ancient stories tell of portals to the Dreamtime where reality is torn between the dreamers
and the awoken.

The fae claim to have the greatest knowledge of the Dreamtime, though none will ever speak
of it. However, recent illumination on the nature of the Dreamtime has come from the very
people that coined the term. Natives of Magellanica have a deep respect and knowledge of
the Dreamtime, more so than any other mortal culture. As such, recent contact with the
natives has meant Old Home scholars have a rare opportunity to learn of this Other place. In
the tongue of native Magellanicans, when one is in the Other realm it is known as their
“dreaming”, whereas mundane consciousness is their “waking”. The dreaming of
primordial beasts and spirits is a common theme amongst native Magellanican tales of
creation. They suggest that in a bygone era, the realms of the dreamers and the awoken were
as one. Great creatures were said to have made the land before some great tragedy split the
Dreamtime from the Realm of the Awoken.

Native Magellanicans warn any who wish to learn about the Dreamtime that it is a realm of
both ecstasy and terror, where one’s wildest dreams or nightmares may reside with terrible
reality. Tales describe a place of luminescent technicolour jarred by greyscale and shadow,
where the sun is stuck at dawn or dusk – though none can ever tell which. The landscape
can often seem familiar, but can be stitched together from many places in both time and
space. It is commonly claimed by Magellanican elders that those lucky few who return from
the Dreamtime have never been the same as when they entered – for better or for worse.

1.3 The Environment of explorer has ever surveyed still remains
within the bounds of the desert. However,
Magellanica some claim to have glittering mountains
far on the horizon, shimmering brightly in
both daylight and moonlight. Those who
1.3.1 The Land ventured even further westward have
never returned.
The coastal regions of Magellanica are
green with grassy plains and bushland. 1.3.2 The Weather
Creeks lazily wander through verdant
gum forests and stroll into even lazier At first glance, the weather of any given
rivers. Rivers and lakes swell during day of any given season is not so different
winter whilst summers see them wither. to Old Home. However, the weather can
Contrasting with the greenery are change rapidly and without warning.
volcanoes that dot the landscape with Spring, winter and autumn are reasonably
large black mountains billowing ash. mild in the lowlands, with snow reaching
These crucibles of lava gave the coastal the mountaintops in the colder months.
region its name, the Land of Fire, when However, during summer extreme heat is
Captain Magellan saw their ash clouds the most predominant factor of
from afar. Dry summers and volcanic Magellanican weather. None who live in
eruptions cause wild bushfires that Old Home will ever experience the heat of
rapidly consume large swathes of forest. a Magellanican summer.
Bushland extends westwards until it
During summer, fierce storms blow in
reaches the slopes of a mountain range
from the interior. They bring dust storms
known as the Barrier. Stretching for 100’s
and destructive winds with them.
of miles north and south, the Barrier is
Lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions and
exactly that: a barrier to any travel further
the native’s penchant for burning
westward into the interior. These
vegetation can mean that hot days in
mountains are temperate like the forests to
summer lead to catastrophic bushfires.
their east. During winter, the Barrier’s
These fires are a common threat during
mountaintops become home to viscous
the hottest months, stretching for as many
snowstorms that stretch eastward so far as
as 300 miles across the eastern bushlands.
to whiten the tops of distant volcanoes.
They tend to burn hot and travel quickly,
West of the Barrier is a different world. killing everything in their path. Once one
The mountains give way to a vast desert bushfire starts, ash-rain can start spot fires
of red-orange sand known as the Plain of which grow into bushfires of their own.
Rust. It stretches for an unknown distance Furthermore, huge smoke clouds
westward. None from the colony have yet commonly drift from a number of active
to discover an end to the Plain. The vast volcanoes. However, the black clouds of
dune-lands of the desert hide rare volcanic ash contrast greatly with the
sandstone rock formations, curiously billowing white walls of a bushfire’s wood
shaped like melting wax and buried smoke. Black smoke clouds warn against
underground. The furthest westward any travel in that direction, but white smoke

clouds suggest one should flee with all 1.3.4 The Fauna
Just like the flora, the fauna of
1.3.3 The Flora Magellanica is unique. To colonists, many
animals appear to be marsupial versions
The flora of Magellanica is unlike any
of their own familiar wildlife of Old
other land known to the civilised world.
Home. Kangaroos, wombats and tiger-
Temperate bush forests are commonly
dogs are seemingly marsupial equivalents
dominated by gum trees of extraordinary
of the rabbit, boar and fox. Furthermore,
variety. Their bark varies from jagged and
there are a multitude of animals aside
hairy to papery sheaths. Some varieties
from marsupials. The bushland is home to
even have thin, smooth and brilliantly
ferocious black animals akin to cat-
white bark that covers the tree like skin.
possums commonly called “little
The gum tree is commonly known as a
demons”. Most surprising to scholars of
“phoenix tree” as they can be burnt in
biology are the egg-laying animals known
viscous bushfires and sprout vibrantly
as monotremes. These include the
green regrowth soon after.
platypus and echidna. The former is akin
Wetter regions of forest can have large to a combination of duck and beaver
ferns, ancient beech trees and dense whereas the latter is smaller version of
carpets of luscious green moss. In spring, moss-foraging porcupine. Most terrifying
bushland becomes dotted with the ochre are the tales of a ferocious and enormous
colours of fragrant wattles, bottlebrushes combination of the two, known as the
and blackwoods. Creeks and rivers are Platychidna. It is described as venomous
commonly lined by long and thin grass beast that swims and runs swiftly on all
shrubs with sharp ends. Throughout the four clawed paws with a defensive layer
more temperate regions are a number of of spikes running down its back and an
shrubs and bushes that yield small fruits aggressive fang-filled bill. Thankfully,
and nuts, known by Magellanicans as sightings of Platychidnas are rare and
bush tucker. Mountain regions of the their habitat seems restricted to the rivers
Barrier tend to be covered in a layer of near the Barrier. Further west, the Plain of
twisted gums that are thinner and more Rust is home to dust-coloured dingoes
crooked than their lowland counterparts. and shy bilbies. Oddly enough, birds are
often the most talked about Magellanican
The gum trees give way to she-oaks on the animal in Old Home. The vibrant colours
eastern border of the Plain of Rust. of budgerigars, rosellas and parrots have
Further westward and they soon meant that many an aristocrat from Old
surrender to salt bushes that stretch to the Home has collected them as an oddity. A
horizon. Tufts of sharp grass called market for bird hunting is becoming
spinifex dot the desert, yielding a valuable viable. Furthermore, the large, flightless
resin-glue when heated. Venturing further emus are often a great source of wonder to
into that horizon and one soon sees all foreigners. If their movements were more
vegetation vanish. All that is left is red coordinated, emus would have proven to
sand and gibber rocks that stretch be a tempting alternative to horses when
westward beyond the borders of the map. pulling carts. Potently venomous snakes

of various colour and size can be found in large burrowers to be a valuable asset.
all environments. A bite from these Unfortunately, diprotodon docility has
reptilian beasts almost always means also meant that the natives find them to be
death. Although most animals prove to be an easily killable source of food. When
a minor annoyance or a meal for the colonially-owned diprotodon are killed
colonists, snakes always instil fear. for food in such a manner, violent
retaliation is often the colonial response.
Many animals known to Old Home have
Another example of megafauna is the
been introduced to Magellanica. These
dromornithid, a huge flightless bird with
include rabbits, mice, rats, deer, goats,
strong talons and a thick axe-like beak. It
sheep, camels, cats, foxes, dogs, wolves
is remarkably fast. Their habitat is the
and even a rumoured panther. The
wide green plains of the eastern coast that
traditional fauna of other realms not seen
is growing ever smaller from encroaching
in Magellancia tends to include beastly
farm land. Though it is herbivorous, its
folk and magical monsters such as trolls,
talons and beak make it a violent
wargs, ogres, gnolls, basilisks, pixius,
wendigos, medusa, cyclops, centaurs,
chimeras, the patupaiarehe, the fae and a
multitude of dragons. However, just
because they have not been seen is no
reason to suggest they don’t exist in
Magellanica. These creatures may not yet
have been found by the colony.
Furthermore, some rare beast from the list
above may have been shipped over from
Old Home at a noble’s whimsy, intended
to be used as a beast of burden or for
sport. Some may have broken free of their
metal and magical cage or escaped the
ship that bore them across the sea,
unintentionally being loosed upon
Magellanica by unwitting colonists.

Most rare of all native animals is the

group known as megafauna. Upon seeing
them in the flesh their name becomes
obvious – megafauna are huge. The most
common type of megafauna is a large
variant of wombat known as the
diprotodon. It is extremely docile, and has
therefore become a favourite pack animal
of the colonists. In particular,
subterranean travellers winding their way
through large cave networks find these

Colossal crustaceans known as Blue through the earth. They are docile, slow
Yabbies make their homes within huge and incredibly rare. They are only seen
mud tunnels along the banks of deep above ground during extreme floods
rivers. They are rumoured to hatch from when the rising water table forces them
small eggs, growing from the size of an upwards. Lastly amongst the known
ant up to that of a horse over a period of megafauna is the Mirror Python, a
centuries. Their huge pincers can shear colossal 10 metre long serpent with
through flesh and armour with ease, armour of overlapping scales that reflect
crumpling bone and metal like twigs light like a perfect mirror. In low light, the
underfoot. The name of the Blue Yabby python blends in to its environment by
stems from their deep azure exoskeleton reflecting the light about it. For those poor
that covers their body in impenetrable souls that get too close without noticing,
armour. The Little Magellanican Dragon the beast can explosively uncoil and
is another example of dangerous engulf the unfortunate victim in a fanged
megafauna, akin to a 20 feet long goanna maw. The rest of its body constricts the
with vicious fangs and claws. It is an victim as its jaws unhinge, condemning
exceedingly aggressive animal that can them to a slow, quiet, agonising death.
kill an unarmoured adversary with ease. Thankfully for explorers, only 2 Mirror
As such, it is preferably hunted than Pythons have ever been found, but each
trained. However, a few pack-dragons has taken a brutal toll on the adventurous
have been tamed from hatchlings, proving parties that encountered them.
to be excellent beasts of burden in the
Even rarer than the megafauna are the
desert if their temper can be controlled. In
more sinister denizens of the wild. These
the shadows of treetops and
are the strange creatures and spirits hinted
mountaintops can be found colossal
at by natives in their camp fire tales. They
moths called Dusk Monarchs. Their
detail such creatures such as lava spirits
powdery sea-blue wings glitter with a
living in distant volcanoes, black-burnt
pattern of smattered stars and a pair of
crow-people with unrivalled control of
large, circular, yellow eyes rimmed with
fire, flesh-eating mer-women, blood-
red. This colouration looks like two suns
phoenixes and even a colossal serpent that
setting. Thankfully for those adventurers
girds the desert. A handful of explorers
that come across them, they are
have confirmed reports of frog-men living
completely docile. Scholars of the
in the mires and billabongs of the distant
biological arts are puzzled by the Dusk
wilds, guarding their water homes with
Monarch’s lifestyle, not knowing what
surprising ferocity. Rumours from the
form their laval stage takes and unsure as
edges of the map tell of even stranger tales
to what they may feed on. Worrying
of people being turned to stone. One tale
theories abound about the patter of their
has even claimed to have found a huge
wings, suggesting that they mimic the
clutch of eggs in the wilderness. The entire
eyes of some terrifyingly large predator
clutch was said to be made of stone with
unyet seen by colonists. Beneath the green
their tops cracked open and their insides
hills of eastern Magellanica are Giant
Worms that slowly bore their way

Sightings of nomadic giants roaming the heavens. Constellations also play an
desert have been confirmed by isolated important role as beacons of the skies,
mining communities. Most rumours allowing for accurate mapping and travel
suggest these colossi like to keep their across foreign landscapes. The art of
distance, though some accounts of raids reading star-maps is a skill known as
on mining caravans have started to trickle astronomancy and is a talent essential for
eastward. Frontier tales also tell of any explorer.
ferocious raiders called Yowies. Known by
The stars in Magellanica’s heavens are as
colonists as the “Magellanican Ogre-
unknown to colonists as the land. Strange
Troll”, the Yowie is a tall mutant
new constellations have been charted and
humanoid covered in matted fur that
categorised by explorers and scholars
stalks all corners of the shadowy wilds.
alike. Arguments flare between
Yowies live a semi-nomadic existence and
astronomancers and astrolomancers over
migrate either alone or in small tribes.
what is truly a constellation and what is
Though they have previously relied on
merely coincidence. One confirmed
hunting megafuana with spears and clubs,
constellation that both agree on is the
they now have a tendency to raid colonial
“sword”. Four stars form a cross with a
fifth star at its centre. It is loudly
“Magellanican Vampire-Goblins” are also proclaimed by the Faith-in-Shadow’s
an unfortunate reality. Known by natives clergymen as Guardian’s Blade, after the
as Yara-ma-yha-who, they are red-skinned sword of their god-angel deity. Indeed,
humanoids with a bulbous head, large the highest echelons of the clergy have
toothless mouth and viscous suckers on publicly demonstrated that the sword
their palms. They play dead during the constellation can enhance the power of
day and hunt humanoids during the their religious magic.
night, bleeding them dry with their
But the stars are only unfamiliar to
mouths and hands. After swallowing the
newcomers in Magellanica. The natives
victim whole, they venture into the wilds
have known the shapes and true names of
and regurgitate them after a number of
the constellations for aeons. They keep
days. The victim is reborn withered and
this knowledge secret from all colonists.
with red skin, the first symptom of their
Natives see their duty to the stars as too
metamorphosis into a new Yara-ma-yha-
important to be compromised by the ever
too power-hungry colonists of Old Home.
1.3.5 Constellations

Constellations carry a certain kind of

magic. Each constellation tends to
influence the ebb and flow of magic in the
lands bathed by their starlight, and
Magellanica is no different. The ability to
read and harness this magic is the work of
astrolomantic spellcasters in tune with the

to philosophers keen on quelling the racial
1.4 The People of animosity that still plagues the civilised
Magellanica world. The most common races
represented in native culture are those
that are unique to Magellanica: folk akin
1.4.1 Races of the Colony and the Natives to wombats, koalas or bilbies.
Interestingly, there is one exception to the
Old Home is typically dominated by racial unity of the natives: there have been
humans or aasimar, but not so in its no reports of any raven-like natives akin
Magellanican outpost. The races to tengu or kenku within native society.
represented within colonial Magellanica Any native that has met one is
are exceedingly diverse. The intelligent immediately struck with fear and has tried
humanoid races have been interwoven their best to either flee or kill the avian
such that distinct races are becoming creature. They always refuse to give any
harder to identify. The diversity of reason why.
migration and the magic of teleportation
has mixed the humanoid races (elves, 1.4.3 Colonial Culture
dwarves, gnomes, orcs, tieflings, aasimar,
Unsurprisingly, Magellanican culture is
elementals, lizardfolk, beast-people etc.)
reflective of Old Home. To that end, it is
into one conglomerate society.
typically conservative, heavily religious,
Furthermore, as many colonists are
divided by class, dominated by strict law
convicts from Old Home, they tend to be
of non-human races that are forced into a
life of crime to survive. Instead of typical
racial divides, the cultural heritage of an A goblin scamp fallen on hard times.
individual tends to mark them apart. There is little sympathy for such folk
amongst the colony of Magellanica.
Natives also display a wide range of racial
diversity. Scholars of travel and
exploration were surprised to learn that
the natives of Magellanica display a wide
variety of humanoid races, much like the
civilised world. It was expected that the
extreme isolation of the continent from the
rest of civilisation would have isolated it
from the migration of common races.
However, a native tribe is likely to include
a number of different races all mixed
together; eg: a few humans, an elf, two
dwarves, two lizardfolk, an orc and a
kobold. Just how such a nomadic culture
came to conquer the racial divides
between so many different peoples
remains unclear, but it is of great interest

enforcement and unified by unshakable constabulary and even religion have
faith in the king and the hermaphroditic trouble combating. Another common
god-angel Guardian. However, the colony affliction amongst the lowly colonists is a
is much more multicultural than strange wasting disease that is typically
traditional Old Home as foreigners from seen in those who have spent at least a
distant lands have sought trade, refuge or few years in Magellanica. Medical
immigration to the colony. Furthermore, scholars have observed that its incidence
Magellanica is literally built on convict is higher in workers or travellers who
labour which has instilled the nation with spend long hours in the sun, and marvel
a distrust of the constabulary and a love of at its inability to be spread between
the underdog. people.

Larrikinism forms a core component of A love of the underdog is expressed most

colonial Magellanican culture. The poignantly in sport. Three sports
hardship of being a convict, living in a hot dominate Magellanican culture:
environment and requiring long arduous swordsun, shieldwall and kick. The first
journeys between remote settlements has two are traditional Old Home sports
meant that laughter is woven into whereas the third is unique to
everything to make it bearable. Anything Magellanica. All are played on a grassy
can be made fun of in colonial culture. It is field. Swordsun requires a suit of armour
good to have a laugh at the for a single person who wields a large flat
establishment’s expense, but it is even wooden sword used to hit balls thrown by
better when poking fun at a friend or the opposing team at a small wooden
loved one. Making fun of someone or maiden. Shieldwall involves teams in long
something is an acknowledgement of lines rushing at one another, each trying
respect that is often misunderstood by to push through with their own ball and
foreigners. get it to the other side of the field. Kick
allows its namesake, where two teams
Slang is ubiquitous amongst the lower
fight for one ball and can kick it to their
class. Colloquialisms, odd sayings and
team’s end of the field. They must kick it
shortening words are typical of colonial
between two goalposts in order to score.
language, much to the disgust of educated
aristocrats or scholars. Another From the homeless to the governor,
characteristic that galvanises the common Magellanicans proudly display tattoos.
people is mateship. There is a distinct Faces and limbs are commonly covered in
sense of a “fair go” that all are entitled to. swirling script, runes or stylised pictures
Another common mantra is “she’ll be that reflect the bearer’s beliefs and skills.
right”, indicative of the laid-back lifestyle The custom has become so engrained in
most Magellanicans aspire to. However, the culture that tattoos have become a
this lifestyle has a darker undertone: status symbol, acting like a another layer
alcoholism. How drunk one can get is of communication between individuals.
often seen as a measure of how much of a Amongst the aristocracy, detailed and
“true Magellanican” they are. Entrenched colourful designs of a family’s sigil are a
alcoholism is a problem that the crown, clear symbol of wealth. The richest lords

However, tattoos that suggest an aptitude
Colour, Shade and Racism for magic are made all the more
The real-world historical influences intimidating by their secrecy. The
for Magellanica and Old Home cannot normalcy of tattoos is derived from the
native population of Old Home. Despite
be presented without racism. If our
being conquered by migrants, the use of
own is anything to go by, a fantasy
tattoos by Old Home natives spread to
world with intelligent races different their conquerors. As such, it is no surprise
from each other is bound to develop that Magellanican people maintain tattoos
racism. Magellanica is no different.
However, given the mix of Races of the Natives
adaptations or traits that create the There is an ongoing scholarly debate
humanoid spectrum of races in Old attempting to answer the question:
Home, racism in Magellanica has why are there so many races within
sprung from the shade of one’s skin – native Magellanican society? Many
not the exact colour. The darker or suggest that large mundane or
lighter someone is, the more different magical-assisted migrations occurred
they seen. One may have blue skin, in the distant parts between the
the other green, but if they are both civilised lands and the isolated
lightly coloured then they are socially continent of Magellanica. However, a
seen as similar. problem with this theory is posed in
Given the themes of racism that the the following: why are mostly
setting of Magellanica involves, we humanoid races present in
suggest that the GM treads carefully. Magellanica and not traditional
The GM has responsibility to know monsters such as trolls or dragons?
what themes are appropriate for their Surely these monsters are just as
group, and should include or exclude capable of migration as their
such themes where appropriate. humanoid counterparts. The debate
continues to rage without a clear
and ladies can even hire spellcasters to answer. What is clearly agreed upon
infuse a tattoo with luminescent magic – by both sides is that native
the ultimate status symbol. Skilled
Magellanican society is incredibly old,
tradesmen can advertise guild-sanctioned
possibly the most ancient humanoid
tattoos on bare skin that proves their
culture on the planet. Their harsh
talent. Dangerous mercenaries can loudly
display their violent exploits with an environment with little farmable
intimidating visage. In contrast, resources has locked them in a
spellcasters tend to hide their tattoos as primitive nomadic lifestyle despite
they do not wish to be shunned by the the passage of so many years.
superstitious society around them.

as a reflection of their founding culture in When the constabulary is far from earshot,
Old Home. Tattooists are widely regarded tales of rebellious miners of the Grave
with respect due to the importance of their Stockade make a youngsters heart stir.
art to the culture. They have a When the constabulary is even further, tall
responsibility to make tattoos that tales tell of famous bushrangers that
accurately reflect the person who bears garner an almost fanatical following
them. This is ensured by laws that require amongst the masses. Such miscreants
tattooists to be shown proof of one’s skill, include Red Belly with his fire-magic and
belief or heritage before they can apply battered great-helm, Moondyne Steph
their artistry to represent them. To with her mastery of illusion at the cost of
maintain the emphasis placed on facial her sanity or The Captain with ex-knight’s
tattoos, it is illegal to wear a mask in armour and his notched sword Lucky.
public. This ensures one’s own skills, Lastly amongst the popular heroes are the
beliefs or heritage cannot be concealed poets like the Son of the Law or the Son of
once worn on the face. Tattoo culture has the Patter, people who characterise
led the people of Old Home and its Magellanican life in quaint ballads rich
colonies to become outwardly proud of with meaning.
themselves as words are no longer
1.4.4 Native Culture
sufficient to mask one’s intentions or
beliefs. First and foremost they are nomads –
constantly roaming and rarely building
With the colony’s success, migrants are
permanent structures. They are masters at
starting to flood into Galesmeet from
living off the land. They know where to
outside Old Home. Naturally, these
find bush tucker in abundance, much to
foreigners are met with disdain by almost
the amazement of colonists who tend to
all constituents of Old Home society. With
see the wilds of Magellanica as
so many cultures in one place, it is no
inhospitable. Natives are fractured into
surprise that those with the “traditional”
tribes that associate together in clans with
heritage from Old Home become
no formal leaders or chieftains. Each tribe
disgusted with the variations on lifestyle
is informally led by its own panoply of
exhibited by others. The light-hearted
elders and wise women. They are the
nature of colonists can disappear in the
oldest and by association, wisest of the
wake of xenophobia, making life difficult
group. Each tribe speaks a variation of a
for migrants from beyond Old Home.
clan’s language, but each clan tends to
Though the colony’s history is short, it is speak an entirely unique language. Due to
rich with folk heroes. Beloved by the language barriers and ingrained suspicion
masses are the veterans that have returned between tribes, clans are often at odds in
from wars waged in the king of Old violent conflict. This has led many
Home’s name. These include such heroes colonists to consider the natives as a
as Simmo and his diprotodon or the Lady vengeful people.
of the Moaning Ash.
A foundational aspect of native culture
involves stories about the creatures and

places of primordial Magellanica – known dangerously close to the flames of the
to exist in a state of Everywhen known as campfire.
the Dreamtime. However, the fantastical
Natives tell of songlines, trails of sacred
creatures of the Dreamtime stories are far
harmonic magic that cross the world in
from myth. Biomantic scholars of Old
winding dream-tracks. Along these
Home have proven that many creatures
songlines, natives conduct ritualistic
described in Dreamtime stories have been
corroborees which uses music and dance
identified by colonists in reality. The
to connect with the land and the footprints
creatures in these stories seem related to
of their ancestors. The words of the song
the fae, but none can be certain due to the
and the moves of the dance tell the story
secrecy of the natives. Regardless, the
of the songline’s landscape, both its origin
natives clearly have great respect for the
and its importance. It is intended to pass
creatures and spirits of the wilds,
this knowledge from the old to the young,
acknowledging all as mummers in the
such that they can carry on the tribe’s
great play that is the universe. Many such
mysterious age-old role in the cycle of
creatures are members of native clans.
life. These corroborees take place on
Many explorers have met native tribes
sacred ground by privileged members of
that include fiery elemental-like creatures,
the tribe. Often this may mean “men
anthropomorphic avian guardians,
only”, “women only” or more specifically
yowies or even giants walking in their
such as “mothers only” or “those who
have killed another intelligent being”. The
Rarely, a tribe can be found that has a corroboree can involve any mixture of
sorcerer who paints themselves with ochre body paint, ritual scarring and
swirling ochre patterns and conducts bloodletting. Some explorers have
painful rituals of self-mutilation. Many suggested that the swirling designs of
have their toes dislocated or even their ochre body paint acts like runes – bending
lips sewn shut. They are a considered by magic in mysterious ways to a mysterious
the tribe to be the Kurdaitcha, what will. Only a few non-natives have ever
roughly translates to “listening partaken in a corroboree, but those who
executioner”. The Kurdaitcha adorn do will never tell of what they saw, did or
themselves in magic-infused cloaks and learned.
shoes made from furs, feathers, hair and
1.4.5 The Mixture of Both
blood. They often wield a bone wand
drenched in corpse-juice that they use to The wearing of ochre on natives has
curse others who have wronged the tribe. begun to influence colonial culture. Some
These mysterious spellcasters are said to colonists born in Magellanica have started
be deeply connected with mouthless to forego tattoos in favour of ochre
spirits that crawled up into the world in designs as a symbol of cultural identity
ages passed. They tend to be of different and to help distinguish themselves from
racial heritage to most natives, ranging the purists of Old Home. They like that
from oasis-loving frog-men living near the they can remove it and make new designs
waterholes to lizardfolk standing that more accurately reflect their current

selves, as opposed to the permanency of a racism, intermittent violence and disease.
tattoo. With such brutal times of change, it is not
surprising that the natives are turning to
Natives often seem brutal to their colonial
more extreme beliefs in rituals, spirits and
counterparts due to their tendency
ancestors to answer their prayers.
towards infanticide. Without
contraceptives or a particularly inhibitive The governors of the colony have
social constraint on sex, female natives institutionalised a squad of constables
often fall pregnant. However, if the tribe made up entirely of natives in the hopes
cannot support a newborn due to lack of that they can subdue their kin when
food or the need to move, then the infant necessary. They are known as the Dark
is killed with a club and burned. To the Guard in unashamed reference to their
natives, the baby is not yet a person, and skin tone. Due to the tribal nature of the
there is no grief in killing it. It is merely a natives, the Dark Guardsmen hunt their
pragmatic decision for the betterment of brethren with brutal efficiency. Often
the tribe. Infanticide has shocked many those they hunt are of different tribes and
colonists. are therefore seen as a threat regardless of
Though the weather is important to all
Magellanicans, the natives are affected Some natives that have become
most. The season determines the type and assimilated by Old Home culture have
quantity of food available, as different
animals breed and plants bear fruit at
different times. Typically winters are hard
and summers a rich. This dichotomy feeds
into the disposition of natives – if food is
scarce they a more likely to violently take
some. As such, winter can strain the
relationship between natives and colonist
when the bellies of both go hungry.

Murders between colonists and natives

have occurred, but remain somewhat rare.
Occasionally, hysteria breaks out and
many innocents on either side find a
violent end. For the most part, their
relationship is peaceful due to a mutual
distaste for violence. However, some
deaths have been unintentional.
Unfortunately for the natives, colonists
have brought strange diseases from across
the sea that have ravaged their
population. The natives are being pushed
from colonial land by the combination of

tried to form their own republic, free from
the Old Home crown. This is known as the
Murrawi Republic, at the tails of the Though the colonists predominantly
Murrawi River. Its symbol is a serpent speak one language, the Common
made of water to symbolise the river of
Tongue, the natives speak a multitude
the republic’s namesake. The Murrawi
between clans. As such, travel between
Republic is widely laughed at by the
clan lands can often require knowledge
colonists, but day by day their influence
amongst the natives grows stronger. It is of a completely different dictionary in
only a matter of time before the colonists order to communicate with the native
come to blows with these idealistic native population. We suggest GM’s should
rebels. make language a major focus for parts
of adventures that involve interactions
1.5 The Colony of between colonists and natives. The
Magellanica multitude of native language
accentuates the importance of having a
1.5.1 The Colonised Lands member of the adventuring party with
native heritage.
The first Colony of Magellanica is known
as Valourrelend, named after its founder
Governor Edric Valourre. It expands from denizens living on their slopes. The
the eastern coast, through the Land of mountains of the Barrier are unsuitable for
Fire, west past the Barrier mountains and farming sheep or wheat but have proven
out into the eastern fringe of the Plain of valuable for grazing cattle and horses.
Rust. Bushland is rapidly being logged to Droving is becoming commonplace upon
expand the green plains that surround the high plains of the Barrier. Though the
them. Wheat and sheep farms are Plain of Rust does not support any kind of
common. Populated farming towns lie farming, a few remote mining
close to the rim of Pentanidad Bay whilst communities cling to life out amongst the
remote farms have become stations or sand dunes of the desert.
farmsteads that form pockets of
Throughout all these lands, the colony
civilisation amongst the wilderness. The
claims ownership and enforces its laws.
verdant wheat belt surrounding the
The Empty Land Declaration by
capital Galesmeet is known as the Golden
Magellanica’s first governor, states that all
Plain, a name born from the vast yellow-
of Magellanica is free for the taking. By
brown wheat fields in the region. A
colonial law, all land is owned by the
number of mines and mining towns are
crown of Old Home until it is either given
situated by the side of rivers and slopes of
or purchased. As such, the wealthy can
volcanoes. In particular, the Lalgambook
become wealthier by buying more lands
and Tarrengower volcanoes in the Land of
whilst the poor remain unable to escape
Fire provide valuable ores and minerals
their poverty. Destitution in combination
for those willing tempt the spontaneous
with the long distance between
fury of their lava flows and the fiery

settlements has meant that the places Lords who are predominantly puppets to
between are a lawless wilderness that the their more powerful counterparts in Old
constabulary can barely enforce. Home. However, the success of the
Futhermore, within colonial wilderness mining guilds has meant that guildsmen
are natives trying to get by under colonial are being increasingly represented in the
rule or the unknown things only hinted at council. This is beginning to lead to a
by their tales. Beyond the furthest borders struggle for land where the lords want it
of colonial settlements lay what explorers for their peasant farms but the miners
call the “true” wilderness – where want it to magically strip the topsoil for
mysteries and magic have yielded strange gold. Enterprising individuals do both.
landscapes and creatures as yet unseen by The governor traditionally settles these
colonial eyes. disputes, but Koln is easily intimidated by
either side of the council.
1.5.2 Governor and Council
1.5.3 The Aristocracy
When the 1st Expeditionary Force
established the colony, Lord Edric The land-holding lords of Magellanica are
Valourre was made governor – a title used predominantly members of Old Home
as a colonial equivalent of count. Given aristocracy. They own the land from afar
the feudalistic tendencies of Old Home, by either buying it or being given it by the
the governorship has been inherited by king. The old rivalries between Great
Valourre’s bloodline, and is now in the Houses of Old Home spill out into
debatably incapable hands of Governor Magellanica, where claims for valuable
Koln Valourre. By most accounts, the farming lands are disputed in the courts.
current governor is a weak-spirited man The lords rarely set foot upon
with little ambition. However, the powers Magellanica, preferring instead to stay in
of the governor are almost absolute, save their manners and castles of Old Home.
for the Council of Magellanica. The As such, their distant estates are run by
council is a group of the richest appointed stewards who sit on the
landholders living in the colony. It was Council of Magellanica in their stead.
formed when the aristocratic elite of Old
Early in the settlement of Magellanica,
Home who invested in Magellanica
some lords avoided using stewards by
demanded to have some say in the
bestowing enough land onto their
colony’s governance. Officially, the
children for them to have large estates of
council cannot stop the governor from
their own in the colony. These lords-in-
doing what he wants, but in reality the
waiting have had children of their own
power the councillors wield is such that
and there is now a new Magellanican-born
the governor would be wise to cater to
aristocracy rising in power within
their needs. Becoming a member of the
Galesmeet. They are a small but close
council is easy – buy your way in. A
community of new lords and ladies. Their
deplorably steep cost of 10,000 gold coins
interaction with an unexplored land and
is required to join the council, ensuring
the colony’s mix of cultures has meant
only the rich elite can do so. Traditionally
that Magellanican aristocracy often hold
the council has been held by newly made

more liberal views than their conservative Most convicts strive to become what
counterparts back in Old Home. The society describes as freedmen, or ex-
intellectual aristocracy born and raised in convicts. They strive to obtain a Ticket of
Magellanica are used to change as change Leave in order to gain some
comes quickly in the colony. As such, they independence, but their Ticket still keeps
tend to question the traditional values and them from leaving a certain district. As
laws of Old Home which exacerbates their such, many succumb to the temptation of
animosity towards the crown and Great escaping into the bush to try their own
Houses of their cultural homeland. luck in search of secret gold, mythical
secondary colonies, outposts of other
1.5.3 Convicts and Freedmen
foreign powers or civilised lands they
Convicts are the lifeblood of the colony. mistakenly think are nearby. This lifestyle
They form the bulk of the population in often leads to bushranging. Those
almost every settlement. Convicts are colonists who stay on the straight and
used by the crown to build roads or public narrow find that they have two main ways
buildings such as town halls and of surviving: risklessly farming sheep and
churches. Freemen can essentially be grain or riskily prospecting for gold and
loaned convict labour. Farming and opal. Recently, sealing has becoming a
mining are the most common uses for viable alternative to farming and mining
convict labour. Freemen who supervise for those convicts or freedmen with an
convicts are known as “masters” who aptitude for seafaring. Seal colonies dot
often complain of convict incompetence. the coastal cliffs all along Magellanica’s
eastern shores, providing valuable
blubber and furs. Those skilled in
exploration often become contractors for
mining companies or royal surveyors, the
main source of adventuring in
Magellanica. Such trades require trapping,
foraging, cartography, geography and
writing. These are often accompanied
alongside the need for communication
with natives – preferably with the tongue
of one’s mouth or mournfully with the
tongue of one’s blade.

