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C: Ladies and gentlemen, announcing the arrival of our guests of honour,

1. Prof Dato Dr Yang Faridah binti Abdul Aziz, Deputy Dean of Undergraduate
students, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.
2. Prof Dr Cheng Hwee Ming, Department of Physiology, University of Malaya
3. Yang Berhormat Tuan P. Prabakaran, Ahli Parlimen Bahagian Batu, Malaysia
Ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the national anthem, Negaraku.

H: (Everyone sing Negaraku) Ladies and gentlemen, you may now be seated. Next up, let us
invite ​Mr​ ​Ahmad Zahin Bin Ozlan Izma​ to lead the prayers.

C: Thank you ​Mr​ ​Ahmad Zahin​. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Famedly
Night 2018! I’m Chee Ken (H: And I’m Humairah) and we will be your emcees for tonight. 3 days
of orientation has cumulated to this special night, where our new batch of freshies will showcase
their talents and creativity. The theme for our Famedly Night this year is “Tolerance at The End
of the Rainbow”. Inspired by the Irish folklore, where leprechauns with a pot of gold lie at the
very end of the rainbow, we believe that the real treasure in medicine lies in our ability to be
tolerant and non-judgemental.

H: To start off our event for tonight, we would like to invite the President of MedSoc, Miss
Parveen Kaur Dhillon, to present a short opening statement. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give
her a big round of applause.

C: Thank you Miss Parveen for that wonderful speech. Now, let us invite our special guest for
tonight, Prof Dato Dr Yang Faridah binti Abdul Aziz up on stage to present her opening speech.
Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give her a big round of applause.

H: Thank you Prof Yang for that amazing speech. We hope the students can take home her
advice throughout their medical careers. With that said, ladies and gentlemen, let us begin our
event with our very special fashion presentation. For the past few days, our wonderful freshies
have been given a task of creating a very unique outfit based on our theme to be worn by one
lucky representative from each of their groups.

C: Each representative will have the chance to parade their outfit up on stage and introduce
their group. Also, ladies and gentlemen, please keep your eyes peeled for there will be a voting
session to decide the best outfit for tonight. Without further ado, let us invite our first group up
onto the stage. (Carry on until last group: thank previous grp and introduce next grp)

Group 1: Chapati
Group 2: Ohana
Group 3: The Froggies
Group 4: DAYA
Group 5: HOPE
Group 6: 6th sense
Group 7: 007
Group 8: Passion-8

H: Now that we have seen and appreciated all the creative outfits, it’s time for our voting
session. We will be carrying out an online voting. Ladies and gentlemen, please type in SLI.DO
on your browser and key in the event code - ________. You can now vote for your favourite
team. The winners will be announced at the end of the event.

C: Ladies and gentlemen, since our first day of medical school, MedSoc has drilled this one
catchphrase into our minds: Not Just Medical Students. Well, tonight, this saying will hold true
for we have a special performance by some highly-talented Stage 1 students. They will be
presenting a choir rendition of several songs in a mashup, topped off with a dance performance
as well. So ladies and gentlemen, let us invite our young performers up on stage for their very
special presentation.

H: Thank you, freshies, for that explosive performance, and I think it really brought the heat up
for this event. Ladies and gentlemen, for our next session, we have a series of performances
brought to you by our very own Stage 1 students. Each group has put together an 8-minute
sketch complemented by singing, dancing and acting as well. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a
big round of applause to our first group, Group 5, HOPE. (Continue until 4th group, thank prev
grp and intro next group)

ORDER OF GROUP PERFORMANCES: ​5 (HOPE), 8 (Passion 8), 7 (007), 3 (The Froggies),

6 (Sixth Sense), 4 (DAYA), 2 (Ohana), 1 (Chapati)

(After 4th group)

C: Thank you, Group 3, The Froggies for that amazing performance. Ladies and gentlemen,
throughout the academic year 2017/2018, MedSoc is proud to have organised several events
that deserve recognition. Therefore, we would like to invite the project managers up on stage to
represent their events’ organising committees in receiving these recognitions. Before that, let us
invite Prof Dato Dr Yang Faridah, Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Studies up on stage to
present the awards.

1. Baktisiswa - Yip Kah Chun

2. Year-round mock examinations - Thanmid Kaur
3. Medicina Autem Posterum with MMI Malaysia - Subashan Vadibeler

H: Thank you, Prof Yang. Next, MedSoc would also like to express gratitude to our committee
members for the year without whom our activities would not have been a success. Let us invite
the 2017/2018 MedSoc committee members on stage to receive their certificates. To present
the awards, let’s put our hands together for Prof Dr Cheng Hwee Ming from the Department of
1. Parveen Kaur Dhillon - President
2. Indra Gayatri - Vice President 1
3. Subashan Vadibeler - Vice President 2
4. Nur Syawana - Vice Treasurer
5. Thanmid Kaur -Head of Medical Education Bureau
6. Angeline Ooi - Head of Sales and Public Relations Bureau
7. Slochnah Sree - Head of Sales and Public Relations Bureau
8. Gan Xhi Yan - Head of Community Service Bureau
9. Sushmita - Head of Media Bureau

H: Thank you, Prof Cheng, and thank you to all committee members and project managers for
their year-long service. Let’s continue with our performances, so without further ado, let us invite
Group 6, Sixth Sense for their presentation. (Continue until 8th group, thank prev group and
intro next group).

ORDER OF GROUP PERFORMANCES: 5 (HOPE), 8 (Passion 8), 7 (007), 3 (The Froggies),

6 (Sixth Sense), 4 (DAYA), 2 (Ohana), 1 (Chapati)

C: Thank you Group 1, Chapati for that amazing performance and with that, we have wrapped
up our final performance for tonight. (Break) We have come to the moment we have all been
waiting for, the prize giving ceremonies. We will be awarding prizes for the best Fashion
Presentation and the top 3 performers for tonight. To present the prizes, let us invite the MP for
Batu Parliamentary Seat, YB Tuan P. Prabakaran to present the prizes.

(Follow results list)

H: Thank you YB Prabakaran. Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of our event for
tonight. Congratulations to the teams that have received an award and for those who did not,
don’t worry for you have done extremely well for tonight. You all deserve a thunderous,
thunderous round of applause. We hope you have enjoyed yourselves and the greatest trophy
of all, would be the memories that you can bring along with you throughout your time in
Universiti Malaya.

C: We would like to apologise on behalf of the committee for any shortcomings anytime
throughout the night. To wrap up our event, let us invite the President of MedSoc, Miss Parveen
Kaur (Dylon) Dhillon up on stage for her closing address.