1.5.4 Freemen

In contrast to freedmen who were once

convicts, those non-criminal colonists who
migrate to Magellanica of their own
volition are called freemen. They have
traditionally formed the bulk of the
merchant class as they come to
Magellanica with an entrepreneurial flair.

It does any traveller well to avoid a bushranger...

However, recent success from prospecting longer compete with the most powerful
is drawing foreigners in droves. They are guilds that have readily dominated the
arriving not just from Old Home. People market so quickly.
from other nations of the Overworld are
The number of guilds is excessive, as any
flocking to Magellanica in the hope of
group of people can claim to be one.
getting rich quick. Cultural differences are
When they first began to appear there was
beginning to create tensions between
a push by many to unify into one guild,
those from Old Home and elsewhere.
but the commercial competition between
1.5.6 Mining Guilds them has kept the guilds apart. To that
end, great rivalries have formed between
Throughout Old Home, the power of the
the guilds. Miners and tradesmen in a
aristocracy in the civilised world is finally
particular guild’s employ often display
being challenged by the successful
unwavering loyalty to their guild. To do
enterprise of commerce. Magellanica is no
otherwise would seem dishonourable.
different. The major power to confront the
lords of Old Home is the mining guilds. The guilds have grown so powerful as to
These guilds are typically formed by even adopt their own crests and heraldry.
groups of freemen who purchase or claim Their coat-of-arms is not recognised by the
squatter’s rights to a piece of land and aristocracy but they are widely respected
subsequently find precious metals and by the masses. It gives the common people
stones beneath it. With enough success, a sense of grandeur – that they can be a
these guilds expand to new lands and part of something great in spite of their
employ miners to work large open cut or lowly birth. Governor Valourre sees the
tunnel mines. Many mines extend over mining guilds as a double-edged sword.
wide areas following veins of gold, silver On one hand they provide incredible
and opal. As such, land remains the most economic prosperity for the colony, but on
valuable asset. Typically, the aristocracy the other they challenge the very
of Old Home with lands in Magellanica foundations of feudalism from which
have exclusively farmed their land. They stems his power.
begin a mine of their own should they
chance across valuable metals and gems, The structure of a typical mining guild is
but the first priority of settlement was simple. At its head is a guildmaster who
food production and therefore farming. consults a group of expert guildsmen that
Furthermore, the sporadic location of such form the Guild Council. This is in mimicry
valuables has made mining in Magellanica of the governor and his Council of
a risky business, and risk is the aristocrat’s Magellanica. Under the Guild Council are
enemy. As such, the aristocracy has left journeymen, experienced guildsmen who
much of the prospecting to freedmen who are not yet ready to be selected by the
got lucky and began their own mine with guildmaster for promotion to the council.
a few fellow prospectors. However, many Under the journeymen are all other
amongst the aristocracy regret letting employees. In a given mine, the actual
freedmen get away with such valuable miners tend to be lowly guildsmen and
discoveries as it has meant they can no

...but it does any bushranger better to avoid the constabulary.

the overseer is a journeyman. The 1.5.7 Coins, Trade and Taxes
overseer reports to a council member who
Trade is used more than coinage in
resides in a distant guild hall alongside
Magellanican economy. The most
the guildmaster, typically in a rich area of
common trade currency is alcoholic
spirits, particularly rum and whisky. The
1.5.5 Bushrangers occasional alchemical drug can also be
used. However, coinage becomes more
The success of mining has meant that the
common the richer one gets to necessitate
reward for thievery rises. With lucrative
easily transportable and storable wealth.
thievery comes bushranging. The first
bushrangers were convicts who fled the For monarchies and tyrants alike, taxes
establishment and attempted to eke out a are a predominant source of income for
miserable living in the bush. But the the crown. Taxes on land, labour and
moment gold and opal began to flow income of a lord inevitably trickle down
through roads of the colony, bushranging onto the lord’s constituents. The advent of
became lucrative. Bushrangers are no large towns like Galesmeet have created
longer getting by with the essentials, but avenues for common people to cheat taxes
can now make enough money to live in by no longer requiring large amounts of
comfort. Cunning, swords and sorcery are land to make a living. Trades such as
common weapons used by bushrangers builder or baker require little space and
lurking in the shadows of the roadside. therefore they pay little tax on land.
Magic is rare, but that makes convicts However, the crown is aware of this
with the gift all the more valuable. phenomenon and has started introducing
Zealous masters can work their magic- new taxes on specific trades. As such, the
using convicts so hard as to instil in them most heavily taxed people outside of the
a hatred of the establishment and a need aristocracy are now the mining guilds.
to break free. And if they break free, High tax is causing animosity between
bushranging becomes a profitable guildsmen and the crown, but their
pastime. As such, the population of expansive profit still makes mining the
magicians amongst bushrangers is slightly most lucrative industry in Magellanica.
higher than normal – making them all the
1.5.8 The Constabulary
more dangerous. Due to the rising threat
from bushrangers, travel on the open road These armed and armoured guardsmen
often requires guardsmen, an escort of are paid by the crown to protect the
constables or swords and sorcery of one’s colony from within and without. They
own. Wanted posters have become enforce the law and keep the peace. The
commonplace throughout the colony in an constabulary doubles as Magellanica’s
attempt to persuade the citizenry to fight soldiery in times of need when external
back against the bushrangers. This threats grow too severe. They often deal
initiative has worked almost too well. with groups of rebellious miners, united
Bounty hunting is becoming a viable bushranging gangs or violent tribes of
occupation for many ex-soldiers wanting natives. They are typified by red cloaks
to put their violent skills to good use. and red tabards that give rise to their

colloquial names of “red cloak” or “red Instead, they are known as the Dark
tabbie”. The constabulary is based in the Guard in reference to their dark skin. As
Galesmeet Barracks where the they are not allowed to wear the
predominant force of Magellanican traditional red of the constabulary, they
constables are trained and housed. have taken to wearing black cloaks to
match their name. Not only is black cloak
The need to range the wilds in search of
more intimidating, it serves as a better
murderous beasts, run-away convicts and
way to conceal oneself whilst ranging. The
bushrangers has led to the establishment
stubborn tradition of the constabulary
of an elite contingent amongst the
keeps the Red Rangers from wearing more
constabulary known as the Red Rangers.
appropriately coloured cloaks.
They are highly trained to camp and hunt
in the wilds. The elite amongst the rangers 1.5.9 The Faith-in-Shadow
are natives who have unparalleled
Commonly known as the Shadow Faith of
experience living off the land. These
Old Home, the Faith-in-Shadow is the
natives have either been forcibly taken
most powerful force in Magellanica. It is
from their tribe or have forsaken their old
indistinguishable from Old Home culture
lifestyle in exchange for the Old Home
– all citizens are assumed to be faithful.
way of life. Though they incomparable
The doctrine of the Faith-in-Shadow
rangers, the staunch tradition of Old
describes a hermaphroditic god-angel
Home constabulary forbids the natives
known as Guardian, who looks down
from being given the title Red Ranger.
from above on the realms of Old Home
and its people. The divine shadow of Its
wings gives the faith its name. The
obsession with white wings and shadow
has also given rise to the Faith’s obsession
with black and white clothing. Typically,
the clergy wear entirely black robes,
whilst the faithful amongst the
community may wear an item of black
clothing as an everyday symbol of their
belief. The most recognised symbol of the
Faith-in-Shadow is either a single or a pair
of white bony angel wings on a black
background. A recent motif amongst the
faithful has been a circular design with an
angel’s white wing covering the top half
and simply empty black space covering
the bottom. Given the hermaphroditic
nature of their deity, men and women are
treated equally amongst the clergy of the

Like all religions, legitimacy is lent to the community who will become new priors
Shadow Faith’s claims by tangible when either more priories are built or the
communication with what appears to be current prior dies. Therefore, priors tend
their deity. Guardian legitimately lends to have been educated in religious
power to Its most devoted. The dedicated doctrine by the previous prior and are a
life of the clergymen yields magical power beloved member of the local community.
dependent on their faith. Strict adherence In large towns, the Shadow Faith may
to doctrine directly correlates with how deign it worthy of a cathedral. In such
much power one of the faithful may claim instances, the cathedral is run by an
from Guardian. The doctrine of the Archprior who oversees the running of
Shadow Faith includes: regular dawn and daily prayers, hymns and activities.
dusk prayer or hymns, extensive recital of Monks are recluses who tend to live apart
philosophical and medical texts, seeking from society. They see normal life as a
and recording new information, copying distraction from their doctrine, preferring
old information and always helping to be amongst their colleagues who are
worthy people in need. To be deemed striving to achieve the same goals.
worthy of magical power by Guardian, a Monasteries are off-limits for most of the
worshipper must dedicate almost, if not public, except for those in need seeking
all their time to fulfilling the doctrine. This medicine, shelter or food. Furthermore,
has meant that those clergymen that do pilgrims are allowed to stay a night before
not have families or friends tend to wield moving on and tradesmen are given
more powerful magic as they apply entrance to fix or build as needed. Monks
themselves completely to the doctrine. need not remain isolated, as some will
However, straying from the doctrine will travel to other monasteries, universities or
see their magic wane. This has led to make pilgrimages to sacred places.
interesting kinds of clergymen as they are Monasteries are governed by an
not prohibited from pursuing non- Archmonk, a monk who is elected to the
doctrine activities, merely dissuaded. As position by their peers. Friars have a
such, some clergymen may raise a family different ideology, preferring to be out
but always prove to be a distant parent to amongst society to learn as much from the
their children. Others can become varied peoples of the world. Exploration is
passable tradesmen, but they will never a predominant focus of the friars, who
find the time to both master a trade and intend to record and analyse new land
wield magic from their faith. and life in their scholarly pursuits. Friaries
are places with a constant flux of friars.
The life of the clergymen depends on the
They rest in a friary whilst travelling from
level of devotion and the particular
one place to the next and share their
ideology of the groups they associate
knowledge with other friars. A friary is
with. The clergy are dominated by three
open to anyone, but there is no guarantee
types of cleric: the prior, the monk and the
that there will be any friars in attendance,
friar. Priors are individuals who tend to a
let alone a friar that can address a visitor’s
priory, a church that is the established
queries. Large friaries are governed by an
place of worship in a town. Priors have a
Archfriar, who is elected like their monk
small group of attendants drawn from the

counterpart. The irony of the position is settlement is a priory. This church
that being an Archfriar requires one to be becomes a place to build the community –
stationary and stay at the friary in their where everyone meets regularly for
care, the antithesis to their travelling prayers and maybe a little gossip. The
lifestyle. As such, the position of Archfriar oldest settlements in Magellanica near the
is only expected to be held for a year eastern coast have priories with priors
before it is passed on. Given the reluctance drawn from their community. However,
to be Archfriar, they tend to be old friars the newer settlements further west have
who can no longer travel like they once no community with which to draw priors
did, instead enjoying a stationary life from. Priors in these new settlements are
surrounded by an ever-changing group of typically drawn from amongst the clergy
clerical brothers and sisters. of Galesmeet or even Old Home, creating
a new prior for a new priory. Monasteries
Those who dedicate their life to the clergy
and friaries are rare in Magellanica.
are seen with great respect by both rich
Monasteries tend to be built distantly
and poor. Given their focus on learning
from other settlements to maintain
and teaching, many lords seek the counsel
seclusion from society. As such,
of a monk or friar. The service and
monasteries tend to be found near
education from monasteries and friaries
volcanoes in the Land of Fire where there
comes at a price: giving religious
are few farms or mines. In contrast,
institutions an income. Furthermore,
friaries have been built on the main
given the integration of faith into Old
thoroughfares of the colony, where friars
Home society, those feeling sinful or on
are most likely to meet in their travels.
their deathbed often leave money or land
to the nearest priory, monastery or friary 1.5.10 The Academae
to help ensure their soul is better received
One challenge to the foundation of the
by Guardian.
Shadow Faith has been the recent rise of
The church boasts a large aasimar the Academae.. The use of magic
population as they tend to have a greater independent of worship has been known
affinity with the ideals of their angelic since the dawn of time, but rarely have
Guardian. The nature of this doctrine is these spellcasters ever been unified like
completely free of any discrimination. the Academae. The physical Academae is
Which allows people of any race or sex to situated in Old Home and is stylised as a
join the clergy of the Faith-in-Shadow. single campus of a colossal university,
This is somewhat rare when compared symbolically built entirely by magic.
with the doctrines or preachings of other Known as acolytes, its students are mostly
faiths. As such, the Shadow Faith tends to composed of rich children of aristocrats
attract a wide variety of people leading to who are not directly in line for
a multicultural and multilingual clergy. inheritance. The first son is to inherit and
therefore trained for war, the second is
The colony of Magellanica is relatively sent to the clergy and the third is typically
new and is rapidly expanding. One of the sent to the Academae. These children
first permanent buildings in any new often arrive at a young age, spending

Gods and Religion

Though great is the power wielded by guildmaster, Archprior, lord or king, they all
kneel to the power of a god. Like most fantasy settings, gods (a term used here
ambiguously with goddesses) are tangible and powerful in the land of Magellanica.
None claim complete omnipotence, but all claim a dominion over certain places,
people or philosophies. The gods are a diverse group, some forming pantheons of a
culture whilst others remaining solitary and aloof. Some are engaged with the
everyday person whilst others prefer to ignore intelligent life altogether. They appear
to occupy a realm outside the mortal world that none save the dead have seen.
However, gods do not stay tied to this Other-realm, but instead walk, fly or slither
upon the mortal world when they see fit.

Unquestionably the largest power at play in the civilised world is that of religion. The
magical superiority and influence of gods has meant that they hold deep-seated places
in the psyche of their worshippers. Furthermore, gods can take their place as immortal
king or queen of an entire nation should they wish, making church and state
inseparable. However, gods are not infallible, and they can be banished or even killed
by mortals with the strength or intellect to best them. Furthermore, gods are often at
odds with one another. This instils in these gods a pragmatic paranoia of regularly
interacting with the mortal world as it risks letting their rival know where or when
they will be. This also leads to religious disputes, where the god or gods of one
pantheon are at war with another.

In the current book, we have deliberately left out the codification of any other
religions other than the Faith-in-Shadow. We have our own ideas about the gods in
the world of Magellanica that we may expand upon in supplements to come.
However, these other religions are not so important to the colony of Magellanica and
are therefore absent from this manuscript. Although foreign gods are undoubtedly
part of the non-Old Home cultures immigrating to Magellanica, we have deliberately
left them vague as a place for the GM to introduce their own gods and pantheons
should they so wish.

We have used the Faith-in-Shadow and its deity Guardian as our representation of
dominant religion in colonial culture. This can easily be swapped out with a number
of common religions described in the settings of DnD and Pathfinder. As such, the
Faith-in-Shadow can be just that! The GM should feel free to alter the nature of faith in
Magellanica’s setting. To weave the continent and colony of Magellanica into a current
setting may mean that gods and races need to be changed to make it fit. We encourage
GMs to play with which parts of the setting or rules that fit and throw away those that

anywhere between 5 and 20 years learning them to truthfully answer any question
the sciences of magic. The masters of the they can.
Academae teach every known magical
Whilst the Faith-in-Shadow is woven
discipline, alongside great philosophical
deeply into the culture Old Home and
debates about sources or appropriate uses
colonial Magellanica, the Academae is
of magic.
commonly seen as strange and
Though the Academae’s public fame untrustworthy. Many consider it an
comes from the tutelage of students in the abomination, believing that magic should
magical arts, its commercial success stems only be wielded by the holiest of the
from research. Discovering new spells or Shadow Faith. The Academae is seen by
metaphysical laws of reality and non- most as indistinguishable from magic-
reality create opportunities to license users of other lands whose source of
intellectual property to rich merchants, magic comes from foreign gods or
spellcasters or aristocrats that have the mysterious pacts. The Academae does not
capital to use them. Even other academic attempt to remedy its reputation with the
institutions have been known to buy masses. Instead it prefers to pursue its
licenses for magical knowledge. The objectives with secrecy and relish the
Academae brutally enforces its licensing imposing guise of mystery.
deals with a cadre of robed assasins,
sanctioned by the crown to enforce brutal
laws that protect intellectual estates.

Forever seeking new information, the

Academae commissions exploration in
every new land and Magellanica is no
different. Cartographers, geomancers and
biomancers categorise all facets of new
landscape and return to the Academae
with tomes of information. However, the
Academae’s desire for exploration is in
direct competition with the friars of the
Shadow Faith. The two establishments
fiercely compete for information, never
considering collaboration. As such, the
Academae and friars often compete for
hiring the most experienced explorers to
lead them into the wilderness.
Furthermore, the Academae is not
restricted by religious doctrine and is not
above sending spies to Magellanican
friaries. They will gladly steal information
from the friars whose doctrine obliges

An explorer from the Academae, equipped with all manner of magical aids

1.6 Powerful and land or thwart an opponent’s affairs often
comes at the expense of an adventurer’s
Noteworthy People of life or livelihood. By their whim is the
Magellanica colony of Magellanica made.

But not all noteworthy Magellanicans are

“The governor wields when the council councillors. A number of interesting
yields,” is a common saying that cuts to individuals have made a name for
the heart of Magellanica’s leadership. It themselves without power and influence.
alludes to the power of the council and Their fame typically stems from heroic
how Governor Valourre is widely seen as exploits of adventure, rebellion or crime.
its puppet. Though there are over 30 They are the protagonists of fireside yarns
members of the Magellanican Council, that spin their exploits into legend.
only a handful wield true power. Detailed
1.6.1 The Governor
below are some of the most influential
councillors, each vying with the other for Governor Koln Valourre is a young, tall,
control of Magellanica’s wealth. Their raven-haired aasimar. He has a strange
ambitious endeavour to claim unexplored heritage, displaying pointed ears, needle-
teeth and a chin-spike that some suggest
belies a draconic influence from his
mother's side. Koln tends to wear a lavish
jerkin and doublet in the Valourre colours
of yellow and blue, matching his face
tattoo of the Valourre sigil – a black galley
sitting upon a blue sea reaching a yellow
beach. He is seen by both rich and poor
alike as a weak-spirited man who obeys
the whim of the Council. Rumours spread
by his servants suggest he spends most of
his time alone in his manor with his
ageing mother, Lady Meldwyn Valourre.
By all accounts, his mother has never
recovered from the violent death of her
husband at the hands of an assassin
wielding an obsidian blade. Indeed, the
previous governor and Koln’s father
Toddric Valourre died when Koln was
young, and the power of Governor has
waned ever since. As the crown’s
representation in Magellanica, Koln
technically has the official power. But
sadly for Koln, this counts for little when

compared to the tangible powers of rich in the Golden Plain, her main source of
lords and guildmasters on the council. wealth is a wide salt plain on the western
edge of the Barrier. She has personally
1.6.2 Lord Dahved the Listener
forged tight ties with the native people on
This old, short and characteristically her lands – a rare relationship amongst the
stocky dwarf sports a curious adaptation. aristocracy. Not only has she employed
Lord Dahved Lightfinder’s epithet refers natives to mine salt, she pays them well.
to his large furry ears that curve to a Lady Chalicae has even taken on the
droopy point, presumably from a mixed ochre-wearing tradition of the natives, a
bloodline with something bestial. He is controversy to Magellanican aristocracy.
the Lord of Echo Hall, an underground She is respected for her happy demeanour
manor in the Land of Fire famed for the and generous donations to charities at the
gemstone veins that sprout from the Cathedral. Overly devout, Lady Chaliacae
vasculature of its walls. The sigil of House is yet to find another husband after he
Lightfinder is golden sun on a black died hunting bushrangers who had raided
background. As such, the Lord of Echo his outlying sheep stations. Though she
Hall sports a sun tattoo on either cheek, was once Lady Lawsblade, she took the
glowing brilliantly with luminescent ink. epithet “the Red” as she felt it suited her
The Lightbringer family is ancient even by more appropriately. Wild speculation
Old Home standards, with origins surrounds the death of her husband, with
amongst the distant dwarven settlements some claiming he died from merely falling
of subterranean cave-lands. Lord Dahved off his dromornithid in a drunken stupor,
represents his family’s interests in whilst others suggest the Red Lady has
Magellanica. He is a shrewd and quick- more than ochre on her hands. Regardless,
tempered man who ruthlessly pursues his her red ochre face-paint not only acts as a
financial interests. His wealth is built symbol but also hides the sword tattoos
upon farming and mining the wide tracts that no-doubt remind her of her late
of land held in his name. It is widely husband.
known that Lord Dahved is obsessed with
1.6.4 Tolle – Steward of Lord Magnanimar
collecting gems. He will handsomely Folksguard
reward any who are willing to part with
the largest stones without caring whether This ex-convict and ex-native has climbed
they are procured by legitimate means. higher up the ladder more than any other
criminal in Magellanica. Tolle is a tall,
1.6.3 Lady Chalicae the Red
broad man with dark yellow crystalline
The Red Lady is a tiefling rarity amongst scales and a stegadonian faceplate belying
the aristocracy. She is first foremost an exotic draconian heritage. Indeed, his
known for her beauty. Secondly, she is obsession with fire may suggest a more
famed for foregoing tattoos in exchange reptilian ancestry. He keeps himself clean-
for thick red ochre that covers her shaven in traditional Old Home fashion,
otherwise pale grey face. It matches her sporting a chain tattoo on his face that
flaming hair and fierce white-hot eyes. signifies his past. Tolle is stooped from
Though she owns verdant grazing lands years of work in the chain gangs, a

punishment for attempted bushranging. 1.6.5 Guildmistress Wyllica Opaleye
But he has reformed from his old
With thick black dread-locks and a hearty
bushranging days, becoming a respected
laugh, Guildmistress Wyllica cannot help
member of the Faith-in-Shadow and
but draw the attention of every eye in the
coming to the attention of Lord
room. A migrant from distant islands to
Magnanimar Folksguard. Lord
the north, she started in Magellanica with
Magnanimar has never ventured to
nothing but a handful of coins in a city
Magellanica but he owns large swathes of
brimming with xenophobia. Her culture
its land. His grandfather saw the potential
idealises the extremes of happiness and
opportunity of the colony before it became
sadness, alongside the pursuit of being a
successful and bought the land when it
hero in one’s own story. As such, Wyllica
was going cheap. Though there were not
wept furiously for her poverty then grit
enough convicts to tend the land early in
her teeth and smiled all the wider with her
Magellanica’s history, now times have
success. She joined a fledgling mining
changed and the Folksguard House
guild, the Temple of Potch, and slowly
benefits greatly from numerous farms.
rose to be its guildmistress. Now the
However, Lord Maganimar has no wish to
Temple of Potch dominates the opal trade
live in distant Magellanica so he has
out of Oldstone and she controls one of
appointed Tolle as his steward to manage
the wealthiest mining guilds in all of Old
affairs. It was a controversial decision
Home’s Empire. Though her smile is
choosing an ex-convict to be steward as
undoubtedly disarming, her fury is swift
most lords and ladies see them as scum
and terrible. Guildmistress Wyllica
worth little more than the gallows.
maintains her islander customs with many
However, Lord Magnanimm is a pious
paramours picked from amongst the most
man and mercifully chose Tolle due to his
statuesque miners of her guild. They form
devout faith, his knowledge of the land
her most loyal bodyguards, protecting her
and his intimidating persona. Stern and
from the inevitable attempts at
strict, Tolle is a meticulous steward who
assassination that plague the life of a
learned the trade swiftly at the behest of
Magellanican Council member.
his lordship. Tolle is now a powerful force
in Magellanican politics, claiming a seat 1.6.6 Guildmaster Taggot the ‘Don
on the Council in his lordship’s name
despite his lowly background. Venerable Guildmaster Taggot is the
Furthermore, he is bi-lingual – speaking antithesis of his bastard half-brother, Lord
languages of both the colony and his Lightfinder. Though he has his brother’s
native tribe that live on Folksguard lands. short dwarven frame and long furry ears,
He has maintained peaceful relationships his thick burrower’s claws belie a
with the natives of his old tribe, but has bastard’s heritage. Rumours say he shares
forsaken their way of life for reasons he a shifter’s blood. He is famed across the
refuses to explain. entire colony as the greatest miner to have
graced the continent, managing to dig
more earth with his claws than the
average miner can with a pick and shovel.

His skill in burrowing gave him “the 1.6.7 Archprior Wrothgar
Diprotodon” epithet, in reference to the
Leader of Saint Althidon’s Cathedral, the
colossal member of tunnelling
Archprior is undoubtedly the most pious
Magellanican megafauna. Typical of
man in Magellanica. With fire and
Magellanican colloquialisms, the epithet
brimstone he preaches the Guardian’s
soon got shortened to a much more
tenants to the faithful. However, many
manageable “Don”. Taggot is beloved by
things make Wrothgar an anomaly
miners as he is genuinely not afraid to
amongst the clergy. Firstly, he is younger
“get his claws dirty”, in contrast to the
than any other Archprior in the Faith-in-
uppity aristocrats. Having made a name
Shadow’s history – merely 24 years old.
for himself amongst the demurely titled
Secondly, he is migrant born – having
Magellanican Gold Miner’s Guild, he soon
grown up in a seemingly violent and
renamed it the Goldfinders after becoming
sinful culture of the icy south that does
its guildmaster. The cheeky pun on his
not recognise the Guardian as the greatest
family’s name infuriates Lord Dahved to
of gods. Thirdly and most striking is his
no end. Half-thug and half-miner, Taggot
lycan-shifter heritage – his body is built
manages his guild with brutal and often
like an apex predator. Hulkingly huge,
illegal efficiency. His reputation for
shaggy black fur, viscous fangs and sharp
digging out one’s innards just as readily
claws make Wrothgar a terror to behold.
as he digs earth tends to make any bend to
The traditional black robes of the Faith-in-
the will of the Goldeaters. Regardless of
Shadow’s clergy further accentuate his
his reputation, the masses love him for his
intimidating persona. Mysteriously
donations to Faith-in-Shadow charities
abandoned by his clan when he was
and his refusal to stop working alongside
young, Wrothgar was taken in by
the common folk in the mines.
missionaries and raised amongst the
clergy. Wildly charismatic and faithful,
Wrothgar readily rose amongst the
clergy’s ranks. His discipline with
Guardian’s doctrines has provided him
with a pawed grasp at spellcasting, with a
particular penchant for healing the sick.
Aside from cultural respect, the Faith-in-
Shadow holds power with the generous
stream of donations that forever pours
upon the Cathedral’s hallowed steps. With
such coin, Wrothgar provides the needy
and the sick with charity whilst
maintaining a substantial demesne of
farmland owned by the church. The
Archprior’s influence also extends to the
militant wing of the Faith-in-Shadow. He
commands the Shaded Knights, a holy
order of elite paladins assigned to

Archpriors throughout Old Home and listening than talking. Occasionally she
abroad to protect the lands and holdings can’t help but cackle wildly in response to
of the Faith. These expert swordsmen and rather mundane discussion – much to the
spellcasters are clad in black plate armour concern of her fellow councillors.
with black tabards embellished with white
Though her brutal punishment of minor
wings. The Shaded Knights can be
crimes has sent a strong message to
dispatched at the Archprior’s whim. They
would-be criminals, it has merely proven
are barely accountable to the law, widely
to reinforce their efforts to avoid capture
seen as so faithful as to be above such
by any means necessary. Even if one has
trivialities as legality. The combination of
stolen a mouldy fruit from a merchant, the
spiritual, financial and military power
thief becomes willing to take the life of
makes Archprior Wrothgar a deeply
any who would attempt to capture him.
respected and feared member of the
As such, Magistrate Mellodeen’s harsh
methods have enhanced the rate and
1.6.8 Magistrate Groelle Mellodeen extremity of violent crime. But Mellodeen
doesn’t seem to care. She simply smiles all
“Older than old” is the common
the wider, happy that her grisly work
description of this elderly noblewoman.
never ceases. Rumours suggest that her
Magistrate Mellodeen has been presiding
mind has cracked but aristocratic tradition
over the courtroom of Galesmeet Barracks
keeps her from losing her position.
for longer than any can remember. She is
Sinister tales attempt to explain her
consistently haggard, with a waterfall of
penchant for the death sentence by
tangled black hair pouring either side of
claiming that she is being bribed by
sallow face. Her shrivelled skin is a
councillors to kill their enemies. More
whitish corpse-grey. The Mellodeen
sinister is the alternative – that she simply
family is old, even by Old Home
likes sending the colonists of Magellanica
standards. Indeed, the root of the family
to the noose for no more than the fun of it.
name extends beyond the founding of the
Empire. Some claim that there is fae-blood 1.6.9 High Commissioner Chivilar Bolde
in the family, something that Mellodeen’s
Commissioner Bolde is an old landed
pointed ears seem to attest to. The
knight of aasimar heritage who fought
Mellodeen sigil is an open palm upon
numerous campaigns for the crown in his
which sit a pile of skulls – perhaps hinting
distant youth. His well-trimmed grey
to a sinister beginning. Magistrate
beard covers a scarred and chiselled face
Mellodeen has her sigil tattooed on either
of white complexion. Commissioner
cheek, alongside a set of black scales upon
Bolde’s fierce yellow eyes and sharp jaw
her forehead that balance a brain and
make him a handsome fox despite his age.
heart. Her gummy smile greets every
Completing the dashing look is his lavish
defendant with an eerie hint of joy at the
red uniform, cut to fit his muscular frame.
prospect of sating a hungry gallows. She is
The Bolde family’s heart sigil is tattooed
widely known as a hangman’s friend. On
on either cheek, with an open tome
the council, she plays a rather minor role
skewered by a sword upon his forehead.
in the debates as she is much happier

The fourth son of a noble family, he left embroidered with blazing blue runes. He
the manor at a young age to squire for the is accompanied at all times by dark-
Knights of Lore. He upheld their friar-like skinned acolytes drawn from amongst the
pursuit of knowledge by assisting in the native tribes of Magellanica. Whispers tell
assault of ancient libraries in Old Home’s that these native attendants call
violent expansions of decades passed. Sir themselves “the Listeners”. Their purple
Bolde learnt the arts of war from their robes match their master’s, though they
hallowed vaults, becoming a respected keep their faces unmasked. Much to the
advisor to military commanders. But the horror of those they meet, their lips are
wars eventually ended. With no sewn shut and ritualistic scars cover their
knowledge to be gained by the sword, Sir skin in swirling script unknown to the
Bolde turned his interests to law and the common man. Chaptermaster Fourteen
justice it demands. He had never been and his retinue rarely attend council
married and sired no children, so with meetings. On the scarce occasions he
nothing to lose he took the position of appears, he remains completely silent.
High Commissioner of Magellanica’s Fourteen merely listens to what is said
constabulary. He now orchestrates the red and then leaves without ever saying a
tabbies as meticulously as he once did word. Rumours say that his voice is deep
soldiers. Commissioner Bolde maintains and gravely, but his masked face never
strict law and order in all boundaries of moves up or down to address those taller
the colony’s settlements, but struggles to or shorter than his middling height. His
establish them in the wilds between. ambition remains entirely unknown. Not
Regardless, he is widely considered as a even those amongst the council can tell
reasonable and just man, more than apt what his motives are. But one thing seems
for the position of High Commissioner. for certain: Chapter Fourteen and the
Common gossip hints at a darker past of Academae are heavily invested in
Commissioner Bolde, suggesting that he discovering the secrets of Magellanica.
fled Old Home to escape a secret
1.6.11 Gohn the Bat
investigation into alleged war crimes or
occult practices. Constables laugh off the This freeman farmer turned successful
rumours, confident that their righteous explorer is an exceedingly charismatic
and respected leader is not capable of such man, complete with hearty laugh, warm
atrocities. smile and enchanting eyes aglow with
aasimarian amber. Gohn the Bat has
1.6.10 Chaptermaster Fourteen
regularly adventured deep into the
The leader of the Magellanican Academae unexplored valleys of the Barrier or glades
is by far the most mysterious member of of the Marrowgums. His success in
the council. Chaptermaster Fourteen uncovering new gold or gem veins has
wears a burnt-orange mask of a snarling made him a valuable asset to the mining
demon in spite of the laws that forbid the guilds. Furthermore, he is a skilled
wearing of such masks in public. The trapper who has captured a number
Chaptermaster’s extremely thin frame is unique Magellanican fauna for the
shrouded in a deep purple robe Academae. Both mining guilds and the

Academae ensure that Gohn’s coinpurse deliberately avoiding the colonists in the
bulges. He earned his name after region. Though the crime that brought
capturing and returning to Galesmeet him to Magellanica remains unknown, his
with a humanoid bat-like creature. Very tale of life amongst the wild people has
few people saw the beast before it was become legendary. Williome jumped ship
taken to the Academae’s Chapterhouse, at the first sight of land and desperately
but the rumours that sprouted from its clung to life in the weeks that followed.
wake were sufficient to garner Gohn the He uncovered a native gravesite, from
epithet. However, Gohn is not only which he claimed a spear. When he
famous for his exploits as an explorer. He encountered the local tribe soon after, they
is widely respected by the native tribes assumed he was their dead kin reborn
throughout Valourrelend for a pact he given that he wielded the same spear and
made with their elders: any valuable land was wrapped in lily-white skin. From
Gohn uncovers must be purchased by there, Williome became a part of the tribe
interested colonial parties from the natives and wandered throughout the wilds of
that live there. This has ensured that the Valourrelend for 30 years. Eventually, the
mining guilds that employ Gohn end up colony had expanded so far that contact
paying tributes for their land. However, with Williome would be inevitable. When
the guilds tend to pay natives too little. Gohn the Bat lead an expedition into his
They part with clothes, cloaks, scissors, tribe’s lands, Williome knew his time was
sacks and other such tools that are of great up. Approaching the colonists, Gohn and
value to the natives but of little financial his fellow explorers were astonished to see
cost to the guilds. Furthermore, Governor a pale native. It took Williome a few
Edric Valourre’s Empty Land Declaration weeks to remember his old language, but
challenges Gohn’s pact, with many eventually his common tongue returned.
mining guilds claiming that empty land is He then left his life amongst the natives
free for the taking despite traditional behind, returning to civilisation with tales
native owners. Gohn continues to fight of mythical beasts and strange native
against this declaration in court, but has rituals. Williome passed off his convict’s
been unsuccessful to get it repealed – tattoo as an old soldier’s mark, but
unsurprising given the power of the eventually told Gohn the truth. Ever
mining guilds. Gohn is now mostly retired merciful, Gohn bought Williome’s service
from adventure, but has established the as a convict before leveraging with the
Magellanican Explorer’s Guild in Governor to grant his freedom. Williome
Galesmeet. As its founder, he is its now lives in the Explorer’s Guildhall in
guildmaster. The Explorer’s Guild is Galesmeet where he is an exemplary
becoming the first port-of-call for any consultant on all matters of native culture
prospective employer needing an and custom.
exploratory expedition.
1.6.13 Elder Barack
1.6.12 Wild Williome
With short stature, rotund belly and a
For 30 years this escaped elven convict long white beard falling from a weathered
lived amongst the natives of Valourrelend, face, first impressions from colonists tend

dismiss Barack as a senile old koalafolk. mixed with the blood of his victims.
But his fierce orange eyes and booming Frontiersmen west of the barrier whisper
voice immediately dispel the his native name in fear, preferring instead
characterisation. Barack is the elder of the to refer to him as “The Hunter”.
Nungburra tribe that traditionally lived in Unfortunately for the colonists, it is they
the region that Galesmeet now occupies. he hunts. Violent station owners
Though the tribe was initially dismissed murdered his entire tribe whilst he was
by the original colonists, Barack has used out hunting kangaroo for a feast. Since
his charisma and oration to fight for the then, he has been completely focussed on
right to the land. Many amongst the uniting the tribes west of the Barrier and
aristocracy or the mining guild actively to annihilate the colony from the region.
ignored his plea for recognition. However, Yallagah has even convinced a number of
over his lifetime he built a following giants and yowies to join his cause. They
amongst the constabulary by spending a have proven crucial in slaying armoured
decade amongst the Dark Guard. With mercenaries and caravan guardsmen that
leverage from High Commissioner Bolde, are otherwise difficult to kill with spear
Elder Barack finally influenced the and club. A number of natives who grew
Magellanican Council to yield land of the up on Faith-in-Shadow missions have also
Golden Plain to the Nungburra tribe. joined him. With their knowledge of
Barack’s tribe maintains a native lifestyle colonial Magellanica, Yallagah and his
alongside the colonial settlement by acting followers have established the Murrawi
as trappers or hunters for nearby farming Republic, seceding from the colony by
estates. Though the tribe remains poor, using their own law against them.
they are free from the persecution suffered Yallagah leads the Republic's military
by most other tribesmen on colonial land. campaigns, leaving the elders to do the
Elder Barack is now a widely respected ruling. However, the Old Home crown
member of the Galesmeet community. has ordered Governor Valourre not to
Alongside Wild Williome, Barack is tolerate this blatant challenge to the king’s
consulted about native affairs by the rule. There is now talk of military action
council. However, some lords and against Yallagah and his marauders.
guildmasters grumble about Barack’s Indeed, though the Republic has
influence on the council due to the maintained an outwardly peaceful
establishment of fairer rights for native relationship with colonists it engages in
labourers. Whispers tell of a secret plot to secret night raids on colonial settlements.
have him assassinated, but Barack heartily Their aim is to leave none alive, such that
laughs them off whilst gripping his spear none can live to lay blame on the
a little tighter. Republic. With such exploits, Yallagah
maintains his title with vigour.
1.6.14 Yallagah

This tall, yellow-furred and muscular

wombatfolk warlord bares thick shifter’s
fangs from a strong jaw. His fur is covered
in swirling designs of thick red ochre

1.6.15 Trugallia both native and colonial affairs. She has
somehow mastered all native and colonial
Most mysterious of all known natives,
language, suggesting a mastery of
Trugallia is the last native of Demon’s
linguistic magic. Trugallia is as likely to
Land. She was a wise woman and
help those in need as she is to punish
kurdaitcha of her people before they were
them with twisted curses, concealing an
pushed off their land by New Home
agenda that only those with dream-sight
colonists and killed by demons. She is
of the song-lines may understand.
young lizardfolk woman with a shock of
white hair that falls to the ground on 1.6.16 Red Belly
either side of a pretty face laced with fine
Rumour has it that this young knight
scars. Trugallia carries a grisly staff and
came to Magellanica to escape pursuit
wand made from the bones of her
from the crown after taking the chastity of
tribesmen. A skin cloak covers her
a nobleman’s betrothed. None know his
shoulders, matted with blood and human
real name, but all simply know him as
hair. She fled Demon’s Land for the
Red Belly – one of the most successful
mainland when the last of her people fell
bushrangers in Magellanica. His title may
to the demons, braving the Strait of Surges
refer to red bellied snakes that terrorise
in a canoe. Her magic kept the swell at
the Magellanican wilderness or to his red
bay. Now she roams the wilderness of
skin, but none can say for sure. Red Belly’s
Magellanica, mysteriously intervening in
broad frame is always wrapped in
chainmail and encased in a breastplate
whilst his head is covered by a knightly
helm. None have ever seen his face as he
never removes his battered great helm,
but rumours abound that he is as
devilishly handsome as the Red Lady is
beautiful. With a fire emblazoned on a
crimson tabard, the Red Belly is an easily
identified bandit. The Red Belly tends to
wield a sword in one hand and
pyromancy in the other, suggesting an
education in the Academae. Many a
mining caravan has been brought to a halt
when beasts of burden panic as fireballs
erupt from the roadside. This is the
unmistakable herald of an imminent raid
by Red Belly and his gang. He has drawn
together a number of disgruntled convicts
and criminals who brave the Cinderwood
in search of easy money from a raid or
two. Red Belly’s raids tend to be non-
violent affairs, treating everyone with the

utmost respect as he robs them of all but a
few rations and the clothes on their back.
However, the persistence of the Red Place names
tabbies, Red rangers and even the Dark Most places listed here have two
Guard are now leading to violent melees
names; the first is colonial whilst the
fought to the death between the ash-black
second is the native. Though the
boughs of the Cinderwood. Though many
origins of colonial names are well
of his gang have died in the fighting (or
from the Cinderwood’s fires), Red Belly known by the colonists, they rarely
always emerges alive and ready to rob know the native equivalent and vice
again. versa. Given that the setting has been
described from a colonial standpoint,
not all native names given below have
1.7 Landmarks and a known translation. We have
deliberately left some native names
Settlements of the Colony
untranslated to allow room for
creative GMs to fill in these
The colonial population grows sparser the mysterious gaps. In addition, some
further west one travels. Most towns are
colonial names have no native
therefore near the eastern coast or green
equivalent as they denote places built
plains nearby. From there, farming or
in regions without any natives to give
mining towns dot the landscape. The
colony has expanded north and south them a title.
along the coast, with much left to explore
in the verdant wilds beyond. A few caretaking remains a secret to all but the
mining settlements tentatively cling to natives.
success out amongst the Plain of Rust, but
1.7.1 Galesmeet
there are no permanent settlements any
further westward. Each town near the The capital of the colony, Galesmeet, sits
coast is connected by roads that were on flat plains at the western edge of
cleared by convicts. However, further Pentanidad Bay where the Flowing River
west there are only rough, poorly sign- meets the sea. The town has grown large
posted tracks that lead a traveller on enough to be called a city, sprawling
winding paths that often end in untamed about the bayside to the north and south.
wilderness. Throughout both colony and The core of the city is built just west of the
wilderness are sacred sites that are held dockyards at the mouth of the Flowing
with great importance by the local native River. Large bluestone buildings form the
tribes. With the expansion of the colony, centre of town: Galesmeet town hall, the
many tribes are being forced from their governor and lord’s manors, constable
sacred lands. They leave behind the role of barracks, colonial prison, multiple mining
guardian and caretaker that their guildhalls and Saint Althidon’s Cathedral
ancestors had maintained for millennia. of the Faith-in-Shadow. The cathedral is
Who or what they were guarding and by far the most dominating piece of

architecture, standing tall above all other Chapterhouse displays a public
buildings with two steeples at either end. vivisectionary and menagerie nearby at
The slate of its roof resembles feathers the docks. Here the Acadaemic scholars of
making the two steeples seem like wings. the biomantic arts prod and pry apart the
The entire cathedral is painted white, strange beasts and plants of Magellanica –
black and red with ochre, representing all of which are unnervingly foreign to
their god-angel’s wings, shadow and those from Old Home and beyond.
patron Saint Althidon’s blood. A large eye
Galesmeet is the seat of Governor Koln
is carved into the redgum doors,
Valourre, and as such, he is considered the
symbolising the ever-perceptive eye of the
township’s mayor. Valourre and the
patron whose full title is Saint Althidon
Council govern the colony from the town
the Watcher. The symmetrical wing-
hall. Nearby in the constable’s barracks,
shaped structure of the cathedral is typical
magistrates pass their sentences for those
of Old Home architecture and is reflected
they deem guilty – the gallows often being
in most buildings throughout Galesmeet.
the verdict. Given the barracks, Galesmeet
Apart from the Cathedral, the docks are
has the highest representation of
also home to a number of stone buildings
constables in the colony, keeping the lands
– most of which are secure warehouses
nearby free from bushrangers. However,
used to store valuable resources from the
the constables still struggle to stop
mines. The rest of the settlement is made
thievery from within the settlement.
from wood or clay buildings whose
Convicted criminals in the nearby prison
design reflects the myriad of cultures in
are rarely lonely.
the colony. Wood buildings are cheap but
are a particular worry when summer The docks are constantly bustling with
bushfires cause ash-rain to pour from red- imports and exports, dealing with the
tinted, smoke-filled skies. many cargo ships and frigates anchored in
Pentanidad Bay. The smell of earth and
The recent interest of the Academae in
fish mingle in equal measure as the
Magellanica has led to the establishment
mining guilds and hordes of fishermen vie
of a campus in Galesmeet, known simply
for space upon the dock. Further afield
as the Chapterhouse. It is built into the
from the shore, most settlers are either
bayside with its own private dock for the
famers, miners or those seeking to be
many ships coming and going with secret
either. The latter are typically unemployed
business. Rising out from the water, the
immigrants or newly-made freedmen
Chapterhouse is made of neither wood
desperately looking for a job. Farms
nor stone but a strange smooth substance
spread far from Galesmeet’s outskirts into
that the Acadaemics call “mold”. Rather
the green plains of Valourrelend and the
than being built, the bone-like mold walls
Land of Fire. Those miners who live in
of the Chapterhouse were grown with
Galesmeet are usually doing so off the
strange magic over the space of a few
back of profits made from lucky finds.
years. The building is shaped like a tangle
Unfortunately for the constables, the
of thick fingers reaching up from the
success of mining has meant that young
water. Though only sanctioned
men with money to burn are becoming
Acadaemics are allowed to enter, the

commonplace. Alcohol-, drug- and the guilds hold the power over the
magical-induced debauchery is becoming colonial establishment.
a problem for the establishment, as miners
Mayor Mett Wrytongue is commonly seen
make enough money to splurge but not
as a puppet to the guildmasters, but his
enough to save. The other unfortunate
surname is not without merit. He
side-effect of mining are those who have
unabashedly took his surname upon
spent every last coin prospecting, only to
himself after negotiating a number of
go broke with nothing to show for it. This
deals between the mining guilds and the
has created a underclass of beggars and
governor with humour and conviviality.
miscreants who are treated like convicts
Mayor Wrytongue is a quirky character,
despite their presumed innocence.
standing out from a crowd as his
However, the sad reality is that these poor
lizardfolk heritage provides him with a
souls often resort to thievery and mugging
long neck and shiny scales.
to get by – a lifestyle that ultimately leads
to the gallows. The oddity of this mining town is that the
native name for the region has the same
The Flowing River is a highway for goods
meaning as the colonially designated
to be sent to or from inland. It supplies
“Grave”. The natives will not say why
more distant townships with food and
they know the area as a resting place for
other necessities. Many travellers also take
the dead, whereas the colonist’s reasons
to the river for easy transport westwards
are well documented. A rebellion against
to the mining hotspots in the Land of Fire.
the crown erupted when the first gold
The river is usually dominated by mining
miners in the region protested against the
barges filled with valuable ores and
harsh enforcement of mining permits. Red
gemstones, tempting some bushrangers to
tabbies used swords, crossbows and
take to the water as well as the road.
magic which triggered a town-wide fray
1.7.2 Grave – Balla Arat that left many innocents dead alongside
the guilty. The guardsmen won, the
Grave is the second largest colonial
miners were suppressed and the town’s
settlement after Galesmeet. It is a
namesake was drawn from the large
prosperous mining town where the
cemetery erected for the dead. Despite the
influence of the mining guilds is strongest.
decisive victory of the establishment, there
The township is centred about three hills,
remains animosity between the miners
sitting beside a large creek that runs
and the red tabbies or “red butchers” as
between them. Not too far away is
they are now known in Grave. The rapid
Buninyong, a volcano that dominates the
expansion of Grave by the mining guilds
eastern horizon. Tall stone buildings built
has exacerbated the problem by swelling
with wing-like Old Home architecture
the town with miners. The goldfields that
form the core of the township, but
surround Grave may yet prove to be a
sprawling tents covering the nearby
battlefield again.
goldfields form its heart. The success of
gold mining in the region has ensured that

Edric Valourre. The name Valourrelend
now refers to the lands south of
Galesmeet. The wheat belt known as the
Golden Plain extends north and south of
Galesmeet, forming the heartland of the
Valourrelend. Farming villages dot the
entire region, often clinging to lazy creeks
that meander their way towards the coast.
Diprotodons tend to pull the plough
instead of traditional Old Home oxen.

Those freemen whose parents or

grandparents squatted the land tend to
run large farming estates. They are
becoming known as the “squattocracy”.
However, the largest farms are
predominantly run by Magellanican or
Old Home lords of the aristocracy. They
“employ” convicts in large numbers to
shepherd or harvest crop, paying them
with little more than food and a shoddy
roof to keep out rain – but rarely wind.
1.7.3 Flowing River Disputes between convicts and freedmen
are common, with many convicts rebelling
Barges are a common sight on the steady
against their “employers” out of disgust at
Flowing River. They transport people and
their treatment. As a result, the red tabbies
supplies to and from Galesmeet out into
maintain a heavy presence on the farming
outlying villages and mines along the
estates throughout the region.
river bank. Bushrangers are beginning to
target barges, as they can make easy 1.7.5 Pentaniland Hills
pickings on the slow current of the river.
Boats that meander through unnamed Seen from afar by Ferdinnian Magellan
tributaries can link Galesmeet with and his fleet, he named these distant hills
villages a few days travel from Grave and like he did the bay he saw them from:
the High Friary. However, the large after his ship. The Pentanidad flagship
swamps that sprout either side of the had five masts which matched the five
Flowing River can swallow barges in their hills one can see from the mouth of the
nightly fog. It pays to have a bargeman Flowing River. These hills are a favourite
who knows the way. Those barges lost are grazing place for sheep and a favourite
rarely seen again. refuge for bushrangers. The Red Rangers
are often combing the hidden valleys in
1.7.4 Valourrelend and The Golden Plain search of runaway thieves.
The colony of Magellanica is named
Valourrelend after the first Governor,

1.7.6 Wurdi Youang 1.7.7 The Red Monastery

This native name for the hills refers to the The stone wall of the monastery’s cloister
huge granite boulders that protrude from is made of blood red scoria, mined from
thin topsoil peppered with withered grass. the fringe of the Lonely Forest nearby. Its
Farming is difficult in these hills, but a colour becomes vibrant when wetted by
few opportunistic squatters have tried winter storms that surge in off the coast.
their luck – but to no avail. Those few The monastery is situated at the edge of
farms that cling to fragile success tend to the Golden Plain wheat belt, maintaining
raise sheep, but many of their flock go a substantial demesne of nearby farmland.
missing in the unexplored valleys to the Its monks seek solitude from the civilised
south. Those bushrangers found in these world by ensuring no villages are built too
hills are either the most or least successful. close to the monastery. Furthermore, those
The Wurdi Youang is a good place to hide monks insistent on extreme solitude can
a large stash as much as it is a place to range the lonely forest in search of quiet
hide from the constabulary. However, glades unseen by colonial eyes. Those
there is little one can rob from poor wishing a more permanent hermitage
farmers, meaning that bushranging gangs maintain the lighthouse of South Beacon.
tend not to stay for long. Rumours abound
When not praying, singing and debating
amongst the farmers that the southern
scripture of the Shadow Faith, the monks
reaches of the hills are haunted by strange
of the Red Monastery practice medicine
spirits of dead natives. It should not come
and healing magic on the sick or wounded
as a surprise – the desperate farmers of the
from nearby farmland. They also read
Wurdi Youang have a tendency to murder
weighty tomes compiled by their friar
any natives they see in a mournful
brethren and copy them with an artistic
attempt to keep their meagre flocks safe.

flourish. The monastery boasts a rich explore the southern coast or follow the
library that covers most known topics of footsteps of Lord Esterlyn and the 2nd
lore, including new compilations on Expeditionary Force across the Barrier.
Magellanican flora and fauna. The town is a collection of taverns and
stores where explorers stock before
The monks are engaged in an ambitious
embarking and get drunk upon their
assimilation project with the native tribes
return. The mayor of Reveller’s Marsh is
of the Lonely Forest. They provide food,
Fylloquay the Lucky, a somewhat bestial
shelter and healing for those natives who
bilbyfolk woman of middling years with a
will acknowledge the protection of
viscous scar reaching from her neck to her
Guardian and the Faith-in-Shadow’s
nose. She earned her epithet when she
doctrine. Worryingly, the monks have
escaped the jaws of a mirror python after
begun forcing children away from
stealing one of its eggs. She was given her
heathen mothers in an attempt to
viscous scar in the process. Fylloquay was
“educate” the natives in the true nature of
a native mercenary who was the only
religion. Native oblate children now fill
survivor of an expedition southwards.
the cloister, quietly attending to the
Her bitter rivals take great pleasure in
obedentiaries required for monastic life.
spreading rumours about her scar – most
The monastery is led by Archmonk suggesting that she got it from a fireball
Lokgar, a small hunched man with stony when she fought the rest of her expedition
skin from an elemental heritage, long grey to claim the egg. She doesn’t care, none of
dreadlocks and crystalline fangs. He her expedition ever returned to dispute
waddles with a paunch grown from years her. After she sold the egg to the
of feasting on rich monastic banquets. Academae for a small fortune, she set up a
Lokgar is a shrewd man, whose tavern in Reveler’s Marsh appropriately
unquestionable devotion to Guardian named The Lucky Egg. She is now the
seems to have provided him with a most successful publican in town.
magical capability unmatched by his Fylloquay has been appointed mayor by
clerical brethren. the crown due to the immense respect she
commands from intrepid adventurers
1.7.8 Reveller’s Marsh looking to follow in her footsteps.

This small town shares the name of the 1.7.9 The Barrier
marsh that surrounds it. Reveller’s Marsh
is often shrouded with fog, protected from The mountain range of the Barrier is
the violent beasts of nearby mountains by mostly unmapped and inhospitable to
the wetlands that surround it. However, colonists. However, the Ashwood Passage
bunyips are known to feed on travellers between the High Friary and Oldstone
that stray too far into the marsh, cuts through highland plains prefect for
rewarding those who never dare venture droving cattle and diprotodons. The
beyond the roadside. With no farming or drovers are excellent riders of both horses
mining prospects, the town only survives and dromornithids, using the speed and
by catering to explorers. These ambitious sure-footing of either mount to round up
adventurers range into the Marrowgums, their lumbering stock. The highland

drovers have become an iconic symbol of 1.7.11 The Torch
frontier life – rugged farmers made tough
This volcano can be seen from Galesmeet,
from their life in the wilds. However, their
glowing just above the northern horizon
highland experience makes them excellent
like a sun that never sets. Its crater is
bushrangers. Many drovers have been
constantly overflowing with a slow steady
tempted by a life of banditry.
stream of lava that seeps into deep tunnels
1.7.10 Echo Hall along its barren slope. The lava flows into
Echo Hall and the labyrinth of tunnels
This is the manor of Lord Dahved
below. A steady stream of ash often
Lightfinder, built within an underground
billows from the Torch, providing fertile
labyrinth of obsidian caves beneath the
soil for the farmland nearby.
Torch. Lava rivers and waterfalls stream
through these tunnels, creating a fiercely 1.7.12 The Land of Fire
hot residence for Lord Dahved. This
The lava rivers pouring from Lalbambook
subterranean residence suits him just fine
spread out across the horizon in a
as he has always felt more comfortable
blackened and barren wasteland that truly
underground given his dwarven heritage.
warrants its unimaginative title.
With his burgeoning wealth, Lord Dahved
Ambitious mining guilds have set up a
has created a veritable palace beneath the
number of shafts throughout the region to
Torch. Echo Hall is lavishly decorated
mine crystals and gems that have
with delicately embroidered banners and
accumulated from millennia of volcanic
exquisite paintings of exemplary detail.
activity. For now, the predominant threat
The manor stands as a beacon of
to the mines has been lava flows that can
aristocratic sophistication amongst a
change course without warning and fill a
region populated by convict miners and
mineshaft in a few minutes. Travel
farmers. The namesake of Echo Hall stems
through Lalgambook’s lava flows can also
from its large caverns that amplify speech
be dangerous due to strange fire-infused
with echoes. It is not surprising that the
elementals and insects that live within the
combination of echoes with Lord
wasteland. They tend to thoughtlessly
Dahved’s long droopy ears has given him
attack travellers without warning, striking
the epithet “Listener”. Indeed, rumours
at night when all is lit by the ruddy red
suggest that any speech within the manor
glow of nearby lava.
can be overheard by its lord. The Hall is
built into a stretch of tunnels beneath the 1.7.13 Lalgambook
Torch, with many other winding caves left
to be explored. Lord Dahved pays This volcano erupts more commonly and
handsomely for any adventurer willing to fiercely than any other in the Land of Fire.
explore the subterranean labyrinth that is Its slopes are consistently lit by lava that
rumoured to be populated by strange floods its surroundings with rivers of fire.
creatures that live in obsidian temples and But this is not enough to perturb a miner’s
bathe in lava. lust. The native elder of the nearby tribe,
Glurrawoll, has warned the miners of the
angry spirit living in the volcano’s heart.

Tall, muscular and ritualistically scarred, The Molten Campus is governed by
Glurrawoll is an intimidating sight. But Provost Onn, a towering half-giant with a
the miners have remained focussed on penchant for pyromancy who often sports
their commercial exploits. a wicked grin in spite of his tremendous
underbite. Onn is beloved by students and
1.7.14 The Molten Campus and Tarrengower
masters alike for his care-free attitude to
Situated on the slopes of Tarrengower study and research, but his ruthless
volcano, the Molten Campus is a punishments for those who fail subjects or
sprawling collection of black stone domes yield meaningless discoveries hint at a
made from rough basalt blocks mined darker side that most have never seen.
from the region. The Academae maintains
1.7.15 The High Friary
the Molten Campus as a staging ground
for forays into the Land of Fire and as an The long road from Grave to Oldstone
estate dedicated to the education of young weaves through a mountain pass known
acolytes. Masters of the Academae as Ashwood Passage. At the end of the
conduct classes in lecture halls and first day’s ascent through the pass stands
practical tutorials on the slopes of the the High Friary. This simple stone
volcano. However, the truly interesting building houses a number of tomes
affairs of the campus take place below the written and being written by the friars
lava-strewn slopes of Tarrengower. that travel through the region. The friars
Ambitious research into thermomancy are constantly hungry for knowledge,
and pyromancy has yielded many new keen to listen to the stories of weary
spells that yield heat and flame. Rumours travellers that return from ranging the
tell that the masters of the campus have wilds. Due to their lifestyle of travel and
made strange pacts with fire-spirits discovery, there is a constant flux of friars
beneath Tarrengower in order to access in the friary. The caretaker of the friary is
their cavernous lava halls. an old white-haired woman named
Archfriar Micelle. She stands out amongst
Those with a magical aptitude attempting
the grey-stone walls of the friary with her
to join the Academae are sent to maintain
yellow-blue skin and long white
the distant lighthouse of Upper Beacon.
eyebrows. Micelle is reknowned for her
The Academae is granted a small stipend
wide smile and ever-full larder waiting to
from the crown to ensure the magical fire
fill the empty bellies of wayward
of the lighthouse remains lit. Seen as too
adventurers. However, food and lodging
tedious a task for even a basic acolyte,
at the High Friary always comes with a
those who wish to become a student are
price of either gold or knowledge.
sent instead. The responsibility on these
prospective acolytes is immense. If they 1.7.16 Oldstone – Peechelba Matong
fail in their task, not only will they be
Amongst the flat desert of the Plain of
refused entry to the Academae, but they
Rust stands a smooth black obelisk that
will likely endanger hundreds of lives at
emerges from the red sand like a canine
tooth rimmed by a stony gum. Discovered
by Lord Esterlyn of the 2nd Expeditionary

Force, the obelisk was itself an oddity. example of mining’s success: arriving in
However, what proved more exciting to Magellanica with nothing, he started his
the entrepreneurial Esterlyn was the own secret mineshaft with a loaned pick
discovery of opal nearby. As such, the and struck it rich by finding copious
obelisk became a marker for new mining amounts of opal. Whitestone is a proud
pursuits, to which the name Oldstone was member of the mining guilds and
given when a township began to sprout in supports them wherever he can by
its shadow. The intense heat of the desert levying the crown to reduce mining taxes.
has meant that most buildings are
When finding a vein of opal, a wise miner
constructed underground. The knobbly
will keep their mineshaft secret lest
white rock beneath Oldstone has become a
thieves come and mine it while he or she
characteristic of the township’s dugout
is not there. As such, tentative coverings
buildings. Miner-made mountains of
on many mines have meant that travelling
potch dot the flat landscape of Oldstone’s
off the roadside at Oldstone is a
outskirts – testament to the many
dangerous affair. Poorly covered
successful opal mines of the region.
mineshafts can cave in with ease, almost
The town is run by Mayor Williome guaranteeing a violent death. However,
“Whitey” Whitestone, a man beloved in the terrible wounds suffered from falling
the township for his humour and hard through a mineshaft act as a deterrent to
work. He has a wombatfolk's heritage, would-be thieves in Oldstone’s opal fields.
with short stature, thick claws and a light
Oldstone’s namesake has been standing
covering of cream-white fur. Whitey is an
alone in the desert for untold aeons. It is
unworn by the passage of time. The
natives of the nearby clan consider the
obelisk as a sacred place that they claim
can amplify a sorcerer’s skills.
Unfortunately for the scholarly friars that
investigated these tales, the secret rituals
required for this connection to the sacred
stone have been lost ever since the natives
fled the region .

1.7.17 Alisonne’s Well - Bonegilla

Lady Alisonne Woodsworth was the

atrociously bitter wife of Lord Aelthred
Woodsworth, leader of the 3rd
Expeditionary Force. She was only ever
comfortable in her woodland home and
the desert became her enemy. Lord
Aelthred’s native trackers knew of a rare
spring in the desert called Bonegilla
meaning “deep waterhole”, so Aelthred

moved the expeditionary force through to Alisonne’s Well is considered the last
let his wife rest and for the explorers to re- civilised place before a few outlying mines
stock water supplies. After a few days, separate the colony from unknown
Lord Aelthred left his wife behind so she expanses of the desert beyond. But
could have guaranteed water and stay Alisonne’s Well is far from civilised. Being
with the few trees that grew from the so remote and with so few women, the
spring. Many say he left her behind miners relaxing in town tend to get too
because she was an angry old bat, but drunk on spirits. Despite Williome’s best
Aelthred’s expedition never returned – so efforts, fighting and mischief are
we may never know the truth of it. commonplace in the dusty streets of
Alisonne’s Well.
Regardless, the spring was given Lady
Alisonne’s name and so too was the 1.7.18 Chalice of Colour
mining town that sprung up about it.
This ochre pit was mined by the natives
Nearby deposits of opal and ochre made
for centuries before they were forcibly
Alisonne’s Well a lucrative place for the
removed by miners of the Painted Pick
mining guilds. The guilds funded the
guild. It was named the Chalice of Colour
settlement of the springs to make a hub
due the large bowl of colourful red,
for the mines in the region. The town is
yellow and white ochre made from
now used as a supply depot and trade
generations of natives digging by hand.
route for the outlying mines in the Plain of
The native name for the place was never
learned. The Painted Pick formed a
Given the town’s small size and settlement out in the desert, constructing a
constantly fluctuating population of guild hall at the lip of the open cut mine.
travelling miners and traders, Alisonne’s Though dedicated predominantly to
Well is controlled by a reeve. The reeve is mining the ochre with burrowing
simply known as Williome, and he is both diprotodons, the Chalice caters to those
judge and jury of any dispute. He is broad adventurers seeking to explore the
and fat, with a wide mouth and narrow western frontier in the Plain of Rust.
eyes below a mix of greasy brown curls. Though their distance restricts them from
Little is known about Williome, but his having a representative on the
anger is legendary. He is a mean-spirited Magellanican Council, the Painted Pick is
man who is heavy handed with the power one of the most successful mining guilds.
bestowed upon him by the mining guilds. Their control of the Chalice has given
However, Williome’s anger has an up- them a lucrative monopoly on ochre, used
side. His temper is often said to be the for face paint as a popular alternative to
only thing keeping the town running by tattoos.
deterring drunken miners from going too
The Guildmaster of the Painted Pick is
far in their debaucheries. Williome’s anger
known only as the Artist . He is a black-
is said to be kept in check by the kind
eyed man with leaf-like flaps that form his
words of an otherwise crooked crone who
hair. Having bought the guild in its
refuses to leave the well in the town’s
infancy with a secret deal, he is somewhat

of a mystery. Rarely for a Guildmaster, he Given the demonic denizens of the forest,
has never worked a single day in his own New Home is now synonymous with
mine. The Artist’s strange accent suggests terror. Ever capitalising on any resource,
he has arrived from a distant realm, but the crown of Old Home has created a
with no family or friends none can ever prison in New Home called Hell’s Gate. It
truly tell. His title stems from the swirling is a fortress designed to mercilessly
patterns of ochre that cover every inch of punish the punished – a place to send
his exposed skin. As he prefers to wear convicts that break the law a second time.
little more than a kilt-wrap, it tends to be a The sombre reputation of the Gate helps
large amount of skin. keep the convicts of Magellanica in check.

1.7.19 New Home New Home boasts a museum dedicated to

the strange demonic artefacts found in the
New Home is a struggling lumber town
wilds. Bronze cauldrons, obsidian statues,
on the eastern edge of the island of
grotesque skulls and demonic script on
Demon’s Land. It is the only settlement of
scrolls of skin make for a grisly exhibition.
Magellanica’s third colony, given the same
The museum is known as the Moaner due
imaginative name of New Home
to the eerie moaning that visitors can hear
township. With only one settlement, the
faintly emanating from various demonic
New Home colony is too small to be given
a governor. However, if it can find a
foothold in Demon’s Land then perhaps Amongst the aristocracy, New Home is
another Magellanican governor may one famed for the Galesmeet-to-New-Home
day rise to challenge Valourre or his Picard Race. Foolhardy lords race their
descendants. ships from Galesmeet to New Home
whilst daring the violent seas between.
The town is a risky endeavour by Old
Each year, a ship or two fails to make it
Home to establish a new settlement off the
but that never discourages the aristocracy
main land. The only abundant resource is
from competing. Each year, the
lumber. Demon’s Land is a mostly
competition grows larger. The prize for
wooded island with a western mountain
winning is a small hoard of gold coins but
range called the Cradle. Very little of the
the real goal for any competitor is the
island has been explored, and nothing is
prestige of being a winner.
known of the Cradle mountains. The
predominant factor keeping it from being 1.7.20 Villages, Mines and Stations
surveyed is its namesake: the demons.
Dotting the roads and tracks between
They appear in many shapes and sizes
settlements are numerous farming
beneath the dark boughs of ancient beech
villages, mines and cattle or sheep
tree forests: dark or pale, large or small,
stations. The villages are typically
walking or flying. But they are
communities of freedmen built up around
unanimously evil, with yellow eyes, fine
an inn and church. Often both publican
teeth and thin lips ever twisted in a
and prior are found at the inn. Mines are
viscous smile.
often secretive, trying to conceal valuable
veins of gold and other precious metals or

gem stones. All that may indicate a nearby explorers to find signs of violence
mine is a small unmarked track veering throughout the Outback.
off the roadside. In the distant regions of
The Outback near the eastern coast is
the colonies, squatters have established a
similar terrain to Old Home. Green plains
number of cattle and sheep stations
give way to dense forests and the
tended by convict drovers and shepherds.
mountains of the Barrier that extend north
These farmsteads tend to be the final
and south beyond the colony. The
vestige of civilisation before the colony’s
occasional volcano makes for an
influence gives way to the wild.
interesting sight. Further west, the Barrier
gives way to the Plain of Rust that extends
into the horizon ad nauseum.
1.8 The Wilds of the
1.8.2 Outback Expeditions
The environment of eastern Magellanica is
similar to Old Home. A sensible traveller
Beyond and even below the borders of the requires sensible supplies like those of any
map is a world of mystery and magic temperate environment. Food rations,
waiting to be discovered. The true cloaks and sleeping blankets are essential,
wilderness of Magellanica has only just with diprotodons, dromornithids or
begun to be explored, with many a dark horses as valuable extras assuming the
and wonderful discovery awaiting those terrain and tracks are clear enough for
with the courage to find them. With each them. However, as one goes further west
passing year, settlers and explorers push they encounter the Plain of Rust. The red
the boundary of the wilderness further desert requires more tailored supplies to
outwards, but a never-ending wilderness survive the harsh environment. Firstly,
is ever ready to greet them. large water stores are essential. Dying of
thirst is tragically common. Warm
1.8.1 The Outback
blankets and bedding are an unexpected
The wilderness of Magellanica is necessity too as the desert can become
colloquially known as the Outback, a extremely cold at night. A veil wrapped
cheeky term that describes any land about the face can be crucial in keeping off
beyond the reaches of the colony. The the unyielding sun. Large amounts of
Outback is the rightful land of the wild food and water need to be carried for
natives who have rarely or never diprotodons, dromornithids and horses,
encountered a colonist. They are typically though camels make for a more efficient
forced into contact with frontier colonists beast of burden. For those encased in
by the colony’s ever-expanding boundary. armour, tabards are important for keeping
Those tribes pushed from their lands the metal from getting too hot.
inevitably enter the lands of another tribe,
Outback expeditions tend to benefit from
and warfare amongst the natives is now
specialists in exploration. Cartographers
flaring from rapid migration. Tragically, it
are a common component of explorative
is becoming increasingly common for
parties as they can survey and map the

terrain. This ensures the expedition does The friars of the Faith-in-Shadow or their
not get lost and provides new maps that Acadaemic competitors are becoming
can be sold for those interested in commonplace amongst exploring
purchasing the area. expeditions. Their broad scholarly
knowledge can be important for
Professional astronomers play an
explaining the strange flora, fauna or
accompanying role with cartographers.
environments. Furthermore, they tend to
Where cartographers survey the land, the
have an unparalleled mastery of magic
astronomers survey the stars. They can
that can solve many unexpected problems
determine accurate directions for travel
encountered in the Outback. With a friars
between extremely distant places.
connection to their deity, their magic
Astronomers are particularly important in
tends to heal the sick and wounded –
the desert, where clear night skies are
much to the jealousy of an apothecary
common and the distance between
who can’t do the same. In contrast,
settlements is extreme.
acolytes of the Academae tend to enhance
Those trained in animal husbandry are or alter the function of biological or
called keepers, an oft overlooked but physical things by making them more
crucial role in any expedition. They keep efficient or destructive – rather than
horses, camels, dromornithids and whole. Both friars and acolytes tend to
diprotodons tamed and healthy. Keepers vigorously categorise everything by
can even double as veterinarians. taking voluminous notes whilst on
expedition. Given their desire to discover
However, more important for the health new knowledge, they can sometimes pay
of the explorers is the apothecary. to be a part of the expedition rather than
Medicines, magic and old-fashioned be paid for their services. However,
surgery can often be the difference expeditions funded in such a way often
between life and death in the wilds of have to travel slower to cater for a friar or
Outback Magellanica. From stab wounds acolyte’s incessant fascination with every
to snake bites, apothecaries tend to every new thing encountered in the wilds.
injury – though not always successfully.
Finally and undoubtedly the most
Guards are another important component important, is a tracker. They tend to be
to an expedition into unknown lands. natives who are incredibly experienced in
Assuming the expedition goes beyond the ranging the Outback from years of
bushranger-ridden lands of the colony, nomadic life. Trackers can hunt animals
they are likely to encounter viscous beasts and gather nuts, yams and fruits. They
or hostile natives. Sometimes only simple also have an aptitude for finding water
swords, arrows, fireballs or mind control holes by listening to the croak of frogs or
can save a band of intrepid explorers from looking at the direction in which
wayward monsters or competitive waterbirds fly. Native trackers also have
explorers. Guardsmen are typically the added bonus of understanding native
mercenaries trained in martial or magical culture, a crucial advantage to any
combat that can hold their own in a expedition attempting to cross unknown
viscous melee.

A cleric leads her faithful to safety from a bushfire

native lands. Someone who can system and risk the gallows to save on
understand the local language can often coin.
be the difference between solving disputes
1.8.4 Rumours of the Wilds
with either diplomacy or violence.
Every day brings new discoveries for the
1.8.3 Licenses
colony. New arable lands, new minerals
The crown of Old Home makes significant and new flora or fauna are meticulously
revenue through licenses. It considers all categorised and carved up for sale or
Magellanica to be crown land unless sold analysis by explorers and scholars alike.
or freely given. This logic suggests that However, tales of a darker and more
any travel through the Outback is on mysterious Magellanica are ever circling
crown land – which therefore entails an the taverns and docks. Often these stories
opportunistic fee for the privilege. The pour from the drunken mouths of few
crown requires anyone travelling beyond who return from the frontier without any
the borders of the colony to have an evidence to support their ramblings. Such
Explorer’s License, a Prospector’s License, tales tell of:
or both. Exploration and prospecting are
the two predominant reasons to be out in  A long-lost civilisation far across
the wilds, which has lead the governor to the Barrier has forged a utopia in
establish these two licenses as another the desert wasteland
source of income. Licenses are regularly  A god-wyrm slithers throughout
checked by Red Rangers out on patrol. the land bringing both creation
The minimum requirement for travel into and destruction in its wake
the Outback is at least one of the two.
 Islands ruled by spice-pirates
Prospecting licenses tend to be cheaper
must be nearby to the north, a
than those for explorers, so most
tempting prospect for any convict
adventurers own one as their ticket-of-
willing to break their bonds and
leave outside the bounds of the colony.
brave the wilderness to reach
However, should a Red Ranger find
cartography equipment amongst a
traveller’s belongings, they will  Volcanoes beyond or possibly
immediately require the Explorer’s within the Land of Fire are the
License to be shown lest they be placed empty palaces of lonesome lava-
under arrest and have their cartographer’s gods that claimed to be Kings of
tools confiscated. Likewise, if one has any the Dreamtime. They are now the
gold pans or picks in their possession then home of crooked half-burned
only a Prospector’s license will suffice. crow-creatures that revel in the
Much to the dismay of the crown and the power of fire magic
constabulary, some unscrupulous artisans  Large mobs of emus ruining farms
have begun forging their own fake in the Golden Plain. The
licenses for the shady underground of constabulary are currently
thugs and rogues that will gladly cheat the attempting to fight an emu war
but are failing miserably

 Native sorcerers covered in that live amongst distant tribes.
luminescent ochre that wield Particularly common accounts tell
terrible power sourced from of rare ash-like creatures veined
rituals of water, fire and blood with fire, known as “Ember”.
These Ember-spirits appear to be
 Eagle-spirits of Whitewall
fire elementals, called upon for
mountain that can grant one’s
burning the dead in mysterious
wishes at the cost of a crow’s life
rituals that no native will reveal.
 Glittering metallic mountains on The Ember are also rumoured to
the far western horizon, perhaps keep the natives’ beloved fires
marking an end to the Plain of alive between encampments –
Rust. Some explorers claim that lighting sacred firesticks
these mountains must be what the
natives have been calling “The
 Babies going missing amongst the
frontier settlements of the desert.
Trembling mothers blame a pack
of oddly intelligent dingoes
 Barbaric two-headed giants in the
second colony of New Home are
becoming tolerant of the
settlement. Some are even
rumoured to be helping construct
the colony’s roads and buildings
in exchange for mutton and fleece
 A powerful group of unified tribes
said to live in the west. Rumours
say that they have forsaken their
nomadism and carved large cities
into the red sandstone of desert
mountains. It is said that their
buildings are built with no bricks,
but are wholly carved from cliff
faces and valley walls. Rumours
abound amongst the eastern
natives that these carved cities
were actually made thousands of
years earlier, and have simply
been reclaimed by the natives
 Explorers that have translated
native stories tell of strange beings

eerie places have confirmed they are not
1.9 Landmarks and Sacred for burial, but for sacrifice.
Sites of the Wilderness 1.9.2 Marrowgums

The pale gumtrees of this forest tend have

1.9.1 Ash Cairns – Wahgunyah bitter red sap leaking from wounds in
their flaking bark. They look like
An ash cairn is a pile of ash and bone that branching bones leaking marrow. A
can reach higher than one’s head. They are number of villages surround the edges of
scattered throughout Magellanica. Ash the Marrowgums, yielding the
cairns are typically found in glades, predominant source of lumber for the
valleys and mountain hollows that are colony. Though the fringes of the forest
sheltered from the wind and rain. Most have been explored, the interior still
colonists believe the natives made them as remains a mystery. A number of native
their pits for the dead. However, many tribes have migrated away from the edge
native clans have explained that they are and moved further inward, now fighting
sacred sites not for burial but for the for new territory in lands already
“crow’s due”. They refuse to elaborate on occupied by other tribes. Rumours of
what the crow’s due truly is. Some brave blood phoenixes, giant tunnel-building
adventurers that have camped near these spiders, ghostly dryads and ferocious
diprotodons abound amongst the
Tribe Names lumberjacks of the forest. Some tales tell of
strange copper-infused people called
The names of native tribes have been
Pallidurgbarrans, who violently descend
deliberately omitted as they are so on the unwary with pot-bellies filled from
numerous as to be beyond their cannibalistic feasts. Supposedly they
categorisation. Consider them like the flee from fire, though no evidence has
many villages and farming estates of ever corroborated the story. Despite these
the Golden Plain, with too many to tales of deadly denizens, the Marrowgums
remains a common refuge for bushrangers
describe. However, this is by no
hiding from the Red tabbies. Red Rangers
means suggesting that the name of a
are often required to delve deeper into the
native tribe is unimportant. In
forest than their tabbie peers. If fleeing
contrast to the names of colonial bushrangers are particularly desperate or
places, native tribe names are steeped wanted they will delve into the interior of
in history, meaning and purpose. the forest. In these instances, the Dark
These include such names as “Eagle’s Guard are ordered in to the heart of the
wounded left claw” or “The strife of Marrowgums to retrieve what are often
maddened husks of the bushrangers they
lost love”. Learning a tribe’s name can
were sent to catch.
go a long way in understanding their
customs and beliefs.

1.9.3 The Glade of Ghost Gums - gleefully giggling all the while. However,
Wandilagong the sight of colonists and their strange
mounts scatters them to the shadowy
Though these white trees tend to grow
depths. The native tribes of Rohss River
further east, a rare glade of ghost gums
stay clear of the fae as much as the fae
forms a perfect open circle in the midst of
keep clear of the colonists. They see the
the Marrowgums. It is a favoured place
little creatures as cursed spirits whose
for colonists to camp. Natives avoid the
childish play is merely an illusion to lure
area as much as possible. Elders warn that
unsuspecting travellers to their doom.
the ghosts-of-the-tree will be angered if
the stars of the great spirits align whilst 1.9.6 Esterlyn’s Shower - Doongal
the glade is disturbed by mere mortals.
This large waterfall is situated in the
1.9.4 Blood Teeth – Yalguru eastern lowlands of the Barrier, just west
of Reveller’s Marsh. It was used by Lord
Protruding from above the canopy are five
Esterlyn and the 2nd Expeditionary Force
odd-shaped scoria obelisks sacred to the
to wash and slake their thirst. It is still
natives. These huge red rocks are
commonly used for the same purposes by
arranged side-by-side in a slight curve.
those on the track west of Reveller’s
The natives claim that the rocks are the
Marsh. The native name for the waterfall
teeth of long-dead giants, whose stone
translates to “snake-mother’s tears”. They
bones remain stained with blood. If there
suggest that a terrible tragedy befell a
is any truth to these origins, it appears the
great serpent of the region, whose tears
rest of the skeleton has withered away
gave rise to the creek that feeds the
though the passage of time. However, the
waterfall. Natives see the waterfall as a
rock formation does look uncannily like
sacred symbol of dreaming serpents. The
teeth and geological scholars of the
local clan use water from Doongal to
Academae are unable to explain how it
make potions that repel snakes and cure
could have ever formed naturally. The
snake bites. Their elder, Nangullak, gladly
local clan of natives consider the Blood
exchanges these elixirs for weapons and
Teeth as a sacred place that can act as a
armour – but for what purpose remains
conduit to their ancestors. They claim any
place stained with so much blood will
always draw the attention of the dead. 1.9.7 Esterlyn’s Whirlpool – Tocumwal

1.9.5 Rohss River and Faerie Cove Following the Murrawi river further
westward, Lord Esterlyn and the 2nd
The raging torrent of the Rohss River
Expeditionary Force were the first
drains the swamp of Reveller’s Marsh into
colonists to uncover this large billabong.
the quiet waters of Faerie Cove. The river
Swamps surround it for miles before
and the cove at its mouth are home to
giving way to a black pool that slowly
capricious water elementals and fae
rotates about its centre. The expeditionary
creatures that endlessly play in the
force’s native trackers talked at length
shallows. These little sprites tend to dance
with the native tribe of the region about
and swim in the rapids or the waves,
what this phenomenon was. The trackers

soon urged Esterlyn to immediately move 1.9.9 Cinderwood
on, suddenly scared of their proximity to
Lava from nearby volcanoes generate
the whirlpool. Whether Esterlyn ever
fierce bushfires that commonly decimate
found out from his trackers what danger
the forest. As such, it is in a constant state
lurked beneath the surface is unknown.
of regrowth. Black gums with green
However, a number of explorers were
shoots are a common site in the
unaccounted for at camp that night,
Cinderwood, whereby the burnt husks of
having seemingly disappeared without a
gumtrees sprout new leaves with vigour.
The eaves of the forest hide a multitude of
1.9.8 Bonan Yawong strange creatures that can survive the
onslaught of a wild bushfire. Fire-infused
A native name translated to the “knees of
fae tend to eerie glades of blackened trees.
god”, this dormant volcano stands loftily
The natives claim they are distant relatives
above the Golden Plain’s western edge. It
of those hellish creatures of Demon’s
has become a beacon to the natives that
Land. A number of native tribes live
once lived in the region now called
within the forest, relying on sorcerous
Valourrelend. The slopes of Bonan
magic to keep the flames at bay. Some
Yawong are home to many native tribes
desperate bushranging gangs have a made
that rely on aid from the Shadow-in-Faith.
a home in the Cinderwood, tempting a
As people living within colonial land,
fiery fate to rob from the mines nearby.
Governor Valourre has ensured they
The bushfires are often a match for even
receive at least enough food to survive
the experience of the Red Rangers. But not
after they exhausted all food near the
so for the Dark Guard. These native
volcano. Missionaries from amongst the
constables range the Cinderwood with
Faith-in-Shadow are making headway in
deadly efficiency, ruthlessly hunting
converting the natives of Bonan Yawong.
bushrangers that deserve a gruesome fate.
A mission has sprouted at the volcano’s
The only successful bushranger to fight off
base, serving a wide range of tribesman
and avoid the Dark Guard has been Red
with food and shelter. The priors of the
Belly and his gang, though many hopeful
mission are pleased by their ever-growing
colonists are counting the days before he
number of converts, but are troubled by
falls to their uncannily accurate spears.
their new brethren’s stories about Bonan
Yawong’s namesake. Worryingly, a 1.9.10 Moth’s Candle
number of Yowie tribes frequent the
This quiet volcano is named for the huge
mountains slopes. They walk peacefully
Dusk Monarch moths that are drawn to its
amongst the natives as they make their
slopes. It ominously rises above the
mysterious pilgrimage to the volcano’s
treetops of the Cinderwood, threatening
crater. However, they will gleefully
to burn the woods in its shadow.
murder any colonist they meet along the
Thankfully the volcano rarely erupts.
However, when its lava flow touches the
forest it can create the most severe

bushfires that any colonist or native has 1.9.13 Bay of Bells
ever seen.
The sound of church and ship bells echo
1.9.11 Crow’s Beak about the calm waters of this wide bay.
The eerie tolling tends to keep captains
There are multiple sources for the name of
from dropping anchor in this seemingly
this volcano. First is its shape. The black
ideal place to land a ship. Crewmates tell
mountain is shaped with curved top akin
unsubstantiated rumours of many ships
to the beak of a bird. Second are the tales
sinking near the bay and that their bells
told of the creatures that live upon its
were drawn towards the shore by the
slopes. They are said to be blackened half-
currents under sea. Whatever thing or
burned crow-creatures that fly upon the
things that toll the ghostly submerged
thermal winds above the crater. The
bells is unknown, but the common
native tribes nearby say that the Crow’s
rumours suggest the noise is merely a
Beak as a cursed place that must be
magical trap with which to ensnare more
avoided at all costs. Like the Moth’s
Candle, this volcano threatens to burn
huge swathes of the Cinderwood when it 1.9.14 Island of Kings
Between Valourrelend and Demon’s Land
1.9.12 Pentanidad’s Carcass - Numurhak is the Island of Kings. It is surrounded in
shallow rocks that rend those ships that
Meaning “cloven shield” in the native
get too close. The only person to have
tongue, this sacred site is of great
returned from its unsailable coastline is a
importance to both natives and colonists.
mad survivor of the Cataphract
The natives see strange wooden ribs
shipwreck. The Cataphract was torn apart
protruding from the surf as the bones of a
when it was tossed towards the island by
dead god from Magellanica’s distant past.
a storm surge, killing all on board save
The colonists see it as an incredible
one. It is the worst peacetime disaster in
historical relic – it is the shipwreck of
Magellanica’s violent, albeit short history.
Ferdinnian Magellan’s flagship: the
The lone survivor claims to have found
Pentanidad. Unmistakably large and
the island to be covered in colossal tombs
made of strange black timbre, the rotten
and barrows. He braved the surf and
carcass of the ship matches the
swam out to sea when he saw a passing
descriptions of Pentanidad. Only a few
ship, which luckily spotted his motionless
explorers have managed a glimpse of the
body as it almost crashed against the hull.
shipwreck nestled into the sea cliffs north
Sadly, he’d gone mad. All he kept
of Galesmeet. The natives have fiercely
rambling about was a necropolis fit for a
protected this sacred site from any
king of kings.
colonists that dare go near. They claim
that the god’s bones allow for their clan to 1.9.15 Hull’s Bane
bring the dead back to life. A report of
Many a ship has attempted to map the
undead guardians at the shipwreck
southern coast near Demon’s Land, but all
corroborates their claim.
have been destroyed by the sharp rocks

hiding beneath the waves. Hull’s Bane is creatures that will help them, but will
where these stone blades protrude from mercilessly kill those they deem a threat to
the surface, acting as a landmark to warn their lifestyle. Explorers are recommended
sailors of impending disaster. to give generous gifts to the natives of the
Barrier, lest they be seen as the latter.
1.9.15 The Strait of Surges
Not only are the mountain slopes and
Between Demon’s Land and the mainland
valleys teeming with native tribes and
coast is a wild ocean that rarely calms. The
monsters but so too are the labyrinthine
Strait of Surges is extremely shallow,
limestone caves that run beneath them.
leading to huge swells that have tendency
Said to be the Barrier’s veins, the network
to topple all but the largest ships. If that
of natural tunnels and caverns weave their
were not enough, the shallow water often
way beneath the entirety of the mountain
veils underlying rocks that tear a ship’s
range. This dark under-world is filled
hull to pieces. Only the bravest, most
with natural wonders, including
experienced or foolhardy captains brave
underground waterfalls, crystal or gold
these waters. However, any new
veins and columns of stalactites and
confirmed discovery can yield great
stalagmites. However, the unnatural
wealth and fame to those explorers
wonders tend to be the most confronting
commissioned by the crown or wealthy
to explorers of this subterranean realm.
guilds to expand the map.
Luminescent fungi, native tomb-caves,
1.9.16 The Barrier yowie lairs and all manner of monsters
and spirits fill the caverns. With both
Outside of the highland plains danger and darkness, explorers of the
surrounding the Ashwood Passage is a caves beneath the Barrier must be well
mountain wilderness barely explored. The prepared if they are expected to survive.
Barrier mountains are home to numerous
dangers. Firstly, the cold can kill. 1.9.17 Mt. Rhimeholm
Although mostly a temperate mountain
Named by a migrant explorer after her icy
range, winters can yield heavy snowfall.
homeland, Mt. Rhimeholm is a snow-
Secondly is the lack of maps. It is easy to
capped peak surrounded by glaciers
get lost amongst the curving valleys of the
pouring from its slopes. Amongst the
mountains. Thirdly, the beasts of the
crevasses live a number of frost giants
Barrier mercilessly kill any intrepid
native to Magellanica. They are of the
adventurer. Frenzied diprotodons in
same tribal and nomadic culture as the
mating season, hungry Yowies, thirsty
other humanoid natives. However, they
Yara-ma-yha-who, elemental spirits and
are fiercely violent. No diplomacy has
avian-hybrids often prove to be deadly
ever succeeded in keeping these giants
denizens of the mountains.
from attacking on sight. They are led by a
Many native clans occupy the Barrier. blind wise woman called Bellogon who
They are in an ever-changing relationship wields powerful magic of divination.
with the sentient creatures that occupy Explorers tend to avoid the region
their lands. They tend to ally with those

surrounding Mt. Rhimeholm, as nothing to form a roof. Beneath these huge rocks is
but death appears to greet them. an unparalleled display of ochre
paintings. Frescoes of people, places and
1.9.18 Whitewall
creatures depict many secret stories of the
Yet another landmark named after Lord natives. It is considered by
Esterlyn of the 2nd Expeditionary Force, anthropological scholars as the closest
this snow-capped mountain marks the thing to a tome the natives have. Stored on
second highland pass through the Barrier the walls of the rock are stories of untold
after the Passage to the north. Natives generations.
have known of this pass for centuries, but
Wilgee Taboo is an extremely sacred place
rarely use it as there is very little
for the natives. They have reluctantly
vegetation to forage and game to hunt.
shown the paintings to a handful of
Furthermore, natives tend to see it as a
colonists whom they have deemed worthy
sacred place for the eagle-lords of its
of the title Alcheringarra, meaning
unclimbed peak. These creatures appear
“Dreamwalker”. What qualifies one as an
to command such respect from the natives
Alcheringarra remains a mystery, but it
that they would rather avoid their domain
does require the support of multiple
than be found wanting by their
elders. Those colonists that return from
judgement. Natives tell that the eagle-
seeing the Painted Cathedral are always
things are benevolent and wise, but no
changed, more sombre than they might
colonist has yet to climb the Whitewall to
once have been. They occasionally
corroborate the tale.
describe their wonder at the beautiful art,
1.9.19 The Serpent’s Fang but remain as secretive as the natives
about the details.
Roughly translated from a now-forgotten
native name, the Serpent’s Fang mountain 1.9.21 Crown’s Canyon
looks exactly like its description. Shaped
The dunes of the desert give way to an
like a rose thorn, the Fang has a smooth
enormous fracture in the earth, stretching
surface of ice that curves to a point. The
miles in either direction. The red
natives fled the region a few decades ago,
sandstone walls of this canyon slope
running from a terror that has claimed the
down into complete darkness. The native
mountain as its own. The only confirmed
tribe with ancestral rights to the region
report of any such creature comes from
live about the lip of the canyon. Though
frontiersmen exploring the slopes
the dead of most natives are burned or
surrounding the Fang. They saw some
buried, they throw theirs into the
“worm-beast” in the distance, scraping
darkness to “feed” something sinister in
out the valleys with its gargantuan
the depths below. Their elder, Yallagurra,
serpentine belly.
is a small man with fine horns running
1.9.20 Painted Cathedral – Wilgee Taboo down his cheek that sprout from a white
beard. He is welcoming to those travellers
Out in the desert is an odd sandstone that offer food to the Canyon, often
formation that looks like two colossal requiring a pack animal to be sacrificed.
pieces of slate resting against one another

Travellers staying with Yallangah’s tribe flow: uphill. Cartographers of the 2 nd
tell of great hospitality. However, they Expeditionary Force marvelled as the
also claim that sleep is hard to come by water definitively moves from lower to
due to the slow and deep heartbeat higher ground, presumably seeping away
emanating from the canyon. somewhere in the marshes near the
Barrier. However, the mysteries of the
1.9.22 Murrawi River
river and denizens remain unknown.
This perennial river consistently switches
The establishment of the Murrawi
between dried riverbed and colossal
Republic by rebellious natives has ensured
waterway every half-year. The huge
that the colony has stopped investing in
storms that blow in from the west during
expeditions along the river. Though the
the wet season bring with them rain that
natives are an outwardly peaceful group,
fills the river with a sudden surge. The
they are forceful in their demands:
subsequent heat in the following months
colonists found in the Republic will be
of the dry season evaporates what is left
forcibly removed or otherwise killed.
into isolated billabongs. During the wet
Many go missing anyway.
season the river is home to a large
population of wildlife and native 1.9.23 The Last She-oak – Moama
tribesmen. During the dry season the
On the eastern fringe of the Plain of Rust
billabongs become festering quagmires
near the Murrawi river stands a copse of
that are fiercely fought over by thirsty
enormous she-oak trees. All but one are
beasts, men and monsters. The river is
dead, their black trunks stripped bare by
home to the largest population of Blue
the wind. The lone survivor clings to life
Yabbies, who tend to stay underground
in the sandy soil with nothing but dead
when its dry but fiercely defend territory
daughters to keep her company. She was
when the river floods. Aside from these
the first and now the last. The natives
colossal crustaceans, the river is home to
know this old ghost-of-the-tree as
huge codfish, frogs and other fauna barely
“Moama”, speaking her name with a
known to the colonists. Water spirits cling
reverent whisper. She is filled with anger
to billabongs like mother’s to an
and sorrow at the death of her daughters.
endangered child, violently butchering
Natives claim that Moama is eager to be
those that slake their thirst in sacred
free of her cursed soil and that she is
ponds. The pale-skinned and black-eyed
waiting for the day she can finally die.
wandjina are said by natives to covet the
Death will allow her spirit to rip itself free
river like a priceless treasure, ensuring
from its wooden prison.
that rains will always come and the cycle
of life is always turning. Other strange Natives desperately want to keep her from
tales tell of large thirsty frog-men that escaping. They are worried that she may
slake their thirst with such volume that a have been so twisted as to become a
group of them can drain a pond. wraith-of-the-tree. Tales claim such
wraiths haunt regions for years, their
Perhaps the most intriguing thing about
seething jealousy of mortal flesh leading
the Murrawi river is the direction of its
them on a murderous rampage. To

prevent her escape, the native elders carry native policy and immigration.
water from days away to ensure her roots Their voice is growing and they
can keep feeding so that she remains alive. are beginning to clash with the
It is customary for natives travelling governor and the establishment
nearby to pay their respects to Moama
 The number of bush rangers is
with a small pour from their water skins
swelling due to the success of the
at the base of her trunk. This custom just
mines. The Dark Guard are
makes Moama all the more bitter and
commonly used to hunt them due
to their exemplary skill at ranging
in the wilderness
 High Commissioner Bolde is
1.10 Current Affairs claiming to know the true identity
of Red Belly, the famous knightly
bushranger of the Cinderwood.
A number of recent events threaten to
Bolde is willing to give this
change the face of Magellanica at the
information in confidence to those
hands of those adventurers willing to
bounty hunters willing to find and
hasten or interfere with its procession. The
kill him
current state of affairs in Magellanica
includes the following:  Religious intervention into native
life is becoming significant – many
 At Grave, tensions between miners natives flock to the handouts of the
and the authority are reaching Faith-in-Shadow only to be
fever pitch. The threat of rebellion indoctrinated into their breeding
grows again programs. The Shadow Faith will
 Swagmen and poetic ballads about soon control a significant
them have become iconic of proportion of native people in
Magellanica. However, many Valourrelend
swagmen remain miscreants who  Large numbers of those natives
cause trouble for the common man who refuse the church but remain
 In Galesmeet and beyond, the within Old Home society have
Mining Guilds are turning to begun turning to alcohol. Diseases
violence to achieve their goals. The from Old Home are decimating
current governor is refusing to this population too
abide by their demands for lower  Violent clashes between natives
taxes in spite of the wealth and and angry prospectors or farmers
influence that the Mining Guilds are escalating in intensity but
will use to undermine him reducing in frequency
 Rich Magellanican-born men in  Sightings of wild natives on the
Galesmeet are buying their way fringes of colonial Magellanica
into the aristocracy. They have have grown scarce. Rumours
controversial liberal views on suggest that the natives are either

gathering in the wilderness for a with northern settlements. Some
coordinated assault on the colony proud migrant citizens will not
or that they are dying of disease at honour the treaty between their
such a rate as that they are homeland and Old Home
relatively extinct
 Trade and migration with foreign
 Even now, 100 years after nations is beginning to fill
Magellanica was discovered, many Magellanican docks with exotic
native tribes of the interior are wares and people
unaware of the colony. The
 A 4th Expeditionary Force is being
rapidity of the colonies expansion
organised by the governor to
and the multitude of languages
follow the footsteps of the 3rd Force
that exist within native culture has
and find out what happened to it.
meant those tribes far removed
The whole process has been
from the eastern coast remain
announced publicly by the
ignorant of the colony
governor’s heralds in a rare show
 Migrant glory hunters and their of transparency
significant retinue of slaves are
 Small privately funded explorers
beginning to come into contact
are mapping the interior in the
name of rich lords or mining
guilds. There is a constant demand
for experienced explorers in the
hope of finding riches for their
 Migrants are landing in far greater
numbers on Magellanica's shores,
causing tensions between the Old
Home colonists and the
 Colonists and freedmen are being
signed up for military service and
returning to Old Home to fight for
their king and country. This is
beginning to drive up demand for
mercenaries, guards, explorers,
prospectors and other trades of an
adventurous nature
 Whispers tell of a newly
discovered labyrinthine ruin
beneath Galesmeet. The Academae
has rumoured to have quarantined
A guard to a merchant caravan

the area, claiming it entirely for
their own
 The tattooist’s guild known as the
Hall of Ink has come under
investigation by the red tabbies for
allegedly providing tattoos
without proof that they accurately
reflect the one who wears them
 Screaming has been heard coming
from the Chapterhouse of the
Academae in Galesmeet. Some
drunken Acadaemic apprentices
have reluctantly revealed that their
masters are torturing natives so
that they may divulge their secrets
of the constellations. The
constabulary is refusing to
 A mysterious disaster has befallen
Old Home. Details are hard to
come by but the common rumour
suggests that armies are being
marshalled in defence of the
fatherland from a new threat.
None can say what this threat truly

The Land of Fire is aptly named

Chapter 2

advantage on all Persuasion checks with
commoners of the Magellanican colony.
Chapter 2. The Rules However, you have disadvantage on all
Persuasion checks with natives due to
2.1 Introduction your pretentious and bigoted view of their
The following chapter contains rules for intelligence and savagery. Over the course
creating and using characters in a of a campaign, your interaction with
Magellanican campaign. These rules are natives may give the GM a reason to
compatible with DnD 5E and Pathfinder. remove this disadvantage.
However, due to the differences between Outlander Variant: Native
the two systems we have separated each
section into two parts on either DnD or You are a native, born and raised in the
Pathfinder compatibility. However, the wilds of Magellanica. You have a deep
items and spells are not separated in such respect for the land and its creatures. You
a manner due to the similarities between do not have a tool proficiency with a
the two. Where there are differences, DnD musical instrument, and instead have
or PF are referenced in parentheses. weapon proficiencies with spears,
boomerangs and woomeras. You do not
2.2 Character Creation have a set of traveller’s clothes and 10gp.
Instead, you begin with a spear, loincloth
and possum-skin cloak as bonus
2.2.1 DnD Compatible equipment. You always have advantage
Backgrounds listed in the DnD 5E Player’s on survival skills in Magellanica and
Handbook can be given a Magellanican move at twice the normal speed in
twist. These variants can be used to make wilderness environments (outside of
characters that have lived in Magellanica combat). Unless the DM decides an NPC
before heeding the call to adventure. All is unusually tolerant, you always have
backgrounds can be chosen as normal, but disadvantage on Persuasion checks with
players may use these variants instead. colonists due to inherent racism against
They either replace or add to the bonuses you. Furthermore, you do not begin play
described in the Player’s Handbook. To play with any gold normally afforded to you
as a convict or a bushranger, use the from your class.
criminal background. Sage Variant: Acadaemic Acolyte
Folk Hero Variant: Settler In contrast to the faith-centric Acolyte
You are a settler, having risked it all in background in the Player’s Handbook, an
your pursuit of a new life in Magellancia. acolyte of the Academae would choose the
You are fiercely passionate about the well- Sage background. You begin with a blank
being of the colony. In particular, you parchment in your starting equipment.
have forged a strong connection with the However, you do not have the set of
common folk from years of toil on the common clothes and instead begin play
land or digging in the mines. You gain with the characteristic blue and purple
robes of an Acadaemic scholar. These

robes identify you as a member of the Survival checks to navigate or find
Academae, generating much chagrin from direction.
holy institutions but providing an aura of
Suggested Characteristics
intimidating mystery to the common folk.
Explorers are extremely determined to
New Background: Explorer
push the boundaries of the map. They
You are an experienced traveller who has tend to crave seeing new people and will
ranged far beyond the borders of the map get restless when staying in the same
with large exploration caravans intent on place for a long time. Explorers are also
surveying new lands. You have seen prone to foolhardiness in search of glory,
almost all environments Magellanica has relishing in the opportunity to be the first
to offer, yielding a variety of interesting colonial person in a strange new world.
campfire tales about dangerous places and
Personality Trait
viscous monsters. The stars are a familiar
guide, gum leaves are a familiar smell and 1. I am eager to surpass the deeds of
the landscape a familiar sight. the most famous explorers
Skill Proficiencies: Survival, Animal 2. I can negotiate with foreign people
Handling in a manner that ultimately pleases
both parties
Languages: You have communicated with
a number of native tribes. Although you 3. My determination ensures I never
cannot wholly grasp an entire native stop trying
language, you can understand every 4. I am addicted to the search for
second word a native says in their native what’s beyond the horizon
5. Staying in the same place for more
Tool Proficiencies: Compasses, spyglasses makes me apathetic and bored
and sunstones 6. I constantly keep updating an
internal map inside my head by
Equipment: A broad-brimmed hat,
trying to remember where
explorer’s pack (replaces any alternative
everything is. This applies to
class pack), a set of traveller’s clothes and
everything from the contents of a
10 gp
room to the landscape
Feature: Path of the Explorer 7. I am obsessed with collecting
maps, regardless of their reliability
You have so much experiencing travelling
through the wilds of Magellanica that you 8. I’ve spent so long in the saddle
can now begin to navigate different that walking sometimes feels
environments. You and any companions strange
you lead can move at 1.5X normal speed
through any areas of wilderness outside of
combat. You also have advantage on

A wounded cleric, determined to make it out of the desert alive

Ideal 5. I love landscapes of all
1. Aspiration. I am always striving to
discover and learn (Any) 6. The unique flora and fauna of
Magellanica fills me with wonder
2. People. My travelling companions
are what make exploration Flaw
worthwhile; I help discover the
1. I would let my fellow companions
physical landscape whilst they
die if it meant I can claim a greater
help discover my internal one.
share in the glory
2. I am anxious when staying put in
3. Glory. Famous explorers exemplify
the same place as I yearn for the
the determination and tenacity of
open road
true heroes. (Neutral)
3. I once saw a monster from the
4. Greed. Land should be claimed
Dreamtime. I know have a fear of
and sold by my benefactors
spiders and teeth
regardless of the impact on other
people or the environment, much 4. Working for greedy land-hungry
to my financial gain. (Evil) lords has left me greedy too

5. Advocacy. Natives are being 5. My companions once died of thirst

exploited and need to be protected and now I cannot travel anywhere
from the machinations of a greedy without carrying obscenely large
colony. (Good) quantities of water

6. Freedom. The knowledge gleaned 6. The lead explorer of my first

from discoveries should be expedition treated me badly and
provided to all in the interests of now I treat youngsters badly too
spreading information freely,
regardless of whether the crown
wishes to keep it secret. (Chaotic) 2.2.2 Pathfinder Compatible

Bond Campaign traits can provide a

background to Magellanican adventurers.
1. My dromornithid mount died New campaign traits listed here can be
from exhaustion and I’ll never be combined with other traits as normal.
able to replace her They represent common backgrounds of
2. I once met a famous explorer who I Magellanican adventurers.
now idealise
3. Natives once saved me from thirst
and now I respect each and every You have migrated to Magellanica in
one of them search of gold or farmland, eager to carve
up the resources of this new land for your
4. My lucky shoes keep off blisters
own. You have risked everything to start a
and foot-rot
new life there. Whilst in Magellanica, you

have a +2 morale bonus to all saves
against fear-causing effects.Convict
2.3 Races
You were found guilty of a crime,
sentenced to be a convict and moved
across the sea to Magellanica where you Magellanica is home to many unique
were used by the crown as slave labour. creatures, some of which are humanoids
You may or may not have been that can be playable races. These
wrongfully accused of your crime. A hard Magellanican humanoids are fusions of
life in chain gangs has given you a +3
animal and man, though none can say
bonus to strength checks, +1 to Intimidate
whether the animal or the fusion came
and a hatred of the crown.
first. Scholars have theorised that
Explorer powerful spellcasters, spirits or even gods

The wilds of Magellanica are always are responsible for creating these races.
calling. You have been paid by the crown However, their own creation stories all
or powerful guilds to survey new lands seem to involve spontaneous birth from
alongside large expeditions that foray into ancestral connections to the Dreamtime.
the unknown wilderness. Your experience
The following rules for character races are
in the various climes of Magellanica has
granted you +3 to Survival checks in compatible with DnD 5E and Pathfinder.
Magellanica. Players should consult their DM/GM
before using them, ensuring that the
DM/GM is aware of their strange new
Having grown up amongst the nomads of abilities and is satisfied with their balance.
the wilds, you have a deep connection
2.3.1 Wombatfolk
with the land and its creatures. You have
an unparalleled understanding of how to These stocky creatures are extremely
live off the land. You have a +5 bonus to stubborn and tough. They tend to be
Survival checks in Magellanica and you introverted traditionalists within their
always have proficiency with woomeras
culture, preferring to keep to themselves
and boomerangs. Furthermore, you know
than deal with others. However, when
a native language that gives you a +2 to
Linguistics checks surrounding other wombatfolk are provoked they become
native Magellanican languages. However, extremely fearsome adversaries. Their
you are wrongfully despised by most hotheadedness is startling in an argument,
colonists, with a -5 penalty to all and terrifying in a fight. Indeed, their
Diplomacy checks when dealing with the strong arms and thick claws can just as
majority of bigoted colonists. It is up to
easily burrow through flesh as they do
the GM to decide which NPCs exhibit a
earth. Their subterranean lairs form large
rare tolerance of natives, in which case
cavernous settlements that delve deep
you do not apply the penalty to
Diplomacy. beneath the surface into underground

passages that spread throughout  Languages: wombatfolk speak,
Magellanica like a web. read and write Druidic and
2.3.2 Koalafolk
A wombatfolk character has the following
characteristics: Laziness given form, these diminuitive

 Ability Score Increase: +3 creatures are content to spend their days

Constitution, +1 Strength nibbling gum leaves from an easy reach

amongst the treetops. Their settlements
 Ability Score Decrease: -1
are usually spread out haphazardly
Dexterity, -1 Charisma
amongst the canopy of long-dead
 Age: wombatfolk tend to be long- gumtrees that lost their leaves to hungry
lived, reaching adulthood at 30 koalafolk in decades passed. They tend to
and becoming elderly at 80 be apathetic to most problems, enjoying a
laidback lifestyle that borders on slovenly.
 Alignment: stoically maintaining
The sharp claws of the koalafolk allow
tradition, wombatfolk tend to be
them to climb trees in search of gum
lawful neutral
leaves and double as viscous weapons.
 Size: medium Moreover, their diet of poisonous gum
 Speed: 30 feet leaves has given them an iron gut capable
of withstanding many toxins.
 Burrower’s claws: using their
powerful claws wombatfolk can Traits
dig a makeshift shelter in soft earth A koalafolk character has the following
in 1 hour. It has enough space for 5 characteristics:
people. It is angled such that
 Ability Score Increase: +2
excess rain and powerful wind
Constitution, +2 Charisma
does not affect those dwelling
inside. These claws also count as  Age: koalafolk live long and happy
natural weapons dealing slashing lives, reaching adulthood at 40 and
damage equal to 1d4 + Strength becoming elderly at 100
modifier  Alignment: easy-going, relaxed
 Limited Darkvision: wombatfolk and a little apathetic, koalafolk
hunt and forage for food above tend to be true neutral
ground but dwell below ground.  Size: small
They can see in dim light within 30
 Speed: 20 feet
feet as if it were bright light, and in
darkness as if it were dim light.  Climber’s claws: koalafolk can use
their claws to climb trees and other

vertical obstacles easily, giving toxins. Koalafolk have advantage
them a climb speed of 15 feet. on saves against poisons and acids
These claws also count as natural
 Languages: koalafolk speak but
weapons dealing slashing damage
cannot read or write Druidic and
equal to 1d4 + Strength modifier
 Iron gut: given that poisonous
2.3.3 Bilbyfolk
gum leaves form their primary
food source, koalafolk have Skittish and fast, the bilbyfolk are

developed a resistance to harmful unparalleled escapees. Their rapid

It helps to know how to read a map in Magellanica!

reaction time and powerful legs allow move action that counts as if they
them leap out of harms away before harm have a fly speed of 20 feet. At the
could even tell they were there. Bilbyfolk end of their turn they must land. In
keep to themselves in large nocturnal addition, they do not take damage
burrows amongst the soft sand of the red from falling 20 feet or less.
Magellanican deserts. Indeed, they prefer
 Darkvision: bilbyfolk hunt at night
isolation so much that they typically suffer
and live below ground. They can
from social anxiety when talking with
see in dim light within 60 feet as if
outsiders. Their rapid pace of speech
it were bright light, and in
combined with their awkwardness around
darkness as if it were dim light
others make bilbyfolk poor negotiators or
leaders. However, their nocturnal  Languages: bilbyfolk speak, read

eyesight, speed and ability to jump long and write Druidic and Common

distances make them highly sought after

thieves, assassins and dungeon delvers.
2.4 Class Advancement

A bilbyfolk character has the following

2.3.1 DnD Compatible – Cleric: Dream
 Ability Score Increase: +3 Dexterity
The Dream domain represents a tangible
 Ability Score Decrease: -1 connection between a cleric and the
Charisma Dreamtime. It is more than affinity for
mundane dreams experienced by mortals
 Age: bilbyfolk are bright sparks
at night. Instead, it is an understanding of
and tend to be short-lived, creation and the deeper knowledge of the
reaching adulthood at 15 and meaning of dreams. This domain
becoming elderly at 40 represents a direct connection with the
unfathomable ancients of the Dreamtime,
 Alignment: skittish and quick to
offering the cleric a glimpse of their
act, bilbyfolk tend to be chaotic secrets and a fraction of their power. This
neutral domain is predominantly taken by
warriors of Magellanican natives, fiery
 Size: medium
youths on their way to one day becoming
 Speed: 35 feet elder. However, hidden cults of Dreamers
exist across the world, though they are
 Jumper’s Legs: with such powerful
often shunned by other faiths for being
legs for jumping, bilbyfolk can
just that. See the following chapter for
launch themselves into the air with more information about the Dreamtime.
ease. Bilbyfolk can make a single
jump or series of small jumps as a

Table: Dream Domain Spells While frightened by this spell, a creature
must take the Dash action and move away
Cleric Level Spells from you by the safest available route on
each of its turns, unless there is nowhere
1st color spray, dreamsight to move. No successive save can rally the
creature. You can’t use this feature on
3rd dreamglance, misty step undead or a construct.
Creation’s Heir
5th gaseous form, hypnotic
pattern Beginning at 6th level, the healing spells
you cast on others are greatly enhanced
7th polymorph, dreamgate when the target is asleep. When you cast a
spell of 1st level or higher that restores hit
9th creation, dream points to a sleeping creature, they gain an
extra 4 hp/spell’s level.

Bonus Proficiency Strike of the Serpent

When you choose this domain at 1st level, At 8th level, your connection to the
you gain proficiency with boomerangs. Dreamtime allows you to infuse your
Dreamer weapon with the power of Dreamtime
creatures. Once per turn on a successful
Also starting at 1st level, your spells are hit, you can deal an extra 1d8 radiant
more effective at targeting sleepers. If a damage to the target. When you reach
target of a spell is asleep, add +2/spell 14th level, the extra damage increases to
level to any dice roll used to resolve the 2d4 and counts as both radiant and poison
spell’s effects. damage.
Channel Divinity: Nightmare Waking Dreamer

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Starting at 18th level, when you sleep you
Channel Divinity to ravage the minds of can maintain a direct consciousness of the
sentient enemis. area around you in a 50ft radius. You can
As an action, you present your holy cast spells from your sleep within this
symbol and launch terrors from the sphere of consciousness without needing
Dreamtime directly into the mind a to wake up, removing the vocal, somatic
selected enemy. and material requirements for a spell.
However, spells with a material
Choose one creature within 30 feet of you,
component listed with a cost cannot be
they must make a Wis save against your
cast in this manner. You cannot stay
spell DC. On a failed save, the creature is
asleep by mundane means during combat.
assailed by phantoms in their mind and
drops whatever it is holding and becomes
frightened for 1d4 rounds.

2.3.2 DnD Compatible – Warlock Pact Boon: the dreamstalker archetype. The
Pact of the Dream mesmerist is detailed in Occult Adventures
and the dreamstalker archetype is listed in
The patrons of the Warlock class can all be
Horror Adventures, both of which are from
denizens of the Dreamtime. As such, any
Paizo Publishing and detailed on
choice of patron can be appropriate for
d20PFSRD. Instead of drawing power
Warlock wishing to establish a connection
from the Astral Plane, the Magellanican
to the powers of the Dreamtime.
dreamstalker draws their power from the
Pact of the Dream Dreamtime. Instead of playing tricks on
Your creator spirit patron or matron the mind, the dreamstalker plays tricks on
makes you a conduit through which reality.
otherworldly creation magic of the
2.3.4 Pathfinder Compatible – Mounts
Dreamtime may flow. With every non-
cantrip spell you cast on other creatures, Instead of selecting a horse or other
all effected creatures are also subject to the appropriate creature for their mount,
“detect thoughts” or “faerie fire” spell. Cavaliers and Paladins may select a
The targets must fulfil the criteria for domesticated diprotodon or domesticated
detect thoughts: within 30ft, >3 dromornithid as an alternative mount (see
Intelligence and must speak a language, or Bestiary). Furthermore, spells that can
faerie fire: within a 20ft cube. The constant summon a horse can instead summon
stream of thoughts and flickering light domesticated diprotodon or domesticated
that plagues your mind provides dromornithid. However, all limitations or
disadvantage on all Concentration checks. bonuses applied to the mount remain the
2.3.3 Pathfinder Compatible – Cleric: Dream same.
2.3.4 Pathfinder Compatible – Horizon
A suitable Dream Domain for Pathfinder Walker Prestige Class
is available for free online on the A horizon walker may have traversed the
d20PFSRD or in The Book of Divine Magic creative chaos of the Dreamtime. Their
published by 4 Winds Gaming. The experience with such a place may provide
aforementioned Pact of the Dream for them a mysterious connection to the
warlocks in DnD is equivalent to the Realm of Dreams with tangible benefits in
Dream mystery for the Pathfinder Oracle the form of Terrain Mastery and
class described below. Like the Dream Dominance.
Domain for DnD clerics, the Dream
Domain in Pathfinder may represent a Terrain Mastery: Dreamtime
tangible connection with the creatures of
A horizon walker may select this Terrain
the Dreamtime.
Mastery without a prerequisite favoured
2.3.4 Pathfinder Compatible – Mesmerist terrain. The horizon walker can always
Archetype: Dreamstalker know the direction of the nearest tear in
reality between the Dreamtime and the
The Pathfinder equivalent to a warlock
material plane. They only have a vague
with a Pact of the Dream is a mesmerist of
sense of distance.

2.4.1 Mundane Items

Terrain Dominance: Dreamtime Armour

The horizon walker gains Dream Shield Blue Yabby Exoskeleton (2500 gp): this
and Rainbow Pattern as a spell-like ability suit of deep blue armour is made from the
a number of times per day equal to 1 + the chitin exoskeleton of the Blue Yabby, a
PC’s Wisdom modifier. The caster level is crustaceous megafauna. It covers the
equal to the PC’s level. entire body in smooth chunks of shell,
thick with chitin. It counts as non-metal
full plate armour that floats in water and
confers a strong odour of crab to the
2.5 Items wearer.

Crocodile Hide (80 gp): the rough hide of

The following section details items found a crocodile makes for tough leather
and made in Magellanica. They are unique armour. It counts as studded leather
to the continent. Prices are listed in armour. In addition, it is of great worth to
parentheses and apply to both DnD and natives who see the wearer as infused
Pathfinder. Gold pieces are abbreviated to with a crocodile’s stealth and strength.
gp and silver pieces are abbreviated to sp. Colonists consider it an impressively
For magic items, included in parentheses fashionable alternative to normal leather.
is the rarity (DnD) or level (PF) of the
magic item.

Weapons Gum Leaf Tea (1 sp): the pungent smell of
eucalyptus adds +2 to saves against
Boomerang (1 sp): this curved piece of
diseases that affect the lungs
wood is thrown low and rapidly rises to
catch birds (and flying enemies) by Hemolymph of a Dusk Monarch (550 gp):
surprise. A thrown boomerang counts as a this thick purple liquid is the insectoid
throwing axe that deals 1d3 damage and blood of a Dusk Monarch. It is a potent
has a +2 bonus to strike flying creatures. hallucinatory drug that allows anyone
In melee, it counts as a club. It requires an who ingests it to see into the Dreamtime
exotic weapon proficiency to use (PF). In and partially into the future. It confers a
DnD, only druids and rangers are +1d4 bonus to all rolls for 1d4 hours.
proficient. However, it causes 2d4 Wisdom damage
upon ingestion.
Woomera (5 sp): this spear-thrower
enhances the range and accuracy of a Ochre (5 sp): coloured clay used as a paint
thrown spear. A javelin or spear thrown
Spinifex Resin (5 gp): the gum of spinfex
by a woomera has 1.5x increased range.
grass can be used as glue
Furthermore, it provides a +1 bonus to a
ranged attack with a javelin or spear. It Wandjina’s Blood (3500 gp): drained from
requires an exotic weapon proficiency to the fresh corpse of a skeletally thin rain-
use (PF). In DnD, only druids and rangers spirit, this black blood bubbles endlessly
are proficient. in a small glass vial. Anyone who imbibes
Alchemical wares

Bush Tucker (5 sp): dried fruits, yams and

nuts that can be stored indefinitely. One
ration feeds enough for one person for one

Faerie Bread (250 gp): made by the sprites

of the river, this buttered bread is dusted
with tiny magical beads of every colour. It
tastes delicious, the perfect mixture of
sweet and savoury. Eating it heals 2d4 HP
and removes the effects of any single
poison or curse (ingester’s choosing) for
1d3 days.

Fine Beer (8 sp): this is a thick delectable

brew, characteristic of Magellanican
breweries. One ration of beer can provide
sustenance as an equivalent for half a
day’s food, but requires twice a day’s

the blood is permanently immune to thirst against ranged attacks and the wearer is
but will forever hunger for the flesh of the immune to ranged critical hits.
humanoid dead. If they abstain from
The Gumtree Boots of Cliff (artefact, +5;
eating humanoid flesh for more than a
25000 gp): these wooden boots are made
week then they weep uncontrollably
from the finest redgum and belonged to
forever, regardless of how much
greatest runner of the colony. Although
humanoid meat they consume afterwards.
uncomfortable to wear, the bearer cannot
Yeast Spread (4 sp): a delicious savoury be tired by travel. Even after a whole
spread eaten with bread. Applying one day’s travel, they can continue going
ration to a loaf of bread allows the bread indefinitely. They do not need to sleep,
to be stored for 3 weeks without going but this only applies whilst travelling.
mouldy. Furthermore, they still require food and
drink as normal.
Rebellious Flag of Grave (rare, +2; 4000
Diprotodon (160 gp): this colossal
gp): this small blue patch of cloth is a
wombat-like member of the megafauna is
fragment of the flag raised by rebellious
an incredibly effective pack animal. A
miners at Grave. Showing the patch to any
diprotodon’s speed is 30ft and it has a
constable or representative of the crown
carrying capacity of 1000 lb.
provides a +5 bonus to intimidate them.
Dromornithid (140 gp): as large as a horse,
The Ash of Bats (artefacts, +3; 9000 gp): in
this avian mount can dash across land
the sport of Maiden, there is a large
with phenomenal speed. Although it can’t
competition between Magellanican-born
carry as much as a horse, it can move
and Old Home-born colonists. In the first
faster than the best of them. A
great tournament, a batter hit the ball into
dromornithid’s speed is 60ft and it has a
the air where it collided with a bat and
carrying capacity of 350 lb.
killed it. Seen as a hilarious omen, the bat
2.4.2 Magic items was burned and it’s ashes given as a
trophy to the winner. The ashes confer +4
Banjo’s Bag (uncommon, +1; 1500 gp): this to ranged attacks against people born in
plain leather bag was sung into being by a Old Home.
powerful Magellanican bard-poet with a
strong sense of humour. This bag is Not-a-knife (rare, +3; 9000 gp): ever
identical to a Bag of Holding, except that striving to carry swords that are usually
every week a random item falls out of the reserved for the aristocracy, the common
bag unbeknownst to the bearer. folk have made increasingly larger knifes
that now function exactly like a sword.
Red Belly’s Helmet (artefact, +3; 9000 gp): This is the largest and finest example of
this battered rectangular great helm such a knife. It requires two hands to
covers the face and neck. It was made and wield and was forged from melted convict
worn by Red Belly, the colony’s most chains. It counts as a +1 greatsword and
famous bushranger. It provides +3 AC confers a +4 bonus to intimidate only
when the bearer unsheathes it.

Tiddalick’s Belly (artefact, +5; 25000 gp): then removed as it mysteriously goes
made from the belly of an amphibian missing in search of a new bearer.
Dreamtime creature, this smooth leather
Possum skin cloak (rare, +3; 9000 gp):
waterskin is unemptyable. It constantly
woven together from a dozen possums,
streams water when upended. However,
this cloak is imbued with secrets of native
whenever the bearer laughs the waterskin
elders and is a symbol of respect to all
bursts and 20 ft2 of water immediately fills
natives. It provides +5 to Persuasion
the surrounding space. The waterskin is

Water holes can quench more than thirst

(DnD) or Diplomacy (PF) when dealing wearer can summon a Mirror Python that
with natives. is entirely under the wearer’s control. The
Mirror Python remains for 1d20 rounds
Kurdaitcha Wand and Thongs (very rare,
before exploding in a flash of rainbow
+4; 18000 gp): the wand is made of bone
and drenched in the juice of a corpse
whilst the shoes are made of human hair
and blood. Only native elders know how
to make them. The wearer of the shoes
must dislocate their big toes in order to
wear them. These items come as a pair,
and only confer a bonus when wielded
together. The wand and shoes confer
Bestow Curse as a spell-like ability a
number of times per day equal to 2 + the
PC’s Charisma modifier. The caster level
is equal to the PC’s level.

Water Diviner (very rare, +3; 9000 gp): this

Y-shaped stick is held with both hands
and pointed forwards in the search for
water. It gives a vague sense of direction
towards the nearest water source but does
not indicate the distance.

Wobbleboard of the Wang Warbler

(artefact, +3; 9000 gp): this sheet of metal
makes an amusing musical noise when
wobbled. It was owned by a famous
colonial bard who became disgraced for
seducing people against their will. When
played, the wobbleboard confers a +4
bonus to Charisma but shifts your
alignment one step closer to evil. The
effects are removed 2d4 hours after the
wobbleboard stops being played.

Rainbow Pendant (legendary, +5; 50000

gp): to the shame of opal carvers of the
colony, the finest opal amulet in
Magellanica was not crafted by their
hands. It was found by explorers in the
Plain of Rust, mysteriously sitting atop a
small sandstone rock as if patiently
awaiting their arrival. Once per day, the

Components: V,S
2.6 Spells Target: single animal
Duration: 2d4 rounds
Range: close (25ft + 5/2 levels)
Abbott's Denial Saving Throw: Will negates (PF), Wis
School: transmutation, sorcerer/wizard 4 negates (DnD)
Casting time: 1 standard action Spell Resistance: yes
Components: V,S, M (caster must bite into Effect: arm outstretched and humming a
an onion) strange incantation, the caster forces any
Range: long (400ft + 40ft/2 levels) animal to submit to his will and yield on
Target: one ship the spot. The animal cannot take any
Duration: 1 hour/level actions, and sit and remain sitting for the
Saving Throw: Wis negates (DnD), Will duration of the spell. If threatened whilst
negates (PF) sitting, the animal gets another save to
Spell Resistance: yes break the spell.
Effect: this spell targets the crew of an Dreamgate
entire ship. The captain or the creature in
charge can negate the spell with a School: universal, cleric 4, druid 3,
successful saving throw. If successful, this inquisitor 4, mesmerist 3, oracle 3, ranger
spell forces all crew members including 4, shaman 4, sorcerer/wizard 4, warlock 4,
the captain to turn the ship around and witch 4
sail in the opposite direction for the Casting time: 1 standard action
duration. Components: V,S, M (opal worth 100
Bradburius Target: you and/or up to eight creatures
School: transmutation, sorcerer/wizard 2, holding hands
warlock 2, witch 2 Duration: instantaneous
Casting time: 1 standard action Range: touch
Components: V,S Saving Throw: Wis negates (DnD), Will
Range: long (400ft + 40ft/level) negates (PF)
Area: 40ft radius Spell Resistance: yes
Duration: 1 minute/level Effect: the caster and up to eight others
Saving Throw: Dex negates (DnD), Ref holding hands are transported into the
negates (PF) Dreamtime. They arrive in the Dreamtime
Spell Resistance: yes at the same location as where they left the
Effect: all enemy creatures that fail their material plane.
save are immediately knocked prone. Dreamglance
Buffalo Hypnotism School: universal, cleric 3, druid 2,
School: conjuration, druid 2, ranger 3, inquisitor 3, mesmerist 2, oracle 2, ranger
shaman 3, warlock 3, witch 3 3, shaman 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, warlock 2,
Casting time: 1 standard action witch 3
Casting time: 1 standard action

Components: V,S, M (opal worth 50 gold) Spell Resistance: yes
Target: you or one touched creature Effect: the caster can glimpse the true
Duration: instantaneous (when caster falls nature of things made in the Dreamtime.
asleep) The caster casts it on themselves or
Range: touch someone willing. The spell magnifies the
Saving Throw: Wis negates (DnD), Will intensity of colour vision. Adds +5 to
negates (PF) Perception. Those affected by the spell can
Spell Resistance: yes choose one creature per round to focus on
Effect: this spell is used for brief and gain information about that creature.
interaction with the Dreamtime. After Dreamsight randomly provides one of the
casting the spell, the moment when the following statistics of a creature being
caster falls asleep their spirit is sent into focussed on (roll 1d3): 1. Challenge rating,
the Dreamtime. The location is anywhere 2. Alignment, 3. Type. If physically within
of their choosing. Their spirit has the same the Dreamtime then the caster
statistics but cannot physically interact automatically gains all three and the
with its surroundings. However, the spirit perception bonus is increased to +10.
can still cast any magic that the character
could when they fell asleep. They remain
in the dreamtime for 1d6 + 1/level School: divination, sorcerer/wizard 2
minutes before their spirit is sent back into Casting time: 1 standard action
its body and they immediately awake Components: V,S
without any benefits for sleep. Instead, the Target: you
caster can cast the spell on an already Duration: 1 round/level
sleeping creature and immediately send Range: personal
their spirit to a location of the caster’s Area: 10ft radius centred on caster
choosing. The spirit can be physically Effect: the caster immediately identifies
harmed by all denizens of the Dreamtime, the closest precious metals or gems within
even though the spirit is unable to interact the spells area (including depth and
with them physically in return. If the spirit height).
dies in the Dreamtime, the body dies too.
School: illusion, alchemist 1, antipaladin 1,
School: universal, cleric 2, druid 2, bard 1, inquisitor 1, magus 1,
inquisitor 2, mesmerist 2, oracle 2, ranger sorcerer/wizard 1, summoner/unchained
2, shaman 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, warlock 2, summoner 1
witch 2 Casting time: 1 standard action
Casting time: 1 standard action Components: V,S, M (a libation of sea
Components: V,S water)
Target: you or one touched creature Range: touch
Duration: 1 minute/level Target: one creature or object touched
Range: personal Duration: concentration up to 1 hour
Saving Throw: Wis negates (DnD), Will (DnD), 1 minute/level (PF)
negates (PF)

Saving Throw: Wis negates (DnD), Will Range: close (25ft + 5ft/2 levels)
negates (PF) Area: 30ft radius
Spell Resistance: yes Duration: 1 minute/level
Effect: this spell turns the caster, creature Saving Throw: Wis negates (DnD), Will
or object touched invisible as per the negates (PF)
“invisibility” spell. However, the caster Spell Resistance: yes
immediately begins to drown. Each Effect: anthropologically alters all enemies
round, the caster must make a Con save in the spell’s area. Only works on
(DnD) or Fort save (PF) against their own intelligent humanoids. Affected
spell or else take 1d4 points of damage as individuals stop whatever they are doing
their lungs fill with sea water. The caster and begin to make fun of each other in as
can dismiss the spell at any time. cheeky a way as possible. Whilst “taking
the piss” the affected do not move or take
any other action other than talk. If
School: conjuration, bloodrager 3, magus threatened, those within the area of effect
3, sorcerer/wizard 3 gain another saving throw to negate the
Casting time: 1 standard action spell.
Components: V,S, M (the barb of a sting
Duration: 1 round + 1/3 levels School: evocation, sorcerer/wizard 6
Range: long (400ft + 40ft/level) Casting time: 1 day
Saving Throw: Con negates, Fort negates Components: V,S, M (the blood of the
Effect: a poisonous barb shoots from the person/creature whose land is being
caster’s hand. Make a ranged (PF: touch) taken)
attack against a single target within range. Target: special (land)
If hit, the target takes 3d8 physical Duration: permanent
damage and 1d8 poison damage. The Range: 200ft radius from caster
poison can be prevented by a successful Effect: the caster designates a piece of land
Con save (DnD) or Fort save (PF). The owned by a single person. Upon
poison lasts for the duration (up to a successfully casting the spell, the caster
maximum of 6 rounds at 18th level), immediately creates legal documentation
dealing an additional 1d8 poison damage that the designated land is rightfully
per round. A new Con save (DnD) or Fort theirs. Any other conflicting legal
save (PF) is allowed at the beginning of documentation is destroyed.
the target’s turn to prevent the effects of
Ruddy Resurrection
the poison. A successful save stops the
spell entirely, preventing any successive School: necromancy, antipaladin 4, oracle
poison damage. 4, shaman 4, warlock 4, witch 4
Casting time: 1 hour
Components: V,S, M (an intelligent
School: transmutation, sorcerer/wizard 4 creature to stab in the back)
Casting time: 1 standard action Target: dead creature touched
Components: V,S Duration: instantaneous

Effect: the caster brings a dead creature Magellanican flora. It gives no indication
back to life with the same rules as the on the distance or quantity of food.
“raise dead” spell. At the end of this hour-
The Castle
long spell, the caster must stab an
unwilling creature in the back with a knife School: evocation, sorcerer/wizard 4
or sword of any description whilst Casting time: 1 day
touching the dead creature’s body. The Components: V, M (a parent’s cherished
stabbed creature need not be killed by the memento of their children)
stabbing, but the caster must stab them at Target: special (land)
least once and as hard as possible with the Duration: permanent
intent on inflicting a killing blow. The Range: close (25ft + 5/2 levels), area (40ft
dead creature must have been dead for no cube)
longer than 10 days. Effect: this spell was designed by a poor
wizard whose house was threatened to be
Secret of Fire
demolished by jealous entrepreneurial
School: evocation, cleric 2, druid 2, ranger peers. The caster creates a fully furnished
3, shaman 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, warlock 2, house in a 50ft cube. The structure of the
witch 2 house is made to the caster’s
Casting time: 1 day specifications. It does not contain any
Components: V,S, M (crow’s blood) furniture. Living in the house for more
Target: touched creature than a day at a time confers lead
Duration: permanent poisoning to the occupant without a save.
Range: personal Lead poisoning counts as “poisoned”
Saving Throw: Wis negates (DnD), Will (DnD) or “sickened” (PF) for 1d4 days.
negates (PF) Each successive poisoning drains 1 point
Spell Resistance: yes of wisdom alongside the poisoned or
Effect: caster gives the “produce flame” sickened condition condition.
spell to one creature they touch. They gain
the spell permanently and can cast it even
if they cannot normally cast spells. They School: evocation, bard 3
can cast it once per day.
Casting time: 3 standard actions
Tuckerbox Components: V, S, M, special (at least 3
other creatures must be occupied by
School: divination, druid 1, ranger 2
chanting for the 3 rounds it takes to cast,
Casting time: 1 standard action
counts as V for these creatures)
Components: V,S
Duration: instantaneous
Target: you
Range: 25ft radius centred on caster
Duration: 1 hour/level
Saving Throw: Con negates, Fort negates
Range: personal
Spell Resistance: yes
Effect: the caster is directed by a slight
Effect: composed by a famous
magical tug towards the nearest bush
Magellanican bard, this spell has become
tucker. This only includes edible
iconic amongst the colony’s musical

performers. As the bard’s companions
rhythmically chant, the bard accompanies
them with a melody before ending the
spell screaming “thun-dah!” as a
cacophonous burst of sound emanates
from their throat. All enemies within the
spell’s area are subject to 3d8 sonic
damage and count as deafened for 1d6

Never trust a frog-man's pinch of salt.

Chapter 3

can be woven into any generic fantasy
setting. As such, the GM’s resources here
Chapter 3. can be woven together with those
provided in other GM sections of DnD
Gamemastery and Pathfinder rulebooks.

3.1 Introduction
Gamemastery is the core component of
3.2 Basics of Gamemastery
any tabletop RPG. The GM (synonymous
with DM from DnD) is responsible for
providing the narrative to the players, A GM creates a narrative in which the PCs
from which the players are responsible for are a protagonist. They explain the world
creating their own narratives within it. in which PCs interact and subsequently
Experienced GMs can feel free to skip the explain the consequences of these
first section on the basics. interactions. To that end, the GM weaves a
story based on their own ideas that is
Though we contend this book to contain
inevitably influenced by the decisions of
advice for all GMs, the book is generally
the PCs. Given that the ultimate goal of an
tailored to experienced players and we are
RPG is to have fun, the story that a GM
therefore limiting the amount of space we
provides for the players needs to be
dedicate to explaining the basics of
interesting and immersive. To create such
gamemastery. Those who are not familiar
a narrative, it is best if a GM considers the
with being the GM should know that
basic elements of storytelling.
there are a number of fantastic resources
available tailored to teaching The 5 core components of any given story
gamemastery. First and foremost are are:
DnD’s Dungeon Master’s Guide and
Pathfinder’s GameMastery Guide. These  Characters: includes NPCs and
tomes contain comprehensive advice for PCs
all prospective GMs. If you cannot buy the  Setting: established by the
books then go for the cheaper pdfs, and if descriptions the GM makes about
you cannot afford either then see if you the world, predominantly its
can borrow them from someone you people and places
know. Furthermore, there are a number of
easily findable videos and blogs on  Plot: driven by the interaction
gamemastery from some of the most within and between PCs and
experienced GMs in the field. NPCs, includes the pacing of an
The majority of this chapter provides
 Conflict: the genesis of any given
resources to help GMs bring the land of
adventure, typically established
Magellanica to life. We include encounter
through dialogue or violence
and discovery tables alongside a panoply
whereby the PCs are left with a
of interesting adventure hooks. Given the
conflict that requires resolution
nature of a distant colony, Magellanica

 Resolution: the end of an the start of a campaign. There are two
adventure, where all or most of the broad categories for the beginning of a
loose ends are tied up campaign in Magellanica: 1. an already
established party arrives in the continent
GMs should consider each of these
or, 2. a new adventuring party forms from
components when writing their own
the populace of Magellanica. Details on
adventures or modifying pre-written ones.
how to start a Magellanican campaign
Developing all 5 within any given
with either party structure are detailed
narrative is important in establishing an
enjoyable experience for both GM and
players. 3.3.1 Possible reasons why an adventuring
party comes to Magellanica

 Stories of lucrative adventure and

3.3 Beginning a Campaign exploration draw the PCs to
Magellanica on a ship headed for
The very first session of any campaign
forms the party and tends to establish the o Mining guilds are looking
PC group with an in game reason for their to hire prospectors to find
cooperation. Magellanica is a place rich gold or gems in territory
with adventure and therefore offers a teeming with wild beasts
number of incentives to form a party at and malevolent spirits

o The Academae are ticket of leave. They may or may
commissioning hunters to not have been guilty of the crimes
bring back a live that made them convicts in the first
anthropomorphic eagle- place
creature rumoured to soar
 The PCs are natives from a tribe in
near Whitewall mountain.
the wilderness. They may be
They warn that it may
looking to integrate or undermine
wield an insurmountable
the colony
control wind and lightning
o The Faith-in-Shadow needs
guardsmen to protect the 3.4 Encounters in
transport of a holy relic
from Old Home to the Red Magellanica
o Governor Valourre is To bring Magellanica to life, a GM must
calling for intrepid heroes establish that adventure comes with
to investigate the unexpected discoveries, risks and
disappearance of the 3rd rewards. This section provides a number
Expeditionary Force of tables with certain things adventurers
 Their ship is blown from its may find in the colony and beyond.
original course by a colossal storm: Wherever the PCs go, discoveries can be
made, risks can be taken and rewards can
o The ship is forced to divert be claimed. To that end, we provide in the
to Galesmeet as it takes on following pages a number of location-
water, barely making it to specific encounter tables that are tailored
the harbour to where the PCs are. We suggest DMs use
o The PCs are shipwrecked these tables as inspiration for adventure
on the cliffs somewhere hooks or as flavoursome additions to
along Magellanica’s wild adventure whilst PCs are en route
coast throughout Magellanica. These tables are
listed with specific Magellanican
3.3.2 Possible reasons why an adventuring
locations, but can be applied for wider
party forms from amongst the populace of
Magellanica adventure in any way the GM chooses. In
parentheses are the general environments
 The PCs are freemen or freedmen to which these tables can be applied. We
that have been recruited for encourage the GM to take the ideas in
adventure by mining guilds, the these tables and use them in their own
Academae, the Faith-in-Shadow or settings independent of whether or not
the crown (as above) they take place in Magellanica.
 The PCs are all convicts that have
worked together in a chain gang.
They have all just received their

3.4.1 Encounters in the Colony 9. Sickened beggars try their luck
with merchants at the dock. They
Galesmeet docks (harbour) encounter
receive a beating for their begging
table, roll 1d10 to randomly generate:
10. Drunken sailors and drunken
1. A frigate freshly arrived from Old freedmen erupt from a dockside
Home is rapidly taking on water. inn, locked in a viscous melee
Many chained convicts on board whilst passers-by call for the
will surely die nearest constable
2. Crates intended for a cargo ship Galesmeet and other towns (urban
have fallen onto the dock. The gold townscape) encounter table, roll 1d10 to
and silver contents of the crate are randomly generate:
being wrestled over by desperate
vagabonds 1. Late at night, a group of
vagabonds tries to capture the PCs
3. Red tabbies are in the process of
and pass them off as convicts to be
hanging an allegedly murderous
sold to the mining guilds
convict by hurling her over the
pier 2. Huge crowds gather about the
streets to see the corpse of some
4. The harbourmaster has accused
colossal beast found in the
sailors of thievery and the red
wilderness by explorers. They are
tabbies are hunting for them
delivering it to the Chapterhouse
5. Nervous acolytes of the Academae in Galesmeet
are searching for a “missing
3. A drunken miner has passed out in
specimen” last seen diving into the
the street, his shirt torn and his
harbour after disembowelling a
pockets empty
4. Local native tribesmen have
6. A prior from the Faith-in-Shadow
ventured into town under cover of
is preaching to newly arrived
darkness, to what end is unknown
immigrants, persuading them to
attend their church with charitable 5. A preacher of the Faith-in-Shadow
gifts of food is conducting a sermon by firelight
on the need to accept Magellanican
7. A convict is frustratingly avoiding
natives into society and the church
capture as they flee the
constabulary by swimming 6. An argument starts between a
underneath the pier constable and a merchant,
resulting in the merchant being
8. Huge swells lash the dock as a
clapped in chains
thunderstorm rolls in from the
east. The swells threaten to capsize 7. Crowds gather in the streets with
small boats moored at the dock the news that a famous explorer is
soon to arrive in town

8. Convicts are laying cobblestones to station, save for one woman whom
improve the street when a fight they are currently taking turns to
breaks out between them that their rape by the roadside
Overseer cannot break up
9. Red tabbies are fleeing down the
9. Hawkers attempt to sell the PCs road, running from what their
any number of odd trinkets, likely hasty descriptions suggest is a
stolen from law-abiding freemen Platychidna
10. The constabulary are in the process 10. A native or colonial drunkard is
of hanging a bushranger for pissing or vomiting by the side of
thievery of crown gold. the road
On the road (general roadside and 11. Amongst a mining caravan, a cart
farmland) encounter table, roll 1d12 to filled with valuable ochre has a
randomly generate: broken axle and the colonists in
charge are struggling to repair it
1. A small tribe of starving natives
are begging by the side of the road 12. A Drop Bear feasts on the bodies
and mounts of unfortunate drovers
2. Bushrangers lie in hidden by the
side of the road, ready to rob the Flowing River (urbanised river) encounter
PCs table, roll 1d10 to randomly generate:

3. Wild diprotodons stampede along 1. A corpse has washed up on shore,

the road, flattening any PC in their its face tattooed with the chain of a
path convict
4. A native is being hanged by a 2. Merchants wash their horses in the
group of angry colonists who shallows, trying to wash off a
claim he is the murderer of a local strange red stain
3. Travellers are washing off the stink
5. A prospector is hiding by the of travel by bathing in the river
roadside, awaiting the road to be
4. Women wash their family’s clothes
clear to ensure no one knows of his
whilst waxing lyrical on current
successful gold-panning area
6. Gleeful miners have captured a
5. A thirsty diprotodon has walked
native family in convict’s chains.
into the river for a drink despite
They take turns in beating them,
the protestations of its rider
making sure they “learn their
lesson” 6. Shepherds from out of town are
tending to their flocks at the river’s
7. Makeshift graves by the side of the
road are being exhumed by shifty
prospectors 7. An explorers caravan is filling up
with as much water as possible
8. A group of native men have killed
before a long journey into
a family of colonists at a nearby
unmapped territory

8. A number of convicts are in a the underbrush with the repetitive
swimming race. A native wins by a thud of axe to wood
large margin, much to the disgust
8. Three colonial trackers are stooped
of their overseer watching on
over a pile of kindling, arguing
9. Trade barges make their way up over how to start a fire
and down stream, willing to carry
9. A native tribe feasts on a huge
the party for a fee
diprotodon being roasted in a
10. Red tabbies are being rowed massive bonfire
upstream by a team of convicts.
10. Bushrangers lurk in the
The speed with which the convicts
underbrush nearby after a scout
are forced to row suggests the
alerted them of the party’s
constabulary is urgently needed
3.4.2 Encounters in the Wild
Cinderwood (bushfire-prone forest)
Marrowgums and Lonely Forest encounter table, roll 1d10 to randomly
(woodland) encounter table, roll 1d10 to generate:
randomly generate:
1. A recent bushfire has decimated a
1. A native tribe dance within a glade large swathe of forest, smoke
of tall gum trees streaked with red hangs thick in the air
sap 2. The dreaded Red Belly and his
2. Yowies sleep by the base of a gang are lurking by the roadside
colossal beech tree, the left-overs of ready to hurl fire and arrows on
their humanoid meal strewn about unsuspecting victims
them 3. A bushfire rages in the distance
3. The party stumble upon two causing a large migration of wild
dancing ghost-in-trees that twirl animals that run from the flames.
seamlessly in a glade of ghost A singed and enraged Platychidna
gums runs alongside them through the
4. Flashes of magical light, screams
and the clang of steel-on-steel echo 4. Ash and embers rain from the sky.
from the forest ahead as two gangs They stem from a small bushfire
of bushrangers fight one another nearby. There is a decent risk the
embers may cause a new fire
5. The party uncover a glade with a
large ash pile in the centre. A skull 5. Volcanic ash clouds shroud the
adorns its summit forest in black fog that reduces
visibility to 40ft
6. A scoria obelisk covered in
swirling ochre depictions of 6. A weak fire elemental struggles to
mythical creatures blocks the path keep itself alive as it has been
caught in a rainstorm whilst
7. Colonists have ventured into the
forest to log rare huon pines, filling

Scholarly explorers come prepared with as many scrolls as possible due to the large
volume of unknown things to categorise in Magellanica
traversing a swathe of burnt-black 7. Sprites giggle and play in the
forest shallows before fleeing into deeper
water the moment they notice the
7. Burnt effigies with a humanoid
shape are arranged in a circle
facing inward, lining a glade that 8. Blue yabbies dig their huge mud
has been spared from a recent tunnels into the bank of a swift
bushfire river
8. Scoria statues of crooked crow- 9. A native tribe are travelling
people line the side of the track, downstream on bark canoes, eager
warning of the dangers ahead to flee from something upstream
9. A band of Red Rangers stumble on 10. The body of a Red Ranger has
the party in the middle of the washed up on the far shore, his
night, warning of some fire-beast sodden corpse is being picked at
lurking between the blackened by a flock of hungry crows and
boughs of burnt forest currawongs
10. Dark Guardsmen order the party Murrawi River (perennial river) encounter
to leave the area, lest the PCs ruin table, roll 1d10 to randomly generate:
their efforts in tracking murderous
1. Upon a dried river bed rests a
number of sun-bleached skeletons
Uncharted parts of the Flowing River and
2. A starving explorer desperately
Rohss River (wilderness rivers) encounter
digs at a river bend in a futile
table, roll 1d10 to randomly generate:
search of water
1. Lurking beneath the calm river
3. Rotting fish cover the dry river bed
surface is a bunyip, ready to strike
filling the area with a pungent
2. The river pools in a billabong. The stench
billabong is haunted at night by
4. A native tribe have found water at
the ghost of a swagman
a shady river bend. They are glad
3. The roar of falling water heralds to share it
the sudden appearance of a
5. Aggressive Magellanican Dragons
waterfall downstream
fight over the last vestiges of water
4. A mob of dromornithids slake in the river
their thirst by the river’s edge
6. A small strip of ghost gums that
5. A happy diprotodon shakes its line the river are the only shade in
thick coat free of water after a sight
surreptitious dip in the river
7. The lowering of the river has
6. Native hunters stand in the centre uncovered a rocky bed that glitters
of the river with spears poised, with the promise of gold
ready to strike the fish at their feet

8. As the party walk along a river 8. An eagle and a crow fight one
bed, a sudden roar heralds an another in the sky above. The crow
oncoming surge of water manages to win which is a terrible
omen to any native
9. Detritus from upstream has
clogged a nearby ravine, creating a 9. Rock caves covered in detailed
natural dam that threatens to flood ochre designs dot the
the nearby land mountainside, recently abandoned
by natives for an unknown reason
10. The dry riverbed begins to fill with
a trickle of water after rainstorms 10. The clack of picks on stone alerts
lash the countryside, but the water the party to the presence of a
runs towards the storm front nearby mine. A swarm of miners
decimate the landscape with pick
The Barrier (Mountains) encounter table,
and shovel in search of gold
roll 1d10 to randomly generate:
Land of Fire (volcano and lava fields)
1. In a remote valley, native tribes are
encounter table, roll 1d10 to randomly
locked in a brutal fight to the
death. They use their clubs and
spears with terrible efficiency 1. A deep rumble emanates from the
ground below, natives can tell that
2. A mountainside gives way and the
an eruption of a nearby volcano is
party are forced to run for cover
lest the wall of rocky debris send
them down the mountain 2. Lava has slowly made its way
across the road ahead, cutting off
3. The clear mountain air carries the
the way to the party’s destination
distant call of a strange bird, the
likes of which not even local 3. Fire elementals attempt to
natives have ever heard consume the party in their strange
obsession with burning flesh
4. Drovers herd their cattle across the
high plains, suspicious of 4. A miner’s caravan has caught fire
unfamiliar PCs from a hail of hot rocks thrown
from a nearby eruption
5. The party come across a lost friar
who has tried to explore the 5. Ash clouds obscure the nearby
mountain valleys. He is emaciated terrain, making it impossible to see
and close to death beyond 40ft. If the party can’t find
fresh air within a day, they risk
6. The smoke of a nearby camp drifts
across the valley, home to a tribe of
hungry Yowies 6. Wounded mercenaries are
encamped by the roadside, trying
7. A giant has heard the PCs coming
to recover after fighting off some
and readies a boulder to throw at
strange “lava-beast”

7. Fire giants can be seen in the 5. The party glimpse a distant mining
distance, climbing the slopes of a caravan on its way to new
nearby volcano and soon diggings
disappearing into a hidden cave on
6. An oncoming sandstorm pushes a
its slope
local tribe to find cover in hidden
8. A terrified acolyte of the caves. The natives will need to be
Academae appears at the party’s negotiated with if the party wants
encampment at night, clutching an to share their shelter
obsidian crown but too scared to
7. A mirage in the distance gives the
speak about how she got it
party the false promise of water.
9. On the road ahead, half-crow All they find is a small dry salt
creatures sup on the delectable plain
hemolymph of a Dusk Monarch,
8. A group of Little Dragons hunt the
pulling apart the giant moth as it
party and attack all at once as they
squeals in agony
crest a sand dune
10. Quick-flowing lava has
9. Natives conduct a corroboree at a
surrounded the party overnight,
nearby oasis but aggressively keep
only a nearby cave seems to offer
out any who dare trespass on their
the only chance of escape by foot
sacred ground
The Plain of Rust (desert) encounter table,
10. Yallagah’s hunters confront the
roll 1d10 to randomly generate:
PCs, eager to see them leave the
1. A recent sandstorm has erased the area lest Yallagah himself hunt
track the party was following them down

2. As the sun dawns, the party

suddenly realises that there is
desert as far as the eye can see in
3.5 Environment
all directions – unlike the scenery
they observed before dusk the
A campaign set in Magellanica can
night before
involve interesting weather patterns that
3. Starving explorers beg for water. are far from typical. Unusual weather
Even if they get it, they are so yields another sense of wonder and
malnourished they may die danger for travelling adventurers.
anyway Furthermore, it adds another layer of
4. Natives draw large swirling detail to the world to provide a more
designs in the sand, depicting immersive experience for the players.
something they call “gorjunga”, With such a deep connection to the
which roughly translates to magical fluidity of the Dreamtime,
“ancient-dust-eater” Magellanica’s weather can be volatile in
the extreme. Magellanican weather
mimics typical temperate weather of the

material plane 90% of the time, but the  Sea gale: the easterly winds blow
other 10% can be entirely different. At the from the coast, causing huge ocean
start of each day or night (GM’s choice), swells, toppling trees and peeling
the GM can roll 1d10 and on the result of a back rooves of thatch and slate.
10 can resolve an extreme weather event Ranged attacks suffer a -10 to hit
detailed below. an it is impossible to fly

The various weather patterns are as  Heat wave: clear blue skies hold
follows: aloft an unrelenting sun that sears
leaves and burns away lakes. All
 Bushfire: the oncoming firestorm fire damage caused or received by
can be identified by a plume of the PC’s is enhanced by an
white smoke during the day and a additional 1d4
ruddy red glow at night. It is a
 Lava flow: streams of molten rock
long line of fire that follows the
pour from the slopes of a nearby
direction of the wind. The speed of
volcano and cover the landscape in
its travel is proportional to the
rivers of fire. PC’s that are fully
wind – the faster the wind the
exposed to lava are immediately
quicker it moves. Any PC in its
killed unless they have immunity
way is killed unless they have
to fire. All fire damage caused or
immunity to fire
received by the PC’s is enhanced
 Thunderstorm: lightning and by an additional 1d6
thunder herald fierce rain.
 Cold Snap: trees split and water
Bowstrings and crossbow strings
freezes over as frost covers the
get wet and have a 10% chance of
landscape. All cold damage caused
breaking every time they’re used.
or received by the PC’s is
Ranged attacks are at -2 to hit
enhanced by an additional 1d4
 Ash storm: volcanic ash covers the
 Snow: a dusting of snow covers
region from a nearby eruption,
the mountain peaks in a white
reducing visibility to 40ft. The air
blanket. Survival checks to track or
is poisonous and threatens to
to forage are at -5. All cold damage
suffocate breathing creatures is
caused or received by the PC’s is
they cannot get fresh air within a
enhanced by an additional 1d6
 Fog: a thick cloud clings to the
 Sandstorm: fierce winds pick up
ground before the morning sun
red sand and create a red wall of
can wrench it free. Visibility is
manifest whirlwind. Visibility is
reduced to 40ft
reduced to 10ft and all ranged
attacks are at -10 to hit. Unless GMs wishing to weave unusual weather
PC’s use a hand or goggles to into their campaign should roll a d10 at
protect their eyes, they are at -5 to the start of each day. On a 10, they should
hit as well. Perception checks have roll 1d6 and consult the following tables
a -10 penalty. It is impossible to fly with respect to the PC’s location. If the

players are not within the territories listed,
pick the one closest to the party. Listed in 3.6 Exploration and
parentheses alongside “thunderstorm” are Discovery
the possible consequences of heavy rain or
lightning depending on the area.
The map of Magellanica is constantly
being redrawn as very little of the
1. Bushfire continent has been explored. Therefore,
exploration is a major reason for
2. Thunderstorm (flooding)
adventure beyond the borders of the map.
3. Ash storm Even poorly known places within the
4. Sea gale borders of the map require exploration
5. Heat wave
3.6.1 Reasons to Explore
6. Fog
The Barrier: Land can be valuable for many reasons:
farming grain or livestock, mining
1. Bushfire precious metals and gemstones, strategic
2. Thunderstorm (landslides) control of trade through the area. As such,
an interested party seeking such valuable
3. Snow
land will hire explorers to survey new
4. Fog territories in an attempt to make a claim to
Land of Fire: it. The crown, aristocracy, mining guilds,
Shadow Faith and Academae all hire
1. Bushfire explorers to discover new lands and lay
2. Thunderstorm (cause bushfires) claim to them in this way.

3. Ash storm Furthermore, what lives upon the land

4. Lava flow may be more valuable than the land itself.
Strange new flora or fauna may be sold at
The Plain of Rust:
a high price to aristocrats eager to expand
1. Sandstorm their menagerie or scholars keen to study
new forms of life.
2. Thunderstorm (prevent
sandstorms) 3.6.2 Licenses/Permits
3. Heat wave Exploration and Prospecting require their
4. Cold snap own particular license or permit (see
Chapter 1: The Setting). It costs 50 gp for
an explorer’s permit and 10 gp for a
miner’s permit. The permits themselves
are physical pieces of parchment declaring
the name of its holder and the right to
explore or prospect. They are signed by

An explorer with an insectoid heritage, ready to delve into the wilds

sergeants amongst the constabulary and they are unlucky/foolish enough to
must be stamped with a magistrate’s venture too far into the desert. However,
signet ring for authenticity. the Plain of Rust need not be the only
food-scarce environment. PC’s unsure of
We encourage GM’s with low-level PCs to
what bush tucker to consume may find
ensure that getting these permits feels like
themselves starving in any environment.
an important achievement for the players.
Perhaps the party doesn’t have enough 3.6.4 Discovery
money to buy a membership for every PC When adventuring beyond the border of
or maybe all permits have been bought up the map the PC’s will be encountering
and desperate explorers/miners are people, creatures, places and
willing to part with theirs for a higher environments never seen by colonial eyes.
price. It is important to note that the This is where creative GM’s can thrive.
constabulary can confiscate permits at any They can establish any landscape of their
time, and may permanently ban PC’s from choosing without the need to worry about
getting them if they so wish. contradicting previously established
3.6.3 Navigation and Survival landscapes of the setting.

In order to explore Magellanica, the Examples of newly discovered landscapes,

Survival skill will be crucial. It is roll 1d10 to randomly generate:
recommended that at least one party
1. A singular mountain out in the
member has a good Survival skill or that
desert made entirely of iron or
they hire someone who does. Typically,
copper with rivers of acid running
colonial NPC explorers with low Survival
down its slopes
skills will hire a native to lead them into
the wilderness. 2. Natural stone archways link either
side of a steep gorge that shudders
The Survival skill can be used to: with the roar of flowing water at
its base
 Navigate by reading the stars,
determine direction (known as 3. A salt plain stretches into the
astronomancy) or using the sun as distance where a thin black strip
a guide can be seen on the horizon

 Forage for food and water 4. Flocks of birds herald the sudden
appearance of a large freshwater
 Distinguish poisonous food or lake from behind a hillside
dangerously stagnant water from
that which is safe to eat or drink 5. What seemed like smooth,
rounded hills are actually
 Predict when the weather is sandstone ruins. The ruins are
changing, particularly important chiselled into strange designs and
when predicting an oncoming are being reclaimed by the
storm at night environment as time turns the
Thirst and hunger can assail the party if stone to sand
the PC’s Survival skills are inadequate or

6. Unbeknownst to the party, at some The Dreamtime is a “place” that can only
time during their travel they be reached by either stepping through a
passed through a tear in reality tear in reality created in aeons passed or
into the Dreamtime by conducting teleportation rituals known
only by the most privileged native
7. A small beech and gum forest
sorcerers. However, if a PC manages to
clings to a remote hillside. The
find themselves in such a place, the
leaves are yellowish and
dangers are paramount. The monstrous
shrivelled, clearly having been
spirits and fae-like creatures that stalk the
infected by something mundane or
Dreamtime are as likely to be friendly as
they are deadly. Furthermore, if one can
8. The remnants of a broken spire lie escape the world of dreams, they are far
strewn about a valley’s floor. An from guaranteed to return the same.
entire native clan has gathered to Perhaps time has sped quicker or slower
use the fallen tower for shelter whilst they were away? Perhaps their
from an oncoming storm actions in the Dreamtime directly altered
9. A clearing in the forest has been the history of Magellanica and beyond?
made by some colossal beast or
3.7.1 Chronology
magical force that has torn trees
that are the width of a diprotodon GMs should remember that what happens
clean out of the ground in the dream time is a reflection of what
10. Colossal mushrooms sprout from a happens simultaneously in the past,
caldera of a small dormant present and future. It is the creation myth
volcano. The local native tribe of the world, playing out the world’s
describe the glade of fungi as “the creation all at once. A PC that enters the
fairy garden” Dreamtime can therefore potentially
change creation. For example, natives tell
of an angry giant in the dreaming who
topples a mountain but dies of exhaustion
3.7 The Dreamtime
in the process, forming a corpse-mountain
in its place. This is the tale of how a real
The realm of the Dreamtime or the mountain in the Barrier is made from a
“Everywhen” acts like a plane with a giant’s bones. If a PC were to encounter
strong association to the powers of Chaos. that giant in the Dreamtime, they are as
It is home to spirits and creatures of myth likely to find it angrily destroying a
and legend that fulfil their every whimsy mountain as they are to find its
in a strange and colourful magic-drenched mountainous corpse. If they managed to
landscape. Creation and potential are persuade the giant to stop destroying the
manifest in the Dreamtime, such is the mountain, then they would save the giants
power of a land made from dreams. But life…but what might this mean for the real
who or what is dreaming? None perhaps world? A mountain of the Barrier could
the wisest native elders can say. suddenly disappear, unravelling the
thread of all the drovers or natives that

lived upon it. Perhaps the giant then takes 5. Pink rain falls from a cloudless
out his rage on another spirit, unravelling sky, covering everything in an oily
its victim’s influence on the world. As sheen
such, the ramifications of PC’s altering
6. A colossal humanoid mouth smiles
creation myths can have untold
eerily from a mountainside, it
consequences for the Realm of the
turns to a frown the moment the
PC’s look away
3.7.2 Describing the Dreamtime 7. The sun shines with rainbow light,
partially blinding PC’s with
Given the “otherness” attributed to the
darkvision (sight reduced to 60 ft.)
Dreamtime, we encourage GMs to create
an extremely alien landscape for their 8. Oncoming purple storm clouds in
players. The environment of the the shape of a hand crackle with
Dreamtime should physically reflect orange lightning
concepts, themes, emotions and other 9. A raving madman is huddled by
artistic attributes. This includes the the mouth of a cave muttering
landscape, flora and fauna. We suggest about “fragrant marrow”
mixing euphoric and depressive elements
10. A yowie stands before the party,
into the environment to give the
arms outstretched and screaming
Dreamtime a dystopian feel. For example:
from pain without a source
rainbow coloured grass sprouting
shadow-black flowers, vibrantly blue and 11. The local landscape is shaped like
yellow hills beneath a night sky filled with a sleeping giant, attentive PC’s
purple stars, black storm clouds pouring notice the hill that forms its chest is
rainbow paint etc. ever so slowly moving up and
Dreamtime encounter table, roll 1d12 to
12. A tribe of natives roams a hillside
randomly generate:
in the distance, riding on the backs
1. A small multi-coloured frog leaps of colourful serpents
in front of the PC’s and suavely
says “hello”
2. Pools of heatless fire block the path 3.8 Secrets of the Natives
ahead with plumes of blue smoke
3. Black dingoes laugh maniacally as The native tribes consider themselves the
they hunt nearby custodians of their lands. They maintain a
4. Writhing worms wriggle free from spiritual relationship with not only the
the pouch of a kangaroo that land as it is presently, but as it has always
calmly stands there whilst the been and always will be. The will and
worms eat its flesh whimsy of creation expressed by the
creatures of the Dreamtime is reflected in
the landscape, rich with meaning and
purpose to the natives that live there. The

secret stories that natives pass down understanding the customs of nearby
between generations may reveal what creatures or the dangers of certain
Dreamtime creatures created the land. landscapes. As such, translated names
Some detailed stories can explain what should be informative, such as “flees-
intentions these spirits had for their from-fire” or “hurts-at-dawn”. Using
creations, lending a sense of purpose to nouns and adjectives helps to hint at the
the landscape. Furthermore, the influence secret within the name. Using an
of mere mortals can be expressed through anthropomorphic connotation in a name
secret stories and songs, providing a for something inanimate (such as a place)
history of a tribe’s ancestral heroes or can bring the landscape to life. For
villains. example, “gentle-in-the-shade” might
describe a mountain that can only be
GMs are encouraged to create mysterious
climbed from slopes that never see the
aspects of the landscape that native tribes
sun, aiding the PCs in their quest to reach
respect and understand. Rivers that turn
the summit.
green at sunset, a glade of trees that never
stops burning, a mountain valley shaped These names are held by the most
like a cupped hand. Strange aspects to the respected elders of the tribe. Often, they
landscape can add a sense of mystery to are powerful spellcasters with a magical
adventures and allow for a relationship connection to the Dreamtime. Druids and
with natives to be tangibly valuable in sorcerers are common amongst the elders,
uncovering these mysteries. Exactly how however the most powerful tend to be
adventurers can gain these secrets from warlocks (DnD) or mesmerists (PF). The
the natives creates another fantastic warlocks take the Pact of the Dream and
avenue for adventure at the GM’s the oracles are affected by the Mystery:
disposal. Perhaps the PCs need to go on a Dream.
quest to appease the local tribe or conduct
3.8.2 Native Languages
a sacred ritual that conflicts with their
sense of morality. We encourage GMs to The languages of the natives differs with
use PC’s attempts to gain the secrets of the every clan. However, knowing one
natives as valuable opportunities for new language can help with understanding
adventures or immersive roleplaying. another. Knowing an entire native
language provides a +5 bonus on Wis
3.8.1 Names
(DnD) or Linguistics (PF) checks to
Native names provide a wealth of determine the meaning of a sentence from
information about their subject. Often this another native language.
information is considered secret, so the
name remains secret too. GMs should
consider the true nature of places and
people in their Magellanican campaign
3.9 Designer’s Inspiration
and think about assigning them a native
name accordingly. A native name might Like all fantasy settings, there are
be what the PCs need to finally historical allegories woven into the fabric

of Magellanica. The setting weaves constables, rebels, convicts, bushrangers
indigenous and colonial Australian and activists of Australia make our little-
history with traditional western fantasy to known history an imaginatively evocative
create something unique but one. It is tragic that so few Aussies
unmistakably Aussie. The setting is so actually know much about it.
heavily inspired by Australian history that
The most obvious thing about Magellanica
it could almost be considered a roman-à-
stolen from real world history is the name.
clef. A few examples include: the Dark
“Magellanica” is an actual term used to
Guard are analogous to the colonial Black
describe a great southern continent on
(Native) Police, the backwards flowing
many maps throughout the early 17th
Murrawi river was exactly what puzzled
century. It was named after Ferdinand
those that discovered the Murray river
Magellan who had thought he had
and the map weaves together a number of
discovered the tip of this continent when
land marks from south-eastern Australia.
sailing though the (humbly named)
Almost all places, characters and creatures
Straights of Magellan. This is one of the
described in the setting are based on real-
first names attributed to what would
world analogues that exist(ed) in real life
largely become Australia and Antarctica.
or real beliefs.
Furthermore, Magellan named the “Land
Truly, Australian aboriginal culture is of Fire” (on many maps of Magellanica)
filled with some of the most interesting due to the smoke he saw billowing up
and under-appreciated myths. from native campfires near the shore. As a
Furthermore, they fit exceedingly well mythical continent with fantastical names
into most fantasy RPG settings. They echo like the Land of Fire, Magellanica became
and build upon the same kind of spiritual a source of inspiration for this author to
and mythological qualities of their better- weave together real world Australian
known European counterparts. Indeed, fantasy and history.
indigenous Australians have had their
We encourage any gaming group that
own dragons, giants, ghosts and myriad
likes historical roleplaying over fantasy to
of others tens of millennia before their
use Magellanica as an historical campaign
European equivalents became established.
setting. You can easily create an historical
Furthermore, the exploits of colonists in Magellanican setting by removing magic
19th century Australia reads like the and races. It fits any historical setting of
history of a fantasy realm. Replace rifles the middle ages and early modern period,
with magic and you have a time in which particularly in the 1600s when colonial
colonial and native culture clash together Empires were beginning to rapidly
with terrible yet fantastic reality. Different expand.
races, different religions, different
Regardless of how you use this book, the
ideologies all mix together into something
author thanks you very much for reading
unique. Most amazing are the people:
colonists and natives whose lives of
adventure can make any PC jealous. The
governors, squatters, explorers,

Magellanica on the
bottom of a 16th
century globe in the
Vatican Museum.
There are multiple
globes on display at
the Vatican
Museum that name
Magellanica at their

“Magellanica” listed on a map by Dutch cartographer Arnoldus Montanus, 1671

Chapter 4

fantasy monsters like trolls and wargs
already detailed for DnD and Pathfinder
Chapter 4. Bestiary may be encountered in Magellanica if they
have broken free from menageries or
4.1 Introduction escaped the hold of shipwrecked
The people of Magellanica inhabit the transports (as suggested in Chapter 3).
continent alongside a plethora of strange These creatures that are not unique to
creatures. From spirit to monster, Magellanica have been omitted from the
Magellanica is filled with all manner of following Bestiary in order to provide
powerful beasts discovered by intrepid rules for more novel Magellanican
adventurers. This section details these creatures. As such, the profiles listed
creatures for use in your games. Each below detail creatures unique to
entry includes rules compatible with both Magellanica.
DnD and Pathfinder. Given the extra
details required for Pathfinder entries, the
listed profiles are directly written for
Pathfinder. However, where there are
DnD or Pathfinder specific rules, “DnD”
or “PF” is listed in parentheses. To use the
following rules for DnD, apply the

 Ignore all references to archetype,

base atk (attack), class, DR
(damage reduction), regeneration,
SR (spell resistance), SQ (special
qualities), Fort, Ref, Will, touch
AC, flat-footed AC, CMB, CMD
and feats
 Count all special abilities and
attacks as requiring one action to
 All references to a standard action
mean a regular action in DnD
 Treat passive perception in DnD
as the listed perception bonus +3
Many creatures in Magellanica already
have profiles included in DnD’s Monster
Manual and Pathfinder’s Bestiary. These
include dryads, fairies, frog-men (grungs
and grippli), giants (hill, fire, rock), sprites
and undead. Furthermore, traditional

from the underbrush to rob them. A
4.2 People of Magellanica bushranger aims to leave on horseback or
by dromornithid with almost all the
valuables of their victims. Often their
4.2.1 Colonists
custom is to spare the poor victim a few
Escaped Convict coins to buy some food at the closest
village. This helps ensure that a
A ragged man emerges from the shadows, bushranger does not draw too much
his feet and wrists still redraw from the attention from the constabulary. A
weight of chains. But the chains have been partially robbed victim will cause less fuss
broken, and he has escaped the than than one whose entire belongings
constabulary. Now he is desperate to find are stolen.
food or money to fill his empty belly and
find lodging for his weary head. Clutching CR 3
a makeshift dagger in strong hands, he is XP 800
eager to rob any passer-by at knife point. Half-orc Ranger 2/Rogue (Sniper
archetype) 2
CR 2 NE Medium humanoid (human, orc)
XP 600 Init +4; Senses: Perception +8
Human Expert 4 DEFENCE
CN Medium humanoid AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 armour,
Init –1; Senses: Perception +8 +4 Dex)
DEFENCE hp 32 (4 HD; 2d10+2d8+8)
AC 9, touch 9, flat-footed 9 (–1 Dex) Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +1
hp 26 (4d8+8) Defensive Abilities: evasion
Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5 OFFENCE
OFFENCE Speed 30 ft.
Speed 30 ft. Melee: mwk handaxe +6 (1d6+2/×3)
Melee: improvised dagger (broken glass Ranged: mwk heavy crossbow +8
or ceramic) +4 (1d4+1) (1d10/19-20)
STATISTICS Special Attacks: favoured enemy (humans
Str 14, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 8 +2), sneak attack +1d6, accuracy
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 11 STATISTICS
Feats: Catch Off-Guard, Diehard, Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha
Endurance 8
Skills: Escape Artist +5, Sleight of Hand Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 19
+5, Survival +4 Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot,
Languages: Common Rapid Reload, Skill Focus (Stealth)
Skills Acrobatics +7, Climb +10, Disguise
Bushranger +6, Knowledge (geography) +7,
Knowledge (nature) +7, Perception +8,
Hiding by the roadside, the bushranger
Stealth +14, Survival +10, Swim +7
awaits the next noble traveller. The
Languages: Common
moment their prey draws near he’ll leap

SQ: rogue talents (fast stealth), track +1, fascinate, inspire courage +1), sneak attack
wild empathy +1, orc ferocity, weapon +2d6
familiarity Bard Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration
Combat Gear: elixir of hiding, potions of +3)
cure light wounds (2), potion of pass 1st (2/day)—feather fall, cure light
without trace; Other Gear: leather armour, wounds
masterwork crossbow with 20 bolts, 0 (at will)—mage hand, message,
masterwork handaxe, 25 gp mending, spark
Explorer Str 10, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha
Explorers lead expeditions beyond the
Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 19
borders of the map for the glory and
Feats: Diehard, Endurance, Improved Iron
money gained from redrawing it. They are
Will, Persuasive, Point Blank Shot,
experienced with living far from
civilisation, travelling for months in
Skills: Bluff +6, Diplomacy +14, Disable
unknown wilderness. Explorers are
Device +9, Intimidate +4, Knowledge
proficient with instruments of surveying
(dungeoneering) +8, Knowledge
like compasses and maps – navigatoion
(geography) +7, Knowledge (history) +8,
and calligraphy tools. With a walking
Knowledge (local) +13, Knowledge
stick and a broad-brimmed hat, the
(nature) +13, Linguistics +11, Perception
explorer is ready to take on anything the
+11, Perform (Oratory) +9, Profession
wilderness has to offer.
(explorer) +12, Sense Motive +11, Stealth
+12, Survival +6
CR 6
Languages: Celestial, Common, Dwarven,
XP 2,400
Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, two native
Elven bard 1/ranger 3/rogue 3
NG Medium humanoid (elf)
SQ: bardic knowledge +1, favoured enemy
Init +2; Senses :low-light vision;
(animal +2), favoured terrain (desert +2),
Perception +13
rogue talent (combat trick), track +1,
trapfinding +1, wild empathy +5, elven
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 15 (+4 armour,
magic, weapon familiarity
+1 deflection, +2 Dex, +1 dodge)
Combat Gear: potion of cure moderate
hp 38 (7 HD; 3d10+4d8)
wounds; Other Gear: +1 studded leather,
Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +5
quarterstaff, light crossbow, ring of
Defensive Abilities: evasion, trap sense +1,
protection +1, map of the region,
immune sleep
sunstone, compass, spyglass, all tools
required for mapmaking and navigation,
Speed 30 ft.
300 gp
Melee: quarterstaff +5 (1d6)
Ranged: light crossbow +6 (1d8/19-20)
Red Tabard
Special Attacks: bardic performance 6
rounds/day (countersong, distraction, The red tabards are the core of the
constabulary and the standard guardsmen

of the colony. Their characteristic red Red Ranger
tabards stand out amongst streets of
Grizzled from years of hunting
Galesmeet and the villages beyond. Their
bushrangers, the red rangers are an elite
red garments are a dual symbol to the
arm of the constabulary designed to
people – the constables will give their
maintain order in the fringes of the
blood to protect the colony but will
colony. They deliberately ignore stealth,
readily spill the blood of those that
instead displaying their tattered red
threaten the colony’s order.
cloaks as a symbol of fear to any
bushranger that sees it. Intimidated by the
CR 1
knowledge of their pursuer, bushranging
XP 400
gangs are known to turn on one another in
Human Fighter 2
a panic to selfishly claim all the loot for
LN Medium humanoid (human)
themselves rather than face a Red Ranger.
Init+1; Senses: Perception +1
CR 4
AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+6 armour,
XP 1,200
+1 Dex)
Human Ranger 5
hp 21 (2d10+6)
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +3 (+1 vs. fear)
Init +4; Senses: Perception +10
Defensive Abilities: bravery +1
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 armour,
Speed 20 ft.
+4 Dex)
Melee: mwk longsword +5 (1d8+3/×3) or
hp 27 (5d10)
dagger +4 (1d4+3/19–20)
Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +5
Ranged: heavy crossbow +3 (1d10/19–20)
Speed 30 ft.
Str 15, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha
Melee: mwk longsword +9 (1d8+2/19–20)
Ranged: mwk light crossbow +10
Base Atk +2; CMB +4 (+6 trip); CMD 15
(17 vs. trip)
Special Attacks: favoured enemy (animals
Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Trip,
+4, humanoid (human) +2)
Iron Will, Power Attack
Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 2nd;
Skills: Climb +3, Intimidate +4,
concentration +4)
Knowledge (engineering) +6, Profession
1st—entangle (DC 13), longstrider
(soldier) +6
Languages: Common, any one human
Str 15, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha
Combat Gear: potion of cure light
Base Atk +5; CMB +7; CMD 21
wounds, manacles; Other Gear:
Feats: Endurance, Iron Will, Point Blank
breastplate, heavy crossbow with 10 bolts,
Shot, Rapid Reload, Self-Sufficient,
masterwork longsword, short sword,
Weapon Focus (longsword)
torch, 15 gp
Skills: Handle Animal +9, Heal +10,
Intimidate +12, Knowledge (Geography)

+10, Perception +11, Survival +12, Swim hp 28 (8d8–8)
+6 Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +8
Languages: Common OFFENCE
SQ: favoured terrain (forest +2), hunter’s Speed 30 ft.
bond (companions), track +2, wild Melee: spear +5/+0 (1d8 - 1/x3)
empathy+6 Ranged: spear +6 (1d8 - 1 /×3)
Combat Gear: potions of cure moderate STATISTICS
wounds (2), elixir of hiding (2); Other Str 9, Dex 10, Con 8, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 11
Gear: +1 studded leather, masterwork Base Atk +6; CMB +5; CMD 16
light crossbow with 20 bolts, masterwork Feats: Magical Aptitude, Skill Focus
longsword, 310 gp (Knowledge [arcana, nature, planes], Use
Magic Device)
4.2.2 Natives Skills: Appraise +14, Knowledge (arcana)
+17, Knowledge (dungeoneering,
Natives do not gain racial languages and
engineering, local) +7, Knowledge
racial weapon familiarities because they
(geography) +12, Knowledge (history)
have not been exposed to their race’s
+14, Knowledge (nature, planes) +17,
civilisation. However, they are always
Knowledge (nobility) +5, Knowledge
proficient with spears, boomerangs and
(religion) +10, Linguistics +14, Spellcraft
+16, Use Magic Device +16
Elder Languages: Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran,
Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven,
Eldest of the tribe, these natives tend to be Elven, Ignan, Infernal, Terran
considered wise and therefore worthy of Combat Gear: gum leaf tea, possum skin
leadership. Many elders within a single cloak, potion of cure moderate wounds
tribe will discuss where to go and what to
hunt, acting like a council rather than a Hunter
single chieftain. Their role also extends to
ensuring that the tribe maintains its Where most women tend to gather yams
ancient custodial duty to the land upon and forage nuts, the hunters use spears to
which they live. Elders teach the youngest bring down animals and boomerangs to
of the tribe about the importance of such bring down birds. Hunters can place
duties, passing on their knowledge from spears with pinpoint accuracy at large
one generation to the next. distances, especially when using a
woomera. Their skills with a spear
CR 2 translate well from hunting to war,
XP 2,400 making them the soldiery of the tribe.
Human Expert 8
N Medium humanoid (human) The rules for the hunter can also be used
Init +0; Senses: Perception +1 as a dark guardsman. To use as a dark
DEFENCE guardsman, add leather armour to their
AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 11 (+1 inventory (increasing their AC to 14 and
deflection) flat-footed AC to 14) and change favoured

enemy from monstrous humanoids +2 to Kurdaitcha
humanoid (human) +2.
The role of the kurdaitcha is synonymous
with revenge and is a sacred position
CR 5
amongst native tribes. Wielding sorcerous
XP 1,600
magic and bestowing curses with a
Bilbyfolk ranger 6
corpulent bone wand, the kurdaitcha is a
N Medium humanoid
symbol of impending doom to enemy
Init +3; Senses: darkvision; Perception +10
tribes. The position requires ritualistic
initiation and the dislocation of the big
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+3 Dex, +2
toes in order to wear sacred thongs of
matted hair and blood. With wand
hp 45 (6d10+12)
outstretched, the kurdaitcha curses their
Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +3
foes and enacts vengeance on the
Immune sleep
murderers of their tribe.
Speed 30 ft.
CR 9
Melee: mwk spear +10/+5 (1d8+3/x3)
XP 6,400
Ranged: mwk spear (woomera) +11
Wombatfolk Sorcerer 10
(1d8+3/x3, range 30 ft.)
CN Medium humanoid
Special Attacks: favoured enemy (animals
Init +3; Senses: low-light vision;
+4, monstrous humanoids +2)
Perception +7
Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 3rd;
concentration +3)
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+4 armour,
1st—speak with animals
+2 Dex)
hp 55 (10d6+20)
Str 16, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha
Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +7
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 22
Speed 30 ft.
Feats: Endurance, Far Shot, Improved
Melee: mwk spear +8 (1d6+2/×3), claw +8
Precise Shot, Mounted Archery, Mounted
Combat, Rapid Shot, Self-Sufficient
Ranged: mwk spear +8 (1d6+2/×3)
Skills: Climb +11, Handle Animal +8, Heal
Spell-like Abilities: lullaby (8/day),
+8, Knowledge (nature) +5, Perception
modify memory or speak with dead
+10, Ride +11, Stealth +11, Survival +12
(living target; 1/day, DC 19), bestow curse
(+15 to follow tracks), Swim +7
Languages: one native language
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 10th;
SQ: hunter's bond (animal companion
concentration +15)
[hawk]), favoured terrain (desert +2),
5th (3/day)—fire snake (DC 21)
track +3, wild empathy +5, jumper's legs
4th (5/day)—divination, fear (DC 19),
Combat Gear: heavy wooden shield,
shout (DC 21), stoneskin
masterwork spear, dagger, woomera
3rd (6/day)—deep slumber, fireball (DC
19), fly, rage, stinking cloud (DC 18)

2nd (6/day)—acid arrow, augury, bull's must bear and eventually go mad with the
strength, false life, resist energy, scorching knowledge of terrible truths.
1st (6/day)—burning hands (DC 17), A wise woman is so unique as to warrant
endure elements, mage armour, magic separate rules for DnD and Pathfinder.
missile, ray of enfeeblement (DC 16),
shield, sleep Warlock of the Great Old One 14 (DnD)
0th (at will)—acid splash, arcane mark, Medium humanoid (any race, female), CN
bleed (DC 15), daze, detect magic, flare Armour Class 12 (15 with mage armour)
(DC 16), ray of frost, resistance Hit Points 77 (14d8 + 14)
Bloodline: dreamspun Speed 30 ft.
Base Statistics: without mage armour, the STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA
kurdaitcha's statistics are AC 11, touch 11, 9 (-1) 14 (+2) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 15 (+2) 20
flat-footed 10. (+5)
STATISTICS Saving Throws: Cha +8, Wis +5
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha Skills Arcana +13, History +13, Insight +13
20 Damage Resistance: psychic
Base Atk +5; CMB +7; CMD 19 Senses: passive darkvision 60ft, passive
Feats: Combat Casting, Eschew Materials, Perception 12
Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Languages: all native Magellanican
Quicken Spell, Spell Focus (evocation) dialects, Draconic, Deep speech,
Skills: Intimidate +12, Knowledge (arcana) Primordial, Sylvan
+8, Linguistics +1, Perception +7, Sense Challenge 6 (2,300 XP)
Motive +13, Spellcraft +7 Special Traits
Languages: three native languages Innate Spellcasting: the wise woman’s
SQ: bloodline dreamspun, burrower's innate spellcasting ability is charisma. She
claws can innately cast the following spells
Combat Gear: kurdaitcha wand and (spell save DC 16). These spells requires
thongs, spear no material components:
At will: dreamgate, dreamglance,
Wise Woman dreamsight, charm person, mage armour,
speak with dead
Where the elders know the best routes to
1/day each: mass suggestion, true seeing
navigate the wilderness and the best time
Spellcasting: The wise woman is a 14 th
of year to hunt kangaroo, the wise women
level spellcaster. Her spellcasting ability is
know the songlines of the Dreamtime and
Charisma (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with
the secrets of the dreaming. They wield
spell attacks). She regains expended spell
magic that is coloured by the rainbow lens
slots after a short or long rest. She knows
of the Dreamtime, altering the minds of
the following warlock spells (3 spell slots
their targets. They hold their secrets
at 5th level):
dearly, only passing them on to those they
Cantrips (at will): chill touch, eldritch
deem worthy of the privilege. Some wise
blast, guidance, mage hand, minor
women cannot handle the secrets they
illusion, prestidigation, shocking grasp

1st level: charm person, tasha’s hideous exhausted, fascinated, sleep, staggered,
laughter, dissonant whispers stunned)
2nd level: suggestion, misty step, detect Mesmerist Spells Known (CL 12th;
thoughts concentration +17, spell save DC 15 + spell
3rd level: clairvoyance, hypnotic pattern level)
4th level: dimension door, dominate beast 4th (3/day)—bestow curse, create
5th level: dream mindscape, dream, hold monster,
Pact of the Dream (pg. 88 of this book), sleepwalk
Awakened Mind, Entropic Ward, Thought 3rd (4/day)—deep slumber, dreamgate,
Shield, Create Thrall (DnD Player’s hold person, minor dream,
Handbook pg. 110) 2nd (5/day)—detect mindscape, dream
Actions shield, dreamsight, dreamglance, enthrall,
Spear: Melee or ranged weapon attack: +2 hold person
to hit, reach 5 ft. or range 20/60 ft., one 1st (5/day)—charm person, color spray,
target. Hit: 2 (1d6 – 1) piercing damage, or faerie fire, paranoia, hypnotism, oneiric
3 (1d8 – 1) if used in two hands. horror, share language, sleep
0th (at will)—dancing lights, daze, detect
Mesmerist Dreamstalker 12 (PF) magic, ghost sound, mage hand, message
XP 12,800 Str 9, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha
CN Medium female lizardfolk humanoid 20
(reptilian) Base Atk +9/+4; CMB +8; CMD 20
Init +2; Senses: low-light vision; Feats: Dodge, Brew Potion, Craft
Perception +12 Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, Iron Will,
DEFENCE Skills Focus (Knowledge [nature], Stealth),
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 13 ( +2 Dex, Toughness, Traumatic Spell, Weapon
+2 natural) Focus (spear)
hp 59 (12d6+15) Skills: Acrobatics +15 (+19 when
Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +12; +2 vs. jumping), Bluff +13, Knowledge (arcana)
enchantments +13, Knowledge (history) +10, Knowledge
Immune sleep (nature) +6, Linguistics +15, Perception
OFFENCE +26, Stealth +21, Survival +17, Swim +10
Speed 30 ft., swim 30ft. Languages: all native languages (but can
Melee spear: +9/+4 (1d8 - 1/x3), bite +8 cast share languages)
(1d3 – 1/x3), 2 claws +8/+8 (1d4 – 1/x3) SQ: Natural armour, Natural attacks (bite
Ranged spear: +12 (1d8 - 1 /×3) and claws), Swim
Special Attacks: hexes (slumber [30 ft.], Gear: gum leaf tea, possum skin cloak,
nightmare [60 ft.], vision), hypnotic stare spear, wandjina’s blood
(bold stare: disquiet, nightblindness,
Spell-like Abilities: touch (5/day, removes
one of: confused, cowering, dazed,

an unsettling penchant for stealing
4.3 Animals of Magellanica children
 Devil: this black animal is
4.3.1 Non-Megafauna extremely ferocious, grasping prey
much larger than itself with a
The mundane animals of Magellanica strong jaw and tearing its flesh
typically differ from those found on other with viscous fangs. Counts as a
continents by their strange shape, colour wolf (DnD Monster Manual pg. 341)
and marsupial heritage. However, their or wolverine (PF Bestiary pg. 278)
rules are mostly identical to those of their with a tiny size
Old Home equivalent. As such, the
 Kangaroo: tall and strong, a
following list of animals from Magellanica
kangaroo looks like an elongated
is provided with an equivalent animal
rabbit with powerful legs to hop
with rules already published in DnD and
instead of run. Males tend to be
Pathfinder. These rules can be used to
both aggressive and dangerous.
represent the associated Magellanican
Counts as a goat (DnD Monster
animal. However, some have additions or
Manual pg. 330 or Pathfinder
caveats that give them their own unique
Bestiary 3 pg. 112) with an ability to
twist. In the case of the emu, we have
jump 5ft
provided new rules as to our knowledge
there are no equivalents in either RPG.  Koala: slow and cute from afar but
dangerous up close, koalas are
 Crow: the lonely caw of this grey-furred tree-dwellers that
ominous black bird is a spend most of their day eating
characteristic feature of gum leaves. When protecting their
Magellanican mornings. Counts as young, they can strike
raven (DnD Monster Manual pg. unexpectedly with brutally sharp
335 or Pathfinder Bestiary pg. 133) claws. Counts as a cat (DnD
but also provides a -1 (un)luck Monster Manual pg. 320 or
penalty to the next roll of the PC Pathfinder Bestiary pg. 131) except
that saw it first Dexterity 6
 Dingo or Dog-Tiger: the rust-  Platypus: scholars don’t know
coloured dingo is a wild breed of what to make of the platypus. It is
dog that hunts in packs. They are akin to a venomous half-duck,
common hunting dogs amongst half-beaver that (remarkably) lays
native tribes. The dog-tiger is a eggs. It is incredibly shy, and
slimmer breed of dog with black almost always flees from any
stripes that tend to hide from intruder in its watery habitat.
humans and remain wild. Both Counts as a snake or viper (DnD
count as a mastiff or dog (DnD Monster Manual pg. 334 or
Monster Manual pg. 332 or Pathfinder Bestiary pg. 133)
Pathfinder Bestiary pg. 87), but has without a climb speed and counts
movement 10 ft. on land

 Wombat: tough and quick, the hp 9 (2d8)
wombat can move at much faster Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +0
speeds that their bulky frame OFFENCE
would suggest. They are extremely Speed 40 ft.
stubborn, willing to pursue a foe Melee: 2 raking kicks -2 (1d4)
that threatens their young across STATISTICS
long distances. Counts as a boar Str 12, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 3
(DnD Monster Manual pg. 319 or Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 14
Pathfinder Bestiary pg. 36) except Feat: Run
with a tiny size, Strength 14 and 9 Skills: Perception +8
Environment: temperate plains
 Wedge-tailed Eagle: in contrast to
Organisation: pair or mob (6 – 12)
the crow, the eagle is an omen of
Treasure: none
good luck. They are often seen
high above as they hunt for small
4.3.2 Megafauna
animals. Once they claim a kill,
they refuse to leave it behind until Blue Yabby
they have their fill. Woe betides
any that attempt to disturb an This colossal crustacean is
eating wedge-tail. Counts as an unimaginatively named for its thick dark
eagle (DnD Monster Manual pg. 322 blue shell. Blue Yabbies crush unlucky
or Pathfinder Bestiary pg. 118) livestock with powerful claws before
except provides +1 luck bonus to dragging them underwater. They are the
the next roll of the PC that saw it bane of unwary travellers that stray too
first close to their mud labyrinths that dot the
banks of distant rivers.

CR 6
These large flightless birds clump together
XP 2,400
in groups when foraging the Magellanican
N Large animal (aquatic)
plains. They can run at great speed,
Init +0; Senses: darkvision 30 ft.;
something they tend to do when they see
Perception +8
strangers approaching. However, an
aggressive emu is a dangerous thing,
AC 25, touch 9, flat-footed 26 (–1 size, +16
raking its victim with viscous talons.
hp 58 (9d8+18)
CR 1/2
Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +3
XP 200
Weaknesses: water dependency
N Medium animal
Init +3; Senses: low-light vision;
Speed 20 ft., swim 40 ft.
Perception +9
Melee: 2 claws +10 (1d6+3 plus grab/x4)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
Special Attacks: constrict (claw) 2d6+3

STATISTICS creatures which make them easily trapped
Str 16, Dex 10, Con 14, Int –, Wis 10, Cha 2 or hunted. Luckily for colonists, the
Base Atk +7; CMB +11 (+15 to grapple); diprotodon makes for a fantastic pack
CMD 21 (31 vs. trip) animal due to its docile nature. They are
Skills: Perception +8, Stealth +4, Swim also very capable burrowers that mining
+19; Racial Modifiers +4 Perception , +4 guilds exploit to build mine shafts
Stealth through soft earth. However, when hurt,
SPECIAL ABILITIES protecting young or in the grips of mating
Water Dependency (Ex) season, a diprotodon can be a terrifying
A blue yabby can live out of water for 8 opponent.
hours before it begins to drown in air
Exoskeleton (Ex) CR 6
The chitin exoskeleton of the blue yabby XP 2,400
can be harvested to be used to make a full N Large animal
suite of blue yabby exoskeletal armour. Init +0; Senses: low-light vision, scent;
Grab and constrict (DnD) Perception +16
When a blue yabby successfully hits a DEFENCE
target with a claw attack, it can attempt to AC 21, touch 9, flat-footed 21 (+12 natural,
lock the creature in its claw and crush –1 size)
them. After damage of a successful claw hp 67 (9d8+27)
attack has been dealt, the target must Fort +11, Ref +6, Will +4
make a DC 18 Dex save or be grappled by OFFENCE
the blue yabby. The grappled creature is Speed 30 ft.
locked tight in its claw. At the beginning Melee: bite +10 (2d6+5), 2 claws +10
of each blue yabby turn, any grappled foes (1d10+5)
are dealt 2d6+3 damage as the claw closes Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
tight to crush them. A blue yabby can only STATISTICS
grapple one foe with each of its two claws Str 20, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6
and cannot attack with it once a foe is Base Atk +6; CMB +12; CMD 22 (26 vs.
grappled. trip)
ECOLOGY Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude,
Environment :Temperate or warm aquatic Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, Skill
Organisation: Solitary or colony (2–5) Focus (Perception)
Treasure: None Skills: Perception +16
Diprotodon Environment: temperate plains and forests
Organisation: solitary or pair
Often described as a muscular wombat the
Treasure: none
size of an elephant, the diprotodon is a
fearsome sight for newcomers to
Magellanica. The natives and yowies seem
to respect these animals and refuse to hunt Where a diprotodon is a large wombat,
them. With no common predators in their the dromornithid is a large emu. They are
environment, they are not afraid of new extremely fast, which makes them

fantastic mounts once the rider gets used Feats: Ability Focus (paralysing gaze),
to the strange rhythm of their canter. Flyby Attack, Hover
However, to make a trained dromornithid Skills: Fly +5, Perception +9, Stealth +7
they must be raised from hatchlings. Eggs SPECIAL ABILITIES
are difficult to obtain because Paralysing gaze (Su)
dromornithids tend to outrun the With flickering wings, the eye pattern on a
colonists seeking to track them to their dusk monarch can deliver a dangerous
nest. stare. Any intelligent humanoid creature
within 60 ft. that can see the dusk
A dromornithid counts as an axe beak
monarch must make a DC 14 Will (PF) or
(DnD Monster Manual pg. 317 or
DC 14 Wis (DnD) save at the start of each
Pathfinder Bestiary 3 pg. 29) except their
turn or become paralysed for 2 rounds. An
speed is increased to 60 ft.
effected creature may take a new save at
Dusk Monarch the end of its turn. The save DC is
All goes eerily quiet as shadows moving Implant (Ex)
withershins blot out the stars. Dusk ECOLOGY
Monarchs are colossal moths that are Environment: volcanic mountains
drawn to the glow of lava at night. They Organisation: solitary or mating pair (2)
are considered by the natives to be Treasure: none
powerful omens of change. Their wings
sport two large orbs that look like the Little Magellanican Dragon
predatory eyes of an even bigger creature.
Typical colonial larrikinism drips from the
CR 6 name of this brutal reptilian beast. It is
XP 2,400 neither “little” nor a “dragon”. It is akin to
N Large animal a large goanna with a frilled neck. Much
Init +5; Senses: darkvision 60 ft.; to the chagrin of ambitious colonists, Little
Perception +8 Magellanican Dragons are almost
DEFENCE untameable. They are so violent and prone
AC 19, touch 12, flat-footed 16 (+3 Dex, +7 to frenzy that they can rarely be trained to
natural, –1 size) hold riders or goods. However, when
hp 32 (5d10+5) grown from hatchlings they can be
Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +5 bonded to a certain person who is present
OFFENCE when they hatch. As such, Little
Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (good) Magellanican Dragons can only be ridden
Melee: bite +6 (1d8+2) by someone willing to spend over a
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft. decade of constant exposure to the
Special Attacks: paralysing gaze hatchling as it grows into a ferocious
Str 15, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha
10 CR 5
Base Atk +5; CMB +8; CMD 21 XP 1,600
N Large animal

Init +5; Senses: low-light vision, scent; terror of the wilds. It earns its name from
Perception +11 its silvery silvery scales but earns its
DEFENCE reputation from sharp fangs that stream
AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 17 (+3 Dex, +8 with deadly poison. The Mirror Python
natural, –1 size) hides in the underbrush before attacking
hp 59 (7d8+28) its prey by surprise. It tends to strike once,
Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +4 and either kill its prey outright or poisons
OFFENCE it so that the prey may die in the
Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft. preceding minute. It takes turns striking at
Melee: bite +9 (2d6+5), tail +4 (1d8+2) each foe, ensuring that each gets a taste of
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft. the poison. Those that fall are doomed to
Special Attacks: intimidating charge months of slow digestion within the
STATISTICS Mirror python’s belly.
Str 21, Dex 16, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha
10 CR 9
Base Atk +5; CMB +11; CMD 24 (28 vs. XP 6,400
trip) N Gargantuan animal
Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved Init +9; Senses: low-light vision, scent;
Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus Perception +13
(Perception) DEFENCE
Skills: Climb +13, Perception +11, Stealth AC 21, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+5 Dex, +7
+8; Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth natural, –1 size)
SPECIAL ABILITIES hp 153 (18d8+72)
Intimidating Charge (Ex) Fort +9, Ref +10, Will +5
When attacking, a Magellanican Dragon OFFENCE
may open up a large frill that surrounds Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
its neck as a free action. The mane of Melee: bite +10 (4d6+9 plus poison)
leathery skin appears so quickly that it Space 20 ft.; Reach 20 ft.
startles oncoming opponents. Any STATISTICS
creature within 30 ft. must make a DC 13 Str 22, Dex 20, Con 18, Int 1, Wis 17, Cha 2
Wis (DnD) or Will (PF) save or be Base Atk +13; CMB +23; CMD 38 (can’t be
frightened (DnD) or shaken (PF) for 1d6 tripped)
rounds. This is a fear effect. The save DC Feats: Improved Initiative, Skill Focus
is Charisma-based. (Stealth), Weapon Focus (bite)
ECOLOGY Skills: Acrobatics +10, Climb +14,
Environment: deserts and warm forests, Perception +15, Stealth +20, Swim +14;
plains, or hills Racial Modifiers +8 Acrobatics, +8 Climb,
Organisation: solitary, pair, or pack (3–8) +4 Perception, +4 Stealth, +8 Swim
Poison (Ex)
Mirror Python Bite—injury; save Fort DC 18; frequency
1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d6 Con; cure
Known as “Children of The Serpent” by
2 consecutive saves.
local natives, the mirror python is the

ECOLOGY AC 22, touch 11, flat-footed 20 (+2 Dex,
Environment: temperate or warm forests +11 natural, –1 size)
Organisation: solitary hp 54 (9d10+9)
Treasure: none Fort +7, Ref +10, Will +6
DR 10/good; Immune fire; Resist acid 10,
cold 10, electricity 10; poison 10 SR 20
4.3 Monsters of Magellanica OFFENCE
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (good)
Melee: 2 claws +9 (2d6+1), bite +9 (1d8+1),
Crow-spirit 2 talons +9 (1d6+1)
“Crow-spirit” is an incorrect translation of Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
a native word. These creatures are neither Spell-Like Abilities (CL 12th)
crows nor spirits. Crow-spirits are At will—fairie fire, fireball, flare
withered anthropomorphic crow-like 1/day—fire storm, secret of fire
creatures. Their ragged black feathers 2/day—flame strike
barely hide hideously burnt flesh beneath. STATISTICS
They have taloned feet and viscous claws. Str 12, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha
Their long black wings extend out from 16
their arms, and their claws sprout from Base Atk +9; CMB +11; CMD 22
where the pollex of a crow’s wing would Feats: Flyby Attack, Combat Reflexes,
normally be. From their long black beaks Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes,
rushes a bloodcurdling caw that mixes Power Attack
screaming with the roar of a bushfire. Skills: Fly +12, Intimidate +15, Knowledge
Indeed, the crow-spirits command an (planes) +14, Perception +23, Sense Motive
unrivalled control of fire magic. Natives +15, Spellcraft +14, Stealth +10, Survival
were said to have learned the secret of fire +15; Racial Modifiers +8 Perception
from generous birds that stole it from the Languages :all; telepathy 100 ft.
crow-spirits. Much to the relief of natives SPECIAL ABILITIES
and colonists, crow-spirits are extremely Symbol of Unluckiness (Su)
rare. They are wicked creatures, Every creature within 60ft that can see the
delighting in burning innocent people crow-spirit suffers -2 to all attacks, saves
alive. Natives consider the mere sight of a and skill checks.
crow-spirit to be a terrible omen that ECOLOGY
heralds an oncoming tragedy. Environment: volcanic wastelands
Organisation: solitary
CR 8 Treasure: standard
XP 4,800
NE Large outsider (neutral, evil, Drop Bear
extraplanar) Newcomers to Magellanica are always
Init +6; Senses: darkvision 60 ft.; warned by empathetic colonists of the
Perception +23 risks in leaving the roadside. The most
DEFENCE common piece of advice that these
newcomers receive is “watch out for the

drop bears”. Stealthily hiding in tall thick pass any acrobatics roll required to ignore
gum trees, these predators silently launch falling damage and do not provoke a Dex
from the canopy onto unsuspecting (DnD) or Ref (PF) save to avoid it. At the
victims below. They have sharp claws, end of their drop, they can make a full
long fangs and thick grey fur with white attack with their claws and bite attack.
tips to their ears. They are commonly After dropping, if they successfully hit a
described as a cross between a koala and a creature with a claw or bite attack they
grizzly bear. add an additional 2d6+10 to the damage.
CR 5
Environment: temperate forests
XP 1,200
Organisation: solitary or pair
N Large animal
Treasure: none
Init +1; Senses: low-light vision, scent;
Perception +6
AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+4 Dex, +6 The eagle-spirits are the antithesis of the
natural, –1 size) crow-spirits. They are ancient enemies
hp 37 (5d8+15) that have maintained a violent rivalry
Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +2 since the Dreamtime leaked into the
OFFENCE world. Eagle-spirits are also neither
Speed 40 ft. “eagle” nor “spirit”. Instead, they are
Melee: 2 claws +6 (1d6+4 plus grab), bite anthropomorphic eagles with claws and
+4 (1d6+4) talons in place of hands and feet. Eagle-
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft. spirits have powerful frames, much
STATISTICS stronger than their withered and stooped
Str 19, Dex 18, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6 crow-spirit enemies. Like the crow-spirits,
Base Atk +3; CMB +8 (+12 grapple); CMD they are extremely rare although their
22 (26 vs. trip) presence is far from ominous. Instead, the
Feats: Endurance, Multiattack, Skill Focus eagle-spirits bring joy and luckiness to
(Acrobatics) those that see them. They tend to remain
Skills: Acrobatics +17, Perception +6, mysteriously aloof but will righteously
Stealth +10, Survival +6; Racial Modifiers help those they deem worthy. Eagle-
+4 Acrobatics spirits maintain a control over water
SPECIAL ABILITIES magic that has forever remained their
Drop (Su) secret.
If a drop bear successfully hides from its
prey by hiding in the canopy of a large CR 8
tree, it can drop down upon unsuspecting XP 4,800
victims from a large height and savagely NG Large outsider (neutral, good,
rend them with claw and fang. If extraplanar)
successfully avoiding detection whilst up Init +6; Senses: darkvision 60 ft.;
a tree, the drop bear can silently drop Perception +23
upon any creature within 15 ft. of the tree DEFENCE
and surprise them. They automatically

AC 22, touch 11, flat-footed 20 (+2 Dex, will try to make one by committing
+11 natural, –1 size) atrocities of their own. Ghosts-in-the-tree
hp 112 (9d10+63) can often be found sitting restlessly by the
Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +6 side of a tree, constantly muttering to the
DR 10/evil; Resist acid 10, cold 10, dead beneath its roots.
electricity 10; poison 10 SR 20
CR 3
XP 800
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (good)
CN Medium fey
Melee: 2 claws +13 (2d6+5), bite +13
Init +4; Senses: low-light vision;
(1d8+5), 2 talons +13 (1d6+5)
Perception +11
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 12th)
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+4 Dex, +3
At will—create water, ice storm, water
breathing, control water
hp 27 (6d6+6)
Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +7
Str 21, Dex 15, Con 25, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha
DR 5/cold iron
Weaknesses: wooden phoenix
Base Atk +9; CMB +15; CMD 27
Feats: Flyby Attack, Combat Reflexes,
Speed 30 ft.
Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes,
Melee: dagger +7 (1d4)
Power Attack
Ranged: masterwork longbow +8 (1d8)
Skills: Fly +12, Intimidate +15, Knowledge
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th)
(planes) +14, Perception +23, Sense Motive
Constant—speak with plants
+15, Spellcraft +14, Stealth +10, Survival
At will—entangle (DC 15), speak with
+15; Racial Modifiers +8 Perception
Languages: all; telepathy 100 ft.
3/day—tree stride, animate dead
1/day—etherealness (lasts for 3 rounds)
Symbol of Luck (Su)
Every creature within 60ft that can see the
Str 10, Dex 19, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha
crow-spirit adds +2 to all attacks, saves
and skill checks.
Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 17
Feats: Great Fortitude, Stealthy, Weapon
Environment: mountaintops
Organisation: solitary
Skills: Climb +9, Escape Artist +15,
Treasure: standard
Handle Animal +10, Knowledge (nature)
Ghost-in-the-tree +11, Perception +11, Stealth +15, Survival
Related to the dryad, a ghost-in-the-tree
Languages: Common, Druidic, Sylvan; all
has white woody flesh and bright green
native languages, speak with plants
gum leaves for hair. They are fickle and
sad creatures, obsessed with finding forest
Ghost gum (Su)
groves that have witnessed atrocities. If
A dryad can merge with any tree that has
they struggle to find such a place, they
been in the presence of a horrific death. It

can step into the tree and disappear Aura: shroud of blood (20 ft. radius, fall
entirely from view. Any fire damage prone, DC 25)
inflicted to a tree that holds a ghost-in-the- DEFENCE
tree is inflicted onto the Ghost-in-the-tree. AC 28, touch 14, flat-footed 20 (+7 Dex, +1
Wooden Phoenix (Su) dodge, +14 natural, –4 size)
A ghost-in-the-tree takes double damage hp 210 (20d10+100); regeneration 10 (good
from attacks that cause fire. If it dies from or evil)
fire damage a new ghost-in-the-tree Fort +17, Ref +19, Will +14
sprouts from its blackened remains 1d6 Defensive Abilities: red self-resurrection;
days later. It is child-like for a matter of DR 15/evil; SR 26
hours before rapidly becoming an adult. OFFENCE
ECOLOGY Speed 30 ft., fly 90 ft. (good)
Environment: temperate forests Melee: 2 talons +24 (2d6+8/19–20 plus)
Organisation: solitary, pair, or grove (3–8) and bite +24 (2d8+8 plus)
Treasure: none Space 20 ft.; Reach 20 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 18th)
Gwion Gwion (Blood Phoenix) Constant—detect magic, detect poison, see
The gwion gwion is a massive black bird
At will—cure wounds (PF: moderate),
with an extremely long beak. Blood
dispel magic, hold person (DC 19),
constantly streams from hidden wounds
remove curse
beneath its feathers, covering the ground
3/day—heal, hold monster (DC 21), raise
around it in a red ankle-deep pool. Gwion
gwion have been described as
1/day—power word stun
extinguished phoenixes by the few
colonists that have seen them. They are
Str 27, Dex 25, Con 20, Int 23, Wis 22, Cha
powerful healers and are masters of
hemokinesis – forgotten magical arts of
Base Atk +20; CMB +32; CMD 50
bending blood. Gwion gwion are also
Feats: Blinding (DC 30), Blood Feast,
talented artists that create beautiful
Critical, Combat Reflexes, Critical Focus,
artwork by painting their blood upon cave
Dodge, Flyby Attack, Improved Critical
walls. They spend most of their time
(talon), Improved Initiative, Iron Will,
guarding gateways between the Realm of
the Awoken (material plane) and the
Skills: Acrobatics +30, Diplomacy +26, Fly
Dreamtime, decorating these places with
+28, Intimidate +26, Knowledge (nature
intricate rock art.
plus any one other) +26, Perception +37,
Sense Motive +26; Racial Modifiers +8
CR 15
XP 51,200
Languages: Auran, Celestial, Common, all
N Gargantuan magical beast
native languages
Init +11; Senses: darkvision 60 ft., detect
magic, detect poison, low-light vision, see
Red Self-Resurrection (Su)
invisibility; Perception +37

If a gwion gwion is killed in a way that Init +0; Senses: low-light vision, scent;
spills its blood, the entire creature Perception +21
explodes in burst of blood. After 1d4 DEFENCE
rounds, the gwion gwion comes back to AC 20, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+3
life with 100hp. If anyone burns the dexterity, +9 natural, –2 size)
bloody remains of a dead gwion gwion hp 93 (11d8+44)
before it can resurrect, it cannot undergo Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +6
self-resurrection. OFFENCE
Shroud of Blood (Su) Speed 40 ft., swim 20 ft.
A gwion gwion constantly streams blood Melee: beak +13 (2d8+7), 2 claws +13
from the tips of its feathers. All creatures (2d6+7)
within a 20 ft. radius must pass a DC 25 Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Dex (DnD) or Ref (PF) save or else fall STATISTICS
prone. The slick blood makes everything Str 24, Dex 16, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 7
within 20 ft. count as difficult terrain and Base Atk +8; CMB +16; CMD 30
it remains that way for 1 minute. Feats: Cleave, Endurance, Great Fortitude,
ECOLOGY Iron Will, Power Attack, Skill Focus
Environment: warm deserts and (Perception)
mountains Skills: Perception +21
Organisation: solitary ECOLOGY
Treasure: standard Environment: temperate forests
Organisation: solitary or pair
Platychidna Treasure: none

Monotremble with fear! The platychidna

Swagman (Ghost)
is a terror of the wilderness, aggressively
protecting its territory or eggs from any These jolly albeit ethereal swagmen haunt
trespassers. It is the most dangerous their watery graves. Unable to move on,
example of a monotreme that colonists the spirits of such poor colonial travellers
have encountered. Where the owl bear is tend to remain behind long after their
half-owl half-bear, the platychidna is half- bodies have been claimed by
platypus half-echidna. However, it has the Magellanican silt. They greet newcomers
size of neither animal and instead stands with a smile and song, unless they are in
on two feet as tall as an ogre. They sport a service to the crown. Any creature
fanged duck bill, long claws and associated with a monarchy or
sharpened spines that sprout from their government is anathema to these
back. Not even natives are certain what a otherwise friendly ghosts. Meeting any
platychidna eats, but the remains of large servant of the crown provokes them into a
insects that surround their lairs suggest a sudden rage that does not cease until all
diet of subterranean arthropods. nearby creatures are dead.

CR 7 CR 7
XP 3,200 XP 3,200
N Large magical beast Human ghost commoner 7

CN Medium undead (augmented As a standard action the swagman can
humanoid, incorporeal) move through an enemy whilst dancing
Init +5; Senses: darkvision 60 ft.; an eerily jolly jig. By passing through their
Perception +18 foe, the swagman inflicts 5d6 damage by
DEFENCE supernaturally turning the creature into a
AC 17, touch 17, flat-footed 15 (+5 watery corpse. A DC 18 Con (DnD) or Fort
deflection, +1 Dex, +1 dodge) (PF) save halves the damage inflicted. If
hp 73 (7d8+42) the swagman succeeds in doing this to the
Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +7 same foe for 5 consecutive rounds, the
Defensive Abilities: incorporeal, creature is killed as if by drowning.
rejuvenation; Immune undead traits Frightful Laugh (Su)
OFFENCE The swagman was a jolly person in life
Speed fly 30 ft. (perfect) and is prone to disheartening fits of
Melee: corrupting jig +6 (7d6, Con or Fort laughter in death. As a standard action a
DC 18 half) ghost can begin to cackle and laugh
Special Attacks frightful laugh (DC 18) maniacally. All living creatures within a
STATISTICS 30 ft. radius must succeed on a DC 18 Wis
Str —, Dex 12, Con —, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha (DnD) or Will (PF) save or become
20 panicked (PF) or frightened (DnD) for 2d4
Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 22 rounds. This is a sonic mind-affecting fear
Feats: Dodge, Improved Initiative, Iron effect.
Will, Lightning Reflexes, Toughness Rejuvenation (Su)
Skills: Fly +9, Knowledge (nature) +10, Even if destroyed, a swagman will return
Perception +18, Handle animal +10, 2d4 days later. Only by destroying or
Stealth +9; Survival +10, Racial Modifiers sacrificing something valuable to the
+8 Perception, +8 Stealth crown will cause the swagman to laugh
Languages: Common one last time before dissipating into
Incorporeal (DnD) ECOLOGY
The ghost can move through other Environment: billabongs, rivers and lakes
creatures and objects as if they were where colonial travellers have tragically
difficult terrain. It takes 5 (1d10) force died
damage if it ends its turn inside an object. Organisation: solitary
Resistances and Immunities (DnD) Treasure: NPC gear from the swagman’s
Damage resistances include acid, fire, corpse in the watery grave
lightning, thunder; bludgeoning, piercing,
and slashing from nonmagical attacks. Yara-ma-yha-who
Damage immunities include cold,
The tough red skin of this thin and fine-
necrotic, and poison. Condition
toothed creature matches the red sands of
immunities include charmed, exhaustion,
its desert home. Yara-ma-yha-who can run
frightened, grappled, paralyzed, petrified,
very fast and they are exceptional
poisoned, prone, and restrained.
climbers, scurrying up the occasional she-
Corrupting Jig (Su)
oak to escape with their captives. They can

drain the blood of a hapless victim from Paralysing Bite (Su)
the suckers in their palms, requiring such A creature struck by a yara-ma-yha-who’s
a sanguine feast for sustenance. Their bite attack must pass a DC 15 Con (DnD)
head seems normal until it swells to an or Fort (PF) save or become paralysed for
obscene size just before engulfing a victim 1 round.
whole. Yara-ma-yha-who keep the victim Swallow whole (DnD)
in their mouth until the poor soul If the yara-ma-yha-who starts its turn
contracts the yara-ma-yha-who curse. having successfully grappled an
They then vomit the victim back up and opponent, it can swallow them whole
flee. The victim appears normal at first, causing 2d6+5 damage per round. A
before eventually turning red, seeking swallowed creature can cut itself out if it
isolation and eventually turning into a deals 5 or more damage in one round with
yara-ma-yah-who to begin the cycle again. a small slashing weapon (dagger, claws or
smaller) against AC 8.
CR 4 Reproduction (Su)
XP 1,200 A swallowed creature must pass a DC 15
NE Medium undead Con (DnD) or Fort (PF) save at the
Init +3; Senses: darkvision 60 ft.; beginning of each round it spends inside
Perception +10
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+3 Dex, +5
hp 42 (6d8+15)
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +9
Defensive Abilities: channel resistance +2;
Immune undead traits
Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee: bite +8 (1d6+2 plus reproduction),
2 claws +5 (1d4+2 plus paralysis)
Special Attacks: paralysing bite (1 round,
DC 15), swallow whole (2d6+5 damage,
AC 8, hp 5)
Str 14, Dex 16, Con —, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD +18
Feats: Toughness, Weapon Finesse,
Weapon Focus (bite)
Skills: Acrobatics +12, Climb +14,
Intimidate +6, Perception +10, Stealth +12
Languages: one native language

the yara-ma-yha-who or else it begins to Melee: greatclub +7 (2d8+4) [+8 (2d8+6)
become a new yara-ma-yha-who. After against large or larger creatures]
1d4 days their skin turns red and they Ranged: javelin +6 (1d8+4) [+7 (1d8+6)
desperately want to find isolation from against large or larger creatures]
anyone else. 1d4 days after this they turn Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
into a new yara-ma-yha-who. This STATISTICS
affliction counts as a curse that can be Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 6
removed with the spell remove curse. Base Atk +3; CMB +8; CMD 20
However, once the transformation is Feats: Big Game Hunter, Toughness
complete the curse cannot be removed. Skills: Climb +8, Perception +4, Survival
ECOLOGY +4, Stealth +7
Environment: warm deserts Language: two or three native languages
Organisation: solitary, pair, or gang (3–6)
Treasure: none


These stooped and hairy humanoids hunt

large game throughout Magellanica. They
wear the hides of their prey with pride,
displaying their most impressive kill by
wrapping it about their furry body.
Yowies are violent by nature and tend to
enjoy preying upon innocents without
remorse. Despite their stooped posture,
yowies stand as tall as an ogre and smell
just as bad. There have a sub-humanoid
intelligence that lends itself to simple
languages and little else.

CR 3
XP 800
CE Large humanoid (giant)
Init –1; Senses: darkvision 60 ft., low-light Environment: temperate hills, forests and
vision; Perception +5
DEFENCE Organisation: solitary, pair, or tribe (6 –
AC 22, touch 12, flat-footed 19 (+2 armour
[DnD: hide; PF: leather], +3 Dex, +6 Treasure: standard, (hide armour [DnD]
natural, –1 size)
or leather armour [PF], greatclub, 4
hp 30 (4d8+12) javelins, other treasure)
Fort +6, Ref +0, Will +1
Speed 30 ft. (40 ft. base)

Wandjina Melee: claws +24/+19/+14/+9 (3d6+10)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
This eerie creature appears as a mouthless
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 18th;
humanoid with sunken black eyes with
concentration +24)
white skin pulled tight about a thin frame.
Constant—water walk
The wandjina are filled with life-giving
At will—create water, invisibility (self
water and wrapped in an impenetrable
only), water breathing, control water
desiccated skin. Their chests are cracked
3/day—call lightning (DC19), charm
open in the centre, with nothing but a
monster (DC 20), ice storm (DC 20), fly
black void to fill it. Water runs down their
2/day—cone of cold (DC 21), control
cheeks as if perpetually crying. The
wandjina are unparalleled masters of rain
1/day—storm of vengeance (DnD) or
and the life that comes with it. They are
tsunami (PF)
crucial to maintaining life upon the reds
sands of the Plain of Rust. They are seen
Str 16, Dex 16, Con 26, Int 16, Wis 20, Cha
by the natives as the herald of storms and
bringer of floods. However, though they
Base Atk +22; CMB +25; CMD +36
are seen as life-givers, they are far from
Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved
benevolent. The wandjina tend to remain
Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack,
eerily watchful of the humanoid world,
Skills: Acrobatics +21, Fly +24, Intimidate
only appearing in dire circumstances to
+27, Knowledge (arcana) +24, Knowledge
protect the land and its inhabitants. If
(geography) +24, Knowledge (nature) +24,
somehow killed, they explode in a tidal
Perception +26, Sense Motive +26,
wave of water that floods the land for
Spellcraft +21, Stealth +27, Swim +43
miles around.
Languages: all native languages
CR 18
Terror of the desert (Su)
XP 153,600
The unnatural appearance of the wandjina
CN medium outsider (water)
is unnerving. All living creatures within a
Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light
60 ft. radius of the wandjina must succeed
on a DC 18 Wis (DnD) or Will (PF) save or
Perception +26
become panicked (PF) or frightened (DnD)
Aura: terror of the desert
for 2d4 rounds. This is a mind-affecting
fear effect than only works on those that
AC 28, touch 13, flat-footed 25 (+3 Dex,
can see the wandjina. Creatures may only
+15 natural)
be affected by this ability once every 24
hp 297 (22d10+176); regeneration 15 (fire)
Fort +21, Ref +10, Will +20
Heartless (Su)
DR 5/fire
With their centralised heart mysteriously
Defensive Abilities: heartless, water’s
ripped out, the wandjina are neither living
prison; Immune electricity, charm and
nor dead. They are immune to any charm
compulsion; SR 29
or compulsion effect. Furthermore, a
Speed 40 ft., swim 60 ft.

wandjina cannot be healed or resurrected
by any means.
Water’s Prison (Su)
Once slain, a wandjina explodes in a rush
of water. A wall of water 10 ft. high erupts
in all directions from the wandjina’s body
for one round. The water forms a circle
about the corpse with a 100 ft. radius
before spreading out into the surrounding
land. Anything caught in the initial wave
must make a DC 25 Dex (DnD) or Ref (PF)
save or be moved 100 ft. from the corpse,
knocked prone and take 4d10 points of
bludgeoning damage as the wave rolls
them along the ground.
Environment: warm desert
Organisation: solitary
Treasure: none but a tidal wave for a
thirsty desert

Thank you very much for reading Magellanica!

Enjoy your adventures beyond the colony and
into the unknown!

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